“lick my face I will smash your head up against the wall, if this is real world” – Elena

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11:15am Cody and Jessica
Jess – if I go to him (paul) with worries right now it’s going to raise red flags
Cody – you don’t get it
Jess – than explain it to me Cody
Cody – just tell him HEY if you out up Cody you run the risk of wasting your entire HOH
Jess – he’s aware of that
Cody – how is he aware of that
Jess – I just told him you and I have safety..

Cody says he’s going to end up on the block this week and she’ll have to use the HEX regardless so why not play in the tempation competition.

Jess – if he finds out it’s a rewind week or anything like that he can.. There’s a million ways this could play out
Cody – why don’t you tell him that before hand, it’s a rewind week if he puts me up on the block.

Jess – I don’t want anybody to know it’s a rewind week, what is the benefit of that?
Cody – me never going up there
Jessica – telling someone that just won the HOH competition and knows the game better than anybody because that is why he won. So he gets to keep HOH for 2 weeks in a row and still evict you or me
Jess – why does telling him it’s a rewind week..
Cody – he won’t take that chance

Jess – this is a person that plays a character in a TV show who likes using the tools that the show give him so if he can find a way f* with it he’s going to F* with it so do I want him to be HOH for 2 weeks .. NO

Jess – I know exactly what is happening if I go over there to talk to him right now. He’ll tell me having this conversation is a waste of time. He’ll tell me he doesn’t know what to do until after the competition he’ll question why i’m so worried..
Jess – that is the conversation you want me to walk into right now.. Then he’ll say into his head, well why is she so worried.. What am i missing..
Jess – if he’s already asked in the DR if they can be nominated he’s already thinking OK I can nominate them but what’s the catch where does the safety come into play.
Jess – HE CAN’T KNOW it’s a rewind week, he just won this competition he has no problem playing it again
Jess – he will have an entire week to allow people to forget while he still studies.. While he can say that different tattoos were on people’s body and f* everybody up.. HE CANNOT KNOW

Cody – I think you consider him more of a mastermind than he really is
Jess – I’ve been right about most things and I’m going to trust my gut
Cody – I trust you

Jessica says they have to wait and see what paul does. Let them wait, “i have a feeling he’s going after somebody and I have a feeling it’s not us”

Jess – every time I second guess my intuition I’ve kicked myself for it
Cody – I trust you intuition ..

Jess – I hate gambling.. And this game is one gamble after another
Cody – I love gambling
Jess – Yeah clearly.

Jess – I don’t think you should compete in this competition it’s a bad look..
Jess – people that need tha safety might be pissed at you for watering down the pool..
Jess – Jason and Alex are going to compete hopefully one of them wins

Jess – if I felt you were in danger I would do anything I can to prevent it

We have to think logically and come from a position of strength they don’t know what the HEX is and we have to use that against them.

Jess – You be the beauty and I’ll be the brains
Jess kisses him “I need to go put on makeup”

11:38am Mark, Raven and Matt
Mark wants to confirm that they are still good with going to Jury “1 week away”
Raven – Absolutely (Raven might not live another week Mark what a mean thing to say)
Mark is now saying it’s a good thing they voted out Ramses because he would have won that HOH.

11:46am Mark and Elena
Mark is bringing up talking to Matt about why is she so pissed off at him

Elena says he can come to her to talk
Mark – he’s going to
Elena – maybe he can come to that conclusion himself and not have it spoon feed by you.. i’m not saying I’m mad at you i’m just saying
Mark brings up that he told Matt that Elena has been heated.
Elena – In what way have I acted Heated?
Mark – Ok maybe I didn’t say heated
Elena – again not mad at you
Elena – they can come s**k my D1** if they want to

Elena – in my mine 4 people in this house lied to my face one person out of the four came up to me and had a conversation about it.. and .. has balls.
Elena – the other 3 are scared of me
Mark – whose the third
Elena – Christmas
Mark – I can’t f*ing stand her
Elena – like don’t tip toe around me.. don’t walk up to me at F*ing touch me
Elena – if we were in the real world that would have been it
Elena – you do not touch me unless you’re invited like DON’T touch me

Elena – that honestly Matt and raven trying to touch me is like what I’m the most pissed off at right now
Elena – do you really f*ing think you can walk up to me and lick my face I will smash your head up against the wall if this is real world and you think you are touching me. Like 100% do not. (matt licks her)
Elena – literally livid about it
Mark says Raven and Matt claim the vote was last minute
Elena – they are lying about that

Elena – Raven promise to Jess right before eviction I’m voting out Josh
Elena – what point when we’re siting in the same goddamn room
Mark – there’s a very good chance I need votes this week
Elena – there’s a very good chance I don’t give a F*.. about me .. if I need to go home I don’t care..
Mark – why are you so pissed off
Elena – I’m not pissed off..

Feeds go to pound puppies..

12:32pm Feeds still on the puppies (bring back the cats)

1:57pm Feeds still down yo

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Damn Elena chill the f*ck out. She acts like she hasn’t been kissing a dude she just met for weeks. I see Jessica contemplating lying again about what her temptation does. Just tell the truth, Paul is going to force her to use it anyways.

Hold Up

Paul will NOT waste his HOH on flushing the temptation, it is a weak game move. If he truly knows the temptation power, he will choose to take out another player (Mark). Paul will allow someone else to waste their HOH on flushing the temptation. Book It!


Exactly, and they can make a deal with Paul that if he is on the block next week bc of keeping them safe, they will use the hex next week for him. Paul would be the only one in the house that would know about the power besides Cody and Jess.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

If you believe that I have a fresh towel for you.




Kevin knows about the HEx


Why would Paul trust them to keep their word after Cody tried to backdoor him. I don’t think Paul would trust that they would even tell him the complete truth about what the temptation is much less use it on him. They would save it for themselves. Cody would never let Jessica use it on Paul. He is already counting on her to use it on him even if it’s just him on the block. She just might be dumb enough to do that instead of saving it for herself.


Would not be dumb of her to use it on just him. She only has it for like two more weeks I think..if he goes up this week he is evicted and she’s back to being alone..no one will work with her. She would HAVE to use it on Cody to keep at least one number on her side..it gives them an extra week…


They could very easily lie about using it on him.


Stripping them of their protection is not weak. It’s the smartest thing to do. Besides who else is he going to take out? They’re all his minions.


exactly, get rid of the temp, it benefits the whole house. And better for Paul to do while he still has the numbers in case he does go up next week.


Plus he can just win hoh again…..win win

Hold Up

It is a weak game move because nothing gets accomplished as in no one leaves the house which each week that is the point, someone leaving.

On the feeds Paul may say he will flush the temptation, but I don’t think he will on his HOH, Paul is smarter then that. You take someone out NOW, while you can and why would Paul want to have to try to win HOH all over again, it really makes far more sense getting out someone else.


notice how Mark looks a lot like the cartoon gorilla MAGILLA GORILLA


Looks like Wreck it Ralph


I said the same thing. Lol

Jeezus &Nem

Froghorn Leghorn

Cindy Withanesse

I’d still hit it. Have you seen the girth in his pants??!!! Mamma like!


I hope your right but I heard him say to the HOH camera his intire plan, he said he will be putting both Jessica and Cody on the block because he wants answers. Another boring week and no one goes home.


I don’t care for Elena, but I’m right there with her regarding Matt. Ew!! I’d knock him silly if he licked my face. No telling what else that tongue has licked. (Or maybe he wipes it clean on the dish towel!) Yuck!!

Is it that time of the month,

I think Elena is going through some nasty PMS…girl’s gone stark raving mad


Or stark “Raven” mad.

Sir Loin of Beef

Jessica need’s to get rid of Pennywise (Cody).

He needs to pack up his clown car with all his shit and personal issues, and join the nearest carnival or circus!

Obb og

Cody is really hurting jess game he’said so full of bad ideas. Elena is losing it she needs to chill the blindside hurt her more than anyone. They were saying she could have won hoh before eviction and after she was shook. Kevin Imo is playing the best game i think he could win. The rest have no game it’s like they were put there for Paul to win.

Uncle Teddy


We'll be right back

I love Elena.

Judgemental Judy

I thought I liked her. Now I think she’s a straight up bitch. She got stuck with the wrong guy on the wrong side of the vote & the only person she should be pissed at is herself. Mark needs to stop following her around like a puppy while she gets over herself.


so is paul or jess ineligible in next weeks hoh (assuming the hex is used)?


If it’s a rewind, then Jess would be ineligible. I was thinking the Hex would halt the live eviction and then the week would be a waste, but Paul would be ineligible. But Jess is calling it a rewind now.


It’s not a rewind. Julie said there’s no eviction meaning we see no one leave & houseguests play next HoH. Paul cannot play next.


Finally someone else in the house is seeing how Paul and his minions are playing. Paul will put up Jess and Cody, then let the week play out thinking he has bested them again until Jess stops the eviction. Then the house will be scrambling bc next weeks hoh should be an endurance comp.


Hmmm is the rewind week a lie? Confused why Cody and Jessica think that’ll help anything.


OK, so the worst thing that happened for Jess’s game is Cody…….he is the reason why she did not use POV, he is soooooooooo clueless…..he is a marine and his awareness and reading the situation is 0……..she would do so much better without him…..he just needs to ignore him and keep him as the muscle, and she should be the brain………..as much as I want them both in there, him leaving would not be such a bad thing….she can get together with Kevin and I would be happy with those two as the final two……..everyone else, waste of space…..I do love Jason, but he is way too deep with Alex who is the biggest disappointment in the history of universe………


I have zero confidence that anyone including Kevin will play their own game. Think about it …it’s been weeks now that anyone besides Jessica and Cody have questioned or discussed going against Paul or remotely thinking about making their own move. Jason tried and Alex shut him up now he’s another Paul A.I. (Or Paul Drone) if they haven’t by now…then when? Not going to happen. Paul will skate to the end. The only hope was Jess or Cody. That’s it. They might as well have leprosy.


i’m thinking Kevin, Jason, Jessica…..Kevin is not under Paul’s spell, he is just laying low and waiting it out and he gravitates towards Jess…..Jason has the best chance to breaking away from and opening his eyes and he likes Kevin…………p.s. i am just watching ‘big brother after dark’ Kevin is HILARIOUS! also i am waiting for a BB first break up ever- Elena and Marc….. I swear to God she wants to stab him and she will….it’s going to be great

Who cares

I was rooting for Jason until he became mesmerized by Paul and no longer thinks for himself. He was the last hope!

Judgemental Judy

I don’t think Kevin IS playing Paul’s game. He leaked the flip to Jessica. He said on AD that he had no intention of winning a comp yet, until it’s completely necessary. He’s got a GREAT social game. I think he’s entirely slick enough to go far in the game. He’s by FAR had the best social game of anyone over 40 in BB history (Evil Dick was over 40 but his social game was not his strength lol). Regardless, he’s funny as hell.

sunny dee

you mean, alex is smart.

what has happened to anyone that gets on paul’s radar. they go home

so she is not wrong. she can glide along like this right up to near the end, and paul is going to be ok with it as long as they do not ruffle his feathers. plus he needs her and jason’s ability to win things, which they have and done to his benefit

Shelly's Chompers

Raven may not live another week! I about fell off my chair! Hahaha

Raven's Ego

While I will wish nothing but health for Raven, I think her life is going to change a lot when she gets out of that house realizing that you can’t really get away with playing on people emotions on such a big platform like Big Brother. For her to go into that house and play up her illness and not be aware that there are fact checking viewers out there, was really a lack of self awareness by Raven and her mother.

She may want to stay in that house because when she gets out she is going to face a big backlash and possible financial issues with fraud. Once again I wish nothing but health for Raven, but she just created a world of hurt on herself.

Sir Loin of Beef

Raven needs to stay out of the sun as well or else she’ll burst into flames!


Well said.

Judgemental Judy

Agreed. Just in case (health wise) I find myself leery of making light of her health (or looks) but I don’t like using it as an edge in the game & she’d better be 100% truthful about it or it’s just going to destroy her credibility in real life. No one should feel like she “deserves” to win or stay off the block because of it.

Kathy Walker

Jessica, you are one smart cookie, go with your gut. Your first thought is usually your best, remember that. Don’t let Cody change your mind.

I Don't Blame Elena

Elena is free do act how she wants, the truth is if Mark lack that self awareness/esteem about himself to allow Elena to treat him the way he does, then he deserves everything coming his way. Mark may be the biggest guy in the house but he is there right along with Josh (its the reason they argue so much) with the lowest self esteem in the house! I know if I was Mark (and this show wasn’t scripted) I wouldn’t even allow Elena to waste a breath talking to me because that is a choice just as Elena being a bitch is her choice.


What are you pissed about Elena? Maybe because you are hard up for Paul and you hooked your a$$ to that moron? Maybe because you didn’t trust the gnome and went running to Jessica when she was HOH and now everybody wants you out? She has screwed herself. Mark is starting to make Boyz2Men look like an actual man. Paul needs to put these two up and be done with it. By the way why would Jason and Alex risk playing the Temp when they are safe this week? Idiots and I’m an Alex fan


I agree. . .I think Elena likes Paul a lot and the reason she’s so angry (and hurt) is because Paul didn’t tell her they were flipping. She realizes she’s not Paul’s “Victor” this year and she’s having a hard time accepting that fact. IMO


Rubbing her hands all over his body still didn’t keep him from screwing her.

Kevin's fancy vest

Ha ha who’s Alex?


Yes! Elena made her choices, bad ones, and now she is mad at herself for making those bad choices – and taking it out on everyone else, most especially Mark. She latched onto the only man who wanted her romantically instead of just working on forming real relationships and alliances. After the first week or two it became obvious that Mark would do nothing for her game, and he isn’t hey husband, so sorry she should have dropped him (slowly and tactfully) then. There were many opportunities to do so esp when he was getting close to Dom. Then, she was flying under the radar with Paul, no targeting her, she really could have gone far if she had just stayed quiet and stayed on that side bc I do think she has a brain and can win physical comps, but she flip-flopped like a wet fish out of water following Mark (who has no brains) back and forth with Cody, all while insisting she doesn’t even like him that much. Ok. So you get what you get. She can be a b-tch all she wants, but I hope she has the self-awareness to know she should be blaming herself.

Will someone play the game

I had a lot of hope for Alex at the beginning but then she turned into another minion, So….I thought maybe Jason…But he only does what Paul tells Alex to tell him to do. So….so much for him too. I wanted Cody out in week 2 and was glad he went, But then everything turned into the “Paul Show”. When Cody came back i was actually happy. Jessica seems to have a decent idea on how to play the game. So….Go Jessica !
To answer your question Alex and Jason want to play in the comp to try to keep Cody from winning. Which, if he’s smart he’ll take Jessica’s advice and wont play in it.


If Paul gets wind of Jessica being able to halt the eviction, he may not put them up. If Elena or Mark win the temptation comp, one of them can’t be put up. The other just has to win the veto and now we have 2 or 3 of Paul’s minions on the block. Now that would make some good TV.

Larry King

Elena said it, Alex has said it — why do some women say, “s**k my D1**?” They don’t have one! They do have an anus (presumption); why don’t they say, “s**ck my anus.?”

Meatballs are gross

Maybe Alex and Elena are shemales.

Meatballs Are Delicious

That would explain a few things…


Paul would be dumb not to flush this temptation and he’s alot of things but dumb isn’t one of them. Even if she told him what the temptation is he would still have to put them up to ensure she uses it.
1. Because if she doesn’t use it this week they will still be safe next week.. when he can’t play in HOH. And even if she made a deal to use it for him, she would never use it for him if she and Cody were not on the block.
2. It keeps everyone else happy. It’s a great excuse to put them both up to flush the temptation. After all she’s the one who blurted it out so there is no way he’s going to sit back and let them have this advantage for another week.
His ego alone would not be able to handle her walking around smug and implying that America likes her more than him. (Better temptation)
3. He gets to claim he took the wasted week and forced them to use the power so that nobody else has to waste their HOH.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Agreed, my impression of Paul is that he’ll use her temptation to burn their bridges. But we’ll see how this temptation battle will work out because he might have to do something different, but unless it works some other way, that’s the best bet. Say Cody wins one week safety you still throw Jess up and then if Cody got picked for Veto comp Christmas replaces him, which you can’t do next week because her ring runs out this week. They have a solid chance of getting that hex out of the game this week, which is more useful than getting out Mark, who is a dumpster fire at this point.

Mark's Muscles


Saint Paul

Indignant about the temptation and Jody not explaining everything about it to him. He claims he is a vet and yet for YEARS on this show when a HG gets something the card always has said that it is up to the person to tell others about it or keep it to himself. A mere 3 weeks ago Paul received the Pendant of Protection and he did not tell anyone until he was nominated to go up on the block. Suddenly Jody has to spill the beans to Saint Paul about the temptation?! Give me a break Paul!

Pants on fire

Why should Paul tell anyone about the protection he rec’d? He found out right off the bat that he couldn’t trust Mr. only has one expression face. Being a vet with a huge target on his back, that was the only way he could/should have played it!! That’s the only way to out a rat!!


Mark always with that childish dumass look on his face.


Last night he reminded me of Magilla Gorilla and Clutch Cargo…….


Anyone else think Elena overdid it on the lip botox? Yikes!

Hope Paul puts up Cody with Matt & neither of them wins POV (Jess too). Remember…Christmas still can replace a VETO player with herself. Would be really interesting to see if Jess uses up her Hex on Cody or keeps it for herself. She’s now well aware that he’s her downfall in this game. So would “true love” (ha) win out over $500K? Maybe this is why Cody wants to try for the temptation competition…??? Aaah..trust is a wonderful thing.

Believe that Paul would not consider flushing out the Hex as a wasted HOH. I wouldn’t either. He’ll sell it as him having sacrificed his HOH so that they could all be free from the Hex so they owe him.

Kevin FTW!

Paulie's Ego

I agree that Paul being upset because they won’t tell him is ridiculous. They are allowed to hold that information back. Same as I don’t agree that people need to tell who they are voting for during eviction. It is their vote, and Elena can just suck it up. Her being so damn upset is ridiculous. Who says that Matt, Raven and Christmas need to tell her anything. She withholds stuff from everyone else. I think the girl needs a good enema to get her back into the right frame of mind. That and get rid of that 2 tons of wimp stuck to her back. I have never seen such a suck as Mark ever. I liked him in the beginning, but he is just a big baby. He yaps about Josh’s tears, yet I have seen just about as many from him. If Paul doesn’t put up Mark and Elena if he can’t put up Cody and Jess, the shit will start to hit the fan. There are several that want Mark out especially (Alex, Christmas, Matt, Raven and Josh). I don’t know why Paul is trying so hard to get Elena to switch sides. He is starting to overplay his game right now, and things are about to get crazy IMO.


(Raven might not live another week Mark what a mean thing to say) lolololololololol


Why are they referring to Paul playing the HOH, again? If they halt the evictions does the same HOH competition take place?


no, theyre idiots. at least cody is smart enough to try and threaten paul with it so they dont get put up. jess is a dumbass


What am I missing? If Cody and Jess play in the temptation one of them has a chance of getting safety. Paul will put up the other one but they still have a chance for veto and could potentially both be safe this week, saving the hex for next week.
If one of them loses and are automatically put up they again have the chance to play veto and, worst case, if they don’t win it they use the hex on Thursday, which is what they’re gonna have to do if they don’t play since they’ll both be on the block this week with only one possibly safe if they win veto.
Am I missing something? Seems like a no brained to play in the temptation.

Andrew from Production

They need to position themselves from a point of strength right now. If they don’t play in the nom comp it further proves to the house they have nothing to worry about.

Guy From Canada

Agreed. I really think Cody should play. It will let him play guaranteed in the veto comp if it isn’t A physical comp to remove the backdrop option. And agreed it could give him safety and increase the chance of saving the temptation for the jury weeks.

Mark's Gynecomastia

The players have all handed it over to Paul. Literally no one is playing.

Mark = has zero game, sucks at comps, cant read people, gets caught and dies in a wet paper bag
Matt Raven = Slaves, no game, lies about disease for money fame and sympathy. Boyz2Men abc dvd
Josh = Entertaining but a slave
Christmas = Useless
Elana = Smart but still a slave which is equating her to Zero potential
Jason = Alex and Paul’s slave
Cody and Jessica = needs more of a social game to unite the charge against Paul, but this will never happen. They need to stop honeymooning and start seriously playing.

Kevin = sucks at competitons… he is also a snitch. He has the potential to do something great …. but will he??? When he goes on the block… all info on him will come out.. the 25k, the last minute snitching and the curveball votes.

Mark's Road Rage

Paul is trying to suck Elana in and Mark out to share the bed with her and bone her. He’s got it hard for her.


Simon, I’m not sure what I loved more… “Raven might not live another week Mark what a mean thing to say” or the fact that you wanted the feeds switched to cats. You’re just awesome!


Omg Elena you were lied too!!! Welcome to big
Brother. Get over it and do somthin about it.


Jess blew it last weeks with her noms. She shoulda put up raven and alex. Then backdoored paul. Or she shoulf used veto on Rames. Its not pauls fault these people are playing dumb.

Under the blanket

James: Do you not think it somewhat presumptuous of you to use the terms “Jess” and “blew it” mutually?

Is it that time of the month again?

Elena looks like she is going through some nasty PMS…they better keep Josh’s pots and pans away from her

Sir Loin of Beef

Elena’s going to give that shower head a real workout tonight!

In the morning, she’ll be found in the shower stall, naked, unconscious and severely waterlogged (but deeply satisfied) .

It wlll take the strength of Cody, Mark and Matt, and several man hours, to remove the mangled shower head from deep within her cavernous “coochie!”


With Paul safe for 3 Weeks and still in the game makes all the others star struck and puppets. Boring year.


Conor Oberst is not the new Bob Dylan. He is the new Randy Newman.


Sheep is the new Goat.

Smitten Kitten

“Mark wants to confirm that they are still good with going to Jury “1 week away”
Raven – Absolutely (Raven might not live another week Mark, what a mean thing to say)…”

Omg, I can’t… I can’t… I just can’t… I’m freaking dead!

This is snark at it’s best, absolute gold.
Thank you Simon, I needed a laugh.


I wanted to like Alex but she’s just following Paul like its so annoying


Two questions:
(1) Were Josh and his pots and pans antics shown on the live eviction show last night? If not, why not?
(2) If only one person enters the curse competition, is that person the winner or the loser?