Bronte “I’m the secret Nerd!” Natalie “You’re hot! You’re like Tomb Raider!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ???

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 21-47-46-309
9:35pm HOH room – Bronte and Bridgette tell Natalie what they came up with. If I don’t win POV, the best case scenario is that I’m up there with Paul. After Frank last night.. Tiffany isn’t going to go home. Just because Frank wants him to. Bridgette says we’re going to flip the script. Against Paul .. I think that’s the only boy the girls are ready to vote out. Natalie says I feel bad for saying this but I’m going to say it .. he used to make fun of one of the girls in here. He used to call her… what was it he called her. I don’t want to tell her because it would hurt her feelings. Bronte says Day and Zakiyah ..even though they’re on his (Paul) team .. we’re only going to be in groups for one more week. Their target is probably going to be Frank next week. Natalie says next week we don’t have to do anything. Bronte asks do you think James would vote for me to stay? Natalie says I already asked him. He said he would do what I wanted. Natalie asks Bridgette if she is fine letting go of Frank next week. Bridgette says she is, the teams are going to end.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 22-03-57-432

Bronte says I’m going to tell you something. Natalie says OH MY GOD YOU’RE A FAMOUS YOUTUBE STAR?!!?!! Bronte says I’m going to cry.. I’m emotional because I haven’t told anyone. Its not that cool I’m at the bottom of the barrel and I’m so thankful that you guys have fought for me. Don’t tell a sole. I’m not a youtube star .. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could keep a secret. That’s why I always say I can keep secrets especially my own. Its getting hard not telling people … I’m the secret Nerd. I’m not a childcare worker who’s never been to college. I’m about to get my second degree. I’m an aspiring mathematician. It’s my absolute dream to use my love of numbers to fight against hackers for the NSA. Natalie says so you’re mad smart… you think I’m so dumb. Math is my entire life.. school is my entire life. My entire world revolves around me being a mathematician. I feel like no one in the house knows me. Everyone talks about this passion and that passion and I have no passion. This is my life. My dream is to work with national security. All the security is protected by prime numbers use prime numbers and the product and code in prime numbers to fight against hackers. Like people that are trying to steal your credit card numbers. I’m on the show to get enough money to get my doctorate because you’re not a real mathematician if you don’t have your doctorate.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 21-50-44-308

10pm Natalie says you’re hot! You’re like Tomb Raider! Bronte tells them not to tell anyone even if she goes. They pinky swear not to tell anyone. Natalie says I have a dumb secret.. everything you know about me is true. But I was actually a professional NFL cheerleader for 3 years. I was the top 5 or 15 NFL cheerleader. Bridgette says my secret .. its not that big but my Boyfriend is a doctor. I didn’t want people to vote me out and say she doesn’t need it because she’s going to wifey up to a doctor.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 22-07-50-251

Bridgette and Natalie talk alone about Frank. Natalie says Bronte needs to tell James she’s a mathematician. Bridgette says no… why?! Natalie says because James isn’t good at math. I love him. Bridgette says I don’t trust him 100%. I know you trust him. Natalie says we need to get all the girls to vote out Paul. Natalie says I wish James would tell me more things. Bridgette asks why doesn’t he. Natalie says he knows I’ll flip out. Natalie says I really like him. I was put in this house to meet him.

10:15pm – 10:30pm Safari room – Frank talks to Nicole about how they’ll need to get Corey and Paulie out eventually. We need to make our road to the end as easy as possible. Nicole says she’s confident because she didn’t get any votes last week. She asked if she should pick a a girl that’s weak to play so she can beat her. I told her I would pick a strong guy that could win it for me. Nicole says she (Tiffany) literally thinks we’re still the eight pack. If I wasn’t on her team .. I would be scared she would put me up. She calls me out all the time. I’m over it Frank. She doesn’t think she will go home. Frank says I don’t want her to fee that comfortable. Nicole asks do you want me to keep making her feel comfortable? Frank says I guess so. Frank leaves. Nicole says to herself sh*t did I tell him too much?

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 22-19-54-683

10:35pm HOH room – Frank joins Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie in the HOH room. They scream girl talk. Frank asks Bronte how she’s doing. Bronte says its taken me 2 years to get on the show and I want to desperately make it to jury. Frank says I guarantee you won’t get even 1 vote if the nominations stay the same. Natalie asks can we just keep Bronte safe this week. Frank says I think Tiffany is going home and even if she isn’t on the block I think Paul is going home.

In the bedroom – Tiffany and Natalie are talking. Natalie says obviously I don’t want you or Bronte to go home. Natalie says she’s stressed and nervous. Tiffany asks what do you have to be nervous about? You can talk to me. Natalie says I need to collect my thoughts. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. She says I’m nervous that you’re both on the block. I don’t want either of you to go.

11:20pm Frank asks Michelle if she was the vote for Vic. Michelle says she wasn’t, I thought about it but it wasn’t me. Frank says its just confusing. Maybe Paul is lying and it really was him. Frank tells Michelle if Tiffany picks her to play for her in the veto she should win it and not use it on her. She’s going out before jury. You don’t need her vote.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 23-31-34-426

11:30pm Natalie and James are talking on the phones. Natalie’s giggling.

12pm Tiffany and Nicole are talking on the living room couch. Nicole and Tiffany talk about her liking Corey. Tiffany tells Nicole that by distancing yourself and makes you look like you care more. You have to act like you don’t care. Nicoel says I think he is super cute and nice. I think his type is a model with big boobs. Tiffany tells Nicole that she thinks she (Nicole) is the more attractive one of you two. Nicole says no, you’re lying. You just made my night.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 00-08-30-478

12:25am The house guests are eating burgers. Nicole complains that her burger was raw and she’s going to be sick. She says the meat was cold. Corey asks why didn’t you put it back on? Why did you eat it? Nicole says because everyone was saying its fine.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 00-18-44-423

Bronte tells Paul as long as you don’t touch my girls I’ll support you. I’m going for the HOH next week. It think we have 1 more HOH in teams. Paul asks if you got it what would you do? Bronte says I haven’t thought that far yet. Who do you want to see go next week? Paul says there are people .. I just don’t know what, who or why. I’ve been on the block every week I don’t know if its a good idea. Bronte says if I win HOH, I don’t care if I bring out the big guns… as long as I make it to jury. Paul says if I win HOH, what would be the smartest move. Bridgettee says we would have to talk about it then. Paul leaves. Bronte brings up girls against the guys. Bridgette says this is big brohter.. its not about girls against guys. The girls don’t trust me in the house. Natalie says do whatever Frank says right now. Bridgette says if we could just stick to one plan. Natalie says Bronte is safe this week.. that’s what I’m hearing. Natalie says Tiff just can’t pull herself off. Bridgette says best case scenario is you or Frank win veto. If my name comes up, I’ve already said I’m going to pick Franks name.. He said he’s going to take you (Bronte) off.. and I trust him. Bridgette says you’re scared of Frank .. I’m scared of James because he only has your back. Natalie says Tiffany is going home this week. Bronte says we’re going to take a big player.. Paulie is running the game. Bridgette says the doctor is going to think I’m crazy because I keep flip flopping.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 03-14-46-189

2:25am – 3:40am Michelle says did you know Frank thought I voted for Bronte. Michelle says she thinks it was Paul. I’m still going to ask him. No one cares. Paul joins them. Michelle asks him if he was the vote. Paul says I swear to god it wasn’t me!! Michelle says they’re blaming me. Michelle heads to bed. Paulie and Zakiyah stay up chatting. Paulie says that Corey can go to Natalie and I can go to Bronte to tell them that Frank was the one that put Bridgette up with the roadkill. Zakiyah says she doesn’t talk to people. Paulie says that’s good because as the numbers get down people don’t trust each other.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 03-25-38-606
Paul says friendship! As I was leaving they said Friendship… the virus is spreading. Paulie and Pual say goodnight.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 03-39-29-087

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Love watching Natalie jump on the bed… So perfect ????


I’ve got something she can jump on.

Give me an N, give me an A, give me a T...

Cute little Natalie is probably going to go far in this game. She’s fun, kind, and treats everyone well. Actually, I hope she does.


What about my boobs?! #perfect

Tiny handsx

mathematician, NFL cheerleader and a doctors wife Spy team would make for a pretty awesome show..

Fuzzy Num Num

Ohhhh girl power! It’s soooooo inspiring! Now ladies lets all get into our frilly nighties and high heels, then it’s…PILLOW FIGHT! Heheehhehehhehehhehehehehehehhhehehehehh
Omg! These three, I just , I’m flabbergasted by these non-secret secrets.
Guess what, Brigette, your boy Frank “the finger pop” has you on lock and he’s riding your hoh train all the way to eviction town where the last stop is where Brate gets off. How’s that for a secret! Do the math and the high kick girls, to gonna be a bumpy night.


At least they aren’t mean girls like some others in the house.


I’m confused. At first they said vote out Paul, but then changed their minds about girl power and now decide to follow frank?

And why does it matter the Frank is on your team Bridgette? Get a clue, your team is the last thing you need to worry about.


If I am understanding it correctly, Bridget still believed Tiffany was in an alliance with the other side. She thought Tiffany would have the votes to stay. When Bronte was put up with roadkill they wanted to call a truce with Tiffany and rally the other girls to take out Paul and save Bronte. After they found out that everyone was voting against Tiffany they had to change the plan. If Tiffany wins POV then their objective is to make sure a boy (Paul or possibly Corey) goes home.


So what girl power at least they aren’t disrespecting people and hell the vets are playing the same game that got them evicted in the first chance they had, it’s easier for them cause they have experienced it before! People dislike bronte cause of her voice give me a break she can’t control that! Get over it she is smart to have the degree she does do you realize the complexity of solving math problems? Not basic arithmetic but an actual brain is needed for what she does not a memorized times table! Anyhow they are smart enough to let frank n the rest of the team think they are on board with them, I don’t have a favorite yet but go them they at least are 3ppl who really trust each other and are sticking together unlike the others


Um no, it says after all the girl power talk Natalie said we should just do what Frank says. Did you not read it all the way through before you posted?


Watching Bronte in the HOH room (with Bridgette) struggling to answer Bridgette’s hypothetical question regarding who would vote Corey out if he were to be the replacement if say Tiffany won POV and took herself off the block. Bronte was unable to process a response. She tried doing it on her fingers and may have got past 1 but not definitively. During the entire conversation she reiterated sales pitches without developing any real plans or revealing any understanding of the game as it is being played by others.

Regarding Michelle, Bridgette was asking what she has done to make Michelle not like her. Bronte had nothing to offer. She couldn’t even suggest that perhaps it might have something to do with how far up Franks a$$ you are in this game.

I am not a fan of Bronte’s voice when she speaks at certain levels (whisper is fine. Relaxed conversation even) but it has no bearing on her as a person or whether I like her or how I perceive her game… it just means I have a problem and cannot listen to her at times for very long. Props to Bronte’s academic accomplishments although I have yet to see it translate into any functional or even theoretical prowess (not that anyone needs to prove anything to me).

The Roach Coach

So let me get this straight… Bronte wants to work for the CIA or NSA in math security as a mathemution….
Anyone who hasn’t seen here intro-video with Jeff, WATCH!
She tells him, and the first thing he says is wow youre good at math… “What is 9×9?”
Bronte doesn’t have a clue… waaaahahaha!
I actually am a teacher (the lie Bronte said she was to the HGs) and 9×9 is not only basic math, but mostly every student knows that challenging math problem by 3rd grade (age 8)…. And it’s extremely common that for groups of 1st graders to know what 9×9 is…(age 5-6)…
Infact, Bronte eventually gets that difficult math solution when Big Jeff tells her…. LMAO!!!
Jeff is better at math than Bronte? SMH
Follow your dreams Bronte, but if you do, Our Country is SCREWED…lol
That’s like Big Jeff aspiring to write the speeches for the President… I can here it now…
Obama takes the podium… begins speech…
“We the people of this great country must band together against our enemies using the best TECHNOTRONICS” (Love Big Jeff, but he’s not the brightest switch on the technotronics device, if knows more basic math than Bronte, maybe best she strive for a new career choice)
Seriously, too funny! If you haven’t seen Jeffs interview with Bronte you MUUUST!
9×9=81 🙂

Joe Kerr

Please, tell us how you really feel.


Maybe because she can do the math most of can’t? Even tho I hate her guts


So she got a Masters degree in theoretical mathematics by accident?


Lol do you seriously believe mathematicians are worried about times tables? Don’t like Bronte at all but the fact of the matter is mathematicians are doing stuff so advanced that you and I can’t even begin to comprehend. They’re not concerned with arithmetic.


I agree. She doesn’t have to know basic math to be a mathematician. I couldn’t tell you what to take for a cold but I am performing brain surgery Monday morning. Nothing to it!


What makes me wonder about her is the fact that she put herself on a game show supposedly to help finance her education … if she were as smart as she claims, she’d have plenty of financing and if math was her world, she probably wouldn’t even have heard about BB …. I don’t believe her … I think she is a fame monger who is using a lofty aspiration to gain admiration and following.

No one

I have a PhD from Cambridge, and I can assure you that academics can watch shows like big brother. I had to self-fund a lot of my own degree, because though I am passionate about my work and graduated with a 3.99 GPA, scholarships are very competitive. Wish I’d thought of going on Big Brother when I was younger. It is very possible she is telling the truth.


Seriously? I have a bachelor’s in mathematics and am working on my masters right now, and you don’t forget arithmetic, no matter how complex the other math you’re learning is. That’s like saying Stephen King forgets the order of the alphabet because he writes much more complex things than the alphabet.


Bronte: “Girls I have a HUGE secret”……..wait for it…..wait for it…. “1+1=2”!!… “I can ADD”!!!!


The Roach Coach

Jeez…. all I am saying is thathat anyone who graduated h.s. knows what 9×9 is…
I don’t care what your BA and Masters degree is, I would hope you know basic math even if you are studying to be a veterinarian…
Middle school, high school, and all college students should know basic multiplication… especially someone studying MATH!


It was hilarious when the entire house didn’t know what PhD meant. Frightening thing is Tiffany is supposed to be a teacher, Nicole and Bridgette are both nurses. Most people in there have gone to college but they don’t know the meaning of PhD? Oy


Its because money can buy you anything even good grades.

um Hello

Even Natalie and Bronte two of the most clueless people in the house can see that if everyone wants Frank out getting rid of tiffany is an dumb move. Why the hell can’t everyone else see this

Franks Farts Are Juicy

Frank’s only competition in this house is Tiff. She’s gone and it’s smooth sailing


The spy girls are playing Frank like a fiddle right now lmao

Butters Mom

So clearly production told Bronte to make this “announcement” to the “girl power” about how smart she is and its such an important revelation that it actually brought tears to her eyes to reveal it…and then they all jump on the bed and hold hands and giggle and cheer….. GAG. This is the representation of Girl Power?! This is the best they could do?! HOW EMBARRASSING! Where is Britney Haynes? Someone get her back in the house and coach these losers!


I love Britney Haynes, one of my favorite houseguests of all time, she’s super entertaining! But what has she done in the game to warrant her coaching these girls? Lol besides her amazing diary room sessions she’s pretty much known for being blindsided by The Brigade…she didn’t exactly kill it either of her times within the house

Butters Mom

Her personality was at least entertaining and the way she attacked that giant bear was probably one of the best moments on BB for me. All of these girls seem so scripted and lacking in personality… its hard to watch. On one side of the house we have crying frantic break downs and on the other side of the house we have the pink and yellow power ranger girlies… and none of them have any wit at all.


“Girl power” isn’t about being a bitch or all that intelligent. It’s essentially being proud of who you are and not for what you are.
Girls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You’d know this if you had met one before. ZING!

Butters Mom

I love cats!

Powder Puff Girls

I dislike people who Hate cats (any animal)

Donald Trump

These girls are really really stupid and annoying.


These girls! In order to flip the script they’re going to have to have votes. Currently they have 1, Natalie. Plus, their little plan involves one of them or Tiffany winning pov. But they pinky swore to keep each others secrets so I guess they’re playing hard! LOL


Secret nerd?… Everybody knows you’re a nerd Bronte!!


Im really a parasite living in Derek’s nostrils, omg there, but that’s not really a secret. You a knew I was a parasite, and now you know where.




hehehehehehehe! Go smell Franks farts Bridgette


When’s Tiffany gonna spill about the showmance alliance ? Get Corey out!!!!!!


Britney, now that was a smart,pretty,intelligent and entertaining girl.


Britney looks hella good & hilarious


Is the word that comes to mind.


Trust me those three are NOT indicitive of women I know where did you go wrong, I believe bridfette may be most self aware unfortunately brother picked teams she obviously thinks are her life line. Teams making harder to play individually kinda a shame set up that way. Inhibits real mouse like entertainment. Is prefer blank slate next or. No returnees no teams

Michelles jealous Frank uses more than uses here

Yes it’s a good plan to vote Paul out but they don’t have the votes. They act like just saying “ok lets do it let’s get Paul out this week” will make it magically happen. “Wooo Hooo” U accomplished nothing in that hour talk Bronte Bridge and Nat.

Why do they think it’s cute to try and act five? They must think god America loves us. Smh.

With these 3 the only ones on Tiffs side this week she is walking out door. Unless she wins POV. I hope she does.


If they can get ahold of Da and use her hatred of Frank to get her on board (since this is all Frank’s plan to begin with) then nat can get James, also possibly Michelle with Da pushing it. Especially since Michelle is already ticked that Paul is lying about the vote and Frank thinks she did it. And Da MAY be able to get Z also if she says it’s a strike against Frank. Then they just need one more.

Honestly it can be done. They just need to put the leg work in and be smart about it.

Misty Beethoven

WTH?!? I dozed off during BBAD and woke up to find the channel switched to Nickelodeon! What in the fresh hell are they squealing so much for – they’re acting like they found the Diamond Power of Veto! (I know, I know Girl Power and all that crap. Yawn)

Guy From Canada

Wow, James is the second highest player for strategy behind Paulie on the poll? I have a feeling this will be a hater week on the boards ????


bronte couldn’t add up to 18 to win the roadkill comp


I have never liked a showmance on bb. But i really do enjoy this james/natalie thing.
Im thinking paulie and james will go far if they stick together but keep up appearances like theyre distant.
I really would enjoy if a girls alliance actually made it through. Girls are so catty. I dont expect it to happen. But seriously. It would be amazinf if it did. (i imagine production would help it aling too though)

Girl alliance

I doubt it will happen. The catty Fatal 5 girls excluded the other 3 immediately.

Hard Stare Corey

Puke! I knew it would be torture with the Powder Puff Girls in the HOH room but the f’n pinky swear? Then the scripted phone call btwn Nitalie and James to further the notion of a showmance? This group is noting as hell…. It’ll even be a morgue once Paul leaves. By some BB miracle, the math whiz leaves

Powder Puff Girls

“Powder Puff Girls” lol the name speaks volumes love it! I am jumping on my bed like a 5 year old giggling.


I’m really only watching right now to see where the relationship with James and Natalie goes, seeing as how she believes she was put in the house to meet him. Not even being sarcastic. Everyone else at this point is far too annoying to even wonder about and try as I might to feel differently, I actually root for these two.


Nicole is sabotaging any chance they might have. She had a conversation with him in the bedroom (while Michelle and Tiffany were “Sleeping”) all about how Natalie was flirting up a storm with Corey. She fed James’ concerns that he is being used to the point James said he was going to distance himself from her.

Nicole says outside the house when her man is flirting back with another girl she thinks that maybe the relationship just wasn’t meant to be. Not sure if she was using that analogy with the intention to make James apply it to his situation or just Nicole trying to make herself feel better about her ridiculous fantasy relationship with Corey being threatened by Natalie being flirty with him but the net result was James doubting Natalie’s intentions with him (James).

People work with and trust Nicole, why?


I have a really hard time with Nicole this season, watching her with Corey and this stupid maybe/maybe not showmance (mostly because I can’t with him and as dumb as it may be, I liked her and Hayden, I’m surprised they broke up…well, I was) because as insufferable as she’s being, I still feel like she is better than all this. It’s crappy that she’s pulling this with James and Natalie, but something makes me feel like he won’t completely be falling for that. It feels so stupid to care about this more than the rest of the actual game the show is supposed to be about, but really, I like James as a person and I feel like he and Natalie could work. She drives me crazy sometimes with the super girly cheerleader girl power stuff, but she’s not a terrible person and it’s not fake. She’s just really girly and insanely happy person which makes me feel like a curmudgeon and terrible feminist but yeah…I root for them still. God help me.


Sorry that James and Nat’s phone call wasn’t posted. That was the best thing that happened tonight. James basically told Nat that it was Frank that won RK and put Bronte. Nat promises James she won’t tell the girls but oh if she did. The next best thing then would be for them to find out it was Frank that also won the 1st one where Brig was put up.


Ha! Nat has moved up to #1 on Jokers. Suck it haters.


Your thumbs down feed my joy. LOL


I feel Natilie is very insincere and is playing with James heart. She loves seeking attention. It’s smart game wise but awful to use someone you don’t really like. It’s clear as day that she’s into Corey and doesn’t even care if she hurts Nicole’s feelings or James. Nicole defended Natilie when Corey wanted to use her and get victor out of the house by pretending to be into her. She’s supposed to be about women empowerment but she’s the complete opposite. I’m going act all cute and flirt my way to jury. Corey is a jerk and is playing with Nicole’s heart. He thinks she’s loves him to death. Get over yourself buddy. You aren’t even that attractive to be conceded. Nicole is genuinely a nice person but is so insecure and deserves better. She’s exactly who portrays to be and doesn’t try to be something she’s not.


I haven’t seen anything to indicate any of what you’re saying about Nat is true. She seems genuine to me. All that negative stuff is coming from your imagination. You seem to be judgmental.


I saw a video online of James speaking to Nicole about Natilie and Corey flirting. Nicole didn’t say one bad word about her even after seeing for herself. Tiffany gave her some really good advice and Nicole just said she wasn’t going to try and compete. Corey admitted to Natilie and Frank he didn’t have feeling for Nicole a few weeks ago. Paulie said on the live feeds that he knows Natilie from back home and the type of girl she is. He said she’s really fake in real life and it’s all an act.

I See

Natalie is clearly using James for TV time. You’d have to be blind to see she the complete lack of sexual chemistry. He’s a plaything.


You clearly, don’t know what the word clearly means.


The Spy Girls are clueless and aware all at the same time if that makes since. They’re kind of figuring out what’s going on in the house, but they have no idea that they are on the outs with the rest of the house (the same way James is towards the bottom of whatever totem pole is left in the fractured 8Pack alliance), and will soon be targets if Frank is successfully evicted next week.

They have NO votes to get rid of Paul (and thank the BB gods for that because he’s my dark horse in this game). If Bronte comes down, Nat will go up, and the rest of the house as of now will probably vote out Tiff, because they love Paul’s current pawn status and Tiff has ruined her own game with her emotional outburst and paranoia. Also most of the other girls in the house really don’t like the SG at all. Bronte scares most of the girls and is constantly mocked, Michelle HATES Bridgette (not sure why), and Nat only really has a chance of making jury because of her connection to James (who again is at the bottom of 8Pack’s totem pole).

The SG should be trying to go after Corey this week to break up one of the two showmances in the house. If Frank goes, then Paulie, Zakiyah, Nicole, and Corey would be a strong force in the house.

Here’s hoping Paul can win the veto and take himself off or get someone to take him off again lol.


You never know, the girls could defy all odds and ban together. It’s interesting to note that Frank is trying really hard to find out if Paul is lying about the Vic vote and pointing it out over and over to different people. He’s trying to plant seeds of doubt about him.


The girls could all band together in theory, but most of the girls that were a part of Fatal 5 have been catty thus far. Also Nic and Z are in showmance city whether they admit it or not, and losing Paulie and Corey now hurts their games.

Also the seeds that Frank is trying to plant about Paul may backfire because Paul’s new friend in the house is Paulie. Paulie has surprised me with how well he’s been playing thus far, and more people are starting to listen to his word instead of Frank. Nat even told Brid to go with Paulie if the house turns on Frank.

Basically Paulie likes and believes Paul, and he and Z think the hinky vote was Michelle trying to be funny and bitchy.


Sorry Simon or Dawg can either of you help me out here. Where is the episode from Thursdays live eviction? I can’t find it anywhere. But I know Vic left. Help?!


The only place I can find them is either, all access subscription or torrents. I don’t think people put them on youtube anymore.


It’s on the website


oops – never mind. Simon edited his comment to include this morning. 🙂 Good morning Simon!

These girls are high

I see bats, this must be bat country.

Leave Your Personal Feelings At The Door

I hope Tiff gets veto mostly so Frank doesn’t get his way. But if she does go the up side is that maybe Da and Nicole might start to feel the heat when Frank turns his sabotage attention to one of them or the “cute” boy. (Is Nicole in grade school?). Do they really think that keeping Paul or Bronte is the best strategy in their war against Frank?


My super secret pinky swear take to your grave secret is…..I know what prime numbers are!! Sorry with that kind of build up it is just so funny. If she had said she was a real life Spy Girl who worked for the NSA then that would have been a secret that warranted that much build up.


F-r-a-n-k. F-r-a-n-k
You’re such a d#ck
You can’t stay.
Hope they get him between battle back and jury!


Omg, if James ends up tapping that, I will be furious


Some interesting stuff….first the Bridgette, Natalie, Bronte completely clueless strategy conversation and seriously Bronte is apparently proof that super book smart people sacrifice a ton of social intelligence. Then Bridgette walks it all back with Natalie because she sees the other girls aren’t on their side and they’re all under Paulie’s thumb. Bright girl, perceptive with no loose lips.

But the big one is Paulie’s potential overplay because of his Frank obsession and telling Bridgette about the 1st roadkill in a game of telephone she will see right through…and it doesn’t matter because she can’t turn on Frank anyway, next week she can’t be HOH, it’s pointless…but it could likely be the ham-handed move that inspires her to unleash Frank. And for all the talk of uniting against Frank, I think that’s 100% fear of him…not his making deals, booty popping, whatever.

So Bridgette has Nat firm (and she brings James the puppy dog), Bronte will follow Nat as well despite the fantasy game she has laid out. That’s 4 votes with Frank. Michelle is putty and will go wherever the wind blows. Take Paul down and he’s just survive and advance. That’s 6 and the majority vote…one that puts Bridgette and Nat in the cat bird’s seat, rather than just keeping their head down. I think Bridgette is smart enough to see this…but is she a gambler ready to play to win?


When did Paulie tell Bridgette about the 1st roadkill in a game of telephone??? The only phone call I saw last night was James warning Nat about the most recent winner.


Ok so Bridgette let’s frank run her whole Hoh and now she wants him out. Bronte can’t do the math to figure out the don’t have the numbers to do anything. And Natalie is so dumb she thinks that James is actually in her dating league. Meg was in his league last year but even she thought she could do better. These girls are truly a special kind of stupid!


“I’m a nerd”… I’m sorry but this has to be right up there with “I’m a social media mogul” as the lamest reveal on this show


Girl power is when you tell Frank to get out of your HOH, you want to run it yourself. Then you tell him no he can’t sleep up here you want your girlfriends to share it with you. Then you talk to everyone including him and you decide who you want up and you do it. I think Nicole and her not gay boyfriend were what Brigette wanted. You don’t do what the guy says l00% down the line and then talk about girl power to your little friends in secret. Woman up.


Bridget’s new found courage is meaningless and all for show. “F these guys. F this game. I’m not letting Frank run my HOH.” Too late. He already did. Your HOH is basically over unless you need to put up a renom. But, you are trying to keep noms the same. You wanted a boy to go home but did not put up Paul and Corey. You want to break up Nicole and Corey but did not put them up. Now you want people to believe that you really are about woman power. You put Tiffany otb but now you want Paul to go home. Less than 24 hours earlier Tiff came to talk to you and you embellished (lied) to Frank making Tiffany’s target even bigger. Tiffany would have been the only girl from the other side to really support the girl power idea. She has proven to be the ONLY one from any of the alliances she was supposedly included in to be able to not throw people under the bus. Tiffany is more than likely going home unless she wins POV for herself. If Tiff does go home, I don’t think the renom matters because the other side won’t sacrifice one of their own yet.

Looking at the game from what Bridget knows-Bridget, Natalie, Paul and Bronte are still ‘the others’.Paul is getting closer to the boys and Natalie close to James. Even if Tiffany won POV, I don’t think it matters who Bridget names as replacement. If Tiff is not an option they won’t veer from plan B which is to evict Paul or Bronte. Which one depends on if the girls can rally together or if Frank controls how people vote. Since Bridget allowed Frank to run her HOH thus far, her best bet is to not make waves and let him choose the renom. It won’t change the final outcome.

Since the HGs don’t have all the information we have, I think Bridget’s best move would be to try to throw POV to Tiff or win POV and use it on Tiff. Put Corey up as the renom. Even though I don’t think they would vote Corey out, a lot of people have mentioned breaking up Nicole/Corey and Corey/Paulie. It could happen. If not, I do think she could rally the votes to save Bronte over Paul. That way she would gain Tiff’s trust back and they would add an extra girl. Also, based on the info we do have that they don’t have, if they really want the girls to run the house and a strong girl to win, they need to get rid of Nicole. She is the biggest detriment to the girls being successful.
Yes, I know I have been very critical of Nicole lately. Unlike Frank, I don’t have a problem with Nicole as a person, I just don’t like Nicole the player. I don’t think, based on the way she is playing, that she has any chance to win and while she is there she screws it up for anyone who is her ally.


Nicole, you twit, wake up! Corey is getting the benefits of being in a showmance with you without having to do a single thing. He doesn’t have to work to take advantage, exploit or manipulate you. He can full on reject your influence on him (playing his game – well, the game fed to him by Paulie and Frank) and you play the role of devoted partner who respects him for that while continuing to invest in your fantasy and share everything with him.

You talk with James about how maybe he shouldn’t trust his relationship with Natalie… the advice we give others is really the advice we need for ourselves! You are projecting your own inner crap onto everyone around you while believing it describes them and reality. It doesn’t. It describes you and the reality you create. Maybe you shouldn’t trust your relationship with Corey… hmm… but without him, can you even play this game at all?

No idea why anyone believes they can, let alone wants to, work with you. You are the paranoid, loose cannon who is all over the place as far as targets and runs her mouth despite pointing out to others the need to keep the details of convos from getting out.


The only thing fatal about the Fatal 5 is the arrogance of Da, Nic, Mic and Z. They have gotten so comfortable in their majority status with the 8 Pack that they think Tiff is expendable. Frank has the most connection with the other side (Spy Girls + Paul=4 Add Frank=5) If a non 8 Pack wins HOH next week and decides to put up 2 from 8 pack if Frank stays loyal that knocks their voting #s to 5 still majority by 1. If They don’t win Roadkill and another goes up then a 4/4 split. HOH decides but regardless one of them is toast and I don’t think it will be Frank. Of course this depends on comps and Spy Girls waking up and allowing a guy outcast (Paul) into their clique but stranger things have happened. Another possible is Spy Girl wins HOH. Paul saves self from block with POV. Guys vote out an 8 pack girl. Going out 1 vote shy and losing not only first or second place but jury as well! Is Tiff so bad that it is worth the risk?

Tiny hands

Don’t you think Paul would rat out the Spy Girls? His game instincts so far are terrible. Plus he has a major man-crush on Paulie and desperately wants to be F3 with The cool boys – Corey and Paulie


I’m positive production purposely picked the dumbest newbs they could find to help out the vets knowing the vets they brought back are horrible at this game. This season has to be at the top for one of the worst strategic seasons ever. Nic taking out Tiff makes no sense for her game or any of the other girls. I am only still watching to see Nic and Zak on the block so I can watch them turn into complete wrecks.

Pogo Stick

One can only hope that the house guests will be given a pogo stick jumping challenge. That would be a lot of fun.

Tiny hands

When the Brigade had the same flip-floppy convo as the Spy Girls people thought the bros were friggin geniuses for exploring all the options. If you’re lucky enough to watch the feeds, you’ll see these girls are tight, and discuss cutting Frank and James when they are no longer needed. typical Bb fan thinks boy=brains and girls= bimbos.I hope the Spy Girls go far


Thank you for the laugh Bronte.


True. If Nat or Bronte win HOH next week and Paul wins POV unless there are 3 guys on the block a member of F5 could go. James and Frank are safe due to Nat and Bridgette. For arguments sake lets say Paulie and Corey are up and now F4 only has 3 votes. Could be only 2 because is Nic going to vote out Corey? Z vote out Paulie? If they kept Tiff the F5 would have the 4 votes needed to force a tie. Girl Power! But wait! They have already set the precedent that being a member of this alliance means you only have to be loyal if you like the member that is on the block more than the other people on the block. Sorry but one of you is going home.


Alright so this is in no way meant to be sexist so please do not take it that way. But if those guys don’t get there heads outta their collective asses and realize that they are outnumbered you are going to have all girls in there about the halfway point and I’m sorry but America will NOT want to watch that and the ratings of our beloved show will suffer greatly. Before you all start bashing and piling on, it’s just simply a matter of there are too many social dynamics that will be gone once it’s all girls in there. There are not many people in that house that have a lot of game. The one that truly does, (Frank) is inexplicably over playing it right now…. and surprise!!! y’all AREN’T going to like this statement either, but if you want to make a good TV show then Tiffany and Frank need to stay longer.


Seriously Nicole you are falling into the same routine in the house!!! Hayden was way hotter!


What is the significance of Paul constantly saying friendship? Is it just a weird thing this guy has started to repeat? I swear he’s losing it in there.


I’m assuming it has to do with his don’t evict me speech or use the veto on me where he extols friendship or something.


Hindsight is 20/20.

Prior to seeing the POV competition episode of Paulie’s HOH I was inclined to defend Tiffany as being victimized by lies and an unearned smear campaign based on the limited information on the live feeds and AD.

After seeing the episode I realize Tiffany made a choice. She chose to try to win the POV, screw the alliance and throwing the comp so she could get her butt off the block (or at least so she could be the one with the power to do so; or to be the one saving one of the others).

Paulie’s target was Victor but decided he should not have any chance to take himself off the block (back doored).

Victor won the roadkill competition, and told Paulie and Frank (before telling Paul) that he won it (crazy lucky gift) and nominated Tiffany.

Paulie did a lot of work (some of it no easy feat) to get his noms to help him keep Victor out of playing in the competition and get him up as a replacement nominee. Paul, previously Victor’s closest ally in the game, won HG’s choice and did as he was asked to do – not let Victor play in the POV.

The only things that could screw up his plan were if the house flipped or Tiffany won the POV and used it to save herself, saving Victor by giving him (as roadkill winner that nom’d her, the power to name his replacement and not Paulie. The outspoken members of the alliance believed that, if she won the veto, she would use it on herself. So Tiffany didn’t trust the alliance enough to throw the veto and the alliance didn’t trust Tiffany for not throwing the veto… regardless whether or not she might have used it to take one of the other noms off the block.

I think Tiffany’s flaw was not owning her decision and explaining what she did, why she did it and that she would have used the veto to take down one of the other noms to allow Victor to be put up. She could have argued that she wanted the saved nom to owe her and the 8-pack not Paulie (who was not in the alliance). She could have spun it to strengthen her position and prove loyalty. Instead she tried to deny and hide from what she did; got super paranoid that her decision and actions proved she was trying to win the veto against the alliance. She proved she did not trust them even though she did not have any good reason not to at the time.

What I am saying is Tiffany had the opportunity to play her way out of the jam she put herself in but she didn’t; she made it worse. She did not trust her alliance and gave them good reason not to trust her. She played and the way she played earned her the target on her back. Sure the other HGs spread lies about her but that is part of the game. As HGs are trying to build trust others are trying to undermine it. If Tiffany gets evicted it isn’t an injustice. She was hyper paranoid for a while there because she knew she screwed up for trying to win the POV and failing.


I love Bronte

Powder Puff Girls

You must be the vote for her to be the “best strategic player”.

Powder Puff Girls

I think Natalie will side with James when her back is against the wall. I do not think she is ALL in with the “spy girls.