Power Of Veto Players Picked! “I’ll keep those noms the same for you boo! I got you!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 12-00-05-418

11:40am – 12pm Safari room – Frank and Bridgette are talking. Frank says after 12th place we’re going to walkout into the backyard to an endurance competition. I’ll probably just fall off right off that bat. Bridgette asks why? Frank says I won’t win that, its not made for big people. Natalie, Nicole, James, Bronte will be good at it. Frank says Bronte won’t be good if its cold. Bridgette asks why? Frank says She’s got that .. I don’t know if its a disease or what… she could lose her fingers if the circulation gets cut off. (Same thing that Frankie Grande had) Bridgette says If I pick Natalie I hope she wins because then they would both be safe. Frank says its better to pick a strong competitor to make sure Tiffany doesn’t win. Bronte should not pick Natalie .. its not smart. I know I told them if Tiffany comes down Paul will probably go home .. but I don’t think that’s true. That’s why you should tell her to pick me if she has the chance, I’ll take her off. Bridgette gets called to the diary room. They think the veto player pick will be soon. Michelle tells Frank she believes Paul wasn’t the vote for Victor. (It was Paul) Michelle says she doesn’t want to compete in the veto unless its the counting one. I’m not ready. Frank says he hopes its not the counting one because Tiffany would probably be good at it. If it is, I’ll take a sh*t in the diary room. Frank tells Michelle to start being nice to Bronte. What if she wins HOH next week? Michelle says you got to put in a good word and make sure the they. Frank tells Michelle not to be like Danielle and let Dan do all the work (BB14).

12:05pm Bronte says to the camera in the living room – This is not looking good for me America. Go spy girls!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 12-10-20-149

12:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto player pick!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 12-41-10-601

POV Players:

Bridgette, Tiffany, Bronte, Paul, Paulie, Natalie

POV Host:


HOH room – Paulie says I’ll keep those noms the same for you boo! I got you! Bridgette says yeah I feel good about that draw. Natalie joins them and talks about how the others were saying it might be the dice competition. Bridgette tells them she memorized the fastest combinations to get to the different numbers in the least amount of moves. She draws it out with lip liner and shows them. Bridgette talks about how Natalie needs to win it… so she suggests picking her to go up against so that Natalie can practice. Bridgette tells Bronte throw it to Natalie if Tiffany gets eliminated. I would prefer if Natalie wins it, if anything. Natalie says positive energy okay lets go!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 12-44-36-617

1:10pm Havenot room – Corey and James are talking. James says maybe we need to get in his mind to throw the comp so that we can send Michelle home. Or we send Paul home. Corey says yeah Paul or Bronte. James says I think we’ll be okay.

DaVonne says I am done with him (Frank)… I want him (Paul) and her (Michelle) to pull a Caleb (BB17) and just sit down (in next weeks HOH comp). Tiffany starts showing how many moves it takes to for the dice competition.

1:40pm Bedroom – Bronte and Natalie are talking. Bronte says I think next week is going to be an endurance comp. Natalie says I told you there are going to be bigger fist to fry.. this place is a crock pot and people are going to start drama all over the place. I just hope we aren’t being lied to. Bronte says I don’t think Nicole would have told me she was voting for me if she wasn’t going to. She’s not that type of person. Natalie says I hope Paulie doesn’t take Paul off the block. Bronte says we have to tell Bridgette to tell Paulie not to use it. If Tiffany comes off my only chance is to go against Paul.

2:05pm Kitchen – Nicole tells Paulie if you don’t win .. one of us are going up. Corey says if Bronte wins, Natalie will go up. Nicole says if Natalie wins we’re screwed!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 14-08-11-079

Bedroom – Zakiyah says I just wnat things to stay the same. Paulie will keep it the same. I just need her (Tiff) to go home. Zakiyah says she wants to be HOH. He’s (Frank) going to get the shock of his life. Because when you messing with mine, you messing with me! I don’t know who would vote to keep him here. Nicole says other than Bridgette.

HOH room – Natalie says James hasn’t even talked to me all day.

2:35pm – 2:50pm Bathroom – Nicole and DaVonne are talking. Davonne asks if TIffany and Bronte are on the block together come Thursday .. are we getting Bronte out or Tiffany? Frank wants Tiffany out. Nicole says if they stay up there then we can discuss it. DaVonne says apparently Paul caught her (Tiff) staring at Frank in her sleep. Nicole and DaVonne talk about James and how he told Nicole he didn’t want to get hurt again like he did with Meg. Nicole says he should be telling himself focus focus focus. Corey joins them. Nicole says I’m open to any of those three going home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 14-35-50-402

3pm Natalie says we’re not big threats and we have everything we need to win this game. Bridgette says we’re going to go out and beast it. Take Tiff out and have Nat win it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-09 14-56-46-710

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 15-27-12-553

3:25pm Bathroom Frank and Da’Vonne
Frank – Brontes a idiot… I told Bridgette you need to tell BRonte chooses Natalie is not a good idea.. You need someone that can beat Tiffany.. BRonte goes home if Tiffany is off the block. .

Frank says their option if Tiffany comes down is to put up one of their own.. Suggests Corey or Z as their only picks because they’re not putting a vet and Michelle/Paule are on the safe team.

Da’Vonne asks if Michelle has been smoothing things over with Bridgette.
Frank says she has been but has to pick it up. He tried to explain to Michelle what happens if Bronte wins the HOH next week and is pissed at Michelle… Michelle goes up. Michelle replied to Frank that it’s his job to get in Bronte’s ear.
Frank laughs says he’ll fight for the group but not when needing a bullet proof vest.
Frank would rather have Bridgette as his partner than Michelle.
Da’Vonne agrees.
Frank going on about Bronte picking Natalie over him to play in the veto.
Frank says the girls ideal plan is for Natalie to win the veto and use it to save the both of them .
Da’Vonne laughs.. “Against Paulie and Paul”

Da’Vonne says Tiffany is scared.

4:21pm .. POV Begins ..

6:19pm Still POV

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Unbattled Block

Bridgette, Natalie and Paulie would leave as is
Paul,Tiffany would take themselves down
Bronte would be crazy not to take herself down

Should be a very interesting POV Comp. But in the end i still see Tiffany or Paul getting evicted


I’m confused. Why wouldn’t Natalie take Bronte down if she won POV? Everyone knows they are aligned, so it’s not like she’d tick anyone off. Thanks.


It’s so cute the game the Spy girls are playing. It’s like summer camp!!! They have no clue what they are doing. Having one of the in power is awesome. Listening to their conversations is hilarious. Like they really are doing something. Frank picking those three up is masterful!!!

Julie Chen

Just as an update for everyone on behalf of CBS and myself; Frank Eudy has officially been removed from the Big Brother house due to multiple sexual harassment claims.


I wish … that would happen but production will try to save FRANK
In some type of twist .


Oh how I wish.


I wish…………



An ornery mouse

Take a chill pill there, Ms. Chen. Frank is no doubt an ass, but there has been no malicious intent with his “joking” and none of the girls had told him it was bothering them until a couple of nights back. Now that he has been warned, then yeah….. he should be removed if he keeps it up.

I hope he cools it, because I’m really enjoying his erratic play. It’ll be much more satisfying to watch the houseguests kick him out than it would be for production to boot him.

Canadian Kev

You’re right about people not saying it bothered them until recently.
But what kind of grown assed man acts like that?
He doesn’t know that degratding women, and touching them is inappropriate?

Gimme a break. He just thinks it’s fine, cause he’s frank. And it’s not. The comments about tits, and sluts etc, are not ok, and they do speak to the guys character.

Production should have kicked his ass out when Da’Vonne compalined. But that would affect ratings (See season 15) so they won’t do that.


I hope Frank does not get ousted. I think the girls just want him out because he is a threat. I think Paul’s language is far more offensive.


Go Tiffany win that veto !!!!!!

Margarine's Dad

The wench is gone! 🙂


Even if she doesn’t win it the others should keep her. She is a clear vote against Frank, where the other 2 are questionable. Also by letting her get to jury, she will be a sure vote against him if he is in F2.

Butters Mom

I thought they werent allowed to have pen and paper.


I guess if you are on Frank’s team it is OK. (dang it!)


they’re safe week after week anyway, so why not?


Tiffany is in a win or go home spot….she’s just not savvy enough to risk losing in order to re-shuffle the game and get a shot at winning.


for the comeback does anyone know who won between glenn and jozea and then victor?

Tiff for POV win!

Come on girl. U got this. Make this a epic week! This would be one of the most house shifting POV wins in BB history.

Go make history Tiff! We all pulling for you!

Powder Puff Girls

really, Vanessa


Ming-Lee is getting irksome, she needs to pick a sole side and stick with it, either you’re all about a girls alliance or you’re Frank’s side bitch (alá Andy)


I love it!!
Make a racist comment towards a black person, you get riots in the streets.
Make a racist comment towards an Asian person, you get 50/50 thumbs up votes.
If we want to calm the black/white tension in this country right now, I know how… Put a bunch of Asians in there as mediators.
Nothing unites both races more than making fun of Asians.
Asian: “Listen, we have got to find a way to end this violence and come together as one country!”
Blacks&Whites: “Herroooooo lil’ rice man!!!” -followed by high fives and fist bumps and a reunited counrty.


Umm… Who is Ming Lee???


I’ll be rooting for Paul to win, and pull himself down. If Brid put up Corey in his place then it would only further enrage the house against Frank making next week incredibly entertaining as the house turns on him.

If noms stay the same then it’s likely that Tiff or Bronte will go over Paul at this point. I like the fact that most people seem to now think Paul wasn’t the hinky vote from last week because that would be “too” obvious. Good lie Paul. If Victor comes back then he’ll appreciate that display of loyalty.

Paulie is a b*tch

Paulie is little big talker scared b*tch just like his brother Cody.

He won’t even hook up with Zak cuz he knows when he shows her his little wee wee she will never speak to him again.

His game play is weak as fk as well. He was all butthurt over Jozea week one. Then he got all asshurt and whined bout not being in 8 pack. Then when he had a chance to go against Frank he instead chose to wuss out because he is afraid of Frank so he is following his every order now.

Wait for the next Paulie the pussy move.


You may be right about all of that…but he’s still in by far the best spot. Now that’s far more a commentary on all the other players, but if I had to pick a spot to jump into, his would be it.

Not Cute

Zak wants his body and his babies. She’s dreaming of half Italian half Zakiyan mulattoes running around her kitchen table.


He changed his pants on after dark the other day. His wee wee ain’t that little.

mm mm honey chow

Girrrl that pee pee is small don’t what you tellin yo man to make him feel better about himself sorry to tell you boo boo


You’re not doing that well at convincing everyone your penis isn’t microscopic.


But yours probably is.

Butt huggerz on AD

Don’t give kudos for “all balls”


Tiffany better play for her life in this game…Frank is really jumping the gun again in this game! He shows no loyalty to any alliance, and now he has Bridgette fooled into doing his bidding! I give Frank very few weeks left in this house…and, WHY the heck are all these people playing to get to Jury??? How about playing for 500K???


Big Brother needs to do new competitions! Also, Tiffany for veto!!!!

Not Cute

Today I’ve had a DiGiorno Bacon Cheeseburger Cheese Stuffed PIzza and a carton of Edy’s Drumstick Ice Cream; and I’m still less pathetic than James/Natalie shippers.

I hope it's not the dice competition

Tiff’s chances of winning will be even slimmer. Everyone is going to challenge her and there is no way she’ll win 5 in a row…. FFS.

Not Cute

If she’s the only one that has the pattern down, she’ll be a favorite.


Is it true Frank has been removed from the game?



Not Cute

James is out of his league with Natalie, but not all is lost. He’s already getting lots of incidental boobage. And if things break his way and she gets dreams of The Amazing Race in her eyes, he may some no-bra-over-shirt action under the sheets. Pretty sweet.


She actually seems really into him. And like she doesn’t care about looks. Just yesterday she said she thought that she and James were put on the show to meet each other.

Not Cute

She says that for the cameras. She’s getting feedback from the DR that they like that.


It would be great if they all got together for a day and reversed the tables on Frank and treated him like the way he treats everyone in the house.Michelle(Frank if those cookies are not ready in 20 minutes I’ll cut you from our alliance and draw me a bath with plenty of bubbles). James( Frank you had the audacity to take those pizza’s out of the oven without my permission. I want you to apologise profusely and be humbled in my presence until I forgive you!) Da”Vonne (Slaps Frank on the butt, oh honey that’s just Momma Day giving you some love sugar.granpa loves it when I do it to him.) Frank eating his supper and everyone sitting around the table starts passing gas none stop!



Da’Vonne needs to stop being a cry baby and so does Vanessa’s sister. I hate watching that crap. Get over yourself and just play the game!


What Davonne needs to do is get off her ace & try to compete & win something then make a move on Frank instead hoping someone else will do it for her. She is an overrated player that just gets attention in DR’s. Lazy player that just gets some info then rats to other players herself. She has no chance of winning this game.


I totally agree moma day needs to get her butt up and do something because I’m pretty sure they will Back door her for a double eviction just saying


Did I hear correctly is the POV competition that they will do a “maze” where they can’t see at all ?


OMG. Natalie is sooooo annoying. Now wonder she has fake breasts, fake hair and fake eyelashes. She has to cover herself up cause she’s butt ugly and fake. The house needs to send her fake self home and soon.


Thank you! She told everyone they were real and they aren’t. She also claims she likes James. It’s all for tv time. I don’t want to bash her looks or put her down. But if you’re going to say you are authentic then you would be honest about something like that.

Reality Check

Actually, Natalie has told different HGs (shown on the feeds) that they are fake.


at least she`s hotter than u


LOL James is pretty much in the know how of what the house status is, his only blindspot is the fatal five (four), just because he does not talk a lot does it mean that he’s not playing great. As of now he is actually the best player in the house (Pauie is more strategic but he’s in a safer spot than him) although not as active. If the spy girls miraculously win back to back HOHs, James just needs to sleep, the same can be said if the 8pack wins.

Frank is Off/Needs Medication

Frank can’t help himself! What if Bronte had chosen him to play and he could not fake a good “throw” of comp to keep noms the same? What if it came down to him and Tiff so he has to win. He then takes Bronte- not Paul or Tiff down. Has to make up a lot of crap to cover when Nat goes up. (or get an 8 pack “volunteer”=more bad blood). Does he really think that Tiff won’t blab to Spy Girls that as roadkill winner he has nominated all 3?!! Tiff might go but he won’t have a friend left in that house. The only cover would mean bye bye Paul. His nonstop egotistical overplay has sealed his eventual downfall.


I hope Paul wins veto and brig puts up Corey . And if davonne was as smart as she thinks she is she would team up with frank Tiffany brig nat bronte Paul and separate Corey and Nicole then separate paulie and zak


The only thing getting rid of Corey would do is get rid of that creepy blank stare. He hasn’t really done anything to further anyone’s game

DaVonne Lies

Nicole is cutting on Tiffany to anyone who will listen. She was saying Tiffany isnt doing the dice game right. Umm we don’t even know dice will be the comp but Im sure if it is Tiff knows a hell of alot more than your whiney dumb self Nicole. Go hate on someone.else we all get it you know you can’t win with Tiff in the house. You have wanted her gone since day 1 just like Frank.


The Spy Girls are soooooo anoying! Bronte’s ass needs to leave soon!! They seriously think they are America’s Sweethearts or something. The fact that Bridgette let Franks control her HOH just shows how weak minded these girls actually are. I cannot wait until they all get evicted “Pre-Jury”


Nicole, Da and Paulie are stupid to vote out Tiffany. Frank wants her out for his own sake, they need her as a vote and possible person to take him out as the rest are all talk.. Vote out Bronte, she has always been a threat and has literally vocalized taking all of you out.. This is an easy one … Why are they making it so complicated ..


Also, they look like complete fools to do what Frank wants now that they know what he’s doing and they all apparently hate him but hey let’s vote out someone he will be targeted by and continue to target …. Big brother 101 always keep the target and a vote for your side …


I haven’t read the last couple of updates and I don’t get the live feeds, have they discussed the odd vote from Paul last week and do they know it’s him? Not sure why he decide to vote out Bronte, who was he hoping to point the finger at?!

For bromance

I know that Paul is denying that he was the vote to keep Vic but he’s not sharing that. I think he decided to vote to get rid of Bronte out of loyalty to Vic. I don’t think there’s anything more to it than that –but I haven’t seen the diary sessions so I can’t be completely sure.


There has been a lot of talk about Michelle not liking Bridget because of eyebrow-gate. Bridget can’t believe she would have said something like that and hopes it wasn’t caught on camera. She did say it. It was the first week, when Jozea, Paul, Victor, Natalie, Bronte and Bridget thought they were running the house and they were acting like the mean kids. The thing is, she didn’t say it about Michelle-she said it about Tiffany. I can’t remember who found out or how they found out but DaVonne thought Tiffany was too emotional and paranoid to handle it so they said that Bridget was talking about Michelle. I’m sure their group probably said things about Michelle too. I know Bronte said she hated Nicole and if she won HOH blondie was going on the block. They basically talked crap about everyone outside of their group because they thought they had the game on lock. But the specific comment about shaving off the eyebrows that has caused so much tension between the girls on Frank’s team was actually about Tiffany.


I have to agree James is very ugly his face looks like one of the pigs the house has on the wall.
I dont think its real at all she said she was going to play the men from the start.
I can see james getting his heart broken at the end and her a rash.

Never worse then BB15

Calling out someone’s character, behavior, etc is one thing but going after the way someone looks just shows that your souless and shallow a f&$k.


I’m getting to the why bother point when it comes to reading about save Tiffany. Why? So the whole house can accuse her of jedi mind tricks if she breathes? So she can be the perpetual target? Yeah, it sucks for her, but really, if the entire house is stupid enough to be getting rid of a sure vote against the house ogre, they deserve their fate. She’s so completely outside of game dynamic that she might as well be drinking pinot on the real housewives. Every other house guest has already drunk the koolaid, she’s persona non grata. Production has propped her up to be the reincarnation of Vanessa in order to knock her down to give viewers the satisfaction that Vanessa 2.0 was destroyed. It’s why she was cast.
I’m getting to the why bother point with a lot of things. If i hear girl power one more time from any of these women that are more than happy to nominate and vote out other women because a man wants them to… morons. They all talk of how independant and saavy they are, but jump out of their shoes and run into the kitchen every time a man beckons. It’s pathetic.
Let’s actually look at the vets. what game are they each playing? Nicole is playing the Christine (backstab) mixed with Nicole game. Da’vonne is playing the Audrey (rumor) mixed with Da’vonne game. James is playing the Vanessa (suballiance) mixed with James game. Frank is playing the Dan/Ian (create mistrust) mixed with Frank game. They’ve each incorporated the game style of the one that got them in their last season to their own. I’m not really liking any of the vets today. It’ll pass for most of them. But i’m still ticked that Frank’s harassment gets a pass from the powers that be.
If Tiffany wins veto, great, she’d better learn to rely on herself as a team of one, because let’s get real here, that’s all she’s going to be.

Powder Puff Girls

Paul for the VETO


If Tiffany wins POV and comes down Bridgette could put Frank up right? I know she wouldn’t but good opportunity to back door him


Frank cannot be put up, his whole team is safe this week.

Butters Mom

Frank is on Bridgettes team… he is safe for the week.


no. Category 4 cannot be nominated this week.

BB is life

Frank, paulie , and Michelle are safe this week

Im Tyrone

Frank is safe because Bridgette won and their whole team is safe nigga

Vet's Fan

Frank’s team is safe this week

Im Tyrone

Davonne for the win bitches


Then again they are doing Frank’s work for him frank will make it farther in the game then we will think.


i’m kinda hoping natalie wins and takes bronte down to force someone from the other side of the house up (and it’ll be frank’s fault to boot), not that i think that person has any chance of going home sitting next to paul and tiff.

Never worse then BB15

Such profound commentary coming from some of you….


I think Corey likes Nicole more than he shows.


Love that Bronte didn’t do what Frank told her and pick him to play and instead chose Nat. I really want Tif to win just to spite all those against her but if she doesn’t I want Nat to win it and take Bronte down. Frank will try his hardest to get Nat not to use it, we will see then if Nat can stand up to Frank or cave like Brig.


Why am I seeing a pen and piece of paper on a table? I thought they weren’t allowed to have either one.


Bronte …how does someone get over 100% in 3 courses?
thats like when people say i gave it 110% ?
If ur a math wiz…isnt 100% as far as it gets?


You are 100% correct!


Weighted GPA allows for higher than 4.0 (technically 4.0 is 100% average)… it is possible at a school that has weighted GPA grading to score higher than 100% on individual courses.


I really should have read the original comment better as it was referring to course studies and you are right they do allow for “extra credit” or Weighted GPS—but I was just thinking there is Never more than 100% in anything……she just got a grade that was at or below 100% of the “allowable”………anyhow, she’s definitely an intelligent girl in math….time will tell if she ever shows common sense. I’m not betting any percent on it happening.


Regarding the whole Michelle / Bridgette feud… Is the popular excuse for Michelle’s disdain really based on the idea she has that Bridgette said she would resuscitate Tiffany and shave off her eyebrows; or is that just a smoke screen excuse for Michelle not liking how close Bridgette is to Frank and she isn’t (despite telling Frank she really likes him as a player; that she thinks he got screwed in his season and if she ends up on the jury she will work her butt off to make sure he wins)?

The former is from Paul’s hate filled rant about Tiffany (essentially fuelled by Jozea’s flawless intuition concluding Tiffany was the roadkill winner who nominated him…) on June 26th to Victor, Jozea, Bridgette, Nicole, Zakiyah and Bronte in the back yard between 12:19 am – 12:35pm Cam 3-4 where
Paul said: “look at my eyes, I f***ing hate that girl (Tiffany) so much, if she died right now…”
Bridgette says: “no don’t say that”
Bronte says: “no.”
Paul says: ’cause I hate her. Look guys I’m an @$$hole
Bridgette says: “I would resuscitate her… and then we would shave her eyebrows. I’m just kidding.”
Paul: “and then glue them on her f***ing forehead.
Bridgette: “noo” laughs

Bronte was there and either cannot remember or refuses to help Bridgette recall the context… thus, given Bridgette’s lack of recall cannot resolve the issue with Michelle who either inherited the distortion through the game of telephone story telling with Da’Vonne after Zakiyah relayed the story to her and where Michelle heard about the conversation along with Nicole. Bridgette was misrepresented to have made a serious hate filled remarks about Tiffany when in fact she did not. Although facts aren’t important in the game of Big Brother this is yet another fabricated false justification for singling out a HG for hate and or eviction.

There are 5 people still in the house who were present for the original conversation who could correct the perception that Bridgette was hateful toward Tiffany during that conversation but either are not motivated to or have poor recollection. For all the talk about girl power these girls do nothing to clear the air between them when they have intimate knowledge of the truth behind the lies being used to discredit them. In fact, in the first few days Bronte was hateful toward other girls in the house without anyone distorting the context of her words but did not get tagged or targeted for it while the essentially innocent ones did.