“Bay told me she trusts me now more than a lot of them because I came to her before the vote”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – The HAcker competition has begun..

12:26pm Fes and JC

JC tells him Rockstar is the target. She wanted a pawn that wasn’t close to her but is still a friend. Jc knew the nominations were going to be ROCKSTAR and Scottie. Jc think sFes likes Haleigh a lot.
Fes – no, why do you say that .. I just want to trust her because i’ve been working with her
JC – you do like her a lot
Fes – she’s 21 i’m 26 (maturity you’re 16)
jc – 5 years what the f* .. .it’s obvious
JC – why did you use that veto on her.. tell me show me up..
FEs – because at that point I was good friends with Kailtyn and haleigh and I didn’t want them to sit next to each other on eviction night
JC says at that point he knew KAiltyn was playing with all of them. Says at that point they were over Kailtyn so “that’s not an excuse”
Fes tries to explain..
JC – you are coming up with reasons right now 3 weeks after you used it
JC – just admit it you like her
JC says it’s not beneficial for his game if he’s in a showmance.
Fes says Bayleigh doesn’t think it’s JC that flipped and she knows it’s not him. Fes thinks they can trust bayeligh.
JC – Bayleigh we can lose her at any moment . .
JC says he has a good social game he always tries to save himself and he throws Fes’ name out there too. (to benefit him)

Fes – I hope Hayleigh isn’t working with Brett.. .
JC tells him she’s not.

12:35pm Rocks and Fes

Fes tells her the HAcker comp isn’t a physical thing she has to get her head in the game..
ROcks cries – If Brett wins this thing he takes my vote away he plays in the veto .. I don’t feel positive
FEs – Brett hasn’t won a comp ..
FEs adds Brett’s odds are 1 in 11
RS – neither have I
FEs – you’ve gotten close.. twice.. three times..
ROCKS – it sucks..
Fes says the hacker comp gives them another chance.
ROCKS – Can’t trust Scottie..
RS – her name wasn’t in my mouth the dumb b1tch..
RS – f*ing ridiculous
RS – Spoiled a$$ rich kids keep winning
RS – sorry I’m sensitive
FEs says he’s nervous too he’s thinking he’ll be the replacement nomination
FEs – if something not in our favour happens I get backdoored
ROCKS – win teh veto
Fes – I know but if I don’t get picked to play then I get Backdoored hopefully I get picked

Rocks – there’s no houseguest choice now..
Fes – they said everyone”s name is in the hat
Rocks – I’m not doing very good at this game I’ve been on the block 3 times..
Rocks says she doesn’t like any of the people in this house.
Rocks – Brett keeps winning.. JC is really comfortable all the time.. Angela.. KAycee they are real comfortable.. Brett keeps winning.. Sam is … working with Brett..
Rocks – Scottie and Tyler are working together they are working with BRett.. the apex of my problems is Brett and Brett won’t f*ing leave.. (own it)
Rocks – there’s this hacker thing and the f*ing veto.. Scottie could win that and take himself down.. I’m going to try but I’ve been trying.. I don’t mean to sound so defeated.. i’m just… I don’t know .. How am I supposed to feel.
Rocks – There’s still powers floating around to. Does JC have a power
Fes – that was bullshit he was sleeping and just went along with it. (LOL rocks was certain JC had a power because she asked him once when he was sleeping and he said yes)
Rocks – there’s never any time to process in this game.. I’m still upset with what Happened with the Winston Vote.. I thought Rachel was staying. .
Rocks – I tried to win HOH
Rocks says if she wins the hacker competition she’s

Would you take me off if you won
Fes – we will have to strategize..

12:54pm Scottie and Kaycee
Scottie brings up Rachel telling him that she had a final 2 with Kaycee, “I don’t know if she met too.. which is so f*ing stupid”
KAycee tells him she trusts Scottie way more then the rocks.
Scottie says his name has been in ROCKS mouth like crazy.
Kaycee – that’s crazy .. that is why it’s scary having someone in the house that just talks sh1t about everyone adn whoever is in power they’ll get into their f*ing heads..
Scottie – I can’t be so impressionable anymore .. I would believe what everyone told me..
KAycee – it’s hard sometimes you get lost in this game.. with the emotions..
Kaycee – Angela is definitely Scottie is the pawn..
Kaycee – she’s been wanting ROCKS out since day 1 every since she heard rocks was saying her name
Scottie – OHH hardcore she says alot of names..
Kaycee – I believe it I hear it all the time..
Scottie – yesterday because she doesn’t know where the votes are went to Haleigh and my name was the first one that popped out of her
Scottie – and she came to me and said immediately she thought it was Haleigh (You can’t make this sh1t up)

They try to unravel all the twists and powers in play this week.
Scottie – it’s a shit show
kaycee – keep it interesting (NO)
Kaycee – no sleep
Scottie – till Brooklyn.. it’s a song..

they hug it out..

1:09pm JC and Tyler
JC – Fes told me literally right now that I’m the person he trusts the most in this house he’s going paranoid or whatever
JC – I don’t want him to be that close to Bayleigh
T – he already is
JC says Fes wanted to blow up on Haleigh because Haleigh told Brett she voted for him
JC – I’m like … don’t do that.
JC – Haleigh is as weak as you in this game (to fes)
T – ou said that to him
JC yeah..
JC also told Fes that BAyleigh is in Haleigh’s head.
JC told Fes that haleigh wasn’t 100% with Fes which is stupid for her because he risked his whole game for her.

JC is just trying to steer Fes away from thinking Haleigh is working with BRett..
Tyler says she might try to be working with Brett but Brett isn’t working with her.

Tyler- Bayleigh told me she trusts me now more than a lot of them because I came to her before the vote
JC claims that he controls fes and if Fes wins HOH he’ll be able to put up his targets. Tyler says that is why he doesn’t want Fes to go
T – someone else will get him out..

1:02pm Bay and Brett
They’re talking about not being good around people that are crying.
B – if I was that upset I would want people to leave me teh f* alone
B – same..
Brett – it’s a respect ting for me while other people smother
Bayleigh says Rockstar isn’t like that she always says “I’m a koala I want people around me”
Bay – it’s hard.. I’m not good at that.. that’s how I wasn’t raised. .
Brett – you got to figure it out on your own you can’t be dependent on people
Bay – yup
Brett – like when Someone’s not there how are you going to handle it
Bay – Exactly
Brett – you have to figure it out on your own
Bay – Rockstar like.. literally you are an adult.. you know you are going to have to figure it out
Brett – yeah..
Haleigh joins them
Bay – I’m freaking out about this comp

They talk about the hacker comps. Brett thinks it gives them something to pass the time. Haleigh thinks it’ll just breed paranoia. BAyleigh doesn’t think a alot of people will use it.
Bay – keep noms the same
Haleigh – if you do change it it doesn’t keep you safe all it does..
Brett – stir sh1t up (ewww gross nobody likes that)


1:56pm Feeds still down for HACKER competition
2:42pm the still down yo
3:42pm NO

3:51pm Feeds return..
Fes says the hacker competition was stupid.

BRett, Tyler and Scottie.
They agree the person that won the hacker competition won’t be telling the HOH..

3:56pm Brett says he’s getting tired of staying up so late and waking up early just waiting around
Scottie – you guys were up late last nigh t
Brett – we all were
Scottie – I wasn’t
Brett – it was 2 in the morning .,.. I could not get to sleep
Brett – I was wired I tin I drank coffee..
Scottie says JC came out of his Diary session and ask him where everyone was
Brett – yeah it was late then .. dude..

Kaycee and Tyler thinks Brett won the Hacker comp because he yelled the 4 sqores and 7 years ago signal

4:18pm Angela is running laps upstairs. Brett is up there with her “I think Scottie got it”

4:24pm Angela and BRett
Angela syas ROCKS wears her emotions on her sleeve she didn’t win the hack
Brett thought Tyler had it because he was acting strange.
Brett – I f*ing s*ed I got 1
Angela – I got 2 .. Scottie is a f*ing genius I’ve been saying this all along..
Brett called into the Diary room

Brett – really hope I don’t get put up..

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Give me some fights

I was expecting some screaming fights after last nights eviction and I get nothing. Sam ruined it with her stupid house meeting idea. Sam is worthless.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Sam is playing the role of independent mediator and all things goody 2 shoes. For a floater its a smart move. Trust me I’m a good person above all the drama and I’m not a threat to anyone.


I think Tyler and she are the most manipulative. That’s why they’re my final 2, lol.


You do not see much talk about arguably the best player this season. I can’t believe I’m saying it but that’s JC. He is so well positioned in the house right now he has control of the game. L6(lol) are basically terrible but more entertaining than the other side.
JC can win if Tyler doesn’t figure it out soon. And L6 needs Sam and JC’s vote.

So lets say Bay uses the app then it’s Fez and Hay. Presuming Bay cannot be a renom. I liked Fez’s place in the house. Can he convince Bay not t use the power? Tough question to answer. The other thing is when must Bay use the power? Before or after Veto? If anyone on there side wins and removes 1 Bay takes down 2 we could have a 4-4 vote wih Angela deciding


Bayleigh’s power doesn’t protect from being the replacement. I agree JC seems to be secure even though people are aware he waffles like IHOP.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

While JC is playing a decent game, he isn’t nearly as influential as he thinks he is, to either side. He stirs up alot of crap, which is awesome. He reports back info, which is helpful. Sometimes it’s accurate LOL. But most all of L6 see through his shinannagins and most don’t him seriously. It’s good for staying off the block so far; and he’s infiltrated FAUTE, but the Jolly Green Giant could infiltrate FAUTE and they wouldn’t even see him.


that is not game move. why are people defending sam? she has no game. she sucks. dumb house meeting. then she looks at angela and says i know u wont put me up. like why do u think u r above anyone? she needs to go


sam needs to go


Seriously! And, why is she telling Tyler he’s her #1…she’ll do whatever he says?! He’s the one who put her on the block the first week…AS A ROBOT…and then acts like he saved her by making Kaitlyn flip the vote…good grief! I was seriously hoping that Rockstar won the veto because I would LOVE to see her get the chance to backdoor Tyler…she’s the only that sees what he is doing…hahaha!

Who said that!

True,as much as everyone hates Rockstar,out of that entire loser alliance she is the only one on to Tyler but still doesn’t do anything about it.


I think Rockstar’s alliance underestimates her, so they don’t give serious thought to anything she says. Sometimes when ppl are not strong academically (30 x 60 = 1200), they are better at reading ppl and situations. That’s why she’s able to name Tyler and JC as potential targets


Angie has been onto everyone though. Scottie was an evil mastermind, Angela was her first target, Brett and Winston, Rachel because she was with Angela, Orwell because he’s sneaky and seems to be watching everyone.


OOOOPS! I meant to say that I was seriously hoping that Rockstar won the “HOH”…not veto…duh! hahaha!

Who said that!

Just because everyone likes Sam doesn’t mean she belongs in the game.She doen’t understand it and refuses to play.Gotta go!


Really hoping Fes wins the hacker comp. Tells Angela that he won it, Keeps them the same, builds trust with her


Screw anybody who disliked that comment. I’m speaking facts


Lol…I’m not a Fes fan per say…but I don’t see how your comment is offensive. I didn’t thumbs down ya bro


And I did thumbs up this comment cause it’s awesome ha


Thank you and yes I agree


Well, I’m kinda hoping Bayleigh gets backdoored. She has taken a nosedive for me, 1st she let her HOH go to her head, 2nd she told Rachel about her secret power (so dumb), 3rd she is completely clueless about Tyler and 4th she treats her alliance like complete garbage and they’ve been 100% loyal. A couple of weeks ago I though she had major potential, now she can just go. Sorry not sorry


Couldn’t agree more.

Who said that!

Bay deserves the backdoor.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Agree. Her game play with all the advantages went down the tubes as fast as Rachel.
1- numbers over other side 2- HoH 3- MegaPower 4-loyal minions and she blew it up in less than a week. She could have been in cruise control for 4 weeks. I am done with her due to the stupid game play


I agree, I was excited when scaggy left because I thought, finally, we will get to see Bay play the game not just lay around kissing or having sex with scaggy. Then she won HOH, I thought great, this will be good but then she started with the “queen bay’ crap and demanding that everyone be loyal to her and she is their #1. That along with the threats of violence and insults just made me think, can’t wait for her and her power app to walk out the door. I was hoping for so much better from her, now I see why she got along so well with scaggy they are both arrogant and full of themselves. Their relationship (if there is one) outside of the house will be one of competition of who is better. Everything Bay has said in the last couple of weeks, just put her up in the same annoying as hell category with rocky. The only thing she said that I can agree with is, it’s hard to be around ppl who are constantly crying. I don’t handle it well either, its just really uncomfortable to be around. but I truly do hope they back door her or fessie boy. I dislike rocky the most of all the HGs but she can’t do anything, so get rid of fessie boy and Bay.


Same…and it sucks cause she was the only one on that side that I truly liked. Really turned off by her HOH, but maybe after 3 blindside evictions, she was just drained. I’m still open to liking her again though lol


Here we go again “RS – Spoiled a$$ rich kids keep winning” I wonder what Bayleigh thinks when RS talks like this. Hoping she goes this week!


Thank You! Maybe that’s why Bayleigh has been more bugged with Angie, I’m not using her stupid nickname. …. she thinks bitch this is a game for whoever not the dang poor of which I am.


I was thinking the same thing! After seeing Bayleigh’s house on the episode I’m like ummm rockstar you may want to say that in front of Bayleigh because she may be the most well off of all of them. Hearing Bayleigh speak about all her disadvantages in life doesn’t have as much meaning now.


Rocky constantly, since day one, has made claims about the brothers and then tells her alliance as if what she is saying is in fact truth. The B!tich didn’t even try once to get to know anyone outside of her little group. She just makes assumptions about everyone and calls them all names. None of things she says about others is ever about their game play, it is always personal with her. she can dish it but then she will cry/whine/stomp around/swear when someone says something about her. I love that she thinks Brett is the reason for her problems in the game, she really doesn’t think she is at fault. lol. I don’t think her own alliance would go out on a limb to save her if they were given the chance. I think they all know they are better off keeping the noms the same or fessie-boy/Bay could be the replacement..which I hope they will be. This is going to be an interesting week..LOL


I honestly wanted Rockstar to win HOH, just because of the fact that she’s the only one in there that sees what Tyler is doing and is willing to backdoor him…now that would’ve been EPIC!


Rockstar wouldn’t have the votes to backdoor the poor wounded bird. I’m mean really, so would vote against him?


Can’t stand Rocknasty but she’s a waste to get out this week. I would like to see Bay or Fes go.


Unlike Bay, rockface has showed time and again her warped way of understanding people different from her. All emotional and human to Sam whenever she’s on the block, then back on her high horse when one of her minions are HOH. Can’t stand her

another name

imagine: for the hack comp they each take turns going into the app room.
the person that finishes the bonus life puzzle fastest wins the hack power.
imagine again: a house guest max times out. not naming names.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Fes – she’s 21 i’m 26

Why is Fes always discussing his IQ like its a big deal????

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Thanks, but I think I touched a raw nerve with Fezzy fans…


triple dumb. as soon as anyone zays jc name he goes crazy. hailey brought up jc name last night as possible flipper. right away fes jumps down her throat. jc will be demise of the idiot alliance. i remember when bay said if this comes back to bite me fes ill blame you. bay it will happen. fes is literally one of the biggest fools ive ever seen in bb. that whole alliance is dumb. the only potential was scottie and bay. im done with bay after last night. the way she spoketo Rs. if that was me. that would have went a different direction. im hoping scottie pulls through


Was about to give you a thumbs up for the first time ever…but then you ruined it with hoping rat pulls through


But I still didn’t thumbs down ya :p

JC is Pervy

Don’t care for him since he cheated and wrote on his hand.


Just when I started really feeling bad for Rockstar she made the “rich kid” remark…at least she didn’t throw in “white” this time.


She looked like a very scary muppet in that outfit. And that face! omg, lmao


Best comment ever….well except for “can’t even own it” and “sweet, poor, wounded baby bird”


Booooo Simon….next time you ever start to think that bout rockface…hit me up :p


right, forgot about that, the white entitled rich kid that she loved to throw around..may have mixed the wording up..LOL


Tyler is misting all these people Go tyler!! Tyler does not give a care about L4 he’s riding them to as far as he can go. He’s the only one I see playing the game. Others are floating along and others think they are in control like JC and Baleigh, and Angela but they are not. Other are freaking clusless Fes, Scottie and Haleigh. If the tides turn you better believe Tyler will throw whoever he needs to under the bus. That’s why he builds relationships with everyone. I will be shocked if Tyler doesn’t win this game.

Tom A

I still think he’s genuinely loyal to Kaycee and Sam, mainly Kaycee. Everyone else is expendable to him.


And my boy Brett…maybe cause he sees him as a shield…but still…I’ll take it


It’s no longer a mist, it’s a deluge. Tyler could drown them in the pool and they’d die thinking he was trying to save them.




he has a final too with kc, jc, sam, brett, angela, final 3 with scottie and fes. etc. it can come back to bite him for jury


When this first started, I didn’t think Tyler would do anything or go far in the game. He has surprised me and he has done it all without personal attacks. Sadly though, If Tyler is in F2 he may not win even though as of right now he is playing the game the best, I just find that everyone in there will be very bitter for being played. Just from what I have seen of them all so far, they wont judge the F2 by how well they played it will be about who they like better. I hope its 2 ppl from L6, only because watching the ppl from Bays side of the house having to choose would be really funny to watch, especially if rocky survives this week and makes it to jury.. her face at all the evictions were priceless, so I can only imagine what she would be like if she couldn’t vote for someone from her side and had to pick one that she hates..LOL. Best person for any of them to bring to F2 as it stands right now would be Brett, since that side of the house really seem to hate him and I don’t believe they would vote for him no matter what but as we know things can change in jury but with this bunch, I am not sure it will…LOL

Who said that!

If Tyler gets to the end he’ll deserve the win but for that to happen his side of the house needs to be as dumb as the other side.Kaycee is well positioned as a sleeper who can take over near the end of the game,and JC is well positioned as long as people keep overlooking him.

Come On Man....

This has been the best season in years! It’s been the best feeds in years!
Why, why,,,, why does production throw in a terrible twist to a truly great season,
that ruins something that for once, is not broken?
It’s like Survivor. It was cool when they threw in ONE “hidden immunity idol.”
But then they threw in two or three more, then began throwing them back into play once used.
This stuff totally takes away from the game, making it impossible to truly strategize.
Such a great cast of misfits that are very entertaining, and worth ever penny on the feeds!
– all to be stifled by the twistiest-twisted twist ever known on the planet of Big Brother.
No bueno…


Well said!!!

Who said that!

So true,the powers that be are always throwing garbage at us and calling it entertainment.


So who won??


Agreed…someone is bound to crack…


Especially if that someone is Bayleigh…lol

Who said that!

Scotties name is getting thrown around,but when isn’t it.


I saw that Hayleigh won it and put up Tyler

another name

judging by the number of cam focuses on Haleigh, I’m guessing she won it no matter what she says to the rest of the house.

Trackin the Kraken

I gotta tell ya, this season has been fun ! You have to love how clueless a few of them are

This week should be fun. And i gotta feeling BlockStar is gonna be hangin with Julie Thursday night

Addicted2BB (also named Angela)

4 score and 7 years ago signal?


I was wondering about that also. What did I miss ?


Level 4 code words to meet. Famous Lin from Abe Lincoln speech


Hey Simon & Dawg. I saw something today not sure if both of you guys are aware of. Just passing it along. I saw Swaggy C and a couple of people from MTV’s The Challenge bickering back and forth about last night’s episode. They were voicing their criticism of him and his alliance and he was defending himself. Swaggy C pretty much has let it be known that after his eviction that America wouldn’t see the last of him. I’d assume he’ll be back for another season or with the way CBS is pushing Swaggy and Bayleigh maybe Amazing Race. But after seeing that exchange, he could appear on the Challenge which is not a stretch. Over the past 3 seasons including the current one that’s airing now Victor Arroyo Natalie Negrotti Da’Vonne Rogers Jozea Flores and Paulie Calafione have all been on the Challenge. Also 1 more thing Natalie revealed that she’s pansexual and she’s currently in a relationship with a woman after another contestant (that’s her rival on the show) tried to expose her as being a lesbian on social media.


And seriously…wth did jozea ever do? I legit can’t stand seeing him on the challenge. He’s worthless


we know he can’t swim


That challenge contestant didn’t try, she DID expose her on Instagram before Natalie told her family.


The Challenge Veterans would mop the floor with Swaggy. Queen Bay’s intimidation tactics would not work on that show because the girls would aggressively call her out. She would either lose her temper and be thrown out for fighting or curl up in a ball and cry like Rock Star. The comps are brutal and the players are ruthless. Paulie has been acting like the hotheaded ass he is on the current season. Natalie has been okay on the show.

Trump Is A Great President. Bigly!

Tyler’s Vulcan Mind Meld game maybe as good as Paul Arahamson from last year. They can literally say contradictory things to the same person and these fools will believe what he says in the moment. No one takes the opportunity to square up what he says amongst themselves. no one sees that he is the common theme running thru the controversies. Well done son!

Josh Cooke

Someone better figure tyler out quick. I feel like I’m watching the tyler show. He’s good as hell don’t get me wrong and I probably wouldn’t mind him winning but I do not like how production is trying really hard to get America behind him. Having him on TKO really left a bad taste in my mouth. I definitely think he is production’s pick to win and will try to get him there.


Ya Bayleigh sucks balls tired of defending her after that shitty HOH. L6 is are savages and deserve the win the season. As for Fes hope the dude wins and becomes the first MUSLIM contestant to win a reality tv show just to make you peoples blood boil hahahah


If Fez won, it would be funny. He’d probably be sitting there saying he had no idea what just happened.

Purple people eater

It’s not a MIST, it’s SKUNK SPRAY!


Simon– just found out haleigh won the hacker comp. She saved scottie and tyler got out up in scottie’s place


Haleigh won the Hacker Comp




Simon and Dawg approve each message, if they are attending to the other aspects of their lives comments may take a bit to post.


Hayleigh won the hacker. Took Scottie down..put up Tyler. No one knows it was Hayleigh/
I am team Tyler..but must admit that Hay made a good move.
The question is: Did Tyler use his app?
Can he win veto…(with a comp orchestrated by Grodner for Tyler? (wink)
BB would have done this because they don’t want it to seem that they are favouring Tyler.
No way BB will let their fave go to Jury. If that happened…they would do a jury battleback.
I may be seen as cynical about BB..but ratings, people. Ratings.


I totally believe there will be a jury battle back no matter what. Now we’ll see if Tyler can save himself or if folks will take out a threat=)


Haleigh won it and put up Tyler, took off Scottie ofcourse (idiot)


YES! The Hacker stuck, Tyler is OTB! YES YES AND YES!!!!!!!!!!


A sudden thought. Apparantly a cloud appeared when the hijack app was announced. Was that a clue to Tyler? Did he use it and is now acting quiet and a bit depressed? So that no one knows he had the app?
The only thing I’m not sure about..is that Tyler had to use it BEFORE a comp nomination. Perhaps Tyler was saving it for DE?


Well, he’s OTB now, so that theory won’t work.

BB Fanatic

And Haleigh can take away a vote so Tyler will go to jury if he’s still on the block!


Tyler’s power had to be activated before the nomination/veto replacement time. He get’s to play in the veto although apparently Haleigh can replace a veto player and nullify a vote still.


That’s exactly what I thought, did he have to use it before noms because it seems like the other apps had some sort of stipulation I would assume his does as well.


Hacker took down Scottie and put Tyler up

Crazy T

That totally sucks


I read in a group on Facebook that Haleigh won, taking down Scottie and putting Tyler up 🙁


Scottie is pretty closed mouthed and certainly wouldn’t tell if he was the Hacker. It would be nice to find out that he can use only one of the 3 choices for it, but I guess that’s not true, huh? If he did win, he could take himself down and put up his choice of someone. Then he can change who plays in the veto challenge? Then he can change who is on the block after the veto? That can’t be right. I’ve never heard of any one challenge giving one person so much power.
A lot of people said they would tell if they won and I think some are dumb enough to do just that. JC is another one that might keep it secret but I think he’d eventually tell Fez.
Sooner or later, they will suss out who won it by process of elimination, I hope.
If the power does all that you say it does, no wonder everyone is bitching about it…all but the winner!
We know Tyler can keep a secret..I hope he won it!!!


I’m laying odds here. Hayleigh WILL tell Fessie. Why? Because it’s BB and Hay does NOT want to look like she couldn’t win anything.
Ego can be a good thing. Also not good.
Fessie of course will tell JC. Who will tell Tyler.
Tyler is far thinking though. Let’s say he survives. He will always target a bigger threat. But..he will not forget.
Hay CANNOT keep it to herself. Players should notice how suddenly she’s EVERYWHERE on the LEVEL 6 conversations.
Truth be told though. We are NOT in the house. So we see a lot.
When you’re in the house…you just don’t see the obvious at times/
Shout out to Dawg and Simon.
You relayed the Bay/Rock fight word for word.
I do 3 paragraphs and OK. That’s it.
Another donation coming your way soon…because..the WORK you guys put in.
I’m impressed. REALLY.