Kyle “Dude! They’re imploding! They’re going crazy!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

5:36pm HOH room – Joe and Kyle.
Joe – dude she (Alyssa) is definitely finessing you. Kyle – she’s not dude, she is freaking out. She knows Jasmine is livid at her. You told Jasmine that she is loaded (rich) or something. Ameerah told you that she is loaded. And I guess that pissed Jasmine off! Joe – it did?! Kyle – and so now Jasmine is going around saying all this sh*t and then she cornered me and was like who told you about my business? And I didn’t say whether it was Ameerah or Alyssa and so right away she goes to Alyssa and is like YOU TOLD KYLE!? And then Alyssa kind of snaps and is like yeah I told him this or that and then Jasmine is livid at Alyssa and then Indy is mad at Alyssa too and talking all this sh*t. DUDE they’re imploding!! So I was like what was your perspective week two when Jasmine wins and you’re all in here.. Like were you guys all just chilling helping her out. And she is like I felt like I had to be up here 24/7 because she is so controlling and anytime I would leave I was scared that they would be talking sh*t about me. Dude! They’re imploding! They’re going crazy! Joe – I knew about her (Jasmine’s) nail thing. Ameerah told me. Kyle – Ameerah knew everything! She was piecing everything together. She was like I don’t think Michael does escape rooms. Joe – she doesn’t think I’m a personal trainer. Kyle – really? Joe – yeah she (Ameerah) said I don’t think Joe is a personal trainer. I don’t think Monte is a personal trainer. She was like I don’t think Nicole is just a cook. She was attacking everyone. Kyle – which was fine but that was where her head was at and not in the here and now and look where it got her.. she is on her way home. Joe – she was too paranoid and too aggressive. Kyle – no but dude anytime I am chatting with Alyssa I don’t tell her anything. Joe – I trust you dude. I was just running up here for the toilet. Kyle – I know but just the optics of it. I even told her today don’t tell me anything.. like just stop talking. Like this phase of the game .. like the first phase of the game everyone comes in and builds their relationships, shares all their secrets and then now we’re in the phase where sh*t is getting out and hitting the fan. I told her I am keeping my mouth shut and just listening to everything. Like don’t tell me anything. Joe – yeah like you didn’t tell me about the nail thing… it was Ameerah. Kyle – I thought I told some people. I didn’t care. I don’t give a sh*t!

Joe – Alyssa plays like you and me. Dumb and sweet. I think there is so much more to her than she eludes. Kyle – she tells me stories about her outside life like when I get mad my friends are scared of me. Joe – she is so much more than what she perceives. Kyle – she is. Joe – she is very similar to me and you. Playing underestimated.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Kyle – she is freaking out a little bit. Joe – she is going to continue to freak out. Kyle – that is why I wanted her gone this week. At least we know who Nicole is and that she can’t control her emotions. She is not a social player. Joe – people are going to start grasping for straws. As the ship sinks they’re going to start drowning people with them. Kyle – do you think Alyssa next week? Joe – Dude, it depends on who is HOH. She could be HOH next week. Kyle – I was just having a conversation with her (Alyssa) and I guarantee she knows the Ameerah vote was planned. And I guarantee she knows I leaked something to Jas. Joe – you have to start pulling back because she is now changing from wanting to work with you to now more of an investigative. Kyle – yeah but my game is don’t say anything, just listen. Ameerah knew everything so we can just keeping blaming stuff on her. Just keep telling me what I need to do because I don’t have a good perspective of how I’m being perceived.

6:35pm Backyard pool fun..

6:42pm – 6:50pm Kitchen – Nicole and Daniel.
Nicole – Terrance suggests don’t use the f**king veto. Daniel – he said that? Nicole – yeah, he said that. Terrance – here is my take on it Bro. My take is going to get me sent home but.. Daniel – hey, you survived this one! Terrance – f**k it.. I would hijack it! I just would! There’s a lot of uncomfortableness that just ain’t right. If we had a plan and this was supposed to be a plan what is all the talking about BRO!? You know what I’m saying!? I am just confused what all the talking is about. And why everybody meeting in different rooms? And having so much discussion. So to me somebody is lying about something that’s going to happen and there is going to be no f**king different than Ameerah. Its the re-run! Daniel – yup! I agree. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t even a thought. Terrance – and don’t nobody need to talk to me because my vote don’t matter. Daniel – because they got it. Nicole – because they have it. Terrance – no, even if I vote either way .. it won’t matter. It was a 7-4 vote for Ameerah. So whoever didn’t have to know .. didn’t f**King have to know. Nicole – everybody has lied to my f**king face. The only person I haven’t spoken to is Brittany because I don’t need to .. I already know. Terrance – Mike walking around here like he got a bigger d**K than I have! (LOL) Daniel – he’s been in the HOH room more than I’ve ever seen him. Terrance – I mean chilling! Daniel – Listen for this to work .. what I am conjuring up.. we need Jasmine. You’ve got to keep her in your good graces. Nicole – she lied straight to me face. Daniel – yeah everyone lied to my face. My bestie lied to my face. Nicole – Kyle won’t even talk to me. Daniel – the only way this works .. Kyle also has to say not to use it. Terrance – his showmance is on the block. Daniel – please believe me .. I’m conjuring up something. If we both say not, nothing changes. If one says no, and one says yes… that makes me look bad. I have to make sure he will not use it. I’ll tell you later how I’m about to make that happen. If those guys take over the house.. none of us are going to final 2 or 3.. because any of us sitting next to them we will win.

7:03pm Hammock – Terrance and Taylor
Terrance – If everybody felt how they felt about the Ameerah situation, they could still feel the same about the Nicole situation. Taylor – Mmmmhmm. Terrance – And that’s what I want. And then after that I know we can never claim sh*t but you HAVE to win HOH. You have to win! Taylor – oh my god! Have to! Terrance – you have to! Its like critical! Like for real.. we got a chess board that’s running out of moves. I like talking to you because it throws them off too. I like that! I want everyone to stay off balance. I want you to keep guessing about me motherf**kers. Taylor – everybody that talks to me about the weather, type of chips I’m eating, about the colour of my underwear… They get pulled into a corner and questioned .. what the f**k were you talking to her about!? Are you in an alliance? Are you working together? Terrance – oh so I’m about to get questioned!? Taylor – MMmhhhmmmm!

7:20pm Bathroom – Kyle and Alyssa.
Kyle – you can’t come in here. Alyssa – why? Kyle – literally everyone out there is like oh there they go again.. Alyssa – but I’m so bored! Kyle – I’m bored too! Alyssa – I wish we could shower upstairs. Kyle – Monte did give us the green light but are we about to risk it all right now? Alyssa – I guess not .. I could go back outside. Kyle – why can’t we be in jury right now… and just be like screw it! I’m not winning anyways. Send my a$$ home! Alyssa – I guess. Kyle – no we need to be good. We would regret it if we do something and we go home because of it. Alyssa – you think someone would send us home because of that? Kyle – I don’t know. I’m going to get in here (Shower) ..don’t look at me because I have a bit of a situation from being out in the pool with you. Alyssa – Now I don’t know what to do with myself. Kyle – no you can’t take a shower with me right now are you kidding me?! Alyssa – okay but its all I think about. Kyle – Jury, jury house. Alyssa – are you saying once we get to jury in the house or once we go to the jury house? Kyle – go to the jury house. Alyssa – no! Kyle – this is a situation right now .. and we haven’t even touched each other. It is taking every once of myself control right now. You don’t even know!! Alyssa – okay whatever. Alyssa leaves the bathroom. Kyle to himself – be strong, be strong.

7:36pm Bedroom – Kyle and Daniel.

Kyle – dude we’re safe this week! Daniel – dude! Kyle – its like the first time I’ve been able to breathe. Daniel – dude I am so happy. Joseph and Monte were kind of upset. Did you pick up on that? Kyle – you think? Daniel – I don’t know .. but they sucked a$$. Kyle – do you think they were mad? Do you think they would backdoor us dude? Daniel – we got to talk a little more dude. Kyle – there is no way. Daniel – I was worried and then after today I was like is there something else up. He was like it was either you and Kyle or those two girls (Alyssa & Indy for initial noms). He just felt so okay to put us up. Pay attention to them.. like Taylor is in with them dude! I don’t think she is going anywhere. Kyle – she went up there like right after. Daniel – just look out for it. Kyle – thank goodness we won if we were the backdoor.

8pm HOH room. Monte and Michael.
Monte – what’s happening? Michael – alright two things.. Jasmine cornered me pulling me into her office which was the car room. So she was asking me about PO’s Pack and I did tell her some stuff about it. Monte – yeah, that’s fine. Michael – she was like I already know names and stuff. I was like is it a bluff to get me to say the names or are you trying to catch me in a lie. And then Nicole came up to me when I was napping on the couch and she was talking to me. I think she’s come to the conclusion she doesn’t want to go up on her own. She was nervous and talking about with Ameerah going that scares me bla bla bla. She was like I don’t think Daniel would use the veto if he thought I was in danger but I don’t know what Kyle would do. And I was like talk to Daniel and Kyle and maybe they wouldn’t do it. I don’t know if she wasn’t thinking about it but she was now like I have to go up to get Taylor out. Monte – its just building her case for her to actually go. People will get very paranoid why she doesn’t want to go up to get Taylor out. This what happens when people suspect they’re going on the block.. they get paranoid. If she does come to me then I can go to Alyssa and Indy and say that Nicole is backing out of the deal to go up on the block to get Taylor out.

8:30pm – 8:45pm HOH room. Joe and Monte.
Monte – after we get a unanimous vote for Nicole out of here this week. Joe – its looking like it. Monte – and if Daniel is the only vote for sympathy. Joe – and I don’t even think he will .. right before I’m going to drop a bomb .. just so that when he is hugging her he isn’t waiting for her to walk out. And two if for some reason he does grab an HOH again .. he will appreciate me or whoever came up and gave him .. but right now he thinks he has me wrapped around his fingers. I am thinking I will be like YO Monte knows we’re tight and Monte gave me this.. I really think Nicole is out. I am just trying to let you know. I didn’t know it was coming. Monte – yeah 100%. And I really do hope that Nicole comes and finds me and tells me she doesn’t want to go up on the block. Joe – yeah and you have to double down and be like Nicole I don’t know where you’re getting these concerns but I’ve got to go for Taylor. And if she says anything .. be like okay who do you recommend I kick out otherwise. And once she says a name.. There is no shot Kyle is leaving Indy and Alyssa up there. And she might say a name or she might say Indy or something like that. And then we bring that back to Indy. Monte – yup! And Indy and Alyssa have already dropped seeds that they don’t trust Nicole. And if that is true, then this is even more ammunition.

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Wait, did Production just say “No napping”? Lol. I will blame Jesse for Production adding that to their “reprimand” announcements 🙂


Oh geez! Taylor just blew it telling Terrence way too much info about her safety. He went out to the hammock expressly to garner info for Nic.

The Beef

IF he’s gathering intel for Nic, he’s dumber than I thought, reinforcing the fact he’s playing the “Couch 2.0” game. He should recognize he was saved by TOS of the house, not Nic, Daniel, Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy (although EE did give him a vote, purely out of sympathy). He should also recognize TOS has the numbers, so why “align” himself with the losing side when to do so could paint a target on his back? Pretty sure he’s aware of the plan to take down Alyssa and Indy, and put up Nic and Taylor, with Nic as the sure fire target of ALL of the people who just voted to save him!

I think Terrance is telling Nicole what she wants to hear to try and stay in her good graces until the votes are read on Thursday night, and that’s about it. We’ll see if he runs back to her and gives her any real information about this plan to backdoor her ass – but if she had any real sense of what was going on in the game, she wouldn’t have any trouble figuring it out for herself. Like Ameerah, she’s too damn cocky for her own good, thinks she’s playing a way better game than she actually is, and is about to find out that’s not the case, unless the rules specify BOTH Veto players must agree to use the Veto, or it can’t be used, which I don’t think is the situation here.


I can’t stand J’ass”. Her voice, lip chewing, ailment milking, sleeping and laugh.

L.L. Bean Dip

I’m just shocked they let Alyssa on the show after that whole college admission scandal her Mom was involved in.

Let’s Play Fair

Spill the dirt please….I can’t find anything online!

un autre nom

Terrence at this point…
can i be honest?
I haven’t really paid attention to Terrance. He bores me.
So Terrance is either:

  1. Gathering info for Nic and Dan
  2. Gathering infor and sharing with Taylor
  3. Gathering infor from all three to share with Monte
  4. all of the above
  5. none of the above.

I really don’t know at this point because he’s a choose your own adventure houseguest.
He isn’t in on ANY of the plans so he’s making up his own storyline in his head.


It’s a fair question. He blows smoke up so many people’s a$$es & just shifts the narrative depending on who it is.

He was telling Monte stuff but I think he’s sort of frustrated b/c he hasn’t been given much time this week or included as part of the strategy process. His one-on-one lasted seconds (b/c Monte was called to the DR) & as he noted to Taylor he’s being shadowed by the Vile Twins.

The problem is Terrance is suffering from the Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome but doesn’t know it. He started the game closer to the guys but then went OTB. The Vile Twins pulled him in closer in week 2 when they were have-nots & shared information with him so he felt like he was part of something & believed them when they made their F3. So, he began downloading intel from the Alpha males back to Cruel Chef but it got back to Monte b/c of course she told Ameerah.

Then during Jasmine’s HOH, they created Old Skool. But, last week he lands on the block & they not only chose to keep Ameerah proving the F3 was bogus but made it worse by how they handled it. CC insisted on being the one to tell him he was leaving (for her TV segment) then they were visibly shaken by the blindside & didn’t celebrate him staying – it was a delayed – ‘sure I’m happy you’re still here’ but only after hours of ‘why didn’t they tell ME‘, ‘why wasn’t I in the loop’ etc, etc.

B/c he’s not part of the Leftovers Monte isn’t telling him the whole truth just giving him little tidbits to keep up the facade in case he’s still playing both sides. Although he began the week playing Monte’s mole.

I do buy he’s invested in Taylor b/c she was the one who went to him after he went OTB & told him not to panic that everything would work out. There was a reason he felt he had Tay/Britt/Michael’s vote immediately BUT again his mouth got him in trouble b/c he SAID he had them & it came back to them. Also, when Turner told him he was staying & to not listen to CC he also told him you know when Taylor had her one-on-one she only asked to save one person — YOU!

I think Turner did that to sort of subtly suggest to him he was aligned with the wrong people (& I’m sure he’d heard some of the disgusting things Terrance said about Taylor) – & to let him know who really had his back!

So, the first person he tells anything to after EE said he was going to get Kyle not to use the POV is Taylor but that’s b/c he still believes Monte wants her out.

Monte is hell-bent on getting a unanimous vote this week & we’ll see whether the She Narcissist will allow the He Narcissist to throw her a sympathy vote.

I doubt Terrance is going to change his style of play much – he’ll keep shifting where the wind blows to determine whose a$$ to kiss and won’t ever put his neck on the line (even for Taylor).

That said, I do think he’ll become a pivotal vote say at F10 especially if it’s a double to start jury with F11/F10 evictees. In that scenario, I can envision if one of the trio wins HOH (Britt/Tay/Michael) they’ll take the 1st shot likely at Monte or possibly Joe (who is becoming an issue) via a back door. If Joe keeps being extra & pushing his agenda – they might not even have to be sly about it b/c as much as I’ve enjoyed the Joe-25 version he really needs to reel it back a bit. What started out as highly successful baiting & creating chaos is now being viewed as over-the-top & less believable.

If the double is at F10 they only need four votes so if one of the trio wins HOH it’s not hard to imagine it being Terrance and Jas. Nor, it is out of the question Kyle could also be on that tangent although he might prefer Joe rather than Monte.

Side Note: I’ve said all along I believe Michael is Kyle’s true F2 & the other day when he was alone with Monte in the HOH he re-affirmed that instinct b/c Kyle said you/Michael are my Day 1’s. Immediately, I thought – since Mike isn’t in the room the fact Kyle said both their names is very telling. And, Michael/Kyle discussed getting Monte out well before the end so they might have four votes already & are just awaiting the right opportunity.

The Beef

Wait – so both you guys are saying Terrance has no clue about the plan to backdoor and evict Nicole this week? Nobody in the Leftovers (meaning mostly Monte and/or Taylor) have even suggested to him there might be a plan in place, other than the 2 currently OTB?

I still think Terrance is dumb if he’s actually trying to “work” with Nicole and Daniel, knowing who saved him last week, knowing the numbers, and knowing who’s in power this week. I don’t blame him if he’s just trying to keep up a ruse of working with them, as that’s just game, but he’s nuts if he shares actual real game information with them, IMHO. Could end up getting him sent out the door sooner rather than later.

un autre nom

Go back and look at the feed of “Kyle hitting Jasmine’s ankle”
She starts moving her foot and making reaction face BEFORE his leg sweeps past.
Milking. That’ll be another 2 weeks nobody can touch her.
But then again, the only way she hot her HOH was time was running out on part one for the live episode and she touched the ground.

un autre nom

I definitely think she started reacting and moving away before the leg sweep. Her facial expression was definitely changing in that oh damn move, and her knee was starting to rise. Am I overanalyzing?

un autre nom

well i keep saying to myself if it’s so sensitive still, why has she stopped wrapping or wearing her boot. Plus… i don’t trust a thing about her.

Wait. . .what???

So, now Daniel is thinking that he won’t use the veto? Interesting. As much as I would like to see Nicole evicted this week, I think it would be better for the Leftovers if Alyssa went home and Indy joined Michael and Britt as their Bestie.

The Beef

Apparently, according to the rules, Daniel doesn’t have to use it. Only ONE of the two winning besties has to decide to use it for it to be in play, so if Kyle decides to use it after Daniel says no, it can still be used to take down Alyssa and Indy. It’s just a matter of if Kyle can put up with being sexually harassed by Alyssa for another week or two at this point, and how bad the Leftovers want to get Nicole out. 😉