Big Brother Canada Spoilers After the HOH – Talla: “When I’m 28 I’m going to look like I’m 28”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary


11:20pm Talla and Jillian Backyard

Talla asks Jillian if Gary would take Gary over her. Jillian doesn’t think so. Talla is a bit PO about Andrews speech during the eviction tonight. Talla says that Andrew was insecure about his age. Talla: “And we don’t get that we won’t get that way.. When I’m 28 i’m going to tell people I’m 28 and i’m going to look like i’m 28”

Gary joins them and Talla starts going off about how she broke the curse. She’s been on the block 3 times and has come in second in 3 HOH’s Talla: “I broke the curse I’m the queen”

Jillian now saying she never trusted Alec all along. Talla agrees says what Alec was doing was easy to see. Jillian thinks some people in the house played the game too much they did too talking and Game play. Gary adds that some people didn’t “Chill.. Nobody got to know each other and that’s what it’s all about”

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Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 1127pm (1)


11:35pm Gary leaves Talla keeps reiterating “We’re good.. We’re in a good spot”
Talla tells her she’s “infatuated with a voice”. (In the Diary Room) Big Brother Tells them to stop talking about production.

Talla shaking her booty


11:46pm Bathroom Jillian and Emmett Jillian says she wants to win the POV “SO BAD” so she can keep Emmett safe. Emmett: ‘You better slow down with these wins”
Jillian tells him they have to decide who will benefit them most to bring to final 3. Emmett: “We’ll have to wait until after POV”


12:00AM Tall and Emmett passing the football
Emmett tells Talla when she gets more confident she’ll catch more balls, “Be aggressive” Talla: “Be aggressive”

12:25AM Feeds cut Why? Why not bro
12:30AM Feeds back Gary and Jillian are complain how boring it is. They both wish they still had the chess board.

12:37AM Living Room everyone but Talla Gary

Jillian: “Does vogueing turn you on would you be attracted to someone if they were a good voguer”
Gary: “Depends if it’s s$xual”
Jillian: “you can vogue s$xually”
Gary is vogueing all over the house
Talla jumps out of the Diary room starts screaming “LET VOGUE LET”S VOGUE”

Jillian: “No alcohol tonight.. we’ve had it three nights and we were BAD BAD BAD”
Gary: “We weren’t bad”
Jillian booty shake

Gary vogueing on the floor

1:15am hot tub
Emmett jokes that he feels like he’s in the house with 3 chicks
Gary: “I’m not a chick i’m a lady boy”
Emmett: “I mean you talk about girl stuff”
Gary: “You want us to talk about pu$$ and motor bikes”
Emmett: “No”
gary: “Just 6 more days Emmett”


1:21AM Wave Pool
Gary: “My burps smell”
Talla: “My farts smell”

Gary: “Make a wave pool.. make-a make-a wave pool.. make a wave pool… make-a make-a wave pool”


1:44AM Milkmance Emmett says he’s been watchingt Talla she’s really been trying in the comps.

2:30pm Feeds down.. WTF
2:44pm Feeds come back everyone sleeping

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I pray to gawd talla or gary win pov. Would love to see bitch jill’s face when Emmett goes on da block and goes home under her HOH.


Dan was completely accurate. Right now Jill is just playing for second place, and she seems OKAY with that. So go ahead, Jillian! Win that POV and keep Emmett safe this week! It’s not like we have much left to interest us in this season anyway, with you two smooching up a city in that HOH room… so go ahead. Keep doing the same exact thing you’ve been doing for the past 5 weeks.

Win the money, whatever–I don’t care anymore. I’m frankly looking forward to who gets Canada’s favorite player than I am with who wins the whole dang competition at this point.


If Jillian was smart, she would have voted to keep Andrew (therefore, keep the trust) and let Emmett evict Andrew so Emmett can FINALLY get some blood on his hands.


The only thing that matters is POV. That is the true power this week.

Simon / Dawg – any chance you guys will be able to get any inside scoop once the live feeds go down?


Why am i not surprised that jillian won now all jemmette has to do is win the pov and they make to the final 3 and have all the power. I am guessing she will put talla and gary up .


HaHa Emmett saying to Jillian slow down on the wins. Looks like Emmett is finally getting a little worried. He should be worried. Emmett should really have had the b*lls to get rid of Jillian. He knows now he is in a bad spot.( not as good as if Gary had won ) I think Emmett made a mistake telling her to get really close with Talla.Emmett thinks he has Talla close to him but the sad fact is with a floater you never know which side in the end they are on. ‘Cause with Dan coming in to the house and telling Jillian why are you playing for 2nd and then Arisa asking her about Dan tonight I think Jillian is finally starting to think who will she have the best chance to win against.


I hear what you are saying BUT Jill has ONLY guaranteed her spot in F3;

POV has more power than HOH as they CHOOSE who joins Jill/winner in F3. Talla or Gary could pull out a win & Emmett will work Jill now to be so scared Talla can win endurance so the couple will work with Gary to get there.

Skipping ahead IF Talla leaves….

Jill MAY win part 1 endurance BUT it’s not a given even if Talla leaves b/c if either guy wins it the other would likely win part 2 of the comp & Jill would be sitting waiting to see who wins part 3 and IF they would take her.

Production could actually get what they want Emmett winning for best game & Gary getting 2nd. Especially if Emmett gets nervous & guarantees Gary he’ll take him on the condition the opposite is also true. To cement that prior to Part 3 all Gary has to say to Emmett is look if you win & go back on your word I’ll make sure Andrew, Topaz, Talla, A.J. & myself vote for Jill. It could actually work.

I’d actually be ok with the above scenario since I think Jill on the block is going to be brutal with her in tears while the jury attacks her for lying. It might serve her best to finish 3rd to avoid the embarrassment of her family/friends having to see that on National TV.


Gary/talla could have knocked jillian down and win the hoh but they didn’t they allowed jillian to win and the pov the odds of jemmette winning went up because now emmitte can play. I highly doubt it will be like the last one more then likely endurance of some kind my money is on emmitte. He will be more determined then ever but if not he has both gary and talla wanting to take him to F3 at least but i still think the power will land in jemmettes lap.


Emmits going to get DQ’d again for cheating. Gary wins POV!

Talla….. Busy


What do third and fourth place win?


They don’t even win a bus ticket home…


I still want Dawg to win – given the last four choices. No offense. I wanted Andrew first; you were always my #2.


I’m glad there are still a few that haven’t given up hope on me winning one of these polls 😉


Watch Talla/Gary win PoV, and be persuaded to keep Emmett…
I wouldn’t be surprised- there have been a lot of bad moves this season.


One thing that does annoy me with BBCAN is that they haven’t been consistent with the goodbye messages to the out going house guest. The goodbye messages are so fun to watch most of the time.


everyone vote DAWG for Canada’s favorite player


Thanks .. it’s gonna be tough to beat the milkman




I knew they’d somehow manage to “sneak in a shower” for Gary before his POV punishment time was up, with this HOH comp involving multiple water dunks! On the other hand, Gary was probably so happy to sneak in a “catbath”, that he probably chose to answer all 6 of the last questions wrong, just for the repeated chances to get back into the ice water, and rinse the past 5 days away! (As if the MIlkmance needed any more help……)


would gary even send emmet home tho, i know talla will but will gary, i dont like jillian but i gotta give it up to her tho


I like how Jemmett are already talk about POV like they’ve won.

Gary and Talla better frickin get it together and win. Force Emmett on the block and HOME!


They don’t think they have won but are optimistic that they will and then they can decide who will go to final 3 the odds are in there favour. The pov will be an endurance so talla won’t win which leaves gary vs jemmette. If they did lose both talla and gary want to keep him at least till F3 but i am betting emmette wins the pov.


The POV won’t be endurance. My best guess is face morph! Gary has a shot but I like Jillian’s chances.

Talla…. Busy


that would be awesome if gary/talla win POV and send emmett home awhh that would be the highlight of bbcan !!
can it come true please!!


Have 25% of people taken leave of their senses? Voting for “someone else”. I demand a recount.


I am cranky as chips right now, and if LALA the moron was sitting here in front of me, I would punch her in the throat.

I really really hate her with a passion, what a effen waste of air, her family iS even too stupid to be ashamed of that sloppy drunk egomaniac.

I wish typing this made me feel better , but I have seen a more person in my life.

Ty for listening.




More vile person,,,, is what I meant


Thank you for saying it in a more elegant way than I ever could have imagined possible. I tend to ‘go off’ when I want to write about how much I despise her. Thankfully, you and I are on the same wave length and I can breathe easier just knowing I’m not alone. She truly is just unwatchable at this point and the constant screaming is another charming thing too eh?


I don’t really despise her, but she is one stupid annoying person.
He mom is cute though.
Gary’s mom is also awesome.


Maybe Jillian will get something really exciting for her HoH… like Backgammon o-o


Talla – too much makeup on the live shows! She is so nice looking on the feeds.


Talla you don’t look 28, you look more like 48. Have you seen that face with 3 layers of makeup and to top it off, she does not even know how to put on makeup. Today she looked like a clown with 3 layers of foundation and with red lipstick and red cheeks and her HUGE nose doesn’t help either. Talla is a 2/10 in my books. If they were gonna cast a bimbo, I wish they had picked someone more attractive.

Talla lovers bring on the hate because truth is bitter!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did anybody notice that Arisa kept deflecting any comments made about Gary being brought back and man she does not know how to remain unbiased. She called Gary “girl” FFS. Also not only did Gary sleep many times during his punishment, but he only wore the prison outfit for 4 days. Way to go BBCAN!!


Check out you tube, they have a montage of the sloppy drunk, it’s quite sad, would love to party with her NOTTTTTTTT

The Watcher

Get farmer boy out!

Let the 3 gurlZ fight for the big prize.

Please Big Brother Canada do something about it like you have been doing all season long.

Disqualify Emfarm for drinking too much milk, make his buzzer on the POV comp not work, have the POV comp be about who weight the less and who has the shorter haircut,disqualify him for just being there, have Dan come back for the POV and let him play for it – win and let him give it to Glitter. have Jillian open Pandora’s Box and give her a letter saying she evicted herself or Emfarm…. (eurgh she will probably chose to go home…so nevermind that idea )

I dont know but please come up with something crazy like always 🙂


Sorry lol, but I will alright by morning, tally will not


My thoughts on the remaining players:

Talla: best person to take to the F2 because she is a floater and won zero comps (p.s. whats up with her makeup)

Jillian: Second best player to take to the F2 because most of the jury member hate her. I love how she dominates in comps but I do not like the fact she played a game where her word does not mean anything except for Emmett. Also, she is totally manipulated by Emmett (Dan pointed this out where he says that she is playing for second). If she takes Emmett to the F2 she will lose. Her social game really relied on Emmett and the only other person she was close to was Andrew. Her social game sucked.

Gary: Given the second chance really hinders him for the F2 but I think most of the jury members love him so coming back to the house would not be too big of a deal. Playing a smart game since he came back and I love how he is feeding Emmett BS. Entertaining player for sure but some of his clothes need to go back in the closet and stay there.

Emmett: Played the best game in this season of BBCAN. He played a really good social and comp game. He will win for sure if he makes it to the F2. No doubt about it. I think Dan cleared some of the mist that Emmett cast on the house, which might hurt him in the end.

Let see who wins the Veto.



Will you be posting Andrew’s goodbye messages?

Thanks & keep up the fantastic work!

(I’d be lost without you guys…lol)


They probably have intended to but Arisa is so dumb she forgets to show them on air…


They didn’t show Peter’s messages, either! Of all the strange things BB CAN has done, the lack of goodbye messages has bothered me the most.


Some of the comments about Talla are getting pretty mean spirited. She’s not your favorite houseguest, oh well. She isn’t very bright, that was established long ago. Enough with the malicious jabs though. This is just tv and its a game. Some of you are getting way too worked up.


The HG have a nerve complaining they are bored. What about the poor audience. The suckface jemmett twist show wasn’t what I was expecting. No need to cut the feeds. Busy Busy Busy


Okay!!! Enough! URRRGH. Jill eating the pith of an orange…it’s like a conveyor belt.
(After Dark, post HOH comp)


I know that E/J are both great at comps. But, as outgoing HOH, only one of the two has been able to play in the last four of them. Still, somehow, the half of the Milkmance that *was* able to compete has managed to win all four of them. Five HOH’s in a row? Seems to me that E/J have become both “twist-proof” and “mist-proof. There can be no doubt now: E/J are the most powerful show-mance HOH comp duo in BB history – the numbers are clear on it!

For the record, I think Emmett didn’t want Jillian to win the HOH this week. All this week, he kept saying to her, “The POV is what really counts this week.” And It is very important. But, despite his words, Jillian realized that it was in her *own* best interests to win HOH, and secure her own safety this week. After her win, Emmett quickly piped up with the “You gotta slow down, Jill!” comment. No, she doesn’t, Emmett! Why? Because you think it hurts your jury case against Jillian, if you’re tied with a girl for most BBCA comp wins? Too bad! It wasn’t in Jillian’s best interests to not win HOH. It was in yours, Emmett’s, and Jillian knows it!

Unlike anyone else in the house, Jillian knows when to ignore Emmett’s words. She is very smart at making the subtle distinction, between knowing when to be loyal, and go along with Emmett (about 75% of the time), and when to “do her own thing, for her own game” (about 25% of the time), without seriously jeopardizing her and Emmett. Jillian knows exactly how much she can “get away with”, without pis*ing Emmett off too much. That is very hard to do, and she’s doing it wonderfully! She knows Emmett *very* well. Yes, she loves him, but she knows that he isn’t always talking with *her* best BB interests in mind.

To me, and I understand this, people develop their favorites based on who they enjoy watching on TV the most, and/or who they themselves feel they can best identify with. And a favorite HG can *never* be considered a boring watch! That one word is the complete and total kiss of BB death! I root for no one, but I always keep a close eye on overall gameplay skills, no matter how boring I think the HG is – that’s just me. I’m totally weird.

I do think that Emmett will protect Jillian as best he can, and vice versa, but I don’t think Emmett would’ve been totally heartbroken if Jillian got evicted this week, if he couldn’t save her. I think Jillian knows this. Give her credit. Again, she’s done a masterful job of staying loyal to her Milkmance, while still showing a savvy, independent streak, when it comes to certain BBCA gameplay events. Jillian hasn’t been on the block, even *once* this season. That’s not easy. Who’s she “playing the fool” for? Nobody. She does know she has a lot of blood on her hands. Winning over the jury will be very tough for her. Knowing this, I believe the *one* compromise she has made in her game is there is one person she would be fine coming in 2nd place to: Emmett. That’s Jillian’s personal choice. She clearly loves the guy. But, to me, she’s never been Emmett’s “lap dog.” No even close. They are a solid team. And both of them have gotten consistent benefits, personal and game, from remaining in their show-mance.

People forget. In the first few weeks of the game, Jillian made some shocking eviction votes. She voted with Liza, not Emmett. It didn’t matter then, due to so many HGs voting back then. That fact kinda got lost. But JIllian has shown an “independent streak” fairly regularly, all season. And she still is. I know she whines, she picks at her food, and she gets very emotional at times. For those things, unlike many other OBBers, I am able to give her a pass, because that stuff doesn’t hurt her gameplay. I think Jillian has played a fabulous overall game. She’s masterfully chosen when to confront and make demands of Emmett – mostly when she’s HOH, or when neither one is. And both E/J know that, when it comes to noms and votes, that they can always 100% count on the other. That’s why they’ve been so successful together in the game for all these weeks now.

When E/J disagree on something, they don’t fight over it. They talk about it. Sometimes they work it out. Sometimes they don’t. And when they “agree to disagree”, they always remain respectful to the other. Both Emmett and Jillian know they’d beat Talla in the final. So they keep her, as a “Plan B.” I just wanted to again disagree with those who keep saying Jillian is nothing but an Emmett puppet. After themselves, their primary loyalty is clearly to each other. But whoever is HOH has been able to remove the HG of *their* choice, with the full backing of the other, every single time. That is key. Otherwise, they would’ve “fractured” by now in the house. Two weeks ago, HOH JIllian wanted Peter out. Emmett didn’t, but he voted for who JIllian wanted gone. Last week, HOH Emmett wanted Andrew out. Jillian didn’t, but she voted for who Emmett wanted gone. To me, they already have the #1 trait that happily married couples need most – the ability to discuss issues rationally, without personally attacking, and to successfully compromise. For that reason, I do hope Emmett continues his relationship with Jillian after BB. Neither one is perfect. But I believe them to be a very good fit together, with much potential.

Thanks for reading. Hadn’t done a long one in a while. You guys are the best, Simon/Dawg, and my fellow OBBers!!!!!!


It seems most people want Jillian out, I want Emmett out. Seriously he’s gotten cocky, they need to knock him down some pegs and surprise him by sending him out the door, best if Talla does it with a POV win this week. Jillian has gotten blood on her hands but dam this isnt “lets play clean and fair big brother” this is big brother. Right now the jury has the worst thing possible that being bitterness. We all should know the Daniele Reyes situation, she played great and lost to bitter evicted house guests(cant say jury since back then…) Also what is with this “jury members pissed at gary siince he’s back in the house” Emmett is the one I see saying it, like what? Anyways I’m probably one of the few who’d rather see Jillian, Gary and Talla as Final 3, Talla making it further than Emmett would be sweet. Another thing why do they think Talla could beat Jillian in Endurance, she was out before Jillian during the iceberg HoH, and even if she actually did that on purpose i doubt she wouldve out lasted Jillian. Ahhh I vented, crappy night so i vented about something


I think that jemmette has played the best game and deserve to win and i am leaning to emmette he has the best shot. The only way i see talla winning the pov is if emmette, jillian or gary are dq and to be honest she doesn’t deserve to win. I don’t see how he is cocky he is well liked in the house and in the jury. I don’t see how he is cocky jemmette have had a flawless game and are coming to the end everyone wants to win but talka is the only one being carried to the end. Emmettes comments are reasonable gary got a second chance so there will be bitter jurior’s like andrew topez is probably the only one who isn’t. Talla winning is a joke. I really hope jillian r emmette win but the jury will definetly be bitter against jillian. I don’t see talla winning pov and beating jemmette, gary i am giving him 40 percent chace gary hasn’t beaten emmette yet he won 1 hoh but both jill and emmette were dq and the pov he won emmette throw so will be interesting between jill and emmette my money is on emmette jill has won 0 pov’s and emmette has won almost all he has played in it will depend on the game but it definetly be indurance.


There is 4 people left yet only 1 week til Finale usually on BBUS the F3 have 1 week to finals. So I am thinking that this is probably going to be double eviction. Whoever wins the POV is safe including Jillian who is current HoH. I think I heard on the live show that they said whoever won HoH tonight was automatically in the finals. I also thought I heard them say on the promos before the show that it was the final HoH competition of the season. I could be wrong but i don’t think so. Did anyone else hear that or no? I am probably wrong .
Anyway you look at it though POV is the biggest comp. left.
I would love it if Jillian put Talla and Emmett up and having Gary win the POV and decide not to use it. He could say in his speech ” Sorry Talla I am not using the POV —— BUSY ” LMFAO


BBailas, they announced that next Wednesday, 5/1, is gonna be a special eviction night, to get BBCA from 4 to 3 HGs. I had speculated they’d pick Sunday to do this, but I was wrong. (This also guarantees that Gary, even if he is next to go, will remain in the house until the day before the final, which clearly makes Production ecstatic!) The downside is that it is gonna be, as Talla would say, Busy! Busy! Busy! Assuming the normal 3-part HOH begins after the Wed. eviction, they’re gonna have to start and finish all 3 parts of the final HOH comp, do an eviction, and then squeeze in an absolute *ton* of various BBCA activities, just to have the winner chosen the very next night. (And Arisa isn’t exactly a speed demon, at moving things along – crossing fingers for her!)


Thanks Jim appreciate it ! I didn’t catch that part :))


LOL Yes, Arisa can be slow and drawn out at times. She has been better though. I think her problem is that she tends to speak more to the audience. rather than speaking directly to the home viewer. If someone can tell her to just direct everything towards the viewer at home even though, there is a live audience, she would be faster. I don’t mind her but I think she does need to be more fluent. BUT I do HATE it when she does the eviction vote and always takes a huge pause after saying like by a vote of 5-1 etc. just say the damn name! Every once and a while is ok but it’s like she is taking a break for a commercial …. it’s annoying. FAIL !


What I think will happen as the live feeds are being turned off on Sunday at noon, there will probably be an eviction on Sunday or Monday with the actual airing of the eviction being shown on the Wednesday episode. The first and Second Part HOH competitions will most likely then be held some time between Monday – Wednesday with the final part happening on the Thursday Finale episode.


i think arisa said there will be a surprise eviction on sunday, then they will cut the feeds at noon for the rest of the season , i hope andrew is able to turn the jury against emmet!!


Talla looks 38 but acts like she’s 13. With Gary weak from his slop diet and Emmett stressing about Jillian having a better chance at winning the game, Talla is going to drive them insane, especially if BB provides alcohol. I’m waiting for Emmett to lose it.


Who the hell did Talla’s make-up last night? Andrea Bocelli?


Babybare, you are *so* right on that. I’m a guy. I don’t even know what color my bedroom is painted! So for me to notice the fact that Talla had caked on *so* much rouge, that I thought she was gonna add on a clown nose and costume after the show, and go entertain at some kid’s 4th birthday party, it had to be beyond obvious! It’s a first for me to ever notice something like that, in my entire life, I swear. I don’t mean to be mean to Talla. As a guy, I’m nervous to even go here. I know she has some acne issues on her cheeks, which her usual make up hides well. But what did Andrew say Talla weighed? 92 pounds? I swear, lovely lady, 10 pounds of it had to be red facial product/eyeliner last evening! Less is more!


Be nice. Andrea would do better.


I get that you guys do not like certain house guests (Talla etc) but why do you guys have to be so harsh? Making malicious comments about their families, about their looks etc is uncalled for.


Still watching after dark and I forgot to ask the burning question: How did they know beforehand that it would be a comp about the pictures? Remember they said they were studying the pictures and Talla asked Emmett why were you and Gary talking about the pictures? So, how did Emmett know? That is a not just a stab in the dark guess. He had to have known right? Any input would be appreciated.


The house guests were gathered in the living room yesterday morning at 11:40am, where they were shown a series of photos on the living room TV. They were not told what the photos were for but it was pretty easy for Gary, Emmett and Jillian to figure out that they were for last nights HOH competition. Talla wasn’t as quick at figuring out what the photos were for.


Oh – Appreciate the response Dawg. By the way, Dan’s power being called Mist, I’d be curious to know what Emmett will go down as – I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect word for his special ‘gift’. All I’ve got is that he ‘milked’ everybody, but I know one of my fellow OBBers has more talent than. Maybe a poll?


Dawg, Andrew also knew, as Emmett and he had a brief chat about it.


Yes, you’re right! I missed Andrews name among those that knew what the photos were for. Thanks!


Okay, fell asleep to BB After Dark last night but, before I did, Jillian was cooking Emmett a meal. I don’t think I have seen him cook a single thing on BB. Also sorry but can’t stand it when people chew with there mouth open. That’s all he does…. sounds like hungry hippo when he eats drives me nuts.

It really doesn’t matter who is nominated this week it all depends on the Veto. So am praying to the Glitter Gods Gary wins it. I really like Emmett’s game but I sure hope someone including Gary has the guts to take him out and doing that will help their cause in the Jury that much more.
I just don’t care for Emmett he deserves to win but I just don’t care for him.


I have to admit, I wasn’t all that crazy about Gary for a short stint. All things considered (I don’t like his constant use of the word m***her f**ker and b**ch) but in reality he has played a great game and he has shown his ability to put people up without hesitation or emotional attachment. I wouldn’t have a problem with him winning and I thought his mom and sisters were really cute.

Pretty Trickster

I dont think I have ever been upset about an eviction before. Andrew should have stayed. Jillian is a dumb. Talla thinks shes the ish and well… Emmett I like that hes always thinking game, however ehhh


Pretty Trickster, Andrew was a member of the HG’s that brought Talla along. He persistently pointed out to the others that she was useless because she hasn’t won comps and her only value was as a pawn. By highlighting this it pointed out to others her value as both a pawn and a possible F2. (Emmett has intended to take Talla to the end for awhile (March 1 thread).


here’s how i look at it..

If Emmit is in the finale he will win hands down.

If Jillian and Gary it will still be Gary out on top…topaz, aj, peter, alec will vote for Gary vs andrew, emmit, talla who will presumably vote for Jillian

If its Jillian and Talla, hands down Jillian will win..eventhough the jury is bitter i think they want someone who deserves to win and talla doesn’t, therefore they will give the votes to Jillian eventhough they dont like her..cant deny that she has won 4 HOH’s, and never been on the block.

Either way its Emmit and Jillian’s game to lose, they just have to be careful. Also, i kind of hated Jillian but my opinion has changed a bit, i think she is a very likeable person and good hearted, its just that she kept on agreeing with Emmit all the time…that is what i dont like about her, also the fact that she keeps on lying and keeps complaining that she hates the game etc..u have chosen to lie throughout the game because its “part of the game” but u have constant conflict with doing it….if u r gonna lie and backstab u gotta embrace it like Dan and Dr.Will because when and if u go to jury u can defend it by stating that it is the nature of the game. If they say u didnt keep your word etc…and she gets offended then she will not get the votes because u r proving u dont know what the hell u r doing, and that the lying and backstabbing was not part of her gameplay…if it was then she could of defended her decisions by claiming strategy, since she does not embrace it and is CONFLICTED AND CONFUSED she is shooting herself in the foot!! That is why Emmit is so confident and has the advantage. Sorry for the rambling lol