Big Brother 17 – WEEK 9 OBB Power Rankings

James continues to dominate the power ranking thanks to his Social game and entrainment score, being the scare king also helped. Vanessa and Steve are still playing very strategic games, amazing that Vanessa is still in this game. Austin is showing a more well rounded game play but his 3 person alliance can’t expect to make it any further. Meg is just kinda Meg… She a goblin #teamGoblin

Johnnymac and the twins make up the bottom 3. JOhnnymac has been in a tough spot for awhile. Losing allies week after week and coupled with an already weak social game has him probably going to jury.

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Big Brother 17 – WEEK 7 OBB Power Rankings

Biggest gains this week are Austin and Meg followed by the Twins. Austin and Meg can attribute their increase to their social game. Very few people if any are targeting them.
The Twins banter is entertaining while other players are scheming their riding the shark.

Everyone close to Becky took a hit this week. She was outmaneuvered by Vanessa add to this the goblins scampering, paranoid ways all meant Becky’s HOH plans were going to get derailed. Johnnymac and Steve had hitched their ride to the Becky train hoping to form a Becky/Shelli/Jmac/Steve alliance.

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Big Brother 17 – WEEK 4 OBB Power Rankings

The general trend these past few week are showing a weakening of Austin’s game and strengthening of Shelli/Jason’s position.

Biggest drops this week are Audrey and Austin. Audrey’s placing doesn’t need much explanation we all saw what happened on the feeds. While I found her antics entertaining it really was the nail in the coffin for her game. Watching her perform her solo musical while dressed up like a sith lord after 3 days self isolation was great feed fun.

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