Big Brother 17 – WEEK 4 OBB Power Rankings

The general trend these past few week are showing a weakening of Austin’s game and strengthening of Shelli/Jason’s position.

Biggest drops this week are Audrey and Austin. Audrey’s placing doesn’t need much explanation we all saw what happened on the feeds. While I found her antics entertaining it really was the nail in the coffin for her game. Watching her perform her solo musical while dressed up like a sith lord after 3 days self isolation was great feed fun. Austin is getting outplayed by others socially his love for Liz may be to blame. Already a big target some blunders late Wednesday night did nothing to help his position. He’s at the point now were he needs to win some competitions this week to stay.

Biggest increases are Jason and Shelli. Jason was the target a week ago now everyone wants him in on their Final 4. Shelli continues her domination this season. Playing a great social game all while carrying along her meat shield Clay means she’s probably pretty damn safe even for someone that has done so much in the house.

I encourage you all to let us know your own ranks for people. If you disagree with a ranking jot down how you would divide up the ranks.

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** Last weeks value in parentheses () if different than this week **








5 (4)



13 (11)

Socially and Strategically killing it. You’re still not a target! +1 for having clay as your slave



4 (4)




You’re breaking out from the pact as a formidable player. Making mistakes but still holding it together.






11 (10)

You’re not a target this week what a reversal of fortunes. Somehow everyone likes you now in the house great social maneuvering







A meat shield for Shelli but still killing it socially. Have some questionable strategic advice







Slowly building relationships. Everyone says you’re a target but you really aren’t still you’re probably going to be nominated.



3 (3)




You’re likable and funny on the feeds, Social game is alright, strategy middle tier.






10 (10)

You’re popular with everyone outside/inside the house.. Please win a HOH so we can see you play.







If you win HOH you’ll cause some big waves I’m certain. +1 for not falling for Vanessa's bullshit.

Liz (Julia)


3 (3)

3 (3)


9 (10)

Everyone knows about the twins. You’re flirting with Austin is driving fans bananas.







Fumbling around in the game a major target now.  Most of the other side wants to target you -1


2 (2)





You're trying to mingle with the other side however you still are one of the weaker people playing the game.


4 (4)

0 (2)


+3 (+1)

7 (10)

Back at rock bottom really no way out. +1 for fighting like a honey badger +1 for dressing like a ewok +1 for the musical performance



3 (4)




You are participating in the BB17 live feeds

Our scoring structure is as follows
There’s three main categories, Entertainment value, Social Skillz and Strategy/game with each category ranging from 1-5 with a 0 value being used for exceptional cases. A bonus category is also added worth 3 points for those special cases that don’t fit the 3 main categories.

1/3 – Entertainment
0- You’re not entertaining – I turn the feeds off when you’re on
1- Offensive, Rude, unlikable are some words that could describe your behaviour on the feeds
2- Maybe you’re laying too low. Right now everyone on OBB is joking about not knowing your name
3- Neutral
4- You’re a likable person and showing it on the feeds
5- You’re making these feeds Very fun to watch

1/3 – Social game
0 – Your social game is non existent go back to blogging in a basement
1 – Most of the house dislikes you. You’ll see yourself a target soon
2- You’re building some relationships but not enough to keep your ass safe if you or our close few friends don’t win a comp
3- Neutral
4- You’re building a lot of relationships but also some enemies
5- Most if not all the house likes you. Nobody has thrown your name out there as a target yet

1/3 – Strategy
0- Strategy .. HUH? what does that mean
1- You have a short term plan that will get you by the next 20 minutes
2- Your plan is to to make it to Jury to get the stipend
3- Neutral
4-You have a Short term or Long term plan and a couple ideas plans on how to execute it
5- You have a clear plan for the short or long term and a clear plan to execute

+/- 1-3 points can be awarded to players that has done something incredibly awesome or stupid. Maybe they turned their game around after being universally hated or squandered away a strategic asset because they couldn’t keep their mouths shuts..

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wheres the “girl with the black hair”??? Lol!!


Thats how Ive been referring to her all season so I died when I read about Audrey calling her that. The only reason I notice her at all is the weird faces she constantly makes.


Too damn funny!

BB Drafter

Nice rankings, but where is Jackie?


Where’s Jackie?

April in Paris

Who’ Jackie?

I survived last seasons BB

I agree with the majority of the rankins, like her or not Shelli has been on top, and Austin is going down in flames. I think a huge portrayal of all the HG’s ability would come if one of the non SleeperCell alliance wins HOH


It’s weird, I still haven’t found a stand-out player(s) that I like and I am rooting for. I think it’s because everyone generally gets along. There are divides among the house but not strong ones, everyone works well together. It’s boringgggg. Audrey is partly blame because everyone is focusing in her as a target. Regardless, there isn’t a dominate player with a dominate personality, usually I have favorite(s) by now.


I want to believe that once the distraction/shit starter,bag full of crazy exists the house, you will start to see people step up their game(not saying everyone in the house) because they will need a new target to focus on. I believe certain alliance’s will fall, while others will come together. There will be dissension in the ranks, i.e. Austin. He is a liability & may be dropped by his alliance. Can’t wait till both twins come in-that may make things interesting, especially if it gets back to Julia that Austin didn’t really care if she goes home-he just wants him & Liz to make it to jury. Could get juicy!!! Here’s to hoping sparks will fly & others step up their game!


Agree right down the line except Becky’s breasts’ performance this week should earn her at least enough bonus points to surpass Audrey.

Cougar Bloomers

Becky has to be above Yackie right?

BB Drafter

Definitely top animated gif of the week, if not season.


I was surprised by Becky’s 1 in entertainment. I haven’t heard her say anything offensive and I wouldn’t call her unlikeable. I think a 2 fits her more…except you guys know her name because of her chest…which is sad. Everyone else is spot on. Awesome job as usual.


There is an insane amount of Shelli hate on this site and a lot of it is unwarranted , but you can’t deny she is playing the best game out of this group right now. I would love to say Jmac but he needs to learn to say no.


He isn’t dumb enough to say no. If he did, he would become an actual target. He did the right thing by saying yes and then actually try to win.


to me shelli’s kinda a more likeable amanda. there’s a little bit of an ick factor with clay but it’s not nearly as shallow as the mcranda nonsense, furthermore shelli’s not as overtly bullying as amanda was. still the fact that shelli’s game so closely parallels amanda’s does leave a bad taste in my mouth though.


True. Sheli sit up when people come to talk to you and not lay in bed.Shelli is fake and her voice is annoying. Just be real. Liz does the same thing with her voice. Austin i not a great player, but I do believe an over all nice guy, except if he does have an outside girlfriend since 2012, he is a tool.


A more likable Amanda?!? Good Gravy, that’s gotta hurt! I agree (now that I think about it), they have strategic similarities, but….come on…oh geez, I can’t compute that. Amanda was my #1 couldn’t-STAND-her-HG of all time. But I see your point. It makes the Shelli haters more understandable for me. You gotta admit though, Shelli is working WAYWAY harder than Amanda could EVER have managed. She’s 1 billion% less entitled, and 1 trillion% more adept with hygiene.

April in Paris

playing the best game? True-She’s been HOH twice, and has had no worries. Let’s see how she is under pressure on the block, let’ see how she handles her game life on the line, let’s see how strong she is if Clay and Vanessa leave. I hope your right, I like her except for her smug little know-it-all look she gives and her sense of entitlement.
Also by John-boy not saying no to throwing comps, he avoids conflict with those in power.


I agree Scheron. Don’t understand all the Shelli hate. My opinion she is playing the best game thus far: Won 2 HOHs; Eliminated 2 huge targets in Da & Audrey (without putting a target on herself) & has a good relationship with almost everyone in the house. And I strongly disagree with those saying that Clay has ran her HOHs. Shelli is the smart one – She is the one who has Won – she has made her own decisions – and Clay def. needs her more than she needs him. I also don’t think her compassion for Audrey is fake. She really tried her best with Audrey – got on to Clay for making fun of Audrey – took up for Audrey by saying that “Audrey is on a lot of meds.” And – overall – just seemed truly sad by Audrey’s breakdown. As far as the age difference between her & Clay – Geez – who gives a shit? Seriously – don’t think they are getting married. If it was a man – it would be a non-issue. But hey – I’m 5 yrs. older than my husband (For Shame!!LOL!!) & we’ve been married for 20 yrs.! As far as the rankings go – right now – Biggest Disappointment: Audrey, Vanessa & Austin; Biggest Surprise (Good) : Shelli & John; Doing what they should be doing: Jason, Meg, James & Clay; Don’t Know What The F–k Their Doing: Steve, Becky, Liz & Jackie. Ones to Beat (Right Now): Jason & Shelli.


at this point, I like stealth more than flash. So while I generally agree with these rankings, I still pick Jackie or one of the twins to win. The so called “other side of the house” doesn’t really exist. Becky and Meg just want to get to the jury house and get paid for watching Gilmore Girls reruns. James is a Ratbot ,John Boy is inept. Jason is a player, but has no real allies. The big shots will fall. Thus spake the cheese.


You like “stealth more than flash” (me too), so why not JMac? That description seems to fit him to a ‘T’; more than it does for Jackie, I’d say.


Pretty on target rankings … although Jackie didn’t buy into Vanessa ill thoughtout
pitch, Jackie handled it wrong … She should of simply played along instead she turned the
situation into a negative.
*Side note … Simon
Could you put a “Home” link under the replies?
Other than that … Great job as usual! Your work is much appreciated.


That would be great or even under Navigation at bottom of the page
Just thought it would be more convenient after reading the comments to navigate back to the Home page. Scrolling all the way back to the top of the page gets abit tedious after reading through multiple comments. Just a thought.

Is it just me?

For me it’s already stickied at the top so it’s always there.

I survived last seasons BB

Audrey…The UniBomber called…He wants His outfit back


Not sure if this has been posted here, but….



Thanks Simon!


And now you know why before the 1st eviction I was calling her Sithe Lord Aud. Oh and you’ve given Van a 5 in strategy but don’t forget Van is riding the crazy train. She spent days crying in the bathroom, then got severe HOHitus, and when she wouldn’t stop talking game going over and over the same things Shelli called her Audrey. So keep an eye on Van because this new revelation about Austin outting the twins to Jason may just send her over the edge if she doesn’t win HOH. Especially if Jackie wins.


All true; maybe that’s why the -2 bonus points for Vanessa. To Simon & Dawg: LOVE the grading format!! Very teacher-y! I think the assessment is pretty dead-on. I hemmed and hawed over Becky being placed higher just because she’s on the bottom, but changed my mind. Maybe an overall “potential” column (?), except it might not fit so nicely on the page.


yeah, i’m mainly rooting for shelli and clay to stay in power just so they can pick off the boring floaters (which is why i’m kinda bummed audrey is going instead of dead weight like meg or becky). i really wish they’d drawn a line in the sand this week and stuck with jason as the target forcing meg/becky/jackie/james to organize against that side of the house, but unfortunately that group seems insanely inept at this game, making me want them to go even more. overall shelli’s probably smart to target audrey and shift the target to austin/liz/julia though i hope someone notices that once that trio is broken up (or uses the botb to stay off the block) shelli/clay need to be the next target.

April in Paris

pick off the boring floaters??? Just wait for those “floaters” to have their day in HOH and see what they do and watch Shelay scurry like rats…..


meg isnt really a floater. she has stuck with certain people the whole time.

Guy From Canada

Throwing comps is floating…… Meg isnt as bad as Jackie though… Meg for sure has some social game and is at least listening to the other house guests gathering information so she may switch gears.


I’m soooo sick of the shelli/clay power… Surprised the other HG don’t bow and courtsy as they walk by lol

Cougar Bloomers

I cool with Jackie, James, Meg for big moves and I would say Jason but not sure if he’ll cave under Vanessa’s trance. And Becky, love me some Becky, but I don’t know what the hell she gonna do. Game has to shift. I panic mode this week.


*I want panic mode this week

Cougar Bloomers

Yeah whatever bro

is it just me

where is your emperical evidence?! where is your emperical evidence?!


After seeing some of the feeds the past few days and Clay go on and on about Audrey even though he knows she is leaving it is clear to me just how much I despise his game play and his personality even more!
Even though I may not agree with what Audrey has done it still doesn’t excuse the remarks that Clay has made especially in light of things he has done himself and the lies he has told others. When you play a game of this magnitude for this amount of money people will say and do almost anything to get to the end – so be prepared for almost anything except for physical harm! But seriously Clay likes to claim he is a master of listening skills and only goes off on people when lied to but he goes off on people when it suits his agenda! – Much like Shelli except she doesn’t shout she runs to Clay for that duty. Time for these BimBots to go.


Shelli and Clay get an almost complete pass from me for any Audrey related stuff. Boy needs to vent; I sure would! I would have had trouble dealing with her non-stop, never-quiet-for-a-freaking-second presence. Not to mention the over-the-top shi#t-stirring just because she could.


Love or hate her I like Shelli for final 3. She really has set herself in a good spot stratigically. Vanessa didn’t do her self and favors with her HoH and others will definitely look at her for a target long before Shelli.

I’m telling y’all the final 3 formula is pretty consistent with few exceptions. 2 decent players and 1 Victoria (lol). I really feel it will be all girls in the final this year.


Dammit Audrey had to go and make me love her in the last few days before her eviction. The drama is golden! The broadway show she did for cameras in a dark room alone wrapped in blankets?! Sigh….