“Suzette has taken us on so many guilt trips in this house we should get frequent flyer miles to Tahiti”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


9:51am Morning chit chat..

Emmett and Alec are talking about his foot, They reply the incident where there was a collision and Alec stepped on Emmett’s food. Alec says he plays intramural soccer at UBC he’s a goalie. Says he’s not really any good but he tried very hard. Emmett is still limping around.

**** SHOCKING NEWS **** Topaz is up and about making breakfast

Alec asks Peter if he’s ever played Dungeons and Dragons. Peter says he played it once.. it was fun. Alec hasn’t played it he thinks it will be fun but games have evolved so much now for D&D to be his go to game.

They all start discussing board games like Risk/Cranium, sport teams and showmances that cook.

I hear Andrew make a comment that Gary is sick. Gary says that he didn’t play air hockey yesterday because he was sick.

Peter asks Topaz what is her plans for today.. Topaz: “Goodbye messages.. I’ll probably try to go into the pool and hot tub today” Peter: “Sounds like a plan”
10:07am Air Hockey Emmett and Andrew

Andrew: “There’s no power.. it’s off.. Big Brother the air hockey table isn’t working there is no juice” :( about 10 minutes later Andrew and Alec start playing air hockey.


10:15am Bedroom Jillian and Emmett with Suzette in the background Jillian slaps Emmett into a head lock and they start toi wrestle, “Emmett stop it you are going to make my wrist bruise”
Emmett: “Than stop fighting it”
Jillian asks him when he’s working out. Emmett plans on hitting the weights around lunch time. Jillian whispers for him to work Gary hard. Prior to Emmett coming into the room Suzette was talking about her nightmare last night where she saw her cousins dead. Jillian: “Crazy is that’s what you were screaming about” Suzette also adds how excited she is to be going home soon, “I can be home by Sunday” Jillian mentions to her that she may be going to Jury they never know.



10:30pm Camera pans around showing the mess in the kitchen


10:34am AJ and Andrew
AJ re-lives last night with Suzette waking up to a “Nightmare” Aj says it sounded more like a moan he was scared thinking she was “doing something” and was going to jump on him. Aj starts to moan to impersonate Suzette. Andrew: “It was a .. It’s Long.. moment”
Andrew: “Hey Boys”
AJ starts on his goodbye speech: “You know Andrew Suzette has taken us on so many guilt trips in this house we should get frequent flyer miles to Tahiti”
Aj jokes that it’ll be a double eviction tomorrow for phrases, “now we got the phrase ‘Hey boys’ and ‘He’ll ya’ out of the house”
Andrew: “You know what else she says.. ‘All right’ ” AJ laughs: “ triple eviction”


10:45pm Hot tub Room Suzette and Gary

Gary talking about how sick he’s feeling. Suzette is surprised that more people are not sick with how people handle meat in the house. She comments that people always leave raw meat in the fridge to thaw. Gary: “I just cannot believe this is happening.. I’m going to have a rest day ” Gary comments that the other guys are telling him to work out when he’s sick. Suzette thinks it’s because they are all targeting him and want him to be sore for the HOH tomorrow. Suzette: “Tehy all think it’ll be endurance”

Suzette says that people in the house are so determined to portray her in a bad light, “It’s their own guilt they gotta make me look bad.,. it’s their own stuff man”

Suzette: “I wish we had crafts or something.. read books today.. i got luck knowing it’s my last week.. so much cool stuff happened”
(Suzette never tried top campaign once this may be a BB record)

Suzette goes on and on about how everyone has been so mean to her and she didn’t think it was going to be that way.. Suzette: “You know what the funny thing is Alec said to me you never game talked with anyone and that was a weakness” Suzette adds she could never game talk with anyone because they were all afraid of Tom, “I was the target since day one”

Suzette: “Emmett said the same thing to me.. why the hell would I game talk with Emmett he was best friends with Tom.. they are making me look like I’m not playing the game”
Gary: “They would never want to game talk with us anyways.. we’re the targets”
Suzette: “And Topaz even said to me not to game talk… Emmett told me he doesn’t like gossipers.. so why would I game talk with Emmett”
Suzette: “They are just trying to make me look so bad”

Alec comes in tells them they want him to take workout pictures for facebook..



11:00AM Backyard Alec taking the facebook pictures


11:41AM Alec is just finishing up his HOH workout photos.

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Aj is a chain smoker schizophrenia who is pilled up…..he is mean like vote against her and shut up I am so annoyed at how mean these men are to Suzette…Andrew is too old and I can’t believe Talla wants to hook up he is old looking and has an old body omg she’s crazy too desperate next thing you know she will be in an arrange marriage to aj


If Andrew didn’t kiss the boys and stopped picking his nose, i would find him attractive too.

But talla doesn’t even have that requirement. She farts all over the place. She don’t care if he picks his nose


So..Emmett left a girl in nova scotia before he came on the show. He made sure he left things good (i’m sure so he can go back to her if he decides). And he wasn’t going to touch any of the girls in the house when he first got there. (Touch, manhandle, goose, grab, rub, whatever) But jillian was nova scotia and she didn’t talk game. (Wow, he has high standards)

Sorry, Emmett fans, but he doesn’t impress me. He has the face of an 8 year old boy. And he is not a very good friend (too afraid to tell tom ahead time that he was going, even after the whole house thought he would be the right person to do it). And he mumbles. That really annoys me :)


Can we just fast forward to tomorrow night and be done with Suzette please? She is so annoying! Boo hoo waaa waaa. I really can’t stand her guilt trips and poor downtrodden native complex. What she doesn’t get is that if people don’t like her it isn’t because of her race, it’s because she uses her race to make others feel guilty.


Suzette knows her faith is sealed so maybe she thinks there is no point in trying.


Talla is so annoying and bossy. How does anyone put up with her? Her voice is so raspy and loud. She is trying to teach Topaz yoga and she doesn’t even know what the heck she is doing. Topaz is being a good sport I would want to push Talla into the pool.


I kind of like her. She is funny on the feeds. She is easily my favorite girl left in the house. This girl is going to go off like a nuke when she gets nominated. I would like to see her as HOH, she is one of the only people that could damage the showmances and the shield. If Talla and Andrew go, this season will be boring. I really dislike the shield now, and Emmett is a jerk.


AJ had said at some point that he had never met a native/aboriginal person. (cuz he lives in toronto, they are way outnumbered and not very visible). So this was his first experience with a native/aborigial person.

“Suzette has taken us on so many guilt trips in this house we should get frequent flyer miles to Tahiti”

So, this is the impression that AJ is left with. Way to go Suzette. Way to represent! Or maybe she totally represented, accurately, what it is to be native. Should she be ashamed or proud?

(keep in mind that Suzette brought it up first)


She brought it up because that’s the way people think . For some reason when people if color especially African Americans , south Asians and natives do something ( anything) people associate it with their skin color but when Caucasian people do stuff (I.e cheat like the 4 house guests did the other week and Alec again did this week) people will never associate it with them being Caucasian . You may not in particular do this but many people do , it’s the unfortunate truth.

Also Alec’s habit of cheating without any shame bugs me , I’m not sure why he thinks he can cheat without any consequences.. Just like tom last week who saw how emmet cheated in the video and said ” don’t worry bro you’ll only be a have not ” I don’t understand why he thought that would be an appropriate consequence over redoing the game ? .. Anyways if I were Alec’s professors I would be relooking at all the essays and tests he did because something is telling me cheating is something his does regularly in his ever day life lol


“She brought it up because that’s the way people think . For some reason when people if color especially African Americans , south Asians and natives do something ( anything) people associate it with their skin color but when Caucasian people do stuff (I.e cheat like the 4 house guests did the other week and Alec again did this week) people will never associate it with them being Caucasian”

When referring to people, here, you are talking only of white people, from a white persons perspective. Let’s not get it twisted. People of every nation have their own opinions, that are different from yours. What you are actually saying here is: “she brought it up because that’s the way white, old stock canadians think”. That’s a big and stereotypical assumption. It is hard to talk about intolerance without being intolerant yourself. That’s why it is a touchy subject.

My point was, if she is being representative of the native community, she should take into account that canada is full of people of different origins. She negates their existence by “trying” to change a perception held only by (so she believes) white, well established canadians. She has only succeeded in introducing a stereotype to a whole new group of people who hardly knew her (the collective “her”). Aj did had no preconceived image in his head of “native”. But now he has one. And it is the “stereotypical” one. Or is it?


I was not referring to white people only doing this , every race tends to do it .. I just stated that Caucasian people don’t receive that same treatment. And no old white people aren’t the only ones guilty of this ..95 percent of the people in the world are ignorant ( not racist .. Those are 2 different things )
… I’m just saying if a black person steals people will always trace it back to them being black .. But if a white person steals noone will think twice about the color of their skin because no one will correlate the two ..
I never once said people of color don’t display this sort of ignorance .. I just stated that Caucasian people don’t endure it. The reason why you assumed I was referring to only Caucasian people doing that is something you need to ask yourself …
Not sure why you’re getting defensive .. It happens often and if you don’t see that then you’re ignorant
How can you determine my tolerance when I’m stating a fact ?
As for Chloe like I stated earlier my statment has nothing to do with racism , it has to do with ignorance.


* not sure why Simon delete my original comment .. It was in no way offensive .,So ill restate it again *
I never stated that people of color do not display this ignorance , I just stated Caucasian people are the only race that does not endure this ignorance . ( I never stated anything about racism since racism and ignorance are not one in the same .
For example if everyone that cheated in the HOH competiton had cheated was black ( and not four Caucasian people ) people would have associated black people with cheating , but I’m pretty sure noone ever correlated the houseguests that cheated with their skin color ( not that they should )because they’re Caucasian.
I’m not sure why you assumed I was thinking only white people associate think things color people do with the color of the skin when I only stated white people don’t endure those actions the same way people of color do ..
I also don’t know how you can determine my tolerance when I stated a fact .


Oh sorry about that … you can delete the second comment :)


When they make fun of AJ, which they do all the time, it isn’t because he is Indian, it’s because he is a fun target. He doesn’t whine about it and say they treat him that way because he is Indian. Topaz doesn’t go around accusing BB of being mean to her because she is black. There are several non white people in the house, and they behave like any other person, they are Canadian, and their race isn’t the driving force behind the things they do. Alec is a cheater, not because he is white or any other colour, but because he is a cheater. AJ is annoying, not because he is Indian, but because it’s just the way he is. The only person in the house that I see using the race card is Suzette. I haven’t heard anyone saying bad things about her because she is native, they are just sick of her always bringing it up, she is the one that insists on reminding everyone how she is different from them. She called Tom a redneck, but I guess that’s ok, because he is white. Not that I feel bad for Tom, he did come across as a redneck, but if Suzette wants to accuse the others of holding her race against her, she shouldn’t make race based comments about others.


I would love to say I concur with those thoughts, but you said yourself Alec is a cheater and that is enough said. He is a white cheater. He is a brown eyed cheater. He is a Frankenstein-face-having cheater. Does it really matter? A cheater is ugly. If it was Gary, people might say he’s a gay cheater, etc. He’s a black cheater. Does it really matter? Please explain your logic.


BAMM!!! Great analysis, Bianca!


If aj feels that fine I mean and if Suzette protrays herself like that ok then! But the house guests constantly make fun of her very unnecessary


AJ has the best one liners, he and Andrew are hilarious, especially together.


all suzztte did last week was talk about canada save us gary they love us gary….. pride before the fall its more like a crackhead who blames everyone and everything else as they take another hit……suzzette calling tom a redneck and saying all the girls sucking dick mess up her game even if they were doing it …. her reputation is already floating at the top of the toilet so a few more drops of shit on it wont hurt …she deserves to go home she is not a fighter and depending on one person to save u will not get u far in this game if she doesnt build trust and real connection with people….when the musci change its beat u have to change your dance moves all she does is cry me a f$$%% river i was done with her long time hopes she hurry and gtfot because i am getting a headache hearing her repeat the same old shit …… when suzzettte was save she didnt learn her lesson she kept hanging only with gary instead of breaking down doors and barrires to get to know these people but no she kept repeating the same old mistake i will hang with gary and canada or gary willl save me …why they always picking on me why me she put herself in a box rather then try to persuade the guys view of her to change even though it might not have made a difference …. when suzztte do talk game with the guys she talk about herself rather then getting to know these people …. suzztte is a boring bowl of soggy cornflakes i cant wait for that nagg to be gone ……..


“when suzztte do talk game with the guys she talk about herself”
Perfectly said. As self-centered as it gets. She’s never even listening to what anyone says to her because shes thinking of how shes going to interupt them with a statement about herself. And everybody in the house is so nice to her, always consoles her and lies to make her feel better. I cant wait to see Emmetts POV speech. She was a target from the beginning? She made Tom and Emmett the first targets. And is mad he didnt use the POV on her? LOl I am telling you, she’s crazy. Literally. Show me a more selfish person. She doesnt care about anyone but herself.


Well said!


andrew and gary u two always flirting with each other ….. gary your not sick u need a oil change


Can’t wait for this season to be over. Too many creepy/ weird people and not enough hotties with great personalities in this house.



How AJ, Talla and Peter even made it to this show is beyond me. UGHHHH


Suzette is a self centered hypocrite. You can’t have a conversation with her, she’s always interrupting you because what she had to say is so much more important. She’s also got a lot of nerve to talk about people doing stuff to her when she started a war with Tom for no reason, called him a racial slur, and talked about everyone else in the house who never said anything about her at that point. She really is a horrible person. I’d love to know the reasoning behind anyone thinking different. She’s not a victim, she’s a bully who can dish it out but can’t take it.
I can really name 100% instances. How she attacked Aneal for no reason while he was in the middle of consoling her, then on another occasion Topaz was consoling her and she was dissing her “Im not touching people like you”..then rubs Alecs abs, makes out with another HG while married, etc. She’s always making an excuse for why people hate her instead of realizing how she treats people is unacceptable.
She’s racist, selfish, self centered, hypocritical, rude, disrespectful, unappreciative, and probably a sociopath. I can give numerous examples to back up every single adjective I just wrote. Not to even mention how she “deserves to win more” than anyone else when she’s a horrible social player and has no physical ability, just has had a HOH and a POV handed to her. She even goes on an on about her “fans.” She really is delusional and I can’t wait until she’s gone. It cannot be healthy for me to despise a person so much. She’s disgusting.


I feel the same way please end thus show is this all Canada has to offer? Mean people who are perverts, basically using their sexuality to climb the ladder?


I find it quite amusing the way the comments here have become more mean and grumpy, even nasty, as the game has progressed…just like the houseguests themselves. As the viewers become more attached to particular houseguests, it becomes an all out war against the less favoured. As each day passes, it becomes tougher to be in that house…really just a natural progression considering this game.


It really could be looked at as a big “social experiment”.

The people on the inside of the house AND the people on the outside.

That is why we have to remember to keep our cool heads about us. It’s just so darn involving.


Lucia. You hit the nail on the head. As the season progresses we are all getting more and more antsy to see what’s gonna happen and who’s gonna get to the final 2. I personally love this blog for the main reason of a lil’ heated discussion here and there. Nothing wrong with different opinions, as long as we stay away from racial, ethnic or sexual comments. Not too sound too nicey nice. I’m a 33 year old black male and I don’t like the whole race card arguments. Let’s base our opinions on their gameplay in the house and not on where they’re from. By the way… I hope season 2 the powers that be do a way better job of casting after this 2 week high and 4 week low, we’re all getting frustrated with. If I was Suzette and I knew I was going home for sure, I would be talking to everyone and then spreading everyones words all ove the damn place!! I’m a shit disturber like that though.


to all those that have bashed suzette .. game players and viewers .. i ask that all of you put yourself in her shoes for one week .. meaning being canadain native and over weight … see how people treat you …then add a few more weeks of that treatment on and honestly tell me how you would act and feel.. if you say you would be fine with it i would have to call you a liar ; i noticed from the very beginning how they treated her and to be truethfull i would have done more then call tom a redneck btw i found to be funny … didnt expect it .. but i have found that we as canadians do judge more then we should .. I am enjoying BB Canada , it is a game . and thank you simmon for the updates …