Suzette and Gary destined for Stardom “HEY BOYS.. I’m coming to your club.. it’s like partying with Snookie”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


11:50AM Backyard everybody but Suzette, Gary and Aj are working out. Suzette and Aj were doing the dishes earlier. Talla is “teaching” a yoga class to Topaz. AJ is watching them from the lawn chair. AJ: “Talla you should be a Yoga instructor” Talla: ‘A little while ago I was going through my Yoga phase”

AJ runs into the storage room to grab some Mountain Dew he’s going to use it as motivation for Topaz. He dangles it in front of her, “Reach for the Dew topaz REACH REACH FOR IT” Topaz starts to laugh “Mountain Dew Mountain Dew” as she reaches for the can.

Topaz: “Oh my god you people do this for fun”


12:15pm Aj and Andrew watching Tall and Topaz doing yoga. They pretend the pool noodles are their “Noodles” making s$xual sounds etc etc..


12:20pm Suzette and Gary in the Hot Tub Room
Gary smoking, he’s talking about his grandparents in Montreal and how much he misses them. Gary mentions how he’ll show up at clubs and be like “I’m here.. lets party” He jokes (?) that he’ll charge to make appearances. Suzette: “Hotel accommodations and bar tab is the fee” Gary asks if he can even do that. Suzette: “Hell ya.. I do that.. I’ve gone to different places.. it’s like partying with Snookie”

Suzette: “I just don’t want these people to think I’m crying whinny person” Gary points out that at least they have good positive lives to go back on whereas some people in this house have everything riding on this show.
Suzette says that all these other people are just going to blend back into society but Gary and her “Not so much” Gary: “This is my ticket up” Suzette: “Ya me to”
Gary: “This is a great stepping stone for my career”
Suzette: “The reason I get so emotional cause I have a family to support.. I’m not guilt tripping you guys.. I have so much riding on this.. I’m not using my family to guilt trip people”
Gary: “You have mouths to feed”
Suzette: “Ya.. ”
Suzette: “People have made me feel like the black sheep.. they do personal attacks”
Suzette says that Emmett has a really bad temper, “He’s really competitive.. they take all the fun out of it.. they are straight up mean” (They are Alec, Emmett)
Gary: “I want to win this game.. I’ve been the underdog since day one.. i’m going to rise up like a phoenix out of the fire.. or Glitter out of a bottle”
Gary is going to ask Alec if he can vote for Suzette to stay he doesn’t want her going out to a vote of zero”
Suzette: “Tell him dude she’s from you own city man.. don’t be ruthless”

Suzette says that the other people in the house are making themselves look so bad by bullying people… Suzette explains to him how much different it is being in this game when you have a family. She points out that everyone in the house is single with few responsabilites. Suzette mentions how she now knows how Rachel felt in Big Brother by always being the target.

(Wish Thursday was here already)


12:40pm Andrew and Emmett

Andrew saying he really wants to win the HOH tomorrow. They both agree the only people who are going to be trying are Andrew, Jillian, Emmett and Gary.


1:00pm Hot tub Peter, Emmett and Andrew
Chatting about Suzette and how she’s really not playing the game. Emmett: “She didn’t come on the show to win she came on the show to guilt people” Andrew mentions that she told him she wished they didn’t have to vote people out. Peter jokes that filming a bunch of people in the house would be boring..
Emmett: “If you can sum of her game in two words.. it’s Guilt Trip.. her game is composed of one liners Hey boys and guilt trip”
Emmett wonders why Suzette keeps going around saying she’s not guilt tripping them when it’s obvious that is all she’s doing. Emmett: “At this point I don’t know why she’s fighting so hard with the guilt trip.. She says she’s not with her kids.. She left them they didn’t leave her”
Big Brother :” 15 minutes warning the house will be off limit”

Emmett says that Suzette is always saying how her life is so hard but on the flip side she’s saying she goes to shows all the time and gets paid a grand. When Emmett asked her about it she told him “gotta play the game yo”

Talk moves to dating chit chat

(Video uploading)


1:50pm Outdoor lockdown.. Nothing going on

Sounds like they are planning a air hockey tournament.


2:15pm CRAFTS!

2:26pm Jillian asks AJ if Talla is the type of girl that he would date outside of the house. Aj says for sure. GAry :’You like petite girls” AJ: “YES” Gary than make a move AJ.. a serious move” AJ: “Not in the house.. nothing can be serious in here.. plus she lives in Edmonton and I live in Toronto”:


2:31pm Making a sign for the BB Canada air hockey tournament

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all suzztte did last week was talk about canada save us gary they love us gary….. pride before the fall its more like a crackhead who blames everyone and everything else as they take another hit……suzzette calling tom a redneck and saying all the girls sucking dick mess up her game even if they were doing it …. her reputation is already floating at the top of the toilet so a few more drops of shit on it wont hurt …she deserves to go home she is not a fighter and depending on one person to save u will not get u far in this game if she doesnt build trust and real connection with people….when the musci change its beat u have to change your dance moves all she does is cry me a f$$%% river i was done with her long time hopes she hurry and gtfot because i am getting a headache hearing her repeat the same old shit …… when suzzettte was save she didnt learn her lesson she kept hanging only with gary instead of breaking down doors and barrires to get to know these people but no she kept repeating the same old mistake i will hang with gary and canada or gary willl save me …why they always picking on me why me she put herself in a box rather then try to persuade the guys view of her to change even though it might not have made a difference …. when suzztte do talk game with the guys she talk about herself rather then getting to know these people …. suzztte is a boring bowl of soggy cornflakes i cant wait for that nagg to be gone …….. i cant wait for thursday to come wish i could fast forward to thursday


Well it’s very clear to me Suzette equals dilusional.
I have to think at this point her fans here must feel completely conned by Suzette. Turns out she gets 1K for appearances and has given Gary a little crash coarse on how to get room and bar tab. Struggling mother of 3 my a$$! That was academy award winning acting you Suzette fans bought into. How often did I see her fans write about her striggles, ect? As she said she was playing her game. You fans can join her fake pity party of the dilusional fraud!!!
Save her to hurt Tom you folks are suckers. The house is actually smarter than here fans! And the house doesn’t collectively have many light bulbs on.


good job playin them & the haters out here Suzette it worked. continue on your path Suzette.


You’re being a tad ridiculous & delusional, I’m a Suzette fan & I’ve never whined about her struggles. Perhaps others have, but I see more people whining about her game or lack there of than anything else. She won awards before & is a prominent figure on a radio show, had you done research instead of prepping for your bitchfest perhaps you could have saved yourself some incorrectly spelled effort. But you stand with the majority so I’m sure this will get plenty of thumbs down. At least I didn’t call anyone dumb, pretend to be smart & incorrectly spell “here” ( her I’m guessing ). Good job crazy, midlife crisis is ending soon I hope?


You’ve never whined about her struggles? Why would you? Who are you? Man, even her friends are f***ked up


who the hell pays suzzette a grand for an appearance? hahahaha thats too funny. i will pay a grand to find out who those people are.


lots of people she was won awards for her performer for real and yet again she portrayed a role again & fooled you all.

Word of Advice

To Suzette, if you are making a grand per appearance and getting free bar and rooms…..DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.


i’m surprised not many of the HG are thinking about the end game, who they want to sit next too/ who they can beat. Most of them say the floaters have to go, but half the people in the house are floaters themselves (AJ/talla/andrew/PETER/TOPAZ). If emmett or alec make it to the end, i think no one would be able to beat them. Emmett vs Alec, I would say a toss up, but a close vote going to emmett.

if emmett or alec don’t go in the next 2 weeks, they’ll be really hard to get rid off.

Peter drives me nuts, he talks a big game but he’s pretty much shit. I hope people don’t buy into his “i throw comps”, the reality is he can’t win. Even suzzette could probably beat him in a comp (that doesn’t involve a maze) hahahaha


Jill is having a major breakdown. BB has looked them outside and she has to pee. She is on the verge of tears.

They are looking for containers for her use. Gary tells BB she has to pee. Jil whines “they don’t care”. She is afraid that she is going to have to go to the hospital. “won’t my bladder explode?”

Drama. Geez


Suzette cannot leave this house fast enough for me. It’ll be like cutting anchor, getting all that negative energy out of the house.


Suzette, your Pity Party Table for 1 is ready.


I think it was hilarious that suzzette and gary think they will be famous from the show. In all the bb seasons has that happened to anyone i think jeff got some miliage from the show and boogie and dr.will but besides that none and those players were actually liked. i don’t see how she isn’t guilting people instead pf actually playing she goes on about she has kids and that she has no money and deserves it more. She was a target from day one of course you are you put the two strogest players on the block what did you think would happen. I am just so sick pf listening to her she tryed to guilt emmitt to use the veto because canada saved her.


last laugh goes to all you haters out there. Suzette is already well know has her own radio station promotes music & has won awards & nominated juno 2xs how good is that.She went into to the house to portray a certain type of person & she played the role to a tee. You all realize dont you that people are never the same people that are portrayed in the house.


Y haven’t any of us heard of her then…
Just because you appear on radio shows does not make you famous.
Suzette is well never mind follow her blindly im certainly not to convine the presdient of the we love Suzette fan club anything…
Mail order degrees from correspondence courses dont count and the Aboriginal Awards what are there even two shows in her category?
Mean spirited? Redneck comment? oh right she is just a B#$@%


Yes, the last laugh goes to all the haters. Do you know what that means? That is an English expression that signifies that the last person laughing wins When trying to make an eloquent and intelligent point, at least back it up with something. You know, now that I think of it, that is exactly why Suzette is going home. She came in a fat, native mama bear and is leaving a fatter, native, mama bear (but more of a chip on her shoulder).


I find it hilarious that people are knocking Suzette for putting up strong players. Isn’t that what part of the game is? Who have the strong player put up so far? Suzette? Gary? AJ? And in turn, it was the so-called “weaker” player that got Tom out.

Suzette’s only mistake was putting up a girl that the “popular” girls were jealous of when Tom took himself off. She should’ve put Alec up, but, lesson learned, I guess.

At least Suzette had balls to put a couple of perceived threats. Alec, not so much.


I’ll sum up your comments in 1 word …… WRONG!!! You clearly don’t know the game!

OK this happened day 1. You don’ target percieved strong players you try to build relationships with them hoping they leed to an alliance. Here you have Suzette who clearly isn’t a comp threat except potentially Q&A on day 1. I think any HG would size her up that way. If you think how far chef Joe went floating it was because he was a reliable vote to do the HOH’s bidding. He sure wasn’t targeting strong players. Suz just picked out muscle. She needed an alliance with “muscle” to cover her obvious weakness in strength and endurance. She had an hour did she even bother to talk to anyone to get a consensus?
Look she simple had no plan except the “pity party” approach to staying in the house. Production should never have stepped in week 2.


I am not a Suzette fan, however I remember that when she answered the phone she was not allowed to talk to anyone or tell anyone that she was HOH. I am sure on day 1 she didn’t want to start a cat fight by putting up the girls. We all know how that would turn out …”Topaz”. She probably felt like the underdog so didn’t want to put up the other underdogs or the old people, so she chose muscle. She was done the first day when she answered the phone. Also she didn’t talk to anyone when she had HOH, she just stayed in the room enjoying the peace and quiet. Had she not answered the phone she could have floated for a few weeks, but she still wouldn’t have lasted any longer than she did now. Sorry Suzette but it is time to go.


I’m sorry, but who was she supposed to put up as her first nominees? Oh, that’s right, weaker, non-threatening players. It would be difficut to “leed” to an alliance, no matter who she put up.


I agree 100%. They all just arrived and i don’t remember completely but i don’t think she had time to decide. even if she did, she made the right choice in putting up emmett and tom, her only mistake was putting up kat. Do you really think if she put up anyone else or not even answered the phone for that matter, she would’ve lasted till now?? hell no. she’s an easy vote,she’s old and she kids. almost everyone in the house is young. who would align with her? no one wanted to (and they still dont) rock the house, every vote has been a house vote. She would be an extremely easy first vote.



i thumb up both your comments my thoughts exactly spot on



i thumb up both your comments my thoughts exactly spot on


Suzette you can leave the house . MY GOD you have so much more than these people in there & you give more to others unselfishly then anyone of them ever has or will.
We the people that know you know that When your not hosting your own award-winning radio show Think NDN (the winner of three Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards for best radio program),
You are a great inspirational caring loving support worker and counsel some of Canada’s most at-risk residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside people.
Your a strong supporter of Aboriginal music, with a special love of hip-hop.
Suzette you were very successful in your role on Back in the Day on APTN ( aboriginal Peoples Television Network)
We admire your strength and accomplishments in your education , Diploma in Criminology and an Associates of Arts Degree in Anthropology and Psychology.
You well deserved the being named the 2007 National Aboriginal Role Model of Canada
You are a true inspiration in you role in our lives out side of that House.
Suzette You were not cut out for such a mean spirited house.
You are much better than them all.We applaud you for trying & trying to fit in with a bunch of crazies that would never be your friends or type of people you would hang with outside the house. Always remember there are 1000s of us that love you & respect you for being you. NOT the Suzette that BBCA wanted portrayed.


It’s quite obvious that you are Suzette’s husband or someone who knows het. I hope you had a good time watching her rub up on Alec, make out with another guy, and run around asking who does she have to give blowjob to. Let me guess..just game? She has no game, she’ll forever be known as one of the worse BB players ever and the player who production cheated for and ruined the integrity of BBCanS1. Not to mention the first HG to make racist comments on the show.


no tom made first comment calling her a red skin & I know of Suzette through indspire Canada Where I handed her an Award but of coarse you all dont know what is for the Non Aboriginal have never ever tried to learn about Indigenous people the first people of this land. Mother sad Day in Canada when people are so ignorant in 2013.


When did Tom call Suzette a redskin? I think you are making shit up


Day 2 on feeds & we have recording . But thats the game but you all have said soooo many nasty things about a person you dont know at all personally. my point is why do feeders find it ok to slander people and say nasty things about them when then dont know the person or their real life outside of the house.end of my commenting cause to much tasty disrespectful people


And I dont think Kashin is her Husband lol its a band a welcome Band but thats your ignorance


Ignorance is spelling something wrong as you’re calling someone else ignorant. The spelling of Kashtin sweetheart.




Yep I met her
I had the honor of presenting an aboriginal peoples award to her.
As for Kashin being her husband you have yet again failed as if you knew about Music you would know Kashin is a highly recognized Band in Canada,
It would help you id maybe you looked up Suzette on Google rather than bashing & slandering her on a Game Show forum.
Just for the record calling someone a RedNeck is not always a form of racism Redneck or rednecks may also refer to:
A redneck is a white person of lower socio-economic status in the United States and Canada.
We all know that Aboriginal. Metis & Innu have always been considered by main stream Canada to be the lower socio-economic status in Canada.

But RedNecks are also
Redneck (comics), a comic character
Redneck” (song), by Lamb of God
Rednecks” (song), by Randy Newman
Redneck (film), a film starring Telly Savalas and Mark Lester
Rednek, British dubstep musician


So whats wrong with calling her a redskin?

redneck redskin redbum redfoot redcock

All her work in van is solid but in BB she’s useless and was a waste of a spot


So what is your point? She gave a heck of a performance. Yes. So she should be receiving a nomination now for Best Aboriginal Supporting Actress in a Reality Series. Hell yeah. This chick is nothing short of a survivor who knows how to con people (but not that well). I am Canadian/Ojibwe, just for the record.


Oh yes, one more thing before I go; it is spelled KASHTIN. YOU, of all people should not be erroneous on this matter.


Just out of curiostiy and you’re free not to answer, who paid for the 5 yrs. at Douglas College?