Gary makes his move for a Showmance “oh.. did you ask me to rub cocoa butter on you”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


11:50pm Bathroom Gary and Andrew

Gary is sounding extra flirty with Andrew. Andrew tells him he’s been taking Gary’s advice he needs to moisturize his skin more. Gary points out that there is some moisturizer near his bed.
Andrew: “All right man I gotta hit the hay”
Gary: “I’m going soon to.. I just need to think”

Andrew starts heading out of the Bathroom says “I’ll see you when I see you..” Gary smirks “in the morning” Andrew: “Oh it’s getting dim out here to I’m going to go rub that Cocoa butter on me”
Gary: “It’s dim in the hallway”
Andrew: “Yes”
as Andrew leaves Gary: “did you ask me to rub Cocoa butter on you”
Andrew: “No I didn’t.. i’m not going to do that”
Andrew: “Alright buddy… good night sweetie.. i’ll talk to you later”
Gary talks to himself “i won’t do it I just won’t do it”

11:55pm Jillian and Emmett Kitchen

Jillian tells him a way they can remember facts for quizzes “You just have to remember the order of the HOH’s”. She break it down.. Who won HOH, Who did they nominate, who won the POV, Who replaced themselves. Emmett keeps kissing her. She rattles off the order “Suzette, Me, Tom, Gary, Alec.. Suzette, Me, Tom, Gary, Alec” Emmett points out that she’s missing Andrew, “Suzette, me, Tom, Gary, Andrew, Alec” They continue to run through the orders of comps. Emmett keeps rubbing her like a horndog.


They head into the bathroom. Jillian has been getting a lot of pimples lately she’s wondering why, guesses that she might be stressed out or it could be all the junk she’s been eating. Emmett jokes that he never washes his face: “Why mess up a good thing right”. Emmett says he use to watch his face like crazy tried every single acne fighting thing you can get. Jillian: “Was it really bad.. did you ever have to take anything extreme” Emmett: “I was on accutane” Jillian mentions hjow


They head to bedroom where Emmett and Jillian chat about pets. Emmett has Goldfish and Parrots. Very little upkeep but they Sh1t all over the place.


12:00AM HOH Topaz and Alec
Talking about Andrew. Topaz thinks Andrew will put up Jillian and Emmett. Topaz: “He doesn’t feel confident that he can win HOH’s” She adds that Andrew might feel that he has to use his HOH to cause maximum damage in the house.

Topaz wants Andrew than Talla gone. Alec says He’s not trusting Gary as much anymore. Topaz: “Why.. What has he done” Alec: “He’s not really doing anything for us” Topaz swears that Gary will never try to get Alec out of the game. Alec thinks that Gary is going to change his mind with who they want to get out. Topaz says no way Gary wants Andrew, talla, Jillian and Aj out, “He doesn’t care if all three go home at the same time.. he hates AJ.. he hates everyone” Alec: “If he tried to get rid of Jillian Emmett will be gone.. he’ll hate Gary” Topaz: “That’s OK Gary isn’t here to make friends”

Topaz points out that after Suzette leaves there is no body left in the house that is a for sure out.
Alec: “Next HOH will be a big one than after that it’ll be pretty easy.. If Andrew leaves then we have Talla and AJ” Topaz talks about getting Jillian out sooner than later. Alec warns her if she gets Jillian out she will make a enemy out of Emmett. Alec tells her that Andrew is at least friends with him so he won’t put them up together. With Talla you have no idea what they will do, “That’s a wildcard”


12:47Am Everyone sleeping


2:00AM Suzette, Talla and Aj in the bathroom Suzette had a nightmare and woke a bunch of people up


2:15AM Suzette, AJ and Talla Just random chit chat..

(the video is uploading)

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Aaaand everyone’s asleep again. Part of the reason this season has been pretty boring is because there aren’t many stay-up-lates. The best BB stuff tends to happen after midnight, but most of these HGs are halfway to Snoozetown by quarter after ten. I, for one, am glad Production has done some things to rouse them from their sleep. There were definitely a few casting misses here (mainly Suzette, but definitely also AJ), and the people that could bring drama (Tom, Liza, Aneal, Danielle) are all gone.


I agree….they should have left Aneal and Suzette in the game…..if these houseguests are smart, they would see that their best move is to put up Alec against Emmett and if one of them comes off….put up Peter…..these bromances need to be broken up or else the rest of the season will be predictable


Urgh Alec disgusts me. Why is he all on her like that, aj is no where to be seen and he can’t stand her.

He’s too shady


Could the air hockey table be more painful / annoying to the ear?
Bad idea BBC

Mike Piff

Whether you liked or hated Tom and Liza you cant help but admit the house was much more interesting with them in it….


Peter is such a weirdo like why enter the game if he hates people? Lying on the floor listening to the others omg scary and that aj is on pills he looks ripped and sedated


I love how even Gary thinks that Andrew is bisexual. Gary was acting feminine as hell in the bathroom, I surprised Andrew didn’t jump all over it LOL Andrew’s not doing bad for an “old man,” even Talla wants to hook up with him. I think he just wants AJ though