Straight Shooter about Rachel “right now she could be dieing of thirst in the desert and I wouln’t p!ss in her mouth. “

7:32pm Rachel and Brendon Rachel is saying they should campaign hard on Kalia, every second they are in the Big Brother House they need to be working on Kalia. Rachel thinks there is a chance. Rachel says Brendon needs to be polite and boast Kalia’s ego up (it worked for straight shooter). Rachel comments that Kalia has no idea what she is doing in big brother. Rachel adds if Brendon can get in good with Kalia he’ll be fine this week. Rachel: “Keep saying she’s a competitor .. keep telling her you respect her… keep saying that she got screwed for her HOH” Brendon isn’t sure but Rachel keeps telling him he needs to tell Kalia that he’ll work with her till the end but be on opposite sides. (Sounds a lot like the deal they offered Dani) Brendon brings up talking to Porsche. Rachel: “Porsche she’s become my number one enemy”. Brendon says he’s sure that it’ll be a phsycial competitions Rachel has a good chance to win it. rachel swears she won’t be flustered this time.. she’ll win it. Rachel wants Brendon to really start working Dani hard because she’s thinking it’ll be 3/3 split and Dani will be the final vote. Brendon says he wishes they would of won the POV.

Brendon Heads in to get coffee.

Jordan comes out and they start talking about votes. Rachel thinks it’ll be a 3/3 split and isn’t sure what Dani will do. Jordan thinks because of what was said in DAni’s nomination speech, “I’m going to finish what I stated” that Dani is going to want BRendon gone. Jordan does agree it’ll be 3/3. Rachel asks about Adam vote, Jordan thinks it’s going to keep Shelly, rachel mentions that POrsche is a lost cause to. Jordan : “If we don’t win HOH this week we should just pack our bags and go home” Rachel: “either you, me or jeff need to win it.. we can’t have Adam win it”

8:42pm Backyard Kalia running another Pilates class (twilight zone time again on the feeds)

9:05pm Kitchen Shelly and Dani (This is wicked Straight Shooter go !!)
(dani has been hanging around Shelly a lot)
Shelly talking about Rachel and how big of a liar she is.
Shelly: “I hate liars.. Shoot Straight .. just Shoot Straight to me”
Shelly :”Just Shoot me straight it’s not a problem”
Shelly: “And don’t lie to other people.. if the game is that important.. then whatever.. does it really boil down to that having to lie”
Shelly: “right now she would be dieing of thirst in the desert and I wouldn’t piss in her mouth. ”

Porsche joins them.. Shelly does some more straight shooter talk..

(Shelly has turned up her Rachel smack talk big time around Porsche/Dani and Kalia)

9:20pm Hotdog eating contest prep. Adam Vs Brendon.

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125 thoughts on “Straight Shooter about Rachel “right now she could be dieing of thirst in the desert and I wouln’t p!ss in her mouth. “

  1. The best part of this season is gonna be watching straight shooter suck rachels dick next week when she wins hoh. It’s gonna be priceless.

    1. I hope shelly goes home. She is dellusional and apparently has a personality disorder and CAN believe her own lies. Also, she is great a crying at command. So irritating!!!

        1. Shelly is vile..I hope once she leaves, she goes online and see how disliked she really is. She probably doesn’t realized how she looks to people. Shes an embarrassment herself and her family..

          1. I can’t stand her. I to hope that she does see how much of a kniving bitch American knows she is.
            I wonder what her bosses and clients must think.
            Your are right, she is an embarrassment to herself and her family. Especially her daughter. WOW! I’ll bet her little friends won’t be coming over. Who would want their kids around some so disgusting and evil. I can’t stand her!

            1. I am waiting patiently when Julie Chen has the living room meeting, calls on Shelly to watch and then CBS does a replay of Shelly, Rachel and Brendon’s conversation. You know….the one that Shelly seems to have forgotten about? Please CBS, show that vid snippet?,…. PULEEEEEEEZE.

    1. Is Shelley practicing interviewing for a new job?
      After her stay on BB, I can’t imagine SSS as an Executive for any company.

  2. I was listening to the lying maniac while she was down on her knees cleaning. She’s unnaturally obsessed with Rachel. I think Psychologist call it ‘projection’. She’s the liar but she’s projecting it all on Rachel.

    I love all this talk about the who’s going home. It always ramps up to a fever pitch by Weds. I’m still thinking Brendon is going home again. Remember,statistically speaking,he has the disadvantage. Returning players usually go right back out the door.

    1. I personally think bitch face is really a man an is obsessively in love with Rachel.

      I would love to see Brendon stay and get her the hell out. I can stand her Skeletor looking face. The bitch look like the crypt keeper from Goose Bumps the show.

  3. I dont love or hate Shelly, im indifferent really but that was one o the best lines of this season so far. I like her more now lol…

  4. I am honestly seeing a change in kalia when it comes to her eating habits. She’s eating less junk. I really think she’s trying to do something. She exercising a lot more I think it’s awesome. Hopefully the fat jokes will come to an end soon

  5. Thanks to Dani, at least fans of the show have had no clue of what was or is going on this week. Otherwise this cast is completely boring.

    1. Yes I do!! I said that the other day…. That I find it weird how OBB had a dunce cap on Kalia, and we had a dicussion awhile back about Dani wearing a “I’m with stupid” shirt.
      Yep that humilitard was Kalia Made

      1. Haha that’s great!!!. Dani SHOULD have a shirt that says ‘ I’m with stupid ‘ that’s always pointing to Kalia.

  6. Umm Rachel put on your thinking cap. You are 1 vote for brendon. If Jordan doesn’t think you can get to three that means Jordan and Jeff are not voting for Brendon to stay! Idiot

    1. Haha nevermind Jordan just lied and said it would be 3-3 funny because I know she never “lies” but anyway Jordan and Jeff won’t vote Brendon to stay unless they think he has the votes they won’t expose themselves to Shelly.

  7. Brenda didnt have a chance, Team Bacon used to be like 400 pounds, that was like an appetizer, he is still waiting for the main course….

  8. Adam -‘wins HOH!!! Oh, wait, meant hot dog eating contest against B. If only A could compete that well in actual HoH competitions.

    1. Maybe when he’s on the block again, that type of contest will come up in the POV. If so,hands down he’s the winner.

  9. NO way brenda could’ve beaten Adam, he used to be big, even though he lost the weight you never ever lose that appetite

  10. I wonder what Dani’s peeps think about her suddenly spending all this tine with SS. Or what anyone thinks about it for that matter. Has anyone caught any chit chat about that?

  11. Shelly: “right now she would be dieing of thirst in the desert and I wouldn’t piss in her mouth.

    Umm I wouldn’t want anyone to piss in my mouth neither, I wouldn’t even piss in my mouth if I was dehydrated in the desert, I’d just die

    1. Shelly has been watching too much of Bear Grylls ‘Man vs.Wild’. He’s the only one I’ve seen drinking urine to quench thirst.

    2. True! Shelly needs a psychologist! What sick freak would want to drink her pee? YUCK! That women is crazy who’d want that EWWWWWWWWWW! She just made me puke!…LITERALLY!

    1. She definitely is. She keeps saying people are liars as if she wasn’t lying the whole time up until she got caught. Shes the type of person who thinks she can do no wrong but is always so quick to judge everyone else

      1. Yeah she is. I wonder if all that straight shooting shot holes in her memory and she forgot she tried making that final 3 deal with BR.

          1. Youve got to wonder if her boss is watching this and going, hmmmmmmmmm? Her abject denial of lying seems a very tried and true defense for her.

  12. Unbelievable. I actually can’t believe, Shelly, a grown ass women – and those wrinkles can testify the length of time she has been on this planet – would be so mean and so disgusting towards someone who IS ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH.

    Shelly needs to pack her bags, and take the first plane to Josie and her miserable husband.

  13. Wow either Dani is a Jedi Master or Rachel is the dumbest sack of shit ever. Dani is going to kick Brenda to the curb a second time and Rachel is pledging her loyalty to her. Wow go Dani go…

  14. sorry for the stupid question but are the dpk alliance stealing a bottle of wine a nite and either drinking it or saving it?

  15. At least Rachel and Brenda earned the right to be arrogant, they are amazing in comps… Jeff and Jordan get shit handed to them

  16. With brendon maybe leaving daniele came to rachel telling her they will work together daniele told rachel she would not even tell kalia about their deal & also jeff is planning on calling shelly out for how she’s be acting with dani

  17. Jordon is really useless in this game. Sitting on hammock with Jeff she says: ” I hope it’s (next HoH) an endurance comp so that you could win ….. (Jeff basically silent).” Shit this useless chick doesn’t even talk about her trying like hell to win it. She is useless at any mental and physical comps and, she’s talking shit about everyone this year. Her cuteness has faded as far as I’m concerned. Now she’s just an annoying airhead who doesn’t try at anything.

    1. All I have seen her do a lot of this season is sleeping and that is by herself. She doesn’t even get involved in the games that the others are doing. I don’t know about tonight as I haven’t got on BBAD yet. She doesn’t seem to be into it at all this time.

      1. That’s it. That’s all she does. She even eats by herself on occasion …. When the rest of the HGs are all eating inside.

    1. ILL WILL – without a doubt! If this is how well they work together in a crunch (a game!), then their relationship is so doomed!

  18. WTF is going on? It’s really weird like Shelly forgot or something that’s she’s lying. When she was in the DR she was in denial and they had proof. I really don’t know who’s going home everyone keeps flip flopping.

    1. I agree 100%, but this time his frustration with her is justifiable she’s really not listening to him, she wants to give up and not play since she knows neither one of them have a chance at the 500k, and he’s trying to get her to focus

    2. And, Rachel is now crying. If she was in the desert, she wouldn’t need Shelly. Rachel can turn on her own waterworks.

  19. If J&J vote to keep Brenda, they are finsihed in this game, destroyed their two little followers trust completely, Dani has sure done a good job keeping people crapping their pants!

  20. did rachel look evil when she opened porsche’s beer or what?

    brendon keeps saying “control yourself” during their daily fight! ha ha ha…so far, no tears from rachel

    1. Heath – evil is right! Only tears right now are tears of laughter from those of us who are watching, yet another, BR meltdown. LMAO watching this shit!

  21. THIS IS GOOD TV! lmao

    Rachel may pick Brenda up and toss him!

    and then 5 minutes later, they’ll be kissing and making up…as usual.

  22. The funniest part was when Brendan was banging on the have nots bed and Rachel goes “oh you’re so tough” I laughed soo loud

  23. hotdog eating contest
    Fighting in the HN room
    Can it get any better?

    U shoulda saved yourself when u won the pov Brendon. That would have been better for team Brenchel

    1. Someone getting into a fist fight and teeth get knocked out, OR they get more booze and the girls(minus shelly yuck) getting drunk and we have an orgy…..

  24. Is Dani seriously saying to Kalia “You have to put JJ up if you win HOH. You have to, you have to. There is no other way, you have to.” And yes she said “you have to” 17,000 times. So Dani is basically getting 4 weeks of HOH if Kalia wins this next one. Nice. And she said JJ is stabbing BR in the front if they vote BR out and so R will attach to DKP. You put him on the block, Dani – no one could vote him out had you not put him there. Rachel is a dumb ass and Dani is way too arrogant. I need to reevaluate who I am rooting for – just JJ I guess.

  25. Brenda wan a mature wife? umm you with the wrong women for that buddy, the only thing mature about Rachel is her legal age.

    1. I don’t have the feeds, but if she is not wearing underwear production or Shelly (since she is always cleaning)need to Lysol or use a disinfectant spray and hose down every where Scank-chael sits. Gross man

    2. I thought I heard a HG say she never wears undershorts. They were describing her shorts after she took them off. It made me gag a little.
      On another note, OMG Dani’s shoes are so gd hideous. Annie tried to sport those last year and they were ugly then too.

    3. oh yes she did, there are no panty lines..I swear she pulls this crap like opening P’s beer, flashing her va jj and other childish stuff to get him riled up so she can get more camera time. it’s all a game to her……..she does act like a child who’s always in need of attention, who will act out just to get the attention, even if it’s negative attention……..I’m sure they learned all this manipulation at a very young age

  26. It trips me out that Rachael thinks she is such a great player and the biggest target for being so. She is a target not bc people are scared of her winning compa, but bc she has the worst social game in the house. She boasts about winning 2 HOHs and that JJ haven’t done anything. JJ won HOH and a POV. Nobody can say Jordan was given her HOh bc there is no guarantee Brendon would have putted into the 1 or 2 point hole. Rachel however was given the first HOH. She has not done more in coms than JJ.

    Brendon always claims if there is a physical comp, he will win it. In 2 seasons he hasn’t won an endurance comp. BR bash the other HG specifically JJ for not knowing how to okay the game. JJ are in a much better position than BR bc they are playing the game better. BB is a social game that requires strategy of when to sit back and let others take each other out, when to step up and win a comp when needed. BR do not her that at all. They think winning comps wins BB, and it doesnt.

    BR have had 2 chances at BB…three actually for Brendon. They barely made jury last year and are heading that same direction this year. How can they criticize others for their gameplay? Bottom line…BR are getting outplayed.

  27. Okay, maybe I am just bored but I wish Brendon would let Rachel go off on everybody. Just have a major blowout. Let the fur fly. Get out of her way Brendon.

  28. Can someone say CONTROL FREAK. Rachel sit here, sit like this, dont say this, dont talk etc. etc. Holly Shit. I think they are both realizing they are so wrong for each other…

  29. 11pm, Big Brother After Dark, Reflection

    Ahhh yes, this reminds me of the first time these two morans made me want to gouge my eyes out with a plastic spork.

  30. I wonder why whenever Dani is not in power she always wants the HOH to take out Jeff. She’s now telling Kalia that she has to win next week so she can put up JJ. Over the past 3 weeks, Dani has been HOH twice and neither time did she put Jeff up. So why does she want K to put Jeff up? Why don’t you have the balls to do it yourself, Dani? If I were Kalia, I would not do Dani’s diry work. JJ clearly stated that they want Dani out first over Kalia. So, if Jeff wins HOH and Dani does not win POV, Dani will go to jury. I’m hoping Rachel or Jeff wins next week. No matter what happens, I hope Rachel stays.

    1. ..perhaps Dani’s first goal was to break BR up. First time didn’t take… (thanks CBS)… so why not try again. Major slap in the face to CBS and BR if she does. Besides, once ur gone from this house, just GO AWAY!!

  31. Big argument with my boyfriend last night………he says I’m lying……he says he know Shelly is a man ! ! ! I said
    no………she’s a lady………..He says…….a lady, my ass ! ! ! ! ! Then, it’s like………seriously, for real ? ? ?
    Then, she says …the piss in the mouth thing and he said……….absolutely not…….that is not a lady, woman, girl
    or female in any way ! ! ! ! ! LOL Why won’t he believe me ? ? ? LOL

  32. Hahahahahahah LOL rolling on the floor….I tried to tell y’all weeks ago that Shelly was (is) a slimey old snake, but noooo some of you thought she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I know a lot of people think Jordan is so special and she is.she needs to be on a short bus attending a special school to receive special education. The humilitard may have been made for Kalia, but it fits dumb ass Jordan even better!!!!

  33. FWB-Love it. That’s exactly what Jeff and Jordan are. Jordan is getting just as bad as Jeff with the trash talk. She seems irritated that others are playing the game,which is getting in her way of being handed the win.

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