Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dani tells Rachel Brendon is going home Offers her a deal , Rachel accepts **updated**

9:40pm Adam destroys Brendon in the hotdog contest.. eats 10 hot dogs in 4 minutes and the raw egg in the end.

9:45pm HOH rachel/Dani rachel starts off by saying “Isn’t Brendon so much fun”. Dani smiles “Your serious this is how you’re pitching it to me”…. Rachel says this is how she play Big Brother, it’s how she played Big Brother 12 and it’ll be like this is she played Big Brother 14.

Rachel asks her what she is going to do if it’s a 3/3 split… Rachel thinks that it’ll be JJR to evict Shelly and KAP to evict BRendon. Dani says it puts her in a really tough position.. If she wants to keep Brendon she would rather convince Kalia then have to make the decision herself. Rachel wants to go to Kalia and pull her aside and offer her a fianl 4

Dani: “Kalia is going to play with her emotions.. I can talk to her though”. Rachel brings up that BRendon will win next weeks HOH and he will not put Kalia or Dani up. Dani says if it’s 3/3 and she evicts Shelly she basically screws herself with Kalia, Adam and POrsche. rachel points out that she gains BR. Dani knows but still thinks their is a bond with Brendon and JJ. Dani: “I want to help you guys out I’ll talk to Porsche and Kalia.. but in the end they will do what they want”
Dani: “I promise promise promise you if brendon goes I will have your back 100%… If Kalia gets another HOH I will convince her to not put you up”
Dani: “This does not leave this room I tell you this if brendon leaves I have your back 100% as long as you have mine”

Rachel: “I Believe you.. I trust you and I have your back”
Dani: “I’m not telling Kalia i’m not telling you anything”
Dani: “you will have my vote and I will try and influence Kalia to benefit us three”
Rachel: “If JJ vote against brendon it’ll be clear as day.. I promise you I will not hold it against you.. If you vote Brenodn out I’m going to be pissed but I’m not going to let that affect my game”
Dani I prmise you with my life as long as you have my Back I have yours (dani repeats this a lot)
Rachel: “if brendon leaves you are the only one I can count on”
Rachel says she was all alone last week because it was JJSA and her. She said int he the DR “Nobody wants to work with me I’ve won all theses comps I feel lilke the black fish”. Dani says they are so close to making it to the end, her and rachel can make it they have to think positive because the second you
The past is the past and we’ll leave it in the past..
rachel: “I believe yo and I have your back to”
Dani: “I seriously had trouble believing you guys at first during the nominations ceremony I spent 2 hours trying to decide who to put up”
Rachel: “I promise you as long as you don’t BLANK me I’m team Dani”
Dani says nobody needs to know about their arrangement, if word gets out that Dani and Rachel are both in “the crapper”. Rachel swears she won’t say anything, IF she wins HOH Dani doesn’t have to worry she’ll make something up about Backdooring her then they will win the POV.

Rachel says there is 3 people in this hose who are worthless but are also the most dangerous because they cannot control their votes. Rachel points out that Porshe is in the best position in the game. Rachel thinks Porsche will make a deal with Shelly for her vote. Rachel thinks they should let Kalia win HOH this week so going into double eviction there is both her a dani competing.

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9:55pm JJ hammock Their starting to get paranoid about Rachel having a deal, Shelly having a deal, Adam having a deal. Jordan is starting to think that Shelly is moving to the other side. Jeff fells like they need to talk to Shelly and ask her straight up whats going on. Jordan has heard soo many lies originating from Shelly, Shelly has trouble keeping them all straight. Jordan points out that Shelly is hanging out with DP lately. Jordan thinks it’s going to be JJR in the game. Jeff thinks they have Adam to. Jordan is sure Shelly still has an alliance with them but only them and it doesn’t include ADAM.

Jordan: “I’ve been trying to talk to Porsche because I know if she wins HOH it’s JJ up on the block”
Jeff: “Adam said he’s putting up Dani and Kalia.. Adam is good with us.. Shelly has been avoiding me though.. we need to talk to her”

Jordan says they need to get Dani out next week. Jeff thinks it’s odd that Shelly has been sayign she’s going to put up Rachel, “Why doesn’t she win something for once”
Jeff is positive they don’t have the votes to save Brendon they may need to try and get Shelly back in the fold. Jeff feels like they need to talk to Shelly and find out if she’s gone tot he other side.

Jeff says Rachel is cutting deals with everyone telling them they will go after JJ id they keep Brendon. Jordan: “With BR throwing us under teh bus it’s not a good idea to keep them”

Jordan: “If brendon leaves we have Rachel, Adam and Shelly” Jeff: “Dude if I win HOH everyone will be with us” Jordan: “we’re fine as long as KP doesn’t win HOH” Jeff thinks the HOh comp will be physical and he’s going to fight like hell for it. Jrodan hopes it’s not questions she’ll be sick if it is.

11:03pm Adam saying they don’t have to worry he will never trust BR. As much as he would love to be able to trust them he knows they will do whatever it takes to further their game. Adam: “Oh I figured out why Dani is so nice to Shelly.. it’s just in case She wins HOH” Brendon starts walking to the hammock. Jordan: “Dammit why can’t we every be left alone”

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10:25pm havenots BR Rachel is saying their only hope is Kalia. Dani will not keep BRendon, she was tlaking a lot about what happens after Brendon leaves the house. Rachel starts saying she’s going to give up. They move to the havenots and fight for a hour.

10:50pm HOH DK Dani is laying out the DK alliance long term strategy. She says if Kalia wins HOH she has to put up JJ. They need to split JJ up asap otherwise they won’t have the numbers. Dani explains that the biggest risk they have now is JJS, After Jordan gave Shelly that phone call the JJS alliance is very strong

Dani is going over all the scenarios Some key points are
a) Jeff and Jordan must get split up, Kalia must be prepared to put jordan up (She really stresses this)
b) Shelly is close to Jeff and Jordan
c) If Rachel wins HOH Adam and Porsche go up, if POV is used JJ may go up
d) If Jeff and Jordan vote to evict Brendon Rachel is threw with JJ
e) They need Rachel

Kalia isn’t sure Jeff and Jordan will vote to keep Shelly. Dani says she’s 100% sure they will and once that happens they have Rachel. Dani really stresses they need to split up JJ to get the numbers. Kalia says if she does that it will make her look bad in front of the house. Kalia thinks she’ll lose too many votes in Jury. Dani: “I’m telling you Right now.. How do you get Jury vote.. By getting to the top 2 and how do you get to the top 2 by doing what you have to do”

kalia says she will put up JJJ if she gets the HOH. Dani stresses again they need to get the HOH and she’s confident they will get it. (DKPR)

Dani tells Kalia from here on in they really need to watch what they tell people. Give Shelly just a Tiny bit of info and Porsche a bit more than that. They Need both of them and Rachel to make this all work.

11:40pm Rachel and Jordan hottub Rachel tossing Shelly and Porsche under the bus. Tells Jordan that Prosche won’t vote to keep Brendon. Jordan tells rachel shes ays she made Shelly promise to not put Rachel up if she wins HOH. Rachel says Porsche is planning on making a deal with Shelly. Rachel says she doesn’t like dani she can’t stand her but she dislikes Porsch and Shelly more. Jordan brings up that Kalia and Porsche have been working out a lot because they think the next comp will be physical. She doesn’t think it’ll help them.

Jordan tells Rachel that She made Shelly promise to not put R up if she wins HOH because R is part of their alliance and Shelly owes Jeff and Jordan because Jeff and Jordan are voting to keep her this week.

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do you all think porsche is gaining a lot of weight?


Haha yes shes starting to fill out that purple sweatsuit fast!!!


Who the hell cares? She’s still attractive. God, I don’t understand how women put up with this every day of their life – if I was scrutinized for gaining 5-10 lbs. all the time I’d go batshit crazy and strangle somebody.

It’s so misogynistic and repulsive…


I don’t think it’s an issue for anyone to gain 5lbs but Porsh is on TV and she looks HORRIBLE! I watched last night and was so put off by her. She looks like she took a bath in grease. It just screams how lazy this girl is being and how easy it has been for her to coast through this game. She isn’t worried about anything and that is what drives me bonkers! At least when she was with BR she tried…


Porsche she too much junk food in the big brother show.

Jim smooth

i don’t care. I would still pork her all day and all night under the covers and let the mother HG see the stains we leave behind.

Tickling the Berries

She’s still hot as hell


Jordan thinks it’s going to be JJR in the game.

no sweeite pie it’s going to be JJ vs the house LMFAO


no it won’t…if jj vote out brendon then jjsa is still alive and kicking and rachel moves on to dkp…the alliances will be even and rachel sucks at hiding things because of her emotions so she will probably get in a fight with jeff and everyone will know she is siding with dkp…therefore everyone will know who stands where…as long as someone in jjsa wins the hoh they’re good for another week!


Rachel stated last night that she will stick with JJ, and pretend with DKP. She has a high dislike for DP at this time, she doesn’t want to be with them as much as D thinks.


Jordan looks like a baby monkey everytime I look at her eyes…and I dont mean that as an insult


you mean it as a compliment?


Kalia is pissing me off she 100% thinks she’s gonna win this HOH, I hope she loses and then Jeff wins and puts up kalia and dani

chief c

amen to brenden being gone uck i like rachel more than him wow egomaniac much what about rachels needs boy cause if you were a man it’d be her first then you schmuck. not a gentleman doesnt care about how she is percieved if shes hated more he has more control of her. I dont think he is good for her.
Jeff, hmm think he’s kinda funny and his put downs jordon or otherwise are for a laugh or emphasis i think he’s ok like adam alot everyone like jordo,but rachel i like better this season but i still couldnt be around the childish behavior,though, i get why she’s that way. Think Shelly is ok lady but not gonna win kalia hmm really dislike her she has an aura of someone who looks down on others and does it to think higher of her self think she is a vey selfish person. dani oh yea lets not leave out dani loathes everyone, but wants to win and doesnt mind using everyone to get there. okay. trying hard, but loves to cap down on anyone she is not talking to, insults everyone like her dad but doesnt pull it off well. anybody notice she whines alot of her comments, hate whining, she is a whiner remember last time how many times did she whine ‘not fair’ we will hear it again, doesnt deserve to win either. why dont these people do things together play games or talk other than game borriing give them more alcohol they need a night of rampant relaxing so they say something dumb to the wrong person. Oh yeah porshe think she is lame all the way dont care who wins just want more interaction forced if necessary.

Aqua Bernie

Wait now rachel is working with JJ again? What the hell is going on?


Last ditch effort to save Brendon. Once he’s gone, her allegiance will be with Team Dani.


Actually, her alliance will be with whoever wins HOH. I can’t stand her ugly face and voice. Please go away.


She knows she’s first one out of the JJSA alliance. If she aligns with DKP, she becomes a lot less expendable.


Yeah, she’ll be 4th of 4 instead of 5th of 5.


not necessarily, Rachel has a chance to win hoh or pov for final four week. and the only vote that week is the pov champ or person not on block, so rachel would at least have a chance to make it to the final 3, if she stuck with the girls alliance.

Nikki Tomberlin

She has to make it seem like everything is normal!!!!!! Dani and her don’t want anyone knowing about there deal! I think if they keep brendon they will stay loyal to jj but if jj vote him out there will be no jjr


Jeff: “Dude if I win HOH everyone will be with us

that’s a HUGE IF


So huge, its almost not worth even mentioning!


Nobody Goes Home, Jeff is given a power

get my vote, production will try something I just know it


That would be awesome!!


Team Dani has the two best comp players now. This is why it was smarter to put Brendon up than put Jeff up.


Rachel just told jj what daniele told her


Rachel told Jordan what?


Rachel told JJ that Dani told her that JJ was voting for Shelly?


Ok 🙂 I was confused


She did? What was their response?


Finally Rachel had come to the dark side *evil laugh*


If it works first all female alliance.


My suggestion is “the Four Horsewomen”


JORDON SPEAKS WITHOUT THINKING ….YET AGAIN! Jordon to R: “…ya & I told Shelly that you have to really keep R in our alliance if you win HoH next week cause …..(wait for it) ….. we’re voting to keep you (S) this week.” R, if you weren’t already 100% certain who JJ were going to vote to keep this week, YOU ARE NOW! Hilarious, another priceless moronic statement from Jordon.


Bip25 – LoL at you! The official and/or formal phrasing is most definitely “for all intents and purposes.” However, the slang or urban use (thus widely accepted) of this phrase, is as I’ve used above. A+ to you for actually knowing something but F to you for not knowing the relaxed form of media with which you are working. 😉


It’s summer Bip, get off people’s backs freakin tightwad


No kidding but did Rachel catch it? I didn’t see any reaction from her.


She’ll tell brenden and he be pisst at jj and make sure r sides w dkp after he leaves. Jeff will be furious of Jordan. Hasn’t he already told her to stop talking? Haha


R no doubt heard it but, whether it registered, who knows. I suspect it did but on that strange low frequency level of R’s where when she rehashes it later with B, it’ll fully sink in and then …. another R meltdown and/or blow up.


DR, I was wondering if she caught it or not. Maybe if she does rehash it with Brendon it will register as you say. I don’t know, tho. She is so upset with Porscha that I don’t know if she really heard Jordon. Anyway, BBAD is over so you will have to let me know if she talks to Brendon tonight.


BBGrandma, I would but like yourself, I don’t get Live Feeds, only BBAD. Perhaps Simon or Dawg will catch that and give us a recap. Wide awake after having watched BBAD and am trying to fall asleep. You can see from the fact that I’m posting this message at 4:06am, that I’m not having much success! |-)


Well, I guess we can’t accuse Jordan of lying in the house. I think we should rename her as the Straight Shooter. See….not everybody in the house lies or is deceitful.


I heard that, waited a few minutes so I could flashback, then rewatched it. My jaw almost dropped at how careless Jordan was in making that statement.


Wow revealing BBAD and what it tells me is JJ are screwed. Only hope Jeff wins a physical comp this week and then next week he gets a twist in his favor(another Americas Vote). Doesnt look good for JJ tonight though


Do you think Jordan’s parent’s are brother and sister?




LoL! Put it this way, it wouldn’t surprise me.


Maybe they are just 1st cousins.


I think in their neck of the woods “pumpkin” is 2 words.


being from the south myself that was freaking halarious and am bummed for not being the first to use it.

Big brother is so RIGGED

Just cause your are brother and sister doesn’t mean Jordan’s are…..

Big brother is so RIGGED

All you spineless jellyfish jumped on the Dani bandwagon when CBS rigged the comps for her and Kalia The Hut..They know if they get rid of Dani rating would drop .. Dani would sell out her grandmother for a glass of wine and will use and do whatever to get to the end of this game..DKP make me sick and not they got trader Rachel on dark side…It will prolly be rachels time to win a comp this week whatever cbs thinks is best for the ratings will happen..


Does Jeff know he marrying in the “Hills Have Eyes” family?


CBS will tell these useless house guests how to vote so it all comes down to Dani’s tiebreaker vote. drama = ratings.


Did you catch what Jordan said the Kalia answered the questions before she heard them when she won HOH, I noticed that also how do you get Dom out of “who said” production has rigged this game. I have cancelled Showtime I am sick of this,
why can’t they just let them play the game ?


Well what famous comment did Keith or Cassie make? None. Kalia was so frightened during that competition that I think she just answered hoping that Julie was referring to the spineless jellyfish comment.


I knew that answer before the question finished being asked also. The question was “Who during their eviction speech referred to other house guests as…..” buzzz

Dom got evicted the week before too so it was fresh in your memory. And I also had a feeling they would ask that question too – as I’m sure many people with half a brain also knew.

The thing is Jordan is Dumb as nails and she wouldn’t be able to anser any question, unless Jeff help her of course.


OMG!! I thought I was the only one that caught that because nobody seemed to make a big deal of it!! How in the world did she get that answer????? I swear its fixed somehow. Come on! Everytime Dani or Kalia NEEDED to win HOH, they did? In the endurance competition everyone was struggling except Dani?? I don’t buy it at all!


Jordan fans are just as confused as her.


If the game truly is rigged like many people claim – then at least CBS will try and make sure Jordan doesn’t win again, because that would truly be a travesty if someone as useless as her won twice.


you sound jealous of Jordan


There are so many important conversations going on right now!!!
Rachel seems fairly confident the vote is going to end up 3/3… but I’m not so sure about that at this point. I really kinda have no idea what is going to happen come Thursday.
Rachel and Dani made a deal, but now Rachel is talking with Jordan who seems to be back in the mindset that JJ need R…
Adam seems to have his mind made up.
Porsche is useless and believes she should get rid of Brendon ’cause he’s “the only person in the house she can’t beat” smh…
Kalia seems hesitant of having to work with Rachel.
So I have no clue what is gonna go down. I’m about 90% sure Brendon is going home… but if JJ do vote to keep him, will Rachel stick to her deal with Dani or go back to JJ? And if she doesn’t keep the deal, will Dani be able to survive with Kalia and Porsche as her only allies?
I think Shelly needs to go home (if not this week, then next), then Jeff, then Jordan, then Adam, then it wouldn’t matter after that so long as Dani got to the final 2. I think she could beat both Rachel and Kalia in the final 2…

I’m ready for Thursday so we know which way this all will go…


See above re: my recap of what Jordon leaked out to R. JJ are voting out B.


I saw that when I was watching the live feeds.


Depends on the job I was hiring them for. I can think of a couple they might be good at.




JJ fans are starting to become bitter. Don’t worry, I’m sure production will throw them the HOH this week. But don’t get your hopes up too much, because production will probably throw Dani the POV.


Dani is a fool to pressure Kalia into putting up Jeff and Jordan if she wins HOH. Kalia will throw the HOH for sure now. Also, on the heels of telling Kalia that she needs to keep her mouth shut, Kalia says we need to vote out Porshe! In a loud ass voice! Guess who walks in the HOH a SECOND later? I cant believe Porshe didn’t hear that! If Porshe wins HOH, she would probably put up JJ. She seems like she’s more on the same page with Dani than Kalia at this point.


“Anonymous”, are you calling me crazy? Rude. I don’t see how your response has anything at all to do with my comment. Other than the fact that you think Dani should go home next week and I think she should win. I am not a fan of Rachel or Porsche and nothing that I said in my post implies that I am. And this isn’t about hiring either of them… it’s a game, a television show… What they do once the season is over means absolutely nothing to me. That is not what these discussions are about.


Wow and everyone wants to talk about how bad Jeff talks to Jordan… Listen to how brendon is cussing and yelling at Rachel it’s 100% worse.. He’s trying to tell her where to sit.. And he is way worse then Jeff will ever be.


Ya but Jordan is a sweetheart and Rachel is a crazy, unstable bitch


lol..very true!


Incoming the BRIDEgade (DKPR)


I am team Dani, however, I feel like she should have put up JJ instead of relying on Kalia. She doesn’t want to get the blood on her hand, I understand that, but Kalia threw her whole HOH away just to please Jordan, and I truly don’t think she will put them up this time either.


She wants their jury votes. Dani wants Kalia to do the dirty work. Mark my words, if Kalia wins HOH. Kalia will not have the balls to put JJ up.

BB Fan 5

No, she definitely wont. Jeff was able to intimidate Kalia the last time, by basically yelling at her and threatening her (which I personally have no problem with, its a game). I think Kalia is petrified to see that same reaction from Jeff. Plus, she knows that there is a good possibility that Jeff will win the POV and come after her. And, as was just said, she wants jury votes. I hope she realizes that she doesnt want to be sitting next to Dani at the end. She will lose, simply because everyone knows that Dani was pulling all the strings. The only way for Kalia to win BB is to start making some friends in the house, she cant rely on Dani and Porsche! To her, JJ are two jury votes that she needs. And the only way to get them is to keep JJ happy for a while. This next week should be very interesting.


Kalia must realize on some level that she’s not going to win this game. She is not liked by many of the HGs, and Dani is just using her.


I don’t know if, without BB’s help, Kalia could undo all of Dani’s work AGAIN, but she sure will try. Almost as if she doesn’t understand the game. And it is hilarious that Jordo is all “I will not work with Kalia!” They need more dunce costumes.


I could not agree more. She’s by far the best player in the game and the only reason this season is still interesting to watch. She has won basically every comp that she has competed in if you think about it (take out the first banana one where she made sure she was safe with rachel before voluntarily dropping out and the pov where brendon won but left himself on the block anyways) and has had her back up against the wall multiple times while taking on the whole house and to this point always coming out on top and making the rest of the houseguests look like amateurs. She has made risky moves that some may consider bad but they were moves she needed to make and take a chance on based on her tough position. She is now thinking more long term and teaming up with rachel to boost her numbers to take out jj which are really her only threats due just to the fact that people like them which i think will again be another good move for her. By far the best, and maybe the only, player playing the game this season and hope she wins, she by far desrves it


definitely. She is going to get Rachel on her side when J/J vote to evict Brendon. And in jury R/B will realize they did all of J/J’s dirty work and Dani actually played. She just needs two more votes after that kahlia and Porsche. If she gets to the final she wins.
If this were a real season and S/A weren’t just J/J fans, and Jordan even bothered to play it would be Dani’s game for sure. If JJSA put her up (which Shelly won’t win anything why should she pick a side now) (Adam is an idiot and will do what Jeff wants but he has to win first) (Jordan no) Jeff maybe. But that means JSA are the voters if she’s up against Kahlia she can talk to Porsche and Rachel about keeping her in the game and all they need is Shelly or Adam to see how it benefits them to keep her in seeing as how she’s the target and will get the blood on her hands it would take to take out JJ but since they are J/j puppets who don’t deserve a big brother spot they will probably do what he says and just go with it.
I think BB will save Dani in the DR if push comes to shove. Her victories are the highest rated shows this season people are clearly tuning in to see her win/rooting for her.


I think it all comes down to what type of comp HOH is. If it is physical, Adam and Jeff will win. If it is endurance, Rachel or maybe Porsche? will win. If it is questions, it’s anybody’s game.


anybody’s game except for Jordan

BB Fan 5

Not necessarily. I find that Jordan does well with skills comps – somthing not really physical with no time constraints. Like the golfing competition, and that rolling the ball competition that he won last year to get herself into the final HOH comp. It is true, questions are jordans thing, especially if it is timed. She wont win an endurance comp, but I give her credit because IMO she performs much better this year in endurance than last year.


Well, it probably won’t be True or False because Jordon just said that she is not good at that or anything with a buzzer. So, I doubt if production will make it a challenge that Jordon can’t win for sure.


If its questions, then JJ are done. They are dumb as rocks.

Nikki Tomberlin

I hope b stays and brd become allies!!!!! I use to like jj but nope not no more they are floating!!!! Also it would be better for dani to keep b because j hate to say it when Jeff really feels threatened he will step up and start winning and it will take brd to take him out!!!!! Ugh foolishness!!!!!!


Yeah that’s true. I would also like to see Brendon stay and form their allience again. Dani needs to dump the 2 anchors.


Or should I say FLOATERS.


Rachel more or less told Jordan what Dani did upstairs. Or was I just imagining things? That was smart. Dani can’t use that against her and Rachel can ride some fences here. Dani only wants Rachel to ride for a few weeks so I don’t blame Rachel for outsmarting her if she can just keep it up. Stay in the middle, Rachel. In the middle.


Really? I didn’t hear all that.

If she stays in the middle, wouldn’t that make her a floater

Nikki Tomberlin

Simon can u please zap into the Bb house slap these people around and say why let all these damn floaters go this far!!!!! Porsha shelly kalia , they get on my nerves, they need to go!!! Lol silly j no but a wish


Love your comment and I second that. motion.

Nikki Tomberlin

Haha silly I no, but man those Three are on myast nerve, shelly lies but then cries bc she is caught and straight shoots herself back to lying, porsha does absolutely nothing but eat, float, and float some more, kalia ugh she us annoying she always reminds people if her promise to never put up Jordan ” hello dani wake up” and she just blabs in and on!!!!!

I think bringing the veterans in was cool but these newbies line shelly and kalia are star struck and kiss there ass!!!! Do people seem toforget that Jordan won already doing exactly what she us now!!!!!! Man oh man how u wish I was in that house !!!!!!


Simon, have you finshed your last drink yet? Because “floater” appears again. Drink!


Kalia and shelly aren’t floaters. They have they’re set alliances and the don’t flip flop. Por on the other hand is a floater. I like how she used Rachel being mean to her as an excuse to jump to the other side. If jj or Adam win hoh this week I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks up and excuse to jump to their side. She is smart though


Are you serious. Shelly is a backstabbling b—-! I’d call someone playing both sides a freakin’ floater. She floats to both sides. Can’t stand her and glad she won’t win this….!


Think about it! Kalia’s HOH was not in vain! It was the planting of the seed of bringing rachel to their side. And if this diabolical plan by dani works instead of luwon they have rachel on their side so in fact it was a blessing in disguise!


diabolical plan by dani?

wasnt it brendon that went up to hoh and proposed the alliance to dani? if JJSA win hoh…dani will go up. rachel will put dani up if she wins hoh…because of her ego. no way in hell rachel will not try and get even for evicting brendon.


You sir are foolish. I dont see rachel being any part of jjsa anymore and coming into this hoh there will be porshe, kalia, racheal looking to eliminate jeff.

On jeff’s side there is jeff and jordan and adam and shelly.

Shelly and jordan are practically useless, so I’d say dani has a great chance of staying a few more weeks.


I think it is smart for Dani to lure Rachel because based on stats Rachel has the second amount of total wins! I doubt she’ll win HOH, but it’ll be really interesting if she does! If I were in the house (JJ) better make Rachel stay close! But JJ is pretty much clueless this season w/ keeping Shelly and stuff!


Brendon is gone, but Rachel will remain strong. Dani wants to reign her in. Jeff is gone next. Dani must be a mastermind, or maybe production is????


Shifting from Danielle to Jordon.. I love the irony that Rachel’s setting herself up to become a floater. LOL!


Simon, are you going to give us another post or are we calling it a night ??? lol

the truth

If Kalia wins HOH and backdoor dani for the win because she will not beat her in the final 2


Wow, just wow!!


If Rachel joins Dani, it would be such a excellent plan for Rachel to go to Jordan and Jeff and have a massive fake break down about Brendon leaving. It’s going to no doubt throw Jeff off his game.


Jeff is working with some real morons. He literally has do everything on his own. Game play, competitions. I think Jeff days are numbered.

If will be Jeff vs KPR in the hoh comp.


his g/f is a moron too


Jeff isn’t really bringing much intellect to the table either. What a miserable joke of people to be aligned with. Unless there is a HOH that involves twirling their hair, lying through their teeth, or a eating contest, they aren’t winning anything. Jeff is the only one left that is remotely capable of winning anything on Team Do Nothing (JJSA).


about time. seriously

its unfortunate it took this long for dani to realize this, and she actually should have kept brenden long enough to get rid of jeff, but now that brenden is basically gone….

taking rachel as far as possible is key…and this is the one week where rachel’s hate wont look fake…because she actually DOES hate dani, porsche and shelly…fortunately for dani, she is smart enough to know that as of now, the best final 3 for her is rachel, kalia, dani


i’m watching the brenchel fight in the havenot room. epic! theres no way this marriage lasts, if it even happens in the first place. these dipshits deserve each other.


OMG kalia you are so stupid, why do you feel the incredible need to be loved by jeff and jordan, it makes you look week and insecure. God they talk sooooooooooooooooooo bad about you, get some common sense


I can’t wait for Brendon to go. I really don’t want two cameras on them having sex . Two nights in a row. They don’t even try to hide it. A guy who respects a woman would not do it in a house full of people, even when they are sleeping in the next bed and on live feeds. A girl who respects herself would never give a BJ on camera. I clicked away as quick as I could and was tortured by a JJ paranoia session and feeble attempts to think things through. Less torturous than watching Brenchel in bed. Yuck.


Lol dani plays well but i want brendom stay and shelly leave


Am I the only one who was lusting after Rachel tonight after she lay down on the bed in the HN room wearing that skimpy shkirt with arse cheeks almost popping out ??

(Oh yes, I said shkirt …. a shirt+skirt combo)

Team 500 G's

Seems like Dani’s plan is comming around, Seeems like a lot of people around here are jumping on the Team Dani bandwagon…Dani getting Roach on her side is an excellent move. Roach is a pretty good comp player and Dani knows if its her and Roach in final 2….Dani wins hands down….It really dosnt matter now. If Dani goes up against anyone left in the house she pretty much can with this thing if jury members vote for who is the best game player. Dani isnt worried about the jury votes….she knows it dosnt matter if you dont get to the final 2.

I still think that production wants Dani to win it….If she does she will have done it single handed. She will get from under Evel Dicks shadow and will be known as much of a great game player as her father…I also think we havnt seen the last of the Donato’s….BB 15? Good vs Evel…..Beauty and the Beast….They continue not to speak to eachother…it all culminates on a BB Family brawl….

Smelly is done in this game weather she switches sides or not there is no way she can win the game. Either side will just use her until it dosnt serve their purpose antmore. Porsche has shown no evidence of being any kind of game player, same thing goes for Kalia. These two will be used for their votes then evicted when nesscesary.
Adam, has shown a glimps of game play but tends to over think the game. Waits to long to make any moves, will find himself looking from the outside in when it will be to late. He cant see the writing on the wall. He should jump team J/J as soon as the eviction ceremony on thursday is over when everyone sees where the battle lines have been drawn….if not….he will soon find himself on the block with no help.

BTW…..J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank


If Danni votes out Brendan, it will be her worst move of the game.

Why would Rachel not go with JJSA then at least secretly?

Instead of having 5-3 on her side, by voting Brendan out, it will be 3-5. I think Danni is going home next week.

It may come down to Rachel and Jordan in the final 2 with Jordan winning it all again.


Watching BBAD @10:15. Jeff and Jordan in the hammock. Jordan was telling Jeff that endurance competition was coming up and HE needs to try to win!!..WTH!!! What’s wrong with HER trying to win again. Don’t get me wrong, Jeff is good at endurance, but I feel like she is not going to give it her all and all and truly depend on Jeff to win the HOH Comp. I am in no means a JJ fan, but I feel like she is using him. All she does is and complain and twirl her hair She acts entitled. I was reading an article on Jokers and he said that Jeff didn’t want to appear on BB this season, but Jordan talked him into it. I’m really beginning to believe that she is using Jeff to help HER win the 500G’s like she did in BB11. It really makes me angry because she is still trying to play America with this dumb innocent country girl act and people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Now, I could be wrong and taking this situation all out of proportion, and maybe she was just telling him that he needs to win because he is good at endurance comps But, listening to her day after day and watch her twirl her hair is just getting next to me.


Really?????? I’ve never saw such a more conceited, self absorbed person on tv before. Disliked her before dislike her now,


Agree. Even evel dick should be ashamed of dani’s personality and behavior. What an embarrassment to herself and her family.


^^ jordan fan for sure ^^


Rachel is not near as bad as Dani.


Oh Bip25, grammatically incorrect response! You should have said: “I’ve never SEEN a more conceited…” or “I’ve never SEEN such a conceited….” or “I never saw a more conceited ….” or “I never saw such a conceited…”

BTW Bip25 – my correcting your grammar is in retaliation to the number of times you have done this to others, myself included (see your comment below). I’m a teacher on summer break, and even I wouldn’t consider correcting anyone’s grammar (with the exception of you, and others like you who periodically due this to others using this sites), especially with a forum like this blog, which is a relaxed and urban way of communicating about BB, not for being a pompous ass and contributing grammar correction comments.



Correcting grammar on a bb site. Get a grip dr and face: it dani’s not respected bc of her snide comments. Ever notice her neverending comments about the couples in the house? She wants what they have and cannot let it go. I’ll hearted is what she is. For crying out loud-Even Rachel has a heart.


Strop making up dumb shit Dani is not jealous if the Idiot couple and the Psycho couple, she talks about them for the same reason WE talk about them, THEY DESERVE IT…. FYI she has not told a single lie about them all truth…GET OVER IT


ILL WILL – dead on! Couldn’t agree more. Dani jealous & Rachel has a heart – WTF!!! Makes you wonder what show some people are watching when they make such statements.


I too hate when someone comes on this site to correct grammar. It’s done one too many times. Appreiciate your saying what you did DR. I thought it was perfect. Thank you. Bip25 should be ignored or even better – banned from this site.


All the ‘not so bright’ women love JJ. They can relate to Jordan and are just supporting one of their own.


^^jordan fan for sure ^^


LMAO at the foolywang that is called Brenchel. She told him that when he was out , he should have stayed out and not come back. Brenden is livid and totally going off on Rachel. No wonder Alison Grodner loves this couple so much. She says that they bring the drama without a script!!


Does anyone else think Jordan and Miranda Lambert look and sound alike or is it just me


She reminds me of Sookie on True Blood.


I think I will start calling Rachel, Under Dog, she does things under the sheets, under the bus, under who knows where else.
Here she comes to throw someone under the bus…


OMG no wonder Jeff tells Jordan to shut her mouth. Every time she talks about the game she reveals information that is bad for their game. I would be trying to shut her up too!


These are some of the dumbest house guests I have ever seen.

I may just root for Jordan to win it again


Then you would be rooting for the dumbest HG of all time. Way to take a stand againist stupidity by aligning with the posterchild for stupidity. Well played.


Act least Jordan is not playing stupidly. She is just not doing much.


Dani has been an awesome tactician. Dani has been the only one able to look ahead. With Rachel in the fold, DKPR (“the Four Horsewomen”) are by far the strongest competitors and should coast to the final four.


The awesome tactician who totally stepped on her dick by trying to backdoor a member of her alliance in week 3 when she could have coasted with them until final 5 or the awesome tactician who allowed a member of her alliance to put up another member of the alliance with the intention to evict him in case he came back with super powers?


How are they the strongest competitors? Porsche hasn’t done shit. Kalia won the HOH but something about that comp was weird as she was popping the buzzer before Julie even asked the question… Dani is good but way too arrogant lately. Rachel is decent at comps but she is such an idiot. She betrayed JJ when BR tried to convince Dani to put J or J up instead of B. Then when B is on block, BR say JJ will be betraying them if they vote him out. JJ said (last night) that now they cannot keep B because BR have been trying to convince others to put JJ on block. BR brought this on themselves.And Rachel the f*cktard: Dani put your man on the block, not JJ. I want Adam to win….I swear he is the only one worth a shit anymore…..although Jordan really impressed me last night when JJ were in the hammock….she had a lot of good points and Jeff was just taking it all in, listening and looking HOT as hell. 🙂


its obvious both brendon and rachel are needy people, but when brendon is not around the drama queen he doesnt seem that bad of a person, then when she opened that beer last nite and laughed, he should have laid into her more than he did, man she is just a evil, jealous, envious person……..