Big Brother 13: BR find out they don’t have Porsche’s vote, Rachel: “F**king B!tch.. I want to punch her in the face” **updated**

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5:05pm Havenots Porsche and Rachel
Rachel tells P that BR are on her side and will not put her up. Prosche brings up that last week rachel wanted nothing to do with her and that is even after she voted for Brendon to stay. Porsche feels a bit pissed about that and it shows her that BR are with JJ.

Rachel: “I heard Shelly says she is going to put up POrsche and Adam… Jordan will confirm it.. Brendon and I are not coming after you ” Porsche just agreeing with everything. Porsche: “why are you campaigning for BRendon he should do it himself”. rachel says Brendon will she just wanted to talk to Porsche first.
Rachel: “brendon is a strong guy and he’s going to win the next HOH and he’ll protect you”..
Porsche: “last time I gave Brendon a vote look were that got me and that was only 2 weeks ago” Porsche brings up that Berndon is perhaps too strong of a player to keep in the game, he’s mental and physical.

Rachel says Shelly has been causing all the BLANK in the house. Porsche isn’t worried about Shelly anymore, “I’ve dealt with women like that.. My Mom” Porsche knows shelly can’t be trusted and she’s pretty sure Shelly won’t do good at the comps so why not let her stick around for awhile. Porsche adds that last week Rachel was awfully close to JJS. Rachel says she was alone last week. Prosche disagrees says that Rachel only talked to JJS and she casted Porsche aside so Porsche had to change her game. Rachel says she never talked to shelly, Porsche: “yes you did.. cmon Rachel you know are with them”.

Rachel what kind of deal can brendon and I offer you. Porsche says she really hasn’t thought about it yet. still waiting for brendon to come talk to her.

Rachel: “it’s going to be 3/3 vote and you (porsche) will be the swing vote.”
POrsche: “We’ll then dani will decide”
Prosche says that she’s the 5th person in the JJBR alliance and Shelly isn’t going to win HOH, “it doesn’t benefit me in anyway to have Brendon I cannot beat him in the finals.. you’ll never put up JJ so why should he stay it’s a bad game move”

Porsche gets up to leave asks rachel for a smile.. Rachel doesn’t give her one.. Porsche: “Well a fake Smile at least” rachel gives her a fake smile.. after Prosche leaves Rachel give her the death Glare (HAHAH looks like devil rachel is back)

Brendon comes in. Rachel: “that BLANK isn’t going to vote for you”.. rachel give BRendon a recap of her conversation with Prosche. Brendon hopes Rachel didn’t say anything thing about JJ. rachel says no. rachel is pissed at POrsche right now.
rachel whispers ‘Do you thinks Dani will vote to keep you here if it’s 3/3″
Brendon: “Duno.. I’ll talk to dani and Porsche soon”
Rachel: “I want to BLANK PUNCH PORSCHE”
Brendon: “NO calm down”
Rachel: “Don’t worry I won’t do anything”

Brendon pleads with her to have some self control if he goes home Rachel needs to keep her game intact. “If I go, so what you have to be ready to fight and win”

5:41pm Backyard Dani and brendon

brendon says that Rachel talked to Porsche and it didn’t go we’ll. dani says she’ll talk to Porsche tonight and find out what is going on. Dani Cannot figure out where Porsche’s head is at right now. Brendon says that Prosche seems worried that she can’t beat him until in the finals but Brendon doubts Prosche will even make it that far since she hasn’t won anythign yet.

Dani: “I promise you 100% if you go home this week I will have rachel’s back and So will Kalia”
brendon appreciates that says he’s been trying to get Rachel to calm down about everything. Dani brings up that Brendon will find out where JJ stand on Thursday, “People you’ve been allied with since the beginning may not ne as close as you think” dani swears that If Brendon leaves Rachel does not have to worry about Dani and Kalia, she wants Rachel to know that.

dani about JJ’s vote “they probably vote for you but if they don’t at least we’ll know where everyone stands”

6:00pm Jeff and Adam working out. BRKD on the couch joking that Adam will have a HUGE ebay auction because of the stuff he’s bringing back.

Dani mentions that BB8 Zach was ebaying phone calls with him. Everyone is shocked.. they wonder if he actually sold them. Dani says that everyone in the house hated him but Dani and her dad liked him and they dragged him along, She mentions that after the show he turned out to be a major “jackhole”.
Brendon: “I met him once and we hung out I thought he was cool”
Dani: “He’s not cool”

6:20pm Rachel and Dani rachel is telling her about the conversation she had with Prosche. rachel is pissed about all the players in this game. Dani says she will talk with POrsche later tonight. rachel says she was in the DR for the last hour BLANK about Prosche and this game.

7:05pm Jeff

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Porsch shows some sack.


Sounds like Porsche has finally developed some backbone…I’m impressed.


Rachel is gonna be hell next week when she wins HOH. She’s been off her perch for a while now and when she gets it, watch out.

Dani is working all the angles. Smooth play. She just has to make sure it doesn’t backfire.

I’m not even gonna entertain the thoughts of Porsche or Kalia winning next week,just next to impossible.


Bang on! I think Dani has also learned from the big blow up in game play that the Snake faced with R and others from playing both sides and blabbing too much. I hope R does join DKP and and that the first person they get out is Jeff, followed by the Snake, Jordon then R herself.


To make the show more fun. Get rid of R next week. Then that should take care of the wynning! Then maybe we can get to some real competion amongst the HG!


I sorta kinda thought this is where Dani was going. Send Brendom home wreck the Alliance and work with whoever is left. Pinto surprises me sometimes when she comes up with something smart… Team shrinking bikini bottoms PINTO!!


I like Porche more and more everyday. She may not be the brightest (Michael Jackson guess) but she is definitely observant. She is playing a pretty good game. I am impressed that she seems to know where she fits into everyone elses gameplan. Brendan is also thinking very logically if he could only get Rachel on board she might be able to make it to the finals and win them some money.


Mico you took the words out of my mouth! Porsche is actually my surprise pick for winner if BB13 LOL we will see….


Dani is smart, by far the best player. Gets rid of the best competitor this week and will get his alliance to do it, blowing them up.


Yes! I hope she keeps it together and continues to play this strategically all the way to the end.


Dani isnt smart. She made a stupid move from the beginning that backfired. She has been a little lucky with hoh comps. And she hates brendon and rachel. Thats the reason brendons on the block. Now a light bulb goes off in her head that mayb she can work with rachel if he leaves. Jeffs the smart one thats been a little unlucky with comps. He has worked his butt off trying to hold that crazy group together from the beginning. Go J&J!!!!!!


Worked his but off how by taking all of the prize money? What exactly has he done?


What is this obsession with JJ?
she eats , sleeps and plays cute all day. And Jeff is only thinking about money , would sell his own mother if he could. Is that the standards of good people? They need lo leave the bb house. BORING duo!

chief c

dani is BLANK gone sour, she s much too busy hoarding things for herself to be fun to keep around. i say toss her selfish butt first backdoor chance Seriously isnt that what they are supposed to do? jj only wins money and play a likable couple and a sypathetic kind gift to shelly and bone to adam. Even alone they are players.They win when they gotta as you all seem to think dani does, till she doesnt ,ha ha this week hope jordon wins or jeff or adam love it if adam won lol wanna see his letter from love see if he cries not likely! especially not like kalia did lol what a baby really kalias room is that so she wouldnt get lost?


It’s quite interesting to look at things through the JJ lens. Everything Dani has succeeded in comes down to luck but Jeff, who hasn’t done as much individually as Dani has, is smarter.

Would it be such a bad thing to give her some credit whether you like her or not?

Also, Brendon is the one who came up with the idea of Rachel working with Dani…


My opinion is that you have to be as smart as her to recognize HOW she is smart.




*complete bullshit* sorry people


Shut up, Nancy.. You copy and past the same comment everywhere… geez…


Nancy doesn’t have a clue so shut up and let the smart people talk lol


Nancy just wants to ride Jeff’s dick.

Grandma Susan

I can’t believe you people that say Jordan didn’t win the HOH. It was given to her. Who’s to say Jeff and Brenden would’ve gotten their golf ball in the hole. That’s something we’ll never know. I think she won it fair and square.


she got lucky granny…we all do sometimes

chief c

She won just beacuase the rest of her alliance let it go doesnt mean they would have won had they tried. thety didnt need to floating till you dont need to isnt bad game its smart tactics. win when ya gotta and know when that is is the key to winning. And please being nice is never a bad thing to do so lighten up on jj they are playing the game their way and jeff just lets out frustration then its gone not a hoarder like dani or vengeful like BR I would prefer a man like jeff with a second of controlled anger then an hour long berating end with his needs being met like B Dani is a sorry character i feel a little sorry for her she can only be as good as her team and that aint good.its an uphill battle if she makes it 2 more weeks after this one i will be surprised.


very well said


JJ fans never provide any real facts to support their arguments. I thnk most of the JJ fans are women that are not so bright – like Jordan.


woah, woah, woah… did you just say that brendon is a competitor? you just barely gave jeff crap for only winning one veto, and then you say that brendon is a competitor?!?! last time i checked he has also only won one veto on his own. you make jeff sound like a waste of space and brendon sound like a god, even though they have won the same amount of competitions. i agree that dani is the best overall player in the house, but saying that brendon is one of the best competitors is a huge overstatement


I agree. Dani is playing smart and already getting her jury votes. She’s playing up to B, and he will be gone this week. She must sense that shelly is going out next, that’s why she’s making points with SS now.


LOL hilarious screen captures of brendon getting pissed at rachel. I hope a porsha and rachel fight happens soon. or some type of drama jesus christ. Something needs to happen besides everyone just eating, sleeping, and shitting. Been a boring week. Its kinda annoying that everyone just voted brendon back just for drama, yet there hasnt been any. Hes also most likely walking out the door this week. What a waste of americas vote. Dominic would have lasted longer and i liked him more.


Does anyone else agree that CBS just ‘said’ Brendon won because Lawon was voted out? I think if Rachel had been voted out they would have ‘said’ Dom won. It’s the only way that “drama” could have ensued. I also suspect that america’s ‘votes’ for the HOH competition where it ended up with Rachel and Brendon was rigged as well… Julie stumbled on some of those answers and conveniently sent everyone but Rachel and Brendon packing… really, do we really think america would cheat off of Jordan over Lawon? REALLY?


Porsches stupid! if she had rachel and brendon on her side than she can make it far she thinks she has all this power in the house but after dani and kalia are gone so will she. i wouldnt be surprised if she went home next week


wow dani’s playing the whole house, by end of week she’ll have rachel and shelly on team darkside


I agree with you on how well Dani is playing, but as for Shelly, the snake has her lips so tightly fixed to JJ’s asses that they’ll have to be surgically removed before I see her switching to D’s ass.


haha true,


AND brenda is back to making violent threats on women…..


Whenever Rachel andBrendon break up ..and we all know that they will.. it won’t be pretty. Brendon talks about choking people out and is very abrasive and controlling with Rachel.. He’s like a sociopath..and I imagine that the next time we see these two on tv together, it will be on Dateline or 48hours.. someone is going to get murdered.


I said it before when Rachel and Brendon break up it will be “Murder Suicide”

Midwest Fan

You need to check Jeff’s comments from yesterday…….
threatening to massacre all BB voters against him.
He might be the one depicted on a future episode of Dateline – BB Gone Wrong!


B’s pleasant (?) disposition lasted all of what, 3 – 4 days. If only R would follow him out the door this Thursday …..ah, twice blessed we would be.

A Nono Moose

Brendon walks out, LaWonda returns wearing hot pink leotards & a sparkly red cape with super powers. I just feel for the guy for being such a dolt in the game. Probably a very bright guy in the real world.

Not a PHD student

Does Boy George understand that other people have their own game plan. That not everyone needs to jump to her crack and whip. Get the tissues out time for an evening of crying.

She is a real piece of work this one


Lol really Rachel you wanna punch Porche because she doesn’t want to piss off her ally. Brendon is terrible for Rachels game. She became batshit crazy again.



A Nono Moose

lol…what happened did dawg win? fool… these are unofficial polls & aint rigged. what would be the point


I like listening to Porsche tell Rachel how it is. I hope Porsche sticks to her guns and votes Brendon out. Like to see Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Rachel work together to take out Jeff and Jordon. Really hate those two. But, I guess we just have to wait and see.


The Fortune Teller (FT) in the house will soon reveal the following fortunes to the HGs:
1) After BB ends, BR’s union will last longer than J.Lo’s 2nd marriage (9 months) but shorter than her 1st marriage (11 months). B will also go on to be a PT Skype porn star & R will have to go on unemployment insurance for the rest of her life, as no one will ever want to hire her. 
2) Jeff is in fact gay and will have relations with Adam, which will shock Jordon, who had no clue ….. about anything!
3) Jordon – try as she might, the Fortune Teller will try to read Jordon’s mind to determine her future but, will come up ………………………………..blank. 
4) Adam will have a brief relationship with Jeff but will be indecisive (as always) about who he loves more: Jeff, Farrah, Tori Spelling or bacon. 
5) Dani will win BB!! And develop and a series of instructional sex tapes where she’ll teach Dom (PT) how it’s done. 
6) Kalia will forever have verbal diarrhea but, that Brendon will find a cure for it. 
7) Porcha will have her breast implants removed and, as a result, will disappear into obscurity.
8) Lawon will go down in BB history as being the biggest moron and worse player ever. Nuff said. 
9) Cassi will take the breast implants Porcha had removed, and become an even bigger (pun intended) model than she currently is. 
10) Dom will go from PT to FT due to #4 above. 
11) Keith’s paranoia will continue to plague him for the rest of his life, causing him to seek out B for a cure. 
12) Shelly will become a spokes person for “The Old Hide House” (leather company), will develop lung cancer but …. Yes, B will find a cure and, she will go to her grave pontificating about how much of a moral, straight shooting person she is and was on BB, despite having viewed the BB tapes upon her return home. Oh yes, and she will forever be referred to as “The Snake”.
12) Evel Dick will become a BB Production consultant on all future BB seasons, in an effort to ensure that no more lame people are cast, and that BB does not have a repeat of what has to be the worse BB season ever. 


Correction: 10) Dom will go from PT to FT due to #5 above!


Would be sweet if he fortune teller said all that especially

B will also go on to be a PT Skype porn star & R will have to go on unemployment insurance for the rest of her life, as no one will ever want to hire her.

they both will cry


Again! They really do know how to make each other miserable though don’t they.


What about Rachel? Great list!


Thanks. Rachel & Brendon are attached at the hip (& genitals) so they’re both covered in #1.


Brilliant and scary,especially since so many of them are entirely possible!


I told you Porsche was a gamer. Everyone just brands her a dumb blonde. She might end up goin far without winning anything like Enzo last year.


thats the way everyyear 3 out of final 4 suck ass and have no business being there FLOATERNATION


I hate rachel……hate hate hate her! Love how she thinks ppl watch bb for her and brendon its disgusting how her and brendon are constantly all over each other…..and why is dani with them? She shud be with jeff and jordon! Rachel is a backstabber! Eeehh! Annoying season


Dani will never be with Jeff and Jordan because they want to get her out. Jeff will never forgive her for not trying to win the money herself and not supporting his cause. he was told he was this years winner it is in his contract. Brendon is at least starting to understand that the moves she is making are not personal just better for her game. She originally wanted to work with BR but they choose JJ over Dani and look where that got them. Brendan being evicted twice. Both times JJ have said they could not help them aren’t allies supposed to help each other.


Wow. Maybe Porsche’s not as dumb as we think? Nah, she’s still dumb. But kudos to her for sticking it to Rachlel like that. Awesome.


Yea….your right, she is still dumb…She just wanted to see Rachel beg, and beg she did. Porsch feels very protected by Dani, Her boss….So she feels that she can say what ever she wants…because Dani will protect her and Kalia….She is a looser…She couldnt fight herself out of a paper bag, with out calling Super Evil Dani to the rescue..She really does not deserve to win anything….Send her home with Kalia.


not as dumb as jordan


DKP should steal Shelly’s cigarettes and pin it on Rachel. Then put her up next week and act like she’s the target then backdoor Jeff.

teri b

FINALLY…..some long awaited DRAMA!!!!


All I can say is…………..Rachette is one uglyyyyyyyy bitch ! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOL


No need to insult female dogs. 😉


The problem is that if Dani wants to win she is not playing with the right people to do that. For some reason, I find it hard to believe that KP will have her back toward the end. I totally think they will turn on her. They’ll let D do all the dirty work then they will turn. Dani will never have JJA. As for Shelly, I don’t see why anyone would want an alliance with her. Dani doesn’t realize it now, but she really has no one in this game. She very easily could’ve had BR being that their backs were against the wall, but she chose to play emotionally instead of with her head. I am predicting that final 2 will consist of any combination of the following: Jeff, Adam, Porsche. I think Rachel will make final 5 and also think R will remain longer than Dani.

Dani is playing a dangerous game right now because she is trying to tell everyone what they want to hear. Her plan this week is to get Brendon out (which will happen). In the meantime, she wants BR to think she has their back. If they have any common sense, they would know that if she had their back, Brendon would not be on the block. You don’t use someone like Brendon as a pawn. So, as I said, Brendon will be evicted. Then Dani will pretend it’s not her fault and tell R that she really tried hard to get the votes for them. So, basically D is trying to ensure she has jury votes as if she’ll actually make it to final 2. I predict she will be out within the next 2 weeks. I’m also predicting that Rachel will win HOH next week. Dani’s ideas and plans may seem smart, but I think in the long run, they will backfire. She tried to do too much early on and she is continuing down that path. Plus, she is playing an emotional game. Getting B out does not help her at all, because I guarantee you that she will never have Rachel as an alliance member being that she is the reason Brendon is going to jury.

Dani’s days are numbered.


If Rachel wins HOH next week she is gunning for Shelly and Porche. She may even use Jeff and Jordan to get rid of Shelly. She knows she is the last person in their alliance. Also brendan is telling her to stick with Dani and she will do what he says. Dani will tell Rachel that if Jeff and Jordan had voted for Brendan and there was a tie I would have saved Brendan. Rachel will fee betrayed by them. The fact that they choose Shelly over her man will make them enemy number one for her. Dani is not even on her radar right now. Rachel winning HOH would be good for Dani.

Team Dani Yo!!!!!!!!


It think JJ will vote Porsche out before they vote out Shelly. Shelly is so stuck up there asses that they need her to continue to drag Adam along. JJ wants Dani out big time because SHE is their biggest threat.

VA Vet

Do not contemplate the arrival of juvenile poultry before the period of incubation has passed.


Love the vernacualr!


ha ha ha!


I predict Dani will only win the $50,000, like before, She has forgotten one crucial point, when everyone gets into the jury house they start to compare notes, that is when all of her lies come out, and some of the remarks she has made about the other players. The one thing about these games, telling a lot of lies is going to get you no votes, then you add in her snarky remarks, and she is done, stick a fork in it her goose is cooked.

Midwest Fan

Your comment can be applied to each and every BB HG who makes it to the Finals.
Gamers win and Dani is the ultimate Gamer.


The only ones songst to win HoH are: D, R, K & Jordon (minus Jordon actually as it was thrown to her …. even Evel Dick reiterated that on his show). Therefore, this means that D & K being aligned IS a strong point to note re: the DKP alliance. P also came very close (3rd place & 2nd place) to winning HoH. P has proven she can be loyal as she was to BR until they repeatedly treated her like shit and so her alliance to D would, based on her track record, be strong. K is loyal to D and will stick with D (despite her assanine agreement never to put up Jordon, who would put up K in a heart beat). All players will have to turn on their alliance to some extent, as numbers dwindle and they get down to the end. DKP’s alliance is strong …. for now but, it’s a bloody game and if they’re smart, they all know (even JJSA) they are ultimately each playing to win the 500K for themselves.

Everyone is withholding a certain amount of info. from everyone, and everyone’s days are numbered. Dani is playing the game better than most (if not all) and K & P have a better chance at winning the next HoH than most (except for R …. though she’s not been much of a contender for anything as of late).


I agree that everyone’s alliance will crumble at some point, but you want to make sure that no matter what happens and when, you are always in a good position in the house. Dani is an emotional player as always and is not playing a smart game. She is very vindictive and is not in as great of a position as most would think. You may not see it. Heck, she doesn’t even see it, but her game play will cause her to be in jury. Everyone’s days are numbered, you’re right. But not everyone will be in jury, there will be a final 2. My whole point is that the way Dani is playing, she will not make it to final 2 and even if she did, she won’t win.


I just read the last sentence and can tell it’s a whole essay about why Dani is stupid.


Shelly did make a deal with Porsche I believe last week where they said they wouldn’t put each other up and shook on it.


Believe it or not, rachels MO is not lying! She’s exaggerated and shes stupid as hell but she really hasn’t been a liar


What was the update? Jeff working out? Wth


My bad simon I’m just addicted I check this site every 3 mins lol


You’ve definitely captured her catch phrases! I have to say though that given the lack of stimulating conversations in the house, Dani is actually one of the few people who I can stand to listen to. Some of the others are like nails on a blackboard when they talk …… unnecessary & annoying as hell.

Team Dani TFW!


like literally


I love when there are pics of Jeff!! Yummy


I hope JJ bites the bullet and just gets rid of Brenda. They will lose Rachel to the dark side but it is still worth it cause as we have seen Rachel will be useless once Brenda goes plus Brenda is the only player who will get a second chance. Once evicted i think noone should ever be brought back, it just isnt fair too all the other players…
Plus, production still owes JJ one, they gave BR the ultimate gift by bringing Brenda back in the game, they gave Dani a 4 week pass at he beginning and then handed her the HOH when she finally started to play. JJ hasnt been given anything yet and im sure production has something in store to help them out…so JJ just let Brenda go and let production throw you a bone like they have to Dani and BR…


The only way that Brendon is staying is if Rachel starts sharing that head she’s been passing out under the blankets….like literally.

teri b



What’s up with feeds Simon??!!?? Drama??

Fuzz the wise guy

Look at big Jeff applying his makeup in the mirror LMAO


love it


Are BR going around telling almost anyone who will listen to them to vote for B to stay and they won’t be their target? So, who would be their target(s)?


Floating…I love the term…but I do believe it IS a viable strategy. With everyone out gunning for floaters to be evicted..trying to float successfully is difficult.

– have to avoid getting wrapped up in the drama of the so called “gamers” going after each other
– need to find a way to vote safely without upsetting the balance of power
– need to throw comps in a manner that nobody else clues into it.

Pinto has floated along, but she waged time in the BR alliance…then went over to Dani, in what I have to say was such a smooth transition, yet still holding onto a place with BR until she didn’t need them anymore.

She has placed well in comps that she played in.

I think I may be on the Team Posche bandwagon….plus DAMN hot bikini


Dani is following Shelly around like a little puppy dog. It’s so transparent. If Shelly falls for this then she is so gullible. I quote Dani to Shelly “you have a really good chance at winning HOH tomorrow.” HAHAHAHA Dani is pumping up her new HOH winner that she is hoping won’t put her up on the block. Also, Rachel absolutely wishes she could join with Dani even though Dani was responsible for evicting “her man” two times. LOL Dani will definitely take advantage of this. I haven’t seen Dani talking game much to her real alliance (KP) in a few days so I’m wondering how Kalia is feeling right now…


Simon, as of now who do you think is going home? And say who u think will vote for who. Idk yet if JJ will vote for B.


I see what your saying Simon. Dani end up covering her butt from as many places as possible.

Kali and Por are in Dani’s alliance. So Dani’s is safe
ShelHe will probably be after her old alliance Jeff/Jordan (maybe Dani) because they told Adam to evict ShelHe. Dani is safer but not guarrented.
R will be after her old alliance becasue they voted to evict Brendon. Dani is safer because R can only trust DKP because her old alliance has turned on her.

JJA are the only people she will after to worry about. And Jordan won’t win unless it is handed to her and Adam won’t win unless it involves Bacon. So, Jeff is Dani’s only “big” nightmare for the next week.

So Dani went from having 2 people willing to keep her safe and 6 trying to get her out to 2-4 people keeping her safe and only 3 people trying to get her out (only 1 of these 3 have a good chance of winning HOH).

Team Dani, yo!


Remember what she told Brenda earlier: If you do go home, I promise to have Rachels back and dealing with Kalia. Then told him:: by the end of this week you can see who is loyal and who is not.


I think I might agree with you Mel. Everyone remember Dani said she was going to “make EVERYONE crap their pants this week” I think she wants a 3/3 vote no matter who she sends out. It would definetly accomplish her crappage mission and no matter which way she goes she will have had to make a very public move which we all know gets jury votes!


Intricate and brilliant but I won’t get my hopes up: she seems determined to have Brendon out. If she pulls out what you wrote, well I won’t doubt her ever again until the end of the game.

Midwest Fan

What a Hoot!!!
I hope you’re right.


I’m sorry but I don’t think Dani is that brilliant. We are giving her way too much credit. I really think Dani wants Brendon out. She is playing BR big time. They are looking like idiots right now scrambling for votes.


Dani played an awesome social game this week. She’s going to get her target out, with getting any more blood on her hands. And she has built a pretty good relationship with Shelly now and is even pulling Rachel in.


Feels like the couples brawl(s) is/are happening TONIGHT.


Iam Team dani all the way .. those sour grapes JJ/BR (the jackass spoiled brat aliance) fans cannot see the forst for the trees ,..meaning that because Dani is targeting there golden children they cannot see the moves dani is making .. heck she just told The three toed caveman he is going home .. but she sugar coated it so that he thinks she is doing him a favour by voting him out ..and protecting his batshit crazy girlfriend… TEAM DANI SKOL

As for Pinto ..Porsche.. I think she saw how people perceived her shje did the simple thing ..and played simple minded ( unlike the simple mind of the dum dum jordan ) she sat back let the othjer playerrs shoot each other in the foot and remeained bloodless . as for voting out brendon bravo for her …. rachel treated her like shit because her “hubby” was no longer with us *rolls eyes * I think in the next few weeks we will see some interesting play on her part … as for her bikini bottoms shrinking .. well I bellieve sir Mix a lot said it Best …I like big butts and I can not lie Go team Prosche’s butt 🙂


apologies for my horrible typing and spelling ..spent the day fishing got sunburn on everything including my fingertips .. and well hot day and many beers .. mmmm beers .. well slow up the type type a bit


Dani is a lying two faced bitch.


Bravo for your fact filled and concise post .. you taking your marbles and going home because people are being mean to team dunderhead jjbr


Yea..Your right…But she is really showing game and not afraid to do it. She got two weak players(KP) working for her and kissing her ass…I dont like her…But she has got the house upside down. ..Rats


Is Dani playing the house to evict Shelly so she can turn JJ & BR against each other? Just seems odd that she assured S she was safe while S was in isolation if this is the case. I cannot read her. K & P & A are voting to keep Shelly, right? JJ is wavering.
I thought for sure she was keeping S but now I feel like that was BS. She might ruin her credibility in the house though.


I doubt it, I think she wants Brendon out.


they toke my comment off telling the truth that the show is RIGGED AND THEY ALL READY HAVE A WINNER. Hopfully the last season for a FAKE show that is RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED,,,,,,,,,,


I think there might be a double eviction soon…..I hope they bring back pandoras box


Prediction because Dani and Rachel are both so stupid neither will end up winning Big Brother because they are both backstabbing liars. The newbies wil side with Jeff and Jordan in the jury house and whatever newbie makes it to final two and at least one will almost the entire house will vote for them. Rachel I knew was not very bright but I did give Dani a little credit for brains but she is now acting just as stupid as Rachel. Do they not figure out that alll of these people they are stabbing in the back are going to stab them right back in the back as soon as it comes to voting for the winner. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID Rachel and Dani. Sort of like Dani so definitely she gets her brain working before it is way too late, but Rachel just needs to go she has just gotten boring!!!!


do you think there will be another twist this week?? or more likely next week or the week after? how many twist in total – 13?


How moronic are BR to buy that the person that has tried to evict you THREE TIMES is now going to work with you & has your back. Rachel is one of those people where the meaner you are to her the more she tries to be your friend or get you to like her.


Who are you Simon the boss of this web site or are you with the show that do not mind that people are being fooled?

San Diego IT

Rock it, Simon!!


I know some players are obviously more dangerous and stronger than others. But I don’t get why people say this or that person isn’t going to win HOH. The HOH this past week could have been won by anyone. I think anyone is capable of winning one it just depends on what it its and how production decides to “influence” the game. There seem to be more to game play than just the game play because production can influence the game with some twist at the wrong or right time for someone in the game.

As for Porshe, it’s was nearly impossible to know what she could do or what she’s about since she had the first golden key. So I think she’s a toss up and could end up being a strong player. I also think she can be quite witty and I’ve gone from not liking her the first couple of weeks to liking her overall. Glad to read that she stood up to Rachel since Rachel probably figured she had her in her pocket.


Who hasn’t BR approached about them not being their target? And if Brendon gets voted out why would Rachel even want to work with Dani as she’s the one who put him on the block to begin with? And why would anyone even talk deals with BR? If anyone believes anything they say they should be voted out because BR don’t “honor” deals.


R won’t have anyone else to go to. She would be #5 in the JJSA alliance (R heard Jordan and ShelHe talking about a final three of JJS). Her only option by default is to join the DKP alliance where she would be the #4. Giving her a better chance.


Old Yeller is getting on my nerves with this I, don’t lie, I hate liars bullshit… Take her out back and shoot her.


Shelly has said five different variations of shooting straight in a 30 second span on the feeds. Are straight shooting or various forms of it part of the drinking game? If it is, I’ll see you guys in the morning with a massive hangover.


Nice Porsche, stand up to that mental case. I love how Rachel thinks her logic is always right and no one should think otherwise.

Rachel shutup and go swallow more of Brenda’s jiz.