Jon “Kenny is onboard with getting out Andrew when the time is right”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 16-27-00-987

7:24pm Kenny and Andrew Hammock Kenny says that Sabrina thinks Allison knows where things are around the house. He mentions how Sabrina asked her if she wanted tea and Allison Knew exactly where the tea was when there was no chance of her knowing that since she had just entered the house.

Kenny also noticed when Allison came in the house as a super fan you would expect her to be excited to see the entire house. They never saw Allison being excited and wanting to look around the house. He thinks it was like she already knew what things looked like. Andrew and Kenny both agree Sabrina is being weird. Andrew – “She’s jealous.. she told me.. she was saying I was her brother and sh1t”

Kenny says Sabrina said that Andrew was off limits to her because she was her brother. Andrew said that Sabrina is a awesome girl and anyone would be fortunate to have her as a girlfriend.
Andrew – “But she’s not my type”
Kenny – “She’s not my Type”
Kenny says Sabrina is emotional insensitive so you cannot even flirt with her, it’s dangerous.
Andrew – “It becomes love immediately with her”
Kenny has been turning back his flirting with her.

Sarah joins them says it’s too bad Allison came in late she’s such a cool girl.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 16-40-11-233

7:41pm Arlie, Jon and NEda
Arlie ties up Jon with floss while Jon Sleeps. NEDA offers to shave BBCAN into Arlie’s hair.

NEDA starts trying to cut Arlie’s hair but says that the shaver isn’t working anymore.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 17-00-19-069

7:50pm Jon and Neda
Neda wonders why the new girl hasn’t been asking any questions, “It’s like she doesn’t care”
Talking about when the right time to take out Andrew.
Jon – “Kenny is onboard with getting out Andrew when the time is right”
Neda – “At some point”
Jon – IN a couple weeks things might happen and it’ll be best to get rid of Andrew
NEDA – well ya.. right now it’s kinda impossible.
Jon – Umm nope.. cause IKA would vote against him (Tie breaker HOH gets the vote)
Jon – IKA would, You would, I would, Kenny would, Sarah would,
NEDA – if Andrew is up next with Kenny..
Jon doesn’t think Kenny would go

Jona and Neda wonder why nobody is paying attention to Adel right now. Neda is worried that Adel will coast to the end.

Neda is scared that the guys want IKA gone and once IKA is gone they will start targeting her. Jon isn’t worried says Kenny is running the house right now and she’s good with him. NEda cannot stand Andrew, Jon agrees but warns her it’s not smart for them to go after him right now. Jon laughs “We gotta start winning HOH”

Jon says that the Boys might want to have eh vote go 6/4.
NEda – “Why Are they not telling us this.. this is a big thing”
Jon – “Ya”
NEda – “I will be pissed if the boys keep Heather.. that would f** me over because she would know I voted against her”
Jon wonders what they can do about it.
Neda – “Why are they actually going to do this”
Jon – I dunno (Farts

NEDA is pissed now that there’s been talk with the boys to keep heather. Jon calms her down says they have days to think about it. Neda asks them which girl are the boys going to try and sway?
Jon – “Your’s, Sabrina and SArah’s name.. even Racehelle”
Neda – So every girl
Jon – pretty much

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 17-05-34-531

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 17-07-38-542

8:09pm Jon and Neda MAin bedroom

Neda wants to klnow if the guys are actually going to keep Heather. Jon tells her not to worry the boys were just considering it he doesn’t think it was a serious plan.
Jon says that Kenny heard IKA talking to Adel in the bathroom he’s certain those two are working together. JOn explains that it makes sense that all of a sudden Adel is never mentioned as a target.

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“when the time is right” = when someone has the gonads to do it.

which will be never.


Actually I definitely disagree. having the balls to put someone up is hardly the only important factor. You need the votes to send them home! Actually the Jon/Neda convo is pretty spot on at present. Votes are only there maybe, I repeat maybe versus Kenny heads up ATM. A lot would have to go “right” to get Andrew out before jury. He basically needs to alienate most HG’s with a stupid act or comment. HOH needs to nominate him, Andrew not win veto and lastly enough votes to evict.

Then being the barer of bad news the whole Neda/Jon convo is based on their take on the situation with Andrew. Who says Kenny isn’t actually really fully aligned with Andrew as I see it at the moment. Joneda may be talking up a good idea that never happens.


Jon seems to actually be very smart and know how to play the game. Big Brother is all about timing and not rushing to make a big game move but to wait for the right time. I really hope Jon gets the power this week and him and Neda can take Andrew out in the coming weeks.

I think with Andrew gone, Kenny will join Jon and Neda and the three of them can run the house.


I remember Helen from BB15 saying, let’s wait for the right time too! Look where that got her, lol.


Ya but for every person that waits too soon there is someone who struck too fast. See: Dani her second time around where she always says her biggest mistake was trying to make a move too soon to get Jeff out when he wasn’t even targeting her.

Andrew and Kenny aren’t after Jon or Neda so why take out people who are kind of on their side this early.


also, why are the guys worried if Heather will be mad? it’s not like she is going to the jury… who cares what she thinks?


Why does everyone keep calling Allison new girl , like she does have a name lmao smh


NAME – I so agree with you. Sarah is the worst for that. For goodness sake have the manners to at least use her name.


Jon is so cuteee <3