998 toothpicks! Congratz Kenny “It’ wasn’t me it was my beard”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-03-29-815

6:05pm Backyard Sarah and Jon try to scare Arlie Arlie swears he’s scared but he really isn’t.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-05-12-518

Sarah and Jon try and Scare Paul and Adel talking Poolside. It doesn’t work Paul says he could hear them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-20-32-930

6:18pm Sarah and Kenny Hammock

Sarah I Have a feeling Rachelle will be the next Heather like how she will not leave her side and being super annoying.
Kenny agrees.
Kenny says he noticed that Sabrina and Andrew were a bit pissed when people stopped paying attention to their cooking.
Sarah do you think they were talking earlier?
Kenny doesn’t think so she he explains Andrew and Sabrina seemed to have gotten mad when people stopped paying attention to them.
Sarah didn’t notice blames it on being emotionally drained by the Diary room.
Kenny says he might just be getting paranoid.
Sarah – “How annoying will it be if Nutz and cranberry juice get it”

bandicam 2014-03-16 14-50-54-461

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-33-58-109

6:30pm Kenny taking out all his tooth picks

Kenny- “I think it’s 500 plus”
Allison helps him out She’s going to count them. KEnny says his hair is 50% grey he started turning grey when he was 15.

Allison says she will give him a update as she passes certain “Landmarks” when counting the toothpicks

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-41-07-033

6:40pm Andrew and Kenny Join Allison counting Kenny thinks they have a thousand, Kenny says there was 994 Toothpicks in his beard. Kenny goes around and compares everyone’s guesses.. Sounds like Neda’s guess was the closest. Kenny and Sarah Walk around the backyard and find a few more bringing Kenny up to 997.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-54-13-690

6:52pm Hot tub Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew and Jon. Sounds like this is their last smoke.
Kenny finds another toothpick.. 998

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 15-55-33-923

6:57pm Arlie looking good

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 16-12-57-980

7:01pm Hot tub Room Sabrina and Allison
Sabrina tells her the reason why she doesn’t like Heather.. At one point Sabrina says that she use to be a model. During her modelling days she was much lighter but after she stopped modelling she’s gained a lot of weight. She’s been trying to get her weight down and has lost 20LBS already. She only has another 20lbs to go to get back to her modelling weight. Sabrina adds that the one thing she’s insecure about is her weight and having Adel, PAul and Kyle mooing at her was difficult.

Arlie streaks the hot tub Heres the image on twitter

Sabrina “Hashtag Arlie’s ballsack”
Sabrina thinks Heather is a schizophrenic. Allison says in her professional opinion Heather is not
Sarah joins them..

They talk about Getting Heather out this week..

(Video coming)

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I believe Sabrina used to model. She was covergirl for Farming Weekly.

An anonymous cow had the following to say to confirm this “MOOOOOOOOOOOOO”


Sarah and Sabrina are so annoying. All they do is talk shit about Heather… I have no problem with Heather, she’s probably the nicest one, even if she does have a fake little baby voice sometimes. Poor girl. Are they jealous?


Sabrina will be the first to tell you “she is NOT a mean girl” LOL. She is the epitome of a mean girl.


OMG Sabrina’s fake laugh is wearing on me.She laughs after everything she says. It just sounds like mumble,mumble, tee hee heee. It is so phony. I wish someone would tell her to shut up. LOL


Jon seems to be in the lead on both Instagram and Facebook. Hopefully this “special power” is something he can use (if he stays in the lead) to shake up the house.


I think Adel might win this. He’s not in the lead on Facebook or Instagram but he has 9.5k tweets while Jon only has a 4k.


Go Adel Go let’s cause some drama in the house Canada I want to see people scramble!!


Sabrina is too much. She never stops talking and is always bashing people then turns around and says “‘i never talk about or bash people behind their backs, everyone knows this in the house , while talking to Allison. I wish Allison would hear about Sabrina calling her an easy whore..SABRINA is a “meme” It s all about her, it always affects her directly. It was pretty funny that she was crying about Andrew and Allison then totally lies and says she misses her family. She is too obvious.


Kenny just now noticed that Sabrina and Andrew are attention whores? really?


This Heather bashing is getting annoying and a little immature. To think a 32 year old with 2 kids is doing this actually baffles me. And what’s even funnier is fat lard Sabrina is also adding to this. My assessment is that both are jealous; Sarah has a messed up face, including her weird ass eye brows. Sabrina…well Sabrina is Sabrina, she’s fat, pathetic, and wears the same clothes everyday, and is an attention seeking bit*ch.

Heather, despite having a quite annoying baby voice, is actually beautiful, has a nice body, and is actually really nice. I agree the whole rainbows and butterflies thing can get annoying, but it doesn’t make her a back stabbing schizophrenic.

Needless to say, all these girls need help (except Neda)

Douche hater

I wonder if Sarah and Sabrina will suffer any
Consequences for there despicable treatment
Of Heather . I agree that they are both jealous of
her . If either of those 2 win BB Canada I will
Refuse to watch it . Canadians should not condone
There behaviour …. They are grown women picking
on a young women . They make All Canadian
Look bad …… Boooooooo