Sabrina Breaks up with Andrew “As of tomorrow morning we are back to being friends”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

8:35pm Heather painfully going up the stairs with crutches Can her BB experience get any worse?

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 17-41-59-983

9:00pm HAmmock Most the rest of the house Chit chatting..
At one point Sabrina says she wants to be on Pauls HAve nots team so she can lose 10lbs next week. Heather heard and whispered to SAbrina that if she wins HOH she will not put Sabrina up.

Big Brother Canada IKA as HOH

9:00pm HOH Paul and IKA Chit chatting about IKA”s life out side of the house.

IKA starts pointing out the flaws in Allison game. saying that she’s only gone to the two new power players, Kenny and Andrew.

Paul says it would be smart for a new player to come into the game and get to know people, “She doesn’t know a thing about me, doesn’t know a thing about Adel”
IKA thinks that Allison is going by what Andrew has told her about Paul.

IKA says that her face is very cold and she thinks that is why Allison has been apprehensive about getting to know her.

Paul gets up to leave, IKA says on Wednesday she wants to have a game conversation with him.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 18-12-47-640

9:08pm HOH Sabrina, IKA and RAcehlle
Sabrina – “So New girls is all up in Andrew’s grill right now”
IKA says that someone told her they heard Allison in the bathroom saying she doesn’t know why IKA doesn’t like her.
Sabrina – “If that’s f*** Heather I’m going to kill her”
IKA says it was Adel or Paul told her
Sabrina says it’s 100% a lie if it’s coming from them , they are trying too hard.
IKA mentions how Andrew walks around saying that Allison will do whatever he says.
IKA ” Who died and Made Andrew the King oif F***** Big Brother.. who are you ”

Sabrina is annoyed at Andrew right now. Sabrina adds they were on the bed and Andrew said ‘Things you don’t say.. hashtag I’m your big brother, hashtag why did you say that to me, Hashtag I didn’t understand you, hashtag you still have a chance, hashtag blah blah blah.. ”

Sabrina – “She (Allison) comes outside and said.. late nights chats on the hammock”
IKA – Ewww”
Sabrina – “Go F*** yourself you loser”
IKA thinks that Andrew is trying to bug her with how he’s acting with New girl. IKA says she thinks Andrew likes her.
Sabrina- “Well I don’t ever want to talk to him again”
Sabinra adds that Andrew has been asking her in spanish to dance like a sexy lady..
Sarah comes in to use the washroom.
IKA – “Oh did you hear Kenny saying Paul going home isn’t good for ‘my’ game”
IKA – “Who are you wildebeest Kenny.. who are you”

They start talking about Heather in a negative way. Sabrina says that Heather will put up Allison.

Sabrian – In thre days Andrew and new girl are like this.. in 3 weeks where will they be married impregnated.
Sarah – he might annoy her before that..
IKA – He’s friggin annoying as shit.. he pissed me off last night.. he talks like he rnus the house

Arlie joins them…

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 18-33-34-230

9:30pm Sabrina and Andrew KItchen Sabrina says they are not close anymore ever since the new girl came into the game, “It’s scary to think you can change so much in 3 days I hope this doesn’t get in the way of the plan”
Andrew – “I told you it doesn’t”
Sabrina says she misses how things were with them cuddling, “It’s not the same anymore it sucks.. ”

Andrew says nothing has changed, if Sabrina thinks things are different he’ll change.
Sabrina says tomorrow everything will be different she’s over him, “I don’t want to like you.. at first I liked Kenny..I liked you I was stupid”
Andrew – So liking me is stupid
Sabrina – Stupid is three days you run to the new girl and day one she asks to sleep in your bed.
Sabrina – As of tomorrow morning I don’t like you anymore we are back to being friends.

Andrew says he’s been an a$$hole if he’s been ignoring her for the last three days. He never thought it would affect her because they were friends.

Sabrina says he was massaging her in front of sabrina so that show her he doesn’t give a sh!t about her.

Allison joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 18-50-04-022

9:46pm Heather and IKA HOH Game Talk

IKA – It would be nice to put up Kenny and get him out of here.. but it really only give them a reason to put me up because I put their friend up.
Heather – Jon and Arlie are logical players. She points out that Jon has a hurt shoulder it will make him weaker in comps.
IKA – When I won HOH JOn was like.. It’s your HOH what are you thinking. IKA suspects JON really likes Kenny.
IKA – If I take out Kenny I only have Andrew after me.
Heather – People will vote out Andrew before they vote out Kenny
IKA – If I kick Kenny out and that new girl or Andrew win HOH they put me up.
Heather – she’s a smart girl she just likes hanging out with guys more.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 19-05-59-468

9:53pm HOH Heather and IKA

IKA says if you came off and Paul stayed.. we cannot trust Paul. Kenny has to go..

Heather – “If you got Kenny out I would fight for you to stay in this house”
IKA – But you can’t compete”
Heather – some of the girls would see it as a smart move because you are getting out a strong player.. but there are too many girls playing on their emotions.. Sarah would be gunning for you to.. do you play a good hard game or do you play a soft game.”

IKA says Adel, Sabrina, Rachelle and her would be the target if Kenny wins HOH. They agree that Kenny has a real good chance to win it.

Ika thinks if KEnny leaves, New girl, Jon and Andrew will team up, “Jon’s a physical player but he’s injured”
Heather – “I can get close to the new girl and I’m close to Andrew and Neda is close to Jon”
IKA – I don’t think this is the right HOH to do this

heather – If you choose to take Kenny out you will have my back
If she nominates Kenny she will tell Kenny that he is a social threat and a physical threat, “Don’t tell anyone.. it’s just a thought I’m just thinking.. ”

IKa – If I take Kenny out the girls will see me as a strong player and take me out.

10:11pm HOH
IKA says her final 6 are Heather, Adel, jon.

IKA – “I would say NEDA but she is really close to Jon”
Heather – “I feel bad for Jon’s girlfriends because I know how they are being portrayed.. if she is watching live feeds she’ll get it”
Heather – “Neda is a uncover strong player.. she threw me under the bus for Rachelle.”
IKA – If I leave the nominations the same they are not coming after me next week.

IKA – “MAybe I should evict Kenny.. if Kenny left the game would be a lot easier”

10:18pm Storage room IKA and Sabrina
IKa – “I want to send f*** kenny out of here”
Of course Sabrina is against this.

Sabrina and IKA call Heather “Chucky’s bride” and continue to bash her..

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 19-51-34-596

10:43pm HOH Sabrina and IKA Trashing Allison…
IKA says Paul told her that the new girl doesn’t like her.. “She looks at me funny with her ugly eyebrows”
Sabrina – “It bothers me so much IKA:
IAK – “I know that”

IKA – it sucks because She (Allison) IS nice.. almost too nice..
Sabrina says that it’s upsetting her waht is going on with Andrew and Allison. IKA has noticed that Allison will not leave Andrew alone.

Heather joins them.. Sabrina says she’s not jealous, Andrew was her friend now she doesn’t feel that anymore.

NEda joins them girl chit chat ensues

11:00PM Production tells them the Hashtag Challenge is over. the winner will be revealed tomorrow.

11:20pm Allison and Andrew HAmmock Allison comments on how low the hammock is getting. (It’s starting to wear out)

Allison says she’s not wearing any makeup. Andrew says she looks very nice. Allison doesn’t like her Big Brother Picture on the back yard wall. Andrew says it looks nothing like her.

11:28pm IKA, Heather and Sabrina
This video has SAbrina and IKA being mean to Heather with some NEDA joining in half way through.
Neda asks if the new girl has a vote. SAbrina say yes she asked.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 21-59-22-511

11:44pm +1:00 Allison and ANdrew Hammock
Allison says she would like to go in the bed and cuddle.
Andrew wants to give Allison a oil massage. She tells him not in the Big Brother House.

She brings up someone she was seeing before the season started.
Andrew – “If I can’t smoke and I can’t swear i’m f***” Andrew explains this is a joke from trailer park boys

Allison asks what Kenny thinks with thee two of them hanging out. Andrew – “He doesn’;t ah.. he doesn’t think it’s a bad idea.. or.. I spoke to him about it today.. he thinks .. he said If you like her go for it.. He gave me the advice Be careful”

Andrew – “I’m still trying to gauge you”
Allison – “people say I’m hard to read”
Andrew – “I’m trying to read if you are interested in hanging out fully.. or whatever it is”
Allison – “Are you…”
Andrew – “I am”
Allison tells him she’ll tell him if she’s feeling in a awkward situation.

Andrew says he’ll go sleep in her bed but she’ll have to sleep on top of him (Because theres no room)

(Video coming)

11:55pm IKA, Neda and SAbrina

She’s telling them about her idea of nominating Kenny. Sys it’s just a thought.
Jon joins them.
Sabrina says Allison has a boyfriend and now she’s cuddling with Andrew she’s a horrible person for doing that.
Sabrina calls Allison this seasons “Jillian” Jon adds that Allison will be a physical competitor.
Sabrina – “DAy one she asked to sleep in Andrew’s bed.. did you know that”
Sabrina – “She was sent in here to distract Andrew because Canada wants Andrew out.”
NEDA- Thats a stretch I think..
IKA – I don’t think she’s the saboteur
Sabrina – I don’t like her anymore… it’s not that I liked Andrew.. I was with Andrew (Points to Jon and NEda) “Like you two”

Jon comments about how much fluid is around Heather’s knee.

IKA says she wants Allison out before Paul, NEda doesn’t think thats the best idea. Neda is worried that Paul is going to be dragged along until Jury then nobody will vote him out because he’s useless.

Jon thinks it’s very strange

Sabrina says Allison is the saboteur and she is stealing the cigarettes, “She’s Weird, she’s in the Diary room more in three sayd than I have in 18, She’s stays up till the crack of dawn”

12:32AM BAthroom Sabrina, Jon ANd NEda Sabrina pleads to Jon to not tell Kenny anything about Ika talking about nominating him.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 22-17-09-389

1:20am More late night kissing from Andrew and Allison

Here is a video of Paul scratching his butt for 40 seconds

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 23-11-52-688

1:33AM Andrew and Sabrina Bed Sabrina tells Andrew that Allison has a boyfriend (Allison already told him about this)

Sabrina tells him she is Canada’s player and was brought into this game to mess with Andrew’s game. She says it’s obvious how Allison is not spending any time with people because her job is to disrupt Andrew.

Sabrina says Sarah does nothing with the other girls it’s been her busting her butt the entire time. Sabrina – “All Sarrah does is hang out with Jon and Kenny”

(Sabrina essentially tells Andrew all her crazy theories about allison in the game. Andrew leads her on more saying that he likes her and thinks she is an amazing person. Theres 44 minutes of talking here I picked out some choice comments but there plenty more in there)

Andrew – “I think you are gorgeous Sabrina”
SAbrina – “Thank you that is very kind of you..
Andrew – I think you are very beautiful
Andrew “I Swear on my family that this final 5 is all I have in this game”

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Sabrina is insane.



OMG I am so glad someone said it! I have just spent the last hour reading all the latest OBB posts (I was away this weekend) and she is almost certifiable! That girl has a serious screw loose. Why in gods name doesn’t one of her so called girlfriends call her out for being a nutjob??? Instead they are egging her on and feeding in to her delusion!

I hate hate HATE this stupid girls alliance. These girls give girls in general a bad name! If I was Allison I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with those wackadoodles either! The only girls I can stand watching are Allison and Sarah and MAYBE possibly Neda…..sometimes. The other dimwits need to pull their heads out of their asses for five minutes and realize this isn’t the 8th grade anymore.

Especially that schizo Sabrina. I hope BBCan has a straightjacket in the back somewhere!


Bipolar yes, “schizo” Not close. Why do people always default to Schizo being two faced multiple personality isn’t even a trait of one.


Omg Sabrina I almost feel like bb8 again. Andrew is Nick, Allison is Daniele and Sabrina is Jen


Too bad there’s no Evel Dick in the house..


Get Andrew out!!!!


Is Sabrina a stage five clinger or just delusional? She seems to have an entire relationship with Andrew and I didn’t notice.


sabrina tripping over some penis she haven,t had yet just imagine if she got any,,, she would go insane if anyone talk to andrew ….. sabrina wasnt use to the type of attention kenny and andrew give her at the begining …… when they saw how emotional and unstable she is they took a u turn ….. i cant stand sabrina


This morning she was saying how when she cleans she doesn’t announce it and whine about it. The last 20 minutes she has been bitchin about what she does for everyone and everything she cleans. She is a total hypocrite. Poor Heather is going to watch and see how 2 faced Sabrina is. She is a nutjob!!!


Sabrina is a grade 7 school girl!


I agree. Her emotional maturity is grade school. It’s all about her. I don’t now how her friends and family can stand her. She needs a mute button. She dominates every conversation she is part of like her opinion is the only one that matters. They should call her Moo Moo Me Me!!!


That YouTube video of Heather going up the stairs just reminded me of how South Park treats Jimmy Valmer. Of course I did get a good laugh out of it…


Sabrina may have self evicted. If Andrew doesn’t think he can control her, he’ll go after her thinking she’s got influence with the girls.


If I was Ika, I would just take Paul off the block and put up Andrew.

Rachelle, Neda, Adel, Paul, Jon would for sure vote for Andrew to go, resulting in a tie and Andrew going home
Also if anything, this will give an idea of who’s on who’s side


Okay humor me for a moment.. I like how Ika is thinking about getting Kenny out now, that is a good idea. However she is smart enough to know she doesn’t have the numbers and cannot get him out now. What is shocking me is how looney Sabrina ,Sarah and Arlie are so comfortable and not think that Kenny and Andrew will take each other to the finals.Hello they are both mentally and physical strong. Hashtag my two cents.


Heather will probably be voted out. Andrew has ditched Sabrina for Allison. Kenny has been grouchy with Sabrina to discourage her crush.

Is there any possibility that Sabrina will calm down now? If not, who is her next obsession? Allison? Ika?


Straight Up Sabrina is one most annoying, immature, needy, selfish, jealous, high-maintenance people I have ever seen. But honestly, I think this might be like one of the other commenters said these might be self-confidence and age issues. Compare her to Sarah for instance, a mom who the guys aren’t going to oogle over and fight over and have a showmance with. Yet she is completely comfortable around the girls and boys, knows what she’s doing in the house and is likely the strongest woman, along with Neda. I really hope Jon follows though on getting Andrew out at the right time, because he is starting to annoy me as well.


If by ‘strongest’ you mean ‘bitchiest’; then yes, Sarah is that. The only strength she secured is the First5 Alliance. She’s not strong physically and she is really not able to socially overcome really small things with women. She plays the bitch to appear intimidating but that doesn’t necessarily make her a good contestant in the long-run. Just my opinion.

Reality check

I totally agree with Cora … Sarah only
Made that first 5 alliance because Sabrina
Suggested it and because well she was one of
The first 5 in . Sarah is not a physical threat
By any means and she is a 32 year old
Married woman who feels the need to belittle
A young woman ( heather ) Sarah has no self
Confidence at all . I don’t get why BB chose
Her at


StraightUP I can totally see that perspective, but I don’t think there’s any way she’s worse than Sabrina. If we’re talking about gameplay so far, it doesn’t appear that Sarah is on anybody’s radar whatsoever, and even if it’s just a couple of weeks into the game, that still says something, whereas Sabrina appears to be rubbing people the wrong way. She’s also doing that without doing nothing like Rochelle and Heather and aside from Neda (with Jon) and Allison (Andrew) she has the strongest connection to the guys side, while still being in the girls collective ear. I’m just disappointed Neda is not getting through to the girls.

Reality check

I agree that Sarah isn’t on anybody’s
Radar ….. Wait till her human shield ( Sabrina )
Is gone lol


Do you guys remember Sarah’s Intro video???

She is almost the complete opposite person of who she describes.


I honestly can’t stand Sabrina and don’t know how on earth she made it on this show


Why does Ika think she would even be able to get Kenny out? She acts like she has a say after the nominations are made. Putting Kenny up would be the last thing she ever did in the BB house.


Sabrina is the most hypocrite person on this show she should leave and take Andrew and kenny with her


That’s insulting all grade seven school girls. 🙂


These late night feeds are dull with the showmance and the other feed isn’t exciting either.
On the upside i can go the bed early.


Can’t wait till Sabrina gets out of the house and finds out shes the most hated houseguest this season.


Sabrina is leading the rally to bash Heather and now Allison, but anyone joining in, especially Ika feeding into it big time, is no better. Any one of them could shut it down by just saying let’s not do this anymore. Ika and Sabrina are even starting to laugh the same. I don’t believe I just wasted 2 minutes of my life typing this crap but everyone seems to be only hating on Sabrina – ignoring Ika and Sarah and Rachelle’s constant laughing behind Heather’s back. Sabrina needs something (if it’s not another girl, it’s boy problems), to talk about because she’s not interesting enough to talk to on her own.


I agree!!! All those girls are monsters ugly inside &out.


I really like Heather thou

Reality check

I agree that Sabrina is getting a lot of grief
In comparison to Sarah and the rest . They are all
Negative bitches

Reality check

I Think Sabrina will get a lot of positive feedback
When she leaves the Bb house …. Lol
I hope she gets what deserves …


“Sabrina says that it’s upsetting her waht is going on with Andrew and Allison. IKA has noticed that Allison will not leave Andrew alone. Heather joins them.. Sabrina says she’s not jealous, Andrew was her friend now she doesn’t feel that anymore.”

So if she is not jealous why is whats going on between Andrew and Allison upsetting her. She is such a liar I can’t stand her, I wish she was more honest and admitted that she hates heather and allison because they are white and more attractive than her and thus are her competition. Sarah’s ok because she is old, Ika ok because she is married and neda is ok because she is not white, Rachelle is oke because she is a ghost and not very attractive. But heather and allison, tall white thin and attractive, she must take them down.

bb is a house full of crazy

Wow. You sound like you’d be great in there with the girls. You based the whole game on how the girls look.


Allison and Sabrina actually buying into what Andrew is selling is pukening. This guy is so transparent and has absolutely no self control, so impulsive! Whatever he thinks will get him attention. It’s hilarious that as we speak Sabrina is in Andrew’s bed still talking game and venting her “concern and frustration”…. thought she was done talking to him LOL.


Its so obvious andrew is bisexual…when is he having a showmance with kenny???


Did Andrew and sabrina kissed??


Anyone know who won the Twitter competition ?


Pretty sure it was Adel.


They haven’t told the HGs yet. They’re supposed to be told today who won the challenge.


Yup he is playing them both. Stupid stupid girls. I can’t wait until the big bawl when things all go down. I have a feeling Sabrina is going to get even scarier. I hope Allison puts her in her place. Andrew will be going home soon.


I feel bad for Allison, but Andrew making an idiot out of Sabrina is kind of funny.


It took about 20 minutes or more for Ika to explain certain hair weave/wigs to a ‘hairdresser’? I am so astonished that the fake bios of the houseguests are revealed so easily. Sabrina said she is a hairdresser. She had no idea what Ika was talking about. She also said she used to be a model. Her precious necklace ‘her dog’s collar’ was loaned to Rachelle. If it was so important and got her so bent out of shape when Paul asked about it, why would she let someone else where it?


I can’t believe that no one mentioned that Sabrina threatened Andrew with Ika’s veto. She is pretty much bribing him .. holding 100k and more time on the show as a carrot so he will ditch Allison and be with her.

Has that ever happened in Big Brother before?


Why does everyone here hate ratings? hehehe

You ask why negative players we hate are cast on the show? Because we watch, we watch sponsors buy ad time ect, ect, ect! Someone mentioned Sarah and why she got cast. Simple… think of how often a “30 something mom” is on a BB season…. Dah. Sabrina looks like a new arch type thanks to Amanda on BB USA 15. Obnoxious, nasty, backstabbing, hateful ect. I’m not suggesting same game play here but similar body type, personality as center of attention, type A ect. I have no trouble with that casting but hopefully they refrain on both sides of the border from making it a “Jewish thing”. Both woman are apparently Jewish.

My own personal take is the BB casting formula hasn’t found an early season balance to the strong personality types they naturally cast. The Andrews, Kenny’s, Brina’s and a few other arch types missing like the tramp/showmance both guys and girls. Some are cast as fodder and production knows it. A good BB season really gets going F10/F9 set up by some power plays or showmance time. Usually showmance and we are missing that.

Do Brina, Kenny and Andrew get theirs in the game sense? Well there is only on winner so yeh a couple will to some extent! As a side note BB1 in the US had 3 prizes(pretty sure). I like that better myself(F3=money). But limiting to 2 helps set up more losers we love to celebrate or feel sad they fell short of the money barely. No true idea on who I’m 99% confident on this BB season to win. About week 4 BB USA 15 I moved Andy from F3 strong to most likely to win it all. Not exactly brain surgery but the more he was hated/loved on the blogs the more it was clear he was positioning himself for a late run at the dough. If she had even a little physical game I’d be fearing Brina this BB season. The more your hated by us here the better your likely playing in the house. As I am fond of saying every season… it’s a SOCIAL GAME!!! If Brina can cut the umbilical cord with Kenny and get him backdoored she has a chance at the money b/c she is playing. Most of this group only think they are playing like Ika the idiot. Right now I like Kenny FTW but not to many vets of the blogs wouldn’t have him as a serious contender at this point.

PS… I hated the IKA edit from production on Ika getting out Kenny. This was pure BS all week and last nights feeds a continuation of it. Production is telling Ika the robot what to say regaurding Kenny. I want to vomit! Production just like the semi boring necessary fat cutting happen. Paul, Heather, Adel, Ika and now apparently Allison strong on the girls side non jury probable. 13 left so 4 of these 5 need to go before F9. Think ATM that Allison has the best chance to make the jury of those 5. Barring something unforeseen accept double eviction next week and F10 to F9 getting rid of the last one above. If Vegas took money I could make a pretty reasoned bet on who makes the jury. The biggest surprise will be Ika finding out she was not advancing her game by being gutless but rather sealed her fate!

Feel bad for Heather a little….just a little. She is far from an evil/terrible person. So it’s sad to see her so w(r)ong on Ika. hehehe Heather says don’t backdoor as Ika tells everyone Heather goes home. Heather actually is thinking girls 1st. These catty idiots are going to wake up eventually and wonder how the boys own the season along with Brina!

little mouse

they should put up sabrina and andrew now that would be a week to watch


Little mouse wants cheezzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee? hehe

Best way to make it drama filled would be Andrew and Kenny up 1st. And because it’s unlikely Brina wins POV she’s the replacement if POV is used. Part 1 of the fun could be a girl winning POV. would she work the POV holder to take someone of the block. Or pretend to with Andrew/Kenny fearing she’s the replacement. Or Kenny/Andrew win POV and Brina goes up. Now having 3 days plus of the feeds with Brina versus Andrew would be pure joy.

pretty trickster

Andrew is so gross. I honestly dont care if Allison is voted out, she got in the house and immediately went after penis.


Even tho it’s early, the serious thinking must start ; what happens after the easys ?
Anick, Kyle, Paul/Heather
Heather & ? or Paul & ?
There’s already stirrings of revolt & consensus breakdown.
Now what?
Adel…Ika…Allison…Rachelle…Neda…all the while the Boy Who Would Be King and The Pretender (To The Throne) have to be worried…

Ika is Ika-fying herself into upside-down oopsie-daisy world. I don’t agree with her but I’m not there & a hinky vote that keeps Paul would be funny.

I think she HAS the votes to punt the Prince or dump the Duke up against Heather.
Paul, Adel, Jon, Neda, Arlie, would NOT miss the chance to evict Kenny OR Andrew & Ika has the tie-breaker vote even if no other girl went along.
She doesn’t need insider Intel to know that. It’s called common sense. Of course she’ll be a target. She already is. Better now than later, when potential allies have been picked off.

I think Paul/Heather ARE “safe” Noms in terms of HER short-term safety thinking and maybe even her best move IF she isn’t prepared to play hard or lacks confidence. If she switches it up I’ll be impressed.