Spencer says Candice is a “gold digging wh**e!” Ginamarie says “yo mama’s a h*e!”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return, Gina and Jessie are getting ready in the bathroom. Big Brother calls McCrae to the diary room. Amanda and McCrae get up. Amanda head to the kitchen and says I want to push back the wedding a day. Jessie says why it’s perfect you’re hung over. Amanda laughs. Amanda heads out to the backyard and joins Helen by the hot tub. Helen tells Amanda that the fist week when Amanda went up on the block people wanted her out but you and McCrae had never done anything to me. Amanda says yeah look at Judd he broke the alliance early and look what happened to him. Helen says that Andy out of everyone was never going give his vote to evict you. He is so loyal to you guys, as much as he is with me. We picked out alliance well. Helen says by keeping you the first time I built loyalty with you guys, by keeping you the second time it built that trust even more and the third time, I don’t know how much more I can prove. They talk about the past events that lead them to this point in the game. Amanda says we have been able to control what happens in this game. Helen says that Andy is very trust worthy. Amanda says she thinks he will definitely make it to final two. Helen agrees. Amanda says but I think he would win against us. Helen agrees but says she would be really happy for him. Helen heads inside. Amanda joins and Elissa on the couch. Jessie asks Amanda if she is PMS’ing? or perioding? Amanda says no I am right at the end of it. They talk about jewellery and clothes and other random things. They all head inside to get ready for the Veto Ceremony this morning.
CBS Interactive Inc.


9:30am Spencer and Ginamarie talk about how Candice. Spencer says that Howard and Candice are so different. He would want a nice girl at home to cook and she would be asking what you gonna buy me today boo!? Spencer says she is a “gold digging whore”. Gina says “yo mama’s a hoe!” Gina laughs about how she said her Mom didn’t love her. Spencer says yeah you cut her deep with that one. Gina says if she wants to come at me hard I would slap up that hoe! Spencer says she is a joke! It’s funny how Howard had to carry her out of the room that one time. Ginamarie says come meet me in New York I will show you how I roll. Spencer says yeah she is a joke!


9:40am – 9:55am Up in the HOH room – Jessie talks to Andy. Jessie says that she can just see Elissa winning HOH and putting me up. Jessie says that Elissa is very wishy washy. She says that Elissa has had Helen the whole game and it’s unfair that she had made it this far in the game. They agree that Elissa will need to go soon. Andy says believe me I will do whatever I can to keep things on our side and keep you safe but I will let you know. Jessie says okay. Andy goes into the bathroom to shower and Jessie heads downstairs. Meanwhile all the house guests get ready for the veto meeting.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


10am Aaryn and Jessie are in the bathroom. Aaryn says why can’t was all just come into the house and be friends.. because they put us in here with people that have complete opposite personalities. Aaryn is in a really bad mood and says that if her Adderall doesn’t kick in soon she is going to freak out. Jessie leaves the room and Aaryn jokingly screams yeah walk away Jessie just walk away! Andy joins Aaryn and Amanda in the bathroom. Amanda compliments him on looking sharp. He says we I have to dress night to back door Helen. Andy tells Aaryn about how he joked with Helen this morning about back dooring her. He says she said she would scream and bang pans. Andy gets called to the diary room. Amanda tells Aaryn about Evel Dick (BB8 & BB13).


10:30am – 10:40am In the kitchen Helen and Elissa are doing the dishes and find ants all over the clean dishes so they wash them again.

Meanwhile in the bathroom – Amanda and Aaryn are talking in the bathroom. Aaryn comments that Jessie keeps asking her if she is safe and she feels bad about lying. Amanda tells her that she should just say in her goodbye message to Jessie that Helen told you last minute who to vote for to put it on her just in case you make it to the finals that way you’ll get her vote. Big Brother cuts the feeds when the feeds come back Amanda tells Aaryn to just say that someone told you to vote that way. Aaryn talks about her perfume. Amanda says her’s is called midnight rose. Spencer says his is called midnight b**w j*b.


10:52am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the Power of Veto Ceremony.. (Andy isn’t going to use it so the nominations will stay the same.)

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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GM and Spencer are disgusting for how they talk about Candice.


Helen is going to feel real stupid for trusting Andy so much. The time will come when she sees him for his true colors.
Wait….maybe that time will be when the show ends and she gets to see reruns of BB.

Any smart BB player would know not to take Andy to the final 2 because everyone (who happens to just be stupid fools) adores him and will give him the $500k prize.

Keep drinking that Andy-KOOL-Aid!


I would rather Andy win the money than Helen.


Me, too. Helen is a manipulative dictator and is no better than Amanda or anybody else ‘running the house.’ She’s actually worse because where Amanda doesn’t kiss ass or sugarcoat how she feels, Helen will threaten you to act and then turn around and say how much she loves you (after you do her dirty work). Helen the phoney needs to go, and the sooner the better!


As much as I can’t stand Helen, I think she knows EXACTLY who’s who and what’s what.

– I think she knows Andy is a gossip and more loyal to Amanda, so she’s planted the seed in paranoid Amanda’s head that Andy would win.
– Amanda’s paranoia will make her target Andy soon instead of Helen
– Helen protected herself by saying she likes Andy and he’s loyal, so Amanda can’t go back and say Helen wants you out etc…

Smart game play but I still can’t get behind Helen sorry!


Seriously? You got to be kidding! If she was that smart why is she evicting the people she needs to stay til the end? This is the worst strategic player of the season. If she thought Judd was flipable she should have approached him with a deal not evict him. Candy would have been loyal and a vote. Jessie would have been a vote. Arryn and GM go with Amanda she has only Ellisa. Helen talks a game but has won exactly 1 HOH. Ellisa has no HOH’s. Terrible player lord I want to watch her scramble on the block.


Nooooo. I did not say she was smart in general – I can’t stand her!!!!

I just FEEL that in this specific situation she was smart by telling Amanda that Andy would win against either of them if he gets to the end..Amanda’s paranoia will ensure Andy is out and Helen looks like LESS of a threat than Andy…

Cheers :)


Helen is totally unaware that she is being played by Andy, McRae and Amanda otherwise she would keep Jessie. Yesterday talking to Andy, she said keeping Jessie would be good because she knows Jews would help go after Amanda. Even being aware of this she says Jessie has to go because if she wins BIG she may go after Amanda one week “too early” you know ok. I don’t see the great game play there. And she thinks she has time to evict Amanda because McRae lied to her. He has a fake f3 alliance with Helen. Clueless.


Wow I typed Jess and auto correct…

If it’s not obvious,Helen knows JESS would help get out Amanda

pot calling kettle

Helen the racist!


Helens going to feel real stupid how she kept and kissed Aayrin Amanda and GM ass how Aaryin and GM both said they would hit her and make her eye’s go straight and Amanda kept saying racist shit about her to and she useto always sing a song about Helen and the she gets to wash the hurt feeling with a big dose of Andy backstabbing her the way she did others I think she can get over the Andy part better then the 3racist bitches!!!!!

Candice si Disgusting

So Candice is such a good person. Please did you not watch how she acts all ghetto and talks about Spencer and saying she hates his “White Ass.” I guess only blacks can get away with hate.


No one said Candice was “such a good person.” However, folks shouldn’t be talking behind others back if they are not in the house to defend themselves.

That is a coward move. Furthermore, I wonder exactly who are you defending?

Hello -

Um… they’ve done it about Jeremy, Judd (now), Candice, Kaitlyn, etc. (even about other people from other Big Brother seasons). So – who made you the effin boss of what they can talk about. It certainly doesn’t reflect well on their character but that’s about it. It might actually do damage. So I say, let ’em talk. Also I like to hear their ‘spin’ on what they say, knowing other people (us) are listening. It may or may not be part of their ‘act.’


“effin” boss? No need to call people names on blogs.

Everyone has the right to their own opinions, HELLO.

If you don’t like what I wrote, there is a thumbs down button to click on.

Hello -

Absolutely – I apologize for that.


Apology accepted, HELLO. :-)


Poor, poor Candice. She asked for everything she got. I don’t approve of the racist things said about her but neither do I give her a pass to act and say the things that she did. As for talking about her now that she’s gone, that’s life. This is Big Brother and of course the house guests are going to talk about each other, whether they are still in the house or not. I think CBS expanded the jury to 9 all of a sudden solely because Candice was going home and they felt the need to respond proactively to the criticism of racism being in the house. This is a consolation prize for CBS to look good. I think it’s lame that they change the rules and jury format to appease those who don’t like how the game is being played this season. Plus it’s not fair to the house guests who have played the game thinking it would be a 7-member jury. That’s why they sent her out this week- they didn’t want her on the jury. CBS blows.


People crack me up …you know when others are racist….I’m not surprise. People who are racist don’t like to
Be exposed as being racist…what great Ignorance…if I was Candace I would have
Beat GM’s A@@
She got voted out anyway…


Ize tink dis b da most racest seasun evr on BB. Dey gotz sum nurv picken on peeple anz callen dem stooped lik dat. jus cuz dey went to skool longer or gotz dem a gud job dey tink dey are so smart. Ize gotz no respectz for peeple lik dat. Ize went to skool two andz you dontz heer me picken on oders juzt cuz ize be smarter dem dem wherz iz all da luv for each udder?


yep…and isn’t it funny how they ALWAYS use the race card! come on, it’s 2013, isn’t it time to get over that sh*t, at least come up with something new;-(


Why do whites ALWAYS tell blacks to get over racist comments and behavior? Blacks wouldn’t have to get over racism if racist whites would get over the fact that they lost the civil war and stop being racists!


“Why do whites ALWAYS tell blacks to get over racist comments and behavior?”
-who said i was white????

“Blacks wouldn’t have to get over racism if racist whites would get over the fact that they lost the civil war and stop being racists!”
– i never said “Blacks” and what does the civil war have to do with anything??? plus both races fought on both sides so that also makes no since??? either way i would have been on the Union side (or from the North) but since that was well before my birth i tend to leave that in the past and live in the here and now, you know the 21st century.


“Whitie” , race is and has always been a factor in our society. ”
– only to those who tend to dwell on it

“Fortunately for you, you haven’t been a target of it nor does it seem you have a sensitivity to it!”
– how do you know i haven’t, i just don’t think people are mean to me solely based on my color and however they choose to express it is their issue or lack of intellect an not mine…”sticks and stones”

“The reason we still have a race problem is because of people like you…ignorant and just don’t care.”
– people like me? oh know, are you being racist now???? really! i make one comment and now i’m the cause of the race problem??? i don’t think you should be pointing any fingers on ignorants here;-(

For real

“Whitie” , race is and has always been a factor in our society. Fortunately for you, you haven’t been a target of it nor does it seem you have a sensitivity to it! The reason we still have a race problem is because of people like you…ignorant and just don’t care.


The race card is still alive and well, too many people want to sugar coat and say “it is 2013 and why do people still bring up race?” Watch Big Brother or read these feeds, you will see that racism is alive and well and committed by people who do not think they have done anything wrong. If you do not think the bed filliping, “Gul wht cu gonna do” “oh you Shaniqua now” “let me see your black side come out” comments were not racially motivated, you need to open your eyes to the real world. Regardless, if you like Candice or not you cannot say that she was not mistreated. She did not deserve that, nobody does. I bet you Ginamarie won’t go back to her neighborhood in the Bronx saying that mess, she will be in for a real butt whipping. Ginamarie is not that big of a fool, she knew Candice was not a “hood chick” that is why she tried her.


Seriously? Candice *si* disgusting? You should get GM to check your spellings next time.


I agree, I mean damn Candice isn’t even in the house anymore. Why are you still talking about her…its really hard to beleive that someone GM isn’t jealous of Candice when she keeps bringing her up. GIVE IT A F***ING BREAK ALREADY!

Varys Blackfyre

So you think that saying “White A**” in reference to someone is racist? I don’t understand that. Would it have been better if she used a different adjective to describe his a**? And if someone said Candice’s black a** they wouldn’t be racist either. In fact most of these statements people are making are prejudice and not racist. There may be a racist sentiment behind them but the statments aren’t necessarily racist.


Candice is 1/2 white you idiot.
O! So she’s racist against 1/2 of herself??? Lol. You’re stupid.


I am sure that Candice holds quite a bit of resentment toward her white mother that signed away her rights. I know white parents adopted her, but still I can understand her resentment toward the white race. Not saying it makes it right but I do understand it. I mean no matter what Candice I am sure endured quite a bit of getting picked on at school, and a lot of hurtful comments and jokes. I know I did like being called an Oreo. No matter how old you get it stings, but I do agree that a lot of the things that were said to her were more of a prejudice nature and not that they are all Racist. The only comments that were truly offending to me was the use of the N word because that has such derogatory connotations attached to it.


“Acts all ghetto” lol you must be from GM is from… Pls fall back your ignorance is showing.


I agree with you. It seems to be a one sided street. Candice attacked GM on live TV and GM defended herself by attacking back and because GM did that she is considered a racist. It is so dumb. Candice is aloud to run her mouth and say horrible things to people and she is considered to be a victim and all the people she attacks who fight back are considered racist. I think people need to look up the TRUE definition of racism and maybe then they will realize that a lot of the comments they make on this thread against the house guests is more racist than the comments that have been made on the show.

Candice si Disgusting

I see there is a lot of white guilt in the US so they must protect the 13% of this country even though they are the most violent in society and have the highest % on welfare. LOL


…and think they so special that they don’t need to pay back funds that were LOANED the them after a devastating and tragic event.
That’s what Candice must be referring to when she went out calling herself ‘fabulous.’ A fabulous fraud.


Um Name….don’t you think it is about time to drop the whole Candace and the loan thing? Seems to me that whatever board I go to, you are on there talking about that….We know how you feel…..drop it already!!!!


I am going to guess that either you a Mexican or a Mule, I don’t know but if you don’t put your name in the box – like where you put your name MUELLERMA – it will show up as NAME, so all the comments made by NAME are not mine. Understando?


Will the “real” Name please stand up? Please, stand up? Please, stand up?

Guess whose back…back again. Name is back.


Beth M

I did not realize that it would show up as name…..I am muellerma. I do not post a whole lot unless it is something that someone is harping on. While I do not condone Candices’ or the mean girls comments, I think that this subject needs to be dropped. Whether or not it is true about the loans, I do not care and I bet alot of people are sick of reading your posts regarding this loan. This subject has nothing to do with BB15 and should be dropped…along with other things that have nothing to do with gameplay. I watch the live feeds and have never heard Candice talk about this. The behavior of these houseguests should not and will not be excused or condoned…..so please drop it. There is something called Karma and it has already bitten some of these houseguests in the butt already….




You should check your statistics on the highest percentage of those on welfare. Just a suggestion….


Please Educate yourself about the Welfare programs in your country before espousing stupid and ignorance here.

Racism is the revolt of the mediocre minds of a race against another.

Yesterday I asked

Is it possible that a race war may start because this Aaryn girl is really crossing lines is she getting paid for the things she says and it is and has caused an uproar outside bb15 does any one know ??? Race war is it possible ???


What GM, i mean candice “si”……


Ok white. I am a 57 old white man, and its fools like you who believe everything fox news and rush states is the absolute truth. But here is the real truth the majority welfare recepiants are suburban white women. Why are you so concern about people who collect welfare when the biggest welfare receipitants are corporations. Oh that’s right corporations are people too. Keep on watching fox news and dumbing down


Very true word you typed BUFFALOBILL its really said when people get on her or go on tv and say and post stupid crap and try to bash the people because there skin is darker not when in reality its actually the people that have the big bucks are the problem the world need more people like you BUFFALOBILL that actually knows what’s going on in try give the ones that don’t knowledge!!!!!!


It’s really unfair to lump all blacks into that category. You clearly don’t know any and only know about what you hear on the news. There are plenty of blacks who are productive citizens in the US. The majority of blacks hold degrees and work and pay their taxes just like you. Stop stereotyping ALL blacks into one category. Each race has a sector of people who don’t make that race look good. But anyone with some common sense and a decent heart can understand that you shouldn’t judge all people by a select few. This is why America can’t get past racism. Stop judging people based solely on the color of their skin and look at the content of each individuals character.


datz da bezt coment idz herd onz heer yet! Ize hoop evreonze payz atentun andz lernz frum der miztakez sew we canz livez twogetthur in purfect harmunie. Datz whut ize tink

Educate your minds plz

Wow, so I have concluded that alot of ppl have no clue on how public assistance works in the US. 1st the highest percent of ppl on assistance are children under the age of 18. Second highest are immigrants that the US allowed in after 911 (individuals that were living in refugee camps before being relocates to mulitipe countries all around the world). 3rd any American of any race has a harder time gaining assistance from our government verses immigrants that needed refuge from their country. African Americans are not the most violent, nor highest rate of criminals, it’s immigrants that have seen lived with and are desensitized to killings, murdering and high violence. ( Asian gangs, Somalian gangs, Mexican cartel, ect.) I think we fail to realized America isn’t just blacks and whites. Until we all as a whole see that maybe we can throw out the race card. I have worked for the government for 16 years no how the welfare programs work and what deals each state made with regards to welfare reform, (when Clinton was in office). I also have a masters in sociology and have worked w almost every race within the US. BB15 just shined a light on race and stereotypes to get conversations going, if we as a nation have changed our views and pregudice what I have learned is that we haven’t evolved unless you count being able to hide your racism better. As long as cameras aren’t watching you. As well as the postings on this site, another example on how humans are willing to degrade one another for entertainment.

For real

Wow! GM’s friend…Did you drop out, I mean graduate with GM?? You need to get your facts straight…do some research- defined as scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry…oh, I forgot, you can’t comprehend so, better yet, get off the boards!


Blacks have the highest% on welfare??!! Check ya facts buddy!!! Better yet do us all a favor and stop talking.


“Gina says if she wants to come at me hard I would slap up that hoe! Ginamarie says come meet me in New York I will show you how I roll”

this is coming from someone who can’t even put two sentences together when she speaks. Candice did come at you hard GM on “LIVE” national TV, and you didn’t do shit. these racist idiots have karma to meet up with them when this season is over.


karma was having candice dress up like aryns clown doll and be evicted in it…walking out on national tv wearing aaryns clown toy suite…that’s was KARMA;-)


Candice looked beautiful the other night, clown suit and all. That is what they did not like about her she has style and they d/n. GM is just horrible looking that hair is frightening and aaryn wants a hosting job and sound horrible she needs to work on her speech, her voice sound muzzled and I’m sure the racist thing is going to hold her back. OH maybe she can host the next KKK meeting.


I guess you don’t know the meaning of “KARMA” in real life. Karma is gonna smack everyone of them racist MFers when they come out and see they no longer have jobs. they will be labeled racists and will have to live with their racist slurs posted on youtube for the rest of their lives. they’re delusional in thinking that America loves them and that Candice & Howard are responsible for bringing up the racial issue. Candice could of easily self evicted and said F that I’m not gonna wear the clown suit. she wore it and I respect more for that.

Deeded mags

Gina forgot one thing, New York waiting on you Boo!! Lol
New York is made up of a lot diversity and cultures. She has offended
Them all. So yea Boo Boo , You will be running to get out of New York cause
They going to show you how they roll!


Yup, and it’s hilarious/ironic that GM is complaining her ex is a loser and lives at home at 38 (but she slept with him the night before entering house ), when she is exactly the same and Candice called her out on it. Is GM really 33? She acts like she has arrested development and Helen is going to create an online profile for her on a dating site? Really Helen? Men have seen how GM acts in general but esp in relation to Nick… NO WAY they’re going to want to come near her with a 10 foot pole!


I don’t have the date stamp for this, but it was funny: GM asked Aaryn How many 1/4’s are in one cup. Aaryn says 4. GM says Wow.

How did she even get a job (on any level) in Pageants? She can’t read, write, spell, speak and I guess math is out of the question as well.

Me Again

Why is it so easy for folks to reveal what they hate, while what they love remains hidden?
Other season cast members had fun, yet these folks uses their down time to hate on others who are no longer in the house. I think we are watching a glass half empty type of people. Each and every house guest could have used their BB time to further their careers, modeling, acting, advertising etc, but they decided to show the hate in their hearts. I really miss the Brigades, Brittany and Regan they made me laugh.

“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”

“When love is suppressed hate takes its place

Hello -

So you’ve Joke #1 talking to Joke #2 about Joke #3 in the conversation between Gina and Spencer. Jokes that aren’t too funny.
They’re all Jokes in that house thinking they’re the best jokes. Man, this is dreadful.


Gina Marie you are 38 years old but you seem to think you are still 16. Instead of bashing Candice or wanting to fight someone in New York take up a book and try to educate yourself. It is not too late for you to get your high school diploma, then head to college or university.


Ginamarie, your scrubby hair looks like a rat’s nest. That makes you the rat.


Damn, these people (GM and Spencer) just fricken have no clue…I guess when they find out they are fired, they will really have some choice words for Candice. As she (Candice) will be laughing her ass off, saying “how you like me now, you unemployeed bit*hes”?

Hey GM also remember that the borough of Brooklyn is predominately black and latino; so baby, be careful about what you wish for. I would hate for the all the minority gangs of women to come to Candice’s defense. You would really need that plastic surgery…


Yea right , GM would only want to be the new Kim Kardashian.

Hello -

Who? Who’s that? I don’t buy the ‘rags’ so I’m kind of ‘out of the loop’.


Okay jessie time to get over your self What the hell have you done besides bitch and moan and win a pov to save yourself and that was only cause judd gave it two you and you voted him out and who gets blamed for that elissa dose. and what has amanda done nothing but ride the coat tails for everyone and act as the puppet Bitch, all these people have a thing against elissa because of who her sister is not game reason just cause of who she is related to thats real mature of people. Yes I know elissa has only one a PoV to save herself but atleast she won it on her own.


It’s pretty obvious at this point that GinaMarie is insanely jealous of Candice even though she’s already been evicted! She can’t stop talking about the girl to anyone that’ll listen and Spencer is even more disgusting now for going along with her crap! Everyone knows the “your Mom doesn’t like you” comment was way out of line whether you love or hate someone! You just don’t go there!

I'll Second That

It’s pretty obvious at this point that GM is insane.


“Ginamarie says come meet me in New York I will show you how I roll.”

Like a hoodrart… WE KNOW


YEAH – GM rolls with her broken down car and her frizzed out hair extensions right out of her mother’s Staten Island two bedroom run down shack with her toddlers & tiaras grand supreme crown (that took her 6 years to win) – THAT’S how GM rolls.

I guess production thought she’d be like a female Enzo for this season. Too bad even Enzo had more class than GM ever could.


Gina Marie how do you roll in New York lol


WOW!!!!!!!! The pedophilia , pervert and the illiterate psychotic stalker calls Candice a gold digger whore? Where did BB find these people?


The gutter!


GM… I can’t with her… When will she get evicted so that I can stop reading about her in here….


‘Amanda says but I think he would win against us. Helen agrees but says she would be really happy for him. ‘ and therein lies the problem, they aren’t hungry for the money they just want their 15 minutes of fame. We need players who want/need to win and not players who would be happy for others to win.


Helen doesn’t mean that it is just part of Helen’s strategy to get Amanda to be paranoid of Andy! Amanda knows that Andy will be in the top two and if the jury picks who wins Amanda KNOWS it will be Andy. So Helen is subtly trying to tell Amanda that Andy may be loyal to you but if it comes down to you two Andy will win. Helen knows that this will convince Amanda that Andy has got to go. And she said she would be happy for Andy because now Amanda can’t run and go tell Andy that bad stuff is being said him by helen. So Helen was very smart to say what she said about being happy for Andy to win.


Eww. She’s finishing up her period, and she did /what/ to MC last night? How many times did he say no, and she did it anyway? Soooo desperately pathetic. Both of them.


Amanduh………..ewwww yuk
elissa, go home…………and do your yoga


Amanda is still on her period?

(thinking of the previous post where she had sex with McCrae and gave him a bj last night)

Well….honey, I wonder what McCrae’s family must think of you? You sure are leaving quite an impression on them.


MC looks like a complete idiot with this showmance wedding. Amanda is a psychotic dirtbag with some serious mental problems. the other night on the feeds she was defending herself and said she wasn’t a racist, because she slept with a lot black guys.




Amanda says that she is just finishing up her period – so she did have sex with McCrae while having her cycle …. yuck!


Hez gotz hiz red wingz! ya mun

It was not

BB is not about fairness Jessie. Jessie keeps harping about how Helen, Elissa and Amanda don’t need the money as much as her. However, Jessie its not about fairness. You are going to have to lie and cheat to advance your game. That’s why Gina, whose only seen one season of BB, comes across so ignorant at times. She calls Candice a rat and Jessie a flipper. Ah Gina, …you do know this is BB and everyone is essentially a good person. So in order to advance you kind of got to give people a reason to vote out the other guy. Hence, Judd lied about Kait coming after Helen. Helen lied about Judd coming after her. Nick, dare I say, lied to you about being in an alliance. So why Gina is calling out Candice for being a rat, when essentially everyone is doing the same thing. That nomination speech wasn’t fair to Candice or Jessie. It was very personal and unfair. But CBS loved it, they could of edited it out, just like they edit out Amanda’s crude remarks. But CBS chose to keep those ugly comments in. Jessie, life is not fair sometimes and in the BB house its never fair. Win a comp, lie and don’t trust the gay guy.


LOL. Are you BBCan Emmett’s brother. Last line is the same advice given to Emmett. Emmett didn’t follow the advice and was booted at F3. :)


The polling for favorites is completely useless.

Do people really like Elissa? Or am I on crazy pills? She hasn’t done anything interesting or of merit.

I understand that her sister had some entertaining moments and could actually legitimately win the competitions, but Elissa?

This is ridiculous.


I agree, I think Rachael took the brains in the family. Elissa has no clue of what is going on. Maybe if she’d stop doing yoga all over the house and start playing the game, then maybe we could have some reason to like her other wise she’s like watching paint dry.


I’m pretty sure Ellissa letting Helen do all her dirty work is an EXCELLENT strategy. Why would she get blood on her hands? And after all she is not voted out yet. She doesn;t want to look like a threat.


You give Elissa way to much credit. That sort of strategy is beyond her.


If you’re a half wit compared to Rachel does that make you a quarter wit.


yeah it’s sad that Helen’s little lap dog is gonna be voted America’s favorite by delusional brenchel drones. I can’t wait until Helen gets voted out so we can see just how useless Elissa is without her puppet master.


It’s because the rest of the cast SUCKS so BADLY that she is the least of all the suckers.


It’s more like she is the least repulsive person in the house

New World Order

This season has no real choice for America’s Favorite. Every player this season has been down right horrible. If I had to choose right now, it would be either Nick (since he only lasted 1 week and didn’t have enough time to piss off the majority) or Jessie (she’s the only one currently playing the game. Sadly she waited way too long to get involved).


Jesse has never played the game very well. She has not worked on relationships just assumed she is warranted a place within the house hierarchy. Her vote flip with the Jeremy eviction was weeks ago. Her miss perceived worth in the house has taken others down or flagged for eviction with her thoughtless inclusion within any of her assertions of making a ‘power move’. While people hope for some shift within the house power dynamic, it does not reside within Jesse. There is a reason Judd wanted her removed. She carelessly wrecks others game and does not have the capability to recognize how she is the manager of her fate. There is a reason why she doesn’t have ‘a person’. She is unreliable.


This McCrae/Amanda thing is icky. Please McCrae dump her. It’s ironic that he’s a pizza boy but seems way smarter than Amanda in life and the game. How stupid she is to talk about moving into together and marriage. Stage 5 clinger she is coming off so desperate it’s unbelievable. I like McCrae a lot and hate Amanda and think it’s funny I don’t think he has any intention of being with her outside the house based on his comments.


When GM heads off to jury the better get some security up in there because the moment she steps outta line i can just imagine Candice snuffing the teeth out of her mouth


BooHoo has said she’s never been in a fight and doesn’t know how to fight. So a fight with GM is probably not a good place to start.

Say What

Spencer, you came to late for your time. So Howard wants a good woman…as defined by you: stays home and cooks and waits for her man to come home. Spencer that wasn’t even true on the Ozzie and Harriet Shoe in the 60’s. Women of today have an education and can choose whether or not they are a stay at home wife. But whether they choose to stay at home or not, they have their own life and need to continue life experiences. The woman that you are talking about, that all their world revolves around the husband. I think its not healthy. You wind up getting a Gina that can’t function.

Elissa's Botox

GM is so ignorant, I wish if it was a throwaway week that she would get evicted….but this cast is so scared to even put her up b/c she’s psycho…well let her go crazy and self evict………….worst cast ever


I wish there was a house guest that I liked, so far this is the only season I haven’t been able to find a favourite (maybe Jessie since she so desperately wants to make a move, but would she if she had the chance? I think she would be influenced by Helen/Amanda like every other HOH). It’s like CBS clumped all the assholes that applied for the show together in one ugly group and now we have to suffer through the longest season of BB with these people, ugh, I don’t like to judge but wow, these people suck.


Candice left the house but seems to always be the topic of discussion. I may not agree with some if the things Candice said while in the house, but just imagine how it must’ve been for her in a house with idiots like Gina Marie & Spencer. Along with the lovely Aaryn & Amanda lol! Gina Marie has such a trashy mouth but I don’t even think she realizes it. What 35 year old talks about how she wants to fight another adult? Only hoodrats do & she seems to be the only one I see. These people are pathetic. I would much rather see better game play then to hear such trash everyday. I love BB but I’m hoping next season is anything like this one! Please production for the love of your fans!!


You can’t even clearly like or dislike her on her own merits because it’s so extreme on the other end. It’s not like she didn’t make mistakes and doesn’t have some unlikable traits (like they all do). But overall, I don’t think she was malicious and hateful towards any them unless she felt like they were first including Spencer. Typical entitled culture mentality where you think you can dish whatever you want out and expect people to shut up or make you comfortable. Gina Marie started it with her childish bulls sh*t. But I don’t know of anyone else they are calling a whore on every turn. And it seems like she’s worked or has ambition compared to a bunch of the slugs and entitled sloths in there . But most of them are souped up on something or have mental problems so it’s no surprise how they think really. I just shake my head at this point. It’s like watching a circus.


You are so right SashaD! We can only hope that this experience and the backlash causes these HG’s to really take a good look at themselves and do some soul searching so that they can make some changes. I hope that they get some therapy and right some of the wrong behavior they have exhibited. I can’t recall any other season where a psychiatrist had to come to the house. I’m really surprised someone didn’t get hurt on the show this season. They put a horrible mix of people in that house. It really could have gone a lot worse then it did. CBS really needs to make some changes to the screening process of this game.


Candice handled an awful situation the best she could. She was under constant verbal attack from either Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and the worst one, GM. They ganged up on her (the mattress incident) and she had no one except Howard to support her. The horrific things they continually said (and are still saying) about her should have been curtailed by CBC. Of course Candice had emotional meltdowns, who wouldn’t under these circumstances?

I hope with all my heart that Candice at least gets voted America’s Favorite (I hope she’s brought back and wins the $500K). That would send a message to the gutter rats: Candice is the real winner!


I’m with you on that one Erikad! These lame HG do more talking about evited HGs, playing stupid group games and painting their nails when they should be strategizing. The reason they have all this time on their hands is because no one wants to do ANY dirty work, which is what BB is all about.

Jordan Rules

Won’t it be funny when GM gets out of the BB house to find out she has been fired. She has no other skills. She will hunt Nick down and force herself on him. Nick will have to go into witness protection.


Why are these people still talking about Howard and Candice like this? They are gone; they sent them packing, right? Dang, these racist don’t have no sense. They are losing their minds in this house. I guess they are just feeding off of what they brought into this house. Now, they don’t have enough sense to just shut up about it already. Interesting, that they want to gossip about the kicked out HGs, why not politics, international relations, the economy, political economy, space, the future of man kind? No, let’s talk about Candice being a gold digging wh*r# or a wild animal!


talking about someone doesn’t make your racist…they just don’t like that scum bag


What makes one a racist? What is racism to you? I would really like to know. I am a student of people. I like to understand what and how people think. Which is why I am big fan of BB and Survivor. Please answer. I would appreciate it.

For real

You may have to break the questions down to a 2nd grade level for ‘whitie’ to understand.


thanks for thinking about me “For real” but i think i got it but i’ll be sure to ask for your assistance if i run into any comprehension issues since you seem to be on top of it all here


i don’t really know what makes one a racist i just know that when people get into it with each other they tend to use whatever they believe will make the other upset and if it happens to include their race then so be it but i don’t think that makes them racist and if they truly are then that is their problem not mine. i just dislike labeling anyone solely on their comments especially made out of anger. if you were to do that then everyone would be in deep trouble…and the only reason i wrote “…they just don’t like that scum bag” is because it seem to identify whoever they were discussing.


Simply put here are the differences:

The word prejudice in recent times, the word has come to be most often used to refer to preconceived, usually unfavorable, judgments toward people or a person because of gender, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, language, nationality or other personal characteristics.

The word racist: Is an unflattering judgment toward a person based on race/religion/sexuality/nationality/age/disability.

Think in the house most of the people are extremely prejudiced but not necessarily racist.


and believe it or not we are all born with prejudices so there are a lot of pots calling the kettle black here.;-( you can search on any of the latest studies done w/ babies that support this theory


they do it every season

For real

Does’t make it right!


I love Elissa. She had not done well in comps but she hasn’t done anything to people to hate her so much. I really wish Andy would use the VETO on Jessie and send GM to the jury house. She is such a despicable person, ignorant and just cruel


They need to stop hating on Candice, she hasn’t been in the house for four days now and there STILL talking crap. She’s gone, so keep her name out of your mouths.


I hate them all, hate the show, n especially hate this season. While I realize its all about lies n deceit, I don’t understand CBS editing of some but not others.Goodbye BB!


I think Andy will put up GinaMarie as a replacement nominee. However, if Andy turn on Amanda over McCrae, McCrae would indeed go after Andy.


They would have to get out of bed first. I’ve never seen 2 people float through the game by sleeping 20 hours a day. When the time comes they won’t know what hit em


Can someone, anyone please tell me what obscure pageant did Gina Marie win, that she is so proud of….that it took her six years to win?

Can you imagine what the competition must have been if GM won…I assuming there was no question and answering phase. And she probably did her “hood rat” routine for the talent portion. This is how we roll on Staten Island…yo, yo, you mama is a h*e!!!

ROFLMAO….Just so fricken unbelievable on so many levels

Staten Island Resident

Okay – here’s the low down on GM’s pageant claim to fame. Have you ever watched Toddlers & Tiaras? If not, try and catch part of a show. It’s a real eye opener. You’ll be flabbergasted!

The mothers pay a fee (between ~$300 -$500) to enter the beauty pageant. You can enter an infant, a little girl, a little boy, whatever age. Each pageant has a theme, like a jungle theme, a glam theme, etc. You have to have special outfits for your kid for each of the pageant segments. The specially made dresses cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. You put make-up on your kids, you put hair extensions on your kid, fake nails, spray tans (I kid you not) and even get special fake teeth so your kid had a nice smile (or in case they’ve lost their front baby teeth). You have to hire a pageant trainer, who teaches your kid a routine, a little dance or whatever to perform in front of the judges. Then the judges (former pageant girls, or some how connected to pageants) will call each age group up one by one and pick a kid for beauty, nicest smile, best personality, etc. The kid gets a trophy or crown. Then they pick the best, or grand supreme, and that kid gets a few hundred dollars and a bigger trophy/crown. The mothers, grandmas, aunties, etc stand behind the judges (sometimes in matching tee-shirts emblazoned with the kid’s name) and egg their kids on (a sight to behold), making gestures so the kid smiles, winks, turns, etc before the judge. Some of the mothers are real wackos.

Anyway, I guess GM’s mother kept entering her in these pageants, apparently for SIX YEARS, and probably the judges felt sorry for her and finally gave her a win. These pageants are local, each state has them, NY/Staten Island have them several times a year. It’s a huge money maker. Unfortunately, it seems the folks who enter their kids don’t’ have much money, and don’t seem to be very educated, so if their kid wins a CROWN, it’s a big deal.

We’re not talking Miss America or Miss Universe contestants like Candice, who are educated and poised.


Why is this piece of trash still talking about Candy when she is no longer in the house? Is it because she is jealous of her?


For me….Elissa is the only genuinely nice person in the house. I’ve never heard her say on hateful thing about anyone or any ugly language come out of her mouth. She always tries to be helpful and respectful too. That is why I want to see her at the end. Amanda is plain nasty with her attitude and I don’t mean to be ugly but she’s skanky too along with MC. Arryn I can look over. She’s more just young and stupid and has much growing up to do. GM is pure meanness. It takes a hateful heart to say what she did about Candice’s bio mom not wanting her. One of the worst casts ever on BB and I’ve been a fan since the premiere.

Just my 2 cents that doesn’t matter.

This Season Blows

Yes, that’s right, forget about Rachelissa’s snotty comments about other women’s looks, gossiping about GM’s eating disorder, and general stuck-up attitude towards everyone else in the house like a good little Brenchel drone.


I heard the convo between Andy and Elissa about GM’s eating disorder – As a nutritionist, I think she was genuinely alarmed, and wanted to help her. That same afternoon, she taught GM some basic yoga. A day or two prior to that, she colored and highlighted GM’s hair with foils, like the (Aveda) professional she is. She has been cutting all the men’s hair, too. She did come off snotty towards Amanda’s one piece bathing suit/dominatrix outfit, I think because it was so embarrassing to watch. It’s a mix of different people & while she is a spiritual person, she’s not going around thumping Bibles and praying over people like Howard did. Her testimony is in her behavior, and I hope she goes far in the game.


I agree. Elissa is self riotous and has rarely backed any of her assertions on people’s behaviour within the house.


And just think folks, it’s only Monday….


Andy, if he had a clue, would use the veto on Jessie and take out Helen. Jessie would owe him at this point. Spencer would not put him up, and Amanda would have his back. It looks like Helen is beginning to plant the seed to get rid of Andy and he is not cluing into yet. This seems to be Helen’s style as she prepares his next target for elimination. However, I do not think Helen has the numbers to get to the end. Her devout alliance to Ellissa is a big negative. Andy is smarter being loyal to Amanda and McCrea. Andy needs to make the move now. He will have the number agains Helen (Amanda, McCrea, Spencer, Jessie, and GM. Aaryn will vote against Helen once she see the house doing it). Andy should talk to his alliance and pull the trigger. This will clear the path for the three of them to the final. But, Anday is not smart enough to realize this. Why would you keep two powerful players Amanda and Helen together.


Andy is hedging his bets.


GM keeps talking about the comment. In the real world teasing a grown person for CHOOSING to live with their parents isn’t personal, because she can’t find a man to live off of, since no man would wanna deal with her psycho ass.. Candice, while nowhere near an angel, didn’t have a choice of what her mother did, so saying that about her was personal.

Neither of them have much class, but Candice has a little more than GM, that’s for damn sure.


I laugh at illiterate people like GM, perverts like Spencer…and their supporters. Especially, their supporters. I imagine a bunch of toothless inbreds at the local lah-brareh posting these ridiculously “slow” comments in support of the BB in-house aryan club. GM and Aryan lost their jobs, Amanda will have a hard time selling houses, and Spencer’s company doesn’t want to have sh*t to do with him, either. They fcked themselves and keep fcking themselves as the weeks go on cus none of them know how to shut the holes in their STUPID faces. Let them keep talking cus everyone else is gonna have the last laugh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Elections Canada

Hey folks, I need your help. I want to vote in the America’s Vote, but I want to know which way you are all voting so I don’t go against the house. I don’t want to make waves, you know, by voting for what I want, ok, so I need you all to tell me what to do. I was thinking of making a real power move, but I think it’s too early, but I think maybe the time has come, no, wait, it’s too early again. I don’t want any blood on my hands and up to my shoulders, and if I do what everybody tells me I’ll become Janelle somehow. Tell me what to vote for and as I do it I’ll go on and on about how I must sadly and unfortunately vote this way because I want to vote with the house and then cry a lot. Thanks!!!


Part of me wonders if the hatred from GM towards Candice is due to Candice also competing and winning pageants. Candice competed in Miss Teen USA and Miss USA….whereas, GM competed in _______?


That could be part of it. But I also think it all stems from their own f*cked up priorities, entitlement, and esteem issues. And if Candace came in there catering to them and even being more like Helen or Howard who was passive than they may not have had an issue with her. They are insecure and entitled and she didn’t do anything to make them feel more comfortable about themselves. And you mix that without being prejudice and entitled than there you have it, anything she did in their eyes is exasperated or exaggerated compared to other people’s behavior who are white. So someone like Howard is likely okay with people like Gina Marie and the Aaryn types so it appears that they aren’t really bigots.They may even f*ck him. But he’s a man and he didn’t threaten their insecurities along with him being passive and really catering . He just let them say and do anything without speaking up in the house thus people equate that with class and as if that is good character. And that could be arguable depending on how you look at ti.


HA! Exactly! She probably won a high school pageant; that would take her six years. Like I said before, GM never competed nationally and it kills her that Candice did it twice.


Why does Amanda look like a 500 pound lemon in that top? LMFAO!


Yeah, she is definitely a little bloated (opps, alot)…I think it has something to do with her cycle (you know the biology of womanhood)…

I was thinking she looked like a big ole professional tennis ball…you know the day-glo yellow ones


Its not enough that GutterMouth insults Candice any chance she gets she had to insult her mother too? Both Candice ‘s mothers need to come for the finale night and slap her.

For Elissa

This season of Big Brother has just become the worst…by far. No gameplay, everyone in the house suck and has shi**y attitudes and personalities…Nastiest Showmance to date…just everything bleh. Jessie had the right gameplan, but sadly, had more idiots against that with her. The only person in the game right now who I whould be “satisified” with winning, is Andy. BB15>=shit!!


Helen still brings up Jeremy all the time, and he was gone the third week. They must really be bored or just plain ignorant.


Yeah, Candace should be REAL scared of someone who still lives with mom and pop, can’t speak the English language, can’t read, spell OR keep a man! Wow, Candace must be shaking in her boots………..

the walking dead.

people on here acting like candice was some saint in that house.when see was definitely not. she is just like rest of them in the house or that was in the house besides howard.


GM won the “I Can’t Speak English, Read, Spell, and Have Ratty Extensions” Beauty Pageant……….haven’t you heard of it???? Seriously how could SHE ever win serious “beauty” pageant? Have you seen her without makeup……….Whew!!!


I actually don’t watch much of BB15 on TV because it’s too boring! The BEST part of BB15 is the blogs! Very entertaining…there are even a few “racist” blogging, but none have them have gone as far as a few HG have on national TV. Unless they are being censored (take note CBS).


I’m getting tired of ppl in these comments you all act like ur so good and nice its really annoying unless every single one of you are complete shut ins or just don’t know how the world is now coming from someone of the younger generation what you see in this house is how we act lol we say mean things as jokes I live ghetto and everyone makes fun of everyone but we are not insecure and just laugh and crack on them you guys are acting like the whole world is going to explode because people are making racial slurs on tv this is why tv sucks because people like all of you can’t handle it but you’ll watch a show where a guy is raping 8 year old girls and that completely fine but when people make racial comments and gay jokes everyone panics fucking idiots


You could’ve sounded smart and stopped typing before the comment about people being OK with watching someone rape little girls. That comment made you sound like the biggest fucking idiot on the forum.

If you’re so “tired” of people complaining, why complain about them? By complaining, you just exposed yourself as being no better.


Well its true people watch shows about killing people and pedophiles but this is bad


And why do they feel they have to backdoor Jessie! Just tell her she’s next, she’s only ONE vote!!! If you have the numbers why continue trying to be secretive…DUH!


Easy, because then they wouldn’t have the pleasure of blindsiding her and patting themselves on the back for getting out such a “threat”. LOL


There are bigger fish to fry in that house and they are so dumb and focus on people like Jessie and Judd.
Someone should have made an alliance with them, and backdoored some of the real threats.

The season will not get good until Spence and Jessie are gone and then the house guests will have to start turning on each other.
Let’s hope that happens before we all lose interest in this season.


Yes!! Thank you! For the life of me, I do not understand this whole “backdoor” concept. It is somewhat cowardly to me. If you want to evict a houseguest, tell them, put them up, and get them out! Show no fear.

give me a break

C.B.S cast to many racist on this show….people are focusing on Amanda because she is a louder racist than Aryan Nation and G.M…..Just because Amanda and G.M. are vocal does not make Aryan Nation less racists….Aryan was the only one warn about her racist comments….i bet if Amanda and G.M. we’re call out on there racist comments…they would be biting there tongue just like Aryan Nation has too…….Aryan is just acting right now….she has a racist view of the world….Aryan comes from a small bubble community..where racist ideology is accepted….I will not excuse any racist act of Aryan just because Amanda and G.M. are more vocal……..a racist is a racist is a racist……

come on

Because BB is protecting Amanda and wow hate to say it but Aaryn fits the typical stereotype, so Julie Chen has something to act offended about, the blue eyed blonde southern white racist from the South (Texas)(good old boy country) that America thinks is true. I mean if you bother to recheck time dates and stamps GM is the one that first made the anti asian comment about Go Cook some RIce and Aaryn just repeated it, but good grief no there can’t be racist in the north so Chen blames the girl from the South. BS! I mean they do not want to show you that racist exist in New York (GM) or Florida (Amanda)(not after the Zimmerman case) or Washington (Helen because she has made some questionable comments). Chen also does not show that the only ones that used the N word are Kaitlyn, GM and Amanda but can’t let America see that the rest of the country may be the worst racist of the bunch. That would just be too much.


Didn’t think of that….what a strategy!!! It’s genious!!!