Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

10:52am – 11:35am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the Veto Ceremony. When the feeds return, we learn that as the Power of Veto holder ANDY chose not to use the veto and left Spencer and Jessie on the block.

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11:35am In the kitchen – Helen tells Andy thank you for not back dooring me. Andy laughs and asks did you actually think I would? Helen says she had a little freak out last night. Ginamarie says Andy you could back door me any time. You know in the nice way! She laughs. Helen says as if she was Andy thanks but I am gay.



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11:45am – 12pm Up in the HOH room – Helen tells Andy about her conversation with Amanda this morning about how Helen chose to stay loyal to Amanda and McCrae. She says that I wanted to let her know that so that she sees that we stayed loyal to her and that if it wasn’t for us she wouldn’t be here. Helen says that she told Amanda that it was Jessie coming to her each week asking if it was time to get her out. And how I would tell her each week no. I told her that I am starting to lose that clout with Jessie now though. Andy says that doesn’t matter now that she is going home in 3 days. Helen tells Andy that she told Amanda that you deserve to be in the final three. Helen says that Amanda also said that she is playing an independent game. Andy says yeah I don’t know if that is a ruse or not. Helen agrees. Andy tells Helen I would rather be in a final three with you and Elissa, than Amanda/McCrae. Helen tells Andy that she would never back door him. Helen talks to Andy about how when it gets down to the final four it all comes down to the POV because they have the sole vote to evict. Andy says oh that makes me nervous. Andy tells Helen that if Ginamarie won HOH, she would not go anywhere. Helen tells Andy if Aaryn won HOH we could convince her to put up Amanda/McCrae and take out Amanda. We would tell her that after that we would go after McCrae even though we wouldn’t. Spencer joins them. Andy tells him that they are just discussing scenarios depending on who win HOH. Spencer talks about how Jessie keeps telling me I am a nice guy. Andy says she thinks your days are numbered, when they’re not. Andy laughs and says he feels bad but you are my better friend in the house. Helen says she hopes nothing goes wrong. Andy says no, nothing will go wrong it will be a 6 – 0 vote. Helen tells Spencer he should find out what the record is for being on the block and not being evicted. Spencer says yeah it’s been 5 times now. Andy says this is the safest you have ever been too. They talk about how winning the money would change their lives. Spencer says there is no money like earning money and this is not winning money. Helen agrees and says it’s easier to earn money at her job. Spencer gets called to the diary room and leaves.


12:05pm Helen and Andy discuss the comments that Ginamarie has made that they don’t agree with like the cockroaches comment and telling Candice that her Mom doesn’t love her. Helen says there is just something wrong with Gina for her to make comments like that. Helen talks about how McCrae said he wants to take out Aaryn to have her blood on his hands. Helen says I could not be the one to take her out, I really like her now that I have gotten to know her. Andy says that she thinks Jessie will be really pissed to leave before Aaryn. She has a personal jealousy towards Aaryn. Andy says that Jessie is positive she is staying. Andy says that it is so hard for him to lie to her because that is not part of my personality. Andy tells Helen and her or Elissa need to win HOH this week. Spencer joins them again. They talk about past competition.

12:20pm – 12:55pm In the bathroom – Aaryn tells Jessie that she legitimately thinks that Judd would not have f**ked her over. Jessie agrees and heads upstairs to join the HOH crew. They continue to reminisce about past competitions. Everyone but Andy head downstairs.


12:45pm – 1pm Out in the backyard – McCrae brings up how Helen told him that you are playing an individual game. Amanda says that I have said that in front of you multiple times that we are playing individual games. Why does that bother you? McCrae says that it doesn’t. Amanda says I would never lie to you because I want to have a relationship with you outside the house. I love you. Amanda asks if she told you that last night why did you wait until now to talk about it? McCrae says because I forgot about it. Amanda says I just feel like I have said that in front of you. McCrae says you have but not in front of Helen. Amanda says we have got to clean that bed sheet.


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it was very clear this time last year that a member of the Quack Pack was gonna win the show. I was cool with that cuz I really liked all the members of the Quack Pack.

This year, when you look at all the relashinships, I’m 99% sure one of the 3AM members is gonna win the show.


Who are the 3 am members? I hope Jessie stays, wins hoh and backdoors amanda this week.


Andy, Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae


Truly not surprised by the Veto not being used.

Another predictable outcome.


I’d like to take a baseball bat to HELL-EN..

I say

You are taking this too personally, to want to commit bodily harm, on Helen. These people are not impacting your life and probably never will.


Ya now I def want to take a bat to HELL-ENs HEAD!


You want to hurt Helen? You really need to get a life. Start by making an appointment with a shrink. In the meantime I will say a little prayer for you.


The cast this year is extremely deluded. Usually the houseguest say mean things about one another but they make up when they show ends….but i don’t think that is going to happen this year. Is Elissa really going to befriend Aaryn and GM? No. Is Candice going to make up with Spencer, GM and Aaryn? No.. Is Helen going to accept the apologies that Aaryn and GM throw her way? No. And is Mcrae even going to stick by Amanda through all of this negativity? No.

Honestly I think that when the show ends, these houseguest are not going to look at big brother as an “amazing experience” or “once-in a lifetime”. These houseguest are going to remember “Big Brother ” as the “Big Bad Wolf” that “ruined” their life and in some cases ( e.g Candice’s) hurt them deep.


Of the 3ams, I think Anaconda isn’t going to final 4 — it’ll be Helen instead:

Andy, Aaryn, Helen, Mc
Aaryn, Helen, Mc
Helen, Mc

Winner: Mc!!


Fow Is Mc/Helen Even A Possibility Out Of Those Three? Mc And Helen Would Take Aaryn, Cuz Nobody Likes Her! EAsy 500k fOr One Of Those Two If Thats The Final 3

New World Order

Shame that no moves have been made yet this season. For the first season ever, the game won’t start until the final 4…

This Season Blows

Oh, thank God Andy left the nominations the same. I was getting worried that someone would actually grow a pair and make a big move for the first time all season!


I hope Andy lives to regret not making the big move when he had the chance. It seems that he wants to be respected for his game but he just blew his big chance to make his mark. If he had I would have definitely voted him fan favorite if he didn’t make it to the finals!


@smt. I agree with you. I think Andy made a big mistake, maybe game-ending mistake, for not taking Helen out this week. Helen will not honor her alliance with him and at the end he will be the pawn that goes home. At this point of the game, Andy needs to stop playing floater and solidy his position in the house or he is a lame duck like Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn, and Gina Marie.


I think you are way off. Andy has not played “the big move BB game’ . He’s playing king social rat. Helen has no opportunity to turn on Andy. Who beside Ellisa would vote to evict let alone nominate him. By the time the numbers could force him on the block Helen will be long gone. As was stated earlier in this thread 3 AM have this thing wired at the moment. Add GM and Spencer Helen has to hope Amanda thins the house next week. 3 AM if they control HOH should get Helen out next IMO. Best guess is GM is next as the HG’s are disgusted by her mouth and attitude at this point.


Well… That was obvious! Maybe, just maybe after this week things will start getting interesting… MAYBE! Friendship 2.0 is gonna have to start turning on each other soon, it’s almost that time. It’ll be amazing to watch them implode from within!


This is the SUPER NERDHEARD…They are all f*cking sheep. It is so frustrating.


i just finished bb canada and that season was so much better than this one and was I the only one that wasnt a fan of gary

Hello -

You’re not the only one. Couldn’t stand the b**ch. and the cheap dresses he bought in Little Italy for mamma’s going to weddings.


i didn’t like gary either. i was rooting for jillian and peter all the way through!

did you see gary’s temper tantrum/blubbering escapade when he was picked to be a havenot? hilarious!
but he was just ridiculous. so glad he didn’t win! there’s no way it’s fair to bring someone back into the game in final 5. i hope they never do that again.


I just saw on Facebook where Jeff interviewed Judd…highly doubtful he’ll be returning back to the house…


What you saw on FB was a plug for Jeff’s interview BEFORE they entered the house (“What would Judd have said to himself if he won ?#?BB15?? Watch his time capsule moment…”). Jeff’s interview this week ended up being with Rachel. I watched for probably 10 minutes, but had to shut it down. Her laugh was giving my dog seizures and my ears started bleeding.


ok lets just hope someone comes back from jury and actually plays big brother instead of follow Amanda


…Goodbye, Jessie :/ How much stupid can these people get? Leaving Aryan Nation, GinaMareeks, and Amadunce alone…what a pussy move to do.


I wonder if Jessie has figured out that she is going home this week? I understand Jessie wanting to flip the house, but she has been trying the last 4 weeks and it hasn’t worked. Every time she has tried Amanda finds out. Jessie, have you ever asked yourself how Amanda discovers your plans? Oh well ….Jessie we have a nice parting gift for you ….you were my last favorite player. Good luck in LA!


Oh Helen you are so funny! NOT!

helen is clueless

Helen had a mini freak out thinking she might be going up. I can’t wait until she goes up next week and and does the same horrible things Jessie did. For example “trying to flip the house”, just trying to save herself from eviction and trying desperately to get someone to make a move on Amanda. The nerve. And I hope someone says “I’d like to help you but this is what the house wants”


I so want that to happen. What irks me about Amanda and Helen is that they cannot see themselves for who they really are. When McCrae brings it to Amanda’s attention she is always ‘I’m not threatening or bullying’ or whatever it is she is actually doing. This ‘what the house wants’ is insane. Wish there were some older, more intelligent people in the house.

the Truth

Andy….you just fucked up.


Amanda is on a roll!


What would she do without Andy? That guy is gold!


Yep, Amanda has this thing in the bag. Do you think she will give Andy a little commission for faithfully “smoothing over” every time Amanda was supposed to be back-doored and then missing the big opportunity to take her out during his HOH? She is a real estate agent so she has a good understanding of commissions …




Well, that sucked! No one wants to make a move! Bring back Judd so he can kick some a$$!


Judd will only come back to be Amanda’s lapdog and tatletale once again.


I still don’t get why andy is protecting Amanda so hardcore. I can understand mcrae, but dang, get Amanda up out of there. girl is dangerous. she could start winning comps and really be faking this losing stuff for all weknow. she sure as heck had no problem making up a big lie about howard.


Next week, bring back Candice and Jessie, then rig the rest of the competitions for them to win.

P. Benatar

Okay Jessie, now figure this out and raise hell – some of us are counting on you to rock the boat – even though you’re sinking – hit em with your best shot.


One thing I must say about this group they are good at keeping people clam. Before evict

Hello -

Yay! The predictability ceremony is over…..Next. Come on Grodner, just admit it and hand over the check to your girlfriend, already.


yep! Andy made that BIG move he’s been talking about! He will be remembered forever for keeping Spencer & Jessie on the block…

Jim 64

No guts Andy told you he didn’t have a pair
Guess he just one of the girls.
So sad it’s goodbye to Jessie


I guess Spencer or Jessie will be leaving this Thursday.


Only a genius could figure that one out.


Missed a perfect opportunity to backdoor Helen. When will these people realize she is running the show. She makes me sick.


Why is Helen still talking to Andy??????????????????……………………………………………………………….NEWS FLASH HELEN..Andy is a F**King RAT!


Andy must be that good of a liar.


If Helen is really smart she will and have Ellisa vote for Spencer I know they still don’t have the numbers but if she is that smart why would she vote Jessie out that’s not team Amanda cus she aayrin and you know aayrin vote for GM will to and don’t she see andy and spencer and ayrin all talkie that would make bells go off for her


OK, Jessie now that you’re going to be evicted, expose Andy as the rat he is to Helen before leaving the house. I have no idea why he is protecting Amanda, but Helen needs to know that he is a rat.


Helen should already know. She’s an idiot. Elissa and Jessie told her about how Andy wasn’t as loyal to her as he was to Amanda/McCrae because he had been relaying information.

Jim 64

Hey Andy I did not know that little Jessie was that
Big a threat are you and two faced Helen going
To keep telling. Jessie she’s not the target the
Rest of the week you dirty RAT.

J. Kirk

Could you imagine if some alien life form stumbled upon this site – my gosh, they would have to destroy us all for fear of this stupidly infecting the universe.


This is how it will go… Spencer and Elissa goes up at new HOH Comp. Everyone will tell then they both are safe. No one will try to get out the big players I much rather go to final 3 with the weakest in comps. Aaryn has prove she is the strongest in the house. Amanda and Helen needs to go up and if Helen or Amanda wins veto Back door Aaryn if no one wins leave them the same and vote Aaryn out cause she is stronger than them all.


Next week’s HOH is huge.

I want to break up MC and Amanda so bad, their bb relationship is so phoney.

While Helen and Andy are a bit annoying at least they are game-playing on their own and not relying on a bb showmance as a crutch.

Whoever has the guts to put them both on the block could win the game.


Totally phoney – I don’t think I can sit through this wedding crap – I hope they don’t do it during BBAD.


Andy has the smart move of taking either Aaryn or Amanda, because I honestly think that he could win against those two. Aaryn has shown her insensitivities. Amanda is, well, Amanda. The only big move really is when either Helen McCrea or Amanda go up by someone. Remember this, we still have Spencer and gm in the house (shudder/cringe). You all want big moves, with your “yawns”, “borings” and “no big moves”…to these main players, they got this far by being safe. By knowing that to take the other out puts targets right on their back. They are playing to win 500k, not make good TV or satisfy our need of getting Amanda and McCrea out. Waawaa. Time to get someone who already left and get them in. Make not only the evicted houseguest play to reenter but make that person the hoh. That’s a twist. Go Judd. Put up fake ass Helen please. I loved Helen lobbying Andy to put up McCrea and Amanda and he is like, nope. Spence and jess.


I am no Amanda fan but honestly if she made it to the final 2 against Andy I would vote for her. She has controlled every eviction we’ve had so far. I can’t stand her as a person I think she is disgusting but as far as game play she’s gotten everything she’s wanted. But I am the type of person in jury that would vote for the best game play not who I liked the most.

Hello -

Really Helen – GinaMarie’s comments to Candice were the worst you’ve ever heard? Maybe when she gets out and sees the footage of her mouth spewing lie after lie and saying Candice came at her threateningly.
Ok Helen, ok, like you know what I mean – that’s pretty horrendous.
‘The people’s HOH, America’s HOH.
She makes me want to lose my lunch.
How about the worst words being ‘The Twin Towers have been destroyed by terrorism’? That might be worse, no?


I must of missed that when did Helen say Candice came at her threateningly? I thought they were friends or is that just another one of Helen’s lies. Wow so Helen is racist too. Wonder if Julie Chen will air that on her other show. UM probably not because it would show Asians in a bad light!


Hope you still see the answer – she went to everybody (I believe 2 or 3 days after Candice being nominated) and told them Candice was threatening her. It was in one of the OBB updates posts so you may be able to go back and read it and verify the date. Hope that helps.

Hello -

Actually, after answering the question (forgot to put my name in ) – it might have been when Howard was on the block and she was fighting to keep him in the game. Sorry, I can’t be of more help. Maybe Simon/Dawg can better answer the question. :)

Namejrt in sc

amanda target for nx week andy for not backdooring helen


i kind of want candice to come back, at least she will call people out, big brother is becoming REALLY boring fast

Hello -

Here’s what I would love:
“Hello houseguests”

“Hi Julie!!”

“You know, in the Big Brother House to ‘expect the unexpected?’
“Yes, Julie!!!!”
“Well, the bloggers and feeders have been trying to punch their computer screens because they want something worth watching.”
“Oh my God, guys”. “Maybe it’s Dan or Janelle or Boogie.” ‘”Oh my God, you guys” Helen is jumping around pounding her fist in the air.
“We gave the bloggers the vote and they decidied to put Evel Dick in and he will immediately take over as HOH”.
“Oh my God”.
“Goodbye houseguests”
Now this would be worth $100 a day to watch.
One can dream.


By not making big moves or just “putting it off for another week”, these people are just putting more pressure on themselves to have to win HOH in the clutch or they may be the one getting sent home or backdoored.


Excellent point, Lost12. And they all know they only excel at certain comps. They all seem to think they are in Vegas playing roulette betting on “black” or “red” but in reality they are all only a number.

Namejrt in sc

amanda target for nx week andy for not backdooring helen


These people are repulsive. I have a high tolerance for stupidity while watching Big Brother, but this is just too much!

ultimate conspiracy theory, ...nah

Wouldnt it be something. Amanda wins and announces that she is a lesbian and is partners will AG. They live happily ever after on rainbow island. Raising mccreas kid. While he makes child support payments….I do though happen to think that Amanda and mccreas relationship is genuine on her part, but McCrea is not so in the deep end with her, because of her nagging and bossiness. And she is a little rude to him….spidermonkey???? Nice


The BIG moves of the game….HG going to the bathroom on their own….except McCrae, still a no-go.


Please let something, anything change before Thursday’s vote! I can’t take another round of hugging, patting on the back, all while congratulating themselves for removing a big threat.

In BB15, big threat = doesn’t do what the house wants *sigh*

Dr. Will Kirby

Aaryn is the only person in that house who has done anything even remotely worthy of winning the game. the rest are just paranoid do nothing hacks

For real

ROLOL!!! You are really funny!


Yeah Andy, you miss the opportunity to make big moves. I can’t wait McCrae or Amanda will turn on you.




more like a snake (A snake is someone who you think is sincere and really nice, but then turns out to be a backstabber.
Someone who acts like your best friend, but who actually is the opposite)


Shame on Andy for breaking the veto usage streak.


whoever comes back from the jury will win the $$$. My prediction. By that time the line will be drawn in the sand and NO blindside will be possible.


If Elissa got evicted, she may come back.


This is how it will play out for next week. The 3AM Alliance (Amanda, Andy, Aaryn and McCrae) will recruit Spencer and Gina Marie into the fold. That way it will be 5 against 2 (Helen and Elssa) competing for the HOH. If Hlelen and Elissa get eliminated then:

1. Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae may throw the competition, so that either Spencer or Gina Marie will win HOH. Thus getting blood on their hands by nominating Helen and Elissa for eviction. Regardless who wins POV either Helen or Elissa will be going home: or

2. If Amanda, Aaryn or McCrae wins HOH, they will nominate Spencer and Gina Marie. Then depending on who wins POV (someone from the 3AM Alliance or one of the nominees); POV will be used and Helen gets backdoored. If Helen or Elissa wins POV it will not be used. Then either GM or Spencer will be going home.

So therefore, Helen is in a very precarious situation. Her or either Elissa need to win HOH or POV next week to remain.

Helen has played herself into a deep hole with no true alliances. She definiitely does not have the numbers now. Should have gotten rid of Amanda when you had the chance….


I don’t know if they could make Spencer go after Helen/Elissa instead of Amanda/McCrae. He seems to have his own agenda and pushy Amanda is not going to be able to threaten her way out of the hot seat.


I don’t think they will be that happy if Spencer wins HoH. He could do something unpredictable. Helen is such an idiot for allowing her friends to be voted out one by one, I’m praying she gets backdoored next week. She can then head to jury and Judd can laugh in her smug face.


I totally agree that Helen missed her opportunity to get Amanda out when she potentially had the numbers to do it. I think she missed her opportunity and will end up comtemplating over it in the jury house eventually here


Yes Spencer could be a wild card. However he would need to win HOH and POV to either evict Amanda or McCrae. And seeing as he can not play for HOH the following week he would put a huge target on his back. Does he want to chance a big move when he knows he does not have the numbers the following week to save himself. Keep in mind Spencer does not have any real alliances or is willing to chance it that Helen, Elissa and Gina Marie has his back.

Make a big move or possibly live to fight the week after next.


boo!!!!!!! BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I got to say.

derick alaska


give me a break

It’s crazy that the three racists are close to winning 500,000


Most likely Jessie will be voted out and I would like to see Elissa and MC make it to the final 2. While Aaryn is a good player, due to her ugly personality I would not like her to make it to the final 2. I hope GM the hood Rat, Hellen the Snake, Creepy Spencer , Andy the Rat and Amanda are sent to the as well Jury.

give me a break

i hope Elissa wins the game or maybe McPuss now that Jessie is going home


After they evict Jessie this week I think they need to evict Air, Food and water in that order and let the bastards die in the house


Amanda: “What actually is reincarnation?”

Andy shows up

Mc: “Well, it’s when you die and come back as something completely different.”

Amanda: “So, I could come back as a pig?!”

Mc: “You’re not listening are you…?”


“Helen and Andy discuss the comments that Ginamarie has made that they don’t agree with like the cockroaches comment and telling Candice that her Mom doesn’t love her. Helen says there is just something wrong with Gina for her to make comments like that.”

Helen and Andy, you are just now realizing that there is something wrong with GM? Just now? Or maybe they are just now expressing how they have felt all along. Either way, GM is off.