“So I’ll make a b1tch move because it’s too early to ruffle feathers”

Big Brother Spoilers Nick wins the Head of Household.
Today there should be nominations and the whackactivity competition, (Christie, Nick, Jessica, Sis)

7:40 pm Cliff
Cliff – I truly believe that Kemi was one of those looking for her moment of infamy. If she was going to go out she was going to make sure she goes out as crazy and wild as possible so she could get a lot of PR and exposure and not go out silently
Cliff thinks Kemi went overboard, “her objective was just to cause a scene to get her some attention. I’m not big on that”

Cliff gives a retell about the altercation last night between Bella and Kemi
Cliff – I don’t thin kBella did anything wrong Kemi got up in her face
Cliff – I notice Bella immediately had her hand behind her she was trying to restrain herself.
Cliff – Kemi definitely was ready to … I think she was ready to make it more than just a verbal altercation
Cliff – tempers were there.
Cliff says Sam grabbed Bella if he had grabbed Kemi he might have been slapped.
(If you missed it here’s the post that contains the gif and images)

Cliff doesn’t know who cast the rogue vote, “it wasn’t me, Nicole said it wasn’t her”
Cliff – my first thought was Kat but that doesn’t make sense Kat is tight with Jessica. I think it’s just a rogue vote. Someone is trying to cause a stink. A little confusion.
Cliff – it would not surprise me if it was Nick or Bella.
Cliff – I’m worried about Nicole.. is the fellowship of the ZIING rivaling the FOUTTE
Cliff says he’s allied with a guy whos not even in the game and with a girl who was just evicted from the house
Cliff – this week I’m not thinking I’m safe.. I think it’s a possibility. I tried to get tight with Nick at the very beginning I threw a vote at him for the camp director .. it was a boneheaded decision because it started some suspensions.
Cliff says he’s now since told Nick he voted for him.
Cliff brings up that Nick told him before yesterday that he’s not going up. Cliff doesn’t trust Bella, “his girlfriend has already indicated I need to go up more often”
Cliff – Kat, Jessica or Nicole with me as number four
Cliff – my perfect situation would be Jessica and Kat with Nicole as a backup

Cliff – I don’t think I’m going home this week.. If I was a betting man I would say I was not going on the block but it’s probably a 50 50 proposition.
Cliff – I’m feeling uncomfortable about my position in this game right now
Cliff – Nicole told me Sam was up in the HOH and someone was talking goofed up and referenced a final 8 or something
Cliff names gr8tful.
Cliff – Sam is number 9, I’m guessing I’m number 10. I’m not happy going home tenth but I’m seeing the writing on the walls if things don’t change.
Cliff says if their side can’t get HOH it’s going to be shooting fish in the barrels for the 8

Cliff is worried the beginning of the season will be boring but the final act might be fun with the final 8 fighting.
Cliff – I’ve heard of discussion that Nick and Bella could be a target.. it’s been delayed.

8:16 am wakeup ..

8:19 am Kemi and Nicole
Nicole saying they were trying to pin the one rogue vote to mess with her.
(very very very hard to hear this conversation)

8:25 pm HOH Bella, Nick, Sam
Nick – there’s no way Noms are today
Nick – what Am I going to tell Cliff
Bella – that he’s a pawn
Nick – naa…
Bella- tell them they’re both pawns
nick – cliff will know from my speech that he’s not a pawn
Nick – I’m not putting up Nicole

Nick – Cliff I’m nominating you because you were in the boat room talking to your family and literally spilled your entire game about how you were going to nominate the three showmances and take them off one by one.
Nick – since I’m in a showmance that means you’re a threat.

Nick – Jess, you’re the easiest people to put up because your one of the other two remaining people that have already been nominated and unfortunately for you I am closer to kat than you

Nick – so I’ll make a b1tch move because it’s too early to ruffle feathers.

8:34 am Christie and Tommy
Christie telling him about Sis pulling Jack aside yesterday and being upset that she’s the one taking all the heat for being in a showmance with him but he’s spending all his time talking game to Christie.
Christie mentions telling Jack she’s not going to hang out as much with him there are still final three with Tommy.

8:47 am They think Cliff knows they know he’s been chatting.
Holly is certain it wasn’t Nicole that dropped the rogue vote. Holy explains a heart to heart she had with Nicole last night.

Christie says Nick is thinking about putting up Cliff and Nicole or Cliff and Jess
Christie – I’m no voting Nicole out
Holly wonders if Nick will take a shot at them
Christie – he’s team gr8tful this week he has to be (lol he’s HOH no he doesn’t have to be)
Holly – I don’t put it past him to try to take a shot if he does it will be a b1tch move because he’s backdooring one of us (b1tch move if you do b1tch move if you don’t lol)

8:58 am Holly and Sis
Holly saying that Kat isn’t fine with her and Jackson porking.
Holly – she(kat) started some sh1t with Jackson last night, like yelling at him
Sis – I thought they were f*ing around I never realized
Holly – they were joking so she was making.. she feels irrelevant so she makes this whole little love triangle scene
Sis – what she do?
Holly – she says a bunch of stupid sh1t with me.

Holly – she’s like we’re (hard to hear) sister
Holly – I said no we’re not I just kissed him. She was like Oh my god you kissed him
They head outside..

Holly says Kat is a really good tool for her to have in the house

Nick family pics

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Maybe those waiting for the implosion, although it seems I won’t care about any of the remaining people to get excited. This is such a let down from last season…

another name

another earthquake.


I cheer for the house, it’s gotten a lot of blood on its hands and no one ever thinks to put it up.

another name

Is the house still in a secret alliance with the ants?


Hahaha, only localized to the house though

Houka Inumuta

Considering Jackson is out before jury I don’t think it’s realistic that the final 8 is gr8tful alone.


Christie or Tommy


I haven’t come across a single person, online or otherwise, who likes them. I think one or two said they didn’t think Jack was a bad as Jackson (which is just wrong, they’re both terrible) but that’s about it.

Feeds Gold

I am actually enjoying watching everyone this season…its still so early

Next Thursday is going to be good and the game will open up more once comeback phase ends and have nots starts…I predict the wall endurance with the 4 comebackers battling to return and six shooters vs the 5 others(nick sitting out)…if cliff goes this week i think kemi lasts longest on the wall and comes back, and ends in nick/bella noms and a blow up of gr8ful

i like that some of gr8ful will be potentially disloyal players, much different from a level 6 or a pretty boys riding it out so long


I know its early, but last year we had two blindsides and were working a 3rd. We had the joy of watching FOUTTE with blank and confused looks on their faces… this season is much more normal, with the dominate “athletic” alliance running the house. Not sure of a way to avoid that without casting all dominate athletes, unless you go the extreme other way and cast none…

Sam is my favorite so far.


I like Sam to but not when he constantly screams in the camera. He doesn’t need to over do it. At least Tommy has toned that down.


But a lot of the cops you didn’t need to be a dominant athlete to win


Noooo. One of the worst alliances in history to me personally.


I lke some of them. I really don’t like Jackson nor Bella but like Nick and Tommy


I do. I don’t necessarily like everyone in it…but I always like when a big alliance forms and they stick with it. I also like when another alliance forms and challenges them, and I think that will come and we will all get the fireworks and blindsides we’re craving lol :p



another name

Catch up Thoughts:
Oh Jackson. That’s right. Make an inference to your present showmance about having a threesome with your last showmance. And not in the alliance way. That’s not a parachute, that’s an anvil.
What is Tommy’s game exactly? What does he get by running to Jackson to tell him to lay off on accusing Nicole because all of his ‘rogue vote’ crap is making him look suspect? It’s like Tommy is trying to make sure he is considered a bottom of the alliance totem pole snitch. Once the battle line is drawn, and sides are declared as Jackson wants, the snitch is going to be irrelevant.
Is anyone surprised Bella had never watched Big Brother until binging episodes in sequester? Anyone?
When Christie sits down for a meal: Anyone else think it looks like her jaw is trying to devour her chin?


I think it’s because it does look sketchy to those in the alliance. It serves no real purpose and Tommy is playing friendly with everyone and trying to keep things smooth for a bit more.

another name

If he were a smart player, Tommy would be allowing Jackson to dig himself a grave with the accusations, but telling the rest of the alliance the vote was someone trying to overplay, but it isn’t a big deal right now.
If Tommy ever got suspicious that the group thought his run around snitch game was getting tedious, he could pull out the loyalty vs. wildcard for the sake of wildcarding to get the group to see his loyalty over Jackson’s self interest (he did it once, are you sure he won’t do it to you argument).
Nobody this season seems to value holding information so that they can use it down the road. Everyone is standing on the table sing-songing , “I got a seee-cret” to the house whenever they learn anything.

Houka Inumuta

Don’t worry Jackson is gone before jury starts. I know that for a fact.


Heeee’sssss baaaccckkkk! Michie is the new Tyler for ya huh

Betty La fea

This is the worst season ever of big Brother with the worst players ever. Bella should have sent home for putting her hands on Kemi, yet production will spin this to make Kemi look bad. LOL Simon who is your favorite player so far?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sorry but no season was as awful for me as the Bearded Gnome come back, loud mouth cry baby bully Josh, that nasty cereal eating orange t-shirt wearing what’s his face showmance with the GoFundMe “I’m dying” red ratty weave wearing’Bama girl. And Christmas – didn’t she get arrested?

Feeds Gold

Jack is so full of himself and he is a dumb player…Sis wont care that much if he goes…she will be freed up by losing her shadow, with less of a target on her and more unified in her alliance without the Jack distraction causing dissension

the “shes only 22” line is so condescending, shes been watching the show since season 8

Christie/Tommy now not trusting Jack/Michie as much due to the rogue vote, and Jacks power and trusting Sis more in the 6…Tommy: “I love Sis”…and she reminds him alot of his cousin…Sis/Tommy both agreed it wasnt Nicole and that Jack/Michie were acting sketch about the rogue vote…Christie agrees

After Cliff goes I could see one of Bella/Nick go then one of Jack/Michie…in those 2 scenarios Nick and Michie win the veto, with Bella and Jack to miss jury

another name

Real question:
Did Jack tell Nick about his power because he was worried he’d be a backdoor target?
Is this something that happened or something that Christie thinks happened and treats as fact?

Feeds Gold

im still not sure, it will be interesting to see what happened

Houka Inumuta

How does everyone feel about the fact that Nicole win BB21? I know everyone is very happy that Michie is going to get evicited very soon but i want to know how everyone feels i know for a fact that nicole is going to win before it even happens.


just like you knew for a fact scottie was going to win last season


Its so early to like all members of gr8tful but I really do like Sam and i hope he takes them down. David is right the rest of them are just clueless and if he does come back I hope he teams up with Sam and takes those little bitches down.