Holly “Now everyone is scared of them and it sucks! Its not fair, its not right. They’re bullies!”

HOH Winner: Nick
Nomination Plan: Cliff & ?
Nick told Nicole he isn’t nominating her or putting her up as the replacement.
Kat would be the replacement nom

Bedroom. Cliff, Nicole, Jackson and Holly. Nicole – I worry about you guys a lot. Holly – ditto. Jackson – us too. Nicole – especially you .. based on what Nicks told me. Holly – and you’re not the only one he’s told. Nicole – he told me you (Holly) and Sam. That’s what he told me to put up if I won. Jackson – now its a matter of whether he’s going to do it himself or if he’s going to wait. Nicole – I don’t know whether he is going to do it this week .. take the first shot. Holly – if a guy (Nick) is going to do that at a family dinner table and call a girl (Holly) a b***h… I have zero respect for that person. Jackson – yeah I wasn’t there, I was in the DR. Holly – he didn’t say it out loud he said it to Kat. Holly – Nick and Bella operate as a unit. If it were my HOH, it would be me making decisions. If this was you (Jackson) that won HOH, it would be you making the decisions. Because its Nick, its Nick and Bella. They cannot operate independently. That just scared me even more because its so unpredictable. Like why even target me? Because Nick thinks I’m rich? I probably have the most debt of anyone in here. Cliff joins them and then leaves. Jackson – has he mentioned my name? Nicole – no. Jackson – he has mentioned Jack. Holly – you’re a gimp now .. you have an immunity idol. The target shifted right to me the moment you got hurt. Jackson – f**k this. Jackson leaves. Holly – I just don’t get why he would target me. Nicole – I thought you were friends. Holly – we were until he started acting weird around me for no reason. Maybe its since I’ve gotten closer to Michie. Nicole – he is probably thinking because he can’t get to you. Holly – I know that people have to lie. Its the name of the game. I want to play with integrity. Nicole – I want to prove that you can. That you don’t have to fabricate stories and lies and call people b***hes. Like its not necessary. It sucks because I realize that I f**ked up in the beginning of this game. I was so focused on myself and my own hangups. I allowed myself to be vulnerable to Bella. I cried to her about my insecurities and my family. I am such an a$$. I shouldn’t have done it. Nicole starts crying. Holly hugs her. Nicole – I want to be here so bad and I know I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. Holly – you’re not at the bottom. I hate that you alienated yourself. You were the one seeing your differences. Not everyone else ..for whatever that’s worth. Nicole – I’ve done it some many times in my life and I said I wasn’t going to do it in here .. and I did it again. Holly – I am f**king up too. I shouldn’t be hanging out with Michie (Jackson). If I get sent home because of a boy..

Nicole – and the argument that Kemi and her (Bella) just had.. Holly – I missed it, were you there? She (Bella) is lying. She wasn’t a good friend to Kemi. Holly – everyone knows that Nick and Bella are lying to everyone else… but now everyone is scared of them and it sucks! Its not fair, its not right. They’re bullies in this game. It sucks. Nicole – as an educator .. I said I don’t tolerate bullies and I get suckered in by them. I already feel this way about myself .. I don’t need you to say it. Holly – everyone loves and respects you. Nicole – I hope so. Holly – people love you and I’ve seen your worth since the beginning.

Tommy and Kemi. Kemi – the whole blow up over there. (Between her and Bella) I don’t even want to touch that. I am pissed. Kemi – when I am there (in the HOH room) talking to him (Nick) and if she (Bella) is there I am going to just nix the whole thing. I am not dealing with that. Tommy – It makes sense what happened earlier today. I understand why she got upset and why you got upset. I think there is a way to move forward in a good way. Nick has a heart of gold. Kemi – but you (Nick) are 28 years old.. like grow the f**k up. I can understand her because she is 22. But you’re (Nick) almost 30. Like you can’t have a volatile reaction to anything that’s unpleasant or inconvenient in life.. like you have to learn that at some point. And it should have been learned somewhere around 25. Like me, 25 …or oh god 26! Its situations like this where you’re made to be uncomfortable that show the character of how someone can potentially be. So maybe that’s why I’m feeling this or maybe because I’m religious ..god put me in this situation so that I have to deal with this .. because I’m the kind of person to just wipe my hands clean of it.. but try to be a better person and all that sh*t. Tommy – I love you. Kemi – I love you too. Like I said as a viewer this is going to be a good episode but as a player its like f**k off. Tommy – things change all the time.

10:20pm Kemi gets called to the diary room for her Camp Comeback outfit. When she goes in there is a DR leak. Kemi – NO! Oh my god this is ugly! It’s a skirt too.. this is so f**king ..sorry so frickin’ funny. Oh my god is DJ here?

10:27pm Bathroom. Bella and Jackson. Jackson – she’s (Kemi) like there’s a two headed snake around this place. And I’m like HUH, noted. Bella – when she said that I was like this is bullsh*t! Jackson – I literally want to go out there and call her a$$ out. It doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t do any good but I want to put her (Kemi) on blast!! I am so glad she’s gone.

Bedroom. Analyse – after this next HOH we could go and win it and go straight for them. Christie – and it won’t matter .. there won’t be any more battle backs and they won’t go to jury. Analyse – we better f**king get Cliff out. But I do think that the 6 of us need to start making more decisions together.. and we need to start being more quiet.

11:20pm Nick comes out of the DR and yells who wants to see my HOH room.

12am HOH room. Nick, Bella, Sam, Analyse, Jackson, Holly.
Nick – I love nugget. (Nicole) I really do think that she has a power. I really don’t think that she voted. (He doesn’t think that she was the one vote for Jess) I think that Nicole is honest. I think that she would have said. Analyse – in my gut, I really don’t think she did it. This is what I feel in my gut. Nick – I think its Cliff bro. I think he’s AFP or America’s Favorite Player. Kemi said that she went up to Nicole and she straight up said I didn’t vote for you. Jackson – you (Bella) saw Nicole look at her and smile. She either did it or knows who did it. Holly – she looked at me and said I’m f**ked. Nick – hog is definitely leaning towards going up.

HOH room. Bella, Nick and Sam.
Bella – I think that Michie might have done it. Nick – I know, I told you that. Bella – because when I brought it up he said yo, that vote sketches me out. And I was like maybe it was Nicole. He was like yeah its definitely Nicole and then up here he was its definitely Nicole. Nick – he came up to me right after. I’ve never talked game with Michie. He’s talked to me 3 times wondering where my head is at. So I don’t know if he’s paranoid. I think Kemi probably told him what I was telling her about putting Jack up. Like backdooring Jack. I’m sure she said something. Nicole & Tommy join them. Nick – I really think it was Cliff. To wear Tommy’s hat and a knife. Nicole – I think he’s smarter than that. Tommy – honestly if someone is America’s Player .. fine take my hat for the whole season. Win some money.

Storage room. Jackson and Ovi. Jackson – the thing that worries me is Bella in his ear because Bella is reckless. Bella can convince him of anything. She could convince him to jump off a bridge.

1:15am Checkers Table. Nicole and Nick.
Nick – Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m not putting you up. Nicole – thank you. Nick – I think someone did it (Vote for Jess) to pin it on you. You’re not dumb. I know it wasn’t you. I think someone did it to pin it on you. I thought it was Cliff. I don’t want you to worry this week. I am not putting you up this week. If I have to use a replacement, it will probably be Kat. I have a feeling that she’s told Jack or Michie sh*t that I’ve said. So if you can find out. I’m not putting you up though. Nicole – ok.

1:59am Kemi in her Camp Comeback outfit. Kemi – if I find out that someone does something behind my back that I trust whole hardheartedly .. I will literally never trust you again. Whereas if someone is openly against me and told me straight up, f**k you… If I were to come back into the game Jack is someone that I would consider working with down the line. David – in this game you can’t trust anyone. Kemi – you can’t get through this by yourself.

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Conspiring Bitches

Tommy is in a really good spot right now. The only person I can see blowing his game up is Christie. Time will tell.


Christi would be blowing her own game up by blowing Tommy’s up so there will be no problems from her.


Bella is going to be on an insufferable power trip this week.


She will destroy her and nicks game this week without a doubt, looks like Cliff is going home. Jackson’s new goal is to bang Holly which is really all he cares about, despite him preaching he’s only here to win BB every other day.


Jackson is an ego creeper.. He makes me sick thinking, “well, why not take advantage of that?”

Janey Haze

Part of me wanted to see Kemi punch Bella in the face. Kicked out permanently, but if I was Kemi, TOTALLY worth it! Lol!!!

Janey Haze

And Jackson telling Bella he wants to go put Kemi on blast like he’s such a big bad@ss (extreme eye roll). What a tool.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I can’t stand when they (Sis, Jack, Miche) tell everyone they “shut that down” or claim they verbally let someone have it; while calling Kemi a bi#@! or saying some have no balls. So far, Kemi is the ONLY one who has the guts to call someone out and March right up to Jack to have an actual conversation.

On the show last night, Holly & Sis got very little air time because they are boring. Stupid Jack straight up TOLD Sam about Gr8tful, so let’s not be pointing out someone else’s lack of intelligence.

Feeds Gold

Production pet Christy(who has a friend who worked for kassting) has such a massive advantage in her final 3 and the 6…

she has a close relative tommy, and a very obvious production plant in jack(who is so willing to give up his game for Christy, a lesbian who he will never date or having any sexual relationship with, and he is so strangely obsessed by her that i think he would take her off the block if he and christy were on the block and he won veto…he is prioritising christies game over his own and also sis)…a beta trying to act alpha…if christy told him to flush his head in the toilet he probably would…im glad sis called him out on it because the way he acts so submissive and almost in fear of christy is really pathetic and very strange…and sis is already branching out for better game relationships with sam, tommy, and i think she will want to work with ovi and nicole…and she needs to use nicks attraction to her to her advantage

within the 6…almost everything holly, jackson and sis say, that info goes also direct to christy, because tommy and jack will tell her everything

i think grodner/kassting really want christy to get the win as the ‘new season 15 amanda’ and tried to give her the best advantage possible


Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for several years. They are not related though they have known each other for years. It’s definitely an advantage for them and I blame production and casting for allowing it. The only way it would have been acceptable is if everyone had a partner but that would be annoying.

Feeds Gold

well done nick for spotting michie as the hinky


Oh please…don’t start awarding him the Nobel yet…he said Michie…then Cliff…so these people just throw out who they think gives them a vibe at a certain moment. Nick is not that brilliant lol

Feeds Gold

interesting to see sam keeping nick in the dark that the rest of the house are after bella and him

another name

I don’t know how long this will last, so grain of salt and mark in pencil not pen on your planners.
Target may be shifting off of Nicole and back on to Jessica with Cliff on the block. Due in part to something Kat said???
When it comes to the rogue vote I’d always be looking at the person accusing first and making the most fuss and say to myself he who smelled it dealt it.

Nick has told Tommy, Sam, Bella that he believes it was Jackson trying to stir up crap and pin it on someone else. Tommy of course as mr. knowitall says ‘oh i know, that’s what sis and i thought’ (no, they thought member of alliance but never mentioned Jackson that I heard).
Nick would only nominate Jackson if he could do it anonymously with a secret power. Not falling for it. Not hoping Nick wins the secret power this week. And what gave him the idea that a secret power could do that, when he doesn’t know what any of the powers do or who has them? odd.
Nick tells each of them he doesn’t want to nominate Nicole, that he told Christie that Jess and Cliff would likely be noms.
Sam (for reasons unknown to me) is hinting that Nicole can’t be trusted and tells other people things Nick says. He’s also protecting the guys by saying nobody was going to shaft Nick this week if they got hoh (he knows they were from 3 sources).
My bet: while Nick is saying he’s never talked game with Jackson before today all Sam can hear in his head is Gr8ful, and damn i’m a bottom feeder.
Sam currently thinks Flamin Five is real. Tommy sold that out to Jack. So did Christie. So Sam is once again part of a fake alliance. this makes me laugh because it’s pretty sad.

Ovi (really sometimes i think this guy signed up to play second cousin rather than big brother) is suggesting an alliance to Jackson. Ovi thinks it would be good if Ziiing and Jackson with Holly got together and formed an alliance. Of course, Nicole and Cliff were not made aware of this and made no contribution. Neither did Holly. What is it this season with idiots forming alliances and including people that aren’t in the room, and don’t know they are being brought into an alliance? I’m not sure if Ovi knows about the 8 yet officially, but David already told him all the couples are together. so what skills do Ziiing bring to the table to tempt Jackson? A guy not in the game, a girl he just tried to pin his hinky vote on, and the guy everyone knows tells everyone’s games to the camera every morning. Then again, a couple of days ago i said i had an awful feeling that part of Jackson’s image change might include pairing him up with the underdogs so that his likeability to viewers can be increased by being associated with them. If d/r in season 18 could tell hoh’s not to target the eventual winner multiple times (each time spoken about by hg’s after d/r on feeds) tell me they couldn’t suggest gameplay or allainces in season 21.


Another great summary. I love your insights into the game, and go straight for your posts.


I agree. Like u said…take it as a grain of salt…but I do find myself thinking a lot of the same things I see in your posts. I think Sam is butthurt about Gr8ful for sure and feels like Nick hasn’t shared those things wit him. It’s good that he’s not runnin back to tell Nick everything.


If Nich does put up Nicole and Cliff, all I got to say is COWARD!!!
He wont put up any of the gr8ful because of Camp Comeback


That makes zero sense. Taking a shot at someone in his alliance knowing that they’d have a 1 in 4 chance at returning would be foolish.

I’m no fan of Nick, but he’s there to win the game, not blow up his game just to please the fans who don’t like the majority alliance.


I swear I stupidly wrote and posted my comment b4 reading yours hahaha verbatimmmmm


No…he won’t put any of Gr8ful up because he’s a member. Nobody in their right mind is gonna put up a member of their alliance with a chance of them coming back in. I’m not a fan of Nick at all and I really wanna call him cowardly…but that’s not it


What if?….Ovi hadn’t been evicted then he won this HoH, he puts up Jess/Nicole/Cliff, then used his power to replace them with Jack and Jackson…I think that would have been a great play…of course this supposes he didn’t tell anyone about his power and he would actually make a game move against the jackholes…


Would’ve been an awesome play if he hadn’t already told Michie and Jack. Bad part is it would have given both of them the chance in veto and if I was wanting them out…I wouldn’t want to give them a chance to play for the veto. But I actually kinda like both of them so I’d rather see some others go out b4 them lol


If Ovi had done that he could still be tight with the remaining one because who’d change his own nominees?! It could have been a worthy move.


Actually prolly would’ve been written into the history books for sure lol


This season people are being so crazy or stupid with their alliances …. The worst thing is nobody but nobody can keep their mouths shut. People have to remember players like Cody and Derrick.. They never told a soul nor even talked to each other much about their final two deal. They both were quite as mice and never rocked the boat with people in or out of their alliances.. Second they are turning on each other way too early in the game. Belle was stupid calling the black widows out.. she could have used it to her advantage and not have three other girls out for her blood right now. At the least should have told Jack not to mention it to Jessica because she could have told Jack I will spy on them for Grateful. ZING alliance would have been awesome if Cliff would have kept his mouth shut.. Grateful is now turning on each other like snakes as well. Now its a free for all who gets voted out.. There are no alliances at this point. Everyone is either on their own or maybe paired up. No one is paying a smart game at this point except for maybe Tommy and Christie …. David has been awesome at anilizing what has been going on and almost is 100% on to everything going on in the house.. I want him to come back in the game so bad.


It would be nice if David got back into the game, HOWEVER, we know that unless he wins HOH immediately after coming back, he will be right up on the block and even if he wins HOH, he won’t the next week and up on the block he goes.


Yup, I want Kemi back..

This should be a poll..


you are probably right.. Usually it happens to all that battle back… within two to three weeks it seems they all get voted out again. But wouldnt it be amazing if grateful disbands and he could maybe get some people on his side to create a new alliance. After all he was pushed out of the game before anyone could give him a chance to be a part of an alliance. He wasnt given a fair chance to create any friendships in the game


I’m wondering if the “come back” gets to be “Camp Counselor” for the week, to at least have a chance back in the game? Didn’t Julie say Jackson, was the first, not the only??


To be honest Cody was a moron who did everything Derrick told him to. The majority of that house were pathetic players who actively avoided playing the game. That was the first season I can recall the house being such a huge thing and unanimous votes were common.


EXACTLY…I was gonna comment as well…but then I realized he was talking more about how a duo can make it to the end and wasn’t really meaning Cody had great gameplay.


your right on JR why I brought those two up.. Not saying that those two had the best game play ever.. Just that they knew the importance of Silence Is Golden.. Nobody else ever knew they had a final two.. and they kept quite and stayed out of any drama happening in the house.


Well it also helped that Derrick was playing checkers when most of the others were playing naptime.


HAHAHA not to mention Derrick was a cop for the love of God! My mom watches him on some detective show now.




I don’t feel one way or the other about David…but I think it’s easy to analyze gameplay of others when you’re not really part of the actual game and are able to just watch how everyone interacts from the outside. At this point…out of the three who are in comeback…I want Kemi back for obvious reasons. I think she’s the best positioned to blow s&$t up and also the best positioned to re-form working relationships with various houseguests. I think many of the other houseguests view Kemi as having some level of integrity.


Tyler from last season has already made a comment that these players are stupid. 3 weeks in and the only secret left in the house is Christy and Tommy know one another.


damn what a missed opportunity. last night was a HOH comp that anyone could win and as much as i love the drama(a little bit of excitement) of nick/bella winning, it is very short lived knowing they arent going to do anything other than put up the same people we expect them to.

we need a good cliff or jess HOH to target some of the couples or christie. tommy has good relationships with people and doesnt rock the boat to warrant a target. too bad the next comp will probably be a physical comp so you can count jess and cliff out.

Id love for the winner of camp comeback to be automatic HOH and have David win it. hes flown so far below everyones radar but is pin point in his assessment of the house


Once again…I think the reason David is “pinpoint” in his assessment is only because he’s been out of the game the longest…while still being in the game. He has the luxury of watching, from the outside, how everyone interacts with each other on diff levels. He’s somewhat likeable but nothing exceptional about his theories. I also don’t think he’s flown below the radar. I really think Kemi…with the exception of Nick and Bella…has the best chance at staying in the game…if she makes it back in the first place.


Why does Jackson remind me of Christmas? (That’s not a compliment, btw).

Guy From Canada

So does Christine…




Leg problems??


If it walks, and talks, and it’s name is Bella…it’s lying


This is one of the most boring games ever. Not much desire to read updates and watch the show. I am not disgusted by their play as in years long past, just not entertained. Does anyone think they put the “beautiful” 20 somethings in to get advertisement for Love Island? The divide was going to be obvious when the HG entered the BB house by looks. Do the HG have their own producers like in that show “Unreal.?” The participants had producers in their ear doing what they wanted them to do. Just curious.


I hate to say it but I think Beavis (Jackson) is gonna win it. Specially if Nick and Bella are to scared to make moves. We shall see.

Houka Inumuta

Jackson is out before jury.


Oh, Holly you Prude !? I’ve called people worse things than B*itch at the dinner table. Seriously they are all screwing like rabbits in front of the cameras and that’s what she is worried about ?? On another note I am loving Nicole’s game right now. She is going up in my rankings. this Week.


I love Nicole.
Thankfully, Kemi finally told her about Christie overhearing Cliff talk about 3 of them in the Zing alliance.

Now it’s time for her to do major damage control and distance herself from Cliff & Ovi until this dies down.