“I would rather us get out the irrelevant people and then prioritize targets”

Big Brother Spoilers Nick wins the Head of Household.
Today there should be nominations and the whackactivity competition, (Christie, Nick, Jessica, Sis)

Christie has the whackdoodle power.

9:49 pm Nick and Christie
Nick thinks it’s Michie that cast the vote against Jess. Christie agrees says he was “HARDCORE” pushing that it was Nicole

Nick – he kept asking me who I would put up
Christie – over ask and overly be pesky

Nick – people are saying that Jack was nervous when I won
Christie – no no no he was happy
Christie – who said he was nervous
Nick wonders if Kemi told Jack I was going to backdoor him.
Christie says she knows she’ll never come between Jack and his showmance, “I think he overcompensates his honesty with me so that I think he’s still honest with me”
NMick – if it gets to Nine and one of them.
Christie – not if when
Nick – if one of them win me, Sam or Bella.

Christie says Jack would put her up Nick says he won’t. Christie tells him about distancing herself from Jack but she still “loves” him and she’s still set on getting to the nine.
Nick – Sis literally told me she trusted me more than Jack

Christie – yeah .. I love her I really do I love her
Christie tells him she trusts him no matter what he does this week.
Nick – Me, Bella were talking last night about when we take our shot (LOL wow)
Christie – huh
Nick – when we would take out shot not next week the week after when it’s not to just Nicole and Kat left .. I think we’ll fire then.
Nick wants Sis or Holly to win next week because if they win they wouldn’t do anything funky (24 hours ago they were lusting over putting you and Bella up.. straight talk)
Christie – I don’t think so either
Christie asks who they should take out first
Nick – Jack
Christie – he’s so good with his mouth it makes me mad
Christie – you need to be careful who you say things to (too late)
Christie – you and me are very similar we say it how we feel
Christie again warns him to just be careful because she doesn’t want to start hearing his name coming up.

They talk about how stupid it would be to take the shot now.
Christie says “I would rather us get out the irrelevant people and then prioritize targets”
Nick – we need Nicole to win, if Nicole wins next week it would be clutch.. 100% she’s ready to take a shot

Nick says Nicole wouldn’t put Christie up told him she trusted Christie
Christie – alright yeah

10:03 pm Cliff and Nick
Nick says he thought Nicole was the vote and was leaning to put her up and Jess has his name in her mouth to.
Cliff – lemme give ya my pitch
Cliff says he’s been trying to distance himself from Nicole because of the whole Kemi thing. Cliff doesn’t think it was Nicole that cast the vote that would have been a stupid thing to do.
Cliff – I’m not part of any group I’m trying to find a place to land.
Cliff – from a personal standpoint I don’t want to go before Kat and Jess and .. I’m not playing this emotionally I’m playing logically so I wouldn’t expect from you any different
Nick says kat is so bad he doesn’t see the point of putting her up maybe as a replacement
Nick – I wouldn’t want to go home before Jess either that’s tough
Cliff – I’m hoping to make it past those folk s
Cliff says he wants to work with Nick and Bella and stresses he can benefit Nick more than other people in the house IE kat and Jessica
Cliff – I would have gone with what would have caused the least waves, “Jess or kat/Nicole the target would be Jess”
Nick says that’s what her woulda said.. Jess said she would put up 2 guys
Cliff says he doesn’t want to be a pawn but if it works for Nick’s game there wouldn’t be any hard feelings.

Nick says he’s putting Jess up and someone that can pull themselves down or won’t have the votes to get out.

10:13 am Jackson and Jack
Jackson – I’m not talking about this vote to anybody, just push Cliff slowly. in this game, if you want something you can’t show you want something.
they talk about the rogue vote.
jack – F8ing sis.. I think Jack did it
Jack – I can’t vote
Jack – she’s just young man.. she’s cute.. she’s young
Jackson – I coulda told you that
jack – f**** we’ll handle it
Jackson – you got yourself into a little more sticky situation than I did somehow
Jack – it’ll be fine, HCrsitie trusts me it’s all good
Jackson – yeah, that’s what matters most. Christie will get you and us further in this game than SIS will
Jack – if she cannot run her mouth so much
Jackson – dude…
Jack – we’ll see how this power goes if she wins it she’ll tell me
Jack says it will be the most powerful.

Jackson – do you think Nick Bella and Sam were being weird this morning
Jackson – I think Nick is..
Jackson is worried Nick will take a shot at him.
Jack – if he’s taking a shot she’s backdooring us he’s not putting us up .. he told me to my face you area backdoor all day I don’t want you playing in the veto
Jack – he doesn’t have the vote if he were to make the flip and put us up.. (there’s 6 of you)
Jack – unless he puts two of us it takes 2 votes away
Jackson – that’s digging a grave cause then all he has is Bella or Sam winning HOH and if they don’t they’re f*ed (or David comes back)
Jackson – next week and every week after that. that’s a lota eggs in one basket
jack – if he puts Cliff and Jess up and plans to backdoor us he loses the cliff and Jess vote and now we have the rest of 8 to vote us back in
Jack doesn’t think that will happen.
Jack – if that happens the 8 crumbles and the trust of the 8 crumbles

Jack – sis can go home I don’t f*ing care
Jackson – if anything it’ll help your game
jack – that’s what I’m saying.. she’s mucking up my game
Jackson – she’s 22 and she’s a little girl
Jack – I know
Jackson – she was just in a 4-year relationship
Jackson – she comes on the show gets with Jason Momoa 2.0 and gets pipped down for 2 days
jack – WOW

Jack – if Holly and Sis go up we’ll probably take one of them off.
Jack says for the competitions/Vote he would rather they had Sis but for Social Holly is a better player

Nick comes in. tells them that Cliff just offered himself up as a pawn.
Jackson is super suspicious. Nick says Cliff is going up regardless.
Jack – yeah I feel like he’s going up anyways
Jackson says the fact that he wants to go up makes him think he has the power.
Jackson – do you thin Nicole has it
Nick – Nicole was talking to me she thinks Ovi has it
Jackson – he can’t use it

Nick says he would have never put Cliff up until he found out he was after the showmance for which Nick is in one.
Nick mentions that Cliff told him he was trying to work with Nicole and Ovi but is distancing himself because Nicole doesn’t talk game.
Nick adds that Cliff mentions Ovi isn’t in the game and Nicole doesn’t talk game so he’s kinda a lone wolf. (yet the most feared thing according to Christie)
Nick – he thinks he’s going up and he’s trying to be safe
Nick – says if he gets houseguest pick he’ll choose Sis or Jack.
Jack says Cliff will pick Sam.
They agree they don’t want the veto played this week. Jack and Jackson are really for this.

10:20 am Cliff
Cliff – what a stressful game.. it is what it is.. There are things I would have done differently. This game is not going to define me I am who I am no matter what happens.

Cliff – and I have to learn how to WHISPER because obviously, my indoor voice SUCKS which I’ve been warned by my wife … still gotta play the game.
Cliff isn’t worried about the alliance talk that was heard because nobody can be surprised about that he’s worried what else was heard. “I know about their alliance of 8 they know about Nicole and Ovi are trying to work together that shouldn’t scare them now that Ovi’s out”

(I missed who told Cliff)
Cliff – I can’t believe I got such a loud mouth. There you go live feeders so busy talking top y’all I let it get to the game.


11:10 am Feeds down for the whackyournoodle contest.

11:32 pm Feed leak

3:33 pm FEEDS NO

3:37 pm Feeds back
Christie seems happy.
Jess explains they each had 30 minutes to complete a puzzle. that is why it took so long.

4:11 pm Sam, Nick and Bella

Sam says that they need to make Jessica feel like she’s a threat so it flushes out whatever power she has just won. (everything thinks Jess has the power because she’s given conflicting reports on whether or not she’s finished the comp before the 30-minute timer. .

5:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

6:37pm The feeds are still blocked..

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cliff and jess will go up and if one of them wins the veto then nicole goes up. boring week this week. hopefully they vote cliff out so that david wins the camp comeback though ovi coming back in the house with the power knowing that g8ful exists and have been lying to him would be interesting.

we need the “other side of the house” to put up a fight otherwise we have last season all over again and i cant take another year of that dreadful gameplay.


I hope Sam, Nicole, Kat, Jessica, and Cliff realize soon that their chance to break up gr8ful is now, and convince Nick that he’s low on the totem pole. I’m not a fan of Nick, but if he gets a clue I’d become one.


last season was great. but mostly because the power alliance was horrendous at comps, at least early on. if gr8tful could lose hoh two weeks straight this season could be salvaged.

Ovi's tongue

My guess it was Nicole that told Cliff because Holly told her about it last night.

Feeds Gold

what exactly did holly reveal to nicole about cliffnotes/the cliff/nic/ovi alliance being known? did she say someone was listening at the door? if so, dumb from holly

another name

It was Kemi that revealed what Bella had told her in regard to Christie hearing Cliffnotes.
She said she was sorry that she didn’t reveal it sooner, she was afraid of freaking Nicole out.
Holly revealed she was mad at Nick for revealing her anxiety issues and sleep problems and coming up with the nickname sleepyholly. She commiserated with Nicole about Nicole having anxiety about not fitting in.


Has anyone banged more than 1 person in 1 BB house…? J/w…cause if Michie and Holly do…he’s gotta get some credit for that! lol

another name

last season started with Hayleigh sharing Tyler’s hoh bed, then Kaitlin, then Angela. who knows how much happened.
sticking with season 20 for a minute: Kaitlyn with Fester, then Brett then Tyler. who knows how much happened.
if i remember correctly, didn’t season 4 Alison have her ex in the house that she was canoodling, and her showmance in the house at the same time?
Season 6… didn’t Janelle have more than one showmance? I didn’t watch feeds for 4 or 6… i didn’t even own a computer, so I don’t know the depths of the showmantic entanglements.


Thanks….I forgot bout a lot of that


I think they mean “ bang” more than 1 person in the same season, not showmance or share a bed, I was wondering that too abt anyone having sex with more than one person in a season….. Jackhole will brag abt this for years ,probably…puke

another name

because i didn’t have feeds for seasons 4 or 6, i didn’t know if those situations involved sex or just showmancing.
in terms of the season 20 stuff… i don’t know what happened before feeds there either. lots of jokes about hand jobs to be sure on feeds.


That IS what I meant. I didn’t think anyone had sex with more than 1 person til now…but I guess I was wrong

Feeds Gold

Alisons flirt game was top notch haha – she is one of my faves

Houka Inumuta

Michie is a chocolate milk drinking momma’s boy. He’s a baby.


This, lol listening to jack and Michie talk about how young Analyse is and then follow up immediately talking like 2 middle schoolers with
“she comes on the show gets with Jason Momoa 2.0 and gets pipped down for 2 days” comment

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Exactly. They are both tools.


Definitely happened before. But i think it was more bedmates vs showmance. Just because you share a bed doesn’t mean sexual stuff is happening.


Kat has been getting sweet on David, so she might get another notch. So she’s gotta get some credit for that! Right ?


Absolutely…if the transaction happens…she def gets credit for that! :p


I think all along this has been Michie’s MO and winning BB an after thought. When he is playing the game he’s not bad but when he is forcing BB history he is atrocious.

Houka Inumuta

Michie is going home july 25th. Who wants to celebrate?

Feeds Gold

mickie/jack told nick about overhearing cliff that he was targeting couples, so maybe nick told cliff? im not sure…but i heard nicole talking to cliff in boat room who told him that the zzzzzing alliance was outed, again not sure how she knows

Ovi's tongue

Holly told her last night.

Feeds Gold

only about the zzzzing alliance? did she say how she heard about it?

another name

Kemi revealed to Nicole everything Bella had said to her about Christie overhearing Cliff notes. including ziing.
Holly was commiserating with Nicole about their issues with Nick, both feeling anxiety, both feeling in danger.

Feeds Gold



So we’re at the point of needing Jessica to win the whackadoodle power to have a chance to save Simon’s liver?

The quiet one

Hahaha! That made me spit out my drink.


and if it’s eating those bugs, I say slim to none


Funny how Gr8teful has won the first three HOHs and controlled the votes for the past two weeks, yet they demonstrate such a lack of intelligent gameplay. Tommy is the only likable one in that alliance.

Houka Inumuta

Michie is such a baby. Who drinks chocolate milk at 24 years old? In interviews he’s obsessed with his mommy.


It’s not the chocolate milk that’s disturbing, it’s that he has his mom make it for him (per the first tv episode). That whole scene was cringeworthy, girls should run far away from him, because if he’s that much of a mama’s boy his mother will be involved in every aspect of your relationship.


I drink chocolate milk…I’m 32…


My spouse is 59 and he drinks chocolate milk and makes it himself too. lol


Is Nick trying to compete with Bella on who has a bigger mouth? Why are you sharing info with Christie?! And it’s about Jack! Like STFU you idiot!


Christie says “I would rather us get out the irrelevant people and then prioritize targets”

Really and please tell me Christie what makes you relevant? You hate Jack, then you don’t. She bugs me and I can’t pin point like Jackson’s face what it is that bugs me

Houka Inumuta

Jackson loves his mommy. He drinks chocolate milk and he probably watches cartoons too.


I don’t care about that, no I wouldn’t date a momma’ s boy but he’s not cute I don’t understand what these girls see in him. Ok he has muscles but most guys can get that if that’s what you want. He’s face, something about it. .. it’s like his chin curves to much I don’t know. And I think it’s just that I’m friend but talking about you behind your back with Christie but I don’t know if it’s that something about her bugs

another name

While we’re bored waiting for Jessica to come back complaining about hissing beetles:
ODD THINGS WE KNOW (from their own mouths)
Christie had a connection in the casting department (of note that connection worked for bb 17 / bbott at least)
Tommy was a standby alternate for BBOTT.
Jackson and Holly followed each other on instagram before the season started.
Kat says the house was informed of press coverage / perception of the first week.
Most of the superfans have never watched feeds and some thought the cameras only come on at special times (gee maybe they watched bbcan feeds and thought the feed blocks were normal across the board. eyeroll).
‘Christine’ in d/r was coaching Kemi to be more sassy.

ODD THINGS unconfirmed:
Kat and Holly have a pre existing relationship. strangely enough one of the biggest contributors i’ve seen to this is tidbit is…. BRETT from season 20. Wait, the same Brett that Kat keeps talking about…. that’s weird.

When the season started off with the Christie Tommy reveal, i wondered if they were rehashing the season 6 secret pairs twist. so far nope.

another name

Let’s hope the Whack comp involves that old fear factor standby of “eat the hissing madagascar cockroach”.
for some of the participants i’d be saying : let the cannibalism jokes commence.


I miss Brett…he was so frickin entertaining!


I watched the Bella/Kemi ‘fight’ on YouTube after many have talked about it on this site. Mehhhh…might barely squeak in to the top 100 BB fights in the last five years.


Definitely nothing compared to Bayleigh drawing her own blood last year.

another name

diamond power of veto for anonymous use in next four weeks. christie won. told tommy.

another name

i sense the great kraken blight of ’19 coming.


So the fix is in for Christie to win it all or at least make final 3 I see.


Alrighty, so the comp was each person competed in a timed event with no one really knowing the time of the others…there’s no chance production is going to mess with that one…We’ll know when Jessica comes up with the power unless they really want the couples to stick around.

another name

just like the snake whack last week. individual time comps are traditionally the easiest to mess with.

Feeds Gold

i dont see anyone putting up christie or tommy in the 4 weeks anyway…so if she used it, maybe in the 4th and final week to change a nom she didnt like(in the scenario both christie/tommy are safe but one close alliance member is in danger)?

ovi may not return meaning he cant use that power

jack may not need to use his power if he gets backdoored or is an initial nom with a decent veto draw, doesnt want to change the draw, then is evicted

so to me theres a realistic chance none of the powers get used

Feeds Gold

good to see ovi push back against jack!