Sis “I don’t like Bella, F**K BELLA but I love Nick.” Holly “I think Nick would f**k you over without feeling bad.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica and Cliff
Intentions – Nicole or Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – Kat

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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12:20pm Bathroom. Nicole and Kemi. Kemi – Kat is being super weird. Nicole agrees. Kemi – I thought it was just to me because of the whole David thing. Nicole – I’m sure Bella was talking and said Kat why are you around Nicole.. she said nasty things about you. Kemi – I mean she is going to look like a f**king troll and shes so worried about what her family is going to think about what I said? You should be more concerned about the way you carry yourself. Big Brother switches the feeds. Nicole – A week is a week, if I can make it to next week. Two weeks instead of one week that would be tremendous. Kemi – I wonder if Cliff has a power and just decides to use it because that would be smart ..obviously Jess confided in him. Nicole – if they both use their powers and come off, yet I’m up there and it rattles the cage because someone else is up there… I mean so be it. Kemi – even if you do go to camp comeback .. the fact that someone in that group as to be put up, it will show the totem pole of whos a pawn. Nicole – I need to listen more and speak less. Kemi – me too, I ran my f**king mouth in the beginning especially to Bella and it f**ked me.

12:57pm Bedroom. Kemi, Jackson and Nicole. Jackson heads out of the bedroom. After he leaves Kemi – I keep staring at his a$$! I need to get out of this house. They talk about how Sam is so positive that when he his down the whole house feels it. Nicole – I don’t know how to say it but I feel like all of us what to be alone but don’t want to be alone. Everyone wants to lay down and be alone but no one wants to be that person. You can’t get away from it. Even though there are cameras and microphones outside it just feels like an escape.

1:05pm Bedroom. Tommy, Jackson, Jack, Nick, Analyse and Holly. Tommy – its all smooth sailing from here.

Boat room. Cliff and Jess. Cliff – I think its a good chance that they’re not going to vote Nicole and vote me. Jess – why? Cliff – because she’s an easy target for the next week and because they think I might have a power and to flush out the power. Which I don’t but I can’t prove it until I don’t use it. It essentially comes down to you and Kat. If what I am thinking is going on and it is the case.. Jess – I really hope it isn’t the case. I talked to Nicole and she is not in a good place. He mind is all over the place. I talked to her yesterday and she said she didn’t want to campaign against you. Cliff – I’m not going to campaign against her. If it turns out that its going to go against me just let me know so that I can say a proper goodbye. Jess leaves. Jack joins Cliff. Cliff – If I end up going out I will go out with my head held high with handshakes and hugs. I also don’t have a power. Jack – I know you don’t. Cliff – lord knows I wish I did. I made you a promise and Sis.. that you two aren’t a target. I am a man of character and I would not go against that. Jack – I don’t think your trip is over. Cliff – you would have my support. Jack – I want you to make it to jury. Jack leaves. Cliff talks to the cameras ..shout out to the live feeders. If and when I do go home .. it will be tough to watch these episodes.

1:55pm – 2pm Bedroom. Analyse and Holly. Analyse – I am so confused from my game.. its best for my game that we vote Cliff out. I don’t like Bella ..F**K BELLA.. but I love Nick. I really, really, really think he has my back. I don’t think Bella does. Holly – I don’t think he does have your back. Analyse – I think he does have my back but not Bella. I am so confused. Voting Cliff out is not good for my game or anyone elses. Holly – but when Nicole and Kat were saying that they wanted to put us up they didn’t say it came from Bella. They both said Nick. Analyse – I am like so torn! I want to believe him so bad! He literally looks me in the eyes and I like want to believe him! Holly – I mean I want to too. He was so sincere yesterday. Holly – I think Nick would f**k you over without feeling bad. I really do. Analyse – but Jack would f**k me over. He would choose Christie over me. Holly – you were laying on the bed and he (Nick) was staring at you and then you finally caught him. He has been staring at you for a minute straight. Analyse – I don’t feel that. I don’t feel any emotional connection with him. Like with Nick, I am so myself around Nick. And I like .. its literally the weirdest thing … around Jack I just feel like a blank wall. Like I feel nothing! Like he (Nick) literally follows her (Bella) around like a puppy dog. Its like what the f**k!

Jackson, Jack, Christie, Holly and Analyse. Jack – we have the votes with or without him. We don’t need him. Christie – do you think we like literally 2 minutes before the vote ..tell him? Jack – no, no, we have it locked. Jackson – there is no need. Jack – he will know he’s f**ked the second the vote comes out. And then we go (clap and wave hands) .. what do you got! Jackson – Pick a side, any side! Who do you want to run with? Analyse – I’m so friggin’ excited. Christie – this is karma! This is for trying to flip the vote on us! SORRY children! Jack – he is trying to separate himself from this game in order to migrate. Christie – and you know where he is going .. to Bella and Nick. Jack – yup, and I told him exactly what he wanted to hear. Jack – literally 2 hours ago I went up the ladder and bum rushed the HOH.. who was in there .. Sam, Bella and David. What are you guys talking about? Christie – they are trying to build an army for when “Nicole goes”. Jack – I’m so glad you’re all sitting in the HOH not talking game! ..the one rule I made was to not talk game with anybody in the house. (Camp comeback house guests) And I just caught you! Tommy – but here is the thing we can’t have them on to us too early.

Holly to Analyse – it pisses me off that Jack doesn’t talk game to me either.

2:37pm Tommy, Cliff and Jess talking about being comfortable in your body. Analyse – like its only Christie and Tommy and Jackson. And remember how we felt the bottom of the totem pole.. and that’s one of the reasons why. Holly – you know what it is.. I hate to even say it .. its a gender thing. Its a sexist thing. Tommy and Jackson are guys and Christie is a lesbian. Big Brother switches the feeds.

2:45pm – 2:50pm Storage room. Cliff to Kat – if you use it on Jess… no hard feelings. We will still be tight and no hard feelings but if that happens and they put up Nicole next to me. Can I count on your vote? Kat – yeah! DUH! Are you kidding of course. You have my vote 100%. Cliff – if I can count on your vote. Kat – absolutely, I haven’t made up my mind what I’m going to do yet. I do think it might look weird if I used it on you considering I am so close to Jess and sleep with her.

3:06pm – 3:15pm Kemi, Tommy and Nick. Nick – do you want to talk? Kemi – sure. Nick – can Tommy join? Kemi – yeah. So after the whole eviction speech I felt like I left it at game and you and Bella made it personal so I just really didn’t appreciate that. Nick – okay. Kemi – like telling a group of people that we were the only ones there for her when she was running out of the DR crying which was very obviously about personal things in the DR and not game related things. Nick – okay, I was really upset because I was really there for you on a personal level. I really like you and still do. But for you to say that and throw that out there and I couldn’t defend myself I was like upset because it was live tv and I couldnt respond. I was just hurt. I would have rather you called a house meeting and blow my spot up than do it on live tv when I can’t respond. Kemi – you and Bella made it personal and took it too far. Nick – I took it personal and I am sorry I took it where I took it. I am actually glad it happened because otherwise I might not have won HOH. Kemi – I really wish the best for you. Nick – I am sorry I took it personal .. in the moment I wasn’t ready for it and I didn’t think you would do that to me. It was a good move. You didn’t lie. I did kind of play you. You got me. I didn’t think you would get me like that. Kemi – you didn’t think you would get me like that even though you tried to get me like that?! Nick – right.

4:04pm Christie and Kat are chatting in the boat room. Christie – you are doing the right thing by removing Jess. Don’t remove Cliff, he is not the target this week. Like I said to you, I am having a hard time because I do feel bad for Nicole but whoever is in power we’re voting with the house. Kat – will Nicole be safe this week? Christie – how? If he (Cliff) comes to you again and tries to pull on your heart strings because you are emotional just say that the house seems to want Nicole out. I feel horrible about it. With the battle back .. its just better to go with what the house wants.

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Here’s hoping that Christie uses her secret power to put Bella on the block and she’s voted out. Who cares if she has a chance to come back? David, Ovi, and Kemi are all strong contenders in both physical or mental comps, and they sure as Hades will beat her if it’s a houseguest or fan vote.

J e t s jets jets jets

She won’t use it this “early”.


I would love to see that happen, but it would be stupid for Christy to use it.


Can someone please shut Kemi up. All she does is cause more damage by talking about Bella to Nicole. Just let things be now and calm down for a while.
My guess is the Nicole vote will be back and forth til eviction night.

J e t s jets jets jets

Sis is all over the place. One day she loves Bella the next she hates her. One day she hates Nicole and wants her out. The only consistency is her hatred of Cliff (which I really don’t understand). I think that she really has a crush on Nick but she has this disgusting thing with Jack.

The girls ought to keep going up to Nick and hang out and flirt with him. It wouldn’t take long and Bella’s head would explode. I’d say there would be pieces of brain everywhere but there’s not enough to make a mess.

Janey Haze

Sis is all over the place because she doesn’t have an original thought of her own. That girl is clueless.

Ovi's tongue

Poor Analice. She only has one thing to offer and no one seems to appreciate it. She has poor instincts, particularly about guys.


Wait till Anal-gland finds out after the show that Jack really lusted after Chrusty all along and told some of the h8ful group that “ Sis smells”….. I find Anal vapid…. a piece of furniture …..a “ shower” tool and lastly a tepid mean girl


He actually said those things?! If he did he’s a bigger jerk than I even imagined. Omg wtf is wrong with these people?

another name

Sis strategy:
Oh, like Jack is like king of the like house. If i’m like with Jack i’m like the queen.
ed: after she gets with Jack
But, i like got with Jack… like why aren’t i like the queen? like why is Christie the queen? like?
Sis strategy part 2:
like Nick likes me and like Nick like wants me. Like that means he’d like protect me. I can be myself with Nick.
ed: in other words she’s hotter than him, so he’d fall on a sword.
like we need to get rid of that skank Bella, she’s like wrecking my chance of having Nick like to myself.
But like I hate Cliff… but like if we don’t like do what Nick like wants like that’ll hurt Nick and like then he won’t like trust me.
ed: were you part of the flip plan last week sis? just checking.

So she’s confusing sex and flirting with game. oh. that’s a strategy. for last call in a bar. eyeroll. That is why i have called her a pillowcase so many times.


ssooo funny….you’ve narrated that so well 🙂


Like, lol

Feeds Gold

i like how much sis/nick hanging out on the couch gets under peoples skin…you can see how irritated jack, bella, holly get haha…all the bella haters should be enjoying this because bella is getting jelly!

the way i see it…jacks obsessed with christie but shes a lesbian, jack/sis had a physical only attraction and he gave her some d, nick who is obsessed with sis when he realised that happened he instantly went to bella as a consolation prize, sis got bored with jack as theres no proper game connection or free flowing personal connection, nick/sis enjoy each others company and have a decent personal connection with free flowing convo

another name

i would agree to an extent but with timing variations and motivations.
Jack obsessed with Christie check. Nick and Bella already together at this point. Nick flirting with Sis behind Bella’s back. Jackson calls it wanting an upgrade. Nick plot for days how to ditch Bella and get with Sis. Meanwhile: Christie and Holly convince Sis to go for it with Jack. Takes heat of Christie for non existent showmance. gets holly and sis both in with the alphas so they are queens of the castle (like this is some Narnia crap with 4 rulers). Sis fixes Jack’s plumbing. Nick flirts more to get Jack going, and because he wishes Sis would fix his plumbing. Bella notices. Nick backs off Sis. Sis gets upset that Jack wants Sis for plumbing purposes only, but wants Christie for her soul. barf. Sis then says she only wants to be Jack’s plumber… whu? Meanwhile Nick is thinking hey while Bella’s not looking… and Sis needs consoling i can get in there and maybe get my pipes looked at. Bella is watching.


Jack tells cliff “I want you to make it to jury”… what a narcissist . Both jack and Jackson are so plastic, they are not authentic in the slightest…

Feeds Gold

holly loves to bitch about nick and kat, constantly sewering them

holly getting pissy about the nick/sis connection haha

Feeds Gold

if ovi comes back in hes gonna target christie, jack, tommy!


I love Jackson. Jack is a stand up guy. Holly and Analyse are very hot. Christie is awesome. Tommy is badbutt. Nick and Bella have a heart of gold.

I love gr8ful.


Jackson got a lego head. Had to be said.

Just sayin'

Omg my friends and I call him Lego man! Hahahaha


Confused. If Ovi comes back into the game, couldn’t Ovi’s power & Jack’s power cancel each other out? Christie is the one with the best power


Ovi can change noms, jack can switch Veto players, so no they would not cancel out.

Feeds Gold

bella getting pissy about nick flirting with other girls

Aaron Conners

Can someone tell me what did Michie do that every single person hates him? I watch the live feeds and it just seems he’s playing the game. Yes he banged 2 girls in the house but a lot of guys are like that so why he’s getting singled out? Most players in BB trash talk behind each others back why is everyone acting that he’s the only person in the entire big brother history that does it. Yes he has a huge ego but 40% of BB jock guys are why is he any different? He’s trying to be in good graces with his alliance. He’s trying to get the other side to not go after him. How is that wrong? He’s playing the game.


I know i’m going to get downvoted and I respect everyone’s opinions about the show. I don’t want to start any trouble or drama about being a Jackson fan. I just want to know what I’m missing.

another name

OPINION while trying not to slant my own bias:
There was question about his motivation for banishment noms. Optics.
Added to the way he would speak about people behind their backs, he got the reputation of being a real dick. Some of the things he said about David after banishment were, in many opinions, too much. There is a clip out there of him and Jack talking in the kitchen. The audio is distorted because dishes are being done around them. There is a possibility some inflammatory language was used…. some say definitely. some say maybe. some say no. i’m in the listened to it four times and not at 100% sure but very suspicious. Since the audio is bad, i suspect but can’t say yes positively.
He was called into the d/r after that. told that some things he had said were creating scrutiny about racism or threatening behavior. The people that he had been most agressively trash talking all had one thing in common up to that point: they were all poc. Groups of commenters will be very chicken and the egg about it.
The way that he spoke of his first hit it and quit it showmance on feeds week one made him seem like a douche. Since the episodes made it seem so different than feed reality, it bothered some even more.
Since then he has been playing nice to people’s faces (to look like the nice guy with the aid of d/r segments like the ones in tonight’s episode) but those conversations are later mocked by him, and he gives a less glowing opinion of the people he was nice to moments before. These kind outreaches always seem to happen just after he has had a dr session. The episode edit is showing the tender moment, but not showing the mocking. In the majority of cases it again comes down to the optics of who he is being nice to before going behind their backs and the word choices he makes. So it isn’t that he trash talks. It’s who he trash talks about, questions about motivation (a: is it game or his belief, is it real or production induced to clean image when he talks nice), how he trash talks them, and how it is left out of the episodes to give him a clean edit. 🙂

Aaron Conners

Thanks for your responds. He’s entertaining to watch and I think he’s playing a good game but I’m not calling him a kind hearted guy. He obviously has a racial bias but he’s just fun to watch with the food stuff.

another name

I’d be more entertained if he was a have not on slop and cold showers for a week. just me though. lol.


Me, too… Especially since that guy is a food hound… and on slop, he would be “backed-up” for days!


Jackson is a racist and so is Jack. They both called David the n word and it was caught on the live feeds.


I like Michie too and don’t think he’s a racist, based on what I’ve seen…some people will be jealous…some people will play the race card…and some will be intimidated…even though he hasn’t won a dang comp. But I see this every season.

John Doe

Jack: “I’m so glad you’re all sitting in the HOH not talking game! ..the one rule I MADE was to not talk game with anybody in the house…” Clearly he thinks he’s running the house (and those idiots are all enablers). What a douche.


Especially funny since he is not HOH anymore. His ego will be his downfall… especially with the women.. and the “alpha” boys.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I don’t think Christie chooses the renoms with her power. She read that the veto holder makes the renoms. Likely, someone in the 8 (9) will have the veto when she goes to use it. Did I hear it wrong?


If it’s the diamond power of veto and she uses it then she is the holder of that veto. She’ll choose who replaces the person she pulls off. If the other regular veto is used then the HoH picks that replacement. I believe it’s possible that both vetoes gets used.

another name

The power she read off the card:
she can activate her power. the golden veto becomes a diamond veto. the diamond veto holder can take one nom off the block, and the veto holder, not the hoh gets to name the replacement.


And isn’t this one even more powerful than the traditional DV, in that it is anonymous if she uses it?


I had high hopes there for awhile Nichole would make it through this week, it would get interesting, then this happens. Good plans, no follow through. Ugh another week…