Big Brother 21 Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I told you I’m a comp beast!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica and Cliff
Intentions – Nicole or Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – Kat

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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9:41pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the Power of Veto competition.


The live feeds come back and most of the house guests are in the kitchen. Kat – I told you I’m a comp beast! Kat goes to the storage room with Jess. The start dancing around the room. Jess – this is perfect because that means you’re not going to be put up as a pawn!! Kat – you’re coming off the block! Obviously I’m taking you off! He (Cliff) said I’m so glad I picked you. Jess – you have to be like I didn’t pick you, I just choose you. It was a house guest choice. I am taking you off for sure! I am taking you off no matter what. Jess – do you want to tell him just in case he has a power. Kat – I will give him I’m like conflicted. Jess – maybe you can say you have to talk to Nick. Jess – thank you do much! I owe you so much!

Bathroom. Christie, Jack, Tommy and Bella. Christie – I was like make me lose in a really weird way. I don’t want to have to use it on Jess because I don’t know who I’d want to use it on. I don’t want to win it. They (production) are literally going to air me pacing saying make me lose in a really weird way. Nick was like look and kicks my piece over .. it was near him my 17th piece. I was like I only have 16, I only have 16 .. my other piece was there the whole time. Crazy, I wasn’t meant to win it. I didn’t want to have to win it. Like it would have been weird. If I used it her and not Cliff. He would hate me. Bella – Kat has a relationship with both. Let her do it. Its perfect. Tommy – we were in the boat room today and we literally said Kat you could win this today. We think this is yours!

Bathroom. Nick, Bella, Tommy, Jess, Cliff, Kat, Christie, and Holly. They’re all talking about the competition. Nick – you were not supposed to finish it that quick. Kat explains her strategy in winning the competition.

Bedroom. Christie and Analyse. Christie – I wasn’t pshyc’d to win it because I didn’t want to use it and I wasn’t going to use it on Cliff. And if I didn’t use it, it would have been weird and not nice. I was really excited to play but wasn’t excited to win it. Holly joins them. Christie – all day I was in a weird space because of this Nicole thing. Bella and Nick are pushing to get Nicole out and I don’t think that’s the best thing. Its not sitting well with me. The way Tommy explained it to me .. Nicole wasn’t the big liar that she was made out to be. If Kat doesn’t use it… she is probably going to use it because they’re going to bully her into using it. To be totally honest, I am not voting out Nicole. I don’t care if I’m the only one.. I am not voting out Nicole. I am not going to be voting out someone (Nicole) that is going to be gunning for them (Nick & Bella). Its not all honky dory like we’ll go to the nice and then fight it out.. I am not going to nine with them. I want to go to six and I want someone else to take a shot at them. I don’t want it to be one of us. I am not going to vote out somebody that’s going to potentially help us. Listen, we’ll all talk about it as a group but I am not voting her out. Analyse – we’ll all talk about it. Christie – just six. And if we do all decide to keep Nicole we are not telling her until after the eviction. And we tell her its the six and we all believed her. And Holly – I love your head space.

Jackson and Jack. Jackson – how did I do? Jack – pretty sh*tty did you throw it?! Jackson – like a f**king bomb! So what is this thing about keeping Nicole and Jess… what the f**k. Jack – you have to wait until we’re private, private for that. Jackson – Sketchy, I did not know what to do. Jack – you’re good. Jackson – I did not know what to do.. after you told me that I did not want to win it. Not a chance. I don’t want that heat. Especially after you told me to take Cliff off and then I had already told Jess and Nick. Jack – I didn’t say to take Cliff off. I said take Jess off. Its okay. Jackson – Kaitlin is HOT! DAMN! Jack – shes another face we haven’t seen .. and she was in two hours of makeup.. don’t give her too much credit. She looked great. Jackson – so fill me in? Jack – snakes are still snakes. Regardless of the Nicole situation. Bella is just more trash and just a b***h! Doesn’t want to hear anything that Nicole says and is just fighting off why are we trying to get rid of someone that is trying to call her out. Some of it was true but also dude she was f**king pushed around. Christie and Tommy brought this up that we should fight for Nicole. Cliff needs to go. He is a puzzle solver. Nicole doesn’t need to go. Jackson – okay, done deal! I just hope we can trust Nicole. Jack – well she is obviously not with Nick and Bella. Jackson – but can we trust her to keep her mouth shut?! Jackson – the idea is to not tell her until after the vote. After she lives, then we go and say these 6 people had your back this whole f**king time. Jackson – okay. Jack – then we come out of this with 7. But kat has to Jpull Jess off. She is going to pull Cliff off .. how do we get her to not pull him of. Maybe you work on her. Jackson – this is going to make things interesting. Jack – they’re (Nick & Bella) are trying to eliminate their one witness. They still did all that bad sh*t and so did we. Jackson – I’m down.

Kemi and Nicole. Kemi – you have to have a conversation with Nick.

Kemi – she really wanted to work with you because she connected with you in finals. (sequester) Nicole – this is what I said to Bella when I saw that he was in the lead ..I knew that people wanted him out and that’s why I was shaking so badly. He was in the lead and people wanted them out. I was like oh my god which way do I go. We connected on day one with our anxiety, we both weren’t eating. I don’t know.. it just sucks so bad. Because Bella is such a jealous person .. especially when a girl is around Nick. Nick and Sam made the joke that I’m their favorite sausage fest. Kemi – even with that I think you’re still good. They’re going to put you up.

10:23pm Storage room. Jackson and Kat. Jackson – congratulations! Do you know what you’re going to do? Kat – I’m going to use it on Jess. Jackson – cool! I think that’s the best move.

Jess and Christie. Christie – I love you and I want you to stay. I want to be loyal to you in this game. I feel a connection to you. Jess – me too. Christie – I feel that I would rather have you and Nicole here any day over Cliff. I just think that he is more dangerous than Nicole. Nicole wants loyal people to work with. I would rather her here especially if she is going to take a shot at manipulative people .. you know what I mean?!? There is a wall comp coming .. which I feel like she (Nicole) could win it. Get her revenge! I am sorry but Bella is the one that exposed the black widows. I was there, I watched it go down. I love Bella as a person but she is playing every person in this game. On a personal level, I would love to be friends with Bella outside of here but she is the bully not Nicole. Cliff is the better option to go home. I want you to come off the block.

11:20pm – 11:35pm Bedroom. Jess, Nicole and Kemi. Jess – you don’t have to talk to Bella or even look at her. You know she’s not a number for you. Nicole -I guess its just scary because I don’t know what she’s telling people. Jess – in a perfect world I would want you and Cliff to stay. Our numbers are dwindling. Kemi – if next week one of you don’t win .. its going to be more of the same. Jess – the game starts now… and yeah you f**ked up .. you tried playing both sides.. so what?! At some point everybody does that sh*t. Nicole – it wasn’t even intentional. Jess – you said your peace. You don’t need to keep apologizing. If Nick and Bella keep talking about it they with dig themselves a hole… that’s just the nature of the beast. It’s not over till the fat lady sings .. and this b***h ain’t singing!

11:56pm Nicole and Kemi. Nicole is crying while Kemi plucks her nose hairs. Kemi – the weight of the world isn’t on your back and its okay to sometimes be upset. This is so much more than a game.

12:30am – 12:55am Kemi and Bella. Kemi – the difference between Holly and Bella .. if Holly and Bella both murdered someone you would know exactly how Bella did it. Whereas you would have to figure out how Holly did it. So Bella’s personality is more attractive because its so surface and you see it coming. You know exactly how to approach it. How to deal with it. How to destruct it.. or destroy it. Nicole – I’ve gotten that my whole life… I can’t read you. Kemi – when you meet another Bella in the world you will know how to approach it.

1:07am – 1:15pam Bedroom. Jackson, Jack, Holly, Christie.
Christie – we just have to be prepared to handle the wrath. We’re all going to need to be emotionally and mentally prepared for the wrath of Bella. Jackson – that’s cool. Fine! Christie – I’m cool, bring it on. Analyse – okay then I can go off. Christie – at that point yes. Because at that point she won’t have a leg to stand on. You (Bella & Nick) tried to backstab us first and we beat you to it. We saw right through it and we played your game for a week because you’re in power. You took the first jab and we beat you to it… BYE BOOBOO! Holly – him (Nick) not having control.. he is going to lose it. Holly brings up how Nick brought up working with her and others. Christie – Bella is just a conniver. Jack – I want her (Bella) to go first but Nick and Sam are the bigger threats. And she will be alone.

1:26am – 2am HOH room. Bella and Nick. Bella is annoyed with Nick Nick – I didn’t mean to shush you or tell you to stop. Bella but it was super condescending. Bella – it made me feel really sh*tty. Nick – I feel super bad about that. Bella – you cut me off and were very dismissive. It was super sh*tty. Nick – I am so sorry. Nick – for your game I had your best interests. I’m not mad, I was just afraid for your game. It didn’t look good that you were all alone. We said that we would always have Tommy or Holly around for conversations with Nicole. Its for your protection. I was literally looking out for you as a person. I am actually really really sorry. I love you a lot and I care about you a lot. And I don’t want anything to happen to you.

2:20am Kemi brings up how she had a final two with Bella called “RUsh Hour”. Nicole – who created it? Kemi – Bella. Nicole – we had a final two called “safari girls”. And I overhearing her telling Cliff that he deserves it and how she wasted a final two with him.

3:50am Nick and Bella. Nick – Tommy called me out. Tommy, Sis and Holly up here. We were talking if we would backdoor each other once we got to eight or nine. I was saying I don’t think I could do it and they were agreeing. When we get to nine, I was like yeah it will be tough when we have to get Sam out. Tommy goes would you actually really though? And they were like yeah you’re really close to him. I thought I don’t think I could actually put him up but at that point, it didn’t even matter. If that was what was best for the team .. I would be cool with getting him out at that time ..even if it was a complete fabrication I would never put Sam out. ..But like he (Tommy) brought it up and since he’s part of the nine now I didn’t have a choice. But then I felt like a liar. Bella – you don’t have to because at that point 9 is way too close to 8 and is when its a free for all. Nick – well 9 is really the free for all. That’s what I’m scared if its 10 .. who would be left… Kat .. they could easily flip at 10. Maybe we do need to win ten.

9:16 am Everyone sleeping

9:21 am Cliff is up
Cliff – It’s been difficult for me really difficult for Nicole
Cliff – Nicole kinda blowing up her game, unfortunately, mine by talking about who she thought cast the rogue vote and blaming it on one of the couples. (you blew your own game up well before Nicole did)
Nicole – I need to distance myself from Nicole because I don’t need people associating what she did with what I did
Cliff has been saying that Nicole was associated with Kemi more lately and he had nothing to do with it. (her telling Nick and Bella that the house is targeting them)

Cliff – I have to play my game and she made a bad a few bad decisions in talking and saying and the things she did. Did help any that I was over her talking about an alliance between her and Ovi so between the two I just have to distance myself and hope I can survive this thing.

10:24 am Kemi and Nicole
Kemi – they all talk shit about each other once someone finds out they are talking shit about them.. AHHHH

11:00 am Kat slept with the Veto

11:03 am Nicole, Kemi, Kat, and David
David asks if this is what their mornings are like
Kemi – David, stop acting like this is day one for you in the house you are here
David – I’ve never slept in none outcast positions .. I can only lay two ways on my bed
David says today he’s going to learn backgammon today

11:21 am Christie, Tommy, and Sis
Tommy points out that someone is coming back this week are they the target or are they going back to Nick/Bella. the person that comes back will be given safety for 3 weeks
because they will be taking a shot at each other
Christie says Nick and Bella should be the target after this week. She has a hard time living with people that think they got one over on them and f* us first by flipping the house and their plan didn’t work Now they’re team gr*ful team gr*ful
Christie – trying to squirm outta a whole mess and bullying someone to take the heat for it.
Christie- I won’t vote Nicole out I don’t care if I’m the only one I don’t care if it ruins my game (she’s got the DPOV)

Tommy – it is a game but if I have to vote Nicole out I will vote Nicole out

Tommy and Sis both say they will be the ones that put up Nick and Bella.

11:30 am Christie, Tommy, Jack, Sam
They agree Nicole would be the one they would want back for camp comeback
Tommy – David I fear the most. I fear the unknown. We didn’t get any time to know him..
Tommy – I’m not convinced this isn’t all an act. Like picking up your plates all that stuff I’m not convinced because then you see glimpses of another side of David the one where he gets woken up he gets pissed like which one is the real one
Christie says if David comes back and he’s the pissed David they can all just agree to laugh at him he’ll self destruct

Tommy says David will be a competition beast “look at his body he’s doing sick workouts with Jack”
Christie mentions how clumsy David says she’s not scared of him.

Christie goes on about Ovi and Cliff left in the house with the power will be a threat. they need to get Cliff out this week.

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another name

Why does it sound like everybody threw veto except the noms and Kat?

The whole Nicole wasn’t the biggest liar in that conversation talk going around the house. Well d’uh. They know they are pinning their crap on her, Others know Bella and Nick are also pinning their crap on Nicole (hi Christie, Tommy and Sam)… so… why is it even relevant to have the liar talk? They all know the crap is piled high. All they need say is ‘wanna use her to go after them?’

What will ruin the talk of flip? Nicole will try to save herself and dig herself another grave. again.
Someone will include Sam in the plot. Sam will run the plot straight to Nick and Bella.


I wouldn’t trust the I threw it line from some of them. I think that’s more an excuse as to why they haven’t won anything (Jackson).

another name

Oh that was part of my question. which ones threw and which ones are just saying. sorry. i got really ahead of myself as i was writing and skipped half my thought to get to the next one.

Janey Haze

Welp, Jess is coming off the block and Nicole is headed for camp comeback.

Feeds Gold

christie is going to tell all 15 other house guests her 16 is her lucky number story

Feeds Gold

six shooters i think could convince bella/nick to get rid of cliff rather than nicole if thats the way they want to go without the need to blindside them as cliff is going after couples, and he is more dangerous with ovi and his power potentially coming back

i dont think someone like sis will want to blindside nick


Don’t think so Feeds Gold. There is no reasoning with Nick and Bella. They want Nicole out for silly reasons. The best bet is for the 6 Shooters to blindside the heck out of them. Those 6 plus Jess and Kat would give them the majority easily and then some. Don’t talk to Sam though.


Exactly…doesn’t everyone know how tight Sam and Nick are? I feel like Sam will be kept out of flip convos

another name

After complaining that Tyler didn’t really talk to them much last week, and KrazyKait telling them season 20 has heard everything they have to say… ignored Tommy’s overture to hang out after the show… and complimented Nicole (all according to retells)
NOW a bunch of house guests are going to try to blow smoke up last season’s players asses, right?
d-lister st@rfu(#ing by neverwas asshats? How cute.

Feeds Gold

seems like christie is keen for the hero saving nicole from the bullies edit

another name

Doesn’t it though? and yet she is always the first to talk about how they are the bigger group by the numbers, and they’ll destroy somebody. Until her next d/r.
Why is it that i keep thinking that place must smell like a portapotty because i can’t believe all of the shit that keeps coming out of their mouths.
It’s the same reason Tommy keeps getting to be the arbitrator or mediator. So he can steer the conversations but still get the middle ground edit and episode face time. Always thinking AFP, that one. Consider the end of episode where Cliffnotes was exposed. Who got the end of episode d/r clip talking about it: Tommy. Who had nothing to do with any of the exposure: Well Tommy. So why? hmmm. Yeah, still not voting for him no matter what they do.


I am liking the sneaky turds wanting to keep Nicole to go after Dumbella & Nick the dick …. we need a blindside on eviction nite to piss this duo off royally! I can’t stand most of these people but Dumbella is the worst right now…..and oh yeah, I hope Tommy trips next time he kicks his f**kin leg in the air

another name

While i’m totally cool with Nick and Bella being the bottom of the barrel again soon…. and i’m fine with them being evicted.
two minds: yeah, you have to evict Bella post haste. STFU Tommy.
other mind: yeeesh… yeah… that’s not going to help the whole white people only camp image problem. Optically. At. All. (we know her eviction wouldn’t be about race. but… cover of the magazine vs. the article argument).

Tommy’s Motive: Tommy knows for a fact that Sam and Nick have talked about not trusting Tommy, but he hasn’t heard the same about Bella. Sam has the whole backstory that Tommy fears in AFP. and no way in hell Bella is getting AFP so he wants her to be last of them evicted. I see you Tommy.
Basest thought: Take Bella to finals. bitter jury will do the rest. But don’t anybody do that… that would be horrible.

J e t s jets jets jets

You know “Dumbella” is going to win HOH next week.


Oh helllllll no! Don’t ruin my fantasy of Chrusty the Clown using her power to replace Nicole with Bella


I’d pay to see that…


LOL! “I hope Tommy trips next time he kicks..” I just can’t get into “over the top” people… Always panning to the cams…
I want to see Nick/Bella on the block… They don’t win VETO.. No one uses it on either of them. Scrambled eggs! Nick goes home just to see Bella try and grovel back… not knowing, all the enemies she has created… (While I hate the icing out thing… Bella would deserve it..)

J e t s jets jets jets

You know that “Dumbella’s” going to win HOH next week and just multiply our frustrations.

Feeds Gold

i have to give it to motor mouth christie(amanda 2.0), damn she is a good bullsh!tter

im waiting for perhaps holly/jackson/sis to get fed up with christie barking orders

who is going to be the first to say no to christie, i dont want to do what you say all the time

John Doe

I’ve got to give it to her…she’s good though. Last night she was talking to Jess about Cliff being the target and Jess expressed concern that Cliff might have the power. Now Christie knows that Cliff doesn’t have the power (in fact, she knows where all the powers reside), but she did not want to disclose anything to Jess. So she told her when she overheard Cliff, he said that he wanted Ovi to come back because he MIGHT have the power. So what she did was (i) communicate that Cliff does not a power and (ii) not communicate the Ovi does have a power. And it seemed completely spontaneous! Damn that was some low-key high, quality subterfuge.

another name

Wait. i know it’s hours later. I know. but it just occurred to me.
During the Nicole / house convo. Sis walked in after taking a shower.

Sis took a shower for the purpose of bathing.

We are in Twilight Zone week.


I am glad to see there is a possible shaking up of things. If 6 shooters decide to keep Nicole, I am on board with that. Otherwise, wake me when they get to the final 8 because these next few weeks are going to be steamroll city.

Difference between last year and this year (I mean, there are a 1000 differences) FOUTTE actually won stuff. They didn’t know what to do with it when they did, but they at least won. I am not sure if this group of outcasts can win. Certainly not a physical comp, and mental is all toss up.

Add to that, if the out group did win something, their only real options are Nick and Bella. Now, Nick and Bella being douchebags will help that.. but if Jack was in danger, he can save himself… if Christie is in danger, she can save herself (and pick the replacement on top of that).

Nick/Bella is reminding me a lot of Paul/Christmas….

another name

A little nugget of Reality in our Reality tv:
Kemi tells Nicole that the DR asked her about Jack for a week straight.
BB control calls her out.
She mouths the rest of the sentence:
— They asked if I thought we could work together.—
and feeds cut.

Well, wouldn’t that have been a convenient way to image fix. Editorialized Guessing for the sake of levity: David said yeah whatever you want when they asked him about Jackson, right?

Hey thinking about that was a lot better than trying to wrap my head around Bella telling Cliff that Nicole forced lied and manipulated Kemi to get Kemi to say that awful speech that victimized poor Bella. i’m sure if she’d thought of it she’d have added and innocent Nick too.


Bella: “I am not a bully.” (talks over Nicole) “You are are deceptive, dishonorable, disgusting, and a disgrace. Oh, and I am not a bully.” (refuses to let Nicole talk) “I am not interested in listening to you, but just remember that I am not a bully.” (walks out of the room when Nicole wants to share her perspective) “You are a worthless person with no friends. And did I mention that I am not a bully?”

The only way this season could get worse is for Paul to enter the house as a veteran contestant and join-up with Bella.


Sounds like Bella was describing herself…

Could it get any worse?

My favorite comment today!! I think it was Bella who said something about Nicole: “Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.” The gaslight queen.


If Christie has the Diamond POV, couldn’t she take Jess down and put Bella up and they can vote her off and then next week Nick can’t even compete and they can put him up? Why not do that instead of waiting until next week to try and take on both Nick and Bella?


Because they also want Cliff gone.

Aunt Nazeeba

And we have a winner, JENN! BINGO!!!


If they did, Bella could come back because of Camp Comeback.

John Doe

Crusty will not use the power unless it involves saving her or someone in her final 3 (Jack or Tommy).


Down for that!

Just Sayin...

Kat is one of those girls that look drastically improved with makeup.

Guy From Canada

All she needs is a little proactive, accutane, or self control not to pick….she is a good looking lass regardless.

Feeds Gold

christie/sis trash talk about jack…

sis: he was trying way too hard with kaitlyn at the veto…if thats how he acts trying to impress girls, he fu-king sucks…and he acts waaay different around you than compared to when youre not around…when youre not there he sometimes rips people apart

christie: i had to leave the table when he said people are babysitting nicole…then he followed me like a puppy dog from room to room to room to room then to the shower and spoke to me at the shower door to see if i was mad

ive noticed this, jack often follows both ladies around like hes monitoring them…its like he is a ball and chain, almost a smothering presence, frequently creepily lingering around them, almost like they cant get any kind of extended time away from him

another name

He always follows Christie to the shower. He’s trying to catch a peak. it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to see without anyone noticing.

Franks fumes

Sounds like Austin……


This ranking feels very much on the money for me. If I could make a change it would be to have Holly and Jackson at the top of gr8tful which they almost are anyways.


Holly & Jackson at the top of Gr8teful means they’d be ranked above Tommy. Are you sure your sanity is intact, Simon? 🙂

Tommy is the only member of Gr8teful that I actually like. His name rarely comes out of anyone’s mouth. I’d put him up closer to Kemi & David.

another season

Not really digging the cast this season, with the exception of David, Ovi and Cliff. It’s too bad Ovi and David were voted out because I think they would have played BB and made it interesting (so hoping David gets back in). These HGs need to realize that they are playing for $500K and part of the game is you have to lie, lie and lie. Why do they always sound so surprised when they catch someone in a lie? It’s like they’ve never watched BB before.


I love how Cliff says that Nicole blew up both their games. WTF! Cliff you blew up all our hopes and dreams for a summer of ZIING dominance first.


I want to like Cliff and root for him but I’m tired of the cliffnotes and the visual of him in the boat room half covered up. He is definitely not as irritating as the hateful grateful but…

another name

Doing some math in my head as i write. will probably end up showing my work as i go along.
Let’s say the 6 goes about saving Nicole in anticipation of getting Bella and Nick evicted. They lump Sam with them: they aren’t far off (I play my own game is sort of a lame duck when Sam is running information the six say to Nick and Bella).

scenario one: (takes place in next two weeks)
on one side:
Sis Jack Holly Jackson Christie Tommy
on the other side:
group one
Bella Nick Sam
group two add for argument sake staying this week and return player by side one assumption
Kat Jessica Nicole David
By numbers alone. What if everyone not in Side one targets the 6. They lose the numbers.
Yes that is highly improbable. 7 remaining against 6? Yeah but….
Kat thinks she’s not an outsider (she’s offended by the thought of being a Cliff or a Nicole in her convo with David last night).
David seems more interested in working with Jackson.
Nicole working with Nick or Bella at this point would be ludicrous. and vice versa.
Damn. By Math alone on paper there would be a chance that the Showmance group would not be the dominant alliance. Pesky human relationships and personalities ruins that thought.

scenario two: (takes place in two weeks minimum)
Jackson (tired of not being supreme commander) tries to grab Jessica, Kat, Nicole and David for his rebellion with Holly in tow. Once one of Nick or Bella is gone, hopes Sam and the remainder of Ick comes with him. again we have the human personality issues but: blame all of the Nicole woes on whichever of the Ick showmance leaves. That makes it 8 against 4. But still not plausible in terms of human dynamic. Pits Holly and Sis against each other. Sam has trust issues with Jackson. Considering their likely first target would be Christie, it’s sad that this scenario doesn’t work either.

Okay. I tried to be optimistic for a minute. That didn’t work out so well.

Who needs scenarios. Kat. Slept. With. The. Veto.

Christie is Paul without the nasty beard

If someone has already mentioned this, I apologize. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for Christie to use her power this week by replacing one of the nominations with Bella, right before the evictions? It would be awesome to see Bella get voted out on Nick’s HOH! I can’t stand Christie, but if she pulled that off, she’d earn a few points with me. Just a thought.

another name

When Christie lied to Nick and Sam about what her power is (adding to it’s longevity, adding to it’s potency) was she not using production as a strategy in a way that other people have had to recant in past seasons? Or is the rule you can’t lie about a power you do not possess?
Would they make the houseguest that has “revelations” in the d/r recant, when she is clearly most susceptible to what they tell her in d/r in order to get the alliance to follow production’s storyline projections?
We’ll see.