Ash to Pili “Sindy’s such a phony baloney.. She’s literally throwing everyone under the bus”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 08-05-11-197
11:01am HOH Kevin and Zach
Zach says he’s been loyal to the triangle. Kevin says that Jordan told him about Newport.
Zach – he was playing everyone.. I love that kid to death but he was playing us all
Kevin – 100%
Kevin says the name of the chop shop came out today, Sindy knew about it she told them she found out in sequester house.
Zach says his heart has always been with them. They warn Pilar the she’s going to get pounded by information from the house.

Kevin wants Pilar to know who her friends are.
Kevin – You’re friends are me Zach and Ashleigh
Pilar do you believe what she said
Kevin – I do believe in what she said
Zach says he was thrown into the chop shop from day one and he never really trusted it.
pilar tells them she doesn’t know what to do.
Zach tells her to go after the person that is gunning for her.
AShleigh comes up.
Kevin explains to them that Sindy, Brittnee and Sarah wanted them to form up and go after the chop shop.
Pilar – I can’t do this by myself I can’t.. I can’t think straight
Zach – Sindy, Brittnee and Sarah are trying to get us (ashleigh/Zach) up
Ashleigh – What a little..
Bobby comes in. Zach – we’re just talking that we can’t trust Sindy
Kevin – Sindy is going around to everybody
Bobby – Sindy ios coming after me
Ashleigh – She’s going after everyone
Bobby – I’m going after Sindy straight up
Pilar – I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to believe
Kevlar mentions how crazy the morning was, Kevin – “I talked to 7 people before I got out of bed”
Bobby leaves
Kevin says Sindy was in a sequester house.
They are all shocked that happened.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 08-26-55-367
11:19am The Diapers (Kevin, Zach, AShleigh and Pilar)
Talking about their loyalties being with each other. Kevin says Sindy was in here for 45 minutes “PILI PILI BIGGEST MOVE IN BIG BROTHER”
Pilar adds Sindy really wanted Godfrey/Bobby up with Bruno as the backdoor
Ashleigh points out that Sindy is working with Brittnee and Sarah so why not put one of them up.
Zach – Bobby and Bruno won’t come after the couples yet.. I know for a fact they’re not working with Brittnee and Sarah
Ashleigh says Bruno and Bobby trusts them to a fault
Pilar brings up Sindy mentioning Bobby has a secret Veto.

Zach – Sindy pretty much knows everything in the gme right now.. Bobby/Bruno if we leave them alone they won’t come after us.. and right now they are super pissed at the other side.
Zach – If Bobby/bruno win they won’t be coming after us
AShleigh – I know for a fact they are going after B and Sarah
Zach says Bob/Bru are going after Sindy so if she wants to leave Sindy until next week warns if Sindy wins HOH she might be nominated.
Zach adds Sindy wants Willow and Bobby nominated because those two are going after her.
Zach – Sindy is dangerous in this game
AShleigh tells them Bobby/Bruno think they are super close to Godfrey but she’s not sure. She thinks Godfrey could rally people against them.
Zach says they can get Sindy, Sarah and Brittnee out of the house. They can count on Boby and Bruno’s help.
Ashleigh – Sindy is such a phony baloney

Kevin asks about Bruno and Bobby if Zach can get them to work on the side. Zach thinks he can, says Bru/Bob were scared JP was going to pull them away so that is why they voted him out. AShleigh and Zach are still in the chop shop.
Bobby comes in “I’m so close to calling her (Sindy) out”

After some chit chat they all leave Bobby alone..

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 08-10-33-482

11:09am Bedroom Willow, Bruno and Bobby
Filling Willow in on what Sindy was doing in the HOH. They agree to DENY DENY DENY.
Bobby says chop shop still the final 5

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 08-37-50-603

11:36am bathroom AShleigh and Pilar
AShleigh says she’s always been loyal to the Diapers she’s only chopped during one eviction. SAhe swears on her sister’s life that she’e loyal to the Diapers, “Zach and I were just told you’re in this alliance” (CHop shop) Pilar asks if they should trust Willow, AShleigh – “NO”
Willow joins them asks what Sindy is saying.
Ashleigh – She’s literally throwing everyone under the bus

Pilar leaves. Ashleigh tells willow Sindy is desperate she’s throwing everyone under the bus.
Willow thinks Godfrey and Sindy are working together, “Something it up Ash.. like really up”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 08-44-56-140

11:44am HOH Pilar and Kevin
Pilar tells Kevin that she feels horrible for believing Sindy. Kevin doesn’t think she should what Sindy said was true but Zach and ASh are loyal to them.
Ashleigh tells Pilar about the beginnings of the Chop Shop.
Willow comes in starts saying how good Ashleigh, Zach and her are . Kevin leaves.
Willo – who scares you the most
Pilar – I don’t know anymore
After some long silence Willow leaves.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 08-58-28-839

11:58am Storage room Bobby and Zach
Zach giving him a debrief of the HOH conversation. Clears up that Sindy, Brittnee and Sarah tried to form a 6 person alliance to go after the Chop Shop.
Zach – Kevin and Pili are not buying it.
Zach adds he was pushing that Bobby and Bruno are going after Sindy and the other girls
Bobby – DENY DENY DENY till the end
Zach – I did
Bobby – we got this final 5
Zach – f***g rights


12:02pm Ashleigh and Pilar
Pilar – I’m putting up Godfrey and Sindy .. I want Sindy out
AShleigh asks her who will she put up if Sindy wins the Power of Veto
Pili isn’t sure, says she can’t wait to see the look on Sindy’s face when she gets nominated.
Pili wonders if she should put up Willow instead of Godfrey. Ashleigh suggest she uses Willow as the replacement nomination.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 09-20-52-853

12:15am Zach and Bruno Bedroom
Zach tells Bruno not to Deny the Chop Shop just downplay it, “I said Graig was forming all types of sh1t”. Zach did his best to push the targets off Bobby and Bruno and onto Sindy. Brings up that he made it clear to Pilar that Bobby/Bruno are targeting brittnee, Sarah and Sindy. They agree the girls are latching onto whatever they can to pull them apart.
Zach – “They’ll grab anyone they can”
Bruno says Sarah is crazy dangerous calls her poison. Zach knows agrees she’s very dangerous.
Zach – I’m not telling her a f**G thing anymore
Bruno – I know she’s the poison I can say one little thing to her and she’ll twist it
Zach – Sending JP out is the best thing for my game I realize how much he was playing me
Bruno – Playing everybody

12:41am Feeds blocked Have not competition

this week
FYI This week is going to really clear out some houseguests..
Round one (Pilis round) is 1 HOH, 2 noms, 1 veto winner, 1 evicted
Round Two (not sure when) is 3 noms, 1 veto winner, 2 evicted


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WHAT A MESS! to add that; Pilar is HOH


I cannot think of a worse person to have this power.
She is dumber than Bobby.
At least Bobby sort of has an idea what show he’s on, sort of…


Really wish Bobby had taken the 10K and bounced. He just is so oblivious to everything it hurts watching him play.

Zach is good

If Zack can get out of this “Sindy” situation, he deserves to win!


How the hell are Kevin and Pilar buying what Zach and Ash are telling them.
If they were really committed to you 100% then they wouldn’t have waited till day 36 to tell you about the ChopShop. And Kevin knows its definitely true cause JP already told him about this alliance.
Please people start using your brains!!!


Yup. Really disappointed in Kevin I thought he was smarter than that. This showmance he has with Pilar has made him lazy and stupid. It’s too bad because he was good casting otherwise.


And who should they jump to? Bobby & Bruno who have been gunning for him for 5 weeks? Or maybe Sarah and B who are the biggest snakes in the game? I won’t even mention Sindy.


How are B and Sarah the biggest snakes in the game? The chop shop has been after them, throwing them under the bus the whole game, and Zach and JP were especially stringing them along. All they are doing is trying to survive while being attacked from all sides! Sarah has had to play defensive since week 2!


Actually both Ashley and Zack have said in the DR how much they love their Diapers alliance and are loyal to them. And do you remember the BB Season with the Sovereign 6 where they turned on one of their alliance member for being wishy washy and screwed themselves and this major alliance lost the game? You can’t turn on the people who are aligned with you when you have the power because that power is fleeting and using it the wrong way could destroy your game long-term all for the sake of some petty differences.


Who was/is worse? Bobby with the Chop Shop or Caleb with the Bomb Squad?


OK at least Bobby made a move against the Chop shop by getting out Jordan, I remember staying up all night hoping Caleb would backdoor Frankie just for him to chicken out because he didn’t want to “Piss off” America. That had me seething. SO at least Bobby had some back bone to make a move but he is still a moron.


Bobby didn’t make any great move….???? Both him and Caleb are too loyal/stubborn to fault to their alliance. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but here we go….Jorden wasn’t part of the chop shop…so bobby didn’t go against the chop shop, he actually got rid of a distraction. Now it is a stretch to say bobby got rid of jorden….how many bricks to the head did Bruno throw at him to convince him!!!! It took only one girl…Britt…to mention that his name (Bobby) was brought up as a backdoor. Any player with his physical threat would by thinking when are they going to backdoor me… The misfits got rid of Jordan….bobby was just a vote…Now Frankie was in the alliance with Caleb….so if he did put up Frankie it would have been against the alliance member. Slight different situation here…. But come on…Bobby has to be the House Idiot!!! There is no denying it! He doesn’t even let his closest partner explain without inturupting him with comments that only prove he is not listening/understanding. He is too stubborn/tunnel visioned/and clueless..just my opinion… But each their own….I think both Bobby and Caleb played a bad game…but at least Caleb won many competitions when needed! Bobby….well the next few weeks will be critical for him to win.


Frankie was a Bomb Squad member, JP was not a Chop Shop member so there is a pretty strong distinction. Caleb and Bobby’s characters appear similar, but let’s face it, Caleb is far smarter at the game than Bobby. And when Caleb was presented with enough evidence to show someone was working against him he could process the information.
Bobby has blind faith and obsession with the idea of the Chop Shop irrespective of its members actions.

I can’t believe I just wrote that Caleb exhibited more intellect than someone else.


Kevin told Zach he knows about Newport *facepalm* Why?! I really thought he had potential after what he did to Johnny, but I guess he’s just there for fun and kissing instead of playing to win.

Pilar is utterly useless. This is like Kathy from BBUS 12 winning HOH. You don’t know what to do? How about some simple math? 5 Chop Shop members are still in the house. There are 6 non-CS members. You have a majority. If you’re not smart enough to put up Zach and Ash because they are your best friends (ugh) then target the other CS members. Pilar has no reason to not put up Willow, Bobby, and Bruno.

JP is gone, but now I get the sickening feeling that this season is going to go done hill. Why are there so many unintelligent HG this season? If Sindy, Sarah, Britt, and Godfrey leave things are going to be so blah.

Worst HOH scenario ever.


Godfrey is kind of a dumbo too throwing Sindy under the bus and telling Bruno Sindy is making up stories about the Flop shop.

Kenneth Chow

Instead kathy as HoH would have actually been better…kathy never really had an alliance, so at least if Kathy would make her own decisions…Pilar just believes whatever anyone tells her…Sindy talks her, she believes her…Ashleigh talks to her, she believes Ashleigh now…Although Pilar looks like she will just take the easy way out…im expecting she will be talked by someone else soon followed by a thousand more “i dont know what to do’s”…

diaper rash

And stupid commenters too.


Pillar plays like she is at cheer leading camp. She needs to be talked to as such and this is how her and Ashleigh have bonded so well. What she hasn’t seen yet, is that Ash is the mean cheer leader.

To the Curb

kevin and pilar ……dumb and dumber.


Pillar and Ashleigh are the least liked in the house. ugh.


ugh Kevin I love you, but wth are you doing?!


I don’t understand your concern. He seems to be playing it very well.


He’s positioned well. ‘Playing’ well is pushing it.


Why is zach up bobby and Bruno’s ass so much?


because hes a closeted gay


To pretend he is still with the chop shop.


I can’t wait to see what happens when Sindy with an S learns that Godfrey spilled the beans…blow up


I am losing interest in the season. It is like the Chop Shop and the Diapers are combining into one alliance; an alliance of stupidity. It is hard to deny something that everyone knows about, and there is the thing called “thou doth protest too much”.

Whatever. After Brit/Sarah/Sindy/Godfrey are unanimously evicted *rolls eyes*, then it might get interesting in the final 8, where the Diaper/Chop Shop alliance have to go after one another.

BB17 needs to start. At least the twists in BBUS do not feel like the producers throwing spaghetti on the wall to see where it sticks weekly like this season.


It had potential to be another great week, but the girl without a brain of her own had to win and now we’re stuck with Zach being HOH again, and Bruno whining about Sarah being “poison” when she’s the one that frickin saved his game by keeping his closest ally Godfrey…so frustrating…why does Bruno hate women so much?! THEY are the only reason Godfrey is there and the only reason Bruno/Bobby found out they were backdoor plans.


Sindy laid everything out there for Pilar and Kevin, and they are still too dumb to do anything with this info! Kevin knows everything Sindy said is true because JP already told him….I’m so frustrated!!! I was so excited that the move to evict JP would really change the game, but sadly it only looks like it lasted for one night!


Can we just take a moment to look at the twist of the next HoH! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!
Really? That’s what they come up with? LOL!
BBCAN seriously never learns LOL!
Watch Zach gets that 2nd HoH! Hopefully I jinx it for him!


Are we all now hoping for Sarah/Brittnee win during the 2nd round of this week?


Kevin = the biggest disappointment of this season. Like, wow.

Ariana Grande stinks!

He so has no balls, and is so easily manipulated. Unbelievable!

No wonder he has a crush on the dumbest woman in the world — who (tragically) appears to be HOH.


i bruised my face with all the “face palms” i’ve been doing all morning!!!

2 real

I would like 4 godfrey or Bruno to win big brother canada 3, they the only ones playing the game… #ZachSucks


send in more independent badass women next year. i can’t relate to Pilar….


Canada might be Round 2 HOH right? Otherwise I dont get the logic behind three nominees. Unless it has something to do with the secret power hidden in the Have not room.


three noms = drama (or attempt at drama)

If say Bobby wins HOH.. who will he put up after Sindy/God leave? Someone from the diapers most likely.

If Kevin wins the second HOH, who does he put up? Hell, if Sarah wins?

It’s attempt at drama but will fail.. it will fall on someone who Zach controls.


The idiocy of people in that house. INCREDIBLE.

Kevin knew Zach was lying and is positioned with everyone but chooses to tell Pilar to stick with Ash/Zach .. WHY? Only logical explanation is he believes they can make F4 and he/Pilar can beat Zach/Ash.

Bruno for some unknown reason just refuses to work with Sarah which will end up being the reason he doesn’t stay in the game. SIMPLE MATH BRUNO … if Pilar and Kevin (now knowing everything) are STILL willing to do what Zach wants that means Zach remains seated in the safest spot in the house since the only ones who’ll go after him are B/Sarah and God and based on Sindy’s comp ability expect one of them to be leaving this week.

From my perspective the ONLY way this show has any way of rebounding when all these people are willing to follow Zach like lambs to the slaughter is if Sarah or Britt survive this week and win the special power in the vault. Ideally they also end up HOH (or that special power allows them to remove both of themselves and nominate the 3 people on the spot to be evicted. Sarah in her wisdom would immediately put up Zach, Bruno and Kevin with 2 of them leaving. THAT is all that can save this season in my opinion. Problem is that leaves us with Ash/Pilar/Bobby who are all out to lunch vs God or Sindy depending on who stays. And if it’s God maybe he’ll finally work with Sarah and Britt to take out the three blind mice.

The casting director must have specifically picked people who follow Type A personalities b/c this is getting ridiculous. AND BORING. I’ve spent about one tenth of the time watching this season (ZERO time on the feeds… why bother). and just come here to get updates. WATCH BBCAN be cancelled next season because of these doofuses.

Hey PRODUCTION… why don’t you do a REAL SWITCH UP and allow Canada to vote back in two players (Naeha/Johnny) to replace whoever Canada picks to oust. We could even just go with Bobby and Pilar or Ash just to make this show SOMEWHAT interesting this season. What a waste!


Zach, Bruno and Ash would be better noms. Remove all the influence and Kev et al can be worked with.

another name

is kevin making smart moves? yes and no.
it’s smart to play dumb about knowing of chop shop even after cindy talks about it. he shouldn’t reveal he knew but didn’t tell pilar.
it’s smart to say don’t target Ashleigh and Zach. keep the option open to flip sides without hurting your other option.
it’s stupid and smart to encourage pilar to go after cindy and godfrey. stupid: it means that someone taking the heat off kevin could go home, leaving 2 people that are for sure going to target him are still in the game. smart: means that two people that can be good in comps are sure to play in veto, leaving the door open for a backdoor of the person kevin knows has been after him for weeks: bobby.
hopefully this is his rationale???
the underdogs should have assigned someone to stick to pilar like glue until after nominations. they KNOW how impressionable she is. look at Ashleigh now. do you think she’s not going to perma-glue herself to pilar? that was a REALLY bad oversight.