Showmance on the rocks Alec about Topaz “That isn’t anybody I want to associate with in my life PERIOD”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?


9:32pm Backyard AJ, Topaz, Andrew, Talla, Jillian

Talla talking about how awkward Suzette is getting. Jillian: “I hate talking to her”
Andrew: ‘Hate is a strong word”

Talla mentions that Suzette called Emmett out for being such a physical player.
Andrew: “That’s what you get when you have a couple jars.. What the hell does she expect this is a game”
Talla says that this morning suzette said “Now I don’t have to deal with the f**** cleaning.. you guys have to deal with it”

Andrew: “It’s like you don;t think we know how to clean up..”
They all agree that Suzette has been flipping from being a “B1tch” to being friendly and happy.

Generally they are talking about the hypocrisy of Suzette.. Topaz tells a story about when Suzette got pissed off and threw her Mic pack on the floor then she got called into the diary room.

(They are all having drinks Aj comments on how warm their drinks are)

Topaz mentions that Suzette was going around telling everyone that the girls in the showmance were “S****ing D!ck and rubbing up”. Topaz doesn’t think that is far because it wasn’t happening and who knows what people thought that were watching the show. Topaz is worried they will edit it badly for her.

Talla brings up how Suzette goes around slandering all their names then constantly talks about Respect from the other players, “Where do you think respect comes from”

Andrew asks them why is Suzette walking around asking “Whose D!ck do I need to su**.. when she’s married “ Andrew: “I’m sorry but you are here to play a game.. i’m not looking to s*ck anyones d!ck .. AJ give it a couple weeks I might take you out for a lollipop su*k”

They discuss about how Suzette is always saying that she deserve to be in the game more because she has kids. Topaz: “The first time I felt sorry for her.. but not after the 5th, 10, 50th 100 hundredth”

Talla says they all deserve to be here. Topaz: “We don’t have kids yet but we will.. “

Topaz: “This game isn’t about who deserves the money more it’s about who plays the game”

Andrew says if come Thursday Arisa is saying there is a twist i’m going to punch through the screen and hit her in the face.


9:03pm Gary joins the backyard bunch.. (Gary is very grumpy)

Gary says that Big Brother has given them 10 bags of Milk, “It’s for Emmett because he drinks like 4 a day”

Andrew brings up a story about Tom saying “A-P-R-E-S” it means after in french. When Tom first said it he pronounced it “A-Press” and told everyone it meant “Retro”
Andrew: “I was like .. I want to take a screw driver and stab it in my eye”
Jillian: ‘I know”
Gary: “Why didn’t you say something then Andrew.. when he was tehre” (Biam loving Grumpy GAry right now.. stir the pot)

Andrew: ‘Cause i’m not as honest as you Gary”
Gary: “Oh you would rather him watch you now talking about him”
Andrew: “Hey Tom how are you it’s called APRES you dumb ass.. Believe me when he see my good bye message he isn’t going to be my friend.. and guess what ohh SHOCKER i’m OK with that”

“my message was.. Hey Tommy boy you worked out everyday you were here and the only thing that got bigger is your head.. big players make big moves and sadly you’re not one of them.. Peace out Bro”
Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production.

Andrew isn’t here to make friends.


During the backyard chit chat the bros and Suzette chatted it up in the hot tub.. This conversation didn’t make the cut.

(FYI Talla and Suzette are tanked)


10:15pm Bathroom Emmett and Andrew

Hard to hear Emmett because of the shower.. Andrew is talking about Who he will put up if he wins HOH. His plan is top put Gary and Topaz up but Topaz is just the pawn. Andrew: ‘Gary is pissing me off and is a threat.. Peter.. I love Peter he gave me a beer he’s coming to final 2 with me” Emmett: “Perter may not have won a competition yet but he’s a very smart guy”

Andrew says that whatever Alec and Topaz has it’s not going to last after the show ends.. Andrew mentions how Suzette is ready to blow.. she’s had a couple drinks and is starting to get on peoples nerves. Andrew: “I’m about to call her out on things.. but I know it’s not good for the game”


10:40pm Hot tub Jillian and Topaz

Topaz is saying that the girls she didn’t care about was Liza, Suzette Danielle and Kat. Jillian says at one point she liked Liza but liza screwed her over really bad. Topaz: “She screwed everyone over” AJ and Talla join them chit chat starts..


10:45pm Bedroom Peter, Alec and Emmett

Alec is saying that Topaz is mad at him. Emmett points out that Topaz is acting like she’s trying to defy Big Brother.

Alec says at first he liked her but now he’s finally seeing that she’s not his type of person. Alec: ‘At the same time I’m in this position that it doesn’t help me in the game to distance myself from her”

Alec says that there might be a play to get Topaz out next week through Jillian. Peter: “It would make sense next week could be endurance.. I would throw it to Jillian.. I have no problem with that”

Alec: “I won’t do it.. GAry would come after me”
peter: “I can’t do because of my relationship with Him (Alec) “
Emmett: “I could put her up”

Emmett telling them that Topaz brings Alec and Peter down. Alec agrees says that they should get rid of Gary first though. Alec adds that Topaz isn’t his “Cup of Tea” but he would rather go further in the end with her than with a Gary or a Talla.
Alec: “The one thing is Topaz is pissing me off.. but that’s not a good reason to get rid of someone that is loyal to you”

Peter seems confident that he will be able to get Talla no problem. Alec: “Then lets get Gary out followed by Topaz”

Alec: “Gary hates Talla.. “
Alec: “You think if this was me real life I would be with topaz.. I would be out the door”
Alec adds that topaz isn’t a person he wants to associates with in his life.. let alone be in a relationship with but this is a game.
Emmett says if Andrew wins he might put up Topaz..

Chugging the rest of his beer..


11:10PM Suzette, Talla and Topaz. in the hottub getting tanked..

Suzette keeps talking about respect and how she can leave the game with her head held high.. She also bring sup how close she came in a couple competition. basically the same shit she says in every conversation. (Suzette is now the most annoying person on the feeds)


11:20pm Gary slaps Emmett in a head lock


11:45pm HOH Topaz and Alec

Topaz got the HOH’s iPod taken away and now Alec is all upset about it. He might start crying because he’s sad, According to him he really wanted to listen that music.
Big Brother Calls them to the living room, “It upset me but it never seemed to bother you that I was upset”



11:50pm Houseguests gather around in the living room.. Alec and Topaz are not sitting together anymore. This showmance is starting to break apart. (Good I want to see Gary and Topaz start ripping though this house)



Team 3stooges

12:00Am Feeds Cut

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63 thoughts on “Showmance on the rocks Alec about Topaz “That isn’t anybody I want to associate with in my life PERIOD”

  1. If Alec, Emmet, and Peter where smart they would Veto A.J. and back door Gary. Emmet, Peter, Jillian, A.J, and Andrew is more than enough to send Gary packing. He is the only one that can compete physically with them, plus who wants Gary in the jury house, that would fu**in* suck. If Gary goes home Alec would isolates topaz, eliminate a huge threat who he couldn’t trust anyways, and put his alliance with peter and emmet in a great spot since they got good all round skills to win HOH. Keep Gary and he gonna make another power move like he did to Tom he’s not as stupid as these other houseguests. Get mad at Tom saying he wasting his HOH on Sue and now look at these pathetic wusses.

    1. I totally agree. I honestly just think they’re so fed up with Suzette (can you imagine not being able to get away from her all day?) that they’re willing to give everyone else a pass this week.

    2. I’ll say it: I like Talla. She’s dumb in that accidentally charming way, unlike Ashley from BB14 whose dizziness was totally contrived. Talla’s more like a puppy who thinks she’s a big dog. It’s cute, I think.

      1. He got a PhD yet he wasn’t even smart enough to answer the wrong answer in the HOH he threw to Andrew. CMONNN MAN !!!!

        1. That pissed me off. It was really disrespectful to Andrew , he should’ve pretended like he didn’t know the answer.
          It might come back to haunt him , that burst Andrew’s ego and people really value their ego’s lol. I also really wish production would give him more shirt’s. His abs don’t impress me anymore because I see them all the time.

        2. It would be such a great move if Emmett told Gary what Alec said about putting up him and Topaz to gain their trust AND also to put a target on Alec’s back .But I really think Emmett is more focused on how is he perceived on TV since winning the game doesn’t mean as much to him as the other’s. That’s why he probably wont turn against Jillian . Alec is more focused on how’s hes perceived by his peers ( PHD classmates /Professors) and thus wants to win and is willing to do anything without jeopardizing his future. That’s why he’ll probably turn against Topaz when it’s best for his game and there is a good reason to.

          1. why would emmitt tell gary this that would be a really dumb move on emmitts part. He has an allience with gary and with alec/peter so for now it is in his best interest not to say anything if it comes down to the four of them them maybe but with so many other people to get out telling gary this would only work against emmitts interests. As for suzzette i do think that gary is a stronger player them suzzette but alec has an allience with gary which he hopes to keep for a few more weeks and suzzette has bluntly said she wants to get out the boys so i can see why getting her out is in there best interest. Andrew cracks me up his comment of coming through the screen if ariza has a twist on thursday made me laugh but there really better not be the same twist or we know production is cheating for some reason which i don’t get because she isn’t even a very liked player.

          2. Has anyone here figured out that BB could be his Thesis for his PHD. Or atleast part of his thesis. He’s still a student and not a doctor yet as I understand it but I’m no acedemic.

            1. I meant it would be a great move as in it would be entertaining to watch lol . I think Alec talked bout writing about this for a possible thesis but he said that there is some rule against writing about their experience here or something like that

  2. I cant wait for next sunday to find out what the next twist will be….as long as it isnt this week and Suzette doesnt get saved again I am happy. It seems her head got bigger when Canada voted to have her stay..”.canada loves me” ….no we dont….

    Now I have a question and hopefully am not going to offend anyone..but does anyone else think that Andrew might be Bi or still in the closet? I got that impression with todnights episode of BBCAN. He seemed to enjoy spin the bottle and kissing the guys way to much.

  3. wow, Alec, Peter and Emmett’s heads just keep getting bigger and bigger. Of course, they could never have as big of a head as Tom had, but their game is starting to get arrogant… As they say… pride cometh before the fall… The people in the game who could make a big move are Gary and Andrew. I think Gary would put up Peter and I think Andrew would put up Emmett. I am really hoping that Andrew is just sucking up to these guys so that he can target them if he win’s HOH. Talla could possibly make a big move – but I just don’t know if she has it in her. I know Topaz would be willing to make a big move, but she’s too attached to Alec to go that… Even though Topaz and Alec’s relationship is starting to get rocky – I feel like one will only go after the other if they feel betrayed. Jillian and AJ – I give up on. Jillian will just follow Emmett and AJ will follow “the boys”, even though he keeps on getting put up as a pawn!! I really hope either Gary or Andrew win the next HOH, I think it might be the only hope for some kind of shake up.

  4. I gotta say that although I haven’t been the biggest fan of Suzette (as a Big Brother player), I don’t feel it’s necessary to bash her and see how easy it is/has been to cross that line. I just feel sad for her being a victim of her own state of mind.

  5. It was only yesterday that I posted that soon enough Alec will stop protecting her. Topaz has been on a rapid rise to destruction. She hid behind him and even seeing her sitting alone on the live feeds when they were called in to the living room; she look reeeeeeealllly AWKWARD. We shall see what she’s made of I guess.

  6. The fact that not only does the whole house hate Suzette, but now the live feeders as well.. That makes my day. Why did you all not see what kind of a selfish, hateful, bipolar, hypocrite she was weeks ago? Because you hated Tom? Tom never did anything half as bad as her. She’s probably the worst player in the history of BB and production cant save her this time. You Tom haters had your week last week, this week..its mine. Cant wait!!!

    1. i dont think ppl hated tom because of the suzette situation; people merely felt he didnt know how to play the game because he was playing the game way way way too personally, and thats exactly what got him evicted. He was focusing way too much on suzette and less on what was going on around him. Like Peter or Alec said, he was becoming a liability. People began to really hate him because of the shower incident, and so did i. It was wrong; yes, alec did over-react, but that doesnt mean it wasnt wrong.

      As for suzette, i disliked here since the redneck comment. it was clear that she is not at all what she convinces herself she is; i am a rep of the native community, out there people know who i am, i am a respectable person out there, people love me out there, i have absolutely no clue why people in here don’t like me. FOR THE LOVE OF GOOD STFU. If i was in the house i think i was actually say that. Hearing suzette speaks is like a borken record. She reiterates everything she said in a past conversation.

      BBC if you guys pull another BS twist, i promise i am going to bash my head against the wall-and then i will SUE you for responsible for the mental and physical trauma that was inflicted onto me.

    2. BBK – I saw the true suzette long ago and when I dared to comment on it , all the “bleeding hearts” came out. I think Tom should have stayed for game sake. Enjoy this week, it’s yours!

  7. That’s right….Emmett could take AJ down and they could put up Topaz or Gary, but Alec is too chicken to allow that and Emmett doesn’t want to stir the pot.

  8. OMG Tom was WAY WORSE than Suzette! But for sure, feel free to have your hate on for Suzette and enjoy her eviction as so many of us did with Tom. That’s Big Brother for you…its kind of sad how we are more invested in enjoying getting out people we dislike rather than really cheering for the people we really like. lol….

    1. My gosh? You”re so much like suzanne, repeating the same crap in every post about her – are you related? GIVE IT A REST, IT’S A GAME

  9. I can see the bias in your posts Simon. It is quite clear that you don’t like Alec and that you are a Topaz and Gary fan. Gary ranting on was super annoying but you put it as a good viewing rather than calling him annoying. Gary came on the show to get exposure and to show off his “brand”. He’s annoying as fuck on the feeds and I don’t know if we are all watching the same feeds or not but Alec was not at all douchey. I’d be pissed too if I lost music due to someone else’s mistake. ps I hope you can publish this comment xD

    1. Thanks for saying that – I have noticed that too, that the posts (which I am very appreciative of btw – so thank you.) are a little bit biased towards Gary and Topaz and especially tends to show the boys alliance (Emmett/Alec/Peter) in a negative light.

    2. Sorry but I disagree with your observation regaurding Simon. I admit this is my favorite BBcan site. But I think what you call bias is merely Simon having his favorites like most of us do. And as Simon said it could change next week like my favorites with 1 exception and that being Emmit. For there to be bias Simon would need to portray a situation differently than it actually happened. An opinion isn’t bias. Saying white is black knowing the different is bias IMHO.

  10. I’d like to see Topaz or Gary in power next week. They both have strong personalities, and I’d like them to make a powerful move. I really don’t want Topaz to go before AJ or Talla.

  11. K topaz (and Gary) its time to blow a hole in this game. Clearly topaz is there for moral support for Gary (which is so unfortunate) but Gary needs to win. I’m sick of Alec and his boys.

    Also I’ve noticed Andrew grabbing on Gary and kissing him and I think he’s said something about it before. You think BB would put a stop to something like that.

    1. Topaz was listening to the iPad in the HOH and fell asleep. I believe BB sounded the alarm and she went off on them saying that they did it so because they knew it would annoy Alec. You try and make sense of her logic. I dare you.

  12. Is it fair to say that you hate the entire game strategy of a player (Alec) when he is playing the best game for himself? Gary was (when he was HOH) saying a lot of things about people as well (and still is). And it’s not like either Gary or Topaz are not playing Alec either (everyone’s playing everyone – including production). On another note…it seems that when anyone wins HOH it damages how they are perceived by viewers (positive –>negative).

    1. Gary’s HOH was the only one that made me uprate the player.
      Alec is locked in, so we’ll see how he handles things.
      I’m afraid Topaz (with and without Gary) & Andrew will make it easier to deflect attention from himself.
      I’m hoping Emmett lays way back and watches it all unfold and finds a way to poison minds against Peter.

  13. There is a reason behind my screen name —- this is the very first BB ever I ever watched. So my next question is if you don’t mind is if someone is going up as a pawn (in this case AJ) and everyone is telling him that he is totally safe, then why not just put Jillian up or Emmett up, or Topaz up. What does it matter who goes up as long as someone does? Please tell me. I get the whole Danielle thing (she was AKA backdoored). I am a newbie so please be patient and gentle with me.

    1. You’re never completely safe as a pawn. Pawns can go home and have gone home in the past. (BB US) Hardly anyone in the BB house ever keeps their word.

        1. By agreeing to go up as a pawn, you can use it to gain a favour or a future promise of safety – it can be used as a leverage move like, I’ll be a pawn but you have to promise me that no one in your alliance will put me up in the next HOH or something along those lines.

          1. OK so then why don’t people ask one of their ‘own’ to go up, ensuring they will because they are already in a relatively loyal (and I use the term loosely), position with eachother. They both gain even more trust and lose nothing. Please answer.

            1. A couple of things about “pawns”. On the US version pawns get evicted perhaps as high as 50% of the time. Reasons generally center on POV being won and used or the target cutting a deal to stay with the majority. Often no alliance early in the game has the majority of the votes locked in. Plus the HOH and the 2 noms don’t vote. That is in part why floaters are asked to be pawns. They want thier vote in the future and don’t want the person not the target coming after then next HOH. As for not putting up your own people. Simply all the previous things mentioned plus you lose 1 vote to evict the target. When you watch BBusa you’ll see alot of vote switching which hasn’t happened on BBcan yet. These clean almost complete sweeps in voting week after week is much less the norm. After this week things change again as those being evicted after Suzette will go to the jury house. The 7 sent there vote for 1 of the two remaining players in the end to decide who gets the 100K and prizes. You won’t see the sort of nasty goodbye Peter gave Tom starting next week. You’ll see alot of BS … you played a great game and you were a threat comments, ect.

  14. I think Simon and Dawg should be allowed to like whomever they want. I really don’t think they are showing the guys alliance in a negative light, if anything, I don’t think they are being critical enough of the way Peter and Emmett act sometimes (too holier than thou, in my opinion). There are some folks that they may be liking one day versus another person, but they should have the right to have an opinion as they are writing. I just assumed that was going to happen, their side comments actually make me laugh!

  15. Why don’t they threaten Topaz with slop or a have not for 2 days. She’s late for DR or not dressed for DR ….slop for 2 days. After buzzing her or Gary once then slop for 2 days. I wonder if that will change her sleep habit?

    1. i don’t think that work with Topaz. That is why the HGs are complaining about her getting them in trouble. Putting her on slop would only make her complain more. She apparently is always mouthing back or whining when BB asks her to do anything as it is. Nevermind putting her on slop. And the alarm doesn’t work on her. She still continues to try to get away sleeping whenever she feels like it. When she and Gary were venting in HOH during bbq, she was saying how she thought, coming into the house, that BB might have to tell them things but she thought they would be nice. Or BB would let them do anything they wanted except when it was for the show. I don’t understand how that explains her defiance but that reasoning seems to make sense to her.

  16. Alec is starting to piss me off like Jeff did. He seemed like a nice guy at first, but as soon as he is in power the douche comes out in him. I hope he has a clown shoe moment very soon.

  17. Suzette is typical of her background, whine, complain that you don’t have enough and should be given stuff for doing nothing. It surprises me not at all that she thinks she is the most deserving and does absolutely nothing to earn it. Just another Idle no more (oxy moron) whiner.

  18. Hey Guys!

    LOVE THIS SITE. Use it so often on our page. If you have comments about Alec, please come on our page and share. We have 750 fans to date, and are always engaging.

    Please keep comments to game debate, no random hate plz. We always enjoy debate on the page, and reply to every comment personally.

    Since we know Alec very well personally, we have a very inside track on what is real, and what is not.

Please keep the conversation civil no discriminatory or sexually explicit comments.

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