Big Brother Canada BBQ Gary Freaks out “F**** B**** F**** Talla go bark somewhere else”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV ?
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HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
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8:05pm Backyard Houseguests eating burgers.

Looks like they got a burger BBQ as a gift from Big Brother

Emmett saying that all the food puts him in a coma.. (Last week he said it was the lack of food that put him in a coma)

Andrew: “That burger is a MONSTER”

Andrew comments that they really limit the alcohol in the house. Suzette says it’s a 2 drink limit. Andrew: “2 DRINKS that is what I have for breakfast”

Looks like they also got some pool games, Volley ball etc etc

Jillian: “I’m glad I didn’t wear a bikini because I ate the biggest Burger in existence”


8:15pm Talla goes up to the HOH to get Topaz.. Takes a pee and fills Topaz in on what is going on outside.


8:27pm HOH Gary and Topaz (Major rants.. worth watching this one)

Gary is pissed at Andrew, “He’s like 40 and acts 25”
Gary mentions how whenever there is alcohol Andrew is all over it like a freak.
He doesn’t win anything he has no value in this game.. he doesn’t even deserve to get to jury, “I would rather keep Talla than him.. I know Alec won’t do that.. I just can’t live with him”
Topaz agrees she would like Andrew to be the first person in Jury
Gary is also pissed off at Alec.. “I know you’re f**** slick alec but I see you I see through this game”
Gary: “I’m not a fu**** idiot.. the kind of person he is like I know what he’s like he doesn’t want any blood on his hand”
Gary: “Don’t fu***ing fu*** with me I’m so sick of this shit.. I know I’m in an alliance with him but f***/*”
Topaz: “Don’t yell that out loud”
Gary :”Aj has no value in this game”
Gary: “These people are pissing me off it’s a fucking game.. these people have to do things they don’t want to to”
(Gary is going off)

Gary mentions that Alec never mentioned Liza or Tom once and now she’s saying all this shit about them left and right.
Gary about Talla: “she’s riding her d!ck everywhere jillian is Talla is right there”..

Gary: “Oh you are so big and bad Alec.. after tom exposed him he was apologizing to Tom.. and now you want to talk shit by the pool.. “

Gary: “Honestly I hate everybody here.. the only person I like is you.. but I can’t be on your Dick like that because everyone is ohh Topaz and gary.. topaz and gary”

Topaz brings up when the house was talking about Big Brother 11 Chima and how she left the game. Peter apparently said that Chima was useless, whiny and didn’t listen.. a lot like Topaz but a bit more extreme.
Topaz: “He basically said I was useless like Cemo “ (Yes she called her chemo)
Topaz: “He calls me useless.. and what have you (Peter) done in this game other than host a compeititon”
Gary: “All Peter has done it talk to the right people at the right time”
Topaz: “And fall in love with the trifling whore..”
Gary: “ANDREW is a fuc**** alcoholic.. he makes me sick.. MAKES ME SICK”

Gary: “Emmett is getting too f**** cocky.. I use to like him but Shut the f*** up Emmett ”
Gary is pissed at Jillian because apparently she asks him to do her makeup which meant that he couldn;t get his done in time then after everyone was talking about Jillian’s eyes looking like she got punched.. “Do your own f*** makeup b!tch”

Gary points out that Andrew is always complaining about no alcohol “Sure they put a cork in it they know you’ll drinking it all and kill us all”

Gary: “with Talla I can be like Talla go bark somewhere else”

They head down to the bathroom. Topaz warns Gary to keep the Andrew hate on the down low just in case he wins HOH.

Gary and Topaz are freaking out about Peter, AJ, Alec, Emmett, Jillian, Andrew.. Topaz tells Gary they are in a good alliance..

Topaz finally start clueing in that Alec is playing them and he’s in this game to win. They still want to go final 4 with Alec and Peter but are arguing about who should go first Alec or Peter.

(worth watching this rant)

(Video Uploading)


Topaz and Gary decide to join the rest for the BBQ.. Gary looking 80’s gangster. (These two are going to bring us the drama.. just need them to turn on Alec and the house will get interesting.. )


9:10pm They get more beers enough for each person to have a 3rd bottle.

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Just watching summary of last weeks episode and Thank God Andrew got rid of those mutton chops. They made him look like wolverine.


I am hearing rumors Alec may put up Gary.. Is this true!?!?


thank god! I hope topaz wins and puts up peter and alec…


Well I hope someone puts a damper on those plans, lol.


The BBQ was a reward for a task. AJ had to lead 2 people in a workout or obstacle course or something for 10 minutes to win the party. Topaz was b^tching to Gary about how she knew it was a task right away but that Jillian and Emmett were being lazy and wouldn’t do it. I’m surprised after all her ranting about Alec to Gary she’s out there kissing his ass. I was hoping to see some couple breakup, but I guess she wants to ride to the end on his back.


Maybe she’s waiting for the right time to turn on him. Those two could probably be using each other so they’ll be nice and lovey dovey with each other for now. I’m sure Alec is also waiting for the right time to drop her.


By no means am I team Alec. I’m just surprised they continue to showmance when they both have strongly smack talked the other. I would not be able to kiss and act lovey dovey with someone I was swearing about 5 minutes earlier. Thats why I would not make it on Big Brother, my acting skills are not that good.


Alec and Topaz only talk about each other in fear that the other one is playing them . I think they really like each other especially in the situation they’re in. But they’re both aware that it’s a game at the same time. Also with topaz it seems she never has a problem with Alec UNTIL Gary states something wrong with their relationship and i guess out of fear of her being blinded by “like” she takes everything he says as an unbiased fact.

She obviously cares for him , especially seeing how hurt she got seeing him hurt over the shower incident, the way she reacted was the reaction of a person who cared about him all game aside and vice versa he definitely cares maybe even more than she does.

As for Liza being called a whore , i think that stems from
a) her stating she wanted to physically harm Topaz in the game , calling her a hood rat, and all her trash talk ( no longer related to the game ,,)
b) she was all over every guy in the house INCLUDING ALEC and was all over TOM and didn’t even like him until the last few days , she stated that once she got what she wanted out of TOM AND TALLA (sex in jury house) she would NEVER speak to them again.( I dislike Tom and Talla but that disgusted me). She also stated that had a relation with 5 guy at the SAME TIME who were all relationships for purely sex reason. if that’s not a whore/fucked up individual then a woman who gets paid to have sex is not a prostitute.


I’m referring to stuff thats happening right now with Alec/Topaz, I’m sure Simon and Dawg will get it on the next spoiler/update. Theres a thing with the iPod that the HOH gets and Topaz vs BB production.


Oh okay .
Well still , like Gary said the way he kept talking about seems like it was for game moves in the future , and her reaction to it makes sense I would be upset if someone was throwing me under the bus intentionally or unintentionally. But I think they had an argument or discussion about it when Alec came back upstairs and he told her how he felt.. which is what you do when you care about someone you can be more candid with them . If you have a real relationship with a person you’re going to have arguments/ disagreements and talk to other people about it. Nothing out of the ordinary here , especially when your confined in a home with that person for weeks .
I was just trying to state that their feelings seem to be real , the good AND the bad ones. :) !


topaz was not as upset as she had everyone believing. If you watch the show again when she blew up, Tom said to her “when i told you about it you were laughing” she said i know but i thought you just did for you not for cameras.

Just before that blow up Topaz had heard that Liza was talking smack about her. That made Topaz mad.

And on the live feeds topaz has admitted that she was already mad at Liza before the blow up and wanted to say something but she kept her mouth shut for a bit. She was telling Gary this. I saw it. Then when that happened and she saw how other ppl reacted she decided that it was ok to go after them (tom/liza). She said (to gary) that it was partly liza that she was mad at.


I watch the live feeds not the show . So our perception is different . But Andrew was laughing when it happened. Everyone laughed when they heard because it doesn’t seem like such a serious situation because most men wouldn’t reaact like Alec did ( not that he was wrong for doing so .. he completley deserved to be that upset) . People got upset for Alec when they realized it hurt him. Also she heard about what Liza said previously to the situation she just told Alec after the situation.


Gary and Topaz turning against Alec is my dream for the coming weeks.


I agree ! that would be fun to watch . It seems like Gary is right about Alec throwing Topaz under the game to further his game.
Its weird , I feel like Gary is really good at reading his housemates actions and knowing their intentions ALOT better than Alec who has a PHD in that area lol.


Gary or Topaz needs to win HOH next week and break up the “shield.” Otherwise the remainder of the season will be monotonous: Alec and Peter deciding who to get rid of week after week. I’m over it!


It’s funny how Liza said these things and they all hated her for it. Soo hypocritical!


Ummm NO! They hated Liza because she was a liar and trying to plant seeds in everyone’s heads and lying left and right making deals etc. She had a F2 with everyone including the toaster.


Topaz: “And fall in love with the trifling whore..” I wish Topaz would get off the “whore” kick, never seen anyone so threatened by someone not even in the house anymore. There are alot of people who are Topaz fans but do they actually listen to her?


I’d like to just make a comment on a conversation that seems to keep coming up amongst the house guests.

They seem to think that the viewers are fooled by Suzette. And the show is portraying her as some saint and that’s why Canada voted for her to get the veto.
I know I voted for Suzette to get the veto because my distain for Tom was worse than her. Tom was playing the game way to personal and wasting his HoH.
The vote was an opportunity to take some power and flip the house.




CHEVY Power Shift


WOW, Gary has the audacity to say bad things about the other houseguests?
He isn’t perfect himself, honestly
and of course Topaz is by his side!
I can’t stand Topaz, ugh all she does is talk.. has she proved anything in the game?
All she does is hide behind Gary and Alec.. what is she gonna do when Andrew or Talla or Aj win HOH? who will she hide behind then?
Hoping there’s another twist that will shift power to the other side.. so tired of seeing the same people hold power


For once, I’d like to see Topaz/Alec/Peter up on the block just to see what they’ll do to stay.. They haven’t worked as hard as Gary/Tom/Aneal trying to stay off the block.


It sounds like you’re asking for some sort of…I dunno…POWERSHIFT?


Every day Suzette repeats every single thing she has said since the first show: I JUST WANT TO HANG OUT, HAVE A GOOD TIME, I RESPECT ALL YOU GUYS, I WANT TO HAVE FUN…… WTF did she sign up for? She is not even interesting enough to be BORING.


I shouldn’t have said that last line. Everything else remains.


I am not really an Aneal fan, but find myself hoping he gets put back in as his removal was rather harsh. I think with a couple weeks to sort himself back out and re-stratigise, he could come back an excellent player.

Mike Piff

If Alec, Emmet, and Peter where smart they would Veto A.J. and back door Gary. Emmet, Peter, Jillian, A.J, and Andrew is more than enough to send Gary packing. He is the only one that can compete physically with them, plus who wants Gary in the jury house, that would fu**in* suck. If Gary goes home Alec would isolates topaz, eliminate a huge threat who he couldn’t trust anyways, and put his alliance with peter and emmet in a great spot since they got good all round skills to win HOH. Keep Gary and he gonna make another power move like he did to Tom he’s not as stupid as these other houseguests. Get mad at Tom saying he wasting his HOH on Sue and now look at these pathetic wusses.


Topaz kills me. She picked Liza and Tom apart for being so-called fake, but she is so far up Alec’s ass just to remain in the game and 2 seconds later she is calling him Mother…… I can almost bet she has had sex with him once production stops at like 5am. She’s gonna get Gary evicted the second she finds herself in danger. Aj, Andrew and Talla better step up their 3 stooges alliance and put up Peter, Topaz or Alec and start the demise of that child’s pllay alliance called the shield. The worst part about Big Brother Canada was there were way too many floaters. It might it too easy to use them as Shark bait.


it is getting sooo boring. what happen to that talking moose they should bring that thing back to spread some rumors and divide the house.


Why is everyone seems so araid o Talla and putting her up? So what if she goes off the deep end and rants all week long….she does that now….

I see Gary is back to his potty mouth again….I can never see why people have to swear so much….it doesnt get their point across any better…

Tonights episode was a bit hilarious as far as I am concerned..How dense is Talla? LOL. She got so PO”d at herself and at Big Brother… was funny. And did we really needto see Topaz picking at her crotch?


I saw that picture of topaz picking at her crotch – creepy crawlers? Gary has a filthy mouth, he should show some respect, if that’s even possible.


I think next week doesn’t even matter…..because of gary or topaz wins hoh, and they put up alec or peter or both, they are screwed. Emmett and Jillian are voting for Alec. And i think he can get andrew on his side over Gary’s? So with andrew comes AJ. 4 Votes are enough.

My logic, I think it’s almost a done deal….gary glitter will be no more in this house if other ppl win. So they will have a 25 percent chance to win, I don’t like there chances.


I am getting really annoyed with the alcoholic comments about Andrew. Personally knowing Andrew I can say I know he is not and I am happy this is only Gary ranting on live feeds and not portrayed on the episodes.


I agree I find Andrew one of the most sensible people in the house. As far as the drinking he is 38 years old and is just enjoying his time in the house. It is like he says take a screwdriver and shove it in his eye or a coat hanger and pull his brain out. Can you imagine spending over 30 days with these people, I don’t drink alot but I would have to drink just so I could tolerate some of the stuff that goes on. Even the kissing of both guys and girls he is old enough to to not care about what other people think. I would like to see him win HOH for real this time.


Peter needs to step his game up big time, i liked him in the begining but hes quickly becoming annoying. Plus i’d like to see Alec’s game change once he’s gone. Love Emmett and Jillian, they are real competitors but aren’t cocky to the extreme. And why is Andrew so obnoxious, he got thrown an HOH he didnt even want it, but he’s now walking around like he’s a real player, its no wonder gary is annoyed he can’t stop touching him. Topaz it trying to juggle Alec and Gary, she’ll throw the next HOH’s because she doesnt want to pick a side. AJ is funny to watch, but is just as useless as Bacon Adam on BB13.