Shelli “I think Jeff is the male Audrey” Vanessa “Honestly I want to call his a$$ out!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 12-08-25-794

12pm – 12:40pm Vanessa and Shelli head back up to the HOH room. Vanessa says my word is my word and Audrey made me give it to her but if you betray my trust then I don’t feel bad. Vanessa says this is her plan. Create an alliance and then create distrust within so that she is trusted the most. She is pitting everyone against each other. She wants to pit me and Austin against you two. She made us swear that you made a deal to protect Jeff and James. Vanessa says I know you guys have a hierarchy of loyalty and I hope I’m at the top. Shelli says you are at the top. Clay says we just talked about this last night. I asked Shelli who do you trust more Jeff or Vanessa? Shelli says and I said Vanessa and Clay said me too. Vanessa says that she thinks Jeff is trying to pull an alliance together. He actually tried to pull me into it and then never asked me about it again. Shelli says I really feel good about us 3. I think Jeff is the male Audrey. He said at the lockdown that you approached him about an alliance. With him, you, Austin, Liz, Jackie and Shelli. And that you did not include Clay. That you wanted to reconvene and talk about it with him later. He said it might be a problem because he didn’t come to you later and so he thought you might think he wasn’t serious about it. He said she asked me about an alliance with those people but honestly I want those people to go home. Vanessa says honestly I want to call his a$$ out! Vanessa asks you know me .. you know I would never go up to someone in a group of people and mention an alliance. I have yet to even talk to Jackie. Shelli says I think he is trying to figure out how much we (Clay, Shelli and Vanessa) are working together. Shelli says she (Audrey) is good. He (Jeff) is good! Vanessa says he started the conversation with me! Shelli says all I know is that he is no longer hard core gunning for Audrey. Shelli says I think we need to talk very little about Audrey. She talks to everyone and they will tell her that Clay & Shelli told me x, y, z. Vanessa says we need to get rid of Day, then keep Audrey feel safe in Sleeper Cell. Clay says that Jeff has made numerous comments that he wants Austin to go after Audrey. Austin needs to be careful about Jeff. Clay says I trust Austin, I’m just scared about his loose lips. Vanessa says Jeff is like Audrey but plays on gossip a bit more. Shelli says I’ve been trying to trust Jeff but he is very smart. He is the male Audrey. Shelli says she’s worried about putting Audrey and Jeff up. The thing is they are so good about saving themselves. Vanessa says I could put them up. Jeff has nothing on me. Shelli says I just find it so suspicious that Jeff and Austin have become friends.

Shelli says we need to protect Meg. She can’t go home. Shelli explains who knows about the Liz Twin Twist. Shelli asks do you think they switched? Shelli says I think we’ve had a good conversation between the three’s company. Vanessa says I like that name .. “Come and knock on my door!” Shelli and Vanessa head out of the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 12-22-20-977

12:45pm Hammock – Liz and Meg are talking. Liz says I was so scared that I was almost going to go up and I feel bad that you’re up there. You definitely have me, Austin and I think Vanessa. Meg says Vanessa said she will vote for me to stay. Meg says if I win HOH you guys are clearly not my target. Liz says you’re obviously not my target either. I want to get rid of the people that give the nasty looks. Meg says that Steve has said he would vote my way. Liz asks do you believe that? Liz says I don’t know. Meg talks about Audrey trying to start sh*t last night. Big Brother puts them on an indoor lock down.

12:55pm Up in the HOH room – Clay talks to Shelli about having talked to John. Shelli tells Clay not to talk to John about Jeff. Jeff is the reason Johnny is in with us. He trusts Jeff. Anything you tell John he will tell Jeff. If it gets back to Jeff about not to tell him something .. you can’t do that! Shelli says just let them do what they want to. Austin joins them and asks what is all this bullsh*t with Audrey. She is starting all this sh*t again. Does she think no one is going to talk and figure all this out again?! Her big thing is that everyone is playing for jury. Telling Meg that I’m going to save Day.. REALLY?! She is saying that Me, Liz and Vanessa are going to vote for Day. Shelli tells Austin that Audrey is saying you’re trying to flip the house. Austin says that she is saying that you’re protecting Jeff and James. Austin says she swears she’s not going to talk game and then she starts all this again. Shelli says she is trying to pit us all against each other. Austin says I’ve stayed out of it all week because I didn’t want to be a part of all this. I went to Meg immediately and told her she has my vote. There is no way any of us would vote for fricking Day! Jeff joins them. Clay changes the conversation to talking about the last laugh twist. Shelli asks are you voting to keep Meg here? Jeff says yes! Why would you ask me? I’m pretty sure I’m closer to Meg than anyone in this room. Jeff says that Audrey told Meg that she overheard Johnny Mac talking with Day about how Johnny Mac is going to vote out Meg. She then took that information and told Meg. Jeff says if there was anything being plotted against Meg I would know about it. Jeff tells Shelli I know you might be worried about sending home an innocent person but you’re not. Don’t worry about it. Jeff says the only people I could think would vote for Day would be Jason and Steve. They head out of the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 13-05-18-799

1:10pm In the havenot room – Jason, Meg and Day are talking. They notice the hole near the ceiling and Jason gets up on the chair to eavesdrop on Audrey and James talking in the next bedroom. Jason says James is talking about Saint Patrick’s day.. Why would they be talking about Saint Patrick’s Day.

1:25pm In the havenot room – Day asks Johnny if she has his vote? Johnny says I don’t think I can at this point because the whole house is going against you. It would look really bad on me. Day says trust me I have the votes. I know who has the power. Trust me. I’m good. I need your vote! Johnny asks who’s voting? If that’s okay? Day says I can’t say. I’m scared. To make you feel confident I can tell you I know who has the power. Johnny asks and they’re not going to use it on me? Day says no. Johnny asks I’m not going to get in trouble going forward? Day says no, nobody will know. I’ve got you going forward. Johnny says all right lets do it.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 13-26-06-593

1:45pm – 2pm In the bedroom – Day confronts Audrey – Can I ask you a question. Did you run outside and tell everyone I was trying to flip this house to stay? Audrey says she didn’t. I went out and talked to Steve then immediately went to bed. Day says people said you went outside saying I was trying to flip the votes. Audrey says no. Before we talked I told her that Liz told me that she was going to vote for you. Day says well that’s news to me. All I knew was that I had Jason. Day says so you never went to Meg and said you need to up your social game and that I was flipping the house. Audrey says that was before. I went to Meg and said that. Day asks you said I was flipping the house. Audrey says no I told her she needed to up her social game and that Liz was voting for you. Day says I am having a really hard time to trust you. Audrey says we can go get her. The only person I told that to was Meg and Jeff. Someone is exaggerating. Day says someone is dragging your name though the mud so maybe you need to go out there and squash that. Audrey says my name has already been dragged through the mud. Day says even if I did have her vote why cant you just let me have that. Day and Audrey bring up their past drama. Audrey says at the end of the day the chips will fall where they may. America sees. Day says I’m on the block and going home because of your bullsh*t! I am in this position because I called you out for this house! Audrey asks why are you mad at me, the whole house hates me. Day says the whole house does not hate you because if they did you would be sitting up here on the block and not me. You’re sitting pretty. Audrey says I feel like you’re upset at the wrong person. Day notices the others are eavesdropping on their conversation and tells them they can come in here. Clay says I don’t think you two are going to understand each other. Days says we did last night and then I wake up today to some bullsh*t! I put the game on pause and I didn’t have to do that. I didn’t have to come talk to her. I am too much of a woman for that! I can’t, I can’t! I am not a coward. Day leaves the room. Audrey says I don’t understand why it always comes back to me. Clay tells her to drop it. Don’t make a target on you. Audrey says I already have a target on me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 13-54-18-420

2:10pm Day is crying in the bathroom to Vanessa. Day says they’re going to let me skate week after, week, after week. Vanessa says they won’t.

In the kitchen – Jason talks to Clay about how Day is upset. Jason says this chick (Audrey) would set all of our houses on fire and we’re sending Day home. Jason says its a different game this year .. we don’t have the Victoria’s and Jocasta’s. Jason says I’m going to go check on Day to make sure she doesn’t burn the house down. Day tells Jason to stop because you have to stay here and make it for us. You have to let these people say sh*t about me. You can’t pop back! You came too far to get here. These people are cowards!! Day says you f**king watch James because he will throw your a$$ up to protect his own game. Jason says I know that. Day tells Jason that she told him she knows how has the power and I have the votes. I didn’t tell him that I have it just that I know who has it. I think he will think James has the power. I told him I couldn’t tell you so that crosses you out. I don’t think he is going to do it, I think he’s going to get scared at the last moment. I know for sure Austin isn’t going to vote for me. Days says I have no more options. America done thrown me a bone. I appreciate it. I don’t know what else to do. I almost want to go into the diary room and tell them I want to go home .. rather than let these people have the privilege of sending me home. Jason says don’t do that. Day says I can’t give them that pleasure. Day says she (Shelli) is blinded.. he (Clay) does not even like her! He even vouched for it. Jason asks what does that mean? Days says he wrote it in his journal (Diary room session). Day says thickems (Liz) knows the tea .. this one (Julia) doesn’t. Jason says she knows the game, the other doesn’t. Day says Ya’ll sent the wrong one in this week.

2:15pm HOH room – Audrey heads up to the HOH room and tells Shelli that Day just ripped my head off. Clay joins them. Audrey / Clay fill Shelli in on the confrontation. Audrey says karma is doing its own things. And her big dose of big brother medicine is doing its thing. Clay tells Audrey to just drop it. Shelli says Day has a right to ask you about what she heard. Audrey says I don’t owe her anything after she did that to me. Audrey asks can you not just sleep in the purple room tonight? Clay says I mean I can. Shelli asks do you think there’s going to be a blow up tonight? Audrey says she’s a time bomb. Audrey tells Shelli and Clay that they (Diary room) asks questions like how does it feel when Clay says stuff like this, does it feel like he is on a power trip, like is trying to take over this HOH. Shelli says that’s not nice. Clay says I don’t give a sh*t.

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Game is getting good now!
Once they get rid of Day who is going to go next.
I say Jeff ,Liz or Audrey.


JohnnyMac, Steve, and Meg will most likely go up every week until they are gone. That’s the unfortunate thing about the Battle of the Block: it heavily encourages the HOH’s to put up “pawns”.

Once you’re considered a pawn you will be in the BoB challenge every week until you eventually get evicted. I don’t even think this phone twist is going to keep that from continuing to happen.

The Invisible Guest

Jackie’s so invisible she’s not even a pawn anymore.


I agree. The same non-threatening HGs (Steve,Johnny,Meg) will be used throughout this season until they are sacrificed. I think Meg will be the first victim. Both Steve and Johnny have demonstrated an ability to win comps. Meg,unless she’s really pretending, seems to think laughing at everyone’s joke will keep her safe.


Jeff/Liz/Audrey seem to be the obvious answers, include Clay/Shelli since it seems that people would love to take a hit at one of them.


Their plan is to take Audrey out, if they stick to it. Clay is a bitch, and he’s controlling the house. Why don’t they see that?

Kate L

Kind of wish Da would stay. Think it would make things in the house more interesting.


I agree, shoe would keep it interesting.


JIMMY64, I agree with you about game starting to get good now. I certainly hope it is Jeff or Audrey though. I would like to see that little weasel Jason’s head start to spin right around if Liz and twin managed to weasel their way into the game. He and his little friend James would be in a flat spin for sure!!! Vanessa is going to have Shelli and Clay feeding her grapes very shortly………she is good!!!

lol what?

starting to get good now? lol what? Did you just now start following the game?

Eric CA

Day Da’Vonne is doomed…. and she was screwed by her own alliance and Herself. I really would prefer that Da’Vonne stayed it would be so much better for all heir games. There is something about Meg that as a Big Brother Fan I just have this gut feeling that she is going to be the player that wrecks this Season for me, just a feeling… something makes me not like her that much…. same with Becky, Shelli and one of the twins… they have kind of merged into the same woman for me, they all remind me of “The Straight Shooter”.

This year is going better than most and I am loving it so far. I think there are very few True Alliances, Austin/ Liz and Jason/ Da’Vonne… the rest are soon not loyal, not loyal at all. This week Jason/ Da’Vonne are going to be separated and next week probably Austin/ Liz… then there will be NO real Alliances in the house at all.
That could be fun to watch… NO Real Alliances… YAY


My deal with Meg is she seems to drift. Not completely a floater but she quickly aligns with whoever is in power. She seems like now that she’s here, she’s more interested in hanging out and having fun then positioning for the prize. Steve is similar for me in that he seems so timid and terrified he’s not connected to the power alliance and too often wants someone to tell him what to do. He needs some confidence.

This season there seems to be a legitimate scramble for votes unlike last season when the target basically walked out as soon as they were nominated, except for Donny and Nicole.

Eric CA

They formed a Super Alliance and there was a crap load of gullible morons… mixed with a crap load of disposables… this Season does not have a lot of disposables like last Season. Last Season they had a sufficient enough of disposables to carry 2 to jury and one to the top three.
This year is different most of them think they are the boss or that they are more valuable than they are.

Vanessa: She is playing them all and kicking back at the same time.

Steve: He is this seasons disposable and I think he knows it.

Jeff: He honestly believes that he runs the House. He has tons of ego and his game will blow up just before jury. My guess is he will go on double elimination Night.

Jackie: Do Not be fooled… I watched amazing race and she is not passive, Not Sweet/ sympathetic or Truthful. She can play just as dirty and hard as Jeff…. she is just kicking back and letting Jeff blow himself up… but when the time is right the She Devil is going to come out.

Johnny Mac: Watch out for this guy… He is waiting to get to the jury stage… then he will strike and strike hard. Mark my words he will be this Seasons Smiling Ninja. I just have a feeling.

Audrey: She reminds me of Loki God of Mischief, I know Male God but he was also a Transgender God He became a woman and gave birth to a 9 legged horse.. log story. I do not think she is a production plant to cause chaos… I do think that shit talk, gossip and lying are her second nature. Watching her in the House I am 100% sure that is Audreys true nature…. of course the hormones do not help, that is why she looks bi-polar at some times. I think she may actually make it to Jury. I think for a group that does not trust her, is skeptical about her and say they don’t talk game with her… she seems to know a lot about their business and spreads it all around the house making new targets and strengthening others.

Austin: I like Austin, he has horrible judgement and a huge ego like Jeff. He thinks he is the boss but lets be honest Vanessa owns his ass. He is Vanessa’s Victoria except he has the possibility to win something.

Liz/Julia: It depends if the twin gets in the house… twins have an Alpha and a Beta they work as a team but they could totally flip when the twin comes in the house. So everything you thought you knew about Liz maybe about change and we were all wrong about her… God I hope she does not come in, because I hate the twin twist.

Meg: Gut feeling she is bad news. I think the thing that I have noticed about her is she can sit in a room with Jeff and James as they talk nasty and crude and she does not show even a hint that it grosses her out, she can even lie in bed with them and pseudo cuddle up to them…. then when talking to the girls talk about how gross it is…. I don’t know that says something. I just have the feeling that is the person I am going to dislike in about 2-3 weeks… she is shady.

Becky: She is the red pen that has to correct everyone… she is going to get old fast and if she ever gets the power all week she have the audited that she is the boss and they have to do what she wants, Shelli: much like Shelli is doing now. If this was not the Season of Shady Shelli would be having a colossal hissy fit right about now and boy toy would be paying for it.

Clay: He thinks he s boss and that he is charming… yet he is a pawn/ disposable much like Caleb last Season.He thinks he controls Shelli but really dude??? he is run by Vanessa or Jeff.

James: I want to like him… but he is just a disposable until he gets power… then they like him… after that just a houseguest to control and dispose of.

Jason: I like him he knows what is going on… but he suffers from one huge negative trait… he loves the sound of his own voice… the best thing for him is to get out Jeff and Austin… he could rule the House with Vanessa. He is the opposite as most of the on the outside he looks like a pawn disposable but come jury stage he is going to own those houseguests.

I do not think this will happen… but if they ever evict Vanessa that house is going to have an EGO EXPLOSION big time time… My father used to say “They are fighting to show who is the Bull Moose.”, That is what will happen.

Butters Mom

haha … love it… Becky is the red pen … great comparison! I think you are right about everyone!!


I was starting to like Jason but after he opened his big mouth about the twin twist, I hope he’s next to go. The only reason I want Day to stay is, she will be the only to put sheli and Clay on the block. I don’t see anyone else targeting theme which is stupid.


Jeff is running this game. End of story.


You missed a word. “Thinks” – Jeff thinks he’s running the game.


The problem u have with Meg is that she is in with Jeff. The stupid girl has a crush on this pathetic loser. Jeff will end her game along with his own very soon. Jeff keeps fucking with Vanessa. Trust me u do not wana be in Nessa’s cross hairs Jeff u bloated blow fish. Tell me he doesn’t look like a blow fish? Ha.

Eric CA

Tht isn’t my problem with Meg. I have seen her in the room with Jeff and James and they get crude and she doesn’t even blink… but late you find out it disgusts her. She flirts with James because she thinks he will keep her safe… I just have a gut feeling about her later on.. she is shady.

Eric CA

My problem with Meg is exactly what I have aid earlier.


I seriously cannot even stomach watching Shelli anymore she makes me want to throw up! I know Da is going home this week but it would be the BEST twist ever would be for Kathy to say the last laugh twist wasnt the 7th phone call and announce that the evicted houseguest could then choose one houseguest to accompany her out the door!! I would LOVE to see Shelli’s smirk fade then as she realizes that she HAS to leave as well as Da and she could no longer lay in bed and play with her Boy Toy Clay!


First of all this is just a GAME !
and I disagree with you as I don’t see how changing the twist is a good idea for BBUS in general. Changing twists last minute undermines the integrity of the game itself. It shows how good game play and social manipulation are not rewarded. Just accept the fact that although Day is entertaining she has not been a very good game player. Her emotions have disbarred her from gaining any ground on being a good game player. She has blown up too many times in order to save her.


Da’s screeching thing gets really, old really fast. I thought I would like her and when she is normal voiced, I do. But the screaming and blow ups – I am glad they are leaving.


If Day got to choose, you think she wouldn’t pick Audrey? Part of her rage is that she’s going before Audrey- she would definitely pick her to go with her.

Just me

So, is Jeff not interviewing HGs once they’re evicted?


If Johnie Mac stirs the pot and votes out Meg, I’ll have some faith in him. He is low man on Shelly and Clay’s totem pole, and he should see that.


I love how everyone in the house keeps saying that Steve is playing like Ian when Johnny is literally playing Ian’s exact game. He wins when he needs and he’s someones lapdog but that’s only for now. Or he could always lose the same way Judd did a few seasons ago


If these people were smart at all they would get out Jeff or Clay next week. These 2 are trying to run the show and decide everyone’s fate. There is no reason to get rid of either Liz or Audrey yet they have huge targets on their backs and can be used as huge decoys. Jeff is in everyones ear trying to turn everyone against each other so he is not put on the block and Clay is using Shelli to do his dirty work.


“who knows about the twin twist” someone asks, like seriously.

who doesn’t know about it would be easier to answer: austin.

even Liz knows about the twin twist.

I can’t believe that Day took what could have been a super easy flip for her to use on liz, and completely blew it up. for that reason plus flipping off at what used to be her alliance or friendlies (clay, jeff and shelli) really she needs to go. she went all Devin on them, it is ridiculous when she could have sat pretty not winning any comps like she was

instead people’s heads go right to her, instead of Jeff and jackie where they should be. Non BB players already been on TV should have been the first to go, instead we pick off others like what a waste of time


Simon/dawg, who is lyingbor telling the truth in this argument? I’m confused

I survived last seasons BB

Whats sad is that in the first twelve seasons or so, this power would have been huge.. Recent seasons make it almost useless. If Davonne finds the right combo and this power saves Her, I’m good with that. But of all the votes She thinks She has, I would bet almost none actually follow through.

But I gotta tell You, This group is way better than 15 and 16..It was painful as hell to watch them. I was definitely grateful Simon and Dawg created this site to commiserate on how bad those casts sucked….lol


This season is definitely way more entertaining than last season. It’s been awhile since we’ve had HGs who snoop/eavesdrop/backstab and flip alliances so soon. Last year everybody was just waiting around to be famous while the blob alliance picked off the outsiders.

This year we have players mostly determined to play. One of my only complaints is I’m tired of ‘super fans’ being brought into the game. They come in knowing the ebb/flow of the game and taint, what would otherwise be a natural flow (outside of Production interference) of strangers trying to blaze a path to a $500K pay day.


These people cannot shut up! Literally no one knows how to keep info that they could use later on. As for Day, she will never have a chance because no matter what Audrey does she gets the blame for it or suffers the consequences. It’s insane! Also why is everyone an Austin fan? He’s such a disappointment, constantly complaining about the other house guests, wanting to just making it to jury and hating Day for no reason. If it wasn’t for Vanessa, he’d be sitting outside all day knowing about the game.


I hope anyone who are always put up as pawns wins H.O.H. Love to see what they will do once they have the power in their own hands. I have a feeling that Meg would be a follower. Steve, Becky and John are also most likely to follow the house, but hoping they will have a backbone and put up a power player instead of going for Audrey or Liz.


Simon and Dawg….

Just want you to know you have my utmost respect. If I had to listen to and report on everything these vipers and morons say and do, my head would explode.

Spitney Beers

If you any of you actually watched cast interviews you would know this is Meg’s stratedgy. She’s laying low and going with the first weeks in order to be able to make big moves later on.


Producers, let’s make the Last Laugh an actual Last Laugh that would affect the game: instead of being… More
56 minutes ago


If I were Hoh next week I would want get Jeff andJames out.


I think the next comp is like the bb11 comp when jessie won. Mostly like Austin or Jeff will win maybe clay or james/jason will win the comp and maybe steve. I think there plans is to get out liz or audrey. Shelli and Clay are dumb they have dumb people everywhere and choose to stay loyal to vanessa and austin which they know are pro poker player and wrestler. Wrestler and poker player always lie in their game or match why trust them. If was I there I would not trust them. If there america hoh or mvp my targets are shelli first, clay, and vanessa. Shelli is annoying me for some reason on the feeds and on the episodes. So when is jeff probst or neil patrick harris or even drew carey or the whole talk cast will be the bbtakeover. I don’t think anyone from past houseguest be the bbtakeover which sucks. Jeff probst will be an idol or two votes or something crazy. Players I hate shelli, vanessa, clay, meg, and james. First on my hit list will be shelli.


My prefect alliance would definitely Austin Vannasa shelli Steve Liz and Jonny..Mabry Audrey.
The worst alliance would be James Jeff Meg Jackie Clay and Mabry Audrey.


Can someone let me know what’s up with Johny Mac though? I really don’t understand his following? Seeing as I don’t have the live feeds, just these posts and TV. Is he super funny on the feeds?
What I do know is he threw that comp?!!… and put himself on the block for 12 not well known people to decide his fate. I also know, his voice is unbearable to me, and I scramble to turn the volume down when hes on!


What in the sweet potatoes is Day talking about? I like the girl, but she (and Jason too) talk almost completely in random metaphors. Come to think of it, most of ’em talk in random metaphors, like they’re stream of conscience rapping.