Shane says welcome live feeders, Danielle’s booty, open midnight till 2am!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


1:05am Joe heads up to the HOH room to talk to Dan and Shane. Joe tells them that he has their back for the rest of the season. As a person, as a human I have got your back. If anyone starts fu*king with you I am going to take them out one way or another. I want a HOH just as bad as then next, but it would be worth it for you to win and to see the look on their faces. Joe says that the line is drawn, he knows Ashley is with Jenn, Boogie and Frank. Joe talks about how he walked in on them talking and he heard her tell Frank that she is just trying to help him and that they totally stopped talking. Joe tells them how Boogie told everyone to come up to talk to Shane one by one to try and convince Shane to nominate Dan. Shane says that he will tell Jenn to take a seat. Dan jokes that Shane should say Dan.. you’re not the replacement nominee. He says he really shouldn’t do that. Shane says that he is not going to tell Boogie what he’s going to do. Dan agrees says that Shane doesn’t owe Boogie anything. Dan says that he will refuse to participate in a house meeting if Frank or Boogie calls one. Dan says that he will say great, have a good meeting, and that he will go outside and relax in the backyard. Shane says that he likes how cool and calm Dan always is. Dan says that’s how he plays this game. Joe says that Ashley and Jenn can’t be trusted with any information anymore. Dan says that’s good, at least we know that they aren’t floating. Shane asks where his breakfast in bed is? Joe jokes and says that it didn’t work out so well last time. The conversation ends and Dan heads down stairs. Shane laughsthat Dan is now going to sleep in the same bed as Frank. Shane laughs and says that the HOH photos will be different on Tuesday. He tells Joe that it will mostly be photos of the final 5. Shane says that he just won’t believe anybody that comes up to talk to him tomorrow. Danielle says that sh*t is about to go crazy since there are so many people still in the house. She says that there will need to be two double evictions in order to make the finale.

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Up in the HOH room, Danielle starts listening to the cd while Joe and Shane continue to talk. Shane asks Joe why would Ashley do what she did by siding with Boogie and Frank? Joe says that same reason that he sides with Shane. He says that they just must connect. Shane says that Ashley told him that she absolutely hates Frank. Joe says really, that’s weird. Shane says she must be playing me.

1:50am In the arcade room, Frank and Britney are talking. Brit tells Frank that she doesn’t know what Shane is going to do. She says that she wants to work with Shane because she trusts him but that she doesn’t appreciate that he threw her under the bus earlier. She says that she doesn’t want to know on the front end so that it doesn’t come back to bite her later. Franks says they don’t hold anything against her now since they know it came from someone else. Frank asks Britney who does she want to work with in this game going forward. Britney says that she knows that Boogie didn’t appreciate that she wasn’t gung ho to be with an alliance early in the game, but that’s not how she works. Britney says that she is happy to be with the HOH group. Britney says that it bothered that her that her name has been brought up by Boogie, but she says she actually thinks that Frank is trustworthy. Britney says that she feels betrayed from all sides. She says that she was happy to be in the Silent 6, but that then she finds out Dan had something going with Boogie and Frank.


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Britney says that she wonders why Boogie and Frank come talk to her that Dan was in a good spot. She says that she doesn’t appreciate that Shane threw her under the bus, but he wasn’t being malicious or manipulative. Britney says that she feels hurt by everyone and that she doesn’t want to look like an idiot. She says that she was burned before in the game and that she doesn’t want it to happen again. She says that she will be on board for whatever Shane decides but that it’s not going to be her responsibility. Frank says that Boogie told him that Dan was willing to get rid of Shane first, but then threw out her name out also. Frank says the first chance he gets; he is going to get rid of Dan. Frank says that he wants Mike to still be around, but if not, he’s going to need to work with someone.

2:10am Up in the HOH Shane and Danielle are talking. Shane says that he wonders if Britney is talking with Frank and Boogie in arcade room. Danielle talks about falling sleep in the HOH bed. Shane tells her that she should go ahead, but that she needs to make room for him. Danielle turns over on the HOH bed with her butt up in the air. Shane says welcome live feeders. Danielle’s booty, open midnight till 2am.


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2:20am – 2:50am Frank says that he would prefer to keep Mike as a safety net like how Britney has Shane. Frank says he has never trusted Dan ever and that he thinks that Dan has always wanted to work nostalgically with Boogie, which would have left him as the odd man out. Britney says she felt the same way about Janelle at first until she realized everything Janelle does is a game move. She says that she wasn’t even on Janelle’s radar and she was on board to send her home. They start to talk about if there is going to be a luxury competition. She says that it is really late in the season to not have a luxury competition. They talk about the power of veto competition and about Wil. Frank explains to Britney that obviously he wants Boogie to stay and if she helps him stay that they will be indebted to her. He says that she can bring in Shane too if she wants and that Boogie and Frank can be her shield going forward. They agree to talk as the week goes on. They leave the room.


3am Joe is in the pork chops out on the grill. Ian talks about how he thinks Big Brother just scrapped giving them a luxury competition and just gave them a grill. Ian heads over to the hammock and starts swinging. They head inside and head to bed.


5:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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123 thoughts on “Shane says welcome live feeders, Danielle’s booty, open midnight till 2am!

  1. Mike Boogie’s disdain for women is so palpable and oh so nauseating to watch…and both of them talking about intimidating/bullying people? I’ll take no drama any day over watching these two past Thursday…as long as one of them goes home I’m fine. However, if for some weird {aka Production’s meddling} reason they stay past the double evictions on Thursday, I’m deleting BB off my DVR…will get my updates as always from Dawg and Simon. I don’t care if my one-less viewership doesn’t matter…it’d be gratifying enough for me.

      1. maybe she just has disdain for nasty men….which everyone should have disdain for. what does it say when people like the evil player?? we don’t have to agree but it is a very impt question for everyone to consider.

      2. I agree 100 percent with MisDoc. And anyone who would name themselves “SteveO” — well, that pretty much sums up the value of anything coming out of your mouth. Zero! There was nothing hypocritical in MisDoc’s statement. You’re an idiot.

      3. Just because she doesn’t like these 2 particular men doesn’t mean she is a hypocrite. Apparently, according to you, if you dislike a certain man & his behavior, you hate all men in general, is that it? If we don’t like every single man on earth, that makes people man haters? Get a life. These 2 talk about women like they are dogs.

      1. Thanks CJ and ‘DanorBrit4thewin’…

        @ Steve O…I wouldn’t take your comment to heart{ pretty sure you don’t know the meaning of that word}. I have said it a few times that I’m team Dan any day and although I owe you no explanation, Boogie continues to berate and disrespect women a lot which Frank is highly influenced by…

    1. LOL I don’t watch the show either (just 2 episodes this season)…just get updates from here. I didn’t stop intentionally – it just happened.

    2. Production always meddles, it’s a fact of BB life. Sometimes it’s more blatant then others. I have to give them props on the POV though, they didn’t pick one that was geared toward one player…literally anyone could’ve won that one. I’ll get pissy and moan about shit on BB just like everyone else, but so many peeps on here say “blah blah if they do this I won’t watch it again.” I call BS, you’ll keep watching, just like I will…because we love the game, end of story. :)

    3. Mike Boogie, is a douche and a schmuck, but, in his defense he is on the block and probably, heading out for a new Big Brother Experience, an all expense paid luxury resort vacation, called the Jury House.

      Most of the time people say things in groups that do not really reflect who they really are. It is human nature. It just comes down to bad communication skills.

      instead of saying “I feel powerless over the situation I am in, at this moment of the game.”
      Frank said “I want to slap that coffee out of the B**ches hands.”

      Boogie punctuates his critique of the castaways with and imitation of Jens walk.
      instead of admitting, that he feels frustrated over having to leave the house.

      He does not hate women, he hates himself, for being a dumb b**ch and stopping Frank from nominating Dan for a backdoor.
      He regrets being a greedy low life weasel that went for $10,000, instead of the HoH, because he trusted that other people would be as stupid as he was.

      What Boogie is really saying is “Holy Crap, I’m a moron, I forgot my favorite moto “Do unto others, before they do it to you”, I s**k.”
      So please do not be angry with Boogie, show compassion and forgiveness. Always remember these words of wisdom.

      It is easier to love the Sinner and hate the Sin, than it is to come up with cab fare in the morning.

  2. Good job Simon & Dawg. Thanks for making it possible for us in th U K to follow daily BB house events. Brit should not listen to crap from Frank. There is no way Frank & Boogie will further her game. They will only use her because they want her out after Dan. She should move away from Dan as soon as possible because Dan agreed with Boogie and Frank a fee days ago to get rid of Brit.

    1. Britney is far better off with Boogie and Frank because
      when Britney is with them, Britney is a small target.

      On the other hand, Britney in an alliance with newbies, is
      a big target.

      1. She could be doing to Frank and Boogie, what she did to Rachael.

        “OMG, you are my new BFF, oh, there is something in your back, here let me twist it.”

        Never underestimate Brittney, unless your name is Lane.

        1. yeah after hearing about Brittany’s cono with frank last night I wondered if Brit was starting to play both sides…I hope that’s the case.

      2. Wow, no way. Britey is in an alliance with numbers, and she’s not low on the totem pole. To suggest she goes with Frank & Boogie and automatically put herself in no better than third place in the hierarchy would be a really dumb move….really really dumb move.

      3. C’mon you can not just trash existing working relationships among those you can most trust for those you can not simply because you’re a smaller “target” on paper. Doing that creates its own influence on the likelihood that you will be targeted. And she’s FAR higher on Froogie’s target list than she is on anyone in the QP and if she is on the block, QP surely won’t be MORE likely to save her if she helps put out Dan for example. QP will take her farther AND they have votes that Froogie doesn’t have.

  3. Damn phone! It was always known the alliance would not make it to the end 5 deep. The question is will Frank join them, try to find one or two to have a side alliance with or jump the gun and find himself sitting in the jury.

  4. If Shane would realize that putting Dan or Ian as a replacement nominee is only way to keep Mike Boogie to stay. However, if he putting a floater bad move for shane.

    1. He realizes it but he trust dan and ian more then he trust frank and boogie and although dan maybe frank and boogies target (because of Ian) once they got rid of dan they would focus on taking out shane and he knows it so his best option now is to get rid of boogie.

      1. @HALLIE, I disagree. Ian can’t even be trusted because he will start making lies. Frank will definitely win HoH in fast forward and put up Shane & Dan and backdoor Ian. Even without Mike Boogie. He can overcome the odds. Either 6 on 1 or 4 on 1. He always be a fighter.

        1. Seems you know 100% what is the correct thing for everyone to do. So far, you have been wrong about 100% of the time. You said Shane would NEVER put up Frank & Boogie and he did. Now you think Shane’s only option is to put up Dan and save Boogie. Won’t happen. Glad you aren’t a fortune teller.

          1. Oh, and I forgot. You seem to think that Shane WANTS to save Boogie, no matter the fact that he keeps saying otherwise. He doesn’t need to realize anything except that Frank and Boogie were going to try to take him out next week. Why in the world would he want to keep either one of these lying, backstabbing manipulators? They already said they wanted Shane out so he would be stupid not get get rid of one of them. They are nothing without each other.

    2. Hear my words for I’m always right. Shane must put up Dan, he must do what best for Boogie and Frank. He should not do what best for him, if he play for himself is really dumb move. Yadda yadda yadda and the beat goes on…SMH

  5. Joe is such an idiot. He is trying to join a group of 5 strong players. That means he is gonna get kicked out final 6, no chamce of making it to final 3. He should make a deal with Boogie and Frank for a “final 3 deal”. (boogie would never do it but Joe is such anidiot he would believe him.)

  6. S = Strengths…….W = Weaknesses

    Shane, S: Physical competitions…W: Confrontations
    Britney, S: Portraying the weak, persecuted female personna…W: Spassing out at every little thing that doesn’t go her way
    Frank, S: Physical competitions…W: Social game
    Boogie, S: Strategist…W: rubs people the wrong way with his 16 yoa personality in a 40ish body
    Danielle, S: Physical competitions… W: Mental instability (Insecurity)
    Jenn: S: Jenn who???…W: Jenn who???
    Ian, S: Hasn’t shown any yet, besides laying low…W: All talk, no walk
    Joe, S: Irritant…W: Loud irritant
    Dan, S: Strategist…W: Very transparent in his moves (playing the same game as his last BB showing)
    Ashley, S: Able to plead insanity due to canabis fog she’s always in…W: Physical, intellectual, strategy…(need I say more?)

    1. Ian is the one who seems to have the entire house wrapped
      around his little (lying) finger at this time, so there must be
      a strength in there somewhere.

  7. I hope we get to say bye-bye Boogie this week. I’m pulling for Britney to win but I think Ian might be the favorite to win right now.

      1. Captain:

        You might be right but I do think Ian is smart and he does get along with everyone in the house. Him being a mole against Frank and Boogie shows that he has game and I believe Frank, Boogie, Dan, Shane, Britney, and Danielle all have bigger targets on them than Ian does. His knowledge of the game and remembering all of the results of HOH/POV etc. may pay dividends for him.

        1. @ZINGBOT FAN, If he smart How come he can’t even win the big one? Exactly, He can’t even figure it out of his own strategy. Beside, Frank is unemployed & superfan of Big Brother. Frank can easily win in physical or mental challenge.

          1. I don’t expect Frank to be around long and since Ian has not won anything (which he might be throwing competitions) he might just survive until he just has to go against Joe and the girls thus making it easier for Ian to win HOH/Veto/etc.

    1. I don’t know brit seems to have fooled everyone she now has frank convinced she never wanted either of them out and that she is so mad about dan and shane when in reality brit wanted boogie and frank out since janelle walked out of the house

    2. I don’t think Ian will win I think eventually frank will bust him and there was a reason dan didn’t throw Ian under the bus because he needs Ian at this point and he is holding the information for when he needs it to save himself he will tell frank.

  8. Dan is so full of himself, he tries to act “calm and collected” but by saying he wouldn’t attend a house meeting he’s showing that he’s playing just as emotional as the next guy. Can’t wait to see that dude walk out the door.

    1. He is being calm and collected. By avoiding situations that will just get into his head (i.e. house meeting) he’s trying to stay calm and collected. Dan is like a politician. He keeps calm and collected but you know that the wheels are turning in his head. I’m pulling for Dan to win the game again. Frank and Boogie is likeable but they are just d*mn to arrogant –especially with their DR sessions (Chilltown-like). Knowing that Dan has a big target in his back, I don’t think he’ll last much further in the game. The main person that I really want to win is Ian (because he’s a student and he needs it) or Shane (because he has mentioned that he has a lot of debt). The two people that I hope will not win is Jenn or Ashley since you don’t even know that they’re in the game.

      1. I want Dan to win it again too, but the EP keeps ruinning his chance to win the game by saving her favorite player.

      2. I’m there with you Isabelle. Besides, why should he allow himself with insults from the egotistical misogynist {aka Boogie}?

      3. I agree house meetings never turn out well and the only reason boogie and frank want one is to stir up drama and save boogie so i don’t blame dan for not wanting to participate it. Every season that they do house meetings it ends in fights and i belive in dan season that is what happend with Jerry it is a tactic that house guest use to save themselves. As for Dan I am half and half about him winning i do really like him but he has already won and dan has a target on his back because boogie and frank think he betrayed them but in reality it was Ian. Do you really think that Dan is a marter no he didn’t bust Ian because he still needs Ian and he wants to hold on to the info until he needs to use it and turn the spotlight onto Ian. How mad do you think Frank will be when he finds out the truth? This is how dan won he holds onto info and use it when it will best benifit him so i think Ian mistake was trusting dan. The quack packs mistake was not taking out frank when they had the chance and backdooring Janelle instead of getting Frank out when they had the chance

        1. Yeah, Boogie likes to play the big bully and he thinks he will “get some answers” out of a house meeting. He isn’t a detective and no one has to tell him anything, even though he thinks he is ENTITLED to an answer. Here’s one: You were insulted a couple of weeks ago when you WEREN’T put up on the block because you are such a great player. You got your wish, so why are you whining like a baby? Oh, that’s right! Because you are one.

    2. Agreed, but why would he join in a house meeting called by Boogie & Frank? It’s like walking into a room with the previous knowledge that your ex-wife is on the other side of the door with a shotgun…not a smart thing to do. And the arrogance of calling a house meeting…well coming from those two it’s not a surprise, but that kind of shit usually backfires.

    3. why are you personally angry that Dan is strong mentally and emotionally?? he should be commended for it…..are you jealous?

    4. There is no question he is the best player in the game. First half of the season and he’s light years ahead of everyone else. That doesn’t mean he’s in the best position though. Being a former winner puts you in an inherently dangerous position when you walk in.

  9. Suggestion for Allison Groder: For next BB, choose half newbies who are all familiar with the game and are physically fit and mentally competent. The other half can be former BB contestants. No former winners, just memorable personalities that entertained and livened up the house. Doing so precludes having to give the veterans a head-start edge as used this year with the “coaches ruse”. It would be interesting to see whether a newbie could win or a veteran.

    P.S. No twists to help out either side, keep everything on an even keel. (Not saying that I don’t enjoy twists, I do. But for the suggested game scenario, it would be better to keep it simple.)

    P.S.S.: Choose half from either side who have combative personalities, and have alpha male/female tendencies.

    1. How about couples that were once married and are now divorced and can’t stand each other. One ex sleeping with another ex and it will be drama 24/7.

    2. Or we could just have new people that applied to be on the show. There is no right way to play the game because it depends on the mix of people in the house. The early seasons were the best because nobody “knew how to play the game”. They were winging it and it was fun. Since AG took over we keep seeing her hasbeens over and over again (S7, S11, S13, S14) and even when it’s all newbies, you know that an old player will come to host a competition (Janelle S8, Jessie S12 and 13, JJ Season 12, Dan S11). She also uses the same competitions on a repetitive schedule so that the players and viewers know what to expect. Boring! Some of the best competitions were in Season 3, 4 and 5. Now they are just boring and predictable. Some of her twists blew up before they got off the ground, like the Saboteur, and even if Annie hadn’t gotten evicted first week, it was a stupid twist. A real Saboteur scenario would be to put 2 or 3 actors in the house posing as players and give them tasks to complete. Not stupid tasks like “hug the meathead for a minute” and “spread mustard on someone’s pillow”, but stuff like causing a cat fight among the women and turning up the heat between the alpha males. Then one day the HG wake up and the actors are gone with no explanation. That would be sabotage. But AG doesn’t have the imagination or vision to come up with anything good. That’s how we end up with Pandora’s Box, which is almost as stupid as the Saboteur. It’s time for the network to bring in a new producer before AG tanks the ratings so bad that the show gets cancelled.

      1. Yes, it is definitely time for some creative thinking.

        Big Brother is supposed to be about expecting the
        unexpected. Now, all the unexpected things are
        things that the viewers don’t want to watch.

        And, it doesn’t have to be that way.

      2. I agree Chloe, but may I add one thing, make all of the men UGLY and UNDESIRABLE so AG won’t crush on them or the fact that they are all newbies won’t make a difference LOL

      1. Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. She has ruined the game. The first years were the best but, since she has come on board, she fixes the game for whoever SHE wants to win. Damn the house guests and the viewers. As long as AG gets her way and her favorites win, what is the point of watching? It has been obvious since the “reset” that she wants Boogie and Frank to win and will do everything in her power to make that happen, even if it includes bullying the other house guests to do what she wants. It is no longer a game but AG’s fantasy land. She should just tell the viewers from day 1 that she has picked the winners and the rest are just there for entertainment value. And PLEASE get some new games! Do you have anyone creative on the production staff?

  10. SOOOOOO sick of stupid freakin Shane leading that STALKER on… does he want a fatal attraction when he goes home to his life….evry chick he dates shes gonna be there calling him…. … He needs to tell her go down stairs and sleep in your room….

    1. There is not much difference in Shane leading Danielle
      on, and all the other phony relationships going on.

      At least Shane is smart enough to know he wants Danielle’s
      vote and that this is what it takes to keep Danielle voting
      Shane’s way.

  11. Remember Ronnie of Big Brother 11 that he is the rat. Let’s see how Ian is the rat & crying like a weenie. Ian, that’s what you get to rat out Mike Boogie & Frank. You feel the wrath of Frank.

    1. Oh hush. Ian’s actions have been QP all the way. He shares all he hears with them and conceals info from Froogie (thank God). Ronnie otoh lied to both sides of the house about what the other was saying.

      Ian > Ronnie.

  12. Britney would actually be smart to ride the Chilltown train with Shane, at this point. She has a slim chance to make it to the end with either team, however, sitting next to Boogie or Frank in the f2 would obviously be much better odds of winning than sitting next to Dan or Ian(with his awesome edits that paint him as some kind of Bill Nye genius).

    She will probably take the route of least resistance, though, her game is very weak and lacks any foresight, just like all the other numbskulls that surround Dan. They are so weak and afraid to do anything, even after having everything spelt out for them that Dan is running this house lol

    1. I agree, she already knows chilltown wants out Dan, so let the 2 powerhouses from both sides of the house battle it out while the target on her back gets smaller. Like you said though, no foresight, she just wants to remain loyal and take no blame for anything, just like bb12.

      1. I agree that Britney would be much better positioned
        in the game in a Chilltown alliance.

        It looks like a lose/lose situation for Britney. She’s
        not qualified to compete against former BB winners,
        but she’s not a newbie (and therefore will be a
        target among the newbies who are left).

    2. Actually no –not smart all. Frank and Boogie did say that if they are able to get Dan out next week, they will take out Shane or Britney. By taking out Dan and Shane/Britney –everything else will be a cake walk for them. I like Frank and Boogie but their arrogance is just annoying and not funny.

    3. Brit’s best move would be to keep close to Dan and Shane for a few more weeks and once Joe and Frank are gone, go with the tits. That would leave Ian in a position where he would have to make a stand one way or the other, but Brit would at least be on equal footing with Dan and Shane, instead of 3rd banana. The only way Danielle, Brit can win is by hooking up with Jenn and Ashley in a secret girls alliance. For Jenn and Ashley, it is great too, because Dani and Brit would be much bigger targets and one of them might fluke into the final two. I usually don’t like all girl alliances, but this year I hope it happens.

  13. I think Britney is considering her options. its about time she learned from season 12…Dan , Shane. orDanielle will not take heer to the final two

    1. But Frank and Boogie won’t either. They have both admitted (many times) that they will put brit and shane up next week.

      1. It seems to me that Boogie would rather be in F2 with
        Britney than with a newbie (who has only played the
        game once).

        Boogie’s best chance is in F2 with Dan (the other guy who
        has already won).

        1. He wants a final 2 with Brittany because he knows that women don’t win over men. It is his only chance because there is no one else that will vote for him otherwise. However, it would be nice to see a girl break that tradition, especially against Boogie the woman-hater. That would REALLY chap his a**.

      2. They are just mad shane did it first and think dan is the one that betrrayed them but in reality it was Ian i wonder how long it will be until dan tells the truth. If frank wins hoh (i am guessing he will since bb seems to want him to win) dan will tell frank to save his but

  14. Joe truly is the real Straight Shooter. He is going to save the world to keep Shane safe. Shane truly is a meathead, he can’t see through that BS he is being fed. I understand he NEEDS the money but is surely not close to the running. He is manipulated by everyone. If he had the brains to match his brawn he would absolutely be dangerous player. Because he doesn’t know the game this is going to be his death in the game.

  15. shane is not leading danielle on….she insists on saying i think im goin to fall asleep in the hoh bed….if shane tells her no, then she will throw a temper tantrum like she did the other night….remember when she said u make it sound like i need a fu$$ing restraining order, when he is straight forward with her she doesnt take the hint…do u notice how she weasles her way into somehow bein in the hoh room at the end of the night every night…she takes a long shower so shes theonly one in there and everybody is gone, notice how shane said make room for me…so he is basically saying dont cuddle with me go to ur own side of the bed….shane does not lead her on…DANIELLE…does it to herself…because she is a lunatic and insist on always pushing it to the edge with shane even when she knows he does not like her like that

  16. Please stick to the plan Shane! Get rid of Boogie. The guy is hard to look at and is a jerk. Jenn should be the replacement nominee – it’s a good idea.

    1. Sure it’s a great idea, until Shane figures out that he has
      gotten rid of the big targets, and now HE (Shane) is the
      biggest target left.

      If Boogie goes, Frank will follow, then Dan, then Shane,
      the fool who went along with this ridiculous plan (initiated
      by Ian’s lies).

  17. Hopefully Ian will be leaving Thursday, followed by Ashley or Jenn
    during the fast forward. After that, all the Silent Six members,
    plus Joe and either Ashley or Jenn will be left.

    The best move Britney could make would be to keep Boogie in the
    house. Otherwise, Dan and Britney will be the next ones to go,
    after Boogie.

    1. What’s with the ” Showmance ” between Boogie and Bozo? It”s worse than Brenchel! Is this Froogie? Something is off. At least Boogie can plan the wedding when he’s out!

  18. britney is dumb if she tries to make a deal with frank…she will never learn…hopefully that conversation in the arcade room was just for show…because if she makes a deal with frank…it will be just like her season….and why wont shane take her to the final four…of course he will….she has way better chance with shane than she does with frank….frank talks behind britneys back constantly talking about how she is a slob and he cant stand her…atleast shane doesnt talk behind her back….u frank lovers need to calm down…..its not even logical in any sense, that brittany work with frank….where do u people come up with this stuff and if she does decide to do it, then she is going to get burned big time, because dont forget ian is the mole lol….so if frank talks to ian about it…ian tells the quack pack….

  19. Frank., you’re going about it the wrong way. You get Shane, Brit and Shane’s shadow Danelle then tell them that it is 90% chance that YOU will win the next HOH too. If they don’t put up DAN and vote him out, then YOU will put Shane and Brit on the block period. Brit will fold like the sheep she is and talk Shane into putting up DAN. Simple really.

  20. I think Joe has a crush on Shane. I’m surprised Danielle hasn’t caught onto it.

    The Chef is trying to steal your dish!

  21. Did it ever come out why the feeds were off for so long yesterday? There did not seem to be an emergency like people thought.

    1. It seems that there was some sort of staff error, since
      if there were technical difficulties, the announcement
      would have said that, instead of the medical emergency

  22. im getting sick of brittany playing the victim….she needs to go….and i dont think frank will bully his way into getting dan put up…let me tell u something, first off its a double eviction. they dont know that but still u never know what will happen…secondly, daniellle needs to put her stalker vision on and summons all of her stalker power and win that HOH thursday, because lets face it…nobody else in the quack pack is willing to put blood on their hands…brittany is SCARED…ian is SCARED…and dan plays through other people….maybe with danknowing its a double eviction HOH he will step his game up….all of u frank and boogie lovers need to just calm down and realize carrot top is goin home soon….anybody who has BO doesnt make a good housemate

  23. hey simon or dawg, im wondering what happened as to why danielle ended up going downstairs…i think when shane told her to make room for him…that isnt what she wanted to hear….because make room for me , means we are not holding each other, and dont touch me….is that why she went downstairs/? or was something said? because late in the night she told britney she is going to wake up shane and britney talked her out of it….so im assuming she realized her butt plan didnt work on shane, and ended up going downstairs because he kept saying make sure i have room, which means dont ttouch me and dont come close to me

  24. I noiced how ashley feels guilty be cause the child Ian is jelous of her and Frank… so what now,,,nomore kissing frank…They look good together… common production let them have thier thing… shane and dani are neverr gonna happen….

  25. i am going to let u guys in on a little secret….something did happen yesterday….it had to do with brittany, and that’s all im saying…there was something that happened back home to do with brittany, that’s all i can say guys….big fan of she show, big fan of the site, i post under different names, but i know a person here and a peson there and i get my info direct, believe me if u want, u dont have to, i can care less, spreading the word to people i respect that share the same love for big brother as i do

    1. Is that all you can give us? Is that why the feeds were down so long and when we came back the lockdown was over and HG had slept for 2 hours? I found that strange. If it was something bad, Brit would be gone, and if it happened at home it doesn’t affect the game, so why shut down the feeds. I did notice that people were really tentative when the feeds came back, like they were going out of their way to avoid talking about something. Sorry, but there are so many rumours, I would need more info to believe what you are saying.

  26. I guess I just don’t understand why they could have the eviction and then brought in the coaches…their ruining shane’s HOH was way beyond not fair, then we wouldn’t have had to see frank for the last few weeks. But then here is Shane as HOH again and 2 things are very suspicious….1 the POV HG pick of players and that frank could guess numbers better than a aspergers numbers wiz….I guess franks DR sessions were to teach him a slide of hand and the answers to the questions for POV.

  27. Did anyone else see Danielle making chicken and Mac n’ cheese for everyone last night? Almost threw up when I saw Danielle putting barbecue sauce on the RAW chicken (with her fingers) and then licking said fingers right after. WTF? She is a nurse, right? Am I the only one freaked out about that?

    Also, assuming Boogie goes home this Thursday and seeing as how it’s a double eviction…who else goes home?

    1. Danielle does not have IBS. It is poor food handling that causes the stomach pains and diarrhea that she gets with her so called IBS. What an idiot, especially with being supposedly a nurse. It made me sick watching her. They were all talking about Joe’s food handling techniques, including Danielle. One is as bad as the other. They are both in two professions that should know better than most people do on how to handle food properly.

  28. Simon, what is going on with Frank palming the chip. They said it around noon yesterday. Then they said it a couple more times, including on BBAD.


    1. House guest are allowed to bring in cartoons of cigarettes for their personal use.
      Once you run out/ you have run out. Big Brother and CBS do not indorse nor do they
      encourage smoking.

      Drunk House Guests just makes for fun TV. I could not stand Rachael, but drunk Rachael was funny.

      I have always wondered in countries that allow Marijuana
      as a legal substance, do they allow their house guests to get stoned? Just wondering.

      1. I am not so sure about that because, last year, Shelly & Adam practically chain smoked and never seem to run out of cigarettes. I also have heard them on BBAD asking to go into the diary room to ask for more cigarettes.

    1. I’m not 100% sure what is going on with her.. I think she’s just trying to play her cards right and become closer to Frank in-case he wins HOH so he puts dan/Shane up instead of Dan/Brintey.

      1. The answer is in he DR. I think she is just doing what she did to Rachael.
        Get close enough to cut the juggler. Make them confidant that she is a
        scared bunny, that needs a big strong man to take care of her. Then kick em in their b**ls.

  30. Dawg/Simon – did you ever get the low down on why feeds were blocked for so long yesterday by production. Obviously the comps were over LONG before they came back up. While I rarely resort to reading other blogs (cuz I just love you guys), I’m dying to know what went down so I just did a quick read through another site and they reference serveral comments I don’t recall seeing in your updates: 1) Frank saying he palmed a chip in the bag, 2) Ashley supposedly threw the comp to Frank and 3) Ian referencing a “talk in the DR” then prduction again cuts to fish…..

    While I find it really hard to believe Frank could beat Ian or anyone else for that matter at what sounds like a counting/volume comp I can see why Ian would throw it since I don’t think he want Frank or Boogie to know he’s working for the other side until they are out of the house. I find it hilarious that Frank actually guesed it right before the comp began but he must have already released the throught since. Love It.

    1. My take on the clip you are talking about: Frank says that the draw couldn’t have gone any better for them and then he looks at the camera and smiles. I honestly don’t believe that it was rigged as Britney was in the arcade room talking to Frank and Boogie about how production got them to dump out the chips after to show that all of the house guests names were in the bag and that it WAS a fair draw. She even commented on how they haven’t done that before and if they hadn’t she would have thought it was rigged. I think Frank looking at the camera was him looking at the live feed viewers and smiling at how Boogie and him have a shot at winning it. Just like how he sits and talks to the cameras in the mornings.. I don’t know exactly why the feeds were blocked for so long yesterday and we may not until the Wednesday show when the POV is shown.

  31. I really do have to give Mike some credit, He isn’t doing what every other “coach” in that house has done, but try and protect their player. It really pisses me off how they are so anti-boogie because he looks out for Frank. He is playing an honest game, and I love when he calls people out for there BS. I don’t see anything arrogant about him. I just think he calls things as they are. That house with the exception of Shane and Frank are pretty weak players. I also love when everyone says “you have to win HOH” to each other but none of them try to win it. Last HOH competition, Brittney went for safety, but isn’t she the one telling everyone they have to really try to win? She is doing a pretty good job of giving orders but never takes her own advice, I love to see how phony they become when the power shifts. When Frank is HOH they can’t stay away from him. But as soon as the power shifts again, “Oh we have to get Frank out, He is such a threat”…What? He is playing an excellent game. He is actually one of many that actually try to win competitions. Dan is an absolute floater, how many competitions has he thrown? He never wants to get blood on his hands but makes deals with everyone in the house, hmmm, sounds like what Brittney does. Ian, That kid has gotten on my last nerve, Not only is he annoying as hell, but he definitely creeps me out. There is definitely something off about him and I think it is time that someone calls him out on his BS. Danielle acts like she trying to win Shane rather then the game. She is so desperate for attention it makes me ill. How dumb do you have to be to get that when someone tells you they are NOT interested in you, that they REALLY MEAN IT. Shane doesn’t want you Danielle, time to wake up psycho. Ashley…How the hell did she get cast on a show? When I watch Ashley, i feel as I start to lose more and more brain cells. Joe is loyal to a fault, It is gonna be his downfall, Don’t you get you can’t trust anyone yet Joe?? Shane, I really like Shane, but be your own player and stop let everyone run your HOH. Brittney always refer to as who are “WE” putting up, NOT who are “YOU” putting up. Jenn, l like her alot. She is a grown ass woman and she is playing her game her way.

    1. Boogie is playing an honest game??? You don’t see anything arrogant about Boogie??? You complain about Britney going for safety but didn’t seem to mention anything about Mike going for the cash. You should watch some of Big Brother After Dark if you don’t think Boogie is arrogant. As for the honest part is there anyone in the house that Boogie has not made a deal with? The only reason that Boogie is loyal to Frank is because he remains a bigger target than Boogie as long as he is in the house.

  32. What’s with the Froogie Shomance? Am I the only one that sees it? Forget Brenchel- we have a true love affair going on here. Does anyone else find it strange that they are playing separately now and Boogie seem more consumed with Frank’s game?

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