Boogie says I would rather go out swinging and firing than suck up to their a$$es.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


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9:15am Frank and Boogie are out in the backyard talking. Frank says that Britney told him that Shane is doing what he wants, not what she wants. He says that she didn’t like getting thrown under the bus, she really trust Frank but she didn’t like that Boogie keeps bringing her name up. Frank says that he told Britney that this won’t be the last time that Boogie and him are on the block together if they stay this week. Boogie says that he has to buddy up with Joe to get his vote. Boogie says that they need another target so Britney doesn’t think that they are coming after her or Shane. They talk about how they want to get the target off of him and on Joe somehow by the end of the day today. Boogie is going to tell her that he has seen the light and he realizes that it was Shane and not her and he is sorry about throwing her name out there. Frank saying that he got upset when Ashley brought up Willie and his name in the same sentence . Frank says that he doesn’t agree with the comparison and says that he did not bully anyone. Frank says that he was only upset that he was being lied to and wanted to make that clear. Boogie says do you think Jenn is going to be able to say who the HOH was in week two if a competition like that comes up, no fu*kng way. Frank comments on how ackward it is sleeping next to Dan. Frank says when he got in bed he thought keep your friends close and your enemies closer, very close when you sleep with them. Boogie says that he thinks he can get Ashley, Jenn and Ian to vote out Eagle Eye. Boogie talks about how easily manipulated Shane is in this game. Boogie says too bad we don’t have Danielle this time. Frank says fu*k Danielle. Boogie says that obviously that they want the full Monty to put up Dan up but says that he is not sure they can do that.


9:40am – 10:30am Frank says that the driving point for Britney is knowing that she doesn’t want to feel like she got duped. Frank then explains the conversation he had with Britney last night. Boogie says that is a lot we have to work with today. Boogie says that honestly the person that talks to Shane last might be it. Boogie explains they can sell it to Shane saying how as long as we are still here, we are the targets. Boogie says if Shane did it to us, then he has the balls to do it to Dan. Boogie and Frank continue to talk about sports. Boogie says that he would really rather be up against Joe, because he really doesn’t want to have to talk to him. He says that he thinks Britney would vote out Joe. Frank says that he thinks we can work with Britney moving forward. Frank says that if they don’t do what we want them to do, we can tell him that we will put up Shane and Dan and tell them to fight it out for the POV. Boogie says he thinks it will work if they can get Britney to co-sign it. Boogie says that he needs to humanize himself to Britney because he heard her say that I’m not as bad as she heard I was. Frank says that every time he has to stop and think about who he has to work with it kills him. They talk about Dan throwing competitions. Boogie says what they can tell Shane that Boogie and him can tell Shane that he and Dan are good friends outside the house and was even invited to his wedding. What do you think he will do to do if he could do this to a friend. Boogie says I would rather go out swinging and firing than suck up to their a$$es. They talk about how Dan will have to live with the choices he made inside and outside the house. Boogie and Frank talk about how they need to explain to Shane how Dan used to play the game.

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11am Frank says that he thinks if we pull of getting Dan out she will tip her hat at us. Boogie says oh for sure. Frank and Boogie head inside to make breakfast. Frank goes to the bathroom. Just as Frank gets out Boogie runs to the bathroom and tells Frank he needs to BM bad! Frank says no problem bubba. Big Brother then wakes up the other house guests. When the feeds come back Frank and Boogie are finished eating breakfast. Boogie and Frank head back outside and talk about working out and exercises. Ian joins them outside. Boogie tells Ian to get to work this week if he doesn’t want to be the other nominee. Ian says that he is worried if he pushes too hard if thinks he might be the replacement nominee. Frank says we are going to need some help Ian. Ian says that he can definitely get Ash. Your best chances are against Joe or Dan, then me, then Jenn or Ashley. Ian says that he heard from Danielle that Joe was throwing his name (Ian) under the bus. Frank says that he will call Joe out and say I heard you were throwing someone elses name under the bus and we told you to go after Dan. Frank says that he will call a motha fu*ker out! Ian weavers on how hard Joe was throwing under the bus. Frank says make up your mind if he was throwing your name under the bus hard then I will go at him hard but if not then I’ll go a little lighter.
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11:30am – 11:45am Frank is talking to Ian about him giving magic 8 ball answers. Ian says that he has been giving straight answers since the reset. Boogie comments on how he hopes if he and Frank get booted out of here that Ian will get revenge and go after Dan. Ian agrees that Dan is a dangerous player. Mike brings up how Dan is his friend outside the house and he did this to me, just imagine what he will do the people in this house. Jenn joins them. Frank explains to Ian that if they can’t get Shane put a replacement nominee like Joe or Dan then Shane will be the target next week right along with Dan. Frank and Boogie comment on how they all need to go up and tell Shane to put up Dan or Joe as the replacement. Ashley joins them. Mike explains how he needs her help trying to get Shane to nominate Joe or Dan and that they need to enlighten Shane on how dangerous Dan is in this game. Ashley says that if it was you and Joe, I would definitely vote Joe out. Ashley talks about how Joe is making deals with her name and she doesn’t even know about it. Boogie says its like rolling into a club with a fat sweaty dude. Ashley says yeah. Boogie says just please when you talk to Shane tell him how you have watched the show and know how dangerous he is.


11:45am – 12pm Boogie tells Ian you have got to get off Dan’s bandwagon. Ian says that he is nice to everyone, but that I am not game nice to everyone. Ashley asks if Ian would tell Shane to nominate Dan. Ian says yes, I would. Ashley says that she thinks it would be huge coming from Ian because you and Dan are good friends. Ian says again that he is friends with Dan but that he is not game friends with him. Boogie starts going at Ian again about why they need Dan out and then stops and says I already told you all this. Ian gets up and goes to the hammock. Shane joins them on the backyard couch. They talk about how Shane thought the POV ceremony was today and that he was annoyed that no one has talked to him yet. They asks Shane if that is why he got dressed up in his jeans. Shane says yeah and wishes he had slept in.


Frank, Danielle and Britney are in the bathroom. Dan comes into the bathroom. Frank ask Dani what time she went to bed. Dan says that he went to bed around one or two. Frank says I was actually asking Danielle. Dan says oh. Danielle starts talking about how they are like rats in a house being watched. Meanwhile out in the backyard Joe talks about running and owning restaurants. Joe heads inside. Jenn joins them. Boogie talks about how the other day before nominations Joe was talking to Ashley about going to a sports game with Ashley. Boogie says he was thinking yeah right like that would happen. He says that he nudged Ashley and she asked what. He says that he said oh I was just adjusting. Jenn, Ashley and Boogie laugh.


12:50pm Frank and Britney are in the bathroom talking. Frank talks about how he and Boogie spoke to Ian this morning and how he has done so much to mess things up for him and Boogie and that he needs to help us. Frank says that Ian says that he will try and get Shane to put up Dan. Britney says that she thinks Ian will do whatever he and Boogie want forever. Frank says that he isn’t so sure Ian will stay with him if Boogie leaves because I give him tough love. Frank and Britney start talking about if there will be a pandora’s box. Britney says that if it is a pandora’s box they will lock us either inside or outside. Frank says maybe they are already set up and just need to put a question mark on the door. Britney says no, they need to lock him out of the HOH and clean it. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When then come back, Boogie is in the bathroom and comments on how maybe Joe just needs to sh*t out that clue. They laugh.

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162 thoughts on “Boogie says I would rather go out swinging and firing than suck up to their a$$es.

        1. I can stand an old man yelling and a school teacher thinking he is God for the rest of the summer over those 2 arrogant idiots!! anyday, anytime!!

      1. Janelle’s Revenge:

        Seeing Boogie and Frank getting bounced this week would be great. I just worry about production protecting them.If you have Showtime and can see Big Brother After Dark you really get to see how arrogant and mean both Frank and Boogie really are. They think they are the stars of the show and give zero respect to any of the other players in the game.

        1. Boogie believes he is better than anyone and he is lowering his status (whatever that is…) by
          being in the house. This guy is nothing more than a “wannabe” in the outside world. Have you
          read about his lawsuits? Creep with a capital “C”

    1. If they keep that Elf, they deserve to loose! And sorry Frank, but you are being a bully like Willie…bet if somone goated you like they did Willy you would push back too.

    2. Their is no way Boogie is going. Lets remember Pandoras box is always there. And also the balls from that glass contraption they were looking for will come into play. If the POV isn’t used, voila, the pandoras box will come into play to save Boogie. Also, if for some odd reason Dan is put up as the replacement, viola, Dan will be saved with the Pandoras box. The Pandoras box will be something like everyone stays one more week, but 3 people will be gone by next Thursday. It will also state every player can play for HOH and the POV from this point forward, or at least for this 3 players gone in one fast forward week. Mike is just playing this up for entertainment because the Diary Room wants the viewers to think the game is real and that he might go home. After this week, the power players will “suddenly” regroup to make sure they are the final 6. Its sad, but it is very obvious what is going on.

        1. Hey Dude, like what up brah?
          My point is that Boogie still won’t be going home if he is up, and Dan won’t if he is the replacement. “Production” will suddenly find a way to have no elimination this week because of Pandoras box or something like that and they will do 3 eliminations the following week during a fast forward week. Obviously Frank is going to use the POV. I agree with ya there Dude.
          Stay solid, keep chilling.

          1. Julie said on Thursday that this next thursday would be double eviction. unless there is a miracle, boogie is gone, and another houseguest will be leaving soon after…if production has it their way, frank will win hoh, he will nominate shane and dan, shane or frank will win pov and dan will be the 2nd houseguest out on thursday…THIS thursday

    3. Oh, my God. Do you really think Mike Boogie is that relevant? Okay, American didn’t know Mike Boogie was coming back and I don’t really believe they cared.

    4. It’s funny because Jenn, the person production likes the least, will be up against Boogie, who production likes the second-most. So I’m wondering what big brother is going to pull out of its hat.

    5. I would say yeah, I have no interest in this game once mike and frank are gone unless shane wakes the heck up. otherwise, I am likely to stop watching BB on cbs, I already stopped BBAD because its just obvious and I am sick of brit. so sick.

      1. Oh my gosh! I agree with you on everything your said. Been watching this game since BB1 – last year I was dissappointed that they brought back seasoned players but eventually got into it. Watched every BBAD even though I had to get up at 5am for work. This is the first year I stopped watching BBAD and also most of the CBS shows. Just read these blogs. So sick of the Britney show, didn’t like her in her season and don’t like her now. Dan is a douche – Shane is a wimp – he can win comps but has to backbone to make his own decisions. Was also sorry that Frank listened to Boogie about not backdooring Dan. My favorite is Frank – hope he can pull through everyone hating him since day 1.

    6. It is time for Boogie and Frank to go…one of them have to go… I cannot stand Boogie and I never did from his first appearance on BB. He is arrogant and thinks that he rules the house and that he throws competition thinking that he is safe week to week. someone needs toput him in his place. I think with Frank being so strong in competitions that if he stays he will win this game. Also, I think with Boogie out of the game, Frank will be a totally different player, he will have to make decisions for himself and not for Boogie.

      1. Not going to happen! Frank will win HoH fast forward. He can do it without Mike Boogie. He face these challenge no matter what. He will go to Final 2 with Shane. Remember Rachel survive the eviction and going to Final 2 with Porsche. Let’s make it happen with Frank & Shane.

        1. Yeah, just like Shane would NEVER put up Boogie & Frank. Or how Dan MUST be the replacement nominee as they have no choice. How well did those predictions work out for you?

  1. 2 things.

    1- I can not stand 10 more seconds of Frank.
    I don’t want to look at his hair, his face, his hats, his stupid tshirts, his swishy pigeon toed, hip-swinging girly walk (water bottle in hand 24/7), or listen to his attempts at catch phrases (half of which seem to be supplied by the DR).
    All of this would be tolerable if the guy did not think he was gods gift to the BB house. I don’t know where his sense of self-righteousness came from, but he really has an insanely overblown ego. Maybe it is from being Boogies boy since day one, I don’t know.

    2- I have a theory. I read in one of Janelles exit interviews that she said AG LOVES wrestling.
    Anyone catching a resemblence between her and young Frank?
    Maybe she was a one of the wrestling groupies who Franks dad nailed on his cheating expedtiions, and Frank is the result!
    The awful hair and the girly walk fit, and the muscles come from daddy.
    No wonder she is fighting so hard for him to stay!

    Just my opinions and theories.

    1. Franks father was a big time wrestler during the popular error of wrestling. Wrestling is all about ego, being self righteous and being gods gift to man. Frank grew up watching his dad wrestle and perform on T.V. most likely. He is a character on the show, and he is playing it well. I also believe he will play this up to get into wrestling within the next couple years.

        1. Geryski- If you are talking about reading it up above in my post, I was joking.
          If you actually DID read it somewhere else let me know, because if that is the case my half-assed joke theories actually are pretty accurate and I may have a new career!

      1. AG= Allison Grodner, producer of Big Brother
        Also, she is in love with Jeff (for what reasons I can not fathom, if they had a BB dedicated to douches he would be first on the roster).

        1. Jen is that thing you see in the corner of your eye, that no one else believes is real
          Jen is the hair on the back of you neck that stand up, because you feel that you are being watched, but when you turn around no one is there.
          Jen is that voice that no one else can here.

          Jen is Big Brothers first Tattooed Punk Rock Lesbian Ghost, house guest. Say Jen three times in the mirror, and they will cut Live feeds.

          1. “Jen is Big Brothers first Tattooed Punk Rock Lesbian Ghost, house guest. Say Jen three times in the mirror, and they will cut Live feeds.”


    2. I know BB is always rigged for the viewers, but now they do it for the producer’s favorite. haha. what a great show!
      (For the record, I am not ok with any cheats for the game.)

  2. Is BB allowing Booger and Frank to get high?? What planet are they living on? It is quite commical that Booger thinks he still has control over the house, what an ego that man has! I don’t think production cares if Frank or Booger goes because as soon as they leave the silent 6 will start picking each other off, they will have to all play hard to stay in the game. The game is really just starting when they get the big players out and leave the floaters in.

    1. I agree.

      “Frank says that if they don’t do what we want them to do, we can tell him that we will put up Shane and Dan”
      “What do you think he will do to do if he could do this to a friend.”
      “Frank and Boogie comment on how they all need to go up and tell Shane to put up Dan or Joe as the replacement.”
      “Boogie tells Ian to get to work this week if he doesn’t want to be the other nominee.”

      I don’t know what planet these 2 are on but the still think they are in charge and can tell everyone what to do. As if they get to choose the replacement nominee. Everyone already knows that their targets are Shane & Dan, which is why they are on the block in the first place. Goes to show that Boogie has never had any game other than arrogance if he thinks he can demand that everyone do his bidding and they will just roll over and do it especially with one foot out the door.

      Oh, and Boogie, this is a GAME. What Dan does inside the house is nothing like he is on the outside. Unlike you, who is a lying, cheating, arrogant a** both inside and out.

      Frank is upset about who he has to work with now? Just goes to show you shouldn’t have put all your stupid eggs into Boogie’s basket. Now he is going to DEMAND that Shane do what he wants! What a laugh. Can’t wait until stinky follows his booger out the door.

  3. Grasping for straws when they have no hope, whining and bitching like 2 year olds. Calling people dumbasses because they won’t do what they want, when it’s no benefit for anyone to help them. When have I seen this before? Oh yeah, every freaking day!! Tff

    1. No, Dan is taking the blame for what he Ian did and everyone knows that Ian did it which is why boogie going to frank and using the if dan could do this to a friend what do you think he will do to you won’t work. Sadly boogie and frank are so focused on dan being the culprit that they missed the real one Ian. Brit let it slip that boogie and frank were going to put them up which is why shane put them up so boogie assumed it was dan because he thinks that is the only person he said it to but in reality he forgot he told Ian and dan is covering so they don’t know Ian is there spy. My guess at some point dan will use the info but not yet

      1. Isn’t it amazing how Dan, in the same room as Britney, says he did not tell Britney, Britney says he didn’t (and she is so mad she would have thrown Dan under the bus if he had) and Boogie and Frankie call them both liars. When in reality Boogie is so dismissive of Ian that he forgot that he told Ian what he is accusing Dan of telling Britney.

        Poor whiney loser.

        1. Since Boogie’s life is all about “rolling into a club”, with or without a big, sweaty guy, I guess his brain is so addled by alcohol that he can’t remember anything he says or does. This is why he is a loser.

  4. They may have a shot to keep both of them in the house.
    It is a long shot, but it is a shot.

    It all depend on the pawn, and how the pawn works it or loses it.

    Jen: is not a bad choice to put up as the pawn. She knows Boogie and Franks crap. but she was so ignored they do not know hers.

    Ian: Bad choice. He will crack like an egg and everything will get splattered everywhere. Boogie and Frank can work with what comes out, but can the Quack Pack handle it?

    Ashley: That is a toss up. She will either be butterflies and rainbows, fall into depression or fight to get boogie out.

    Joe: Bad Choice for Quack Pack/ Great Choice for Frank and Boogie. Boogie can make this guy turn into a royal obnoxious putz, and send him flying off the handle and out the door.

    Best choice for DDBS is Jen
    Best Choice for Boogie and Frank: Joe

    Dan or Danielle would be a fun Choice, but will never happen. Even Shane is not that dumb, of course I would never have thought Marcellus to be that dumb and he surprised me.
    Brittney is Safe, she is completely off the table.

    1. I don’t even seeing it as a long shot for one thing boogie/frank have made it clear they are gunning for dan and secondly they are unaware that Ian is working against them. There is no way shane is going to put up a member of his own allience to save mike it doesn’t make sense he knows that at some point very soon shane will be his target and he also knows that they were considering it last week. The deck is stacked against them unless shane is a complete idiot he will get rid of mike. I think boogie and franks biggest mistake is trying to do to dan what they did to janelle it will backfire shane is way to close to dan if boogie was smart he would turn his focus on someone that the house wants out

    2. @Eric CA, I disagree on that one. If I was Shane I would replace Ian or Dan as a nominee. It will benefit of sending Dan or Ian home. Do you remember Ronnie of Big Brother 11? He always be a rat. Let’s see how Ian will go up as a replacement. Beside Frank will win HoH next week & put up Dan & Shane on the block. And it will happen if their will be double eviction. No outgoing HoH can survive the double eviction.

      1. I know that you are a Boogie/Frank fan and want one of them to win but you are wrong.

        If Shane were to team up with Boogie and Frank, he just lost the game. You know as well as I do that if he were to team up with B/F then anyone from the Quack Pack would never vote for him to win because he betrayed them. B/F would not have his back as they don’t think they could trust him now. They will use him for 1 or 2 weeks and then boot him out.

        If Shane stays with his alliance he has 5 other people on his side or more. He would get to the final 4 or 5 at least. People on the Jury appreciate loyalty more than big moves.

        1. @WW Your wrong! Frank can handle the pressure of winning HoH (Fast Forward). Shane can’t even handle the pressure. Listen to my facts. No outgoing HoH survive the Double Eviction from Brendon to Jeff and now either Dan or Shane. Frank has to win HoH fast forward. I’m not a Frank fan but I watch wrestling when I was little. Believe me, I’m telling a truth.

      2. Ian will not be put up as a replacement, not will anyone on team Quack Pack. They want to control the vote. My bet is that Jenn or Ashley go up. Shane will not get any more blood on his hands this week. He has never trusted Boogie. He told Frank weeks ago that it wasn’t about Frank – it was about Boogie. Second, Shane is in for a world of hurt if he puts up Dan – he won’t do something like that unless he is sure he has the votes. Plus, Danielle will hurt him

        1. @CRUIZIN596, Are you nuts? Ashley or Jenn: NO! Dumb idea, Remember pawns will go home like Moron Lawon. If I was Shane, I would say Backdoor Ian or Dan. There’s No other choice. Take out the coaches will even the plain field. You want Dan to win for the second time. Nobody attempt to win it. Especially, Jordan or Eval Dick (Who walk out). Beside, Shane will be fine. That’s my thought.

          1. CaptainWedgie~

            You gotta, JUST GOTTA, stop posting as if you have a say in the matter or has true insight into the game. Really, I generally like your posts, but lately, you’ve been little more than BeyonceFan. You’re starting to sound that bad in your posts. Just say that’s what YOU want to happen.

            FACT: Boogie is in a bad spot. He needs production or a miracle to save him.

            What you want, as a pseudo-player, makes NO difference whatsoever. Realize you are nothing more that a fan. Your opinions are no more than that…. opinions.

            1. @ITALLSUCKS, your wrong again. Beyonce fans much badder post than me and you don’t see it. Frank is pesudo-player. Beside, your facts is wrong and it always be wrong. Also, your opinion is wrong. My opinion is great and I speak the truth. So, the answer is NO! Beside, Mike Boogie can’t pull this off & that’s a fact.

              1. “Listen to my facts.” And where do you get your “facts” from? Oh yeah, that melon thing on top of your body called a brain. You have ZERO facts.

                I honestly think you may be Boogie somehow blogging from inside the house.

      3. Boogie taking credit for saving Danielle when she was up against JoJo – Dani was never the target. It was all about eliminating Brit’s team.

      4. I have heard Shane mention, more than once, about final two with Danielle. Did they agree to a final two back in week one or two?

        1. Yes, they made a deal very early on. It was either his first HOH or her HOH. It was before the coaches came in the game. Since then, when they are alone, they have talked about it as well. They have talked about it more frequently now that the coaches are in the game.

      5. That’s what I said. Ian is a terrible choice to put up. He will crack like an egg. Boogie would play it to his advantage, and stay.
        Personally I want ALL of the coaches out, not just Boogie. I want Dan out also and as much as I adore Brittney, i want her to follow right after.

        Those coaches have done nothing but screw up their players games. Frank became a target, not on his own repugnant merit, it was Boogie.
        Shane was originally messed up by Brittney picking JoJo and Willie to be his team mates

        I think it only benefited, Joe, Ian, Ashley and Jen so far.

        Get Boogie out, then Dan and then Brittney. All noob playing field. That or go Jen and Ashley.

    3. Brittany, I regret to say, is in the best position in the game right now. Shane’s “big move” has virtually guaranteed the next three evictees will be strong male competitors. The only person in a decent position to counter he is Dan.

  5. on danielles twitter page…she said she voted for mark ballas one thousand times….so she is obsessed with celebrities too….am i the only one who finds that strange? one thousand times? and her page u can clearly see she is obsessed with celebrities….she tweets khloe kardashian like she is her best friend……looney tune looney tune…will from big brother is doing a big brother parody on his youtube show next week….and he just found out that danielle lied about trey….so i can’t wait until his show comes out…i bet its going to be funny funny funny….so the only reason im watching the show on cbs tonight is for the diary room sessions…and to see if there is a pandoras box…QUESTION! simon if a pandoras box was opened/? would they show that on the live feeds/?????????????

    1. No if a pandora’s box is opened it is not shown on the live feeds, however the house guests talk about it after so we get a picture of what it was and if punishments are unleashed into the house obviously we see that as well.

  6. If Boogie stays this week i’m going to stop watching! He is after all the people that need to stay. Can you see Jenn, Ash, jo, and Ian being the last in the house? It would be the worst BB EVER!

    1. I am glad that you will still be watching. Plenty more drama to come. Boogie may be good for drama, but not good for a game or peaceful living. He needs to go and so does Frank. Straight shooters? Please!

      1. @WW, I don’t think Frank is not going anywhere. He will win Fast Forward HoH. Listen to my facts, No outgoing HoH like Shane survive the double eviction.

        1. CaptainWedgie~

          Stop it. You have no idea what is going to happen. You are a biased fan HOPING that what you want to happen WILL happen. Other than that, you are speculating…… same as the rest of us.

          1. @ITALLSUCKS The answer is NO. I’m not a biased and I speaking the truth. I’m Not a Boogie but I respect his Gameplay. The only biased more than me is Beyonce Fan. Trust me on that one. Frank will win HoH fast forward. PERIOD!

  7. It’s comedic how obsessed Frank and Mike are with Dan. Mike isn’t as bad, but Frank will take any opportunity he can to talk about Dan and how he needs to get him out of the house. Dan was likely the only person in the house who could have bridged the gap between the BSDD and them, but obviously that’s not going to happen now that they’re openly bashing Dan. Mike will likely be gone this week, and Frank will go shortly after, even if he wins HOH next week. He’s to obsessed with Dan to take a step back and think about things strategically. This season really shows how much Mike’s past strategy (from other seasons) was guided by his past alliance. When he has to step up and run the show, he falls short. In this case it’s too bad, because he’s slowly ruining Frank’s game too.

    1. He is obsessed with Dan, because he did not backdoor him.
      perhaps if he did Boogie would have tried for HoH or safety and things would be different.

      My favorite thing about this Season is the unadulterated hypocrisy. All over this Season.

      Floaters Screaming that they need to get floaters out of the house.

      People who clearly throw an HoH or PoV, complaining about people throwing competitions.

      He/She lied to me, while I was telling them a lie about they’re safe this week, the liars around here.

      I have run a clean game… and he plays dirty, before I could.

      I hate all of these mean people. What is up with her lips anyway?

      Please, if Boogie goes there will still be enough fun with sociopaths hypocrisy to last us to the end.

      Seasons like this, that is probably going to have a Ian and Jen or Ashley and Jen final two, remind me of people that say “I am descended from aristocracy. ”
      I do not want to hear the stories of that great ancestor, I want to hear the stories of the guy who screwed it up so bad, for the rest of you.
      That is the fun story. The fun in a season like this is watching arrogance screw themselves over, not Captain America and Princess Perfect in the final two.

    2. I agree they are way to focused on dan and funny thing is the reason they are so mad at him is for something he didn’t even do if they stopped foucing so much on dan they might actually see the truth

  8. Dawg/Simon – did you ever get the low down on why feeds were blocked for so long yesterday by production. Obviously the comps were over LONG before they came back up. While I rarely resort to reading other blogs (cuz I just love you guys), I’m dying to know what went down so I just did a quick read through another site and they reference serveral comments I don’t recall seeing in your updates: 1) Frank saying he palmed a chip in the bag, 2) Ashley supposedly threw the comp to Frank and 3) Ian referencing a “talk in the DR” then prduction again cuts to fish…..

    1. My take on the clip you are talking about: Frank says that the draw couldn’t have gone any better for them and then he looks at the camera and smiles. I honestly don’t believe that it was rigged as Britney was in the arcade room talking to Frank and Boogie about how production got them to dump out the chips after to show that all of the house guests names were in the bag and that it WAS a fair draw. She even commented on how they haven’t done that before and if they hadn’t she would have thought it was rigged. I think Frank looking at the camera was him looking at the live feed viewers and smiling at how Boogie and him have a shot at winning it. Just like how he sits and talks to the cameras in the mornings.. I don’t know exactly why the feeds were blocked for so long yesterday and we may not until the Wednesday show when the POV is shown.

      1. See that’s why I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Rather than just inuendo about what’s was said and done, you give us the gist conversations in context….Keep up the good work. BTW my HOH stands for Hard of Hearing. I’ve tried serveral years in a row to keep up via the Live Feed however it’s just too much work to “hear” what’s being said and there’s no captioning feature built into the streaming. No matter….I’ve got you Guys.

      2. Dawg,
        The reason the chip thing is a controversy is more about what happened before the Frank “smile” at the camera bit.
        Before that he was talking about having the chip in his hand, palming it and putting his hand into the bag. And then you got FISH. After it comes back Boogie says “Never mention that again”.
        Now, most are saying that Frank had to redo the draw for the cameras/production for the clip they would show on CBS. That he had drawn HGchoice and they just wanted to film it again.
        Some are implying he was given that chip beforehand and had it before his hand ever hit the bag (which is why he was palming it).

        1. Honestly everyone can speculate on what they think happened or didn’t happen. I have also heard that Boogie pulled out the houseguest choice and he picked Ian. Then Frank pulled out Ian’s chip, so he had to pick someone else which he was told to put his hand back in the bag and pull it back out. Boogie saying don’t mention it again is because production probably told them not to discuss it because of this very fact that everyone thinks the game is rigged. People take things and spin them which ever way they want to see it without knowing all the facts. Its impossible to know exactly what happened because we wont ever see all the facts.

          1. Hey Dawg.
            You edited something out of my post above. I knew you didn’t want us posting links to certain things, I figured that one out yesterday.
            Is it also not cool to tell people to google something to actually see what was captured? I thought it would be kosh without the link but if you frown on that sorry, I won’t do it again if that is the case. (Just wanted to let everyone judge for themselves.)


          2. Dawg, that is probaby the most plausible explanation. Boogie went first, pulled out HG Choice and chose Ian. Frank pulled out Ian and they had to do a redraw. Makes sense that they don’t want that talked about on the feeds. Most likely, when they cut feeds, Frank probably got a “Frank, stop talking about production” and Boogie says not to mention it again. Makes sense.

            Any word on what Ashley was referring to with all of Franks cussing when the feeds came back last night?

            Thanks Dawg! Oh and I am happy to see that in the poll more people like you than Joe and Jenn combined!! lol

          3. You’re probably right, but production should just let them talk about it. If it was an innocent production thing to get the right shot for the episode, then what’s the harm if live feeders know that instead of fueling the fire of speculation about how the game is rigged by fishing us every time the subject comes up. As usual, AG is just stupid when it comes to smart production decisions.

  9. love him or hate him, you have to respect boogie for playing the game. the only players this season with any sense of strategic play is, boogie, frank and dan. everyone else in that house are lapdogs. people can talk about the game being rigged, but I have no problem with production protecting certain players. production has their own personal scoring system in how the players do in the house. if production feels they need to throw in a monkey wrench to stir up the drama they will do it. I believe if boogie is evicted first and shane, dan or frank leaves in double eviction, the two evicted will get another chance at the house in a few weeks. we already seen this happen last year with Brendon coming back in the house, and the duo twist to keep Rachel and Jordan in the game. to us fans we see this as a game….to production it’s a game of ratings.

    1. LOL. frank has good game? thats a joke. one the weakest games if EVER seen. he is on a personal vendetta now. thats never good in this game. he invests in a lost cause named boogie. and was saved by production to stay. he was already evicted!

      if he had good game, he would lay low now, win HOH and go from there. with the kind of game play he is showing he will not stay long and in the event he will stay nobody will vote for him in the jury.

      1. your dumb, it impossible for frank to lay low when from day 1 Janelle put in everyone’s head how dangerous he is and now that hes actually winning comp’s there is no way he can run from the target on his back

      2. well if you think frank doesn’t have any game, it’s obvious you’re not paying attention in how big of a threat he really is. he won HOH and POV throughout this season, and have been on the hot seat of being evicted several times already. the people in that house don’t want him in the game, because he’s winning events in the game. whether you believe production saved him or not, that’s your opinion. Janelle herself has said in a few interviews since she left the house that Frank is not only a dangerous player in the game, a threat in winning the game. nobody lays low when they’re up on the block, it’s a natural reaction to get emotional and defensive when you feel you got betrayed in the game. let’s see how Dan and Britney reacts when they’re on the block, they’re not going to be laying low neither. everyone reacts this way on BB.

        1. Frank is good at the comps, but his social game sucks, if things don’t go his way he blows up at people and becomes a bully, thats why I like Dan because he does not get upset he stays so calm and does not personally attack anyone
          thats how to play this game!

          1. I understand what you’re saying, but players throw ethics out the window when playing this game. go check out how Dick Donato won in season 8, and come back in tell me if that’s how you see Boogie or Frank treating people in BB 14.

    2. I thought about that too but there are too many people in the house for them to do that they would never be able to end by finale night and if they did do that it wouldn’t be just the last players (that would be lame) it would include all the players left and america would vote personally i would love janelle to come back

    3. games should be played fairly, ratings would be much better if people thought they were watching a game played fairly. I know its WAY different on many levels and not a good comparison, but look at the rating for he olympics..awesome!

    4. @Dan’s Bible Study Class: I don’t have to respect Boogie’s game. He is fine as long as things are going his way. When they are not, he gets pissy, mopes and yells. He becomes a bully and trys to use intimidation to get things the way he wants. He plays the game like a spoiled bratty punk sh!thead that is entitled to the win. He and Frank say that BB should just sign the checks to them when there were still 12 people in the house. How arrogant.

      1. At long last, there is something that we both can completely agree about. Boogie’s sense of entitlement is the driving force in me wanting to see him sitting next to Julie on Thursday.

    1. The voices in Danielle’s head tell her that not only did she stay up there till past 2 in the morning, but they are now secretly engaged. NOTHING COMES BETWEEN HER AND HER LUNATIC OBSESSIONS!

  10. In a perfect world, Boogie and Frank will both be evicted in the double eviction, unless BB can find a fast way to rig the HoH or PoV for Frank.

  11. I can’t wait to see Boogie leave the house. I hope I never see his ugly mug again.

    I am quite sure a big player will go on Thurs. night. Either Frank, Dan or Shane will go for sure.

    Shane has no chance at winning BB because he has no game unfortunately. He only wins comps. :(

    I would go nuts if Frank leaves after Boogie Thurs night.

    Brit, Shane or Ian FTW. (I like Ian for some reason. I have empathy for him I guess).

    1. I would love for Dan to win, just to piss off Boogie who thinks he is the best BB player ever, but I really like Ian, Ian is doing a great job playing Boogie

      1. Good point. I would find it hilarious if Dan did win because it would bug Frank and Boogie so much. LOL

      2. Boogie’s game has always been about riding someone else’s coattails. He firmly plants his lips on someone else’s ass and then hangs on for dear life. If anyone DARE question his sense of entitlement, he act like a spoiled 2 year old with empty threats. He has no power but he keeps talking as if he only has to flick his little finger and everyone else is supposed to dance for him. Let’s see how “ordering” & threatening Shane to put up Dan works out! haha. I already know. It doesn’t. They obviously believe that Shane doesn’t have a brain in his head & would believe them if they say they wouldn’t put him up. They were already going to back stab him and got caught and they STILL think they can make him do their bidding.

        And I thought Danielle was the only delusional one in the house.

  12. Dan didn’t do anything except take the Blame to Protect the Alliance! … I Really hope that neither Shane nor Britney fall for Foogie’s Lies! … I Know Danielle will Not and I think Danielle will keep Britney and Shane straight! … AND, Shane needs to NOT Open Pandora(Cheater) Box!, However if Frank stays much longer or If he evicts the Quack Pack, they should SUE BB because Frank was supposed to be gone weeks ago!

  13. While everyone in the house is fighting/arguing, Aspie Ian is slipping through the cracks like a cockroach after bread crumbs.

  14. Wait a minute, a cockroach knows where it’s going and they are independent. Make that comparison on Aspie Ian to that of a leech on a pig!

  15. The only person Frank should be mad at is himself. He had an opportunity to backdoor Dan last week and instead he sent Wil packing. Dan has won this game and Wil hasn’t won anything. He should have put up Dan and Boogie with the option to backdoor Britney. What an idiot! Quit listening to Booger and play your own game Frank! Also, if Frank does go into wrestling…I think his name should be LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD or CARROT TOP.

  16. I’m not going to be one of those who say I’m going to refuse to watch once so and so is eliminated but the feeds would be much less interesting without Boogie or Britney in the house. These people are so boring.


    Wanna know why you’re glued to this (fabulous btw) site??? And why you can’t get enough of the show right now?? Because Frank & Mike Boogie are still in the house!!! And it makes for some of THE BEST BBAD and Live Feed transmissions ever!! If Mike Boogie leaves this game, all of this fantastic entertainment will go with him! Wouldn’t you all rather see some serious game play going on for a few more weeks than watch a bunch of pansy-ass players running around with their thumbs up their asses trying to figure out how to really play this game?? Love Mike Boogie and Frank or hate them, it makes no difference to me, but you can’t deny that those 2 are not just sitting around sucking on ice teas while making up fictitious stories of alliances (Joe), attempting to divert every single house conversation back around to it being “all about me” (Danielle), floating in lala-land waiting for the next cocktail hour (Ashley), pretending to be a CIA operative touting my BB skills as being unmatched worldwide yet hasn’t won a single competition while shaking in my boots that I’m gonna get put up on the block (Ian), and I hear there’s some snaggle-toothed, nasty old rocker chic in the house that does nothing but sleep all day and only shows her ugly face when it’s time to stuff it with food!

    I’m hoping that by some twist of BB fate, Mike Boggie gets to stay awhile longer…. because aside from Frank & Britney (my personal faves) there is no one left in this house with Mike Boogie’s kind of entertainment value. Would I vote to give Mike Boogie another $500K? Hell no! But I would like to get MY monies worth out of the time I spend watching some of the idiot slouches in this house this year.

    Just sayin’

    1. Wow, somebody is cranky this morning.
      Boogie goes, I will still watch.
      There will be still a lush assortment of douche-i-osity to go around.

      I will still watch, I will still come back here top rant and rave.

      Don’t Cry for Mike Boogie, You can still watch him sunning at the luxury resort of the Jury House.

      1. Not cranky at all Eric….. And yes, I will still watch even if Mike Boogie leaves (never implied that I wouldn’t)… just calling it the way I see it.

        Frank FTW!!

    2. I agree 100%. I’m not even rooting for boogie to win the game, it’s about entertainment for me. every single person in that house is talking shit about each other. it’s part of the game. if boogie was to sit back and quietly sleep through thursday with no fight in him, these same people will say he’s a quitter.

    1. I understand that now the drama has started due to Boogie/Frank but I didn’t want to watch Boogie AT ALL, from the beginning because I can’t take arrogant bullies of any stripe – TV show drama or not. I was SO disappointed to see his mug at the start of the season and just want him GONE so I stop wanting to jump through the screen and slap him. Entertainment is one thing. Blatant arrogance/self-centeredness is another. I hate people like him in real life and don’t want to spend one second with them so why should I enjoy spending hours watching him?

      FYI, if (should say “when” but we can’t count out AG’s meddling to save him) Boogie goes home, he will not go to the jury house. His butt goes HOME, which will be actually more humiliating to him than to go to jury. He may be missing his son but his EGO won’t be able to take the fact that he can’t control ANYTHING about the outcome this year.

  18. i don’t get people who watch this show and complain when it’s boring but you want boogie and frank to go. If things are boring now imagine when there both gone… Just dreadful. Lets be honest boogie may not be playing but frank is and him, shane and danielle are the only ones playing. The rest are cowards i don’t want to win hoh, i am going to throw the pov. Please so why did they bother coming on the show and that includes britney and dan they have done nothing.

    1. btw thanks a lot dan for boring us to death and saying if boogie calls the house meeting he won’t be involved. The one chance to make great television and he opts out thanks for boring us not only with your game playing but with the great tv your making.

    2. I would rather it be boring that watch the bullying that is going on and listen to misogynistic talk. I am also way past done with the mouths on both of these tools. I am not a prude when it comes to swearing – but this is over the top. CBS fighting to save one or both of these douches tells me that they condone their attitude towards women and to me that is unacceptable. I am rooting for everyone BUT Frank and Boogie. I do not believe you reward socially unacceptable behavior. Jeff took HUGE hear for a comment on a Harry Potter character. Can’t anyone see what is so wrong here????

    3. i like to watch good game play!

      franks and boogies so far is horrible. they get played by quack for weeks. at this point freaking ian has played a better game. he is an awesome position. and on top of that frank and boogie are playing personal and mean. showing no respect for other housegests. enternmaint is good. but not at all costs.

    4. I have to disagree both brit and dan have a good social game which is why no finds brit a threat and everyone likes dan as far as the show being more exciting with frank and boogie at times it is but they also are so annoying and there ego gets the best of them. I can’t say i will be sad to see boogie go and as hard as he is pushing to get dan gone i doubt it will happen for one thing the person he is relying on to make this happen is the person who stabbed him in the back to begin with

    5. Yeah, lets be honest. Since Frank couldn’t play for HOH, Boogie really tried for the HOH but got the jugs confused and inadvertently filled the $10K jug, right?

      You may find Boogie entertaining, but I find him to be an obnoxious, arrogant, narcissistic punk and I would love nothing more than to tell him that right to his face.

      1. Exactly. The problem is that Boogie would take it as a compliment. Just last week he was talking about how he, basically, had iron-fisted control over the house and everyone in it. He can’t seem to fathom that he didn’t and that everyone doesn’t want to kiss his a** all the time. Narcissistic personality disorder doesn’t allow for ANY negativity towards themselves. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault that they behave like a total jerk-weed.

  19. On this page there is a guy in the BB backyard sunning himself, he has tattoos, a black vest and it even looks like he is wearing a black bra. Who is this guy, does anyone know, was he thrown in there for a twist? Pandora’s box? Never seen him before, but he sure is scary and ugly!

  20. I really think BB is giving Frank way to much info than the other house-guest. I don’t care how much you watch the show, there are different personalities. Which means the way you thought you would handle it or conduct yourself would not be the same. We all shift gears with the our personality on the people we meet in the real world. As for Frank & Boogie to berate others is unacceptable as if they smell like a bed of roses of all there so called truth. Yes they might tell them straight up what they will do because BB will not allow them to have repercussion of them being so blunt to the others. I really do not have a pick, just watching for pure entertainment of what people will do for money. I see comments on here of there opinion of what the DDBS should do but the truth is, you really don’t know what you would do because your not in the house and wouldn’t have the knowledge of what is being said as you sit out here and watch what is being done. I don’t get why people in here call folks names or talk so negative on people they don’t even know. Yes we can voice what we think, we have that right but have we resulted to such nastiness and being so brutal that it’s to hard to show some respect and love. I usually don’t comment on here but I felt compelled to do it today. Remember people this is a reality show and they juice it up because they know most people like to see the drama. That’s why all these reality shows are popping up everywhere because they know they can suker us up to watch.

  21. people need to stop with this rigged theory shit because when Shane was winning comps people didn’t say shit but now that Frank is winning everyone has a opinion because they hate him.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely correct.
      We will complain, as we have always complained against injustice or that obnoxious prat that just works our last nerve.
      Of course people will complain, of cheating when Frank wins, or is given a gift from the Big Brother Gods.
      and celebrate if Shane opens the door to his mystery dream date, and finds Janelle standing there in a bikini holding the
      Platinum Power of HoH Wompy Wizardy Cop de’ tat Whatever.

      Why you may ask? Is it truth Justice and the American Way? Good triumphing over Evil? I say No to all of those things.
      It comes down to this one extremely profound statement.

      “Damn, that dude is a douche.”

    2. They already rigged it against Shane once by taking away his HOH and not allowing Frank to go home. There is no way to safely strategize if you are going to have production cheat for some players but not others. Frank should have gone home a long time ago and we would have seen Boogie twisting in the wind for a long time. Now, THAT would have been good entertainment.

      Instead, we are just sitting around waiting for AG to drop the other shoe and save Boogie and totally invalidate any gameplay that has happened before. That is why people get so mad. They WANT to see the strategies people use and to have them cut off at the knees anytime it doesn’t go AG’s way makes it impossible to enjoy.

      It’s like watching detective shows. I can’t stand them because part of the fun is to try to figure out the mystery. But when the characters have “information” in their heads that the viewers can’t see and they withhold that info to make a strange twist invalidates all of that. It is impossible to enjoy when you can’t even play along.

  22. I am just watching bbad and boogie really is a poor loser he is talking about calling everyone out if he leaves and not to walk him out at least Janelle left with class. This is why i have a hard time wanting him to stay

  23. i am going to start an I HATE BOOGIE FANCLUB………janelle was right when she said boogie has boy crushes……he loved dr will, and no he loves frank…he almost came to tears when dr will left ….and now he is showing his true colors….ne body want to join my club…..i also am going to start an DONATION FOR DANIELLES THERAPY,…and an DEODORANT FOR FRANK BASKET

  24. JOE! PLEASE QUIT WEARING THAT OLD BLUE KENTUCKY TSHIRT EVERYDAY!!! BB, please give this guy a shirt or a leotard or something else to wear!!!

  25. I love how Ian is playing the shit out of Boogie and Frank. Ian is the 2nd best player in this game, his only flaw is that he doesn’t know how to influence people and get them to do what he wants. He’s in the best position right now. Even if he gets outted as a spy, the only potential jury member that would really effect in a negative way is Frank. Joe, Ashley, and Jenn won’t care that he was a rat. In fact, they’ll probably respect him more and be even more likely to vote for him to win because he outsmarted Boogie.

  26. Eventually Ian game will be out in the open cant wait to see the fallout from this. It’s gonna be EPIC!!

  27. Booger SHUT THE FUCK YOU, YOU OVERRATED WEASEL, nobody did ANYTHING you, that you weren’t gonna do to them NEXT WEEK( as you put it), you just mad they beat you to the KO punch. Take your Billionaire ass home

    1. From what I have read, he may actually need the money. He is not only being sued for embezzlement (which is why he has APPEARED rich when he was just stealing from his restaurant) and have to pay restitution but he could also go to jail. Just goes to show he is exactly the same in real life.

      And, just because his restaurant GROSSED $9M doesn’t mean it had a profit as most restaurants have a very slim margin. Add embezzlement to that and he may be p*ss poor.

  28. Shane is such a pussy. Last night, in the safety of his HOH, surrounded by the Quack Pack, he had balls. He was going to tell boogie he wasn’t putting Dan up. Today, face to face with Boogie, he does not have the balls to go toe to toe with Boogie. If Shane bails on his alliance, he deserves to go out during double eviction. I think Dani and Brit would vote his ass out.

  29. Boogie is a sociopath. He needs control. He’s so pissed off because he thought he had control over the house and now realizes that he was no control whatsoever. That’s why he’s going to try and boss Ian around until he gets evicted on Thursday.

  30. If Pandora’s Box is gonna be in the game, Hope someone don’t open it, it might be just the one last season which saved Rachel from eviction.. I want Booger to go, let Frank play for himself, same with Britney, the Noobs shouldn’t playing for their coaches writing them a check, FUCK THEM

  31. I think Shane switched sides – he just told Boogie Dan is the reason he put up Froogie.

  32. If Shane listens to mike and he puts Dan or even joe up then this is the dumbest cast ever and they might as well just right checks out to frank and mike

    1. That’s the problem Dan is having. Everyone he is aligned with is dumb. Your as only smart as the people you are playing with! Danielle is smart but she is such a narcissist its hard for her to see beyond herself.

  33. Funny how the feeds have cut every single time someone has mentioned the whole ‘Boogie and Frank cheating in the veto” thing…….guilty much BB?

  34. Is anyone else intrigued at how much this season is going very similar for Dan as his BB10 season?
    #1 – he was a HUGE target at the beginning of both seasons
    BB14 – both of his players on his team being evicted first and Dani being nominated, but escaped eviction and had they voted Dani out he would have been gone from the game. Like in BB10 when he was a huge target the first week cause of Brian, nominated 2nd week and escaped eviction.
    #2 – Dani won an HOH and they formed some allies with getting Janelle out…similar to when Keesha won HOH week 3 and he started forming strong bonds with others in the house while laying low that week.
    #3 He’s thrown competitions all season and people see that (just like in BB10), but then they all start thinking he really isn’t that athletic or good as others.
    #4 Now he has Frank obviously targeting him, similar to how Jerry was calling him “judas” and he garnered sympathy from everyone by not fighting back and laying low. I see that happening now too – his alliance and Ian are feeling bad for him because he’s being blamed for something he didn’t do.

    It will be interesting to see if he (or his alliance members) are able to pull out some competition wins to save him over the next 2 weeks when he needs to – like he did in BB10.

    If he can pull those off, he is poised for a Final 2 again.

  35. Big Brother Producers PLEASE stop poisoning our TVs with these overrated annoying vets, at least until All-Stars, thinking about All-Stars, I honestly don’t believe there will be one, every year they will continue to cram Vets with a new cast. Enough already, the ratings are low because nobody wants to see vets dominate newbs. This coach thing was interesting for about a week, til we all correctly predicted they would be brought into the game, to ruin a good twist.

    Are they too scared to create New BB Stars?? I know their are going to be a bigger star, then every one of the people who played out there. Baddest, Best Social game, wins most comps, there will be better people to come, just give it a chance, and stop casting boring people.. The whole new cast for last season was weak to give the Vets an easy shot to overrun them, I mean who casts a 3 “couch potatoes” in “Kalia,Adam, and Porsche”? Last season had the whackiest new cast of any show, if the Vets weren’t ego trippin on themselves, the Newbs wouldn’t have won shit.Returning vet(minus evel, so mad he had to go, season was almost garbage without him) had a easy coast to final 7…..

  36. Here is the question to you all: How many outgoing HoH survive the double eviction? Explain and Shane will be the next to go.

    1. CaptainWedgie~

      You have been SOOOOO wrong so far. Frank and Boogie got put up. Boogie remains. Shane could be gone after Thursday, but NO ONE, NO ONE, knows that. You assume, OR hope for, that outcome. Stop with your Boogie love. Right now, ya boy is on the oustide looking in. Act like you are a fan, not an houseguest with “special” information. It makes ya look foolish.

  37. if all goes as is should franoogie will be divided this week the quack pack has all the power. And I hope one of them win the hoh thursday for the double eviction. The quack pack is sending boogie home they have the four votes needed and they know they must seperate the two. Frank is nothing more than boogies butt boy and frank should hmself vote to get boogie out, boogie would have won that hoh if he wasnt greedy and knowing the game as he does.
    I just hopr BB does not destroy the noms this week like they did with the coaches coming back.. I still do not understand why they didnt wait until after the eviction to bring them back.unless it was only to save frank .

  38. I don’t like to get into personal appearance but I have to say that Frank’s hair reminds me of a bad 70’s porno king. I can’t get “Boogie Nights” John C. Riley out of my head when I see him. Oh, the irony that Boogie has attached himself to “Boogie Nights”. lol

  39. i think bb is rigged everytime they don’t want something to happent they change the rules so the people they want to stay in the game can’t get gone

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