Big Brother Spoilers – The Avocado Goddess JUMPS into the Game

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

9:31pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Ian Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ashley tells him that they both love this game so much and she would never throw the POV competition.

Ian: “I think it will be OK ASh”
AShley: ‘Whatever happens I think it will be the same outcome.. Boogie goes home”
Ian: “Ya.. he’ll see his kid”
Ashley: “Like Janelle”
AShley : “I kind of feel bad.. but what can you do.. thats the way the cookie crumbles.. it’s just a game”
AShley is worried about the nominations. Ian tells her all she can do at this point is hope for the best Monday morning. Ashley wonders if they luxury competition will be tomorrow. Ian doesn’t think so he’s thinking some bodies need to leave first before CBS pulls the luxuries out.
Ashley mentions that there is a lot of stuff being said about Dan. Ian doesn’t believe it Ian likes Dan.
Britney Joins them.

They start talking about sixteen and pregnant Britney brings up the one couple that liked to smoke pot and hang out at the video arcade while her mom looked after the baby. The Dad’s name is Keifer Delp.. Britney impersonates the couple on the show. “Keffa..I’m smoking pot with Keffa…Keffa” She says “Matt watches it it’s his guilty Pleasure” . Ian says he refuses to watch it.

Britney: “You are so california.. you are Avocado Goddess”
Ashley: “Ahhh i’m the Avocado goddess”
Ashley: ‘I know this is kinda silly I think Danielle is made at me because I never ate dinner”
Britney: ‘Are you serious”
AShley: ‘No.. but ya I am.. I can tell from her facial expressions”
Britney: “Don’t worry about it.. Danielle can be sensitive sometimes”

Britney brings up the restraining order comment she made the other day to Danielle and she was insaley issed about it. Britney had to apologize a lot about it.

Ashley says that the stories that Janelle was spreading about JOJO was mean because it was never said. Britney: “I know I tried to Danielle that”

Britney: ‘I feel awkward in the house right now”
AShley: ‘I know what you mean”
Britney: “I feel if I talk to Dan and dANielle frank and boogie will be mad and vice versa”
Ashley: “I know”

Britney brings up that she told Shane she doesn’t want to talk to Shane until after the nominations because she doesn’t want to be held responsible for his decision.

Britney: “Why do I want to know.. so Frank and Boogie can yell at me in bedroom.. It’s like they are the only 2 allowed to work as a team”

Britney: “Where’s Jenn at?”
Ashley: “I don’t know”
Britney: “Can he count on her for a Girls alliance”
Ashley: “Not until next week”
Ashley brings up last night when Boogie and Frank were ranting around the house about a house meeting. She saw a total different side from Jenn.. she was acting paranoid and really sketchy.
Ashley :’I’m surmising here.. Jenn has been Boogie and Frank’s Spy.. I want to trust her of course absolutely.. I don’t think we can trust her until one of Frank and Boogie leave.. I feel we can only trust her then.. does that make sense?”
britney: ‘I don’t know I really never talk game to her”

Ashley: ‘I wish it was fast forward so bad.. “
Britney: “Agreed.. are you getting to the point where it’s getting tiring”
AShley: ‘no.. It’s going really fast.. I think after this week is over i’ll be back to my self”

10:21pm Shane, Danielle, Frank, Boogie, and a girl with tattoos chit chat about southern accents.

10:36pm Cam 3-4 Hammock Brintey and Ashley

Ashley telling her that she already already promised to Shane she’ll vote whatever way he wants this week.
Britney: “How about next week.. I think the girls really need to work together.. if we want to make it far”
Ashley: ‘We’re giving them half a million dollars”
Britney: ‘We need some of these guys to take
Ashley: “if I win HOH I will never put up a girl”
Britney: “You can win HOh this week.. it’s going to be a quiz”
Ashley: “Any of us can win”

AShley mentions about what Janelle was telling her about if you go to the end with a bunch of guys you will always lose. Britney agrees cites BB12, BB10, BB7 as examples of it.

Ashley asks Britney about her husband what he would be doing right now. She says he should be studying for his professional engineer certification. She mentions how he’s probably spending a bunch of time working out. She jokes that he needs to start doing things that furthers his career instead of working out. (Perhaps she wasn’t joking.. this is Britney after all ;) )

10:51pm cam 1-2 Britney and Ashley

Britney going over parts of her conversation with boogie when Boogie and Frank started blaming her for being put up on the block. Britney: “he kept saying.. Just safe it.. just Safe it.. sweetheart you made the big moves.. ”
Ashley: “that is so fucked up.. ”
Britney mentions that Shane did kind of throw her under the bus but she understands Boogie and Frank can be intimidating.

10:56pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank
It’s obvious that Boogie is starting to get pissed with Ian. He’s noticed how Ian’s been very close to Dan after the POV.
Frank: “If we can’t get anyone on our side.. I’m going to be the a one man wrecking crew next week.. “
Britney walks by carrying a GIANT COFFEE
Boogie: “I want to slap that coffee out of her hand.. That f**king b!tch.. “
Boogie has had it with these players, tells him he’s not going to be like Wil. Boogie: “If they are going to tiptoe around all week it won’t fly with me I will Demand an answer you are with with me or you will face Franks wrath next week.”
Frank and Boogie laugh and start talking about working out.
Frank says his dad told him a great post workout meal was ice cream. Frank: “He use to eat Half a gallon of ice cream a night.. when you are that big you can eat like that and not worry”
Boogie: “I don’t know if it’s going to happy but take some eyeliner.. do you know your boys zebra cake and jungle juice.. Feeds cut”

Boogie says the worse thing about leaving now is there is so many weak players in the game and one of them will make it to the end. Frank: “Even Dan is shitty.. I’ll get him out next week”
Boogie: “We got to get him in that Hot Seat next to me.. I gotta go to work tomorrow big time.. tomorrow we divide”
Boogie plans on confronting Ian the kid is pissig him off.. buddy up with Dan all night.
Frank :”i mean get a fucking game already.. “

Boogie wants to be optimistic but he’ll plan for both outcomes on Thursday. The only good thing about getting taken out This week is he gets to go home.

11:20pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Boogie and Frank

Boogie says how full of shit Shane is. Boogie can’t believe they keep casting these meatheads that have no clue about how to play the game. Boogie says that Shane is underwater on a bunch of mortgages because some guy talked him into buying a bunch of places on credit. Shane wanted to come in this game and win the money.. he never even watched a finale.

Frank: “Britney doesn’t know how to play this game”
Boogie: “She does and she doesn’t”
Frank: ‘I’m not going to vote for a fucker that lied like dan did or not play this game like the castaways”
Frank: ”Ian knows so much about his game yet he has no idea what to do”
Boogie says once MOnday rolls around he’s going to Ride Ian HArd. Boogie is going to give him assignments to do throughout the house. (Boogie thinks Ian will be 100% on his side and 100% reckless because he’ll be guaranteed Jury)

Frank talks about when he was in the Diary Room after the POV “ I told them My goal is to make dan cry this week and they gave me this great line.” FEEDS CUT

Boogie: “I can’t fucking stand it I wish I could sleep 20 hours a day.. These people are so stupid“ Frank: ‘I told them in the Diary Room the POV meant nothing because he’s losing his best friend in the house”

Boogie says when the votes are cast and they break for commercial he’s going to “bring the heat.. If i’m going out I want to be able to sit at home and watch the damage I did”

Boogie stresses how absolutely useless so many of these players are in the game and it makes him sick that one of them can win Big Brother 14. To drive home the point he impersonates Jenn’s walk. Hilarious

11:20pm Britney and Danielle wrestling

Here’s a series of 6 image of it

11:35pm Cam 1-2 HOH Shane and Britney
Shane asks her what his nomination speech should be
SHane sure I wasn’t going. Shane wants to be straight up and tell them he’s not putting Dan or Britney up like they want.
Britney: “Don’t mention my name”
Britney tells him to say that he’ll always be the third wheel to boogie and you guys are very strong.
Shane is worried that Boogie is going to be pissed.
Shane says he’s 100% confident he’s getting the votes so when he talks to the pawn he’ll tell them they are safe and it shouldn’t cause a problem.
Britney: “I know he’s not getting the votes.. Ashley told me she’s not going to put up a girl and she’s not going to go against shane this week”

Dan comes up
Britney tells him that AShley is goign to vote Shanes way this week.
Shane explains what he’ll say to Boogie and the Pawn (Pretty much what Britney told him to say) . Dan thinks its a good idea but suggests they don’t even get into reasoning. they want the line to be drawn in the sand so it now will be . Ask him who the pawn is. Shane says it will be Jenn. She’s the closest to Boogie and Frank and since they can count on Ashley’s vote they are guaranteed to send Boogie home. dan asks hi what he’ll say to Jenn. Shane: ‘I’ll tell her she’s 100% safe”
Dan ;”But that will expose Ian”
Shane: ‘oh”

Britney adds that with Boogie and Jenn up on the block Frank is going to be campaigning for Boogie which will piss Jenn off driving a wedge between them.

Danielle joins them

11:53pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Jenn, Ashley, Frank, Ian

Jenn is worried that one of them is going to go up
Ian: ‘It’s me.. my Key was the last one pulled:”
Frank: “Shane isn’t thinking that deep into it.. to be honest we want it to be Dan”
Jenn chimes in that she agrees.. Frank: “If it’s not Dan then it’s HIM.. he’s the least close to our group”
AShley: “Oh if it’s not Dan than who”
Frnak: ‘Eagle YEe”
AShley: “Ohh duhh”

Ashley mentions how she feels like she cannot win anything
Frank reminds her that she came in twice in two POV competitions. Frank: “Nobody here is a inferior Player.. “ (LOL 40 miutes ago he was calling these people idiots and sheep)

12:27AM Cam 1-2

Britney, eagle eye, Shane and Danielle

Joe: “I’m telling you now you don’t have Ashley.. the house has turned into 5 vs 5 now”
LOL good old eagle eye is back to his same games. Eagle eye tells them that Frank, Boogie, Ashley and Jenn are out on the backyard couches talking some deep shit”

JOe: ‘Ashley has just opened her mouth about everything.. Everything.. it’s inevitable they are losing someone this week”

Britney heads down to hang out with Boogie and his group outside. Dan comes up Joe tells him about what he saw downstairs. Joe: “I think he’s moved to the darkside” Dan: “I don’t think she knows she’s on the darkside”

12:38am Joe: “Frank’s single mission is to take out Dan”
Danielle points out that as long as they get four votes Boogie goes home. Daniele counts Britney, Herself, Dan and Joe is all they need.

Joe sys he’s getting really mad at Ashley for this.. why would she make a run with Frank. Shane says if he puts up Jenn then Ashley can decide who she likes better Jenn or Frank.

Joe is going off about his loyalty to Shane
Joe: “I never thought I would become this close to a group in this game”
Joe: “I would Die for you”
Joe: I would crawl under the bus”
Joe: “you are going to watch this show and you’ll be like that mofo is a tight dude”

12:53AM Danielle has gone downstairs. Shane is saying that once Boogie is gone Frank will be all alone they can take him out the following week.

12:55AM Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan
Ian heard from danielle that Joe was up in the HOH telling them that Boogie was trying to get rally the troops against Dan.
Ian says the only game that was spoken by ashley and himself was that they thought they were going to get nominated. Boogie and Frank mostly told them they need to get Dan up on the block or they need to get Joe.
Dan: ‘Did ashley says… I’m just trying to help frank”
Ian: “When”
dan: “When you were outside with them”
Ian : “I don’t recall her saying that.. she thinks she’s being nominated”
Dan: “That is what Joe is saying”
Ian: “apparently joe is slagging me off to you all.. thats what Danielle said”
Ian is scared if Joe gets the head of household he’ll put him up. dan says not to worry they control the votes.

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Aqua Bernie

Simon, has Ian told anyone in the house that he has aspergers?

Aqua Bernie

I just thought maybe if he did , it would ease his anxiety alittle. Like the swinging in the hammock and circling around the pool table, and swinging his arms crazy. I know they all laugh at him on the screen. I just didn’t know if they knew why.


I think that Dani and Dan may know about it. Shortly after the feeds came on and he came over to the hammock, they said they would move so he could do his swinging. I would imagine that Dani would have noticed something was off and asked.

Aqua Bernie

That’s what i thought, cuz she’s a nurse or whatever, but afterwards she complained that if she moves out of her seat next to Dan that Ian takes it and it bothers her. Dan is the one who stood up for him and said that’s just Ian.


Does Ian really have Aspergers or is that just something we are all reading on different websites??? I just thought he was an awkward nerd who hasn’t yet fully come into adulthood. The constant swinging in the hammock and the way he is always rocking in the kitchen chairs could just be his reaction to being in the house and being nervous, under constant stress and scrutiny etc. These people have zero privacy. They can’t even take a shower without an audience. If I were there, I would probably have a lot of nervous tendencies too. In any case, I hope the kid wins. He is the only one in the house who isn’t shallow and pretentious. He deserves a break in his life.


I feel like Shane screwed everyone over after the nominations because he couldnt man up a little bit and take the heat , now I feel like their allience is not as strong as before good job shane

Aqua Bernie

Shane is the only one who keeps winning for his alliance, so the blood is on his hands. The rest just sit back and can’t take any responsibility. If it’s an alliance they should have each others backs!


That is not exactly fair – if Shane is winning, no one else has a chance to show that they can win. Frank pointed out that Ashley has now finished 2nd in two vetos. Dani has beaten Frank a few times. Shane is such a beast in most of these comps.

Aqua Bernie

What does that have to do with the price of tomatoes? Ashley is not in his alliance , I’m talking about brit, Dani, and Dan,claiming they were thrown under the bus. They don’t stand behind Shane, even though he’s doing all the work! Duh!


No one is going to stand up for shane because shane isnt even standing up for himself, he made it seem like someone tricked him instead of being straight n saying I want u out because u two are threats. N complaining about blood on his hands STFU u win hoh for a reason if he was so worried about blood on his hands he couldve easily throw the hoh to someone else in the alliance but no his ego was too big….. I hate these people that never watch the show but get the once in a lifetime chanve to play it. N HE WEARS FUCKING SEASHELL NECKLACE


I keep hearing all these comments about Shane’s puka shell necklace… what’s up with that? Is that unusual out there? Here in TX, the closer you live to the coast, the more common that is…especially among the surfer crowd. Just curious?


I agree with Anonymous about the Puka Necklace. It’s kind of common down here in TX close to Galveston. Not really a big deal. However, you would never see these rednecks wearing pink shorts/tanktops. AND Texas isn’t exactly known for being a fashion mecca.


A puka necklace on a man is kind of like the international sign of a douche.
It is ok on girls, and it may fly if you are on vacation at the shore, beach, etc. But it just isn’t working as everyday wear.


Everyone, especially Boogie, knows that Britney and Shane are close allies. OF COURSE Britney is going to have major input in Shane’s nominations. They also know that Dan is the brains of that operation. So even if Shane kept his mouth shut and took full responsibility, Frank and Boogie would still be harassing Dan and Britney for getting nominated.


Don’t let the bunny boiler fool you. She did the exact same thing when she put janelle up. She told janelle that everyone was telling her that janelle was coming after her. The difference here is that Janelle didn’t throw a temper tantrum like a ten year old the way that boogie-eudy did.

Again, will never understand why the HGs don’t just walk away from froogie and let them stew in their own juices.

Brit’s retort was amazing on BBAD last night. She asked boogie since he’s now admitted to saying froogie was gonna put up Brit and shane then why the hub bub about him finding out who said it and why be upset at being put on the block?


Isn’t Ian suppose to be the guy that knows every thing about this game?Last week most of the house guests thought it would be double eviction.Since that didn’t happen,why aren’t they thinking this Thursday is double eviction.I would think Ian out of all the house guests should know double eviction is this Thursday.But Ian isn’t even talking about it.I would say Dan’s alliance should be prepared for how they will get Frank out next,but why bother?Production will fix it for Frank to win.I would say they all should walk out the door,because it’s obvious production will only allow Frank to win.But then they won’t get the money that the game gives them,just for being there.


we have to see the actual competition to see how true this is.


But if the screwed over contestants just get up and walk out the door they lose all of the 15 minutes of fame crumbs CBS will throw at them in the future ( see Jeff Schroeder as example A-1 ).


I think they know that double eviction is probably this week but they don’t talk about it because they’ve already discussed it enough last week and Quack Pack already knows that whoever doesn’t go home this week (Boogie or Frank) will be the target for the next eviction. Boogie and Frank are targeting Dan and the floaters (ala Joe Jenn and Ashley) never know what they’re gonna do anyways besides float lol.


Lesbian sex with Brit and Danielle atm…..Dont miss it, live NOW………woot


Bet Britney’s husband is jealous..that he’s not the meat in the sandwich.


got to love mike boogie.

the man will fight hard, will do everything possible to get another name up there, then when that fails, will keep on working til he is out the door. at least he brings good TV. im sure he will come up with something.

but I have to say, the quack pack made a MASSIVE error here. so many left in the house, this move divided the group, and all for what? taking out mike boogie? ahahaha. yeah, that mike boogie was a threat to win comps….oh wait….that mike boogie was a threat to win the game if in f2….no…not that either

they got rid of the oldest remaining HG at the expense of their group. dan, bad bad move man. you could have rolled with boogie in the game much longer and not faced his backdoor. if he only knew how little boogie wanted to take him out. if he had wanted him, he would have gone after him last week, thats just the way boogie is.

frank is going to take out dan if he wins that double eviction hoh. dan and brit, on the block, or dan and ian. it will be GLORIOUS

then, if shane gets a brain via the DR, he will team with frank the rest of the way. a REAL team powerhouse.

quack-pack fan

No – don’t have to love Mike Boogie

I am sure you realize the reason quack-pack made this move because they had first hand knowledge about Britney/Shane being targeted NEXT week if the opportunity presented itself. It may be too early but had to make a pre-emptive strike.

I will give Boogie credit for knowing this game and what moves to make but he is a jerk when it comes to making fun of anyone who is not Frank! All he cares about is his reputation and making some $$$ – he doesn’t care one bit about anyone else except Frank. My guess is that he only knows how to play BB with Dr. Will and now he is trying to do that with Frank. I don’t think Boogie can play this game by himself because all his negativity has rubbed off on Frank which in the long run will hurt him. I used to like Frank but now that he is mini-boogie he comes across as mean, arrogant and condescending.

I hope Boogie leaves on Thursday and goes out making a fool of himself. During his short interview with Julie I hope she tells him that Dan did NOT rat him out – that it was Ian who has been a double agent all this time. Why am I surprised that Boogie is so arrogant that he can’t believe someone else in BB would dare to take him out first…

Zingbot Fan

It will be great to see Chilltown put on ice. Boogie talks about how Ian has no game but I hope Julie does the Diary room laugh after she tells Boogie that Ian played him.


I believe that Boogie thinks he is Dr. Will and Frank is his Boogie. The problem with that is that Dr. Will was smart and carried Boogie all the way. He does not have the brains of Dr. Will, which is why he is where he is. Boogie isn’t good enough to carry Dr. Will’s shoes, much less duplicate his game. I can’t believe I am forced to give Dr. Will props since I hated him & his arrogance as much as Boogie, but, there you have it!


I don’t know what you’re talking about Quackpack is still intact and they carry Joe’s vote. Even if Ashley, for whatever reason votes for Boogie over Jenn the vote is 5-2 to evict Boogie, and next weeks numbers are in their favor at 6 vs 3 if Ashley teams up with Frank and Jenn. Boogie and Frank are just pissed that they were slow on the trigger and they got got before they had the chance to screw over Dan.


I totally agree with johnny its 5 then its its 6 frank is gone nighty night


@mexfrench It will never happen Frank is not going anywhere. He will win HoH & put up Dan & Shane. Dan or Shane will be leaving on fast forward. Nighty Night Dan or Shane.

Aqua Bernie

Doesn’t Booger and Frank realize that nobody likes a bully?


I am waiting for them to confront Danielle again and tell her vote with them or face the wrath of Frank. I think she is so over Frank and that could very well blow up in their faces. I would love to watch her to tell Boogie what he could do with his bullying tactics and then to turn to Frank and tell him that he is not all that and he should sleep with one eye open from now on.


yeah, thats smart

blow up at a guy who has won like 2/3 the HOH comps, just won a 2nd POV, and is guarenteed to play for HOH in the upcoming double eviction in frank

these people are crazy.


I don’t understand why anyone would be afraid of the wrath of Frank. He’s just a Boogie wannabe. He’s only still in the game because AG has fixed it twice in his favor. Let him yell and scream like a little stuck pig if he wants to. He can only win so many comps and can’t play the week after an HOH (if he gets one), so he is doomed unless something happens to break of the Quack Pack (calling AG and her fixers). Screaming, yelling and bullying only get you so far in this game and the only one who has ever made it work was Evel Dick and Frank is NOTHING like Dick. Dick would eat him for lunch and fart him out after dinner.


*break up


mike is going to sell shane on that if he is evicted, to team up with frank. and that the 2 could dominate comps, and that no way brit or anyone else would take him f2. it could work, as shane is weak minded.


Damn agreeing again with Gavin (Not a bad thing), Shane you DOPE! I still like him tho and hope he wakes up fast! His social game is utter BULL.


Hey Trevor I just read your post it made me laugh haha , I totally agree with you !

Bring back willie

They tell Ian to get a game when everyone loves him nobody even thinks to nominate him he’s good with everyone while they are hated and targeted by everyone in the house, boogie thinks he was running the house then if he gets backstabbed then everybody else are bad players and are terrible people these houseguests need to grow some balls… I wish willie was here

Danielle needs mental help

What the heck?!?!? Didn’t Frank stand up and say that he doesn’t like bullying and that it shouldn’t be tolerated in the house, in his speech when he was on the block against Kara?????? Boogie and Frank are acting like 2 big idiot bullies!!! What a-holes! Ugh, I can’t stand them!


I was seriously going to say the same thing! Boogie and frank are a bunch of hypocritical jerks!


it seems like it would take a miracle to save boogie now its a shame the two best players in the house (janelle and boogie)or at least the two most entertaining are both gonna be gone . At least frank will still be there to run through dan and shane like a tank hahaha frank the tank oh well they brought it on them selves


Wow!Frank thinks that Dan is a weak player.He fooled both Boogie&Frank twice.He was going to be evicted and Boogie&Frank had know clue that Dan was playing them.Frank didn’t stay in the game because he and Boogie caught on to Dan(that wouldv’e showed that they aren’t inferior players to Dan)production had to save him.Now,were hearing other players say(before production puts the fish on)that the picking of the veto players was shady and Frank&Boogie cheated(production saved him again,because their letting him get away with it).The bottom line is they both got out played by Dan and he doesn’t have production helping him.But the only way Frank can stay in this game is by production saving him.Which they will continue to do and he will win this game,not because he’s some master mind that talked his self off of the block the week of the twist.But because production will keep doing everything they can to keep him in the game.So far production has successfully accomplished pulling out all the stops to save him.


Since dan already won big brother he is clearly not weak and most of the winners of bb were not the competitors of the game not to mention boogie shouldn’t talk the only reason he won all stars is because production rigged it so he would win if they played fair janelle would have won


How do you know this,about production calling the shots?


@KLM.“How do you know this,about production calling the shots?”Because I’ve read and heard these house guests and past house guests say that the DR(production)trys to influence their decesions.Which means that production wants the show to go in the direction that they want, and they will do anything to make that happen.Like on last season,production knew that Rachel&Jordan was in serious danger of being evicted,so production decided to make the veto competition,be the same competition that Rachel won earlier in the season.Oh,the veto competition saved Jordan too.That was a example of production calling the shots.Porche was HOH and she wanted Rachel or Jordan out.But production didn’t like that plan,so they did what I already explained.Now,this season,production knew Janelle,Dan&Britney all wanted to play the game(Britney decided to play the week of the twist).They also knew that everyone except Boogie’s team was aware that Frank was 100% going to be evicted.So,production decided to change that plan by adding strings attached to the twist.If just one of the coachs hit the reset button they will be in the game,but that would cancel the eviction.This is the eviction that was going to guarantee that Frank would be evicted,but the string that production attached to the twist was cancelling the eviction.Which means they(production)saved Frank.I can name more times of production interfering/calling the shots in the game,but I’m at work.Lol.


they didnt cheat. I read somewhere that boogie got house guest choice and picked Ian and then frank ended up drawing Ian so he had to redraw and he ended up getting house guest choice too


Frank has admitted to cheating. Production wasn’t quick enough with the fish button on that one. How did he palm a HG choice if someone didn’t give it to him in advance?

Real Talker

Simon, earlier today I noticed a weird looking rocker chick with tattoos walking around the house…is this part of some twist or something?


I don’t know who that rocker broad is either. But I can give her a big discount on de-inking. Maybe underneath all that “low self esteem facade” that metal broad is really a country crooner chick? (Meant to originally post it here:)


If Mike is gone, it is the end of Frank. He is not capable of mapping any type of strategy on his own. He will not win the next HOH and he will be gone. And I don’t know why production would try to save him–without Mike as his foil, he is utterly dull and uninteresting.


Frank actually had the right strategy last week, it was Boogie who messed it up.


Boogie has played this game twice and he still doesn’t get that you can never trust anyone completely and the fact he went for the money instead of going for either safety or hoh is dumb on his part his ego got the best of him once again


he had no choice but to do so. he starts winning every comp with frank, and hes a massive threat, his game was to not win a lot of comps, but still be hated. problem is, ah heck, you hate mike boogie, whats the point


Newsflash: Boogie was already a huge target because he latched himself onto the biggest target/threat in the game. If Boogie knew what he was doing, he would have kept his bro-mance with Frank a secret instead of broadcasting it to the entire house. If he knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t have trusted Dan/Britney/Danielle/Shane because they had just lied to him the week before. If he knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t have alienated Ian and Jenn.


Boogie thought that if it worked with Dr. Will, it would work with Frank. The problem is that Dr. Will was the brains and Boogie was the chess piece. Frank is no Dr. Will. In season 2, I think Boogie placed 6th. He did nothing remarkable in the game except for being friends with the guy that won. If it wasn’t for that, he would never even have been considered for All Stars. And in All Stars, the only reason he won again was because of Will and because Janelle took Will out of the game. If Boogie had been sitting next to Will or Janelle instead of Erica he would not have won. He isn’t as great as he thinks he is, and I am loving it that his nemesis this time around was Ian Terry. Ian, you have earned yourself a special place in Wikepedia if this goes right!

Aqua Bernie

Three times now!


Production helping Frank blah blah blah. people can cry about it all they want. His best bud boogie will prob go home anyway so who cares! If production helped Britney or Dan people wouldn’t care. When Boogie’s gone this game will be even more boring to watch.


How soon people choose to forget that production essentially saved the vets for the first four weeks in the house. Frank’s saving is microscopic in comparison.




the darkside? what game does joe think hes playing?

what did boogie and frank do that made them the bad guys here? its a game.

do these people realize the game doesnt end when boogie walks out the door, or when frank leaves after him?

has any single person beyond dan or brit considered a move beyond getting rid of chilltown?


Bring back Willie Hantz. He kept things real. I’d like to see Willie Hantz go up against Chad Johnson, wonder who has the hardest cranium?


That is so funny, when I saw the “headbutt” story with Chad and wifey the first thing that popped into my head was Willie!


shane and danielle and frank are suckers they should have united from the begining and just takeb out these usless people britney and dan are just scummy at least boogie has the balls if confronted to get his hands dirty but those too are scared about what?….they both have two of the strongest players take the heat they all complain including boogie on how the newbies are playing but amatuer hours is being done by the coaches.


I agree w you. Shane , Danielle & Frank would be a force.

Shane for physical comps, Danielle for endurance comps & Frank for mental comps.

Too bad that to some extent they all have their heads up their coaches ass to the point where they cant see straight.

I feel that if this is brought up, Danielle or Shane would probably run back and tell their masters.
I wish these players had an ounce of gameplay. Instead their doing all the work for their coaches ( I’m absolutely positive S & D still view D & B as coaches ), who are simply riding their coat tails to the end.


it sounds like you might be an underdog in real life…is that true?


I don’t know who that rocker broad is either. But I can give her a big discount on de-inking. Maybe underneath all that “low self esteem facade” that metal broad is really a country crooner chick?


I love how Frank and Boogie think Ian has no idea what he’s doing, but in reality Ian is playing the hell out of both of them. Boogie thinks Ian is his pet that will do anything he wants, but in reality Ian’s a spy and Boogie’s completely and utterly clueless about it. Frank says, “get a fucking game already”. What does he even mean by that? Why does he think that Ian is up in the HOH? Buddying up with people so they trust you and don’t evict you IS THIS GAME,. Right? It’s ironic that he criticizes Ian’s “game”, because FRANK is the one who has no game, which is why he’s been nominated 4 f*cking times. He’s made himself out to be the biggest target in the house. His “game” is terrible. The first time he was unintentionally saved by Willie. The second time he was saved by the reset. The third time he was saved by Boogie. And he would have gotten evicted this time if he hadn’t won the POV. The only thing good about his “game” is that he is good in competitions, but he might not even be that good in competitions because I get the feeling that a lot of people, like Ian, Dan, Britney, and Boogie, are throwing the competitions. I’m starting to think that Frank and Boogie are two of the worst players. They alienated the whole house, including their two closest allies.


What has been Ian’s game aside from floating to the power? He’s shown that he’s smart but has been useless in comps.

Frank has been nominated four times because it’s been repeated over and over that he’s the biggest threat in the house, even before he won a single comp. Just like Wil was given the label of a threat in comps even though he never won one. Shane is a bigger threat than anyone else and it’s ridiculous how blind everyone in the house is to it simply because Shane is puppeted by Danielle, Britney, and Dan.

BTW, their alliance alienated Boogie and Frank, not the other way around.


That’s exactly what I’ve been saying !

Trayler Trash

isn’t ian’s usefulness up when frank and boogie are gone and there is no one left to spy on? You can work both sides this early but you can’t betray one, stick to the other, and plan to ride it far. He’s the next out the door once boogie and frank are gone.

Just Me

I completely agree with you, Luna. Mike and Frank are able to mist some viewers like they do the HGs. Ian is playing a good game. He has not really needed to win a comp yet and the fact that he had the guts to go against Boogie to the other side was a very smart choice for his game.


And while I’m on the subject of image self improvement, I can recommend a good plastic surgeon to Aspie-Ian for breast reduction. If Ian is not careful with his man-boobs, when he reaches puberty, they could start lactating. Ian reminds me a lot of Adam from last season, two co-dependent people who couldn’t get anywhere without riding coattails. And they both claim to know a lot about the game, but can’t make any moves to save their lives, others have to lead them around by the hand. (Or in Aspie-Ian’s case, by the leash!)

The voices inside Danielle's head

Asperger’s is a form of Autism. It’s not something to joke around about. It takes a real piece of shit to make light of a serious condition like that.


as opposed to your man Booger? oh wait he has won as many HOHs, POVs as Joe, Ashley, Brittney, Jenn, and Dan. You might say he could have won HOH if he hadn’t went for the 10 grand, then I would have to say that being greedy really is stupid.


Mike won a coach’s comp and would have won another if he didn’t have a complete brain fart. And he’s blatantly thrown comps. Everyone else who hasn’t won one, aside from Dan, has actually tried.


Im actually sad that frank won I was hopeing he not boogie would go. Boogies at least good for comedy relief frank is just a jerk when.he doesn’t win and has a major ego when he does kinda getting on my nerves. How many times can he say hesna threat when he frank wins like almost everything if it wasn’t for shane he would win everything


People like Janelle, we’re claiming that Frank was a threat before he even did anything. Frank had won one competition and all of a sudden he was the man to beat. That’s when he started saying that he isn’t a threat, because he hadnt won anything.

People automatically looked at Frank that way because Janelle kept pushing her ideas onto everyone. Every other sentence out of her mouth when she was talking game was “Frank is a huge threat” and the only reason that she felt that way, or that anybody feels that way is because he’s aligned with Boogie, which wasnt fair to him because he didn’t choose his coach.


Boogie is def. gone this week. Boogie mistake was going for the 10k in the HOH event. Boogie is a multimillionaire, and should of just let someone else go for the 10k prize. boogie should of just competed with Britney for the safety for a week prize, especially him knowing Frank couldn’t compete for the HOH. Shane will probably get evicted on double eviction Thursday right after boogie. every HOH he has won only benefited Dan, Danielle and Britney. he’s not even smart enough to comprehend what this game is really about. Shane’s social game is horrible, which gives Dan, Danielle and Britney total advantage over Shane’s decisions. Ian will also be taken out in the next few weeks. I’m no longer a fan of Ian, yes his awkwardness was entertaining in the beginning. now he’s just creepy and overbearing boring. Ian is becoming the Adam( BB13) of this year. another super fan of the game not playing the game. I think BB is building this season as the Frank-VS-Dan showdown.


I agree. If Shane had a social game, he would be the man to beat, but he doesnt so he’s simply a puppet.

If he was smart, he would align himself w Frank & Danielle.


cant wait till pandoras box saves boogie i see it happening or just wishfful thinking doubt it would happen but if it did the quack pack would be done they should be evicted just for coming up with such a stupid name


Thank you Simon for posting old BB episodes on the youtubes ^_^


Boogie and Frank are a-holes. They are pissed that Dan and Ian played them. Boogie is nothing but Dr.Will’s bitch. Frank is nothing but Boogie’s bitch. Frank says he won’t vote for a liar, please! Look at your ally, Boogie is scum in the game and out of the game. Froogie thinks that they have Ian? Have they made an effort to get to know him? No. Boogie allienated everyone and screwed himself over. Boogie has said so much shit about Ian and he expects Ian to trust him? I sure as he’ll wouldn’t. Dan and Ian might not be perfect but they’re not bullies like Froogie. I will never say that Boogie is a good player because he needs Dr.Will to win. Just like Evel Dick needed America’s Player and Danielle. Frank has now been added to that list. Production has saved him four freaking times. This is absolute bullshit. I can not literally stand another minute of their stupid bitching. You got played that’s it. Dan and Ian will always be better people than B/F. They’re not little immature bullies. Go Ian, Brit, Shane, Dani, and Dan. Team Quack Pack. Hell I like Joe more than I like Chilltown 2.0. That’s saying a lot. As long as the bullies don’t win, I’m good.


If the Quack Attack gets on their shit and focus come thursday, they can get Frank’s ass out in the fast forward. With the fast forward and Boogie leaving, thursday’s show is gonna be good.


Joe is going to talk himself right back on the block and out the door if he isn’t careful. This is the same type of behavior that got him put up and targeted last week.


JOE IS KILLING ME!!!!! OK, you told them ONE SENTENCE that you heard…but you’re explanation is total delusion and you added the cut throat gesture that she never did to justify yourself. He doesn’t need whispering classes (what the hell is that anyway!), he needs a mute button installed.
But to my total disbelief, DDBS bought it. They know how he is and then they made team decisions based on it??? (it’s lucky because it’s a good plan) But he single-handedly influenced the next game move….Team Powerhouse Yo!


when will ian realize he has to play against dan and the rest of his “quack pack”. a good player keeps the other side hes ALLOWED to talk to in the game. ian is not a good player. it wont be long before they begin to plan to remove him from the game as no one will want to sit next to him in f2.

and dan. the whole they should shake my hand thing doesnt work when you won’t admit you were behind anything. then saying “sucker” into a camera to get a bunch of BS editing, doesnt make me a fan

shane needs to wake the heck up. he and frank could team up and dominate. be one of the best duos in the HISTORY of the game if they continue to dominate HOH and Veto comps this way they could provide each other safety. as hard as that is to believe, they could do it if it got ugly.


Britney’s whole “DON’T BRING UP MY NAME” thing should show Shane just what type of an ally she is.

Ugh, Shane needs to see that the girl is using him and hiding behind him because she knows that he’s such a beast in competitions.

They seriously want him to do all the work. I feel bad for the guy.

Anyway, I’m ecstatic that Frank won POV. My man lives another day, lol.

NY Dollar Bill

Boogie will go home this week, and then there will be no one to hold Frank back from running his mouth. Fran k is nothing more than Boogie’s puppet, doing what he’s told. After Boogie leaves who is Frank going to work with? Joe? Ashley? Jenn? Please they’ll get picked off one by one by the quack pack. Go Team Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you’re going to call one out, call the rest out as well.

Danielle is Dans puppet.
Shane is definitely Britney’s puppet.

And why? because all of these players still view their allies as their coaches. None of them have yet realized that these people that are riding on their backs are playing for the $500,000 prize too. I don’t think that it’s sunk in for any of them yet & it’s sad because the coaches WILL skate by & make it to the end.

VA Vet

For those who think Frank and Shane are “beasts” in the competitions, you might want to take a trip down memory lane.

In season 10, Dan didn’t win anything for the first five weeks. Starting with week six he won two POV’s, three HOH’s and a luxury competition.

He may not do as well this time since he didn’t have to play against production back then.


“Dan thinks its a good idea but suggests they don’t even get into reasoning. they want the line to be drawn in the sand so it now will be .” Dan is right,like he always is.Lol.But why should Dan even have to tell his alliance this?Britney&Shane shouldn’t be afraid of those two bullys(Boogie&Frank).Dan’s alliance have the numbers on their side.Oh, wait I guess that doesn’t mean much win Frank&Boogie have production on their side.Lol.


Here is my thought: If Shane can realizes that Ian is a rat or Dan is responsible of helping him. He could backdoor one of these two alliance are Ian or Dan. For the time being, if you backdoor Dan now he couldn’t easily win big brother again and best way is putting him up as a replacement. However, putting up Ian is other choice as a replacement. He can be dangerous in Q&A or puzzles comps. That would be possible way.

In double eviction, no outgoing HoH wouldn’t survive fast forward (like Big Brother 12 & 13: Brendon & Jeff didn’t survive the fast forward). Shane have disadvantage of fast forward comp. If he study the fast forward HoH tape like Frank did, Shane doesn’t stand of chance of winning PoV.
History of Big Brother Fast Foward:
Big Brother 12 Week 7:Brendon evicted day 55
Big Brother 13 Week 7:Jeff evicted day 55
Big Brother 14 Week 6:????
Shane will end up same thing as others. Think about it If Shane doesn’t survive the double eviction. He will be the first member of Jury.

Right now, Frank has to win 3 HoH in order to survive the double eviction or Shane prevent the double eviction elimination. He has 4 chances of tying Janelle’s PoV unless another double eviction. So, if I was shane I would study the Fast Forward tapes or he done.

Just Me

Ohhh Boogie. He is…where are the words. He is so full of himself. The only game he has played was manipulating Danielle into putting up Janelle, which is something she wanted to do anyway. Had it been anyone else it would not have worked. He has thrown every HOH comp and sulks and becomes hateful when things aren’t looking good for him. He thinks no one else is playing the game, well then why is Frank on the block so much and now he is sitting there too? He has been unaware of so much in this game because of his arrogance. His arrogance also lost him the game in the coaches comp. Now he is about to be slapped again by Ian, the one he thinks is not playing the game! Ian will vote him out and he won’t see that one coming either. Bad game play all around and he has no one to blame but himself. He wanted to ride Frank, Shane and Dan’s tails to the final 4 without having to get blood on his hands and then been in place to float with either Frank or Dan to final 2. Dan may be guilty of the same plan only his would include Britt because he believes he can’t win against a newbie. Britt seems to be the only coach that is trying to win HOH comps. Oh Big Brother!


“He thinks no one else is playing the game,” This is the gist of it. He has dismissed everyone else as losers constantly. Yet, guess what, a**hat, those losers PLAYED you and now you are going home. Don’t think for one second that Boogie is happy he can go home and see his kid. He is breathing fire because “How DARE they play me? How DARE they get me out of the game? How DARE they not let me go to jury where I can try to rig everything in my favor?” His ego is crushed that everyone didn’t just lick his feet and bow down to him as the BB god he thinks he is. He has only been successful by riding others game and this show proves it. Without Dr. Will, he is nothing. He can’t stand it that everyone KNOWS he is no mastermind. He will NEVER get out of Dr. Will’s shadow and it kills him.

Just Me

JJH, so true. Well said.

The Rose

I am convinced Ian is autistic. He knows it too. He was stemming in the HOH room and Danielle ashed if he was epileptic. Really, Danielle? You are a nurse and don’t know the difference? Ian may not be winning any comps. He did admit to throwing one of them. (as did “Dan) No one is after him, he is fooling the booger, and is trusted by the Quack Pac. I think he has placed himself in a great spot and playing a great game. If you compare him to Jenn, Ashley and Joe, he IS playing the best game he can. I also hope when Boogie gets interviewed by Julie she tells him what he has been doing and shows him the clips of his demise. Frank is mad at Dan and Britney for doing what he was planning to do to them first. He should be mad at Boogie for being so selfish and cocky to go for the money instead of HOH. Wah Wah Wah, both should quit there wining. If they call a house meeting, I hope no one goes. Hahaha. The rest of the house guest should get together and tell him to “save it” when asks to attend. I hope Ian gets the next HOH and puts Frank and Ashley up.


It would be big move for Shane of take out Dan right now & Frank wins HoH in fast forward! DDBSI (quack pack) will start to crumbed! So, Quack Pack will never be intact.


What happened to the ash frank showmance…wtf did production rig it for ash to dump him and go back to her hanging with the child Ian… what frank and Ashley have more freakin chemistry Then stalker Danielle… plase production ash and Frank would make a good showmance bring it on….cuz dani and shane are never gonna happen….