Spencer says to the camera “Rachel’s mom you did a successful job at raising two psychopaths..”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:40am Spencer, Amanda, McCrae Ginamarie and Andy are in the kitchen talking about random things. They’re all hanging out laughing. Aaryn tells her family had a bunch of Llama’s and she saw one give birth. She says her dad named one Martin Luther. They start laughing. Spencer asks what colour was the Llama? Aaryn says black. Aaryn says she had a white baby? Spencer asks what did you name it, something like James Earl Ray? (Assassinated Martin Luther) Aaryn says that one day some hunters that her dad let use their road as access shot half of their 10 Llama because the hunters were drunk and didn’t know what they were. Aaryn says probably Martin Luther. Andy says you had a Llama named Martin Luther? Aaryn laughs and says I didn’t name it Andy, my dad did. Aaryn laughs. The conversation turns to talking about dogs.


1:20am Up in the HOH room – Ginamarie, Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae are hanging out talking about how they think the HOH competition will be endurance. They talk about how the people with muscles always fall off. Aaryn comments that she doesn’t know who Elissa would put up. She thought originally that she would put up her and Spencer with Ginamarie as the replacement. Aaryn says but now because she is mad at Amanda and Andy she could put up any of us. They all hope that Elissa drops off and that they can all breath when she falls off. Aaryn says Elissa won’t drop she know she is going home if she doesn’t win. Gina says I will stay up there till Sunday. Aaryn says just lie and tell her she is safe. Ginamarie says who should I say I’ll put up Amanda and McCrae? McCrae says yeah. They all talk about how nervous they are. Ginamarie burps and says I will do that right in her face. Andy joins them. Andy says that he is going to be crying during the live show tomorrow having to evict Helen. Aaryn tells him he can’t let it get into his head. Andy says oh yeah I know. They talk about different clothes they will wear for the competition. Andy says that he will super glue his arms to the bar. Aaryn says she hopes something cool happens next week. McCrae says he think it might be Pandora’s Box. Aaryn says she thinks Zingbot might come. They talk about hopefully getting a luxury competition soon. Aaryn says did you all know that her mom (Elissa/Rachel’s mom) called last season and complain about something one of the girls said that wasn’t true and said that they couldn’t use it. No one heard about that. Aaryn says that her mom was pissed and asked they why they let that play on the live feeds. Spencer looks at the camera and says to Rachel’s mom you did a successful job at raising two psychopaths.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.
Andy says that he hopes Helen explodes on Elissa during the live show tomorrow. Andy says he hopes she calls Elissa a c**t. Spencer says of all the crazy things that happened today I think poopy (Aaryn) drinking the nail polish remover took the cake.” They talk about how they think the live feeders freaked out seeing it. Spencer says that she couldn’t believe his eyes! They all laugh. Aaryn says that the dairy room asked her how much she drank and asked why she drank it. Aaryn says she thinks there will be a segment on it. Andy jokes that he had to do a segment about it. McCrae heads to bed. Aaryn says that the person that gets Elissa evicted will be a legend. Aaryn talk about how she is impressed with herself for getting Helen out. Spencer says that he liked Helen but she was two faced and says that he hopes Helen will hold it together when she is evicted so she can go out and have a good interview with Julie Chen.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


2:30am – 2:50am Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Andy and Ginamarie are talking. Ginamarie says that if she wins the whole thing she will give a chunk of the money to whoever the second place person is. They tell Ginamarie happy birthday. Andy heads to bed. Aayrn and Ginamarie talk about the HOH competition and holding on and not letting go. Aaryn says I don’t know why Andy said I was a shaddy f**k. Gina says he was just joking. Aaryn says next evicted will be Elissa, Spencer, McCrae and then Amanda. Aaryn says Spencer has been doing better than McCrae and Amanda can’t win anything. Aaryn says that she thinks there will be another double eviction this season. She says that she thinks they will bring someone back and then have a double eviction. Gina heads to bed.
CBS Interactive Inc.

3:20am – 3:50am In the bedroom – McCrae and Spencer are talking. Spencer says that he doesn’t want Amanda to go but if it’s between McCrae and Amanda he wants McCrae to stay over her. McCrae says I would have to work on Andy’s vote. I don’t know where his head is. Spencer says that he thinks Amanda is a bigger target than McCrae. McCrae agrees and says that is a reason to keep him over Amanda. McCrae says that sometimes it seems like Amanda wants to be here but other times she talks about wanting McCrae to go far. Spencer says it would help having Amanda in the jury working the votes. McCrae says that he would like the final four to be me, Amanda, Spencer and Andy. McCrae says he would choose Spencer over Amanda. McCrae says that he thinks Amanda would understand. McCrae says doesn’t want people to think Amanda carried him through the game. They talk about how Aaryn is controlling Ginamarie and how that’s good for them. Spencer says that he hopes someone doesn’t return to the game. They talk about how they would have another double eviction soon. McCrae says that if someone did come back they would compete in the HOH and it’s not fair because they had the advantage of being rested. Spencer says he is scared if Ginamarie were to win HOH because she could nominate me and Elissa. He says then if Elissa won the veto and came down and Amanda could go up. McCrae says that Spencer would probably stay if that happened. Spencer asks if Amanda would fall on her sword for McCrae if she would try to get evict so that McCrae would stay. McCrae says that he thinks she might. Spencer and McCrae decide to go to sleep.


10am – 11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.. Helen, Ginamarie, Elissa and Aaryn are awake getting ready for the day.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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how sad is it that I am left having to root for Elissa cause the rest of this house disgust me. Dirty pigs, racial b!tches and little rats.

Elissa for HOH or another week of ZZZZZzzzzzz


Like Ellissa is any better.
But what else can I expect from the trash dump known as the OBB comments section.
Simon and Dawg allow their site to be an avenue for these racists (and race-baiters) to spout their hatred so I’d think twice before donating to this haven of hate.
I can’t even enjoy the site anymore. And I can barely enjoy the game.
There’s ways to fix it (tell people to stop talking about race as it’s offensive and is driving people away from the site…..have a script change every time someone says “racist” into another word or something else……or simply don’t approve any message with the word “racist” white or black in it), but I guess Simon and Dawg feel racist conversation is better than no conversation at all?
I’m just disappointed in how I can’t enjoy the game because of RACE, RACISTS, and RACE-BAITERS.
The sick thing? I expect downvotes because the racists don’t want to be censored.
Half these people are even fans of Big Brother, they are racists from other forums coming over to spread their hate and trying to stir up racial hatred. It’s no wonder a lot of people I’ve never seen on here before and this is their first season watching the game.
Do you see how many arguments there are in the comments section with people about race?
This is a Big Brother site, if they want to discuss race 24/7 (and that’s the problem that they discuss it on here NON STOP), then they should go to Stormfront or a Black Panther site. Let us have our game back.
I’m just shocked that Simon and Dawg allow this.


Why would you still not enjoy the site? You can read the updates, nobody is forcing you to also read comments. The comments wouldn’t so frequently be about race if it wasn’t a CONSTANT running joke in the house. If the HG’s won’t let it go away, neither will anyone else. I haven’t seen anything on here that would be better suited for a “Black Panther” website. Sounds like you have some underlying issue if that’s your take on things. Kind of a bizarre post, IMO


Hannah Anderson is lying.

San Diego Opinion

Mostly I Read, sometimes I VOTE (often reminded that My Vote has already been counted even if I have four IP addresses – just can’t help myself), occasionally I Thumb up, ALWAYS I walk away Thanking Simon & Dwag.
GROW UP! This isn’t a ‘Haven of Hate’ How NAÏVE ARE YOU!! ?? Who cares if you ENJOY this site. Race, Hatred, Bullying is a big part of the endless rehash o f topics this group has to draw from for conversation topics.
A bit more diversity, intelligence, life experience could make the cast more interesting.
Take the ‘Long View’, the ‘Big Picture’ approach – you have what you have. There is little game play, strategy or any great sense of anything but Self. As much as I want Amanda to stop, no one cares enough to say ‘Enough’.

Escondido Opinion

Thumbs up on that one San Diego!


WTF are you talking about? Simon and Dawg can’t control what the houseguests are saying. The comments that I have read are regarding the racial slurs the houseguests are throwing around. Maybe I’m missing something here.

give me a break

SHUT UP BBK…….Blame your precious Aaryn, GM, and Amanda for racist talk….we are just displease with the constant disgusting comments made by these three. Like i said CBS stack the big brother house with people who enjoy making racists comments……Big Brother 15 will be known as the Racist Season…..
Your precious Aaryn, GM, and Amanda ruin the season…..point blank……….these girls are just racists….it so obvious……If Candice is able to come back to House…..you will see there reaction……the racist comments will kick into super gear……….your just mad because you support their racists behavior….and you hate the fact that the majority of people on this board don’t accept racists behavior……..

Karen S

So… It is okay if Amanda talks sexually to a younger woman or that Amanda has sex with MC… or that Spencer views women as
submissive play things… Let’s face it! Pure and simple, these HG’s are rude, crude and socially unacceptable!
The race issue is sort of the icing on the cake.
Simon and Dawg created this page to help all the fans of the show. I am positive they’ve scratched their heads a few times,
wondering if it is worth it.

Argghhhhhhh Go DAWG! I want to see you walk in that door and shake things up. ;)

Tiny Bob

>>”It is okay if Amanda talks sexually to a younger woman or that Amanda has sex with MC… or that Spencer views women as
submissive play things”<<

Let's be real. Most women enjoy being submissive playthings.


Hay its Rachel Riley posting on this sight also. Yeah be mad at your sister for play a cra& game. And leave Simon/Dawg out this.


You are a miserable idiot. Go back to Hell!

New watcher

Why would Aaryn tell that story about her farm animals ? As a 76 year old black woman who lived thru the civil right movement it has brought back so many memories i had forgotten . My cousin was Emmet Till ? Why would she say that how does her mind work like that ? Would she say that around President Obama ?


My dislike for Aaryn just went up. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Her family must be a bunch of racist people.


Actually you can now understand why she is like she is – pretty much what was assumed.


IT IS APPARENT THAT NO ONE ON HERE THAT POST ACTUALLY WATCH THE FEEDS!! SPENCER MADE THE COMMENT ABOUT THE LITTLE WHITE LLAMA AND ASKED AARYN IF THEY NAMED IT JAMES EARL RAY and Aaryn said NOTHING! SO for those of you that are using the RACIST CARD THAT WAS SPENCER THAT MADE THE HATE FILLED RACIST COMMENT!!!!! Lots of people name their pets after famous people!! If you are going to post a comment at least watch the feeds so you get the correct information and not what your sick minds make up so you can start screaming the word RACIST!!

BB15 blows

alot of people dont watch because they can’t stand the sight of those hateful bigots


Be honest… a lot of you do watch just to see how many stupid things the HG’s say. In truth the show is popular because we all like to “rubberneck” at the train wreck.


Well then it just makes you all look like a bunch of lynch mob mentality bigots then because you make posts with the INCORRECT information. Aaryn did not make the comment about naming the white llama that was all SPENCER. So if you do not watch then at least do not make totally bigoted and incorrect statements because you can Read cant you and it you cannot decipher on this board that it was Spencer that named the llama James Earl Ray than at least read exactly what said. You are not better than the bigots and bullies that are in the house.


BOTTOM LINE: You can’t fix stupid!!! Most of the Brenchel fans who post are just stupid or can’t read and just like feeding the racist card. They cannot tell the difference between prejudice and being a racist. Rachel said some of the worse comments ever her first time on BB, but wow it is amazing how all of the bigots do not seem to remember that. Everyone calls Amanda a bully, which she is, and condemns her to he** for it, but wow is it not amazing how all of these so called Brenchel idiots praise Elissa when she does the same thing. No one ever said Brenchel fans had intelligence.

EMMET TILL couisin from Mississippi

Ok so why would AARYN AND SPENCER find the farm animal joke funny ? Even the worst comedian would never tell a joke like that ? WHY WOULD THEY FIND THAT JOKE FUNNY .

Aaryn nation

So if a person who is clearly racist makes any reference to MLK …. It was def to make fun a black person … It seems like she was raised that way … And for anyone who defends her , ur a racist too …. But again … This is AMERICA so I expect nothing less … Land of immigrants who claim this is their America … It’s actually funny ….


Technically, Martin Luther started the Lutheran religion when he broke away from the Catholic church. However, knowing Aaryn one can assume it was Martin Luther King she was referring to.


i thought of that too and for a second i thought, well maybe she is a devout lutheran or something but then of course, this IS aaryn the bigot (whose whole family must be bigots) and she was asked if the llama was black sooooooo…….why do i even bother trying to hope she (and her family) isn’t bad as it sounds


Why the hell do you think Arryn’s dad didn’t allow for a pic for her HOH on national tv? He is embarassed!
Like I read before here, he will have moved and taken the house with him.
That disgusting little bigot may never find work again! 2Fn Bad!!


….AND Spencer, the gross out sow.
Who the hell would put their hands down their pants, play with themselves, then shove he fingers up his blow hole and pick snots????????????
That hillbilly is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!


So without meeting, seeing, or knowing her family you just labeled them racists- by association??
Do you even see what a hypocrite that makes you????
Sad, just pathetically sad.


the only reason aaryn said nothing is because she has no f’ing clue who james earl ray is and of course spencer does bc he probably knows the name of every assassin out there……..and no not everyone, not even most people name their pets along racial charged lines so wtf are you talking about


If you had a cute little puppy that was black and white and you called him “Oreo” are you telling me that’s racist? give me a break!


That’s different. It gets racist when you start calling names. For example, naming that same black and white puppy “Obama”………that would be racially motivated.


Perhaps Aaryn didn’t respond because she has no clue who James Earl Ray is. I personally think Spencer’s comment was classic.


or there was a white llama named James Earl Ray and she let Spencer complete her thought with her saying the words. can you imagine if she had said that ma dad name the Black one Martin Luther and there is another white one called James Earl Ray.


she said nothing. she did not say no, omg no. she said nothing.


@name but its ok to name your black Lhama after Martin Luther King…..why would you even defend such comments!!she has a history so don’t blame people for not liking her because of that.


Actually she only said Martin Luther. The Llama could be named after the religious theologian Martin Luther.

Yeah Right

And your mom could be your sister but she’s not.


OMG! I saw that movie, Chinatown, with Faye Dunaway and jack Nicholson!


The people that post on here are as sicko bigots and racist as in the house. It is just a name so Grow UP. Stupid people make stupid and illogical posts.


Like you just made?


If that comment came out of Els mouth, you might not think much of it. However, it’s completely logical to view that as a racist statement because it came out of Aaryns mouth. The same person that has been making racist statements for weeks now. Why would this comment suddenly be any different than the many other racial slurs she has made?


Why are they calling Helen two faced? Aren’t they all two-faced? With Mc, Am, and An leading the charge….I mean it’s not like Helen came up with a fake alliance ever.


She didn’t say “Martin Luther King”, she said “Martin Luther”. Spencer made the comment about James Earl Ray.

FYI: Martin Luther was white.


do you really think she knows the difference? They all assumed she was talking about MLK jr.


Hmm.. some people only want to hear what they want to hear..
Now I did not go back & watch the feeds, but I did read OBB.
Aaryn said they had a BLACK Llama and named it Martin Luther.
Then Spencer responded.


Nobody said anything about MLK. Spencer brought up James Earl Ray. The stupidity here trumps the HGs and that’s saying something!


And do you know what assumptions make an ass out of you and me, but in this case just YOU!! Geez, did not know we were on the psychic network and everyone can read everyone’s mind. Such asinine people!


so the Aaryn’s Dad named a black llama Martin Luther off a lesser known white man and not MLK. If Aaryn had not made those derogatory comments from the start that would have been an argument. But as she says this stuff one begins to see where her racist ways come from. She is un-aware of what she is, she was raised as such thats what Spencer is pointing out. by mentioning James Ray. and do u realize where the story goes soon after how Martin Luther (the Llama) got killed by white hunters that her Dad allowed to use their access road and excuses them for being drunk. She knows what she talking about.


Lesser known by illiterates maybe!


lesser known nonetheless. Aaryn’s Dad might be illiterate who knows.

No Offense to the Lutherans but if u ask me The Beatles are way more popular than Martin Luther(the priest) Pope John Paul was too, and in America i think MLK may as well be. By the way we are not talking about Christ Jesus or any of his apostles but Martin Luther. and we are not talking 2000 years ago or over 100yrs ago we are talking about people under 50 or under 25 in the case of Aaryn and her buddies. the name Martin Luther would most likely be in reference to MLK unless u add to it.


Yes professor Name. We know Martin Luther was a white German Monk who was known for the Protestant Reformation, but do you really Aaryan Nation was taking about him. Remember she was the one who thought the Mona Lisa was painted by Picasso. How many professors do you think she slept with in college. What do you think she is going to do with that degree. Personally, I think she is going to Fox Fake. News where she will rub Bill O’reilly’s back with a luffa sponge


Honeslty, I do not think Aryan or any other house guest would know the difference between “Martin Luther – the person that brought the Reformation to Europe” and the civil rights leader “Martin Luther King”. That would be expecting that the house guests are actually educated in world history yet alone European history and the Renaissance that started due to the Reformation brining in the Enlightenment. Enlightened this group of dumb fu*ks aren’t!


Seriously who made this NAME person Aaryn advocate,you a sibling of hers or family member,people have a opinion on her and its HER FAULT to bring that on herself.Honestly I agree with 90% of the comments regarding everyone’s game..its disgusting and I DISLIKE the fact that Amanda pretty much runs the house without ever winning anything and riding this alliance card she had with Mcrae and noone seems to have the balls to break up…im disappointed in some ways.


You people throw around the word racist and you don’t even know what it means. Maybe her and her family have some bigotry in them and stereotype but she is far from racist. Quit listening to mainstream media for your vocabulary. You sound like a fool, but hey, you have about 60 other fools that liked your post so you’re not alone.

Yeah Right

Aaryn is far from a racist. LOL! What do you mean? She hasn’t been promoted to Grand Wizard yet, is that it? LOL! So now when it talks like a racist, acts like a racist, you want us to believe its a duck or clownie in disguise. Yeah Right!


Name is right dummy,

Racist and prejudice are different. Aaryn is prejudice which is due to a lack of education and empathy on her part, but she is not racist. Yeah Right needs to read a book or at least wikapedia. Learn something about it before you talk about it. Oh, and the definition of sheep are all the idiots who put a thumbs down on that.

Aaryn nation

Main Entry: rac·ism
Pronunciation: \?r?-?si-z?m also -?shi-\
Function: noun
Date: 1933
1 : a belief that is the primary of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2 : racial or discrimination

She fits definition ….


Name you are right on. As much as I dislike Amanda, Aaryan Nation sickens me. To mock one of the greatest Anericans, Martin Luther King Jr. and praise James Earl Ray sickens me. I hope after this show no one hires her. Unfortunately, there are to many people like Aaryan Nation who actually love this creature.


She never praised James Earl Ray you knucklehead.

Elissa's Duck Lips

Boo hoo. We have become a nation of wimps. People make fun of Asians, Latinos, Jews and they don’t allow it to be a crutch in life. But say anything about black people and it becomes a sympathy fest. Get over it they are ONLY 13% of the US population. They are treated better in the USA than in any other part of the world, trust me I have been to Europe, Asia and Latin America and blacks there are treated like dirt. So please move on from this shit.


Grow up and do some research! When things are racially charged it doesn’t matter what group is on the short end of the stick, many choose to defend their group. Julie Chen said she was specifically offended by the Asian slurs. I wonder why that is. Even though the vast majority of racial slurs have been sent in the direction of the African American community, Julie is still more offended by the 1 sent Helen’s way. Don’t tell me it’s not because she’s Asian. Go to sleep and think before you speak. We have it the easiest? Lol I won’t bother to combat that coonery with anything other than, I’ve busted my ass for a graduates degree like any other person who has 1. Aaryn is a sheltered coon who has no idea how racist and offensive she is or how horrendous her eyebrows are. Go to sleep!


I have to agree with you – aaryn’s eyebrows are horrendous

Judge not lest ye be judged

Julie Chen should not be offering her opinions publicly if she is going to be host of this show. Sure, she’s married to Moonves, but that does not give her the right to sit in judgment of certain HGs just because she doesn’t like something they said or did. A person in her position (host) needs to be objective and keep their personal opinions to themselves. That really offended me when she vented her ‘outrage’ on TV over the Aaryn/Candice incident. And how she brought up race in Candice’s and Howard’s exit interviews and called Kaitlyn one of the ‘mean girls’ in the house. How dare she! There’s two sides to every coin and CBS exploits and focuses on one incident without giving the full context of the situation or the alleged offender’s point of view. This is such a lighting rod issue that CBS and Chen should stay a mile away from it and just let America decide for itself without fanning the flames or putting their spin on it.

Let Probst Host The BB Finale!

You probably really can’t stand how Probst grills the players in the Survivor finale episodes then…


You probably need to go live there and have fun treating black people badly. but in a free world that makes America great that is a no no.

I dare you say some shit about the jews , see if you get by easy. I dare any of the House guest to stand on their two feet and say something about jews or isreal or curse out Amanda the way GM was cursing out Candice and we see if that show wont get cancelled from CBS

Judge not lest ye be judged

Hey dummy, insensitve Jewish comments HAVE been made this season. Amanda has made most of them. Spencer has said a few. Yet still loks like the show is still as popular as ever. So much for your theory that CBS would suffer. Try again.


Well am black and can always use the N word try using it wise ass @TO JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED .

if Amanda says anything about her own kind that’s fine. let Aaryn in her own mighty dumbness tell us about a rat at their home called some major Jewish icon or make reference to the H word.

Anyway wise ass @TO JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED the point is no race will take crap lying down. For some there are bigger issues to deal for others its everyday issues and mentalities


elissa’s duck lips,

I’m so sick of right wing nuts talking like you. Obviously you haven’t been all over the u.s otherwise you wouldn’t say such things

I weep for the future of this nation.

If anyone wants to learn something……..

Martin Luther
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other people named Martin Luther, see Martin Luther (disambiguation).

Martin Luther

Luther in 1533 by Lucas Cranach the Elder
Born 10 November 1483
Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire
Died 18 February 1546 (aged 62)
Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire
Nationality German
Occupation Monk, Priest, Theologian, Professor
Notable work(s) The Ninety-Five Theses, Luther’s Large Catechism,
Luther’s Small Catechism, On the Freedom of a Christian
Spouse(s) Katharina von Bora
Children Hans (Johannes), Elisabeth, Magdalena, Martin, Paul, Margarethe
Theological work
Martin Luther (German: [?ma??ti?n ?l?t?] ( listen); 10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German monk, Catholic priest, professor of theology and seminal figure of a reform movement in 16th century Christianity, subsequently known as the Protestant Reformation.[1] He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money. He confronted indulgence salesman Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar, with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. His refusal to retract all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521 resulted in his excommunication by the Pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the Emperor.

Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin. His theology challenged the authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge[2] and opposed sacerdotalism by considering all baptized Christians to be a holy priesthood.[3] Those who identify with Luther’s teachings are called Lutherans.

His translation of the Bible into the vernacular (instead of Latin) made it more accessible, which had a tremendous impact on the church and on German culture. It fostered the development of a standard version of the German language, added several principles to the art of translation,[4] and influenced the writing of an English translation, the King James Bible.[5] His hymns influenced the development of singing in churches.[6] His marriage to Katharina von Bora set a model for the practice of clerical marriage, allowing Protestant priests to marry.[7]

In his later years, in deteriorating health, Luther became increasingly critical of adherents of Judaism, writing that Jewish synagogues and homes should be destroyed, their money confiscated, and liberty curtailed. These statements and their influence on antisemitism have contributed to his controversial status.[8]


Sorry Mr. Gries…..Your daughter Aaryn just blew your racist cover!!

Aaryn's Farm Animals

What’s wrong with naming your Llama Martin Luther King?? I mean “Barak O’Llama” would have been more creative but that works just the same. I actually had two dogs years ago I named “Ms. Rosa Barks” & “Malcom Rex”. Lighten Up people!!!

Varys Blackfyre

I really don’t understand why these people have made everything so personal this year. I didn’t really pay much attention in the beginning, but were all of them playing it this personal?


Its what CBS wanted and the direction they are going with for the show. CBS knew what they had on their hands and thought this would reinvigorate Big Brother. So present and future BB seasons will be just as personal and mean. The cast of BB16 will review the tapes of BB15 and say that’s how you conduct yourself while playing the game. So precedent has been set, you will get more of the same next year.

Oh Canada

Oh Canada!

Please BB Canada, don’t import this American BB15 foolishness to our show. BB America is just trash. They have a group of people that sit around and talk nonsense everyday. BB Canada may be new and need a couple of tweaks here and there, but it’s a much better product then this rubbish I am seeing. Leave this American version of BB in America.

Save Canada

I agree with you. It seems the house guests are bored and have way to much idle time. Where are the task for them to do? Where is the fun stuff like Zingbot coming into the house or Jessie the bodybuilder. Where are the midnight interruptions and the sabotage. Its like CBS said the game play of house guests will generate all the entertainment. However, there is little gameplay and just personal attacks.


Do you really think Topaz the moron, Suzette the mama bear with a huge chip on her shoulder, Peter the dickless robot, Talla the twitching Iranian and Gary’s over the top flambuoyant persona were better – wanna-be stars. The only person I admired was Andrew.


BB Canada was 10 times better then BB15 ever could be mate. BB Canada didn’t have the overt racism and constant personal attacks. Mate I am glad you didn’t like BB Canada, just by your characterization of some of the players and which one’s you chose to attack explains a lot. But it really doesn’t matter to me your personal likes and dislikes. America has a racial problem and that’s obvious. BB15 is enjoying huge ratings because of the racism. Its not for game play, there is no game play on BB15. Canada may have its share of problems but in the area of race relations we are much more progressive then America. So hate BB Canada all you like, but if you read the blog and watch the feeds, its like the 60’s revisited. Good luck with that race thing mate.


I totally agree. I have spent a considerable amount of time in both Canada and the USA and the differences are very noticeable. I couldn’t figure out why the immigrants in America were so much meaner than those in Canada but its really so easy to see. It’s because they are segregated. In the USA there are neighbourhoods that are race specific. You are constantly reminded of who you are. In Canada everyone loves wherever they want to and we all kinda get along. I lived on Long Island and was exercising in the yard with my boyfriends 12 year old daughter and our neighbour decided to come over in his American flag tshirt to tell me and a 12 year old girl that the only things women should work out are the t&a so we look good for men, something that has never and will never happen to me in beautiful British Columbia. The houseguests in BBC while quirky and silly played innocently and were very fun to watch. The people in this house remind me of my stay in the USA. They remind me of that discussing neighbour, of the mean immigrants who seemed so unhappy to be there, and of the nasty moms at the bus stop who literally turned there backs to me at the school bus stop after finding out that I was a Canadian immigrant dating an American.


Are you sure you’re from Hogtown, Mate? Not disagreeing with your statements so much as being thrown off by the ‘mate’, Mate. :)

No Name

The thing that bothers me the most are the personal attacks on each other behind their backs. Every week they sit around and have a different person to bash! Who will it be next week? Now they are taking cheapshots at the family members. Their excuse will be “it’s just a game”. Yes, it’s a game but they don’t have to take it to the level they are taking it. People have feelings! Everyone will be getting out of the house and hear what they’ve said about each other. I wouldn’t want to keep in touch with any of them after hearing all the nasty comments they made.

They are all guilty of being two faced, rats, liars, flip floppers, playing both sides etc. but they don’t see that about themselves.

OH, btw Aaryn don’t be so proud of yourself getting Helen out – we all know that once again someone ran your HOH. First it was Jeremy, then it was Helen/Amanda for the next two and now Amanda.


My stomach turns every time Aaryn says something racist, she says she not, but she can’t help say something that is derogatory. And even worse they all laugh along with her.


IDIOT!! Nothing was said racist, but you have to keep playing the race card. Ignorance like that cannot be ignored!


Please stop using the “race card” card.

See No Evil

LOL! So now we are supposed to stick our heads in the sand. Thereby, we see no evil and hear no evil. LOL! So what Aaryn said wasn’t racist? I guess you want to share with us what you consider racist. My guess is that you could give personal examples of how you have done far worse. I agree its all relative, and there are varying degrees of racism. Like firing a guy because he’s Black is worse then voting to evict a guy because he’s Black, You got me there “Name”. Maybe falsely accusing a big black man of rape and sending him to jail is a lot worse then falsely accusing a big black man of sexual intimidation on a reality tv show. So when I look at it your way “Name”, I shouldn’t be upset. It only affects blacks and who cares. Is that your point “Name”?


The same way your unable to convince a drunk that their drunk, is the same way your unable to convince a racist person that they are racist !! I’m so sorry for Aaryn for being ignorant!!

R u Aaryns mom

Ok u must b aaryns mom. I do not know how any human being can defend aaryns behavior or gm or spencer or amanda etc for what they have said racially.
Instead of telling people to stop saying she is racist when she actually is indeed racist. Why dont u instead ask people to try within their hearts to forgive her when the show is over. The shows not over yet and im sure we will probably hear alot more racist garbage and theres nothing u can say to stop people from calling her out about it. You can only wait til the show is over, have a good talk to ur daughter and eventually this will all blow over. Im sure after the show they will all learn from this (dear Lord, i hope so), and mayb they will do something good. Something good has GOT to come out all of this hatred. Maybe these houseguests can start a BB program together, anti- racism or something. Thatd b amazing n go around to all schools together speaking about how they learned from their behavior and teach kids and give money to charity. Wishful thinking maybe but theres just gotta be something good come from all this bad


Spencer suggested that Aaryn do some volunteer work at a shelter and Aaryn said no. She does not think she said anything racist at all.


Hey ELLA for your information Aaryn did not spew anything racist that was Spencer that made the comment about James Early Ray. Seriously naming a pet after someone famous is nothing new or racist. Check the names of some of Celebrity Famous Dogs. Not racist but sometimes you name your pets after someone you respect.


Person Name – You have got to be a relative of Aaryn that’s all I can say. And it was not just spencer so why don’t you go back and read before making your stupid ignorant comments.


Ella, you are seriously ignorant or can you just not read or have a comprehension issue? Perhaps you need to watch the feeds then, but then I doubt you would listen and just hear what you want!!! ON THE FEEDS SPENCER ASKED DID YOU NAME THE LLAMA JAMES EARL RAY!! Geez, get an education so you can read please or buy the feeds!! IN YOUR CASE IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!


sorry name but you are just waisting your breath, these people love the “RACE CARD” so they have to keep it alive anyway they can…pinning it on an all american pretty young white blonde hair blue eyed girl is a favorite of theirs


It’s funny to see you racist people come to defend Aaryn!!! You are not fooling anyone!!


i’m not trying to fool anyone about anything…just keeping it real!;-)

Save Canada

Keep this rubbish south of our border. This show has no entertainment value. If BB is a social experiment, I like to know what the results of the research are.: Racists come into the house as a racist and leave the house as racists. Women are constantly being called c$$ts and b%%$hes by men and other women, which assuredly reinforces the lexicon that its acceptable to refer to women as such things. We have bullies that intimidate other house guests while the other guests sit meekly by and watch. We have sexual perverts that openly admit that they are entertained by child porn. ;We have women hollering rape then wondering if their rapist can f&*k like a machine because she likes it hard and fast. This is one American product that needs to stay south of the border.


Listen, idiot. Aaryn hasn’t said a racist thing in a month. Watch the fucking feeds sometime.


So interesting that Aaryn is starting to let her guard down and now she is back to freely suffering from foot in mouth disease. She is so comfortable now to be the overt racist that she knows she is. Now she has just implicated her dad as well. Isn’t she special!!!


Please get a brain or a dictionary. If you think that was racist you really are a blundering idiot.


It’s not about that one comment @name. It’s the collection of racist comments (whatcha goin do girl, Helen should go make some rice etc….) that everyone uses to accuse her of being racist. You clearly suffer from racist denial and either just think she’s hot or can relate to her hateful & CLEARLY RACIST views.


no, the truth is they joke around about a lot of things but any time something is said that can be considered racist all the sudden they are pegged for life…why does it matter to you so much anyway are you planning on her being in your life some how??? if not then don’t worry about it and move on…they are just a bunch of kids in a house saying a bunch of stupid sh*t and if you don’t like it don’t watch or just get the F over it already;-)


Amen. My thoughts exactly. All the politically correct haters need to get a life. Because your opinions don’t amount to a hill of beans.

R u Aaryns mom

U must b related to one of the houseguests to be so defensive of aaryn Either way, u r making things much worse when u try totell people who r hurt or offended by the houseguests to stop talking about this. People can not stop talking about this, it hits close to home for so many and people r shocked.


It’s not about “getting over it” or not watching. I’m a fan of big
Brother and I can watch it and still say whatever I want about any of the houseguests. It’s not my fault that her true colors shine through. And truthfully I don’t really care but when I randomly looked up to see what the spoilers were and looked at the comments I just can’t believe your ok with the things she says. Even if you don’t think she’s racist, she is really rude and just not a very nice person. Not really sure why your choosing to defend her. Are you defending her or people’s right to be racist/negative people?

I weep for the future of this nation.

If you really think things that have been said on BB hate speech and racism then you have never truly experienced REAL hate and racism. You cheapen its real meaning by crying wolf over trivial things like this. Maybe instead save your condemnation for those truly deserving- like that crazy bastard who went to shoot up the school or those three little pigs who killed the jogger for FUN!! Now there is an example of REAL HATE and REAL RACISM!!!!!!

Judge not lest ye be judged

First of all, Elissa is the one who suffers from foot in Botoxed mouth disease. As for Aaryn, she already knows she is being portrayed as a racist, when she is not, so she figures it doesn’t matter what she says because the politically correct a$$holes out there will never see her any different. Good for her for being herself and not a total stuck-up phony like Elissa or a manipulative bully like Hell en.


apparently you need to take your own lessons due to you sounding awfully judgemental too


Everyone talks about cutting Amanda loose, but they just don’t. If Helen would have listened to Howard, Candice and Spencer, she would not be going and would be running the house instead.

I hope Andy gets nominated soon. He will probably cry like Gary did when he 1st went on slop……That was so funny!! :)


Aaryn says that the person that gets Elissa evicted will be a legend. SMH.
Anybody who has the balls to get rid of Amanda will be a legend.


I’m beginning to think no one, including McCrae, has the balls to go against Amanda. I’m not a huge fan of Helen nor Elissa (loved Rachel but Elissa is so NOT Rachel) but if the rest of the house would pull their collective heads out of McManda’s A$$ this game might be interesting. Honestly I wish they’d bring all the jury members back and start over from there….. Amanda is going to walk away from this with $500K and for doing what? Nothing but making people jump through hoops because she’s a bully, imo

She Said What

I’m speechless – and trying to find the humor in Aaryn’s Llama story but I can’t. What a bunch of delusional, uneducated fools. Just for a day I wish they could actually experience what slavery really felt like (fear, pain, humiliation, hunger, watching your child sold, the list is endless). There’s a saying that ignorance is bliss, but this bunch are just plain ignorant. And while many people would prefer the topic of race would go away – it’s these clowns that keep bringing it up (indirectly of course)!


The topic of race would go away but the idiots on here are the ones that see race in each and every comment that is made. I used to think the house guests were the ignorant ones but the posters on here that keep on with the racist comments in every other post are worse. Get a life and learn what real racism is before you keep showing your total ignorance on the matter of racism.


Unfortunately, you are wrong. They are educated and know better but don’t do better.

Aron is a psych major and she knows what she’s doing. She’s using Helen to improve her image but in reality she only sees her as a rice-eating, slanted-eye object, imo.


You’re bringing slavery into the mix now? Nothing like going way over the line.
“Just for a day I wish they could actually experience what slavery really felt like (fear, pain, humiliation, hunger, watching your child sold, the list is endless).” How the hell would you know what it was actually like? Why don’t you wish they experience the Black Plague for a day, or AIDS. Learn some perspective.

She Said What

History lesson 101 – The Christiana Riot – The Missouri Compromise…. If people think that racial issues (black vs white) in this country have nothing, or very little to do with slavery, they are sadly mistaken. Racial inequality is a fact and that inequality is, in part, directly related to the mistreatment of human beings and the aftermath of slavery. Is it an excuse for all the woes, no! But to suggest that the history of slavery did not facilitate a racial divide, shows an utter lack of perception.


so what about the american indians??? our entire country was taken from us but you don’t her me calling everyone racist over that do you??? JUST KEEPIN IT REAL!!!!;-)


Yes, really off topic….


One day I wish you could see what it felt like as well….then you’d actually be qualified to speak on it.
There are truly some delusional people on here.
MARTIN LUTHER WAS WHITE! What don’t you understand???


Yeah. And to add insult to injury she goes on about her father’s drunk friends killing, for fun apparently, 5 beautiful llamas. I am an animal lover and advocate and although I understand it is everyone’s right to hunt. But to shoot all boozed up and just for kicks, tells me everything I surmised about Aryan and how she was raised. Naming a llama “Martin Luther” (WEIRD) and Spencer calling the “white” llama James Earl Ray….how is that funny?? Who would even think of that! Watching these people is like witnessing a KKK meeting. I just can’t say it enough: this is the worst group of sub-humans I have ever seen. CBS had to go to a lot of trouble to find them. These people make me sick in my stomach, literally. The only reason I hang in catching up on this site is to hopefully see their eventual demise.

People need to MYOB and stop judging

OMG Carl, go cry me a river. If I had a nickle for every blogger who said “this show makes me sick to my stomach” I’d have thousands of dollars. But if I had a nickle for every blogger who said that and MEANT it, I wouldn’t have a quarter. If this show disgusts you so much STOP WATCHING! And STOP READING THE MINUTE BY MINUTE UPDATES. The fact that you and all the other politically correct haters don’t is because you actually love the show and can’t get enough of it. Nobody cares that you are offended. I would bet if I was a fly on the wall in your house and all the other haters I would witness a continual stream of swearing, gossiping, and politically incorrect comments. What hypocrites you all are. Worry about your own damn lives instead of these HGs who you will never see or hear about again in two about two months. You act like this show is being forced on you. It’s not. So take some Pepto Bismo for that upset stomach of yours and STFU.


Spencer’s parents: You did a wonderful job raising a crude and disgusting womanizing pervert.

Elissa for the Win

Spencer’s father is a judge! Oh well, guess the “good ole boy” system is still alive and thriving in the South.


And his brother is a cop. Doesn’t that make you feel secure?


So right. However I think the only womanizing he has done is with a lot of plastic dolls (hence his obvious frustration).


Hey Dawg or Simon, I never paid attention before but have there always been black and white fish every season or did that just start this year? Just curious.


Thanks. Pretty interesting if that just started special for this year considering what’s been going on. Hmmm.


No wonder Aaryn’s dad didn’t want his pics in any of her HOH room! She’s racist and obviously so his her dad.


You people are pathetic! Seriously they named a llama Martin Luther and because of that they are racist. I have a little black poodle and I named her Oprah and it has absolutely nothing to do because I am racist, but because I am a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey and respect everything she does. Stop dissecting every word they make to start playing the darn racist card!! Grow up and get a life and maybe it is based on respect for the person and not racism.


Ok. James Earl Ray!


If you name your dog Oprah you have some serious issues.


Idiots like you are why race is a problem in this country still. People who play the race card on every comment and every person. With stupidity like you race will never get better in this country because you see color in every corner everywhere. You are sick and demented that any comment that comes out of someone’s mouth you have to play the race card or quickly use the word Racist to attack people. You have a very sick and demented concept of what racism really is. Google the word if you do not know how to use a dictionary. Because with idiots like you spouting racist with every word uttered racism will continue to thrive in every country in the world. In your way of thinking I assume anyone that has a black dog who is white is a racist. Grow up!

just saying16

Usually the one calling Racism is the racist! they are constantly looking for it, in everything people do and say, in some way it can be taken as racism. Just Saying……..


Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! You have won “Stupidest Comment of the Day” award.
Congrats. But I haven’t really finished reading all the comments yet so who knows.

The llame was named Martin Luther, not Martin Luther King. But I presume most people
on this website don’t know the difference. So no, not racist. The white llama was NOT named
James Early Ray. That was Spencer’s joke at Aaryn’s expense because of her reputation.

I think there’s hope for Aaryn, especially once she travels. There is absolutely no hope for
Elissa. Almost everything that comes out of her mouth is so unChristian.


You just took up for whites against anti-white racists. Prepare for downvotes.
If you are white, you have to let people be racist towards you.
The saddest thing is that whites themselves are downvoting you.
Disgusting society we live in.


I think people who don’t understand racism or don’t want to acknowledge it should take a look at a great film – “A Class Divided.” It documents the work of Jane Elliot, a teacher that developed a method to show the power of discrimination. If you watch it, you will see what happens to adults and children when they are discriminated against in a short period of time. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf0zfMl5KSA


and if you believe aaryn’s dad is a big martin luthor king fan, especially when he named the white llama after MLK’s murderer, i have some prime beachfront property in kansas i’d like to sell you.


naming a dog after Oprah Winfrey is its own kind of sickness….she is an ego maniac and a phony…..but you love her! disgusting!!! Go get some intense therapy.


Dude your an idiot!!!they named A Llamaaaaaa after a known figure in MLK who MOST see as a inspiration!!!!!your obviously NOT someone that has any idea or knowledge of what this man represented or means for those who followed him and listened and thanks to a man like him they can find some equality,so yea I do find that offensive and personal.Would I name my white dog George Jefferson,JFK or which ever name NO!!so why a f***ing Llama!!!!


Nameless Name, are you serious?! After everything you have heard spewed from Aaryn’s mouth, you really think they named a black llama “Martin Luther” out of respect for our greatest civil rights leader? Seriously???? How can you even defend it.


Yeah Aaryan Nation named her Llama after Martin Luther King Jr. Because she has posters of him all over her room at her home. Racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.

stupid is as stupid does

People that keep playing the race card. Idiots in the worst way. Get an education and perhaps you will not seem so vile and evil.


Seriously sometimes you need to stop claiming racist on every post! It is a damn llama and it is a name. You act like the took the man and hung him from a tree which they did not do. People on here are worse that those on the show because when you throw the race card on every comment it takes away all of the power and makes you look stupid. They named a llama Martin Luther seriously and because of that the man is racist. Maybe they think the man was great which he was and that is why they named the llama that. It is a name not the man himself. Claiming because they name a llama Martin Luther the man is racist has to be probably the stupidest comment I have ever read on here.


Aaryn’s family called their black llama Martin Luther. Aaryn said the llama had a white baby and they named it James Earl Ray. He’s the one that shot Martin Luther. Explain to me how that isn’t racist.


No you idiot that was Spencer that said that about the little white llama and the name!!! IF you do not have the ability to read correctly then do not post!!!! So now Spencer is the racist well that one I will agree with.


why did Aaryn bring it up??? Don’t you see that she tries to defend herself as non racist but she can’t help bringing it up constantly…she has a demonic force inside of her speaking through her…..why don’t you study before making uneducated comments!


Oh shut up Name and name just because you complain about the way people post doesn’t mean they will listen to you! Stop wasting everybody’s time!


Don’t axe them to learn how to read. Waste of time.


There is no proof he’s a racist. It’s very poor to try to paint him with such a problem when there is nothing to support it. Your assumptions make you the racist.


Name, justsaying16 and vladinator…. With all the hateful things Aryan has said and done, why are you still trying to defend her? I also noticed that those that use the term “race card” in their post , are usually trying to defend the racist.


For all we know Helen could be a racist too, why else did she want Howard and Candice out SO badly? They were allies. I’d suggest there are probably next to none blacks in North Korea where her parents are originally from. They were lucky to escape there! And then seeing blacks in America might have been new or odd to them.


Watching these people is like watching a group of highschool kids. They get together in a big group and sit and talk badly about people. It’s so pathetic! They’re all a bunch of followers, except Amanda, and she’s just a disgusting piece of trash. And FYI spencer, congrats to YOUR mom for raising a sick pervert.

Martin Luther the Lutheran

Because I paid attention in school. Martin Luther was the founder of the Lutheran church. Obviously aaryn nation and spencer are two stupid to not tell the difference between the two or even say “jr.” to so differentiate the two men.


Still think Aaryn is young naive? She is a racist to the bones, and she was taught it from a young
Age by her dad and a mother who did not take a stand against it. Just like the HG who stand around and
Laugh. CBS, HG should be ashame of themselves to cast such a person and let
Them continue such offensive speech.

Now I see why her dad not on the picture. He probably had a White sheet on, and
They had to cut him out. They should do the same, and cut Aaryn.


Looks like your “dad and mother” did nothing to stop yours either.


God Andy is such a RAT. I cannot wait until he’s gone. And Aaryn’s family is proof you can’t buy class. Her family is sad really.


For one thing you either have class or you don’t, and if talking about money cannot buy class that is Elissa and Rachel. There is no amount of money that can make either of those two have class. Have you watched Elissa’s Bridezilla episode? Once a bully always a bully!


Ummm yeah, that’s what I said, “you can’t buy class.” Aaryn’s family proves that. You’re just repeating what I said, then rambling about Elissa. You do realize that Bridezilla is a tv show that would require the brides to act like bridezilla’s, correct?


Aaryn I mean what can you say, a 22-year old stuck in her mind somewhere. She’s still young but old enough to have a mindset on her own. So if she continues to get labeled as a bigot or racist that’s her own doing. Why she pretends like she’s innocent is what makes her and Gina Marie look like the nut jobs they both are. Andy , Amanda’s carrier pigeon, is a self-entitled whiny b*tch. He’s probably one of those people who can make themselves cry and act all melodramatic. No wonder he and Helen click. Gina Marie and Spencer are flat out disgusting with their manners. He seems like he’s on step from masturbating in front of the whole group while they bash people to no end. I wouldn’t want to eat anything they cooked especially Spencer. Amanda’s conversation is just as bad. I just can’t wait for someone to waltz back in the house on them. They have been watching long enough to know certain parts of the game aren’t fair. The paranoia will be entertaining.


Andy’s overuse of “Jazz Hands” kills me.


Wow, now America knows how her parents raise her the entire family is racist however, they are lots of people in this world like them. To all the people who have been hurt by racism just move on from it be the bigger person. Life is short one thing we all are sure about and that is fair in this life time is one we all came in the this world and we all will leave this world one day.


How dare you disrespect Martin Luther King name you are one ignorant blonde bitch.


SPENCER has the nerve to say Rachel’s Mum raised two psychopaths???????????????? Hello, Judge Clawson, are you following your darling little boy’s remarks? You must be so very proud of the way you raised this perv. Please be certain that MARILYN has been re-inflated before he returns home.


While I dislike the character of Spencer, even he got one right.


Thanks Simon. Glad to be able to come back and post comments.


Is there anything more ironic than Spencer talking about someone’s parents raising a psycopath? This from the man that has sat in that house with his hands down his pants for over 60 days now, has used every derogatory term known in the english language for women in his conversations, has make jokes about child porn and masturbating to it, has commented on fellow house guests anatomy, has participated in conversations that include raping fellow houseguests, discussed slitting the same person throat and using the blodd as lubrication, has made comments about masturbating on people’s property when he visits their house as a guest, I dont think there is enough space in this comment area to list all of the despicable and vile things that man has said to show himself to be the ditch pig he really is and he has the nerve to insult another house guest’s parent…

This guy is too much..

I am sure this man’s parents are over the moon with his behaviour and how it showcases the rest of his family and their integrity, and I can just imagine how the “kind hearted” Marilyn is bathing in the glow that is her man…

Amanda's Therapist

Feel the same way as you about the pervert Spenser!!
Conway, Arkansas must be sick to have this MONSTER wear t-shirt on National TV…..he is A “scum-dog”!!!


SIMON and DAWG — a very big thank you for potentially saving my life. Your descriptive narratives have put me off of snacking while reading your blog. My BP has dropped and my sugar levels are good. Thank you. Keep up the excellent work.


Yes, me too……thank you Simon and Dawg for making this season worth keeping track of through your posts. I find myself turning off the “live feeds” more and more because I can’t watch these kuckleheads. Simon and Dawg YOU ARE THE BEST! My annual contribution is on the way!!


Glad you like the spoilage your support is appreciated.


And what kind of judge raises a misogynistic pervert?


What the heck does James Earl Ray have to do with Martin Luther?? Were they talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, or did Aaryn’s dad name a llama after 16th century monk and founder of the Lutheran church? Not sure whom I should be smdh at, but it’s definitely shaking.


I don’t know Aaryn’s dad but if the llama was named after the civil rights leader, he’d have gone with the whole name:MLK, plus “Jr” eventually. Maybe the llama was named after the monk indeed but Queen B Aaryn wanted to make sure everyone find her funny, she went with the whole “it was a black llama” and didn’t bother to rebuke Spencer’s joke. She might be a subconscious racist but Aaryn’s more guilty of being ready to do everything to be the center of attention. And spare me the “she’s young” BS, not every 22yrs old is so clueless about life and the need to treat people with consideration. She’s redeemable though.


I almost fell out of my chair when Aaryn drank the nail polish remover. She needs to quit hanging out with “Clownie.” He’s a bad influence on her.


It might have been a subconscious cry for help. Or she likes it because it’s the same “white lightning” they brew on the other side of her property.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I really do not believe that Aaryn drinking the nail polish remover was an accident.

Amanda's Mother

You mean people leave my baby alone. She is in there doing the dirty work that no one else will do. She is doing it with style and grace (burp).


you got it backwards, she makes all her puppets do the dirty work since she can’t win anything


Are you kidding me, she is so nasty that when she comes on I go do something else. I would be so embarrassed if she was my child!!!!!!!!

Rio Seven

I just had a thought… Elissa has so much trouble making chit chat and making connections with people that I am thinking she is mildly autistic. I really think it is possible that she falls in the autism spectrum. I mean, her social skills are bizarre.

For real

Elissa doesn’t have a problem articulating with people, it’s the disgusting pigs in the house that she can’t relate To. I wouldn’t try to have a conversation with them…they are ignorant, vulgar , and totally unaware!

Rio Seven

But Elissa has even said weird things to Helen, and they are friends. Also, Elissa herself admitted that she has trouble with chit chat and that she is a very guarded person that is hard to get to know. Spencer pointed out that he asked Elissa what her favourite childhood cartoon was, and she couldn’t even answer. All that aside, you shouldn’t go on BB if you have trouble talking/relating to other people that are different from you. That is really what the show is about – social skills.


Elvira is not autistic, she’s a prescription pill head, that’s why she talks the way she does. That’s why it’s so funny when she asks Jessie if she’s taking pills or complains about Poopy’s Adderall.


If you were locked in a house full of disgusting people like these what would your social skills be like? You don’t want to make enemies but you can’t even bring yourself to be friends.


I think the real issue is thinking ahead about how she’s viewed in the real world once she’s out of the bb house. I read somewhere she is trying to start different businesses. That’s kind of hard to do if you’re associating with racist for all of America to see. Anyone with half a brain would distance themselves from that.


Unfortunately it’s probably not a big deal where Aaryn comes from. Now Amanda, that’s another story.


Spencer your mom did a good job at raising a pervert.


I didn’t know whether to barf or cry when I heard the names of Aaryn’s llamas.

This Season Blows

I actually feel bad for Aaryn after hearing that. It’s not hard to see how she could be so ignorant about racial issues considering who raised her. Hopefully she learns something from the BB experience and doesn’t end up like her parents.


feel sorry for her? are you kidding!! everyone has to take responsiblity for themselves….some of us have been raised in horrific circumstances by horrific people and took responsibilty for ourselves and didn’t turn out to be horrible people. No matter what your circumstances we are all resp. for ourselves. Stop feeling sorry for her…she already does that enough herself…..plays the victim every chance she gets!


I named my black cat BB King. Gosh i must be a racist bitch too!


If you name something because you respect and love someone, that’s cool. Who doesn’t love BB King. On the other hand if you name something after someone and then find it amusing that your father’s drunk friends carelessly killed them, that’s something else.


Does anyone here pay attention?

They were not her fathers friends.
They were hunters from the neighboring ranch.
I believe it is a “pay to hunt” type place.
Aaryns father lets the neighboring ranch use the access road he owns on HIS ranch.
They were drunk, it was night time, they did not know they were shooting llamas.

So to conclude, NOT friends of Aaryns family.
NOT intentionally killing the llamas.
It is not a fun story but it happened, you all are making it sound like
Aaryn and her family sacrificed the llamas to Satan.


Don’t axe Carl to learn to read. Waste of time.


Why don’t you name your black cat after your mother? Since you love your black cat just saying.


oh this is fun.

I had a silver tabby and i named her bunny :)

BB Rule Book..

“Ginamarie says that if she wins the whole thing she will give a chunk of the money to whoever the second place person is.”

Ginamarie might have just disqualified herself. House Guests are NOT allowed to make promises of inducements to secure votes.

This Year Sucks

You would think Andy being gay would not want to associate with such vile bigots. It appears that he is right in the mix of tearing down people based on their beliefs or race. Maybe he never felt discrimination other gays have received since he is young and it is now more excepted in American society. Love to hear how he is going to defend his behavior after the season is over.

None of these guest should get a pass. They have single handily ruined the BB franchise. It will be interesting if BB will return next year and if so, if they will change rules on acceptable behavior of houseguest. If CBS had any balls, they should sequester all the remaining players and jury after the final show and do a two hour live show discussing their actions. No soft ball questions. Let these guest feel the heat of their actions.

I hope they do not have a party for them after the show and if they do that people just boycott the party. I would think other BB alum must be totally disgusted by them and would not want to participate in functions where they are included.


You would think, but you would be wrong.

First, read his BB bio…where he states things he is afraid of: People who like Tyler Perry Movies (dead giving way, since Tyle Perry movies cater to primarily African-American audiences)

Second, there is a long history of bigotry within the gay community. Just because someone is gay does not preclude them from being bigots.

It all depends on your upbringing and whom you choose to associate with. Andy feels very comfortable being around these comments. The first clear sign was when GM, stated to him in his ear, what welfare was, N—er insurance. He did nothing to contradict her or even flinch a muscle to correct her.


While I’m not once again wading into the racist/bigot houseguest argument, I just need to point out that just because Andy is “afraid” of people who like Tyler Perry movies is not in fact a dead give away that he’s racist, or comfortable with racists. Simply because Tyler Perry /does/ cater to an African American audience doesn’t make those who dislike his projects immediately racist. I have plenty of friends that don’t care for Tyler Perry’s style and it has zero to do with his skin colour. Also the entire statement alone about being afraid of people who like Tyler Perry movies comes across (to me at least) as very tongue in cheek. Not the least bit racist. It’s the exactly same concept that because they were subjected to racist comments/behaviour in the house, that must mean anyone that doesn’t like Howard and/or Candice must now be racist. What happened was awful, I won’t ever argue that, but it doesn’t mean that I (or anyone else) have to like them and root for them to stay simply because of it.

And no, I’m not actually defending Andy or any of the others making comments so much as getting /very/ tired of how people on these boards find every little thing to deconstruct whether it’s accurate or not. The trash talking that goes on here more than rivals what everyone complains about is happening on the feeds. I’m not defending some of the awful things the houseguests have said, but responding in kind doesn’t exactly let the feedsters and fans hold onto any kind of higher ground here.

EMMET TILL couisin from Mississippi

SO Tyler Perry should cater to white audiences but the fans that support him are black . So he should make his films like Seinfeld ? Duck Dynasty CATERS TO THERE WHITE AUDIENCE . Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damm cater to there audience with there type of films ? The Twilight movies cater to WOMEN . My point he has the right to cater to his audience who support his films . Dont trash the plays the plays he make have beautiful music and are very well done .


as you can see with Andy you can be gay and still be a bigot!



is this season over yet?

This Season Blows

The more I read about the perks given to Rachel and her sister by production, the more sickened I am by the fraud. And you know it’s all true, otherwise they wouldn’t cut the feeds every time someone reveals it. Have any other houseguest’s parents been allowed to dictate the edits that their kids get? Doubt it.

I do like that Spencer is at least thinking of getting out Demanda, and he’s doing it the right way by subtly planting that seed. From the sound of things, McPussy is probably sick of Demanda and is willing to grow a pair and get her out.


you don’t have any proof of that at all….you are just as bad a the hg’s making things up and then deciding to believe them…..stop all your low level thinking!

the lioness

Either these people don’t care any more, or they think they’re invincible and their actions/words won’t come back to haunt them.

BB Rule Book..

It’s called “Mob Mentality”. It happens when fear and hopelessness rule the actions of a ‘low thinking’ group who is lead by a depraved and manipulative leader.


fantastic post!

This Season Blows

“They talk about how the people with muscles always fall off.”

Except they voted out anyone with muscles weeks ago because they were “competition threats”… this cast is really dumb.


100% agreed Ben.


Spencer’s mom, you did a great job in raising a sick, perverted pediophile


I can now say that Elissa is far more annoying then Rachael ever was. At least Rachael was mentally coherent and didn’t run around calling people peasants. We can all agree that thinking your better then someone because they are a different race is horrible, why is it okay for Elissa get to think she’s better then everyone because she married a millionare ?


I disagree. Rachel is worst than her sister. She was obnoxious, paranoid, extremely catty, and worse of all is her “nails on a chalkboard” voice, which was always super loud. When Elissa talks, it’s quiet, slow, and mentally challenged.


Hi Simon still cannot see my post? Thanks.

A Man...Duh

Thanks Aryan for confirming your father is also a racist. I actually am more excited about reading the articles about these racist, bully, pedophile, homophobes entering the real world and realizing everybody thinks they’re a bunch of c*nts than who actually wins the game.


I hope the llama story is not true. Otherwise, we all know why Aaryn is the way she is. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am from the east coast I truly did not think people thought like that anymore. I am blown away. The HG are so young and to still have this backward way of thinking. Sad


This season is so sick – I don’t understand why CBS has not removed these people from the house or at least told them they can’t talk like this. This racist stuff is over the edge!! I can’t imagine how their families and friends much feel – unless they are just as bad. What is wrong with our society today??


No one was removed because this is ratings gold! CBS/BB are like the HGs…money before character.

Elissa for the Win

These HGs are so unoriginal..all they do in the is bash Elissa. If that’s not enough, they bash her mother. Hope Elissa wins HoH and puts up Andy and Amanda and backdoors Mc Crae if one of them wins PoV.

This Season Blows

All Rachelissa does is bash Aaryn (when she’s not busy bragging about her wealth, of course). But I’m sure you’ll make an excuse for her like always.

This Season Blows

Just imagine the level of outrage on here if Aaryn, Demanda, or GM went around calling everyone else “peasants,” bragging about their wealth, expensive vacations, and multiple homes, and refusing to sit with people they found “disgusting.” And imagine how angry people would be if they were allowed to openly disobey the have-not rules, got a larger stipend than anyone else, and got a rigged twist in their favor.

How then is it okay for Rachelissa to act the way she does and get the perks she gets from production? Just because you liked her sister (who was just as horrible as this cast) doesn’t excuse her behavior over anyone else’s.


Miss Aaryn Kkk should no better she is an adult and she can’t change people just face the facts.


“McCrae says that if someone did come back they would compete in the HOH and it’s not fair because they had the advantage of being rested. ” Excuse me? How can you be any more rested than McCrae?




At least he can be the spokesman for Lazboy.

A Man...Duh

Lmao, best comment today….i literally Lol’d and almost choked on my cheerios reading that!!!


Well he does have to “Service” Demanda on a regular basis.


Hahaha. That’s so true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen MC vertical.


laughing so hard am having trouble clicking the “thumbs up ” icon.


Aaryn has officially thrown what little chance she had of a modeling or hosting career down the toilet. She’s ignorant and foolish. She just says racist shit for no reason. Not that there’s ever a reason. What a weak and pathetic individual. And the stupid, ignorant ones who encourage and laugh at her racist, mindless jokes are just as bad. It amazes me that a gay guy find her racism funny. Maybe BB producers wanted this to be the last season and that’s why they allowed so much garbage on the show.


Hmmm, similar behavior hasn’t caused any problem for the ladies of The View.


very kind of you to call them LADIES but agree with your comment.


I wonder what comments Elissa’s mother complained about & how they ALL know? Did she complain about the stuff said about Rachel?


I know this is WAY off topic but I didn’t know that Dani Donato and Dominique Briones got married!! Ewwwwa.



VA Vet

Dani is smokin hot, and smart too!!! Lucky Dom.


Hubba hubba!


Spencer please If I didn’t have a choice between your mom and Elissa my choice would be Elissa’s mom. You were thought how to degrade women and how to watch child porn and you are such a fat sloppy pig. Run Marilyn if you are out there he might just turn on his kids.


she can’t run …she is a blow up doll! That’s why she sticks by him


Spencer and A-KKK are the most ignorant people they are certain things you do not say on the air.


Amanda is like 20 times worse than those two and GM.


Now, now. Don’t fight. They are all equally horrible in their own special way.


How come no one jumped up and declared a drive-by anti-gay crime when Helen and Elissa put fruit in Andy’s pillow?

Fact Check

August 21, 2013: 12:40am

“The cameras switch to AMANDA and Elissa putting fruit in Andy’s pillow as a prank.”

It was Amanda and Elissa.. and, it was a prank.

vile bb15

How does Andy as a Gay man laugh at the MLK thing?



Uhhh…because Andy’s a spineless looser who has no pride maybe???