Sarah – “This is going to be stressful we gotta get God out”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Zach, Bobby
POV Players ?

8:28pm Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno says the Diapers want to get Bobby out either Bobby or Godfrey. If Bobby wins the veto either Bruno or Godfrey will be the replacement.
Godfrey – He already has a veto
Bruno – yeah
Bruno saying he’s tired of all these f***g kids

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 17-35-47-832

8:37pm Handmance

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 18-35-00-649

9:33pm Living room

Not sure what exactly Bruno or the other houseguests saw. Sounds like the house got to see the evcited houseguest intro videos. Bruno may have saw everyone’s interviews. (Not sure at this points its all a bit murky) They all saw Ashleigh’s family video
Bruno brings up Kevin’s boob clip that happened right before Rishas, The one that he motor boated the camera. Kevin says it makes sense because “they” (Production) really pushed him to talk about breasts
Bruno says Naeha was a chiropractor and a super fan.
Zach mentions a conversation with Naeha where he said he didn’t trust chiropractors because they make you sign a waiver. Mentions Neaha seemed offended.
Bruno brings up the video of Johnny that showed him in front of a bulletin board with the big brother 2 houseguest flashcard.

Kevin says that’s funny he thought he was going to get a clip of the game. Bruno agrees says he thought he was going to get something useful.
They talk about Naeha being wealthy, Sarah says if you work in Brampton and live in downtown Toronto yo make money.
Bruno says they could use Naeha in the house right now because his neck is messed up.
A lot of them agree they thought they were “Super Fans” before coming into the house but once they heard Johnny and Jordan talk they realized hey were just fans

There’s Diary room Feed leak

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 18-50-39-026

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 19-06-48-832
Bobby’s Slop boots

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-30 19-23-24-500

10:10pm HOH Ashleigh and Zach
Chatting about Ashleigh’s video from home. In the video it was brought up that Zach never wears a shirt.
Zach – if we won HOH next week would we take a shot at them
Ashleigh – I would.. I would do Bobby Bruno
Zach – no no
Ashleigh – This video has lit the fire under my a$$
Asheligh says she would rather play against Brittnee and Sarah than Bobby/Bruno
Zach thinks they need to keep Bobby/Bruno in the game because they aren’t coming after them. Zach thinks Sarah will come after him but Brittnee will go after Kevin.
Zach says the second they get out of power the house will be coming after the couples.
Zach – the only people that won’t come after the couples next week are Bobby and Bruno
They agree they have to break Bobby/Bruno up eventually. Zach stresses Boby/Bruno are very loyal
Zach – Brittnee and Sarah are not big threats but they are cutthroats.
Zach really wants Bobby/Bruno left in the game is convinced it benefits their game. He brings up if the next HOH is endurance and Bobby wins who is he going to come after the two of them or Kevin and Pilar. Zach thinks Kevin and Pilar will be the targets.
Zach says Brittnee will backdoor him in a second.
Zach – next week if Bobby or Bruno win it’s not bad because we can use them to get rid of Sarah
Zach points out that Sarah and Jordan were really tight and she voted him out calls her cutthroat and Dangerous.
Zach wants to wait one more week so they can get rid of one more person like “Sarah, Brittnee or Willow”
Zach – as soon as we attack Bobby Bruno we’re done we have to win out
Ashleigh – I think Willow is with out
Zach – we trust her .. she’s too flip floppy
Zach tells her he’s really going to try and win HOH’s he thinks the time of throwing comps is over.
AShleigh reminds him that Sarah has to win a HOH before she can come after them
Zach – she’ll do something behind the scenes

Zach – I feel Bobby and Bruno are pulling away a bit.. we have to strike next week
Ashleigh points out he just did a 180
AShleigh – I rather strike at Bobby and Bruno
Zach – Ya I dunno

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 19-58-18-022
10:33pm Bedroom Willow and Sarah
Willow says she thinks the couples are going after Bobby. Willow says they will have to vote out Brittnee. Willow and Sarah agree they really don’t want to but they would have to vote out Brittnee.
Sarah – I would Vote Brittnee out before Bobby
Sarah says she wants to do that but Brittnee will hate her is worried Brittnee will blow up their game.
Willow – Than Bobby has to win Veto
Sarah – Pili is starting to get on my nerves.
Willow brings up telling the couples that the entire house was noticing the couples were up in the HOH late last night.
Sarah says if they keep brittnee she’s with them 100%, If Bobby goes Bruno has nobody.
Willow doesn’t think Brittnee has a problem with her.
Sarah wants Godfrey out this week says he’s been making deals with Kevin she’s certain he’ll blow them up.
Willow – ya God’s gotta go
Sarah – Bobby’s so annoying
Sarah – Bobby has a closer connection to those people than B does.. but you’re right what does B bring to the table.. Bruno is less threatening without Bobby.
Sarah points out if they vote to keep Bobby it puts them out there.
They agree they’ll have to keep Brittnee otherwise it’s them against the house
They’re upset that Bruno didn’t get to see anything important. Sarah says Bruno told her he was told he’s not allowed to lie about what he saw.
Sarah says it was confirmed by Ashleigh that Kevin threw the Have nots comp last week.
Sarah – Look at the team he picked (in the have nots)
Willow – these people are so mean they are so rude..
Sarah – I’ve been mean to I feel like
Sarah – this is going to be stressful we gotta get God out
Sarah adds that this would leave Bobby/Bruno being the targets for two weeks.

Willow – I got to stop talking to everybody.. Zach was like Willow the best thing is not to talk
Sarah says Ashleigh gives her so much information
Willow – AShleigh and Zach don’t game talk alot the boys are keeping everything from the girls.
Willow says Pili believed Sindy over her “That hurt”

Willow and Sarah agree “We’re not having another Emmett and Jillian”
Sarah says it’s not only the couples it’s Pili/AShleigh and Zach/Kevin that foursome is very deadly

They want to pull Ashleigh in but they have to get rid of Zach first.
Sarah says Pili wasn’t even interested in auditioning, wasn’t even interesting in playing the game “Doesn’t that drive you nuts”
Willow brings up Kevin saying he wants to bang Sarah. Sarah says Kevin thinks he’s playing her by calling her hot.

11:22pm Feeds cut Probably Nominations
12:30am Feeds blocked
1:00am Feeds blocked
1:38am Feeds blocked
If you are outside Canada and want to watch the FREE Big Brother Canada Live feeds sign up for a VPN service here It’s safe to use, easy to set up, and cheap. Need to know more check out this post explaining how to set it up.

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OMG Zach is hands down the dumbest player in the show!


It’s like he has ADD. He changes his direction every few minutes. He needs to go.


I agree with you 100%. Someone please help me understand this guy. Bobby/Bruno took out your main man JP, they’ve already started taking shots at you and you keep insisting it’s too early. What else do they need to do for it to finally sink in that they are not loyal to you and are coming after you? After they take out your whole alliance?


I don’t understand how can Zach be this delusional


It is clear that Ashleigh is smarter and has a better read than Zach, and that the entire alliance is suffering without Jordan. She was actually saying something intelligent, and he shot it down.

Sarah is so ready to throw someone under the bus in an instant, and while her instincts are right, her flip flopping all the time to cut someone will be very obvious to the others.

I do not know why Sarah acts like Brampton and etc is such a rich place. It really isn’t. The suburbs of Toronto are not really expensive.


houses went from $300 000 to $600 000 in 5 years in the suburbs buddy and that’s for a 1000sq/f bungalow


So when is Zach gonna take the eviction walk of Boos. Boo.


I hope Kevin gets three noms, can’t imagine who’s going up anymore though.

another name

it feels like all of Zach’s information is stuck in the past, as if the moment Jordan left he stopped being fed updates on the house dynamic. that is essentially what happened. his reliance on the idea of bobby and Bruno being loyal to HIM is so that he has a backup. But he’s spent too much time showmancing and diaper chatting that he’s failed to cultivate that back up. and no one has bothered to convince bobby and Bruno that Zach wasn’t targeting them at all.
anyone else get the feeling kevin wants to throw the veto to godfrey? he went so far as saying he wanted to get drunk tonight thinking the pov would be tomorrow. his wink wink convo with Godfrey shows that kevin wants godfrey to win the veto imo. I don’t think he wants him to use it at this point. i’m not sure if his goal is bobby Bruno or darkhorse idea sarah anymore. guess we’ll have to wait for him to pull out some twizzlers while discussing it with pilar.
willow and sarah wanting to pull in Ashleigh… I don’t get that one. at all.
is it just me or does every hg’s thought processes seem really muddled today?


No Sara is right. After zack leaves ash will have to turn to someone and she will. Sara understands this. HG always have to adjust after someone leaves, it’s the smart thing. Remember how we screamed when Peter wouldn’t work with topez? That would have been a good play. Love Sara’s game !!! She is saying and doing the right things. Bruno / Sara my favs. Love gods sense of humor. Willow is getting weepy. Zack just can’t comprehend someone is against him. He was probably always the kid that got picked first. I’d like ash more if she wasn’t so easily convinced, maybe if zack leaves we will a different girl. She’s had it way to easy. Pilli should have never been cast. Kev is a disappointment but I think he isn’t revealing his true plans, maybe to late if the other side wins hoh next week. For the sake of the season I hope so.

another name

my issue with sarah and willow considering bringing in Ashleigh is that her secondary ties to bobby and Bruno are stronger (she thinks she can manipulate them) than her ties to willow or sarah, not to mention her pilar attachment. in order to get Ashleigh on board, they’ve got to sever her ties to bobby and Bruno without making it look like they are being disloyal to the guys. they also have to sever Ashleigh from pilar without having Ashleigh run to pilar and kevin and reveal that they are trying to flip her. yes, Ashleigh is a vote. but what else has she been doing in the game to make her worth THAT degree of risk in a risk/reward analysis?


It is unfortunate that Sarah is so anti-Godfrey at the moment. He has shown that he is with her but she fails to cultivate that relationship unless it suits her within that particular moment (keep Britt over Sindy).


He’s hilarious and I hope he stays this week. But God has shown time and again that he is with God and no one else. If she is seeing that good for her.


If Zach goes and especially if Z&K go next round (what a dream episode that would be!), SBW and BB will all want to pull her closer to them, and Ashleigh will play along with both. But what is her best choice to get to the end? She’s already said several times she’d rather be against the girls in comps.


Are girls normally as affectionate towards each other as Willow and Sarah? Honest question lol




Not sure. But I think it’s cool!!!


Platonic relationship? No. Never seen one as affectionate and intimate as them. Maybe they do have some feelings for each other idk or maybe Sarah is just generally an intimate and nurturing person so……


Not at all. They’ve mentioned that they wanted to “be loved like Zankie”, and they’ve mentioned bits about the DR, so all this Sarah/Willow stuff is absolutely a push by producers. Just like Zashleigh was. Willow has mentioned numerous times that she’s straight and only attracted to guys, but she’s turned into putty in Sarah’s hands out of nowhere. And while Willow is clearly an attention seeker, this whole manufactured relationship reeks of production interference for ratings.


Would they kiss each other for ratings though? Like I remember they made out during one episode and i’m like wow production is really that into this?

another name

i’m not going to go into one of my production rants. i’m just going to say production would do anything in order to enhance the narrative they are pushing. anything.


If its for rating they wouldve showed us more of their cuddling and kissing and comforting each other. What we get from last episode was barely the truth. Their relationship is genuine, whether or not they have feelings for each other is none of our business


Genuine?? lol, it’s as fake as a $3.00 bill AND for the record…. whatever goes on in front of the cameras, on live feeds or on the screens we watch is open for discussion. What isn’t “our business” as you put it…. is what people do in privacy. **News Flash** This is Big Brother.


I am but only because I am bisexual but not straight women

Doc Delicious

I can’t believe I was actually pulling for “The Diapers” at one point, thank GOD-frey JP’s eviction made me realize how much of an idiot Zach is. I feel like I hate him more and more every day now. Then theres dumb and dumber, Pili and Ashleigh, I surprisingly don’t mind Pili because Kevin is obviously using her as a second life in this game, so hey at least she serves some purpose! But I can’t stand Ashleigh simply because of her association with Zach. Willow, Brittney and Bobby are just numbers waiting to be evicted (hopefully). Which leaves Kevin, Sarah, Bruno and Godfrey, who as of now would be my dream final four.


I hope Sarah is not being serious with Willow. Try and pull in Ash? Are you crazy? I’m all for girl power, but not girl stupidity. It’s in Sarah and Kevin’s best interest that Godfrey survive this week. If Kevin is planning on doing what I think he is, then he, Godfrey, Sarah might just be the one step closer to the final 3.

GO Kevin

I feel like the smartest thing for Kevin to do right now is backdoor Bruno coz he has no ties with Bruno or Bobby so he doesn’t need to worry about making enemy out of the other guy left in the house. I like how he’s telling different things to everybody and telling them what they want to hear. Also I am glad he’s not putting his entire trust in Zach coz no matter if it this week or the last week of the show it’s going to be too early for Zach to get rid of Bobby and Bruno (hint hint he’s a pussy lol).


I seriously think the only thing that could possibly save Bruno this week is the house finding out about Bobby lied about the veto, if bobby wins veto then bruno goes up and goes home. Kevin is not gonna listen to Zach because like you said Z keeps putting it off week by week until one of them gets rid of him which is safe for kevin

another name

do you perhaps get the feeling that Zach semi-consciously actually wants to go to the final three with Bruno and bobby? I think it’s a possibility given his ego and competitiveness. I think he believes he can beat anybody in a jury vote.
you are right, they all know it’s past day 40 of 70. there is no more time for lets wait another week.
what do you think of Bruno and sarah’s actual chances at getting kevin to target Zach?


Zach is dumb he has bobby in the block why not take shot at him right now and if pulls himself off then put bruno he is second guessing himself


The 3 picked players are: Sarah, Pili, Ashleigh.
50% Kevin wins POV
50% Bobby wins POV
0% for any of the rest, unless it’s a complete crapshoot, or it’s a balance beam competition.