Kevin – “If I was going to Backdr god you think the noms would really be B and Bobby”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Zach, Bobby
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-30 15-52-58-536
6:53pm Bedroom Bruno and Sarah Bedroom
Talking about trusting Willow and how she might go both ways. Saying she’s good for them as long as she keeps feeding them information from the other side. Bruno mentions how she’s “Up” his a$$ . Sarah mentions once she stops feeding them stuff they’ll have to worry.

6:55pm Bathroom Godfrey and Brittnee
Brittnee says she’s going to pick Godfrey to play the POV if she gets houseguests choice
Godfrey says if he’s winning the veto he’s going to use it “bro” he doesn’t see Kevin putting up Bruno or Sarah.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 15-56-22-212

6:56pm HOH room Godfrey, Pili and Godfrey
Godfrey rolls in “What up couples”
Godfrey asks Kevin if he wins the HOH should he use it. Kevin says if he wants use it to take down Bobby and he’ll put up Sarah in his place.
Godfrey – Bobby is most likely going to use his veto.
Godfrey leaves says “Looks like i’m getting backdoored”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 16-01-08-553
7:01pm Bedroom Sarah, Brittnee and Willow
Willow talking about Zach being pissed off with her (For her picking a punishment?) . They hear a horn blow coming from the backyard where a competition is being built.
Willow – “Ohh here we go.. is there a ship in the backyard”
They mention how they thought Production was hoping/thinking Godfrey would win a prize but they said there was a printer error.

Willow says her prize was if she gets to final 3 she’s allowed to send a letter to jury.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 16-22-40-191

7:15pm Bedroom Sarah and Willow
They mention how the Diapers are not even trying to hide their alliance anymore. Sarah brings up Pilar saying that Willow isn’t close to her parents so hearing from her family isn’t a big thing
Sarah – I couldn’t bite my tongue.. Willow everyday talks about her family
Sarah – We got to be careful that God doesn’t throw us under the bus.. we all need to have teh same story.. I think he will when he’s on the block and thinks he’s going home
Willow – they are not keeping B .. If it’s Godfrey and B on teh block they’re not keeping her
Pili and Kevin come in ..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 16-34-35-521

7:33pm Kevin, Willow, Pilar and Zach
Willow – you’ve talked to god
Kevin says he hasn’t told him but he feels Godfrey has clued in to the social cues
Kevin mentions that Godfrey was saying that Brittnee is really pissed she’s going on the block again
Zach explains it’s part of the HOH you have to put people up.
Willow – I think he’s trying to move the target
They agree it’s nuts Day 49 and 9 people still in the game
Kevin says the best case is Sarah wins the veto takes Brittnee up so Kevin can put up Godfrey.
Kevin – as long as God isn’t picked for this veto .. he has a 3 in 9 chance.. 33% baby
Zach – you know he’s going to get picked.
Kevin – you get that gut feeling
Zach – he’s getting picked
Willow says Sarah, brittnee and Godfrey maybe Bruno were in the storage room saying they don’t think there is a couples alliance.
Kevin wonders if Godfrey is going to be this seasons King of the veto.
Kevin says he might get “Trashed” tonight
Zach suggests they do it tomorrow after the veto
Willow says people are getting paranoid too when they see the couples together. Zach asks who it was.
Willow – everybody said that.. all 6 err 5 .. I was like they’re probably making out somewhere
Willow asks if Pili has to wear the lobster costume if she plays in the POV
Pili doesn’t think she does adds that she hopes she does play so she can take it off.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 16-38-58-095

7:40pm Godfrey getting his nails done.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 16-58-30-040

7:58pm Bedroom Zach and Bruno
Talking about how big the POV competition must be. (You can hear hammering, horns and construction sounds)
Bruno mentions how Willow really wanted a video from home, ‘The thing she got kinda sucks’
Zach – it’s pretty dumb. it only works in the final two.. what are you really going to say in the letter that is different than what you said in a speech.
Zach laughs “there’s an alliance called the chop shop and I was in it ..
Zach gets called into the Diary room

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 17-09-55-612
8:10pm storage room Sarah and Brittnee
They are looking forward to seeing how Zach will deal with being on slop. Willow comes in, Britnee says she thinks Willow is mad at her.
Willow – I just want some respect.. when I’m down i’m down.. I’m sorry
Sarah – no i’m sorry
Willow – why do you say that.. no i’m sorry
Sarah – hugs her gives her a kiss
Willow leaves
Sarah – something is up
Brittnee- whenever she acts like that it means something is up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-30 17-15-05-067

8:16pm Bobby and Bruno
Bobby tells him about a conversation he had earlier on when he threw Bruno under the bus. Says at the time he trusted the Chop Shop too much. Bruno tells him not to worry about it he’s still good with him. Bobby says Bruno had a much better read on Zach.

8:18pm Sarah and Kevin
Kevin – If I was going to Backdoor god you think the nominations would be really be B and Bobby.. probably not
Sarah – we’re talking the same language..

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Since when Sarah and Kevin are a thing? And it seems like Kevin been trying to protect Sarah.
And Willow being sketchy again? (that conv about somethings up) whats up with that, i thought she’s with Sarah now


Well they both were close to JP. I think week will be very revealing about Kevin. I get the feeling that he is trying to get rid of Bobby and maybe Bruno. If he keeps God off the block, and doesn’t put Sarah up then he’s expanded his social game far beyond the Diapers. But we still have a week to see.

Cheers for Godvin

Kevin is obviously gonna backdoor Bruno, I really hope nothing messes it up either, cause Kev knows if he don’t do it no one else is going to. All you Kevin haters after this week you all are really gonna hate him lol


Sarah and Kevin have been talking game for a while…I remember them in the hot tub room not too long ago holding hands and talking game…made me think they had a secret alliance going on.


It seems like Britnee is most likely going home this week, with either Bobby or Godfrey on the block, and that might not be the worst thing.

Another blindside of the Diapers would be hilarious.

Yo Bro

Agreed about Willow – 4cents


So…who is kevin trying to get rid of this week? Bobby? but he said he wants to backdoor someone else other than Godfrey…is he thinking Bruno? Why are Sarah and Kevin talking game?? I don’t think Kevin is with the diapers, he is playing his own game and is now going to align with different people, i would not be surprised if he backdoored Zach this week….now that would be great!

Cheers for Godvin

I wish everyone would stop saying that he is gonna backdoor Zach because he is not, he is backdooring Bruno and I can’t wait. He is doing it for Jordan because Jordan always wanted Bruno out


What is Kevin up to I wonder? His conversation with Sarah was interesting to say the least. Kevin will either show he’s his own player or that he’s playing Zach’s game after nominations and POV.

It would be on his own games best interest to keep Godfrey and get rid of Bobby.


Sounds like a boring week

Cheers for Godvin

Yes really exciting when we see everyone precious Bruno get backdoor ha


zach and ashleigh are so cocky, naive, and arrogant and on such a power trip
that they think that no one will notice that there is a four person alliance (with 9 people left) after this week


At l east Ashleigh has a better read on the house than Zach and is more decisive in her thoughts. Zach wants the boys around to take a shot at Kevin who is Zach’s true comp threat (Kevin has beat Zach several times). Hopefully Ashleigh realizes that for her game it is best to separate from Zach.


it will only be not boring if kevin is actually aligned against zach and puts zach up there. thinking bobby or bruno out is a sexy move or even that canada wants eiter of them out would be a mistake I he is as i think he is thinking he is playing his own game for the entertainment of the fans.

he and sarah have often talked one on one just made a effort to not be seen doing it too often. he just may be too far out of touch now to realize that bobby is not really a fan fav for eviction. he maybe sees that godfrey is not someone peopl would want evicted a this time. whether he cn see that canada woild want ash or zach on the block rrmais t be seen. i just think that he tinks he is choosing to play a fn gme as in choosing to do what tould make the average superfan a fan of his.

it depends if we are to believe his show edit diary room sessions that he understands what s goingon and/or that his goal is


If Kev is planning to get rid of Captain “Next Week” or Bruno he will earn my respect. I mean, we all hate his edit on the show but maybe, just maybe he acts dumb on the live feeds and talks sense in the DR because at the end of the day, his live feed game won’t win him the money, his real game will


I don’t even get what is going on anymore. I thought kevin and god had a final 2 and he was keeping him but hes not? This group changes their minds every 5 seconds


“we have to strike at them next week” – zach
he said that when there were 12 people left (there were too many houseguests)
he said that when there were 11 people left (there were too many houseguests)
he said that when there are 10 people (there are still apparently too many houseguests)
and it’s still “too early” to get “blood on their hands”
maybe after the triple eviction and zach somehow survives (assuming zach wins veto, ashleigh and kevin are evicted)
7 people left in the game (5 vs 2)
lets say zach wins hoh
“too early to get blood on his hands”
nominates brittnee and pilar
pilar gets evicted
then zach gets evicted cuz it’s still too early to get blood on his hands


Zach cannot decide what he wants in the game that is why Jordan is gone. Like what mike boogie that you need to take a cutthroat approach in this game even its your alliance.


I get the sense Kevin’s true target is Bobby/Bruno and isn’t telling Zach yet due to his stupidity of thinking those two wouldn’t go after them next week. If that’s the case, Kevin will really redeem himself for me.

Cheers for Godvin

Kevin is saying he is backdoor God but he is really gonna backdoor Bruno
Whoever said that if Bobby/Bruno are up against B that B will go home is delusional, all you Kevin haters hate on when he takes out Bruno because in hi s head no one else has the balls to do it
He don’t want to tell Z, Ash or even Pilly because they will try to talk him out of it


Don’t forget that Kevin has a poker face so I don’t believe anything he says… he’s just playing the game and probably doesn’t have any real trust with anybody other then himself and that stupid red lobster that he’s just killing time with… I really hope Sarah wins the whole game, she’s the only one that’s well-rounded and makes moves & sense she’s smart and has her third I activated it must be all the ganja lol she’s good in with Canada and she’s good in with everybody else she really deserves to win I really like her game!!!! other than her Bruno is the other one with smart game so either Sarah or Bruno for the win

another name

still thinking bobby is primary target. thinking his secondary target is a toss up between Bruno and sarah.
why bobby? Bobby was very loud about getting kevin out. for weeks.
why Bruno? Bruno against anyone final two is a bad idea.
why Sarah? safe move to partially appease Zach and Ashleigh. all they think she has is Britt. where’s the blood on the hands rallying of the army going to come from in that scenario.
notice he told sarah he’d fill her in after the pov ceremony. could be a gaslight to keep her from rallying.
depending on godfrey and willow for which way the vote goes in each scenario.