Sarah says to save Kenny I could go on a rampage to get voted out. I could self-sabotage!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (Slop Pass?), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2- 2014-04-04 10-25-45-466

1:15pm – 1:50pm Sarah tells Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina – I don’t want Heather to put up Rachelle with Kenny. I want her to put up me with Kenny. If something gets f**ked up at least I can go home to my kids. If you guys wanted to keep the strong Kenny then I would be okay because I would be with my kids. I just feel like a strong one is coming up and I think Kenny is going to win it. Sabrina says I am not going to vote you out. Sarah says I could go on a rampage and then everyone would vote me out. I could self-sabotage. If we could convince them to put me up then you guys could still stay strong. Sabrina says I am not going to vote you out. Sarah says you don’t know the sh*t I am going to say about you to get you to vote me out. Sabrina says what, what would you say? Sarah says I would get you to vote me out. Sabrina asks what is wrong with your head! Sarah says my kids mean more to me than this. Sabrina says what about the money you can pay for their school. Sarah says I can work harder, they will still go to school. Sabrina says yeah this is only a $100,000 its not a million dollars. Sarah says I feel like I am teaching my kids that money is more important than love. Sarah says obviously I haven’t thought it all the way through.. I am just thinking about getting out before jury if I can’t get far in this game. Sabrina tells Sarah that she can get far in this game. Sabrina asks if you win veto you would take Kenny off? I would go up. Sarah says I am just thinking if it was me and Kenny up there.. If I took Kenny off it would really piss off the other side. Sabrina asks is Jon going to vote out Kenny? Sarah says oh yeah HUNDO! Jon is bashed from being tossed aside by Kenny and Andrew. There are clear indications that Kenny and Andrew were not going after him but he wants to be king fish in here and it is going to back fire on him. I know JOn and Kenny and no matter what situation you bring to him.. his ego will get in the way. He feels like Kenny kicked him in the face. 100% he will vote out Kenny and be happy about it! Based on his actions the other day in the competition he doesn’t listen to me because he took me out over that stupid broad (Heather). Well not stupid broad she just had quick fingers..

2pm – 2:10pm The door opens up and all the house guest race over to see if anything has changed. The find a new MUG in the house with a fans face on it. Sarah says I know this girl! I know her, it’s Rebecca! The nose, the glasses! It’s my friend Rebecca! The house guests find that big brother also stocked the storage room and they start eating and making food to eat.

(It might have been a piece of a slop cookie. There are differing stories of what she actually ate.)


2:25pm Jon joins Sarah on the hammock and asks her why she’s sad. She tells him that she’s just replaying things in her mind. Sarah tells Jon that she told Kenny to use Jon’s name use any name that they wouldn’t expect. Sarah tells Jon that how he kept Heather over her showed her how he feels about her. I won’t hold any decision against you but if I go home next week I will say I told you so. Sarah says if Kenny goes home and from what you did by keeping Heather .. shows me that you don’t have my back. Jon asks how do you think people view you and Kenny? Sarah says people view you and Neda just the same.

Meanwhile in the havenot room – Sabrina talks to Kenny. Sabrina says that Andrew told her that he got to the race late. Kenny asks what does that mean. Sabrina says in campaigning he started too late. Kenny keeps telling Sabrina that the points she is bringing up are bullsh*t. Kenny gets annoyed that Sabrina keeps talking about Kenny and Sarah this and Kenny and Sarah that. Kenny says you talk about it like its a bad thing. You had Andrew and Rachelle. I didnt have anyone .. so I bonded with Sarah. We share everything!

2:35pm Up in the HOH room – Arlie is talking to Heather about his alliance with Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina. Arlie says that he jumped ship when they started to turn on Jon. Arlie says I have been avoiding you guys the last few days because Kenny questioned me and he was pretty spot on about working with you guys. Arlie says I smoothed it over and now they tell me information which is good for us and that’s why we should keep us a secret. I am a billion percent on board with us! Heather says that she sees how people treated her and how they are treating other people and when I see it I don’t want those people here any more. Arlie tells Heather that Sabrina is being really mean. Arlie tells Heather that when he comes to her and tells her quick information he never wants her to think that he is telling her what to do. I

2:45pm Big Brother just ANNOUNCED PACK ALL YOUR THINGS IN A BAG YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES!! All of the house guests start freaking out and run to the bedroom to pack. The all say that they think its an INSTANT EVICTION! Heather starts packing and the other house guests tell her she doesn’t need to pack, she HOH. Heather says but they said all house guests.. Some of them wonder if they’re going on a trip. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds.. (Rachelle also ate candy while she is a havenot so they could all be getting punished.)

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 11-36-13-385

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Sarah has been totally misted.
Ugh. I hate to say it but, nice work Kenny.


boo hoo sara cry us a river … geesh … so pitiful , why would you come to play the game then …


Sigh. Why is Sarah even there if Kenny’s game is so important to her that she would rather self evict than see him go? Didn’t she clue in that Canada doesn’t like her alliance? She had clear options to further her own game and she keeps burning her own bridges for Kenny and Sabrina. I really don’t get it.


Sarah is so faking it, she’s just doing that to appear weak minded. I’m not buying the tears, can’t wait to see her Diary Room session to see if its truly strategy.


Why would you even audition if you were going to try and get yourself evicted? It’s all about being the last two left and letting the jury decide the winner. Sarah, why did you even audition?

Sara Davie

What is wrong with this women? Seriously are you that desperate for Kenny? She really needs to evaluate her life!


This woman just does not get the message…Kenny is only your friend in the game…he is not interested…did you not listen to what he said like on monday…GOSH!!!…


Sarah…no one is forcing you, the door is there. Walk out.

Arlie's aggressive shouting whisper

arlie enters


im glad we had this talk

arlie leaves


WHATEVER….self evict yourself if you want to Sarah…nominations will just continue…save us a double eviction and some time…no one cares…


and Heather will have double the fun this week with her HoH…keeping this woman would actually be a good strategy now…all she is gonna do is have a complete meltdown…on the condition she doesn’t self evict herself…


So she cares more about Kenny, than bringing 100K home to her children?? WTF is wrong with this girl?!


Sarah loves Kenny more than her own family because Kenny currently is having sex with Sarah’s brain LoooL


Rachelle the Have-Not was eating candy in the HOH room.

I wonder if the house will get punished or she will get a penalty nom. That might eff of the Outsiders plan to have her against Kenny on the block.


House will be pissed at Rachelle then. Wonder how long it’ll take production to clue in she ate something other than slop.


Holy fack these people are forgetting this is a game and they are playing and acting so emotional. It’s not like they die when they get voted out. They just don’t get $100,000. Just seeing Andrew roll over and give up and now Sarah.


I don’t get it ……People audition KNOWING if you get in you need to be apart from family/kids/friends. If you can’t stand being apart from your family that long…..THEN WHY BOTHER??? My god if she wants to go home that badly then pull yourself OUT….ASK the producers to take you out. You want to leave!!! And next time don’t apply!!!! Give someone who really wants to be in the house a chance…what a waste of space! You took a spot of someone who really wants to win!!!!!! Sarah get out!


If Sarah quits and walks out of the HOUSE, then it should be automatic that previous HG should be voted back in by Canada. Bring back Ika!


Terrible, terrible idea to vote someone back in, who has seen what’s been happening in the house from live feeds / the show. This better not ever happen!


Woops – clicked the down vote when I meant to click the up vote! Totally agree that no one who has been watching the feeds should be allowed back in.


If Kenny And Sarah are on the block together there are 2 possible people that could get Kenny off: kenny and Allison. Sarah feels safe at this point of staying over someone like Rachelle (or Sabrina). This is a good ploy of Sarah’s to increase the odds of Kenny staying. Something that could work. I do not think she is throwing out the poor me card, I love my kids, because she really wants to go home. I think Sarah is way more calculating than this.

Douche hater

Lol I knew she would lose it . I think she is crazy
How could she be so heartless towards Heather
And then so emotional over Kenny .. Doesn’t make sense
Unless this is an act for her to secure herself .
I hope she goes home she hasn’t done anything
Thus far anyways but be a bully and cry like a baby .

Stooge Banter

jon enters
jon: whats up losers, whats up f-cksticks?
neda: hey jon, you are such a weirdo
jon: no, im so cool…what up ned balls
neda: you little f-cker
jon: you are such a little sketch ball
neda: nope, nope
jon: yep, one hundo
neda: nope
jon: yep
neda: f-ck you jon

ha ha its awesome banter


Woooooooooo Go Kenny ! Get That PoV ! Then win HOH next week and get Adel out of there !

team adel



Your like nails on a chalkboard…..Sarah, did you not read the shirt you were wearing the other day? ” more wine and less whining”? She comes on a reality show and wants to go home when things aren’t going her way. She’s been too coddled for too long and is losing her grip. She wont even use her get-outta-slop card which is ridiculous and it’s obvious the reason is to guard Kenny. And quit using your children as your excuse – you left them knowing full-well that it might be a long haul. Too bad if you have to sit in jury – it’s part of the game Bozo! I was wishing that you did go home but now I want you there to suffer it out just enough to get you suffering in jury!


I don’t know why you are buying into what Sarah is presenting. Throughout the game she has presented this way in one fashion of another. She does this whenever she is testing waters and strategizing. What she is doing and suggesting could potentially keep both and Kenny in the game.


Does anyone have a theory on what the mugs are for?? The only thing I can think of is that maybe one of the very last competitions will have to do with all the different mugs that were placed it the house, details and dates maybe??


If stupid Sarah really wants this, just go tell Heather! Don’t just talk about it, act on it!!! Now It’s just freaking annoying for everybody who respect the game!


What did BB tell them to make all of them pack their stuff?


Big Brother just announced “HOUSEGUESTS PACK YOUR BAGS. YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES” they think its an instant eviction but I believe they’re about to get in shit about Rachelle eating candy earlier in the day


OMG .. they just told all the house guest to pack their bags… does this mean no POV … an instant evict… ouch to be Kenny then … looks good tho ..

No Nose Pickers

Breaking news::: BB gives HG’s 15 min to pack

No Nose Pickers

Sike !


I could see the house guest getting punished because of Rachel for eating .. or a few days ago Allison letting the cat out of the bag by saying if Canada can vote someone in then they can vote someone out … I would hate to be in that house at the moment .. lol

another name

my understanding from comments on feeds since just after allison entered is that houseguests have been jokingly commenting to allison that she was voted into the house by a canadian vote. allison has been tongue in cheek going along with their suppositions without confirming or denying (or letting the cat out of the bag). it’s toes on the line, most likely so that she can cover. if she says something about canada voting someone in now, she can claim she isn’t revealing the truth with the eviction consequence, but continuing the previously mentioned jokes. the strategy behind this is it’s easiest to keep lies straight if they contain a grain of truth and recall things that have been previously stated. as far as strategy, it doesn’t change the game, so it’s not a positive or negative move in gameplay.


Its so disrespectful to the game and all the people that applied and didn’t get picked, for Sarah to behave this way. I want to know what Vodoo Kenny has on her because she is whipped for this man. Kenny is ruthless and would not break his neck for her the way she is for him. I wish Ika stayed instead of Sara because I cannot handle her constant whining. Her pride does not let her go and campaign to Heather. Ugh leave the house if you want and next time don’t waste other people’s opportunity.


It’s not that hard to understand – they’ve totally bonded in this house, where they spend 24-7 together. People tend to bond pretty quickly in this kind of weird environment.

Sarah is hooped either way if she and Kenny go up–if she campaigns against him, people will say she’s a disloyal bitch. If she sacrifices her game to save his, people will call her a lovestruck loser who’s disrespecting the game (as is already happening). The haters should just relax. There’s no way Sarah is going to make it to the end of this game.


I don’t believe Sarah for one second. This is pure manipulation on her part. First, to make Sobs feel guilty that she is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the 1st 5, but Sobs is considering keeping Rachelle, if she is up against Kenny. “See what I am willing to do for our alliance, when you are about to betray us”…is what she is really saying. And second…she knows Sobs can’t keep her mouth shut, so she hopes that Sobs will start spreading it around that Sarah will self-sacrifice in order to keep Kenny…so that they WON’T put her on the block next to him…since they want him gone. She wants Kenny to stay, but she doesn’t want to be up next to him…in case he wins veto, cause she might leave. Man, I wish these people would see through her bullshit.

Reality check

I agree with you … She is up to something .
I was thinking that her ego is so bruised , and after all her Heather bashing
I could totally see her being spiteful and wanting to ruin Heathers HoH and Jon’s game as well
She is a snake and I could see her destroying her own game
For revenge . She has got to go


It would be so funny if Sarah got evicted and then Kenny got evicted in the double eviction


Probably a big punishment coming soon for Rachelle eating Candy!


Sarah’s crush on Kenny is more important than staying and competing to win the money for her family.


i bet someone is going to find the hidden veto while packing……thats why all house guest have to pack their stuff….

Let’s just hope Kenny doesn’t find it … (please let under dogs find it please)


lol…I suffered through a boring convo between Kenny and Sobs just to watch the panic on their faces when the announcement was made. I bet they make Heather nominate two people…then announce the hidden POV twist…everybody scrambles to find it, then it either gets used or not to save whomever is on the block…then instant eviction.


In the video “Neda and Allison talk game in the hot tub” at 19:04 Allison says “if that’s why I’m here, and Canada voted me in…” In my opinion she choked. Bye Allison!!


You’ve posted the same comment three times already.


Thanks, tips!


What’s a typical punishment for eating unauthorized food while on slop? I don’t remember this happening before.


Maybe they are counting it as sugar 🙂


The packing of the bags could mean a punishment where production takes all of their bags and doesn’t allow the HG’s to have any of their clothes or necessities due to Rachelle’s eating the candy while on slop.


Any news yet on what’s going on??


Possibility that production could punish them with taking their bags so they have no access to additional clothes or necessities due to Rachelle eating candy while on slop.
Dawg & Simon you are doing a bang up job guys thanks for the updates.


If the Veto was hidden and these HGs were too blind to find it, maybe production had to step in and hide it among one of their belongings so
these clueless people would find it in time to use it. But, that’s just speculation.

Then maybe they reviewed the tapes and found things they didn’t like and are now going to A) either punish the offender, B) let Sarah really self evict,
C) evict Allison for her accidental slip or D) there was a thread made against a member so they have to get everyone out of there.

Just some wild guesses.


What delusion does Kenny have that his side has the numbers going into next week? I don’t get it.


I bet they are all getting their clothes taken away as punishment.


Just went back to right before they made the announcement and watched Sarah trying to now manipulate Jon into him/Neda getting together with her and Kenny. Jon shuts her down immediately saying he does NOT trust Kenny. She gets frustrated saying that if he trusts her then that should be all he needs. He isn’t buying it. She looks pissed. I am LOVING it. So glad Jon isn’t letting her get her way. She is becoming more and more loathsome by the hour. If you are going to be so miserable in the house without your cuddle-mance, then self-evict!

She makes one last threat, saying that if Kenny leaves then she is going to have to figure out where to align herself…making a veiled threat that it wont be with Jon anymore. I think Jon is calling her bluff..what is she going to do? Stick it out with the gremlins? She can’t stand being in the same room. She can’t even appreciate that there was a back-up alliance willing to bring her in when hers collapsed. Instead, she has to pout, manipulate and make threats of self-destruction to get her way. She claims to be worried about how she is being perceived on the outside by her friends and family…but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they have already seen this behavior from her in the real world.


Your hate-on for Sarah is getting really old.


If she becomes too much of a loose cannon, Arlie may have to get her evicted to preserve his spot. That would be tricky, though.


Not that tricky. During that jon/sarah convo, Sarah made a thinly veiled threat to jon relative to Neda. Sarah has not been kind to Sabrina of late and Rachelle could let Heather know the smack Sarah has and is saying re Heather’s intelligence amongst other things..

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Anyone else hope that Arlie finds the veto? I think it’d be really great to see him make a huge and entertaining play with it down the road


Feeds back and it looks like they are making sock puppets? Is this going to be a Memphis’ Sock Puppet Theater comp??


they are making sock puppets, really exciting, like watching paint dry.

Ihate sarah

WTF i went out for a couple hours and i missed the “snakes” meltdown!!
What a surprise she had a meltdown cause things arnt going her way
It would be awsome if kenny goes home this week and sarah is sitting in jury all alone(which is why she is pretending to self evict)
Lol what a lame atempt at trying to keep her and kenny in the house
Her game is f%cked and i LOVE it(unless bb gets involved)

Ihate sarah

Sarah says im willing to self evict/end my game to keep our side strong…lol what a joke she just doesnt want to be in jury without kenny..really what a sad display of selfishness!


What is with the d*mn martyrs? That’s not how you play a game. Sarah, sacrificing herself for Kenny and Andrew for Sabrina. Where did they get this bunch of punks? Don’t they realize they are not really brothers?