The House Guests are given a TASK to make SOCK PUPPETS of each other!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (Slop Pass?), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2- 2014-04-04 12-41-31-159

3:30pm The live feeds return after being blocked when the house guests were told by big brother that they had 15 minutes to pack all of their things in a bag. When the live feeds come back on all of the house guests are sitting around the kitchen table making sock puppets of each other as a house guest task. Big Brother blocks the feeds again and then when the feeds come back they house guest are trying to finish the puppets as soon as they can as they were told they only have 5 more minutes to complete the task. After the 5 minutes are up big brother blocks the live feeds again to judge whether or not they completed the task ..

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 12-50-39-018

4:15pm – 4:45pm When the live feeds return – Allison and Heather are still making their sock puppets. The others are walking around pretending to be whoever’s sock puppet that they made. Jon is pretending to be Neda and Neda is pretending to be Jon. Neda made jons with a underwear and she’s making Jon’s sock puppet face touch his crotch. Adel is acting like Allison and she is acting like him. Kenny is acting like Arlie and vice versa. Heather is acting like Rachelle and vice versa. Sabrina is acting like Sarah and vice versa. Adel’s puppet of Allison says I’m going to punch everyone in the throat if they don’t miss Andrew! (It’s like Sesame Street on crack in the BB house.)

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 13-19-24-497

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 13-28-44-441

bbcan2-2014-04-04 13-43-17-024

4:50pm – 5:30pm Arlie comes over to the hammock where Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle are hanging out. Arlie pretending to be Kenny says to Neda’s puppet of Jon I’ve always wanted to touch you. Arlie says Jon is disgusting with his yeast infection. Jon joins them as Neda and says “f**king newfies I never understand what they’re saying!” Neda and Jon are in the hammock alone. Neda asks I wonder if this is an actual mission and we’re all going to fail! Jon says I am just so glad Andrew is gone and I don’t have to eat his booger steaks any more.

Meanwhile in the bathroom – Sabrina as Sarah is talking to Rachelle as Heather. Heather joins them and asks them if they want to come have some treats. They head into the HOH room and have a conversation as their sock puppets about the nominations:

In the kitchen:

5:30pm In the kitchen – Allison says as ADEL sock PUPPET “Thank you Canada for the Veto.. I get to use it for 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks… for the rest of the game! I want all the prizes!”

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 14-26-28-337

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My belief is Big Bro is making the houseguests do a bunch of tasks throughout the day in short amounts of time (Pack your cloths, Make sock puppets) as a punishment for Rachelle eating candy while she’s on slop. Not the best punishment though in my opinion, unless it goes on all day and night.


I was watching the live feeds when they said there was going to be an “instant eviction” and everyone has to pack their bags.


Why are people giving my comment thumbs down? I was watching the feeds live on the Big Brother site when I saw and heard them say there is going to be an instant eviction everyone pack your bags. Neda asked Heather who are you doing to put up and she said Kenny and Allison.


Because it was the Houseguests speculating that it meant an instant eviction. Big Brother said nothing about one. They would have promoted the instant on Thursday if there was going to be one.


That sounds like a really weak punishment… those random tasks actually sound fun…


I think the packing of clothes will be a punishment for Rachelle eating while on slop and they wont get it back for X amount of days. The puppets is to distract them/entertain us.


I wonder if they are putting the POV in someone’s bag?

another name

you know, given how production has been beating the viewers over the head with manipulatons to shape the game, it would be an absolute ‘slap in the face look how production is an actual houseguest’ move. so, yeah, they probably are just putting the veto in “someone’s” bag. lol. that would just be too overtly obvious i’m hoping. up until now, there’s been a really really thin veil of plausible deniability… this would be out and out let us play for you, because you obviously can’t play for yourself. i like and hate different aspects of the personalities of each person playing. i’m not routing for anybody, i’m entertained by watching player’s strategies unfold for good or ill. and i hope the people that end up in the game the longest are the people that have made strategic moves and counter moves that have gotten them to that point. hey production, how about just continuing to edit people to positive or negative effect, and quit actually being a contestant in the game.


I am loving that Heather is HoH. If she was smart she would put Kenny up with Rachelle and if Veto is used put Sabrina up.Either way you have a chance at getting rid of another big dog. LoL Watched last night’s episode and I have to say when Sabrina asked them all if she was a bitch I was killing myself laughing. If you have to ask if you are, then pretty much you are one! Also anyone notice during POV Sabrina said she used to be a flight attendant. So she was that and a model and has an agent and has contacts in different parts of the world for capital. Yeah I am thinking she is a compulsive liar in real life and it’s not for the game. Scary is that she looks like she even believes all the lies she says.


Why Rachelle?? She should put Kenny and Sarah, and backdoor Sabrina or vice versa. Rachelle is dumb, and if sabrina leave She is lost.


Does it matter… they won’t evict Rachelle no matter if it’s Kenny or Sabrina or even Sarah beside her… the former first don’t have the numbers…


so funny to see Kenny in this position. He and Andrew walked around this house thinking they were king SH*ts for too long. I was sure Kenny would be my fav when this started….boy was I wrong.

whiny little b*tch



No Nose Pickers

Attention Big Brother! Your audience isn’t 10 years old, what gives with the sock puppets

another name

i’m imagining the people in the booths saying, ‘hey did rachelle just eat slop cookie or was that candy?’ damn… we have to prepare them in case it’s candy, but what do we do with them while we check the tapes? and the most stoned and sarcastic guy in the room pipes up and says, ” they all act like three year olds, make them make sock puppets!” everyone laughs, and says hellwithit… sock puppets it is.


Simon and Dawg do you the video from last night of apparantly sabrina listening at the bedroom door to heather, adel, jon, neda?

heather says sabrina is listening

then neda and jon shout out whats up sab

did this actually happen around 1am? was sab listening and they caught her or did they only think it may have been happening but she really wasnt spying?



Neda and Adel were talking in the bedroom. Heather comes and mentions that Sabrina was in the corner outside possibly listening. Heather leaves the room and Neda the miserable bitch makes a bitchy comment about Heather for warning them.


this is not what was described in simon and dawgs transcript of the action, with supposedly both jon and neda calling out to sab

are you again just making things up?

simon if there is a video of sab spying please post

AntonyG your hatred towards neda is bizarre and amuses me, as im sure most would agree she is one of the nicest and definately least annoying in the house


Don’t let it bother you…I noticed it too about Antony.
And no!!! That never happened unless he watches different show 🙂

Russ from Van

After seeing Rachelle with her disappointingly average looking body in a bikini, the clip of her eating her boogers on the Joker site, and seeing how she ate candy while being a have not, I find her wayyyyy less attractive than my initial impression of her. I wonder if cool guy Peter Brown’s crush on her has declined at all.


Peter Brown’s an insecure tool. I don’t care for Rachelle but even I wouldn’t wish him on her.


Was rachelle punished yet?? It can’t be the puppets thing right?!


I always follow this site but I do not comment, but I felt like I should after finally watching Wednesdays episode. While I hate the first five alliance, I am very irritated by Arlie. I feel like he thinks he is a much greater player than he is, and he takes credit for things he hadn’t done! That being said, I am rooting for Neda, Jon, and Adel. Sarah has also been driving me insane with her obsession with Kenny and her two-faced behavior. I guess that ends my rant, lol


well it is a well said rant… and so very true. But we all know what happened to Peter I am sure it will happen to Arlie. As for sarah at one point I thought she was playing a fairly good game until Kenny told her .. then she became a true gremblem just like Sabrina Rachel and Allison .. these girls are so immature and caddy . thank goodness for Neda and Heather


I totally agree with you! I started off liking certain house guests like Sarah, Sabrina and Allison and now they are my least favs after having watched them. I think Sabrina is such a liar and cry baby that I wish she goes next. I can’t believe the others are so gullible to believe her deceit. Arlie is also getting too big headed and so is Sarah! My favs are Adel, Neda, Heather and Jon!


any future big brother players…

never ever give up and always stay positive

look at adel

despite being in such a lowly position for weeks he turned things around for himself


He had a bit of luck a long the way but it would have meant nothing if he had rolled over like Sarah and Andrew.


exactly he had some luck, but at no time did he give up

pretty much always had an upbeat attitude

very mentally strong guy

he really used his brains by lying about the power, giving him more safety and time to align with other players

and now he still has the veto card to use up until final 7


and Heather…while Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina and Sarah snivelled and whined at their minor adversities, she sucked it up and hobbled on.


yes heather weathered her storm too

and its strange seeing sab play a defensive game on the back foot

major role reversal

rachelle dont think too hard,your head may explode

Rachelle- “NEda pretends that she has my back right.. and that she’s not with Heather and stuff”

ha ha


If Wallpaper is just realizing this now she’s even more clueless than I thought!


If Rachelle actually ate candy she is even more dumb than I thought she was. And seriously if this is the punishment it’s the kind of punishment you’d give a four year old!


I agree with Ricky. When the season started I liked Kenny the best, but he has proven to be a douche. I didn’t think much of Jon initially, but he has defo grown on me. He is a big goofball.


I think Kenny might be cool in real life but in the show he’s just arrogant sometimes. He was too confident in the first five and he thinks he’s better than everyone who is outside of it.


I kinda feel that Kenny is like that in real life too – remember when Arlie was doing his Marsha task and said to Kenny that he feels like he thinks he is better than him. Kenny got upset because he has had that happen in real life too. Hard for a leopard to change their spots.


Is there a link for rachelle digging for gold and eating her nuggets! Lol I don’t know why but I must see this


From last night’s episode when they showed Jon’s family in NFLD, did anyone else think his gf Janelle looks a lot like Neda? Maybe it’s just me…


looked a very nice girl

good to see on the episode that jons girlfriend is ok with jons friendship with neda, realizing she is good for his game…and said she would probably like to be friends with neda

so the people questioning jons harmless flirting now know its not an issue

Neda's Smile

great pic of Neda above, lying down in the back yard

Ihate sarah

Did anyone tell heather about sarahs self evict(cause im such a hero)meltdown?

Pinocchio Obama

Can we get any lamer than sock puppets?


Allison’s Adel sock puppet was dead right on with the comment “Thank you Canada for the Veto.. I get to use it for 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks… for the rest of the game! I want all the prizes!


It was the first time she made me laugh this whole season


Allison is one to talk…making fun of Adel…her sock puppet should say, “Thank you Canada, for wasting your time voting me in…since I am completely useless and a major dissapointment. Jokes on you!”


Sarah says – I feel like I am teaching my kids that money is more important than love.

Sarah says – I know Jon and Kenny and no matter what situation you bring to him.. his ego will get in the way. He feels like Kenny kicked him in the face. 100% he will vote out Kenny and be happy about it! Based on his actions the other day in the competition he doesn’t listen to me because he took me out over that stupid broad (Heather). Well not stupid broad she just had quick fingers..

All Sarah is teaching her kids is that its okay to flirt, sleep and cuddle with men other than your husband and bash and bully others. Go momzi! what a stupid twat.

ihate sarah

awwww sarah is such a nice person for saying that she would self evict herself to help her ‘side’ of the house,we can really learn alot from her such an oustanding human being!


This is my first time posting so here it goes. I like Kenny, I can see why he is grumpy and a dick sometimes, but who can blame him, he has to live and deal with Sabrina ALL day and ALL night, NON_STOP. Even though he is arrogant a lot of the times, I have respect for him as a player. He knows he is going up and he has handled it quite well. Sabrina disgust me. I don’t know how any of them can just look at her face or even bother hearing what she has to say/cry about. I would have slapped her by now. I thought Sarah was smarter. Why torture yourself on slop, when you have a slop pass?… are crackin’ honey and slop has seriously affected your mind. Why self-evict????….I am a mother of two kids as well and you have two kids to fight for that money. Love can’t buy them an education, a roof over their head, food on the table….I mean REALLY !!!!??? as a mother it pisses me off that you forget the reasons why you are playing big brother in the first place and then you decide to self evict for someone you met a month ago !!….kudos to Kenny for establishing such a strong bond with Sarah that she rather “sacrifice” herself for him and not fight for her Family. Another person who deserves a slap in the face. I have to admit i like Neda’s game and I am happy Heather is HOH. She is very smart. Arlie bothers me. He tries so hard, and to me it just comes out as fake. I have a hard time liking him. But he is in a good position so far. If I was Heather I would put up Kenny and Rachelle. If she puts up Allison then she is gaining an enemy and with Rachelle up, she can just say, you put me up , I am returning the favor. Now why the hell did Sabrina tell Rachelle that she would have to vote against her when she has not yet been nominated!!!!???? RED FLAG RACHELLE !!!. Now pls, start thinking that maybe Sabrina isn’t that in love with you.


Lol… Puppet show: Kenny puppets to Jon’s puppet… I always wanted to touch you… lol… Arlie is saying quite a few things that makes me think he knows… does he..?…


He probably does sense that Kenny is gay. I think Arlie is a closet boi.


Jon sense it too. But for some reason kenny being gay it’s just does not add up.maybe bi but not gay


is there a link were sara and jon have the conversation he is telling neda about wanting to keep kenny or else there after neda?