Arlie says imagine if they paid Janelle 10G’s to kiss Kenny. Arlie says I would kiss Kenny for no money!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (Slop Pass?), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 08-37-21-937

11:40am Kenny, Sabrina, Arlie, Rachelle, Neda, Adel, Allison and Sarah are all in the hot tub talking about random things. Jon and Heather come out and they all start dancing in the rain. Adel says Allison & Kenny you probably know Andrew best, what do you think he’s doing right now. The others say he’s crushing darts and beers. Kenny says in 24 hours he is going to be absolutely obliterated. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back, Big Brother has told them that they need to go to the backyard for a lock down. In the bedroom – Sabrina asks if Neda knows any new news? Neda says no. Sabrina says I am not voting out Rachelle. Neda says yeah I won’t either. Sabrina says even though I will be going home next week. Neda says its not okay that they’re threatening you. Sabrina says well they’re not directly, I just know what’s going on. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Adel and Arlie are getting ready to be locked outside. Arlie gets n@ked to change and then says oh yeah I have to cover my c*ck and b@lls!

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 08-53-46-868

In the hot tub – Allison, Neda and Sabrina are in the hot tub talking random things like reality tv stars and fictional crushes. Meanwhile over by the pool – Heather, Rachelle, Sarah, Jon, Adel and Kenny are talking about twitter and other random things. Jon comments that Janelle could beat the f**k out of Neda. Jon says I’ve had 3 dreams in a row of Janelle cheating on me. Sarah says its just its on the forefront of your mind. Arlie says imagine if they paid Janelle 10 G’s to come in and kiss Kenny on the lips. Arlie says I would kiss Kenny for no money. Jon says Janelle wouldn’t do it. Sarah asks why not its not like she’s giving him a Bj! Adel says stop you’re going to f**k him up. They talk about drinking Heathers HOH alcohol and comment on how wasted Rachelle got that one night. Jon says I was white girl wasted on the challenge. I was di*k faced! I was toilet faced! Jon says nice pants Deli where did you get them? The toilet store! Heather says its weird the things that can give you scars. Jon says its weird the things that can give you a yeastie. Arlie says we should just call you yeastie-V. Arlie says for Adel’s nickname we should just drop the meat on meat-balls! Adel laughs.

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 09-21-58-384

12:45pm – 1:20pm Out in the hot tub – Neda is talking to Allison. Neda says that she thinks everyone in the house is already in duo’s. Allison says except for me. Neda says well you’re welcome to join. Allison lists off the pairs in the house and says everyone has someone except for Arlie. Neda says well there you go ..there’s you pair. Neda asks who would you guess is going up with Kenny? Allison says I would guess RoRo. Neda says yeah. Allison says if she was to put up someone to ensure Kenny goes home .. she should put up his closest person. Allison says I am a free agent right now..

BBCAn2-2014-04-04 09-34-57-545

12:50pm – 1:20pm In the backyard – Sarah and Sabrina are talking alone. Sarah tells Sabrina – I want you to know that you are 100% okay, they’re not coming after you. They want Kenny out. Sarah says I know in my gut that they are putting me and Kenny up together because they know I would vote to keep Kenny no matter what. I almost think you keeping Kenny in the game is better. If I won POV I would maybe take him off so that I just go home because you guys having Kenny would be better for your game. I would sacrifice myself. I have a feeling that Rachelle isn’t as loyal to us as you may think. Sabrina says I am not talking any more because people tell lies. Sabrina says if its her (Rachelle) and Kenny on the block I would shoot myself in the brains. Sarah says I think right now its most important that we all be honest with each other because one of us is going home. Rachelle joins them. Sabrina tells Sarah if she puts up you and Kenny I would vote out Kenny. Sarah says I don’t think thats a good idea. Sarah says if I win HOH I am going after Jon and Neda. This whole act I have going with him is getting harder and harder. Jon joins them and the conversation turns to talking about the possibility of a double eviction next week and all the lies going around the house. Sarah says I should have put clothes on .. I’m going to get a yeast infection now!

BBCAn2-2014-04-04 09-52-20-864

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Bye Kenny!


Allison is willing to do anything in this game (admirable?) but I can’t even stand to look at her rat face anymore.


I hate how Allison is trying to make deals and alliances with people now, because I wish she had done that when she first got in the house… She did for ONE episode, but after that she was hanging off Andrew the whole way until now.


So happy for Heather!! Now we can see where her mind is at in this game. I hope she knows the girls Sabrina,Rochelle,Sarah is not good for her game.
I hope she don’t play Adel nor Jon’s game they should be the one to kick out Kenny. It would be a better move for her to make a deal with Kenny and get out Sarah then she could really win this game, but she would have to be on the down low with it so she wont scare of Adel & Jon btw im not a Jon fan he tries a little to hard and shows all his cards everyone in the house knows his plans. Anyway! I just hope she knows she is nobodys # 1 in the house so she has to do whats best for her. Arlie is playing a hell of a game if he gets to top 5 without a scratch he is the man.


It would be GOOD for Heather to knock off Kenny, she needs to keep her relationship with Adel as close as possible because to everyone else she is expendable.


Adel adds no value to Heather’s game but just not putting her up i he ever win HOH. Heather needs protection and a true alliance. She has to put up Kenny to please Adel,Jon,Neda. But her true target should be Sarah cutting off that connection she has to all the boys. If you are a Adel & Jon Fan then yes she should get out Kenny but if you are a Heather fan she need to get Sarah. Sarah is a bigger move and the rest of the group tells her no, I hope that sets off a red flag to Heather. If you think about it Heather is on the bottom of the group she is with hopefully she knows that.


Kenny would cut Heather in an instant.


She does need sarah out but if she does it right now it will be more dangerous for her afterwards!! She COULD pull it off, but she would have a lot more smoothing over.


Should be F4 rather than F5 for Arlie. But getting there is not enough it’s who is left with you. Fact is “bitter jury syndrome” has become pretty common. F4 combos that work

Arlie; any group of 3 that does not have Jon or Kenny. I know Adel is popular with the country but the HGs vote. We have no idea on comps. He’s tanked all season. His 1 on 1 social good. A little quiet in large groups. Does good work in the hammock and storage room!

Sarah; HOH this week won’t help her game. Until she is exposed as supporting Kenny 1st she’s golden to a point. If she can be pragmatic and let Kenny sink this week she becomes very dangerous. F4 combo needs woman beside her and Jon, Arlie and unlikely Kenny in the jury to start. No Sabby F4 as well.

Kenny; how your not making jury amazes me. The house correctly has you dialed in as a strong player. It’s about all they have gotten right this season! At this point he’s gone. 1/5 alone is not a social game lad.

Adel; not getting the votes from these HGs no matter what. He’s playing for 2 place money at best. He’s not the only one.

Heather; see Adel above. She turning into a butterfly and may play a hell of a game from F10 down. I really find her growing on me like many feeders here. The HGs will never recognize her game play. She can sit F2 versus Ratchet and lose.

Ratchet; see Adel and Heather. The third person who cannot get votes to win from the HGs. If Sabby makes jury she might be able to persuade the jury versus Adel and Heather and perhaps Allison.

Allison; see Adel, Heather, Ratchet. I think you get it. These players aren’t respected by the other HGs enough IMO to get the votes. The difference with her is she may be able to pull off a comp run and choose who she sits beside F2. Much more dangerous F4 than the other 3 above. She could mess up a contenders game. If you have a chance to win you better get rid of her before F5/F4. Arlie you better listen lad!

Sabby; She has a shot at the votes. Her story is 1 of lies and deceit. 1/5 was her idea, Canada messed it up. If, a big if, she’s still my dark horse if she gets F2. For the life of me I can’t figure out how she gets there though. F4 with Ratchet perhaps Deli and maybe Heather. She gets the votes against any of these 3. Have to be some very bad game play for these to be F4 this season.

Jon; his social is a turd that’s floating down a river. I don’t think it’s coming back. WTF happened to the friendly “Newfie” everyone loved? No Kenny on jury, Neda not F2 he needs 3 votes. It’s strictly who he sits beside. I think because of social he needs a weak players beside him. I think Arlie, Sarah and Sabby all would be tough for him to beat. Maybe even close versus Deli.

Neda; talkie talkie talkie… where is the game? Other than Jon and some girl talks WTF has she done. Popular with feeders but where will she get a voting base from if F2. An angry bitter jury gives her a chance but would anyone be ecstatic to give her the money? I say no at this point.

Everything above is based on HG’s voting and not us. Even in the unlikely event the second out Thursday goes home and Canada gets a jury vote we only matter if it’s 3-3. With all the “I don’t think so” players above it still is not easy IMO. We don’t have a comp beast and thus I see the house in flux for several weeks minimum. We are still in need of another double at minimum as well It’s a crazy, though dull, season. The production hasn’t been terrible but “Kasting” sucked this season!


Keep your eyes open for that hidden Veto!


Heather had an idea to put up Kenny and Sarah but I don’t know why Neda would talk her out of it. Sarah can save herself and the replacement can be Sabrina/Rachelle. All I’m hoping is that Kenny does not win veto. So proud of Heather! These people have all treated her horrifically and she is still standing and she has been nothing but classy. I would be proud to know her. I like that she is not being spiteful with her HOH and wasting it on Sabrina and Rachelle.
Jon, Neda, and Adel to calm the fuck down. This is not their HOH. Adel is super lucky, now the story of that fake ass power needs to DIE.
I also hope Arlie wakes up a d realises its not worth keeping Sarah because her obsession with Kenny is detrimental to their game.
I have a feeling production might want the other side of the house (Sabrina and co) to find the secret veto just to keep the house balanced and keep the drama going.


Did anyone else notice, when Allison and Neda were in the hot tub, Allison slipped up and said something about Canada voted her in. Isn’t that grounds for automatic eviction?


yes Allison did say that but she put a very important word before that…..the words were “if” Canada voted her in…..which unfortunately is not the same as telling them. Would have loved to see her instantly evicted! I regret voting for that wasted piece of space!


In the video “Neda and Allison talk game in the hot tub” at 19:04 Allison says “if that’s why I’m here, and Canada voted me in…” In my opinion she choked. Bye Allison!!


I thought so before too because I have heard her say that a few times
But she is just reiterating the rumour that has run around the house that Canada voted her in, which originated from the other HGs speculating why she is there late. She is playing along with it


Sabrina saying there are lies going around the house.. Bitch you start them all


i really dislike sarah even more now

she says she is going after jon and neda now

f you sarah you miserable b1tch

on another topic i thought it was hilarious jon, adel and arlie all messing with sabrinas head on wednesday, when jon and adel individually told her that andrew was campaigning against her, and she didnt believe it…then 10 minutes later arlie told her the same thing and she was then in shock

then last night arlie told her, “im like a vault…anything you tell me stays right here locked away.”

ha ha


Nom options:

Kenny/Ratchet = weak
Kenny/Allison = very weak
Kenny/Sab = strong
Kenny/Sarah = Nuclear option…. KABOOM!

Any 2 of the 4 girls is a failed HOH. I’m guessing most feeders like Sab and Kenny on the block. For the best result for the outsiders I think Sarah needs to go rather than Kenny. My thinking is this. If you watch the convos with Arlie or Jon she has them both wrapped around her finger. She alone will be able to move numbers going forward. Guaranteed that both guys will protect her from being nominated this week.

Heathers HOH might be the 1st real glimpse of backbone this season. Who would of thunk that? Kenny plus 1 is the right approach to noms from an alliance perspective. Personally I’d prefer Sab gone over Kenny. And Sarah is very dangerous. One of my little cues over the years is to see who is effectively communicating 1 on 1. I say “it’s a social game” constantly for a reason. Think of Dan’s 1 on 1 in 14 and Andy in 15. I dislike Dan more than I can express here. But his 1 on 1 stuff was very good. That folks is Sarah this BB season!

As fewer people are left in the house 1 swing vote can be crucial any given eviction. She has 3 to work over ATM. Arlie is in the middle but he’ll be choosing this week with his vote. Sarah has the outsiders without spending time with them as a group. lol My last little ranking I had her as the fav to win, all be it at only 8:1. By now I can all most always can see what’s coming. The longer she stays the harder it will be to get her out.

I’d just like to add if Allison or Ratchet go I think the outsiders will have shot themselves in the foot. Gotta be Sab, Sarah or Kenny going this week to better their game IMO


I would love to see Kenny and Sabrina up with Sarah as a replacement nominee.

Heather and Rochelle need to get off of each other’s dicks right now. These personal vendetta’s are doing them no favours. It’s distracting them from the real game.


In the video “Neda and Allison talk game in the hot tub” at 19:04 Allison says “if that’s why I’m here, and Canada voted me in…” In my opinion she choked. Bye Allison!!


yep she broke the rules, she was not to say Canada voted her in….


Am I the only few still rooting for Kenny? He was my favourite player from the start and I’m standing by him. I know he has had his bad times, but so have all the other houseguests.