Sarah “My brain is running a thousand miles a minute right now” Willow – “I smell bacon”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 1st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th ?
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 16-13-03-040

7:13pm Studying for the HOH competition Ashleigh, Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey
(They think the HOH will be dates. Using twistos as study aids)

They get to the KFC challenge.
Godfrey – KFC man .. Killed the F***g Challenge that’s what it stands for

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 16-30-23-740

7:24pm Chit chat in the kitchen Sarah wearing Willow’s Hashtag shirt, Willow wearing Sarah’s hashtag shirt.
Willow comes by start snuggling with Sarah. Kevin says their relationship is so weird asks them if they love or hate each other. Willow says they like to push each other’s buttons.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 16-43-54-113
7:46pm Hot tub A seagull visits
They feed it some cheese puffs and twistos but it won’t eat the slop.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-28 16-47-23-029

7:57pm HOH Sindy’s last dance

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 17-21-01-123
8:06pm HOH Godfrey and Sindy
Sindy says it might not be double eviction it might be the HOH picks two people and they both go home.
Godfrey – could be anything man
Sundy says she doesn’t have to talk to Bruno and Bobby they are too stubborn, “I don’t need to talk to them I can tell.. Bruno isn’t going to work with me”
Sindy – we could have started something the 6 of us everyone is such a idiot in this house
Sindy – anything can happen but I already had my second chance
Sindy explains the house is split with the votes on one side there’s Bobby, Bruno, Godfrey and on the other side there’s AShleihg, Zach and Kevin. Willow and Sarah won’t vote out Brittnee they are in the middle
Godfrey says there side doesn’t have the numbers to save Sindy she needs to talk Zach.
Sindy says the chop shop is still together she still see them all talking together. Sindy wanted to form a team Ontario.
Godfrey says this is what happens when 1/2 the people are in the game for a showmance. Sindy wonders if the showmances are now in an alliance. Godfrey points out everyone would think that the showmances are together it would be poor strategy on their part if they went through with it.
Godfrey adds every time he talks to Pili Kevin is always there, “It’s not even being hid.. at least Zach and Ashleigh are trying to deny”
Godfrey – Zach and ASh are going to vote the same they will tell Pili what to do those nomination are not her own idea
Sindy doesn’t think Zach can get Kevin or AShleigh keep her. Godfrey says Zach controls that side of the house. Godfrey coaching her on what to say to Zach. Godfrey stresses that Sindy needs to make them understand if Brittnee stays she’s with the other side but if Sindy stays she’s a free agent and can work with them.
Sindy tells him she doesn’t have Willow’s vote.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 17-37-06-588
8:30pm Hot Tub Bobby and Kevin followed by Bobby and Sarah
Kevin asks if Bobby is still sticking to the plan. Bobby claims he is. Kevin reminds him that Brittnee and Sarah going out during the double eviction makes sense. Kevin asks him if he wants Sarah gone. Bobby says he’s down with whatever. (hard to hear because of the hot tub)
Bobby heads to the bathroom where he tells Sarah about the conversation with Kevin. Bobby says Kevin is pushing for Brittnee and Sarah to go up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 17-44-53-511

8:39pm Sarah and Willow
Sarah – My brains is running a thousand miles a minute right now
Willow – I smell bacon
Sarah – there’s something up with kevin

Bruno joins them. Willow says that Kevin was out there and noticing how well they know the dates. Bruno says Willow knows she dates better than anyone he doesn’t think Kevin or Ashleigh now them.

Willow says she had a meeting the Diapers want Bobby/Sarah or Bobby and God. Sarah chimes in that Godfrey went to Kevin to make a deal, “God is just covering his bases”
Willow adds that Kevin thinks he’s good with Bruno
Bruno – I’m going to be straight with you guys.. I love what we have..
Sarah – this is everything right here (There alliance).. we need our numbers
Sarah says Brittnee is so emotional she wanted her to relax today.
Bruno tells her he feels comfortable with them he can tell is different.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 17-57-04-013

Bruno leaves.. Willow and Sarah talking about Bruno being a little loose lipped around Kevin. Sarah wonders why he feels so comfortable around asks if it’s because the thinks Kevin is “Kinda a idiot”. Willow thinks so.
Sarah asks where the diapers think they’re at with Bobby/Bruno. (Can’t hear her response) information. Sarah tells her when she talks to Zach make it clear that Sarah doesn’t want to work with Bobby/Bruno. Willow says today Kevin talk game to her for the first time “day 45 mark it in your journal”
Sarah says Brittnee hates Kevin so F***g much. Sarah says Brittnee they can at least control a bit Sindy will go off and do her own thing

Godfrey walks in “What’s going on in here yo.. a rub down.. jesus”

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Im gonna be so pissed when production spends entire episode tomorrow trying to make it seem like Sindy has a chance to stay then show 2 minutes of HOH and thats it

another name

I think that’s what we’re all in for. imo first they’ll update the week, then throw in the sarah Bruno talk that had blocked feed (the gathering of the other side), show the driving challenge then spend a segment on cindy campaigning (talking to Zach outside together all night). then five minutes of gratuitous showmance updates, Ashleigh’s punishment for comedic input (?), then another five minutes with cindy campaigning and dancing. start the vote. commercial. end vote. eviction chat. commercial. start of hoh. end credits.
except for instant eviction night, have they shown an hoh win on Wednesday yet? my memory is blocked.


Only once have they shown HOH winner
Actually becoming such a joke…

Big Brother

“house guests, stop talking about production”


Count Zachula has one!…no two!…no three back-door plans!…ah ah ahhh.


i love the showmances


godfrey, give it up. sindy is leaving, you are not going to get zach to flip the vote. they have wanted sindy out since she came back . he is desperate but going to zach will accomplosh nothing more than making them want godfrey himself out more.


YAAASSSS. finally SOMEONE has surpassed kevin in the fn poll. its so annoying how on the show they try to make it seem like kevin is some sort of mastermind. In reality he has no idea whats going on in the game. He is lucky though, ill give him that.


Kevin is starting to play. He is keeping his cards close but you can see a shift. He’s brewing over something and if he wins HOH he might surprise us. With what I am not sure.

What's the deal?

Why does everyone like this side? I don’t see anyone as likable in this house. Is it that they were underdogs and now they’re gonna control the house? Is it because the Diapers are just that bad? I don’t see Willow or Brittany or Bruno+Bobby (always throwing comps), or the obnoxious and blunt Godfrey as likable at all, just always spewing hatred about the other side when I don’t really see Kevin, Pilar or Ashleigh spewing hate (as boring as they still may be which may be just as bad) I mean once the Diapers are wiped out – and it seems it might happen this and next week, it still leaves only annoying people. Is it that everyone genuinely likes the “nomance” alliance?


Zach while playing well before his HOH has been arrogant and a prick. He’s afraid to make moves and tries to play safe while in reality him playing safe has only damage his overall game.

Kevin has been given two chances to make big moves, he showed that he is fairly stupid during his initial chance during the instant eviction where instead of putting someone strong who wanted him out the week before he opted to play safe. This week he had the option of switching the game yet decided not to. Also during his talks with the diapers for next week he also showed what a coward he really is for wanting Godfrey out yet wanted to play it safe by putting two weak players first.

Pilar and Ashleigh. Do i actually need to say something about them?

The entire diaper alliance is being played by the entire house right now, if that doesn’t show that they are stupid then I don’t know what will. For next week they are afraid to put up Bruno and Bobby who are much more of a competition threat because they are afraid that they will go after them afterwards (which doesn’t really matter because they will attack them no matter what).

In comparison to Bruno and Sarah who is not afraid to play hard at this point in the game they are basically blah.


I think it’s that people are just ready to see the diapers sweat a little, which hasn’t happened yet…… other than for Kevin. They’re still pretty arrogant (especially Zach) even though the house flipped on them last week, and I think most people are ready to see their delusions shattered for good.

Also, I don’t think people have much respect (as players) for the Ash and Pili types – chicks who get on the show and latch onto one guy/showmance as their strategy. Maybe I’m a jerk, but I always get a lot of satisfaction when the guy gets booted and the girl freaks.

another name

I think part of it IS the underdog theory, not the character of said underdogs individually.
I think the Ashleigh / pilar dislike isn’t that they are overly mean, but that they seemed to showmance through the weeks and then show up to vote on eviction night without actually playing the game (until the past week to limited success), though Ashleigh could be pretty passive aggressively insulting to others for a while there (not as bad as the overt insulters).
I can’t speak for anyone else, and I don’t presume to. I didn’t like the cockiness Zach expressed with Jordan; didn’t like production ramming him down my throat, but I actually didn’t dislike his early strategy, and think he still shows some moments of being a good social player (getting his alliance to target the guy after him personally instead of looking big picture). I got really hung up on the cocky production thing for a long time (i’m trying to be more objective).
if I equate it to bbcan 2 and bbus 16, I remember a lot of people hating the alliance or individual controlling the game. there was an awful lot of hate for first 5 (especially Sabrina and Andrew), there was an awful lot of hate for derrick (I think people called him pig-nose or something).
personally, I don’t think the entire diaper side will get wiped out so quickly. I still can’t help but think one of three scenarios are building: Zach Bruno war (because of how production has given them actual nicknames captain Canada and big kahuna…. really big kahuna?) OR
kevin sarah war (they have more d/r pulse of the house this is how I play time than everyone else) OR Bruno vs. sarah war (the social poison war). just possible guesses. if i’m wrong i’m wrong.


JP and Zach played an unsustainable early game.JP had plans for the middle and end but was moving toward boxing himself in a corner. I didn’t see any signs from Zach that he had a middle or end game (I guess JP didn’t map it out clear enough for him) outside of continuing with what he did early on.

another name

I agree that the strategy couldn’t last through the whole game, but give credit to that strategy as being good beginning moves in the match. I just figure I don’t need to keep pushing the production posterchild angle unless bb devotes another entire segment to him (or renames the alliances page on their website Zach’s alliances again… that one nearly made me foam at the mouth).


Well, I’d rather root for the other side of the house, instead of the “Diapers”, in which you have Kevin-the “brains”..NOT. He may be productions fave but he’s definitely not mine. The kid has no idea whats going on. Then you have “the leader” Zach. Typical frat boy type. Has it all, and is extremely arrogant and cocky. In one of the conversations the other day he was braggin about his average is 80% and he’ll be getting into med school soom. uhhh.. NEWS FLASH 80% is not even close to what you need to get into med school bud. trust me, I know. And he also has no idea of what’s going on. thinks he has willow bruno and bobby still, and theyre all gunning for him. and then theres pilar and ashleigh….umm yea. Ill take my chance with the other side of the house thank you very much. I prefer to watch strong women play this game. not weaklings who don’t have an opinion and need to be dragged along to get deep into the game. #sorrynotsorry


Tomorrow is definitely not a double right?

River De Nial

“Willow and Sarah talking about Bruno being a little loose lipped around Kevin. Sarah wonders why he feels so comfortable around asks if it’s because the thinks Kevin is “Kinda a idiot”. Willow thinks so.”
Too funny! And I thought Kevin was trying to be an idiot by association.

Is it just me??

That finds Sarah annoying!!! And can’t believe everyone runs to her about everything! She’s a weak player! And complaints all the time! #gohomealready and willow the RAT!


if sarah is such a “weak player”, how does she have all the social relationships she has now? willow, bruno, bobby and godfrey used to be against her, and now, through social game, they have become sarah’s allies and they feed her information. zach and the diapers alliance have NO clue they are her target (they think she’s targeting bruno), that’s how great of a social player she is…
as for willow, what would you prefer her to do? just crawl back up zach’s ass? no, she’s going to use any information they give her to try and take the couples down…


You know the season has gone down the tubes when you’d rather watch a seagull than the houseguests