Zach “Put up Sarah/Bobby & tell him a b@ckdoor plan can’t fail when there’s a secret veto”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 1st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 13-28-13-650

4:25pm In the bedroom – Sarah says I hate this. Sindy says I know. Did you eat? Sarah says no. I am going to have to stuff myself before the HOH. I have to win. Sindy says or you could keep me and I could help you win. Sarah says I talked to them and there’s no chance, like zero. There’s no way. Godfrey isn’t going to do what Bruno and Bobby do. What you’ve done for me is priceless because the rest of the house is like this. Everything is out in the open now. Sarah says I have no where to go. Since week 1 its been what the house wants. Godfrey is sweet he just says anything. Sorry I don’t want you to feel more defeated but I’ve done everything I can do. I’m sorry. Sindy says its okay. Sindy says Bruno told me that he said he wanted to work with me on the way out the door and then I come back and he didn’t say a word to me. He says I threw his name under the bus so why would he work with me.

UP in the HOH room – Ashleigh complains to Willow how she just went into the bedroom and Sarah and Sindy went silent. Willow says we should call a house meeting because I’m also tired of walking into a room and people going quite. Ash asks What would they be saying that they didn’t want me to hear? Do you think they’re on to us? Willow says no.

4:50pm HOH bathroom – Zach asks Willow do you know what you’re going to do tomorrow? Willow says Godfrey. Zach says nice.. or you could do Bobby and make him use that veto. Zach says that way is good because it makes him flush his veto and then its a fair game. Put him up with Sarah and then make him use it. Zach says make sure if we put God on the block we have the votes to get him out. If B and Sarah are on the block there is a chance of the veto not being used and one of them going home which we don’t want. We would want someone on the block that he (Bobby) would use it on. Ash says if it was Bobby and Godfrey just tell him there’s a backdoor plan. Zach says we could do that with Sarah and Bobby then tell him there’s a b@ckdoor plan .. to get out Godfrey.. and tell him worst case if we don’t win the veto then at least you have the secret veto to take yourself off. Zach says you can tell him .. A b@ckdoor plan can never fail when there’s a secret veto. Ash says part of me wants him not to have the veto and for us to send him home. That’s what you get for lying to us. Willow says that Kevin is set on Sarah and B. Zach asks and then b@ckdoor Bobby? Willow says yeah.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 13-55-49-606

5:35pm – 5:45pm Out in the hot tub Bobby and Bruno are talking. Bruno says no one knows it yet but my hands are my strength. Bobby says yeah you’ve been working with them for 20 years. Bruno says I just want to get out there and rip it man. Bobby asks what do you think it might be? Like a short endurance? (What? Oxymoron?) Or a day thing? Bruno says I can’t believe Ashleigh came up to me and suggested you to go up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 14-38-22-751

Hot Tub – Bobby, Bruno and Zach are studying the events of the house using Twistos snacks. Zach heads inside and Godfrey joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 14-59-34-469

6:10pm – 6:20pm Out in the backyard – Pilar is trying to tell Kevin about the HOH bathroom conversation about nominating Bobby and Sarah.. and telling Bobby there’s a b@ckdoor plan (Godfrey) that can’t fail because he’s got the secret veto. Pilar can’t remember the conversation. Kevin tells Pili to just relax. You’re not playing HOH so you don’t have to make any crazy decisions. I just see your mind go crazy all the time. Zach joins them and they study past events.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 15-09-13-861

6:30pm Zach asks Kevin what would you do if there was a double? There are two scenarios that we could do. Kevin says I just talked to Ash and she told me about the plan to get out Bobby with the veto in his pocket. Zach and Kevin talk about the possible nominations they could do. “There’s a safe play and a s*xy play.” Zach says we could put up Bobby and Sarah and tell Bobby he’s safe with his secret veto. Zach says it would rock the trust with Bobby & Bruno a little bit but it wouldn’t break it.

7pm In the kitchen – Pili and Kevin are cooking. Meanwhile out in the hot tub – Ash, Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey are studying.

7:10pm In the bedroom – Sarah, Willow, Sindy and Brittnee are talking about phone numbers. Sindy says her’s spells out her name with the area code 647.

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It would be great to see Zach & Pili or Kevin & Ash out! I do hope a nice twist is coming up…


yes a twist to save Kevin. Kev knows something is up with Bruno because Bruno hasn’t been calling Sara poison and they are seen everywhere all most every day. Come one Kevin put both of them up lets see if the dumba$$ bobby will use his veto lol


In a perfect world, Zach would be up on the block against Bobby. If the veto is used, Kevin goes up as a replacement nominee. It looks like Sindy is going home, which is unfortunate because she is actually playing the game. I am throwing my support behind Godfrey.


these people suck wow what a waste


I have barely been reading the blogs lately it’s getting boring ZZZZZZzzzzz Which is very RARE. Anyone agree?


It’s to early to think that way … wait 2 or 3 more weeks


The Diapers think they have Willow wrapped around their fingers. Gah I love it! How many times will they be blindsided this season I wonder.

Speaking of Willow, does she seem more sex crazed than usual? The gif Dawg posted on Twitter is hilarious!


Her outlandish behaviour is a means of distraction, and she’s bored.


I think it’s an awesome season!! We have the 2 sides playing each other and the one side (z), again not knowing what’s going on. LOVE WILLOW.


I’m so confused is Willow really with Sarahs side or Zachs?


Willow is like Sarah’s lapdog. She listens for info from Zach’s side and tells it to Sarah and Bruno. I believe she’s more into Sarah because we see her tell information from the diapers to Bruno/Sarah’s team and not the other way around.


I think Sarah’s. She keeps going to her with information from Zach’s side and she hates how Zach treats her.


After JP’s eviction, Willow realized that putting all of her eggs in one basket would be dangerous. She has decided to keep her options open, and not make any rash decisions. Everyone suspects that this week will be a double eviction, and she is just waiting to see who will have the numbers at the end of the week.


She also see’s there’s more variables for options with the Sarah/Bruno side.


Why do they still think bobby has a veto?

another name

they have said Bobby’s loyal and stupid a lot. maybe they think he’s too dumb to know he’s in trouble, and too loyal to lie?


These are simply the stupidest HG’s ever IMO.


cause they’re idiots

The Truth

If I was Kevin I would be worried about meeting the parents of a girl I speak so lowly about in the intelligence department. He is making a horrible first impression.


If I were Pili’s brothers … I would take Kevin for a walk in the woods
Give him a lesson or two on respecting women
I used to think Zack was worse, but now Kevin keeps sinking lower n lower
Game is Game … you can still play a great game without the disrespect
For the record I think Pili is a sweet naive girl but, a horrible game player


Right Bobby….it’s a fast endurance comp…LOL…LOL…LOL


I think there is such a thing as a fast endurance comp. For example dangling from a bar with just your hands would be over in 15 mins, but still be endurance. For me it refers to any comp that goes less than a couple of hours but still needs willpower.


It baffles me how out to lunch the diapers are. Even after the first blind-side they continue to think that they’re in a “solid 7” alliance and that no one would go against them. It’s awesome. If Zack goes on his birthday in a double eviction it would be the best episode ever! Can’t wait to see him walk out the door, no matter when it happens!


Think Dawg’s observation about no double because Arissa didn’t hype it on TV is likely true. That means Zack stays for his B-day. As to the important point the diapers are stupid… complete idiots might be better. You have JP evicted you know the 5 votes you think B and Sarah gonna work with you? As for BBG how could you think they would split off GOD and B/B work with diapers? Diapers are like lemmings being led over the cliff by the complete idiot Captain Zack!

Deserves F4… just my opinion
Bruno- Any 3 you like or dislike. Maybe B as a second choice but that really good HOH was some time ago. GOD in my mind just following and repeating what Bruno says. His best asset is he has replaced Bobby as Bruno’s number 1 guy. 4th I definitely don’t care.
My F4 still….. Bruno/Pili/Willow/B….. but I’m just nuts. After diapers get crushed GOD and Sarah become targets. B can triangulate which gives her an F4 shot. Pili every ones obvious F2 if there smart. willow is a vote for majority might keep her off as pawn.


I love how Willow has grown a backbone and telling Sarah everything lol


don’t touch my kevy wevy please


people are so mean to each other in the house


I am still lost on why did ash get punishment last night she was not on the pov comp. That is very strange.
I do not think its double eviction. I think it would be where the next hoh nominates three people and then a double or instant. And we will be left with 7 next week.


I think she may have put in the least amount of time on the treadmill for the across Canada task.


go underdogs!!
kevin zach or ash have to win
or else it would be boring to have it 6 vs 2 next week (5 vs 2 in the HOH)


Oxymoron? Nope, I think just plain old moron will do. Not only is Bobby an idiot, he’s also a gigantic puss….. not the best combination of traits for success at this game. Never have I seen a house guest more worried about “blood on his hands” than this dude.

And the masterful way he has manipulated the others into believing he possibly has a secret veto – so that even his supposed allies want to stick his ass on the block to flush it….. just brilliant, Bob.