“Sarah, I will literally blow my game up before you go.. it’s not about the money” -Will

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 18-39-11-721
9:37pm Zach and Ashleigh
Zach says if he wins HOH and it’s a double he’s putting Godfrey and Sarah up. Ashleigh says she’ll put up Brittnee as a pawn. Zach suggests she puts up Sarah. explains that Brittnee isn’t coming after them.
They agree Bruno running around is sketching them out.
Zach – him and God are going to get together.. they are going to come after couples
Ashleigh was thinking about putting God and Bruno
Zach suggest they put up God and B then pull in Bruno.
Zach – If Sarah wins she might go after bruno.
AShleigh – Bruno running around scrambling has put a wedge between him and Sarah.
Zach thinks Bruno is going after them not Kevin/Peels
Zach – if we put God/bruno up we keep Brittne/Sarah close..
Zach now saying if they put Sarah/Godfrey up they will have Bruno and brittnee pissed.

Zach explains if he puts Godfrey and Sarah up he’ll go to Sarah tell her she’s a pawn and the target is Godfrey he didn’t want to use Brittnee as a pawn again. If Veto is played and Godfrey comes down he’ll put up Brittnee and a girl goes home.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 19-08-50-125

10:07pm Willow and Bruno

Agreeing everyone knows they gotta win this week “This house is so f***.. I’m telling ya”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 19-19-35-106

10:19pm Sarah and Willow
Willow – I’m sweating
Sarah – I like it when you sweat
Willow – Gross

Sarah – are you actually upset cause it’s breaking my heart.. I just want ot hug you and make you feel better but I can’t I have to act like i’m annoyed.. Bruno’s going to do what Bruno has to do.
Willow complaining that she has nobody in this game “I’m dead to these people.. I’m a piece of sh1t”
Sarah – Everybody has someone
Sarah tells her if they don’t break up the couples Brittnee, Bruno, Godfrey and her will go home.
Sarah – Is it OK we keep B.. I want to do what’s best for us.
Willow – I swear to god i’m going to take you.. if we make final 2 you are going to win it 7 to 2
They laugh that their fake fight is working Kevin and Brittnee both think it’s real.
Sarah says the couples are saying her name a lot.
Willow – Nope, not to me…
Willow thinks it’s Bruno throwing Sarah’s name out there.
Sarah is worried she’s going up tomorrow. (they predict a double eviction)
Willow – Sarah I will literally blow my game up before you go.. it’s not about the money I want to so something in life.
Sarah says she can’t remotely love anyone more than Scott they’ve been together for 10 years.
Willow is worried when she gets out of here people thinking she’s trying to be someone she’s not and she’s letting people down.
Sarah – I love you cause you’re the cutest little Willow tree in the whole work
Sarah – you feel OK for keeping B
Willow – ya.. I’m not going to lie I have no respect for you
Sarah tells Willow she needs her help to get Brittnee out. Willow won’t have a problem with that. Sarah can see them making it to final 2 .
Willow- you need to win it this Wednesday.
Willow tells her they need to get rid of Kevin because Zach isn’t coming for them he’s going after Bruno.
Sarah – I will 100% take you to final 2
They count Final 2 votes…
Willow brings up Godfrey telling her he’s going to try and keep her off that block and he’s going to target the boys (Zach/Kevin) Ashleigh walked in on them they told her Godfrey made a deal with Kevin/Pili.
Willow- Bruno doesn’t talk game to me anymore
Sarah – he doesn’t trust you .. he’s not sayign that to me But I can tell
Sarah – Kevin has a lot of F***g people, Kevin has Bruno, Kevin has God”

(The videos are broken up in parts because of feed blockage and houseguests coming in the room. God, Bobby, Pili and Brittnee all walked in on them laughing together)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 20-17-08-716

11:16pm Zach and Pili
Zach saying Sarah is coming after them she’s going to try and convince someone, “Bruno or Godfrey”. Pili says the best case scenario is if it’s a double Bobby and Bruno/Godfrey leave.
Pili – Godfrey is not the smartest.. in the game
Zach thinks they might be able to convince Bruno to go after Brittnee or Sarah. Zach thinks something is up

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 20-20-59-278

11:30pm Hot Tub Bobby and Bruno
Bruno says he’s not counting Bobby out yet there’s going to be a twist. “Anything can happen bud.. don’t give up bro”
Bobby says it makes sense that the girls are all together. He wonders if Ashleigh is closer to the girls or Zach. Bruno thinks Ashleigh is on her own side she’ll go where the power is.
Bobby’s trying to figure out what he can do to help Bruno’s game. They wonder is Ashleigh and Pili know about the purple cobras.
Bruno acknowledges it’s going to be a HUGE up hill battle for him, “I’ve been sloppy this week.. game play.. just sloppy”
Bobby – we probably shouldn’t have trust Sarah and Willow as much as we did”

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Bruno you idiot stop scrambling for bobby your ruinig your game …brit was neva going to put u up.. but guess what now thats changed … your now on everyones radar 🙁
Pili how dare YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!….. you of all people in the world say god isnt the smartest ….if god is stupid PILI then you must be comatose or a living vegetable :)…get your life!!!


What Bobby…”we shouldn’t have trusted Sarah and B so much” um it was Kevin who did this to you not the girls.


Sorry Bobby you screwed yourself over when you eliminated Sindy last week. You’ve been given the chance to strike at the couples yet you chickened out to ride in the middle and play it safe and now it has bite you in the butt.


I’ve felt for long time if Bruno makes F2 he wins..but I actually think this panicked game play and scrambling he is doing could bit him even if he does make F2..I think he is giving peeps more reason to not vote for him. He should have layed back…lost his boy…regrouped with God and the girls…and he would have won had he made F2. I think there are a few peeps who could not beat him F2 and he has acually made himself less likely to get there. One of Ash/Pili is almost guaranteed to be there the final day for F3….I’d bet Willow as well…then pot luck for third spot…I’m hoping Sarah as I’d hope someone gaming makes it to the end..although I will say willow has turned game up last few weeks…even Ash has even though I’m not a fan of her game…Pili no game at all…I’d be very ill if Zack makes end but can’t see it happening…God and Kev and Sarah I think best chance at final spot

To the Curb

You can’t fix Stupid


Agreed 100%, I say that at least a dozen times a day lol,
You can’t fix stupid…
But you can evict it.


“Sarah tells Willow she needs her help to get Brittnee out. ”
I was under the impression that Sarah still wants Bobby out over Brittney.By the hot tub took place a conversation between Bobby, Godfrey, Bruno and Zach where Bobby made his case against a girl alliance hinting at Ashleigh being part of it and possibly playing Zach. Bobby said if Zach votes to keep him along with Ash, Bruno and Godfrey, Bobby will be gunning for…Sarah next week, not Kevin.Right after that Godfrey went up to HOH room and spilled the beans to Kevin.If Bruno manages to make it this week, it probably will happen due to … Sarah’s, Willow’s, Bruno’s and Zach’s votes instead of Godfrey’s , Ashleigh’s and the last two as far as the conversations let on.


Zach is so dumb. EVERYONE is gunning for you. Yes, including Sarah. But she can’t win comps and Bruno and Godfrey can. Ughhh. I can’t wait til he goes home


i like sarah and willow, are they together ? xoxo