Sarah calls Andrew out for his comments.. “I can’t take all of this bullying!”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie


3:45pm In the living room – The house guests are sitting around talking about random things. Andrew starts making his usual obnoxious comments and Sarah gets upset with him. They’re talking about the possibility of Canada saving Ika over Heather. Andrew says that there are so many more Satan worshippers than there are church people. How big is the church now a days… There are so many people that worshippers Satan, lets be honest. Sarah says lets be honest Canada is never going to save you Andrew. Andrew says I didn’t say everybody was, you’re so weird. Andrew says its more of a jab at Satan.. Andrew says how do you not understand my under tones. Sarah says I do. Andrew says well then why do you disapprove so much! Andrew says I am no longer making jokes about anything in this house. Sarah says I dont see any reason to be overly rude and obnoxious. Most of the time I find it funny. But if I have one moment of you going over board all you need to do is say fine and let it go.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 12-40-51-485
4:20pm Sarah leaves the room and heads into the main bedroom. She starts crying and says that she can’t take it. I can’t take all of this bullying! Sarah says and he’s aloud to bully and I say one thing goes after me. Sarah says my integrity of sitting in a circle with a person that says deplorable things .. I have a life and a job outside of here. I don’t need people to see me sitting in a circle with people laughing at the disgusting things he says. Arlie says don’t worry I see it, Canada sees it. Sarah says that he keeps going on about the IKa stuff. Can we just have a minute without the that stuff. I get it we’re all pissed off .. it’s just I don’t want to be seen sitting there laughing at the stuff he says. Sarah says I have to go home and explain to my kid how I was a part of something like that and how its not right. Sarah says haha the demon hunters. I get it for a minute it’s funny but it doesn’t need to go on and on.. Sabrina says we’ve all acted like that.. Sarah gets annoyed that everyone is around her.. she gets up and leaves to go to the HOH room to be alone. Sarah talks about being in the house away from her family is just really getting to her..
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 12-42-45-826

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 13-02-00-773

4:30pm In the main bedroom – Adel tells Ika how Sarah stuck up for her when she got into a fight with Andrew in the living room. Ika says oh really? That was nice! Adel talks about how he hopes he gets asked to do a lot of charity things after. Adel says that if he won the 100K he would give a charity 25K to random charities.

4:45pm – 5pm Sabrina freaks out because she says Adel took the sugar out of her hand and used it all. Sabrina goes out to the hot tub room with Arlie and Sarah. Sabrina goes off about how she just walked away because she was going to beat Adel and get evicted. Sabrina says I am so angry I don’t know how I didn’t take the pan and BEAT ADEL IN THE FACE! Arlie says that he doesn’t let things like that get to him. Sarah says that she can’t believe she didn’t blow up on him. Sabrina heads inside and goes up to the HOH room to cool down. She tells Rachelle that she’s going to self-evict herself if she has to be around Adel.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 13-46-37-368

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Please don’t show Allison kissing Andrew anymore as it keeps reminding me how stupid I was to vote for her to go into the house. Thanx Dawg & Simon for all your work you put into this site.


I apologize to viewers for casting so many votes in her favor. I feel just as duped as when I voted for Harper.


Shame on you. Hindsight is 20/20. 🙂

Persian Princess

I would soo much rather watch them make out than hear Sabrina talk.. But then again I voted for Scott the whole time!


I am in no way homophobic as I hate Kenny with a passion but I, also should’ve voted for scott and not Allison. I regret it 100%. She is all talk and no action. The colors in the house are more interesting that she is. UGH!!


THANK YOU! I think these guys are doing a great job… there is just viewer fatigue with the Snotmance!!!!!! The most disturbing part is that she basically came into the house and made a beeline right for him… strategy? Maybe, but I don’t hold out hope.



bb is a house full of crazy

Andrew has to be the BIGGEST GOOF I have ever seen on this show, on either side of the border. Probably one of the biggest goofs I’ve ever seen…period. Next year, the average age should be about 35. These kids are so hard to watch. The mentality of these idiots is on par with 12-13 year-olds with the exception of maybe 4.


Yes, about older cast. I believe that’s why the girls are so boring because when they are that young all they want to do is please everyone and go with the crowd. I know that’s how I was when I was young. As a 40 year old I’m bothered so many reality shows are now centered around 20 somethings. What makes great reality tv is having more variation in ages and backgrounds. There is a saying that’s been out for awhile now, that 40 is the new 30. I see people much older than me who are better looking and more fit, and they watch Big Brother too.


Sabrina is freaking on on live feeds right now because she claims Ika threatened her and poured out the sugar. I’m so glad that Ika stirred up the house before she left. That was a great idea to get rid of the sugar to make Sabrina snap. You go girl, snap….


Although it is so tempting to have a reaction/comment about all the annoying things said on the feeds, I just don’t have the time or inclination, but the clip of Rachelle and Sabrina talking about their ‘fame’ afterward and that Rachelle thinks that people may have even contacted her family by now to ask about her for prospective modelling/acting jobs…… I just cant’ explain the averse reaction I had to that. She really believes she is Canada’s Beautiful Hot Dog.
Poor thing….


There still seems to be those jobs where people get hired to dress up. In my town there is always a gorilla on the street. So maybe she is getting calls.


PLEASE bb give sarah her meds and shut her up!!! This is so stupid someone needs to tell her that she is on BIG BROTHER this is part of the game and what she signed up for! Seriously they need to send her HOME! Im sick of her trying to show canada how great of a person she is PLEASE we see right threw you!!!

Miss Spelling

When hurling insults at people, I suggest you be a) intelligent about it and b) have your kid/dog check your spelling first..


Hey, Sarah,
you COULD stand on principle and speak openly to them all against shunning and bullying and teach your kids a llife esson worth more than $100,000.
But you won’t.

Reality check

I love how Sarah complains about the bullying
I’m almost positive … Lol … That on camera
She said she wanted to beat Heather in the face
Because of the sound of Heathers Voice . Sarah also
Made rude comments about Heather gaining
Weight . Sarah has bullied her fair share
So I think that the hypocrite should shut the
Fuck up . Who the hell does she think she is ??


Sarahs comment when she came in the house was that she hates bullies and people that judge others…LMAO what a hippo-crite!


sarah is a hypocrite and majorly fake…apparantly she dislikes bullying

she has been actively participating in bullying heather and ika for weeks

vicious comments about heather, and alot towards ika too, including going totally psycho over a potato

and when someone else does it and she realizes how bad an example she is setting her kids then its not ok

i also hate her for going out of her way to sabotage from the first day onwards, the game of nicest and most loyal person in the house, neda…and then she has the nerve to tell neda how she cant wait for neda to visit her as they live close…neda is not going to want anything to do with sarah after the show

sabrina gets alot of deserved backlash about her behaviour, but sarah for me is alot more fake, not a nice person, and at times just as annoying

what really pisses me off is sarah is sitting pretty in 2 different alliances, with an undeserved gift wrapped position of safety in the game thanks to arlie, but is constantly whinging like a little baby…i cannot wait until she is kicked out of there…if she finishes f2 i will be annoyed


sarah chose to play a scumbag type game, scumbagging her own alliance, and align with scumbags

then when she looks in the mirror she doesnt like what she sees: a scumbag

and her kids are watching

the game is eating her alive


Andrew is like the nastiest person. Like everything that comes out of his mouth….scum.

And then Allison starts making out with him right after that? I am SO pissed people voted her into this house. It has literally been the biggest waste. I never understood the appeal of her to begin with but DAMN, she had people fooled.


Apparently Allison only had those outside of the house fooled.


I think it is so wrong for andrew to make it sound like Ika is Satan without coming right after and saying it when they are talking about whether canada would vote to save Ika or heather if that was to happen this thursday(which doesn’t look likely)…. I’m pround of Sarah for standing up to him because yes it is a game but you don’t have to be such a dick; doesn’t this guy not think that everyone, including himself would have taken 5,000.00 over giving everyone a letter from home if they knew for sure they are going home, shit they would do it even if they are safe for a week…..

I hope some how Ika finds out about this because she will go off on andrew and it will be funny as shit.


Caption under the Boogermance couple’s picture: Don’t worry baby, I get all the undertones because I’m a psych nurse and I’ve seen people eat their own poo, so you are a prize….. Gawd, did she check her brain in at the door? I don’t believe for one minute she does that for a living – it defies logic.


Sarah seems to forget that she had no problem joining in on the Heather bashing not too long ago. How is she going to explain that to her kids?

Reality check

Don’t worry she won’t have to BB will
Give her golden edits … The masses will
Only show her getting upset about Andrew
Bullying . The editing is total bullshit .
They should show a persons true character
Traits . And Sarah is a Bully


A two faced bully

Douche hater

Omg Sarah … Play it up some more lol
She is starting to realize that her alliance is full
Of douche bags … Like herself and now
She wants to distance herself from them
Too late you already look Bad cause news
Flash ::::: your a bully . So mean to Heather
Shame on her . I hope the rest of Canada
Sees through you like I do .


Sabrina say I would rather be fat and happy than skinny and sad?? Stop lying already, your fat and everybody’s can see through your bullshit, you are so
insecure and miserable about yourself that you need to lie 24/7 and be a bitch to everybody else aroud you.

Hope Sarah and Arlie walk out of the first f**k!


I’m so glad this incident with Sarah happened. Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina are the biggest asses in the house. Sabrina has already been bad mouthing Sarah to Rachelle. I just hope someone puts up Andrew so Sarah can vote to get him out before someone puts her up. Adel was talking about putting her up and if he does it’s over for her.

I also want to add that personality and attitude is what really makes a person likable and attractive, that’s why a lot of people root for the underdog. We are all hating on Sabrina not because we are bullies it’s because she is a bully. Her behavior and personality makes her ugly. I can’t stand how into herself she is, and how she thinks she’s soo pretty and smart. She’s a narcissist, and is seriously delusional. Right now on live feeds she’s dancing in the HOH room and I want to gag.

Douche hater

A good point to mention is that While Sabrina
Is definitely a messed up person who is just
Running around doing all of her alliances
Dirty work , her alliance ‘s are just as guilty
They know what she is doing and not once have
I heard Sarah , Arlie , Kenny or Andrew tell
Her that maybe she should cut it out . That alliance
Is benefiting from Sabrina’s nasty behaviour
And I find that more despicable then Sabrina
Herself .

bb is a house full of crazy

I wish Evil Dick went in there for a few days. That would make my day….watching a bunch of them curled up in a fetal position bawling their eyes out and crying for there mama.


slobrinas meltdown about adel takin the sugar outta her hands is BS i rewatched it 3 times and the sugar bowl was sittin on the counter …I have to quit watchin the live feeds because everything about slobrina,boger andrew and the dumb biotch new girl is beyond annoying..


Its funny that they can make everyone feel insignificant and i’m glad BBCA gave IKA the chance to state facts and her opinion about the housemates.

Andrew is the most rattled because she made him feel insecure which blasted his ego. She got to tell off the house guests and win 5000 dollars.

Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew, and others can throw daggers at Paul, IKA, Adel and the second one of them blocks one and bounces it back they go crazy.

The fact that BBCA had to instigate the fight shows that IKA didn’t want to fight or she would have already.
As IKA would say, its TIT for TAT.

And its hard for me to laugh at Andrew’s jokes (honestly…). He has a very low emotional intelligence.

Sabrina is planting her seed against Adel by blowing a situation out of proportion. Stop attacking Adel.

Sabrina might be blowing up on Adel on purpose to take the heat off Andrew/Sarah’s argument, so that there is no crack in the F5 alliance. -___-


Max, Sabrina is not doing this to take the heat off of the Sarah/Andrew interaction. Sabrina needs more drama to compete with the attention Sarah received following the interaction.
‘Poor, poor pitiful me’, is only allowed for Sabs.


Sabrina and Rachel talk about all the commercials they will be starring after bbc experience. Lets see, most likey commercials, Sabrina eating Pringles commercial and then starring in a Special K commercial. Kenny, as captain Morgan selling rum. As for Rachel, in a lol commercial. Andrew, selling products that clean tough stains and dirt from bathtubs. Sarah, in a PBA commercial, with images of her uncontrollable laughs and cries. Allison, one of the faces for Vegas escort services, cuz her gameplay is about Andrew touching her to go far. Stupid strategy lol


Sabrina exaggerates so much, Ika threatened to put her on the block, not to do her in. Then of course she screams this to all the other hg’s. What a liar. If they were smart they would keep Ika to go after Sabrina


To bad Adel will get the heat for it.


You can tell that Sabrina was so spoiled as a child and her parents do everything for her. The only commercial she’ll be casted for is a kleenex commercial so she can learn how to use one!!!


I’m thinking most are underestimating Allison. She was put in a bad spot and is trying to work it. The girls blew it by shunning her when she came in. So she found the first sucker to use. Allison will dump Andrew in a heart beat if it gets her further in the game. I think she is out to win it and is a better gamer than most realize.


It’s a two way street Watcher.


So Andrew is being ‘less Andrew’ in the Big Brother House:
My apologies – this isn’t exactly a gift I’m sharing.
Poor guy.


Uggg arlie better not drag sarahs fat ass any farther in this game she made her bed know she can cry in it!


Shit just hit the fan between Ika and Sabrina, and of course they block the feeds


REALLY SARAH.. You are one of the offenders as well. Did we have a moment of reflection or what!!! You have said horrible stuff and made fun of people as well. You are constantly blubbering about missing your children, crying when on slop and admittedly crying every day. Did you not know when you applied to be on this show you could be away from your family for 3 months. Admittedly I would miss my family as well, and maybe go by myself and have a little cry OCCASIONALLY, but not every day. You play up to the cameras by constantly verbalizing your displeasure with the other people. You hate bullying and the nasty things said by other people, and then immediately state that you hate Allison as a person. Sarah, I do not like the game Allison is playing, but to say I hate her as a person seems to be a bit much. You have blown up before over a slice of potato. Get a grip, or go take a pill for goodness sake.


Sarah’s reaction to Andrew was not really that he was bullying Ika. She viewed his persistence of pushing her to respond to him as an act of bullying to her.


I think Kenny’s comments of Shreaky and Beastly, as shorthand for ika and adel was deplorable.

You don’t call a Muslim man a Beastly and a black woman Shreaky… Representing them as vilians, and positioning yourself as a heroic Care bear…couldn’t be further from the truth. Kenny and amdrew need a realoty check. I hope neda wins hoh and puts them on the block.


Kenny andrew sarah sabrina and alison are recist period.


please learn to spell before accusing people


*reality check


Kenny called Adel a savage. That doesn’t sit right with me.


Yeah you know what ? Whatever they say it’s fine just because they are bunches of arrogant bullies