Ika says I’m so glad I won that challenge last night. I went Tina Turner up in this b***h!

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 09-20-34-423

12pm Out in the backyard – Andrew and Kenny talk about how the fame they get from being on Big Brother is short lived. Kenny says it has a 1 year expiry. Next year there will be a new cast and we’ll be forgotten about. Andrew talks about wanting to capitalize on it. The cams switch to Jon and Sarah sitting by the pool. Arlie tells her they should have an alliance just the two of them. He tells her they can go into the diary room and laugh it up. Sarah agrees. Arlie starts talking about how he wanted to play the single guy coming into the house but the first day found out 5 of the girls were taken. He says he really wanted to play up the single guy but had to play the nun instead. He starts talking about his ex-girlfriend. He starts describing her big blue eyes, perfect lips, 5’2″, tight body and nice big t!t$. Sarah laughs and says Arlie. Arlie says yeah I love her. He then stops himself and says oh ah! Sarah laughs. Arlie says now I realize how JOn says it. They both laugh.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 09-08-28-058

The cams switch back to Andrew and Kenny working out. Kenny is using the band to work out when all of a sudden it breaks and whips his arm. He yells out how much that hurt. He says f**k me sideways! He says that Ika probably cut it.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 09-24-35-883

Up in the HOH room – Sabrina is colouring Rachelle’s hair. Sabrina and Rachelle talk about getting acting opportunities when they get out. Sabrina says that she thinks she’ll get lots because she’s done it before and because shes the only one from Montréal. Rachelle says that she hope to get a commercial or something. Neda joins them and they talk about the fight last night. Sabrina comments how Ika kicked her letter last night. Neda says she can’t believe Ika started throwing out her name. Neda says she told her to stop saying her name! Neda is pissed that Ika was telling the others during the fight that Neda had told her she was going up before it happened. Neda says that she never told Ika she was going up and didn’t even know for sure. She says that she only talked to her after she was already up.

12:50pm Sabrina and the other girls are trying to convince him to let Sabrina cut his hair. Jon is really nervous and unsure about it. He says that he needs to go ask Kenny. Sabrina says he’ll say no because he won’t want you to look better than him. Jon goes to ask Kenny and he tells him to do it. Jon asks if Sabrina is really a hair dresser. Kenny says yeah. Jon says Adel says he’s an inventor and I’ve never heard of t2t before. Kenny tells him to do it. Jon says okay I’m doing it. He runs inside and says he’s getting a hair cut. He says this is going to look stupid! Jon heads into the HOH room for Sabrina to cut his hair. Sabrina can’t get the attachment off the clipper. Jon says this isn’t a good start! Are you sure you know how to do this? Jon is still nervous. Are you sure this is going to look cool?? Sabrina finishes his hair cut and tells him that he is going to get lots of modeling jobs when he gets out not. All the girls tell him he looks so good!

BBCAN2-2014-03-26 09-59-38-283

1pm – 1:35pm In the living room – Ika and Adel talk about random things. Ika then says that she is so glad she won that challenge last night. Adel agrees. Ika says I went Tina Turner up in this b***h! Adel says his advice to someone would be to never go hustlin.. he says that he regrets it and has to do so many good deeds to make up for it. Ika says be careful of the memories that you make because you have to live with them. Adel says that he’ll give a speech – be careful of the mistakes you make because you’ll have to live with them. Adel and Ika head out to the pool area to hang out and talk. Adel tells her that she should get a sling shot and shoot cheese burgers into the house for him. Adel says he hopes when he is evicted that there are like 10 people in the audience wearing Whalla Bro t-shirts. Ika says that she is going to come to the studio audience if he’s on the block.

BBCAn2-2014-03-26 10-20-51-906

2pm Up in the HOH room – Sabrina washes the dye out of Rachelle’s hair and then cuts it. Rachelle complains about how much she’s cutting off. Half way through Sabrina stops and says fine I won’t cut any more.. it’ll just be crooked. Meanwhile down in the storage room Jon says to Neda – I act like I like you. Neda asks what? I can’t hear you. Jon says I act like I like you. Jon says all I am saying is that you’re the only person that I can actually trust. Neda says same. Jon tells Neda love ya! Neda doesn’t say anything and Jon tells her to say it back! Neda says OKAY! And leave the room.


Adel comments that he Adel and Ika continue to talk about the challenge last night and Adel talks about how at first some of the others thought Ika was going to choose the letters instead of the money. Adel says that at least she got a good chunk of change. IKA says Andrew picks his nose and seasons his food with it! I can’t eat that booger food!

2:30pm – 2:55pm Sabrina, Sarah and Kenny are out in the hot tub room talking. Kenny says that he is going to try hard for this HOH. I want that letter bad! Sarah asks if they think its okay to mention the first five to Ika in her goodbye message. Kenny and Sabrina say no because they don’t know if someone is coming back. They talk about how they can’t wait to reveal the first five alliance. Sabrina comments that they’ll be remembered like chilltown. Neda and Jon join them. They talk about how Big Brother told them to bring family heirlooms. Sarah says that she brought a small light house. They wonder why big brother got them to bring them and wonder what they’re going to be used for. They talk about auditioning for the show. Kenny says that he didn’t even post the photo of him and Andrew Monaghan BBCAN1 because he didn’t want anyone to know that he tried out.
BBCAN2-2014-03-26 11-30-15-333

3:30pm Most of the house guest are sitting around the living room couch chatting about random things. Adel and Ika are there as well and look really annoyed with the others especially Sabrina as she is being really loud. Ika and Adel head up to the bathroom.

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I thought it was so funny when Sobrina apologizes to Neda for getting hair dye on the shirt she borrowed from her and Neda says not to worry cause she was throwing the shirt out anyway…yeah probably because she didn’t want it anymore after Sobs wore it and most likely wiped her snots on it all morning.


I’m surprised Sabrina could fit into one of Neda’s shirts!


Ika and Adel are such babies. It’s a game, and you got outsmarted. Grow up. Can’t believe a mother behaves like that. And Adel attacking people’s religion, weight, etc is cruel. Can’t wait for him to go home.


LOL are you delusional? Ika and Adel are the most mature people in the house. Atleast adel is outcsating ika and hanging out with her while the fat whale told eveyrone else to ignore ika. get over it its a game. They all mad their letter got shredded? LOL if you knew you were going home you would have taken the money too.


The most mature people in the house?????? Oh my god. What show are you watching???


You’re embarrassing

bb is a house full of crazy

So, are there two posters who has the same username “Name” or does one person have multiple personalities and argues with themselves on their posts? Just wondering…..


Most of the “name”s are different people. aka people too lazy to replace the word “name” when writing a comment.


Well it can be “name” just as a result of not writing your name in. Second and happens with me is I forget to write the website once in a while on second posts to a thread. No website and generic “name” comes up. Lastly in other seasons of USA and BB Can 1 we had 1 person who used “name” for all their posts as well. ery, very confusing! 😛


C’mon Neda confront Ika and slob plz.

BC Broker

Adel rocks…..of all the houseguests Adel is the one you could sit back and have a beer with. Andrew is a punk….dude what ya pressin 150…LOL. And Kenny is ugly as hell. What bloddy modeling is he doing ?


Commentprobably underware modeling since we see him always in his undies ..disgusting 🙂


BCBroker, look at previous posts, adverts at top of posts. Kenny.


Lord knows how happy I’ll be when Sabrina goes home


People with short memories will have forgotten how vile and nasty Ika was about Heather. I literally hate every one of those women who ostracised that poor girl. Anyone who has it within themselves to enjoyingly disclude and ridicule someone behind their backs, especially to a person who wanted to be their friend is a cold-hearted nasty person. When Adel leaves and finds out how disgusting Ike behaved in those first weeks maybe he’ll change his mind about her. Anyone who feels any sympathy for that women when she’s kicked out tomorrow has issues.


ROFLMAO!!! That poor little girl happens to be a grown ass woman.
O wait, I guess it’s the baby voice that has you over your head feeling like you’re defending a child.
Get over yourself and your false piety


Kenny is definitely gay, he is more of a catty B&*?h than the girls are (excluding Slobrina and Ratchet). Talking constantly about Ika this, Ika that. How is anybody not picking up on this? If his employer had any decency or respect, he would get fired. Keep talking, boy, umm excuse me GIRL, you comeuppance is coming! I dont usually hate anyone but this douche bag is making it difficult to like him even 1%.


This comment is embarrassing. Calling a gay guy a girl is ignorant as f***.


I guess you would be an orange in a crayon box. For someone who cannot even come up with anything even remotely close to an original name than NAME is pathetic. But thanks for your sad attempt for an retort. Now go run back to mommy before she starts yelling for you.
FYI, most guys act like girls or WISH they were. Go back to reading archie comics if the real world is not cutting it for you.

Johhny (the European one!)

Writing on here that you wish he’d get fired just because you don’t like him is a very sad reflection of your pathetic worthless excuse of a life.
People like you make me want to throw up. Please go and stick your head in the oven, that would be a great step forward for the entire human race. Have a nice day.

Johhny (the European one!)

Hoping for some sort of “wake up call” effect for that person for reading this.
Telling someone “YOU should put YOUR head in an oven” leaves that person with the choice to do to themselves whatever they want.
Telling someone “YOU should fire THAT OTHER PERSON” and eventually adding to the pressure to really get that person’s livelihood taken away from them -for no other reason that YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV- is simply pathetic.

Anyway, I’m suggesting to that person who hides in anonymity to stick their head in an oven – notice I didn’t specify if the oven needs to be on or not – and not wishing for someone I don’t know to harm the livelihood of someone else I only know from watching TV:
BB history has shown that people DID get fired from their jobs due to “public pressure”, so I do really get a gag reflex when I see people posting comments like that about houseguests when it’s not appropriate at all.

But hey, if you think people who start petitions and movements to get someone fired from their job, people who sit in their basement and hope for someone else’s life to become as miserable as possible after “their work is done”, are cool and deserve your support, then by all means, support them.


I wouldn’t stick my head in the oven even if it was your death wish, you can die the miserable fukktard you sound like you are. But you can take that ego out of your arse anytime you feel youre ready to though.
1 one compliment of your comment from others and whoa, the real Johhny comes out!! hehe, and you are not even on the show. You would be best friends with Andrew and Kenny and be right there with the girls and french kissing their white arses. Douche bag.
And there is not point trying to bring me down with your comments, lol, so don’t even try. It wont work. It will only show how much of a prick you really are in IRL, keep them coming. 😉 Those dumb idiots (Andrew, Kenny, slobrina) KNOW they are on T.V and are playing a game and you are not, thats the sad fact between you and them.

Johhny (the European one!)

lovely. very eloquent. you da man.
Best regards,
your “miserable fukktard, douche bag, prick with the ego in my arse, french-kissing-Andrew-and-Kenny’s-white-arses”. You got me just right.

Slobrina Nosehog

do you despise Andrew and are you disgusted by his lack of hygiene when cooking? Well watch this youtube video he did in October to see how truly douchey he is. Spread this vid and let dumbo know how you feel in the comments. http://youtu.be/tUAkMtCQGnE


What dissapoints me the most about Allison’s gameplay is that she knows about the war room and if she was such a super fan…hell, if she had any brains at all…then she should have considered that BB might use that for evictees BEFORE jury to shake things up. Maybe she shouldn’t be joining in on the shunning bandwagon and selling out everyone she has had a convo with aside from Andrew’s crew. You never know what twist they might use. IKA might not be done yet. Maybe they throw the next few evictees in war room and have Canada vote for one or they battle it out to go back in BEFORE jury. I wouldn’t be surprised…especially since production probably doesn’t want to lose her just yet. And the house is so sure someone will come back after jury…doing it beforehand would throw them for a loop. Anyway, Allison is the only one that knows about it and she should know better than to shut out anyone that isn’t in her crew just because she thinks they are going home. She is destroying any options to work with other people and she stupidly relies solely on trusting the very people who want her out the most. I could forgive her for that, but joining in on the bashing and shunning has destroyed any interest I had left in her as a player.


Why can’t everyone just be nice ?

C’mon – lets play 101 Ways Sabrina Dies !

She leans heavily against a Backyard wall and a big picture falls on her head !

Alone by the pool, she falls in and screams “I’m drowning!”
They all think she’s lying so nobody comes.
Cam guy thinks it’s great footage.
Production is too late to save her.

Alternate ending – Adel is the one who rescues her !
She becomes his lovelorn stalker after the game.
She chokes to death while using one of his tongue-mounted toothbrushes.


Now that was Hilarious !!! 🙂


Not gonna lo Jon looks so cute! With his haircut


Kenny got rid of the nasty body hair, now time to get rid of that disgusting beard. Model my A__ __ !


There’s definitely a market for that look right now tho. Google hipster beard.


Sabrina and Rochelle think they will get to be in commercials after this? WHAT??? LMFAO!!!!


Being a plus size model for a superstore flyer technically counts as modeling, doesn’t it? lol


So who do you think its going to be next evict?
I think will be Andrew since sarah she’s argued with him about bullying Ika .


“We’ll be remembered like Chilltown”


I am looking forward to their rude awakening.


did sabrina said the first five will be remembered like an alliance like chilltown bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Yeah no way


So is Neda pissed at ika???


@2pm SR – Jon tells Neda I act like I like you.. so he actually doesn’t? what did he mean by that?