Sam “House Guests can lie about powers if they say that someone else has the power.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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8pm The house Guests are all sitting down to eat a Tacos Tuesday dinner.

Camp Comeback room. Ovi – If you vote me back in I can show you that I can compete in these competitions. I know my days in and stuff like that.. if you want to see a true underdog story.. I know I can get far in this game. I think I can get really far if I can mesh my way back into the game. I can go the distance. So that’s my argument as to why you should vote me back into this game honestly. I’m not going to talk about representation because I know y’all care about game play and stuff like that. I don’t feel like I am a bad game player. I know how to make connections with people. I know how to make alliances and well two have kind of failed but 3rd times the charm, right?! I am a fighter. Do I look as physical as some of these guys? No but I can hold the distance with these guys. I work out. I feel that my workouts are perfect for these types of competitions. I have the best chance of working my way back into this game more than these other people who are in camp comeback. If you want to see someone come back and really mess things up, I am your best bet. Throw me a few votes my way.. if there is a voting thing to get back into this game. I’m not going to backstab Cliff. I’ll ask him before I do it ..that might be my downfall in this game.

8:40pm Hammock. Sam, Nick and Analyse.
Sam – and I found out that house guests can lie about powers if they say that someone else has the power. You can’t say I have the power. I can’t say that I have a power and you can’t evict me for 8 weeks but if you sit there and say I heard Sam has a power where you can’t evict him for 8 weeks.. she (Kemi) made it up for Jess. So Kemi.. I’m not sure is she BS’ing me or does she really trust me? She’s like you’re my only friend in here besides like Nicole and stuff. She’s like I don’t know why .. I just so trust you and I’m like yeah I haven’t burned you ..YET! Sometimes we’re talking and she is like are you going to win this HOH? I’m like I want to.. and she’s like so who are you going to put up? I’m like, I’m not telling you! And she’s like I tell you stuff all the time. I’m like yeah, that’s different. She’s like I don’t know why its so hard to talk to me. I’m like alright Kemi, here’s a scenario .. you come back from camp comeback and survive the first week. Magically you and I are on the block together and now you have ammunition against me because this is a game and its for money. And she’s like, that’s true. I’m like so you can’t keep asking me for stuff. Sam tells Jack about how you can make up someone else having a power but you can’t say you have a power.

Jack, Sam and Analyse. Sam comments on how Cliff might being coming over. Analyse – if he comes over here I am going to have to leave you. Jack – I just can’t handle him. Analyse – I just can’t. He just f**king annoys me. Jack – Cliff has been actively saying that he wants to get rid of a lot of undeniable. He needs to go. Cliff joins them.

9pm Kitchen. Jackson and Kat. Jackson – talk it out, hash it out and then move on. Kat – that’s how I am too. Jackson – how much do you trust Jess? Kat – I don’t really tell her anything.. Jackson – no, I’m just asking out of curiosity. Kat – I would say a 9 out of 10 but I still don’t tell her what I tell you and Holly. I trust Holly more. Jackson – I just see her running to Nick and Bella a lot. Kat – the way she plays the game I don’t think is smart. What I tell you and Holly, I don’t tell anyone. You better not f**k me over. Jackson – we won’t. Kat – should I be worried that I’m not in an alliance? Jackson – no because you’re well taken care of. Kat – I was worried that I could be easily be picked off. Jackson – no, no, I can off the top of my head think of 6 people that would before your name would even come up. Kat – if y’all weren’t here I would have nobody. I am really sorry about everything that happened. Jackson – I am sorry too. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. Kat – I’m just really grateful for you two. Jackson – we’re grateful for you too. Jack joins them. Jack – we’re due for a classic comp.. wall or goop. Jackson – wall comp ..we’re due for one.

9:26pm Hammock. Christie – Kat came up to me and said that she heard ..I’m assuming Holly… she was asking if she should say something to Nick and I said that’s stupid. She said that Holly told her that there was a conversation that she told Kat that Nick said that if she didn’t win the veto she would have been put up. So she was upset about it, I guess. You don’t need to tell him that, its irrelevant.

HOH room. Jack and Ovi. Ovi -I’m wondering are to going to be straight targets. Jackson – so who all have you told about your power? Ovi – Just you and Jack and I think Christie knows through Jackson.

10pm Bedroom. Nicole and Kemi.
Kemi – I swear to go if I am put in a position of power I would put him up next to himself. And that’s not even me being an emotional player ..he’s just EWWW! I feel claustrophobic. Like he is so f**king obnoxious. Now I get why guys say they hate girls who are conceited. He is so self absorbed. I think what it is.. is that I can’t get away from it. He walks in and starts talking about nothing. He is so f**king irritating! Its funny because I talk to Ovi about how much of a great guy Jack is.. and how he is playing such a great game and how he such a smart nice person. ..because I know he is going to take it an run to Jack. I almost want to self-evict just to get away from him. I feel like half the house is against me and then he is like obsessed with me.

11pm Kitchen. Tommy, Jess and Nicole are making cookies..

11:21pm HOH room. Holly and Kat.
Holly – do you think Jess would vote Cliff out? Kat – I think Jess is a person we would have to blindside too. Blindside in the way of not tell her and she just votes Nicole out or whatever. She just gets really worked up about things that don’t matter.

Kat – we have to get a hot guy up in here. Holly – yeah, they’re really pitiful this season. Kat – yeah we have like.. Holly – two hot guys. Kat – I’m surprised they have both Cliff and Sam. Like the married older guy. Holly – Sam is my age. Kat – yeah but he is older than a 24 year old .. you know what I mean. Holly – and off the market. Yeah, usually its a lot more single guys.

11:45pm Odds Are – Tuna juice, egg, cottage cheese and Thousand Island dressing. Bella – it will just taste like tuna. Jess – I’m down. Big Brother switches the feeds..

12:35am Kitchen. Holly is trying to drum a beat on the kitchen counter. David and Jackson make fun of her beats.

1:12am – 1:40am Cliff and Ovi playing backgammon.They talk about Jackson. Ovi – he can be very intimidating.

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I wish every guy on this planet was like Jack, Nick, Tommy and Jackson. I wish every girl on this planet was like Holly, Christie, Analyse and Bella.

The world would be such a better place if everyone was like them.

another name

damn. here i thought i was good at deadpan sarcasm.


The Jackholes should take a page out of Veronica’s play book and disappear…


Jackholes! Best thing I’ve heard!

Allies Mom

Random thoughts:

Ovi seems just as dumb as most of the other houseguests. If he comes back in it would be a waste of space. I like both Kemi and David but I’m more interested to see what David does.

Has anyone else noticed that Jess is very rarely in the notes? She is seriously doing less than Victoria did. I didn’t think that was even possible.

another name

It’s that ptsd she says she got from being banished night one. Otherwise i’m sure she’d be the house mastermind and the Jacks would be coming to her for game advice.


Only one I’m rooting for to come-back is David. He’s been watching them all pretty dang close and knows what is what with who. Ovi is afraid of Jack/Jackson…so it would be a waste to put him back in there.


I came here to write the exact same thing. Does Jess actually interact with anyone?


shes a vote and thats about it.


I’d like Ovi to because he has a power, too

SD Bird

It truly amazes me that Kemi thinks the whole house is united against her as the BB21 Villain and continue to obsess about her 24/7. She is so wrong with so many conclusions & perceptions. I just wish Nicole would break away from the toxicity to percolate her own observations. She was on the right track yesterday until Kemi made it all about herself again.

another name

I don’t know. so far today she was blamed for stealing a laundry bag she didn’t steal. accused of not cleaning… while she was cleaning. accused of lying about nick and bella telling her about alliances that bella and later nick and bella did tell her about. Each situation involving a minimum three people and maximum of six people either verbally involved or encouraging it. I’m thinking her belief that the house is actively piling on isn’t that wrong.

SD Bird

I agree the house does pile it on her, but she still has that attitude about not ‘scratching Jackson’s back because he didn’t scratch hers first’. There are people that she doesn’t think are necessary to speak with, that when she gets power, they will fear and revere her because she deserves it.

Her increased contributions are not going to brighten her image unless she has conversations in the kitchen and not behind closed doors complaining that she would do anybody’s dishes but Jack’s.

To me, she would be a better player if she would listen more & speak less. She might learn something – like the stuff that is happening all around her that she can’t find/figure out. Stuff that frustrates her & then is dismissed as not as important as . . . her list of 20 complaints she’s taking into the DR.

another name

I think the d/r clips are… questionable considering we just heard Kat say they fed her lines in the d/r tonight, and we’ve heard Kemi say that she doesn’t like how they are asking her to act and talk in the d/r. I’m basically considering d/r this season to be hogwash, considering the edits are hogwash and the d/r is a production tool that steers the edits.
I think she believed she was playing the under the radar game in the first hours, not taking into account that anyone that looks different is going to stand out, making under the radar more difficult. That was not an implication of overt racism, that was sesame street’s three of these things song coming back to haunt.
Nothing is going to fix her image in that house. Every conversation she has, will then be run back to others and turned into a ‘yeah i talked to her, but i don’t like her… ew.’ followed by a bash session. It’s been happening since feeds started. A month later things are going to be different? No. Give up the ghost. She could cure cancer and the house would say ya, but she probably created cancer first.
There is no actual integration ability for her in that house. We can’t kid ourselves. The three loudest most obnoxious voices in the house have made it clear that she is not to be engaged, spoken to, or included. Even without the no camp game talk rule. If they weren’t scapegoating and soft shunning Nicole, you know they’d be trying to turn Nicole against Kemi too. The same people that indulge Christie’s mood swings, Jackson’s food rationing, and Jack’s belligerence are not about to go against their wishes concerning a target all three share. Not going to happen. They are going to jump in, pile on, laugh, or silently agree in order to stay in good standing.
I would bet that the show has asked her more than once to stay since production had the meeting with the house guests to inform them about the negative press the season has been getting due to perceptions of racism and threatening behavior. We know they had the meeting. Imagine being a poc in that meeting. now try to fit in while looking at the memory wall and seeing just who has been put in camp so far, and also wondering if it’s you, or your game.


The DR has been a production tool since the start. Although five or six seasons ago , you could at least get an idea of a players actual personality and not a total caricature. Johnny Mac was a prime example of a character played solely for the DR edit. The house guests could actually hear his sessions because they wanted him so amped.


I miss the awkwardness and willingness to be silly in the BB house. The past couple seasons everyone has taken themselves way too seriously.


I think she could be a better player but the house has been pretty bad to her and cbs has given her a terrible edit to make her look like Davonte 2.0.


Kemi was also reprimanded by Jack for putting a shaker in the fridge in the most condescending manner. It was so incredibly rude the way he talked to her…I would have slapped the $%#@ out of him, and I am a peaceful person lol. Kemi is a better person than me- if yall haven’t seen it yet, go back and watch- Jack is AWFUL!!


The house is against her. But she’s no villain

Douche Lords

That title belongs to “ Bitch-Ella”

Janey Haze

Wouldn’t it be funny if BB threw in a surprise finale night twist where the winner gets a half million new followers instead of a half million dollars? Now that would be worth watching!


The winner would love it as they are all there to get followers on social media to they can promote their gym/personal trainer or podcast.


They should do what many of the other “influencers” do and buy them instead of inflicting themselves on us.

Franks fumes

What’s this about Jackhole Jaw having an arrest for domestic violence…..I saw the article that posted the Tennessee arrest report (in Feb. of 2018) and indictments with 13 separate counts…..that’s where the info stops. I think Evel Dick first posted about it. Does anybody know more?

another name

I believe the arrest has been documented in newsweek as well, I saw the headline but i have yet to read it. Evel Dick did post and share it with the address blacked out, but it was floating around before that with the address visible. One person commented that the arrest would have taken place in the county where he was attending school, not the home address provided because of the county in which the arrest was made.
In the house Kat mentioned the arrest on the night that feeds kept getting cut while Jackson was yelling at her. Kat mentioned it i believe to Jess hours after the incident.
At an earlier point in the season Jackson, i believe while talking in the bathroom (if memory serves) had mentioned having a legal matter that he called trumped up charges (dont remember the actual wording).
no mention has been made thus far concerning the outcome, as far as i have seen.

Feeds Gold

Cliff: Jack and Christie are the 2 I worry about the most
Ovi: I agree

another name

Logical assessment of returning players.
Ovi: says he would want to target the bermuda triangle. doesn’t have the juice to gather a force. doesn’t have the charisma to offer anything in an alliance. an overly naive fan of the show that is in over his head. He’d end up marooned, with no protection, and out.
Kemi: says she would want to target the gruesome twosome. has had moments of clarity, but is foolishly still confiding in Sam without realizing he’s Nick and Bella’s snitch/bitch. Her take on the house dynamic would be fine if she’d had her current read a week and a half ago. Everything has changed. Would have no backing by anyone except Nicole. She’d be out quick, and would take Nicole with her if the vote doesn’t flip and Nicole stays. When she goes who are they going to blame for absolutely everything. Which possibly leads us to:
David: says he wants to shake up the game. i can tell he’d join up with Jackson, Kat and Holly. He’s the most liked of the most hated. Everyone would want him as an alliance adjacent. and the sacrifical lamb the moment things went wrong. He’d last longer than the other two, but the longer he lasted, the more i think he’d sink to their level in order to survive.

When Kemi said a couple days ago that d/r asked her repeatedly if she’d be willing to work with Jack, I joked that i wondered if David was asked the same question about Jackson and answered more favorably. I’m not so much joking as wondering at this point.
I think the return will be geared most favorably toward David. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or if we’ll watch him sell his soul.


The only thing about Ovi is the fact he received the power which might allow him to throw a wrench in the works depending on who gets the veto. Plus if he comes back whoever wins HoH, if it wasn’t him, would just need to plan for a second set of noms because they all know about his power now.

another name

let’s say his wrench gets thrown. what do we project as the effect. yes, a plan has to change. and the entire house piles on Ovi like he’s Kemi. Ovi thinks it’s bad he’s being asked to get out of the way. How’s he going to handle the full treatment? So he’ll be isolated and out right after.


yeah, ovi’s power is rendered useless at this point. they just throw up ovi and whoever as initial noms, then their real noms after. it’s an extra week of safety for ovi, but that’s it.


Wow holly and kat wanting more hot guys when there and 0 hot girls this season. Holly has a horse face for God’s sake and kat, love her, but she looks like a Botox surgery gone bad.

And lol at holly thinking Michie is a hot guy.

Feeds Gold

yup jealous holly is a massive b!tch…these ho(lly)s aint loyal


Have you seen her Instagram? Selfie after selfie. The editing is amazing. Makes her look to have an ass which I know after seeing her in those blush leggings she does not. I do think she is good looking or at least has pretty features. Most women look better without the gobs of makeup and contouring and fake lashes and hair extensions. Just my opinion. A genuine smile and happy soul also make anyone more attractive. This year’s cast seems to be missing that. Although Sam is close enough.


I do kinda think that’s how almost everyone’s instagram looks like…”selfie after selfie.”


Sure, I can see that being true. I don’t look at Instagram enough I don’t get it.


If you don’t get it…that’s because you might be one of the few people out there who are fully secure with themselves and how they look and aren’t trying to achieve fame and notoriety through a medium because they didn’t get “found” in other ways.

Douche Lords

Blows my mind that Holly and Kat fk’d the same guy in the house , and are like best buds? Huh? Does Kat have that mystery thigh rash that Holly and Anal have? I bet Nick gets with Anal next once Hella gets booted…..gross cast this year. Raven and Matt would have fit in nicely this season


Yeah that is so weird. I mean how big of a whore is holly? She’s lucky kat is so chill. I mean major props to kat for how she handled it all and Michie trying to make her out like a stalker. What a douche.


Hmm… I notice how there’s never any mention of all the nasty, mean comments Kemi makes about Kat…..

Kevin Souser

What happend to havenots. It’s been like 9 episodes and their is no havenot room or anything.


They say there be will Have Nots. I’m thinking after the Camp Comeback is done that that will be the Have Not room.


Any thoughts on if the season may be Kraken ?


We’re entering full kraken soon


Okay so what’s “kraken”? Is that when we all start kraken our heads on the wall or when we start kraken bottles of booze because the season is so bad?


Kraken is a booze. I think it’s a brand of rum if I remember right. Simon posted a picture when he got the feeling we were entering Kraken territory.


Usually, when a season starts going south we call Kraken meaning KRaken is needed to watch the feeds. For a hell of a long time, every season of BBUS was Kraken. Due to mostly twists and vets returning. Finally we had one last year that wasn’t. Looks like we’re going back into that territory with BB21


Ah, gotcha.

Beach Girl

Seems like it is past time.


My favorite line from this recap (Kemi talking about Jack): I swear to god if I am put in a position of power I would put him up next to himself.

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

The way this season is going if Ovi comes back into the house….. Ovi will ptobably just give his power to Jack and Jackson when he comes back so they can use it on Ovi.

Feeds Gold

a few days ago kemi kept saying how hot jack is…then the shaker bottle comment…now she hates him


It’s been a slow morning update will be late.

another name

Jackson should stop talking about his private life. Every word just keeps adding to the creepy.
His frat no longer exists because of ‘lots of allegations’. He says it’s ‘not what you know it’s what you can prove in court.’
How many or how severe do allegations have to be for a frat to be shut down?
His revelations, and the revelations others have shared about things he has said are really starting to brush that too close to home area for me. It’s getting more difficult to acknowledge any good game strategy or moves (and he does have some, I can’t deny that) when he is just diving deeper into the slime pool every day. He’s not making bad game decisions. He’s just a slimeball.

Feeds Gold

if its the wall comp looks like sis is ok with tommy taking this hoh to try to backdoor sam, but sis wants bella out and wouldnt try to backdoor sam

i doubt nick and bella would want to work with tommy if he puts them up as pawns to backdoor sam

the blindside is a tough scenario for tommy/sis who are close to nick, especially sis who is also close to sam

sis will need to convince nick/bella/sam she had to do it as cliff had openly stated he was coming after couples, and that includes herself and nick/bella, and say ovi with a power plus cliff is dangerous, and nicole is a much smaller threat

Janey Haze

Sis is useless and should be evicted ASAP. Otherwise she will float to the end behind a meat shield horn dog and win the $500k.

Feeds Gold

i dont rule out anybody after josh won his season…even kat could win


Well Sis might be playing for two at this point…

another name

Let’s say, for arguments sake, that the whole Kemi is the devil atmosphere wasn’t prevalent in the house (to the point where today they are cutting / switching feeds every time people begin to discuss her). Would she be playing a good game? Considering they already evicted her, no. Considering she has a habit of telling people she shouldn’t trust too much information? no. She chose to trust Bella. She chooses to trust Sam. She has a bad read on Christie. She got into an alliance with the cushion that doesn’t know what is going on, and the meek girl, along with the house snake. yeah. That wasn’t going to set the world on fire.
She has no chance in the game thanks to the atmosphere, but her game moves without the atmosphere would doom her anyway.

Feeds Gold

kat is thirsty for a threesome with jackson and holly

another name

Jackson already raised the idea to Holly. while he was in the shower (she wasn’t that time). Her face didn’t look pleased. Not that her face ever really looks pleased…. but even more displeased.

Feeds Gold