“I’m really coming in I really want to destroy the Legion of Doom”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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3:12 pm Tommy and Jack

Jack says they are giving Nick and Bella way more credit than they think, “they aren’t that good at this game”
Tommy – we can use them as numbers still. Just get rid of Sam and then they lose that security blanket. They will be afraid there won’t be any more numbers to get
Jack – yeah
Tommy – I’ll put them both up (nick/Bella) we’ll have to convince Sam he’s not a target it’s one of the two of them
Tommy- I would even throw them the veto if it was down to us they can take themselves down I’ll put Sam up we vote Sam out
Tommy – they have no one but each other so they will have to revert back to us
Tommy says once Nick and Bella are not in power he feels completely good to just expose everything

Christie joins them Tommy brings up his plans if he gets HOH.
Christie – Sam is so dangerous he literally sh1t talks everyone in this house.. like personal sh1t talking (I haven’t heard anything)
Tommy – that’s part of his gameplay
Christie – are we still sending Cliff
Jack – Absolutely

Jack – you saved yourself
Christie – even if it’s fictional I’m glad I saved myself
Jack – Kat doesn’t want to win HOH this week because of the probability of the double the following one
Christie says she gave kat that idea
jack – she said it in front of Bella and Sam and they were like OHH yeah

Tommy leaves..

jack and Christie talk about how dumb Bella and Nick are.
Christie – they’re more reckless.
They bring up where Bella said she pictures Tommy with a banker.
Jack – they can’t read people at all
Christie – she’s also so self-centered caught up in her own everything she can’t even allow absorbing anyone else information
Jack – she’s so ready to tell her story
Christie – she’s so dumb in this game well they did find her drunk in a bar
Jack – at a house party

Christie and Jack agree there play to get Cliff then Sam out is good “sam is dangerous”
Christie – he’s (sam) their secret weapon (bella and Nick)
Jack – you can’t have cliff and Ovi in this game together (LOL they are so dangerous)
Jack goes on about how they are going to convince Nick and Bella it’s OK to flip the vote …

3:30 pm David and Ovi

Ovi – thw way they (the other players) speak to us is different because they think they can treat us .. that’s dumb a person that’s playing it perfectly you know who it is
David – Sam
Ovi – he is treating us like nothing different
Ovi – we’re not asking people … just have conversations with us
They talk about how they wouldn’t treat anyone different if the rolls were reversed.
Ovi – we know what it’s like to be different and like to be pushed aside in actual real life
David – Yup
Ovi – when that moment happened when they were treating Nicole, Jess and CLiff like that we’ve seen that happen in real life so many times
Ovi – I looked at the memory board and was thinking man all those blacked out thing have one thing in common
David – yup
Ovi – I was like HUH that’s really interesting we know what it’s like to be different.

Ovi – I just want to get out of this purgatory I don’t want to be doing what we’re doing now
David – Jack has subliminal comments calling me a rook and other little things hey don’t call me Kid. He stopped calling me Kid

Ovi – that’s disrespectful you’re older than him
David – I don’t know if it’s my youthful look or the fact I’m in camp comeback or the fack I’m smaller than him or .. I don’t know what feeds into this .. his whatever
David – I hard to remind Michie about this too, Yo I’m almost 30 years old I am a grown man.. I am an adult I’m one of the older people here

Ovi says he approached the screen door and so did jack usually you move over to the side and stuff like that “He says Get out of my way”
David – who said that
Ovi – Jack, and not in a funny tone he just says GET OUT OF MY WAY. that made me upset. I was like you wouldn’t say that to anyone else in this house
David – that’s f*ed up

David says he doesn’t have too many relationships in the house if he does come back in he won’t have a lot of time “pull some legendary sh1t”
Ovi – I agree it will be tough will climb
Ovi says he doesn’t think he exhausted all his social capital but he’s pretty sure he won’t be making too many inroads with people now. “And I don’t want to focus on that right now”
David – me neither
Ovi says he tried hard planting seeds but all those got pulled out “during the Nicole fiasco” (and Cliff)
David – what my game plan is now is to get back into the game and win HOH be friends with everybody so nobody thinks I’m threatening to them
David – I’m really coming in to chop heads I really want to destroy the Legion of Doom
Ovi says anyone coming back from camp comeback needs to win that HOH
David – yeah
David – I have to win HOH make a strong nomination that will make everybody hate me than win Veto .. I’ll have to win 2 outta three comps back 2 back 2 back
Ovi – even if you don’t win Veto you can put up two people that will split the house
David – Split the house, the house will be tragic. the best way to split the house honestly…
David – Like Jack’s comment, today really rubbed me the wrong way. I know it’s so minor and so little but I thin kit shows how he really feels
David – I want to like Jack he seems cool but that ego stuff is like, Why man why would sh1t where you sleep you got to be cool.. not call me out in front of everybody
David – especially when you see me training literally training to come back into this game.. trying my hardest preparing to come back in .. maybe just look at him ok David might have a good chance to come in. What if he makes it back in and you’re the guy talking sh1t

David – if he can say that under his breath so I can’t hear it because I am under the water. What are you saying behind closed doors.
Ovi mentions he heard “them” use his name in the storage room “I wanted to know what they are saying. I know they weren’t saying it in the best way”
Ovi says he’s heard Christie and jack using his name.

They are talking about the 9 people that spend all the time in the HOH
David – the best thing to do is make them sh1t in their boots and cry. When they are out of the game. When it’s a surprise surprise you are on the block. There are some people up there that are going to cry this year

David – they are going to be crying they are going to be sad. Some of those people in that room are going to turn on them and they will be like wow my friend backstabbed me.
David – it sucks right now but what we were feeling and the emotion we felt at that time will be NOTHING NOTHING compared to who they think to be their best friend in that room completely turning on them.
David – we already know where we stand some of them have no idea where they stand.
Ovi – they have no idea
David – they think I’m good in this game and sh1t turns in a second like Rachel she was in the level six alliance she was good and things changed in a heartbeat

David – even the way Kaitlyn said, I think America is rooting for camp comeback. The way we’re being treated and isolated in this disgusting room.
Ovi – we’ve been nothing but nice to people and we stood up for what we believe.
Ovi – the things people have said to us have been mean, They’ve hurt actually

Ovi says there are people in this house that are so insecure so they put other down and that makes them feel better about themselves

4:05 pm Kat and Holly
Kat – being targeted is better than being a pawn. How many alliances are yo in
Holly – one
kat – which one
Holly – I can’t tell you
kat – girl you can I won’t tell anyone
Kat – it’s you, Jack, Jackson, Sis
Holly – I can’t tell you, It’s also f*ed so it doesn’t matter anymore
Kat – I heard you, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Bella, Nick
Holly – it’s literally the couples

Kat – and Tommy Christie, that’s a big a$$ alliance
Holly – it’s f*ed
Kat – why would you have an alliance with so many people

Holly says she just found out that Christie and Tommy were in a separate alliance with Nick and Bella
Holly – Nick and Bella are targeting me and trying to break that alliance up
Kat – I’m just wondering in Big Brother gameplay I’m literally beside you and Jackson I’m not in any alliance
Holly – that’s fine
kat – is that fine
Holly – yes trust me people like that often make it to the end.. did you watch Victoria she was top three
Kat pinky swears she won’t say anything

Holly says they are on the bottom of the totem pole “look who’s in it”
Holly – I don’t trust Jack I really don’t he’s sketchy
Kat – I hate I’m talking shit about this person but I would in no way target this person I have nothing personal at all
Kat – I don’t think Sis brings anything to the table gamewise
Holly – she doesn’t
Kat – and I think she will coast through because of who she is in a showmance with
Holly – none of the guys want her to leave and CBS probably doesn’t want her to leave because she’s so beautiful
Kat – who
Holl y- CBS
Kat – girl we’re all beautiful
Holly says Nick would target the two of them
kat – why
Holly – he said he would
Kat – me as a pawn
Holly says Nick/Bella and Christie “are working together but they are not. All these people are in the same alliance it literally doesn’t matter it’s all blowing up from the inside”
Holly- Sh1ts going to blow up and get all f*ed up
Kat – unless someone has the balls to make a move then I’ll be one of the next ones to go
Holly – you’re safe people do have the balls to make the moves and it’s going to start happening soon
Kat -who
Holly – a lot of people
Holly – 90% of the people in this house would make the same noms so it doesn’t f*ing matter.. it will be no hard feeling because everyone will agree

Kat – I think I would put up Nick and Bella but what if one of them win the veto .. I think I would have to backdoor Bella because she would talk more sh1t
Holly talks her out of it “putting up one is the equivalent of putting up both”
Kat – I’m actually really thinking that I might legitimately be a comp beast now
Holly – I think so now
Kat – low key I was throwing some competitions..

5:06 pm cornhole

6:06 pm Jack, Holly, Sis
Jack says if he won HOH and they’ve made this move with Nicole
Jack – I was talking to Tommy and I agree with him you make a play if you win HOH. You put up Bella and Nick up and Sam is the backdoor
Jack – The second that you nom him you say Hey after talking to Nicole this past week some of the things didn’t add up and it’s obvious what you want to do can’t just let that slide
Christie comes in
Christie- I’m so annoyed this isn’t my laundry bag the only person that gets a laundry bag is the HOH
Feeds flip

When we’re back Jack going over all the things to say when you put Nick and Bella on the block to backdoor sam.
Christie – Tommy tells it really good
Jack – you re-bring in gr8tfyul to do it
Christie – you cannot tell Sam this is the plan and if either of you do tell him then one of you are going home
Christie – if you disarm them of their one secret weapon sam they are done

Sis – so you guys want Sam gone
CHrsitie – I don’t care.. I would rather Nicole
Holly – I would rather have Sam in Jury
Christie – let him (sam) go home to his family

Holly says she’s not against the backdoor Sam plan, “I don’t hate that idea at all”
Christie – I’m not against it either I just hope it doesn’t backfire

Holly – Kat was telling me yesterday she was kinda surprised at how savage Nicole was being at three different occasions sKat had to step in don’t take it personal

Holly – Both Kat and Jess don’t trust Nicole, But it could be that they don’t know what is going on in this game
Christie says they are keeping Nicole because she hates Bella more than they do
jack – and she’s alone
Holly says kat know about the 8 person alliance, “I said it’s not really a thing anymore”
Christie – I think it’s obvious
Holly – I told her to trust me it’s crumbling
Jack – if you won HOH who would you put up
Holly- Nick and Bella
Sis – I don’t think I would backdoor sam though
Jack – can you talk any louder

Tommy joins them “Nick and Bella are not as smart as we give them credit for and now I believe they’re about the group the only reason they can go somewhere else and make another plan is Sam”
Cliff comes in …

6:28 pm Bella and Nick
Bella – I was sitting with Jack and Christie when Jack was saying let’s mess with Christie
Nick – when
Bella – about the whole laundry bag the first time Christie pretended to find it then used Jacks a
Bella – they first pretended to find it because she used jack and then she really found hers in the storage room
Nick – so somebody actually did something to hers
Bella – I went up to camp comeback because I thought it was upstairs but then David was like no I saw it in the storage room
Bella says they thought it was America’s player and David was really trying to convince her he’s not it “Dude I don’t give a f* I don’t think he did it”
Nick – he didn’t

They want David back in the game, “he’ll be a number on our side”
Nick – I said Bro I need you in this game.
Bella – If David came back and we have Kat
Nick – Solid five
Nick – Plus Christie and Tommy.

Nick – If jack went I literally would just start
Bella has noticed Holly and Sis hanging out as much anymore
Nick – I think we can snag Sis if we get Jack out.. She would flip on Michie and Holly to save her game

Nick says Nicole told him he will do better in the game without Bella
Bella – do you believe her
Nick – no

6:31 pm Chit chat in the backyard
6:52 pm Sam and Kemi Kemi asks him who he would put up Sam says he’s got one target for sure but he’s not sure who the pawn would be.
Kemi – there was 6 people that I trusted.
Kemi says she identified pretty early that Bella had a loud mouth she wouldn’t tell Nick because he would tell Bella
She trusts Sam and Nicole. She doesn’t trust Christie character but not with information

Sam says he knows in all the groups in the house he’s at the bottom.
Sam says once someone wins HOH and doesn’t make the safe move there will be ripples. Kemi asks him if his HOH will be Safe.
Sam plans to be safe but it’s not what the house wants.

Kemi asks if it would be Christie
Sam – no that would ruffle feathers.. the people that think I am a big threat are bigger threats themselves

Kemi says she feels like it’s the showmances and Nick and Bella think they are with them and they are not and she doesn’t understand why they don’t’ see that.
Sam points out people that are doing nothing are just floating in the game because they are in a showmance.
Kemi asks him who the “redhead” (andy season 15) in the house? “I have an idea”

Sam – I don’t know
Kemi – there’s someone that’s tight with Shoamnace…
Sam – Tommy

Sam says Sis is really fighting for HOH but she will do something Safe.

7:21 pm Jackson, Jack, and Tommy
Tommy – we’re voting to keep Nicole what do we say when that happens
Jackson – nothing, we smile and go outside to the backyard
Tommy – do we just say guys .. what if said I hope you can understand where we’re coming from Cliff had all of our names coming out of his mouth. Nicole didn’t have our names
Jackson – I don’t think we owe them that. Honestly, I think we go outside in the backyard and play HOH and we see what they want to do if they want to say f* you why did you do that to us than fine f* you to we did it because we are not going to lose to three people. Honestly, we don’t owe them anything
Jackson – let them f*ing scramble why are we going to ask for forgiveness from them when it’s well deserved
Jackson – we don’t owe them an explanation. NO, we’re going to kick their teeth in and not think twice about it

7:30 pm Sam giving a debrief about his conversation with Kemi
Sam – she likes Nick more than she likes you.
Nick joins them. Sam tells them about Ncioel thinking Jessica has the power. (blah blah blah)

Sam – this stays here NO christie NO final 5
sam – I was talking to David and I said who would you work with and he said who do you think I’ll work with I said if you are smart you would come to this side and he’s like I don’t know the sides.
Sam says he called him out for that bullshit David knows the sides.
Sam – he goes Jack infuriates me. dude, I bite my tongue around jack.. I can’t wait to get him out. he calls me Rookie and Bud.
Sam – and Kid.
Sam – he goes I can’t wait to get him out of the house.

Nick – Davids good bro that’s what he’s coming back.
Bella and sam agree. They like David.
7:50 pm Holly has joined them .. chit chat..

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another name

I’m worried. David seems too willing to give Jackson the benefit of the doubt. except for the food thing.
I don’t just want Jack and Christie humiliated and and their games destroyed. I want Jackson’s game to burn with them.
Oh who am i kidding. I’m team earthquake.

Janey Haze

Yaasss! Let it begin! Let it begin!


I was going to wait until the end of the season to donate but who can resist a Canadian saying “out” and “about” on a video. Im donating 🙂


Thank you Gidg! We really appreciate it!

Feeds Gold

will be interesting to see if tommy tries his plan to convince nick to be ok that they vote out cliff so that a blindside isnt necessary(in case bella/sam win hoh)


Christie “even if it’s fictional I’m glad I saved myself” this comment in itself is delusional

another name

I’m just going to put this out there. The guy that ate 28 times (somebody kept track and listed on social media) in one 24 hour period (including starting to eat a banana while he was still eating another banana), is saying he’s hiding food as ‘forced rationing’ because people in the house eat when they aren’t hungry.
This same guy saw Ovi eating m&m’s, got pissy, and switched out the bag Ovi was eating from for another bag with less in it (The bag Jackson had been eating as his own personal bag).
(right. the jerk is hiding food because he’s spoiled and entitled and thinks everything is his).
This same guy is noticeably eating constantly, and consuming more than most of the houseguests put together…
And NOBODY says a word ( because of his temper? because of his position as one of the alphaaquadoucheduo?) And don’t even get me started on the hands down the pants ball adjustment and then touching the community food (after having sex with his showmance with the rash), or the drinking out of the jugs. (GUGH. no.)
Okay. Maybe i’m unreasonable. But if any past room mate of mine had ever considered attempting any ONE of those things… ooooo. not good.


The way Jackson took the M&Ms too, like Jack’s microaggression with Kemi and her protein shake…UGH


Alphaaquadouchdeduo – Bahahaha I love it! Perfect description. I absolutely can not stand Jackson OR Jack and their delusions of grandeur


Can’t wait for their fall…


It’s kinda amazing that these guys think they have a right to determine people’s food habits. They just seem to take it upon themselves to tell everyone how to act. It’s quite bizarre.

another name

It’s more bizarre that someone doesn’t say stfu i’ll eat what i want when i want. i mean. really.
did they buy those groceries? i think not.

Ovi's tongue

He’s always sifting through the cans of nuts with his fingers, picking through and eating them instead of pouring a portion out in his hand and eating that. And drinking directly out of the milk jugs. He’s a disgusting pig.


Not to mention him slugging “luggies” all over the backyard turf.. I want to see him on slop? Where is that this year?

another name

Post Crusty’s laundry bag fiasco I think to myself:
If Every house guest had to stand up one at a time and list every single thing they have individually and as a group blamed on Kemi. Jeepers.
At this point I think she killed the dinosaurs, is personally responsible for global warming, hid jimmy hoffa, and yes, true believers… Kemi pushed Helen.

another name

I bet right now they’re saying if they do David like they did Kemi on the episodes and include the chopping heads while deleting the kicking teeth….


Rather David in there then Jack/Jackson. But CBS is really pushing the whole Jack/Jackson show


I wonder how Tai from Survivor would do in the house…I mean he convinced an group of starving people not to eat a chicken provided for them to eat…


Considering the morons in the house he would go far.

another name

What i would like to see. The returning houseguest from camp comeback is automatically made the season’s second camp director. they are safe for the week, and must immediately banish 4 houseguests to become the first 4 have nots of the season.


I would like to see ALL the participants from camp comeback return! I think someone said earlier, have one big endurance competition and the first 3 to fall are out! Great idea, then hopefully Kemi AND David would be back, THAT would be some prime TV viewing right there!


I wish the producers would reward players who make big moves. They should do secret HOHs and other things to spice it up so players could break up alliances without reprocusion. Plus the house would go nuts trying to figure out how it was. They kind of tried with the wacktivities but that was a bust. I also think it would be cool if there was a mole- say America’s player- that has to do what America votes. Or players who got money for sabotaging the game- like voting against the house.


They tried an America’s team thing in season 16 and it was terrible…we got a crappy drag show out of it. It wasn’t crappy because it was a drag show, some of those are awesome, it was crappy because it sucked and put on by Mango. Really the key to a great season is ALL about the players. If you get fame whores just looking for followers, no matter what you do it’ll be a crappy season. You get fame whores looking to play the game like last season and you get entertainment.


I liked the America’s team thing with Derrick and the hick I forget his name. I thought it had tons of potential to be refined. I love the idea of America deciding who works together and secret missions.


I miss America getting some kind of vote in general. This season is way too production heavy handed. America doesn’t like their pre-determined winners, so America doesn’t get any say in the game.

Janey Haze

“Ovi – we know what it’s like to be different and like to be pushed aside in actual real life”
“David – Yup”
Then Ovi telling how Jack demanded that Ovi get out of his way.
As fellow humans, they shouldn’t ever be treated that way. It makes my heart hurt.

John Doe

I would have told jackhole “make me” and watched him back down. You’ve got to stand up to bullies like this.


I so want Jackson to become a have not.

another name

imagine how hard it would be to whitewash that edit to make him seem charming.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

CBS is pretty good at whitewashing.Pun intended.

Ovi's tongue

I’d like to see him eat slop 28 times in one day.


And be, “backed” up for days! Karma….

another name

Oh look. Sam’s in a Santa hoodie….. production’s idea for wishing everyone a white christmas?
too far? might have been too far.

Beej B

This is the first time I really dislike those running the game. Classic bullies. I find them all to be disgusting. I wish Tommy would realize there was a reason his family member dislikes Christy. Bella, Jack, Nick and Christy need to go home.