Sabrina tells Rachelle I sacrificed myself 3 times for you in a big way & you’re agreeing with him!?

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAn2-2014-04-13 07-59-22-932

11am Adel tells Rachelle that the boys are going to try and pull in Sabs and you but I am trying to convince them to keep you over Sabs. The are going to try and keep Sabs over you because they think she controls you. Adel tells Rachelle I just want to convince them to keep you over Sabs. I don’t give a f**k about Sabs. Sabrina joins them and goes back to grab a jacket. Adel tells Rachelle that this girl looks out for herself way more than she looks out for you. Sabrina comes back and Adel heads inside.

Sabrina and Rachelle talk. Sabrina tells Rachelle that Neda told her that she’s been wanting this all along and if it doesn’t work out one of us is going home. Rachelle tells Sabrina what Adel just told her about how Sabrina looks out for herself way more that you look out for me. Sabrina says okay I am official done with him again. Rachelle says we just need to tell each other everything. Sabrina says just don’t fall for it. Rachelle says I don’t, I just told you everything he said. Sabrina says I want to know who Adel thinks he is coming into this game playing it 7 weeks later. Rachelle asks so who don’t we want to win HOH. Sabrina says Heather and Adel. Rachelle says and maybe Arlie. Sabrina says and Jon but he can’t even play. Sabrina asks what did you tell Adel when he said I was looking out for myself. Rachelle says just okay. Sabrina says maybe I should just start looking out for myself. You should have said no she isn’t, I am with her 24/7. Rachelle and Sabrina start arguing over what she should have said. Sabrina says I sacrificed myself 3 times already for you in this game in a big way and you are agreeing with him! Rachelle says I was by no means trying to throw you under the bus and if it was something bigger I would have said something..

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 08-05-38-790

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 08-16-47-920
11:15am – 12pm Up in the HOH room – Arlie practices what he will tell Rachelle and Sabrina. After he’s done he says imagine if they actually kept to their word .. that would be hilarious and such a stupid move. Arlie leaves the HOH room. Adel and Neda head into the HOH room. Adel asks what if .. is there any plan? Neda says I think we’re trying to get Allison out. Adel says we got to do something. It looks like the girls have an alliance, the guys have theirs .. I don’t have nothing. Adel asks who do you guys want to keep out of the Gremlins? Neda says I don’t want either of them. Adel says if I win HOH I will put Jon up I don’t care. Neda says that’s fine.. its better for my game too. Once he’s gone then you will be the next. Adel says there’s Arlie too. Neda says yeah but no one is seeing Arlie. Adel says Jon is going to be so mad at us.. who ever does that to him. Neda asks don’t you see what Arlie is doing too? Adel and Neda agree that both Gremlins need to go first before we do that. Sabs before Ro. Neda says me personally I think it would be better to get out Arlie before Jon.

12:10am 12:25pm Sabrina heads inside to go to the bathroom and to grab Adel a towel. Adel talks to Rachelle about how they want Sabrina to stay. He tells her what she needs to do to stay over Sabrina. Sabrina heads up to the HOH room and tells Jon that Arlie keeps coming up to them saying its weird how they haven’t come to him and that its weird we’re not scheming. Jon tells Sabrina that Arlie and me are going to come up to you to make a deal with you .. just go along with it. He will turn on you in a heartbeat. Then when you me or Neda win HOH we will make out move on him. He knows nothing about you, me and Neda. Sabrina says okay perfect. Sabrina leaves. Everyone heads out to suntan in the hot tub room.

12:45pm – 1:15pm The house guests are suntanning and relaxing out in the hot tub room.. The sun goes away and all of the house guests but the Gremlin’s head inside.

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Pinocchio Obama

Sell it Sabrina but is Rachelle buying it?


Sabrina and Rachelle’s arguing over Rachelle not sticking up for Sabrina over Adel’s comment…hilarious! Sabrina, Rachelle didn’t know what to say except “okay” because you weren’t there to tell her what to say! That’s what mindless puppets do! LOL.


This is going to be an epic POV ceremony – can’t wait until Wednesday night to see it!

mark anthony

you can call sabrina whatever you want but she;’s got this clueless idiot rachelle on a fucking leash. like this girl is whipped she will listen to all her nonsense and agree with it. if sabrina isnt voted out this week she will win this game because she’s got a pet named rachelle who does not have a brain of her own. like why the fuck did she sign up for big brother if she is just going to play someone else’s game. she is a complete fucking waste of space for this show ugh. i know im being harsh but it is what it is.

Hot Tub Infection

I just hope Sabrina puts milk in Rachelle’s dish tonight.


Why is Adel stupid enough to tell Neda that he’ll put up Jon? I love this guy but he has no social game WHATSOEVER.


Jon is turning on Arlie.
If alli plays her veto, Jon very well could put up Arlie.
If it’s arls / Sabrina,
Rachelle votes to evict Arlie for sure
Neda votes to evict Arlie for sure
But where will Allison, Heather, Adel vote?
It will be a crazy week of campaigning. Arlie is in trouble but he has a shot to get all 3 of those votes.


I would love to see those three vote to keep Arlie, then Allison and Arlie secretly team up to take down the rest of the house!


Please get out Sabrina first!!! After watching after dark, I wanted to throw up, you can tell she was a spoilt brat growing up. Everything’s goes back to being about her. I don’t care what anyone says she’s the biggest floater in this game. If things don’t go her way easily she wants out. The only reason she’s still there is because she hasn’t won anything, nor will she and nobodies threatened by her cause everyone hates her. Yeah she started the first 5, but it was also cause of her that it was dismantled, now Jon and Neda are gonna keep her in cause she’s a vote. She’s had no say in this game past Rachelles HOH, and the only reason she had a say up to then was because she was able to play a moron. As soon as everyone figured her out that was the end of her and anyone associated with her. Allison’s an idiot too, listening to Sabrina’s grade 3 antics last night, and buying into it. If this was BBUS people like Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison would be so played. Anyone with half a brain could minipulation those 3 this year cause their so easy to read. Just give them a bullshit compliment and build up their ego and you’ll get the vote. Their like 12 year olds. I can’t take listening to that cow and her insecurity, while trying to convince herself that everyone else is wrong and that she’s perfect. I’m not kidding around, her family better get her some serious help!!!


If John puts up Arlie: Neda, Rachelle, Adel and Heather will ALL vote him out simply because next to John he is the biggest physical threat in the house.

Then next week the tide will shift to taking out Allison or Sabrina but pretty much everyone in the house except they truly will want Allison out. Sabrina will be gone the week after. All this assuming neither Allison or Sabrina win HOH.

Adel is actually playing with Heather and Neda but telling the boys he is playing with them. This all occurred back when Ika left and the 3 hooked up.

Arlie got a little too full of himself and started to talk to Adel/John the way he was spoken to by Kenny/Andrew but in a nicer way. If you notice he decides what they should do and how they should do it and delivers the message to the boys. He will say what do you think but the onus is on them doing what he wants. Just the fact he wants John to go with him to Sabs/Rachelle to ensure his safety is pretty funny.

What I’m not sure of is whether Neda truly wants John as her F2; something tells me he really is because the reality is when the truth comes out she will be able to take credit for all the moves.

People marveled at how Arlie played both sides, but what Neda has done this week is masterful. She gently coaxed John into understanding they should keep Rachelle. Then she spoke to Ro and got her to keep their discussions secret from Sabrina (no small feat). She convinced Heather her best move would be to keep her arch nemesis in the game. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn later on if she told Adel to use his card knowing it would set Heather off and put her on the radar of John/Arlie. Then she coaxed John on what to say to Arlie so we actually find today that Arlie believes the plan to back door Allison is all his idea.

MASTERFUL. (unfortunately, she is completely unaware of the special veto which btw I went back to check and they don’t say who provides the re-nom so it probably is John not Allison). The truth is as long as neither Heather or Neda go up they are golden. Neda’s wish list for evictions is literally 1) Allison 2) Arlie 3) ??? Sabrina most likely and along the way if someone takes out John than so be it. At that point she knows Heather and Rachelle will take her to F2 as will John so she’ll just need to get Adel out at that point.

Neda has the smarts to win the critical POV that requires memory of dates and has the type of mind that would be able to dissect the clues.

I know some on here are not liking her, but she is like a female version of Arlie so why isn’t she getting the same credit? Especially when she’s doing it better than Arlie currently. At least she recognizes he is her greatest threat. Meanwhile Arlie hasn’t even clued in that Neda is his!


Jon could make a safe renom in Heather. Either way his scheming could be exposed.


Jon’s game gets a lot harder this week, thanks to Neda (and a secret veto).
If he re-noms Heather or Arlie arguments can be made to save either one.

If you were one of Arlie, Adel, Alli, or Heather, which faction would you think could win comps ?

Sab/Ro/Jon/Neda (Jon can’t play next HoH)

Trying to backdoor Alli puts her against Jon/Neda/Ro
That’s a vote to save WHOMEVER Jon renoms.
If it’s Heather, Arlie & Adel can recruit Alli for a power foursome.
If it’s Arlie, Adel and Alli can recruit Heather.
Goodbye Sabs. Hello war.


Jon will probably shit his pants, when Alli uses that POV, then he will lie to her and tell her it was all Arlie’s idea. Jon said he had Alli’s back, how will he explain this one?


It was obvious that once Kenny was gone, there is no reason for any of them to stick with the final 6. Suddenly they need the gremlins to take out their end game threats. For Jon, Neda and Heather the biggest threats are Allison and especially Arlie. They can use the gremlins to take out Arlie this week, it’s their best move. Adel is playing stupid and I hope it gets him sent home soon. First he shouldn’t have used the veto card. He wasn’t in any danger and the worst thing that could have happened was Allison winning the veto or one of the gremlins. Either way, the sloppies were all safe. By using it, he fractured the sloppies, pissed off Allison (even though she didn’t need to play for veto to be safe) and he seems to really think Arlie is his best ticket to final 2. Arlie is in the best place in the game, and I think he will win the game if he isn’t taken out this week.

Johhny (the European one!)

Interesting that Neda is allowed to drink cranberry juice even though she’s a have not.
She wouldn’t even let the have-nots eat any of the stuff they ARE allowed to eat but pure slop, and yet she gets special treatment for ‘medical reasons’?

Life is beautiful.


ugh I wish Kenny had survived the double eviction tbh


When Allison takes herself down, if Jon puts up Arlie…Arlie’s best chance is to convince Allison (which won’t be hard since Jon just put her up), Heather and Adel that Jon and Neda are working with Gremlins for final four. If he can convince them of this and to vote whichever gremlin is left out, then they can join together as a 4 vs. 3 house split. Since Jon won’t compete in next HOH, they will have a better shot at winning it. It will be them against Neda and Rachelle. It will be a toss-up if it is endurance…but also a great comp to watch. If Jon plays his hand and puts up Arlie…which I’m sure Neda will encourage…then Arlie will have no choice but to try for this final four deal. If he was wasn’t so cocky, he would see that Jon is already working with the gremlins and instead of trying to insert himself into that deal…he should be working on the other three BEFORE the veto ceremony. This would also work if Jon put up Adel or Heather…because whoever went up will also be pissed off at Jon along with Allison.


and, please do not vote her back in

Stupid Comments

Wow! Was all the extra info necessary to get your opinion of Allison across? So you want brownie points for the added production part? (totally unnecessary)


Dawg & Simon, any guesses as to who Jon will nominate if/when Allison uses the scarlet veto? Remember he’ll be blindsided and have no time to think… so most likely he’ll throw out the name of whoever he was considering instead of Allison.


Ok Adel is smarter than people know. Yes he doesn’t use linear thoughts but he does understand the nuances of the game. His time spent with Ika helped him to recognize who the power players were and who the loyal players were.

Adel appreciates loyalty above all else so when Ika explained that Neda was the only one fighting for her a bond was formed. Neda down plays their association as does he. The truth is Adel wants BOTH John and Arlie gone. He’ll play the social angle and agree to whatever Arlie says but the truth is he wants to be the sole male in the house. He saw how deftly Arlie played both sides and he’s watched John get drunk and make promises/say stupid things so his reality is to work with the girls (specifically Neda/Heather).

How I know it’s really Neda he is tight with was his wording today when momentarily they thought there was someone else in the HOH room while they were talking game. He laughed and said “Deny, deny, deny”. It’s what he used to say to Ika and Paul. And… remember Neda was the only other person (beside Ika) who knew what the real power he had was. I think we are going to find out down the road that the 2 of them are much tighter than we think and Heather is probably the one delivering messages between the 2.

I think a F3 of Neda, Heather and Adel has been around much longer than the three guys and to be honest I kinda like it.


I still have a hard time believing that Jon will put up Arlie. It will be a stupid move because then (1) the girls will control the house and (2) Jon will be seen as a huge threat. Maybe Jon threw Arlie under the bus so he wouldn’t reveal his secret alliance with him. I hope Jon has enough sense to put up Heather in Allison’s place. If that happened, then Sabrina will go home and Allison and Rachelle will be against Jon and Neda.