Arlie says so it looks like we’re taking Allison out.. We should make a deal with the Gremlins.

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAn2-2014-04-13 06-29-27-107

9:30am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the storage room Arlie tells Adel I didn’t include you in the initial talk with them but I think Jon and I should make a deal with the girls that they can’t put at least me and him or you and him up if they win the Gremlins because I honestly believe they would listen to it if they win next week and then they wouldn’t put us up and they would totally put us up if we didn’t make the deal. What do you think? Adel says totally up to you bro! Arlie says no, no, I’m asking .. we’re together on this. Adel says me personally I think I don’t think so because I have a good chance of going up if you do that. Arlie says that’s why we could make a deal with you too. I just don’t know if they would do it if it included you. Adel says yeah. Arlie says I can not do it though. Adel says I would rather you not. Arlie says no yeah, it’s not up to me. We’re in this together. I am running everything by you.

Adel says I just think that now that Jon won that thing it will be a lot easier for them now to put him up ..because he is a strong competitor and he just won a trip and you never cared about winning it you just wanted to make it to jury. I know that Neda is close to him but she is just as scared as he is. Arlie asks do you think the Gremlins would put him up if we saved them this week? Next week it might be just me and you that go up. Adel says that Gremlin’s aren’t going to win sh*t! Arlie says they still can! Rachelle will win an endurance challenge…I am just looking to cover all bases. We could get them to put up Heather. Arlie says I am doing this to protect us. We could also make a deal to protect you me and Heather. Arlie says we’ll talk. Arlie and Adel leave the storage room. Arlie gets called to the diary room. There is a short leak of Arlie in the diary room where a female voice says Hi Arlie. Arlie responds Hi Big Brother…

10am – 10:15am In the bathroom – Arlie comments that he is looking at her a LOT differently after last night! Jon asks did you f**k Neda in your dreams. Arlie starts noding and laughing and says not exactly. Jon says finger popping each other’s a$$holes! Arlie heads up to the HOH room and says so it looks like we are taking Allison out. We should make a deal with the Gremlins. Jon says yeah. Arlie says include me in on it. It is going to be a big one complete protection till the final four. They will need to keep it but we won’t. We will also get to tell them who goes up next week. We will decide who goes up this week too. Jon leaves the hoh room and then comes back. Arlie tell JOn that we really need to make this sound like the reason why we are saving them is because of their plea.
BBCAN2-2014-04-13 06-51-36-806

10:20am – 10:45am In the bathroom – Neda and Heather talk about how she (Allison) brought this on herself. Neda says I’m on board with it. Heather agrees. IN the bedroom – Sabrina says Jon told us to look surprised. Neda says yeah everyone is going to look surprised. I think she has an idea that it’s happening but she doesn’t know. Just pretend that you don’t know its happening. Neda says I tried so hard for this to happen and I am just so glad that it’s happening. Sabrina asks so its going to be us to the final 4. Neda says trying… Sabrina says so if one of the four of us don’t win HOH this next week .. then we’re going home? Neda says yes.

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 07-21-21-316

10:55am In the bedroom – Neda asks how much cranberry juice do I need to drink to get rid of a bladder infection? Allison doesn’t say anything. Neda says nurse?! Allison asks are you allowed to drink that?! Neda says yes, I asked! Chill! Neda says this is the first time I’ve ever had a bladder infection. Allison says just keep drinking it. Neda says I got the medication before but just didn’t want it this time.

BBCAn2-2014-04-13 07-48-49-656

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Next week Alison or the Gremlins need to put up Jon and Neda.


The gremlins are going to walk out of this game f3 or f2 because after Allison plays that veto she is going to be pissed at everyone. The gremlins can say that they will side with her, since they are all on the outs together. They have the best position in the house right now, unless when Jon puts up Allison’s replacement, they still vote out the gremlin that stays on the block. I however have a feeling that’s not going to happen.


It entirely depends on who gets put up against Sabrina. Everyone keeps saying who John will put up as the replacement but I’m 99% sure Allison not only removes herself but also picks the replacement nominee.

Given the fact she’ll likely put up Arlie or Adel it may be too much of a carrot for Neda and Heather to ignore. However if she puts up Neda I don’t know if Arlie and Adel would risk ticking off John by taking her out when they don’t view her as a threat.

Personally I think Allison will put up Adel as pay back for yesterday or Arlie for disbanding the original group.


if jon nominates adel/heather after allison uses her power I wonder if they will just abbandon the final 4 deal with the gremlins and just vote out whichever gremlin is left on the block, while cutting ties to allison. Either way jon is going to be fucked

mark anthony

i wonder who jon will nominate between arlie and adel after allison uses her veto. and if sabrina leaves the house fire works may erupt which is exactly what this season needs.


This week will come down to when Allison can use her veto and if Jon has to make a quick decision or gets 5 minutes to discuss it with the others cause Arlie and Adel will not give him a chance to just speak with Neda if he gets a few minutes to decide.

If it’s an instant replacement nomination I think Jon’s brain isn’t going to be thinking fast enough and he will put up the safe option of Heather.

If Neda gets a 1 on 1 with him, Arlie goes up.


It’s going to be messed up if Sabrina and Rachelle walk out as the F2 because of everyone else scheming against each other and trying to use them as shields.


Arlie’s going home this week


They think Allison is going, BB has a way of swaying minds in the DR room. They need to flush out that scarlet veto so it doesn’t go to waste. I’m sure Bb had a hand in Allison going up as a replacement.


They sure did ONE HUNDO, they got into John and Arlie’s heads. Because if you notice Arlie is trying to take credit for the idea to oust Ally now when in reality production just jumped on what Neda started working on earlier in the week.

In the US BB Dan and Ian have both openly lamented how production tries to mess with the game and how they specifically avoided discussing their strategy in the DR because it was messing up their game play.


What I hope happen is: Jon uses his veto on Rachelle, nominating Allison. Then Allie pulls out her red veto and save herself. And Jon putting up Arlie as per Neda’s instructions. And Allie, Heather and Adel would vote out Sabrina (keep in mind only 5 people will be voting). Next week: chaos


I totally think this is going to happen but I wish Rachelle would go instead because sabrina would freak out and it would be way too entertaining. The house/feeds have been boring since Ika left and Andrew became engrossed with Allison.


Please get the biggest floater Neda out…..throws comps terrible game player…please go home


I’d like to see Arlie/Alison/Heather/Adel vs Jon/Neda/Sabrina/Rachelle

One of both sides will be up. Rachelle is being replaced, Alison is using her veto so either Arlie, Heather or Adel will be nominated. I’m very curious to see what
happens when Alison uses her Veto, I’d like it to be used like a hidden immunity idol and taken out randomly instead of it being worn at the nomination ceremony. This may be a VERY exciting week. In my opinion Neda played too fast and Jon basically followed Neda. This may be their demise. The Gremlins might actually make F4 because it will be Arlie against Jon and Neda so the Gremlins might slide their way to the F4 because The Sloppy Second’s will be going after eachother.


The story of BBC2 so far in respect to the player who is actually now running the game. The evil genius Neda.

Girls and guys alliances (at least in the minds of the women)
Neda, Sabrina, Ika, Rachelle proceed to bitch their way around the house.
The girls alliance collapses due to the success of the 1st five alliance.
Neda joins Heather and Adel in no man’s land.
The 1st five alliance starts to alienate Jon and succeeds in pushing him also into no man’s land.
The no man’s-landers begin to form a good-hearted good guys alliance. Arlie joins them due to playing both sides.

But there is one person in this alliance who is definitely not a good guy. Her name is Neda and she only found herself in this new alliance by unavoidable accident. She precedes to further cement her fake friendship with gormless Jon, using him as the perfect temporary meat shield. At the same time pretending to befriend Heather, the person who she absolutely can’t stand.

Even though Neda has ended up securing at least a final five position and a very good place in the game, she secretly hates everyone she’s working with – the guys just because they are guys and Heather because she despises her good-heartedness. Driven by her extreme feminist mentality and the urge to reform the girls alliance, she happily blows up the Sloppy Seconds in an attempt to reunite with the people who she has most affinity with.

Cold-hearted bitch Neda who never ever wanted her hateful girls alliance to fail in the first place starts to take over the house. People with short memories will have forgot the scowling miserable nasty looking Neda who was so spiteful and two faced to Heather in those early weeks. Well she’s coming back. The fakeness will soon disappear and the full emergence of evil genius looking Neda will begin to strike terror in their naive little Big brother minds.


Sounds like amazing strategy to me! Heck I wish I could pull that off


I’m sorry but Neda’s game play is heavily flawed… Last week she said that she couldn’t trust Sarah so she evicted her but she thinks Sabrina and Rachelle are trustworthy? I am not liking Neda very much anymore.

After this week Jon and Neda will seriously be enemy number one because they couldn’t stay loyal to their alliance for more than a week.

When one evil is conquered another evil emerges. Jon is goin to be the new enemy. Jon is not a very smart player.

Arlie should see this coming. Arlie is a strategic player. I don want Arlie to leave because he is the only one who I think deserves to win. Him and Heather.

Come on Arlie!!! I hope you are seeing through this.


Im kind of lost here I dont understand why jon an neda are picking the 2 girls over their alliance with the rest of the house. That seems so stupid to me. I know they want to bring them to the end bc they are ao hated but the jury will consist of their entire sloppy seconds alliance who may be bitter an vote for a gremlin bc they made it to the end after being hated!


Good – Jon doesn’t use Veto.
Better – he does & noms Alli who then – cant find her veto !
Best – Alli saves herself and Jon re-noms – Neda !
Besterest – Jon accidentally re-noms himself !

Just kidding.

It’s long time until Thursday.

NedBallz Fan

I don’t give a crap what you all are saying, I think Neda is doing a great job!

She is making the game more exciting. If the Sloppy Seconds had really stayed true to each other until final 6 do you know how boring that would be?


Can Allie wait until the eviction ceremony or does she have to pull it out at the POV ceremony? It would be EPIC if she could wait. #1- She would have all week to see what people think about her leaving. #2 it would put Jon in a bind to have to nom. someone right before eviction and no one has time to talk.


She has to do it at the POV re-nom ceremony I believe.

uh huh

Uuuuuuh, Allison just wont go away. I want this girl to just self evict already by spilling the “secret” room.


Heather is a gonna.

After they nominate Allison and she uses her secret veto, Jon will be in a panic about who to send up next. Heather is almost the default person to nominate in this situation. In the moment he won’t necessarily think at all that she will be voted out but it will be inevitable. At least Jon will know immediately that Neda betrayed him.

It is almost inconceivable that Jon came up with the idea of taking out Allison and keeping both Gremlins in the game. What surprises me is that Arlie has no real problem with this. I’m almost certain that the decisions and events in the house are being manipulated by Big Brother to force the using of the secret veto. And also by Neda for the reasons I gave earlier.

Heather is going. I only came back to follow her. I was seriously surprised when they kept her over Paul. But then that was before I knew about Adel getting his power which was enough to convince the 1st five to get rid of Adel’s ally. I still do like others in there but it’s going to be too painful watching that hideous girls alliance reforming and slaughtering the lot of them.

Back for BB16.

julie chen

how did Neda betray Jon?


But AnthonyG, consider this –
Sabs/Heather OTB.
(If Jon has time to realise evicting a guy spells his doom)
That makes H an ally of whoever saves her vs the traitorous Jon/Neda/Ro faction.
So Arlie and Adel work Alli hard, saying Sabs/Ro/Neda can’t win squat in comps.
– Ro had her shot at a standing still comp. That’s done.
– Sabs, heh, enough said.
– Neda has no energy in her body.
– Alli can NEVER trust the Sabs/Ro or Jon/Neda pairs.
Alli doubts her own ability at comps. Rightfully.
(It’s partly her training in medicine – get it done RIGHT over fast)
SO – help A/A save Heather and join an alliance of 4 that CAN win comps.
Thus, Arlie, Adel & Alli vote Sabs out.
Then it’s A/A/A/H taking Jon out next week, as he can’t play for HoH.
They can call Their alliance HAAA !
Yes, it can happen.


If Jon takes Rachelle off and then Allison takes herself off, I’m guessing he can’t go back on this POV and put Rachelle back up there, can he?

I am guessing not. That would make it wayy too easy.


I cant wait for tommorow,lmao at the scramble and damage control the house guest are going to do after the pov ceremony… i think arlie or adel will be on the block… i bet heather adel and neda vote out sabrina.. i think neda will cover her base with sloppy second and just vote out sabrina…. that was the original plan anyways vote sabrina out so neda can be other gremlin to rachelle..


Neda is playing all these people she deserves to win!