Allison looks at the secret door.. why won’t you open!? Is Sarah in there?!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

1:15pm When Sabrina and Rachelle head inside they stop and Sabrina laughs as she says oh my god, two final four deals! Two final fours! Sabrina fills Rachelle in on her conversation with Jon and says so basically everyone next week and we’re safe! Sabrina heads to the bedroom and changes. Rachelle joins her and they hug in bed. Sabrina says everything is happening for us! Rachelle says if we make it to final four that would be epic! Sabrina says we just need to win that HOH and then.. Do you think even Arlie would put us up? Sabrina says no.. He and Jon are going to have a talk with us .. and I am going to manipulate.. well manipulate the situation and be like Arlie you screwed me over once you better not again..

BBCAn2-2014-04-13 10-25-47-866

1:25pm – 1:55pm Allison sits under the stairs and looks at the secret door.. She asks why? Is Sarah in there?! That would be really cool. F**k I want to win that f**king HOH! Allison says before Kenny left… If I didn’t …. things would be so much different. If Jon didn’t go up.. Kenny could have totally won that veto.. then I could have actually done something instead of sitting here like a sitting duck. I have no pull with anyone! Getting with Andrew in the beginning.. that looks me look like an a$$hole. I guess it still could be Adel.. If I don’t win this next HOH, I’m going home. Well going to jury hopefully. Jon comes down from the HOH and says hey what are you plotting there? Allison says I have no one to plot with. Jon says that’s what we’re all here for! Allison says feel free to plot with! Jon laughs and heads out to the hot tub room. Allison says nobody is giving me any information except Jon. If I play that thing then he won’t have my back. Arlie wants me to give him information ..but gives nothing in return. This game makes me not want to trust anyone in real life. Allison looks at the door and asks why won’t you open! Allison sits there for awhile in silence and then gets up .. she listens at the secret door and then tries to open the secret door again. She then sits back down and says okay so three times the charm.. I just have to be way from everyone else.. She then gets up and says okay I’m over it. Allison heads out to the hammock and comments that she hasn’t been in it since Andrew left. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. Allison says great I’ve done absolutely nothing..

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 10-29-16-748

BBCAN2-2014-04-13 10-46-03-178

Up in the HOH room – Jon and Neda talk game. He tells her about how he already talked to Sabrina. Neda questions why.. Then talk things through in the video below and then Neda tells Jon that I am sorry but I tell everyone that I want you out. Jon says good, so who is agreeing with you? Neda says well today the main one is Adel and he brought it up. Jon comments on how everyone in here is smart. Neda says well except one.. Heather joins them. Neda asks how JOn is going to explain Allison going up. Jon says I will say that she is a bigger threat and that she was the last one to join the alliance that we have brewing. Heather says I would also add that its hard to see which side she’s on. Jon says yeah that sounds good. Jon says and I will take off RoRo .. because I don’t see anyone voting out RoRo. Neda says yeah. Heather says I really wish the Gremlin’s didn’t make it this far. Neda agrees. Heather says they are useless… well not useless that’s mean.
BBCAN2-2014-04-13 10-55-49-236

Out in the hot tub room – Sabrina tells Rachelle I hope you win and then put up Arlie and Adel …or Arlie and Heather. Sabrina starts talking about how hot Arlie is. Rachelle says that she doesn’t think he is hot at all .. he’s just not my type. Sabrina says she didn’t think he was at first but now does. I used to think Kenny was hot, but Arlie is hotter. Meanwhile up in the HOH Arlie joins Heather and Neda. They comment on how they’re worried about what will happen when Allison is put up. Arlie says he isn’t at all its more entertainment to watch. Big Brother then says house guest please make your way to the pantry! Everyone heads to the pantry and realize they’re being held in there. Big Brother asks them to clean off the center table. They comment on how Adel is in the diary room. They wonder if it has something to do with their bags and if they will get their stuff back that was removed. Rachelle starts talking about her idea on how to eat food while on slop by having someone put food in her bed and then late at night she could put her head under the covers and eat.

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Allison is in a bad spot. She is safe this week, but next week unless she wins HOH, she will be a target. Her only hope is to get back with Sabrina and Rachelle, and try to pull in one more person, but that other person would have to be Arlie or Heather, and I don’t see that happening, Sabs doesn’t trust Arlie and Rachelle hates Heather. By POV ceremony, it will be clear that Jon and Neda have targeted her, and she is already pissed at Adel. She literally doesn’t have anyone else to work with besides the gremlins.Allison’s best move is to use her veto as soon as Jon has used his, but before he names replacement. That way she saves both gremlins and herself and guarantees that a sloppy goes home. Sabrina and Rachelle would want to work with her to take out the others going forward. I don’t see any other way Allison makes it past next week.


if she used her veto before he replaced someone wouldnt he then just be able to put her up on the block and she would then not be able to replace herself? it seems like that would be the dumbest thing she could do, saving a gremlin for her to go up. It would be best for her to use it once jon chooses her as a replacement


If you have a veto and use it to take someone off the block, you can’t be nominated as the replacement. So it would be smart for her to do that then both if the gremlins will be safe as well as Allison, then john would have to nominate 2 of his own alliance members. I really hope this happens because things are really boring lately.


Sabrina has very high chance of leaving this week, so I would count on her next week 😛


I sort of feel bad for Allison, now that she’s finally come to the realization that she’s done nothing in this game. Perhaps there is hope for her to align herself with Arlie, Adel, and possibly Heather, once the backdoor attempt to boot her from the game blows up in Jon’s face. I’m crossing my fingers hoping this happens because even if Jon and Neda become targets after this, so do the Gremlins, because I REALLY REALLY don’t want to see Sabrina and Idiot…….I mean, Rachelle, make it to final four. Please God, don’t let this happen!


It’s uncanny how Rachelle, a psychology student, is so shallow and so liable to influence.She’s wasting both her time and her money with the schooling as long as she learns nothing from that.


Shes only 20 years old and you know shes naive and dumb when she said how shes going to use her psychology skills in the game … yeah with your amazing psych 101 education….


I wish they would just keep nominations the same and get rid of one of the mean girls. If veto is played, and there is a replacement, and one of the gremlins comes down, I at least hope that the other gremlin goes after Allison uses her veto. Both those girls are Bitches – game or not. I have a feeling Allison will win HOH, and Jon will be the next to go.


No one has really given her a chance. Poor Allison


alison had every opportunity to make alliances but chose to fuck around with andrew instead – i don’t feel sorry for her only repulsion (jerking off andrew and hitting on arlie 2 weeks later = one trick pony). Sabrina has more game than alison


She should of been playing the game instead of isolating herself with Andrew.


Bingo. Not only that, but after Andrew left and she knew he was the hated most person the house, she still went around defending him which made people uncomfortable talking to her and being themselves around her. Andrew was not her husband, he was not her child, there was no point in keeping his ghost in the house, which she did, even though she knew mentioning his name rubbed everyone the wrong way.


I agree, and feel bad for her as well. In my opinion she only had one choice in the beginning. Andrew was the only one friendly towards her. A showmance was a bad idea, but these things happen I guess. I just don’t understand why they find her to be such a threat. She was just looking for an alliance when she switched sides, and they gave her attitude in return. Not one of them has talked game to her. I just hope that as a result of her Veto this week, someone will approach her and she can finally have an alliance with someone. She doesn’t talk smack about any of them, and I guess that’s what she should have been doing. She seems so much more mature than the other girls in the house and that is what stops her from fitting in. Makeup tips and what nail polish to wear are not at the top of her list. I hope Arlie is put on the block. Then when they have to vote either Sabrina or him out of the house, the shit is going to fly!!!
So much changes in a week, so strap yourself in, it may be a rocky ride.


have you all forgotten that alison could have sided with ika and the girls alliance (remember paul and adel/heather were on the block – alison wasn’t even on anyone’s radar until she jumped on andrews dick – alison’s a one trick pony = useless, wouldn’t surprise me jerked-off someone in production to get the red veto

another name

Allison could NOT have sided with the girls alliance when she entered the house. she WANTED to, that was her original intention. she entered the house and immediately the girls excused themselves to the hoh room. they discussed not wanting her in the house and getting rid of her. they LEFT her with the other side of the house. figuratively and literally.
Allison has consistently let the actions of everyone else dictate her moves in the game. she hasn’t created her own scenario until now, and that is why she is so completely spun at the moment.


Really? Side with Ika? Ika made no attempt to talk to Allison let alone talk game with her regarding the Paul or Heather vote. At that point Andrew was the only one talking with Allison. Allison was on everyone’s radar simply because of entering the game late. Allison attempted to make connections but with others but the girls in the house went into catty, jealous anti-new girl mode upon Allison’s arrival and all of them referred to her as “the new girl” and Ika referred to her consistently as the mole. The guys were no better. They all had their suspicions and almost all had decided Allison was going to be the first to go after her week of immunity was up. I think had Allison not had Andrew after that first week she would have been voted out. Since Andrew leaving Allison has not been able to gain traction in the game simply because no one has accepted her place in the game. Allison wants to play the game but no one is playing the game with her. It is a two way street. The twist of final houseguest entering late is not just about how that individual houseguest would play the game but also how others would receive and utilize them in their own games. Allison is being used in the game but that is not the same thing as her being useless. I’m not an Allison fan but at least I’m attempting to be objective. It might not be failed gameplay on her part per sa but rather a flawed game twist. I’m not sure any of the potential final houseguests would have faired better with this group that is known to isolate and alienate players (Paul, Kyle, Adel and later Ika) from the beginning.


Ha…Arlie is going to eat those words…he thinks he isn’t worried about Allison going up and it is going to be entertaining. Yeah…it WILL be entertaining all right…when they are all stunned and HE gets blind-sided.


arlie and sabs should get a showmance on the go……….that would be funny as hell.


I am so sick of people down on Allison about her showmance with Andrew. She obviously really likes the guy, and didn’t use him for her own benefit in the game. I guess it was OK for Sarah to be all over Kenny (before being told he was gay), Jon and Arlie. Wrapping her legs all around them, running her hands all over their bodies, holding hands etc., wasn’t flirting? Jon and Neda……where do I start? Get over it for crying out loud. This girl was seriously shunned by all and had that shark Sabrina spreading vile things about her, couldn’t talk about why she came in late, and now has been hamstrung about her Veto and not being able to talk about that as well. If I was her, I would be afraid to speak as well. Anyone who has talked with her has lied to her about everything!


yeah, she obviously really liked andrew as she’s apologizing to her boyfriend back home “im sorry aaron, it’s only a game”.

oh, andrew’s gone? where’s arlie? i’ll f*ck around with him too – but, it’s just game – if that’s your game you need to go back to school and learn to be independent

and, no one is complimenting sara on her game

say what you will alisons a one trick pony (dumb whore) and sabrina’s got game – real game – a game comparable to Dan and Dr. Will – lying and backstabbing are the name of the game


it’s a game, she shouldn’t have got her feelings involved in the first place. She promised viewers to be a gamer and did everything but that. Words can’t express how much i regret voting her in


This week is going to be a train wreck. It is so hard to watch but I can’t look away. This is going to blow up in someone’s face. I guess we just have to wait to find out who.


most of these people are playing a stupid game why avoid allision they will be the same ones following her around monday thru thursday for her vote …. adel and arlie needs to talk to allison stop shunning her she will be the deciding vote … even though i hate allison game play because she has none these players will love and support you when its convenient for their game … you see a persons true color when you are not beeficial to their game ……


Man i wish they would start going against there alliance now INSTEAD OF GETTING RID OF SUCH GARBAGE PLAYERS


For everyone that is making excuses for Allison I’m sorry but she brought this on herself. She came in with 1,week immunity and that was her week to go around and get to know people but she chose to snuggle with Andrew instead. If she wanted a showmance thats OK but she isolated herself from everybody else. When you come into the big brother house 2 weeks late, people are not going to run towards you, they’re scared of you and if you’re a twist. She keeps complaining that Andrew was the only one nice to her girlfriend this is not a team game, if you want to make allies you have to put in the work. She is too entitled. She waited how many weeks to even acknowledge the outsiders? And now she’s mad cuz she’s the low man on the totem pole? She told all the girls she was a guy’s girl so what did she expect.
I remember a conversation she had with Adel when she told him there was time when Andrew and his gang told her not to speak to Adel and she didn’t know why. Are you kidding me? And now she wonders why he took her out the veto competition.
I can’t deal with her complaints, she needs to go next week since this week she will be safe thanks to that scarlet veto.
Such a disappointment to have Allison voted into the house.


Will be glad when all these hinky vetoes are played (or expire). So many questions on how and how not they can be used. Want to get back to basics!


Honestly, all of the cockyness is already turning me off to most of them. That is what I disliked the most about Kenny…and the 1st 5 in general. I would have respected their game-play so much more if they had stayed loyal til final 6. I really don’t want to see the gremlins get any further. Jon was sitting pretty this week…all he had to do was gun for them like he planned…then Neda had to get in his ear. Target or not, they should know by now that you can’t trust Sobs…and Rachelle is her minion. And now this Allison back-door is going to blow up in his face and Neda gets off scott-free. At this point, I hope they both have to sweat it out on the block next week…maybe that will bring them back down to Earth…

At this point, I hope when Jon most likely puts Arlie up after Allison saves herself…Arlie humbles himself, loses that ego, joins forces with Heather, Adel and …shocker…Allison, and they vote out whichever gremlin is left on block and go after Jon, Neda and remaining gremlin.


I have no sympathy for Allison. I’ve never been a fan. Unfortunately, I voted for her and have regretted it with each passing moment I’ve watched her in action. She’s had more breaks than anyone else has. She aligned herself with the original bullies who have been far worst than the SS. I am so happy BB has barred her assess to the secret room. If they hadn’t it would have been so obvious they’ve been grooming her to win the $100K. They gave her a massive advantage with her secret veto. And still she plays up to the camera her role of ‘poor me’ low totem pole’. What is she hoping for? For BB to give her still more?! She’s worked for nothing in this game. She’s a ‘cling-on’ only. Says so much about her lack of character. Heather and Neda have played a far better game than her. Heather, especially, and with the utmost of class.
I hope Jon doesn’t fold under the stress when he needs to name a replacement. Also, praying the Gremlins don’t plot with Allison next week. He needs to put up Arlie and then next week send Allison packing. In the end I’m hoping for F3 to be Jon, Neda and Heather.
Adel is a nice guy, however, he’s not my choice for F3. God love him for making it this far. Got to give him that. Once he started to align with Arlie against Jon, I lost faith in him.


What Allison should do, if Jon does what he is hinting at. Is wait until the live eviction, and then pull out her Veto. They would have to scramble to renom and it would be chaos. Then, Allison needs to try her damnedest to win HOH and nom Adel and Arlie and backdoor Jon if possible. Show them she can worked with and start and Alliance with Heather.


Allison does not have a DPOV, she only has a normal Veto. She can use it at the POV ceremony, she cannot use it during the live eviction.


Uh oh. Allison has run out of boys to showmance. And that’s the only strategy I’ve seen out of her so far. Time for her to make a move on Sabrina I guess.

bb fan from usa

I like Jon and I think he’s really cute but he totally picks his nose and eat his boogers and that is such a turn off watch the video above of him with heather and neda he totally picks his nose and front of them and eats his boogers. GROSS

The West is Best

I’m confused. They are going to replace Allison as a nominee this week, right? She will be able to use her veto and then either Sabrina or Rachelle will get the boot?


Poor Adel…I think the house is on a secret mission against Adel…maybe to make him think they are mad at him? Something along those lines…he isn’t taking it well. He is paranoid about what he has said or done…

(This must be why they were all called to pantry while Adel was in DR…)

Where there's smoke there's fire!

Watching Allison pull out that veto is going to be such a great moment. Too bad if Jon doesn’t like it he doesn’t have your back. Really kills me how everyone is criticizing Allison yet they haven’t even given the girl 2 minutes. Yes she aligned herself with the wrong person but so have all of those goofs basically and yet they all get a 2nd chance…