Sabrina tells Rachelle “I f**king HATE Ika & Adel! She was giving me dirty looks & rolling her eyes at me!”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAn2-2014-03-25 10-19-11-194

12:50pm Big Brother puts the House guests on a bedroom lock down. All of the house guests think its odd they’re on a lock down in just the bedroom on a Tuesday. They speculate on it being for Adel to use his power, something to do with the 2 million they saw on the living room tv screens, for the hammock to be brought back, or that its just nothing at all and just regular maintenance. Big Brother blocks the feeds… When they return – The house guests head out of the bedroom to see if anything has changed. Jon and Neda stay in the bedroom to talk. Jon comments how the diary room

Jon asks Neda if she likes him? Neda says no, like a person! Jon asks you don’t love me? Neda says no. Neda says that she doesn’t want Big Brother to spin things to make things look like they aren’t. Jon comments how he didn’t like the whole trying to keep us separated when we were drunk. Jon heads to the bathroom and Sabrina talks to him about how he was acting weird with her. He says he wasn’t. Sabrina says that she thinks if Ika stayed and won HOH she would put me up against Andrew. Sabrina comments on how Ika was giving her the looks of death. Sabrina asks if he thinks Canada would vote to save her. Jon says no, she’s like a nobody. Jon says I trust Kenny.. last night I had a complete laps but I am back. Jon asks how she feels ..if Andrew still has your back even with Allison in here. Sabrina says yes and no.. I get along with Allison though. Jon says Ika this week and if there’s a double eviction then we go from there. Jon says I wouldn’t go against Andrew and Kenny right now. If I won HOH I would talk with them and we as a whole would see where we were at. Sabrina asks would they put me up? Jon says no. Jon tells Sabrina that he would never vote her out. Jon tells Sabrina that he thinks she will go far in the game. Heather comes into the bathroom and breaks up the conversation. Sabrina goes up to the HOH room and tells Rachelle “I f**king HATE Ika and Adel! She was giving me dirty looks and rolling her eyes. I am a nice person but not when people are like that to me.

BBCAn2-2014-03-25 10-19-17-962
BBCAN2-2014-03-25 10-44-44-425

1:45pm – 2pm Kenny tells Sarah that he told Heather he can’t guarantee her anything but that he will try to swing the vote in her favor. They talk about keeping Heather on their side just in case.

2:20pm – 2:35pm UP in the HOH room – Allison talks with Rachelle and Sabrina. They talk about how Heather and Adel can’t win HOH next. Sabrina talks about how Adel told her a couple weeks ago that he would crush her in the HOH competition and put her up. Allison says that if he had said that to me I would be mad too. Probably madder. Sabrina says as of today I am ignoring him (Adel). You (Rachelle) too and if you don’t then I am ignoring you too. Allison talks about Heather talking about Sabrina. Sabrina says What a f**King hooker! I hate her, she said me?! (Heather) Sabrina says head, toilet bowl, head in toilet bowl. Flush it. Allison says at least she will be going home next week. Sabrina says she’s not the only one.

2:40pm At the kitchen table – Ika and Adel are talking. Ika says that even Ray Charles can see what’s going on.
BBCAN2-2014-03-25 11-34-13-667

3pm All of the house guests are sitting around the living room circle couch talking about random things like sports.

BBCAN2-2014-03-25 12-01-47-538

Hot Dog and Sabrina head up to the HOH room. Sabrina comments how Heather said she wants me gone.. I f**king hates Heather. Rachelle says that she could have just been saying that. They wonder why they’re locked out of the backyard and if its because of a double eviction. Sabrina says I don’t like Adel and I hate that I have to live with him for the next two weeks. Rachelle says just ignore it, its just personal. Sabrina says I hate everyone, you know what I mean. Rachelle says that she likes Allison. She says but I don’t know if I trust her. Sabrina says she needs to go! I don’t know if I can trust her.

3:15pm – 3:30pm Big Brother tells the house guests to all go to the main bedroom IMMEDIATELY! All the house guests head up to the bedroom. Sabrina was in the HOH shower and complains that she just got in. What the Hell! Rachelle says why does something have to happen while im HOH!


4:35pm The feeds are still blocked..

5:40pm The live feeds are still blocked…

6:25pm – 7:40pm Nothing yet.. not even a live feed leak 🙁

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i would love if they did another freeze challenge (like they did with andrew and his twin) and they brought in jons girlfriend. he needs some cheering up


How about Andrew and his twin come in and give Jon the Coup D’etat?


you know what! thats a possibility! because I follow his girlfriend on twitter…and she hasnt said anything in 3 days..hmmmm. i think big brother producers really like jon


what’s jon’s gf twitter? is she supportive?


more likely she’s just mad because people have been tweeting her things about jon and neda


I was on her twitter too. She seems like such a nice person and is very supportive of Jon- last I checked all of her tweets were cheering him on! I’m sure it’s difficult for them both being apart, especially for her with everyone speculating on their relationship. I’d love if they did a freeze challenge and I’m sure Jon would too; he constantly talks about her!


I think it might be a Secret House Task or Challenge, since production did say that Ika needs to fight since its getting boring. They probably have some game in the backyard or something since they were on lock-down and then they will all win a party or have people who win and those who lose get punished.

Lets see what happens….(praying it saves IKA)


I want Ika to go off on Slobrina so bad. I thought I hated Amanda last year but I dislike this girl so much that it hurts.
If I was Ika I would be up in her face constantly. What a biatch.


hahahaa slobrina!!!


Sabrina, is f**kin crazy…wasn’t she crying to yesterday about how she loves Ika and doesn’t want her to hate her?
And LOL at Sabrina “I’m a nice person..but when you piss me off.”…blah
Sabrina arguing with Ika would be entertaining ( ends with Sabrina crying), i can’t wait someone rips sabrina a new one


Sabrina is literally all talk. She is not articulate enough to win any sort of argument. She talks and talks to confuse people. Honestly, if Heather threw all her inhibitions and niceness out the window she could probably take her down in an argument.

She think’s she’s the effing BB Mafia, its so irritating.

Ika can blink and she’ll start crying.


i like seeing Neda get the best of Sabrina in the mind games

many times ive seen neda catch sabrina on lying, or over exaggerating stories, and Sabrina hates it, as it catches her out unexpectedly


I was thinking the same thing.. never thought i would detest anyone like i did Amanda but she is certainly is getting on my nerves. Hopefully her doghouse will come down soon.


Sabrina…..I’m a nice person!….no you’re 2 faced!!!


Fuck you Sabrina!


Love you, Sabrina! Don’t worry about Ika and Adel. They’re just jealous of your amazing game play and that you’re so much smarter than them.


Uh moron Sabrina can’t hear you so what the f**k did you post that for? Are you 12?


Sabrina’s a sociopath with a borderline personality disorder






Umm… is she your sister Bella ? I feel sorry for you and her


Hey Name, you must be from the same self centered society, so here’s a piece of advice from someone who’s been around, ( pull your head outta ur ASS, and come to the realisation that the world dosen’t belong to you and you alone, people like you ruin everything you touch, so for the sake of everyone around you, SMARTEN UP,


sooner or later hippopotamus’s lies will be exposed to everyone out in the open
and her fat ass and snotty booger infested hands will leave the house! what a relief!


what up with the Sabrina bashing? sure, she’s got some issues, but y do people have the need to constantly make fun of her around here?
the fact is she’s playing the game really good, regardless of her personality as seen by us.
you can dislike her on a game level, but why wish her death and make fun of her weight & other stuff? does that make you fell like your a better person than her? well, it doesn’t.


sabrina’s gross!
she has forgotten she’s in a game and being filmed 24/7 – hence her picking her nose and eating it – she’s a fking pig!


and you don’t?


i’m not a fking monkey, i blow my nose into a kleenex – this is what civilized people do!


Speaking of her picking her nose, I think she’s rubbing off on Rachelle cause she was going to town digging for gold on the live feeds earlier today! These HG are gross!!!


Speaking of nose picking and rubbing off, there was one point during that disturbing convo between Sabrina and Andrew in HOH yesterday…while she was making up more lies about Allison…when Andrew started digging in his nose and then wiped his hand on Sabrina’s arm. She was so thrilled he was touching her that she didn’t notice or didn’t care. She’ll probably collect it amongst other things of his for her stalker shrine when she gets home.


ew that is so disgusting!! I feel sorry for Arisa who has to shake their disgusting slimy hands when they get evicted.
Arisa girl go buy some gloves!


Let’s put it this way – if it was Kim Kardashian (Sowbrina’s idol), doing/saying any of this, this is the kind of fan mail she would get. We are the ‘fans’ of the show. We are watching a personality and just as with others in the ‘media’, they are open to scrutiny. It is part of the rights of free speech (without having to slander hopefully).


Lol Sabrina is actually scum, under adels shoe, i cant stand her small forehead.


OMG she DOES have a small forehead.

I just got really self-conscience about my forehead.


Lol darling , your friend Sabrina needs to go! #TeamJon
You can’t play that many games with people and not be like that in real life- she talks to much –


Jon should be careful. He has Adel and Arlie looking out for him so I don’t understand why he cares about Kenny and Sabrina.
Sabrina can’t say shit to Ika and Adel to their face so she sits with her puppy (the girl formerly known as Rachelle) and talks shit. Ika is leaving so why not say whatever you want say to her?
Poor Heather having her name being bashed by this idiot Sans.


I think Jon is doing more damage control, I’m pretty sure he’s still with the other group to against Andrew/Sabrina/Kenny


Sabrina is a mix of 3 Big Brother players.
Amanda (bb14) Says she hates bullys, yet is one of the biggest bullys in the house, besides Kenny & Andrew.
Amber (bb8) Emotional Instability.
Dani M (bb14) Attention seeking & creating fake drama, exaggerating the fake drama, and than crying about it later & expects everything to be normal outside the game

All 3 of them were majorly hated in each seasons.


Complexe great observation regarding Sabrina being a combination of those three players…I absolutely HATE Sabrina…So let me get this straight Sabrina was extremely instrumental in Ika being back doored by backstabbing and making up lies about her, but Ika shouldn’t be upset about it…Sabrina thinks Ika should be treating her like a queen and smiling and being all nice???? She has some nerve demanding Ika not be upset about being backstabbed and on the block…Her and Rachelle are like “she was all happy yesterday and now she’s being a bitch”…well guess what she took the day to process what F’ing bitches you both are and wants to make your lives a living hell, and I hope she does before she leaves.


I believe she’s a unique brand of psychosis we have not seen yet. It’s part of her ‘charm.’


neda and jon remind me of lane and britney from bb12 or dan and keisha from bb10 their so cute!


neda and jon banter is awesome, neda is so gorgeous, jon is a good guy…i hope they are f2, and glad they will be in the alliance will adel, heather, arlie

arlie and heather reminding me a bit of the dan and danielle dynamic, manipulator with innocent sweet girl

andrew and allison who will dump who first?

ika and adel are funny together…adel is such an upbeat guy, always positive, king of making the people on the block leave in good spirits

it was hilarious the other night when adel told arlie he will throw a have not comp if he is on kenny or andrews team claiming he will say he stubbed a toe ha ha…that will be great to see that happen


I really hope big brother is doing a twist right know and that is why the feeds are down….. yahoo!!!

fingers crossed:)


Ugh, Allison…I had a shred of hope that if you were removed from Andrew’s nutsack once he was evicted, you might have had a chance in this game if you teamed up with Heather and she brought you into the Arlie’s alliance. Heather even stood her ground with Arlie and said she didn’t want to put you up if she had any power. And you betray her for no reason to Cow of all people? How can you not feel her jealousy and hatred for you? You are supposed to be a super fan and a psych nurse for cripes sake. You should recognize crazy! Ugh, I thought MAYBE you gravitating towards a showmance with Andrew…even after witnessing him picking his nose and eating it on the feeds in the war room…was your strategy based on having no other options when entering the house, but you just proved you might actually be just as stupid as Andrew and you both deserve the humiliation of knowing how badly that crazy psycho played both of you.


It would have been interesting to see if Scott would have “read” Sabrina.
I think he would have been an easy, early Nom tho and not able to save himself by Comps.
Maybe Nate might have had the best chance – not a babe, not a hulk, not a mastermind, not too big a ripple in the already disturbed water of the pond.

We’ll never know.


Yeah, Allison betraying Heather to Sabrina was sad to watch… I too had some hope that Allison might still be in it to win it, but after that it seems she is just another puppet… Well, at least I won’t be sad to see her be a casualty of Arlie’s new alliance.


okay… when did Alison betray heather???


Sarah has know for a week now, that Arlie has been working against first five and has not betrayed him. I haven’t even seen her given hints that Arlie may be their weakest link. So I do think Sarah can be trusted to a point.


Simon and Dawg – is there a way to register for these comments? I keep having to re-type my display name. I also can’t tell if someone’s responded to me unless I search for it. Any suggestions?


I’ll look into the display names they are supposed to save after a submitted comment maybe something is broken again 🙁

As for the other request the current commenting system we have does not support it easily.


so arlie trusts sarah with his side alliance…i cant believe it…one word to sabrina from sarah and its game over for arlie

i would have kept sarah out of it, she is a rat, and i greatly dislike her, she is unworthy of such a gift wrapped safe position in the game

so arlie alliances…

first five with sarah, kenny, andrew, sabrina

in the new alliance(with sarah hidden from the other members) with jon, adel, heather, and soon neda


I like Arlie and Sarah for final 2.


I could be wrong but here are a few reasons why i think a twist is happening right know with the feeds down.

1. POV ceremony was held late on monday (because the show was giving Ika time to fight not to have her self put up on the block)

2. Ika told Adel that they told her in the diary room that they want her to fight to stay in the game because the show is starting to get boring

3. the diary room must have been asking lots of strange questions to the house guest because everyone was questioning if canada would be voting for Ika to stay or if it was double eviction or some other major twist was going to happen.

4. the feeds have been down for a while know- which doesn’t usually happen on a tuesday afternoon ( looks like something is up)

5. Before feeds went down; u could hear rachelle say “why does something have to happen on my hoh”

6. The show wants higher ratings and more drama which keeping Ika would cause that to happen.

7. Ika got most of the air time last night and today on the live feeds, more so than any one else

8. Ika told adel last night if she stayed “she would stir up shit and be going after andrew, kenny, rachelle and sabrina” and the camera zoom in and out when she said this and also zoomed in and out at sabrina and rachelle pics.

9. the show likes adel and they know that if Ika leaves, he is toast because the house guest will find out he lied about his “power”


So…not a “double” or “instant” eviction but a Cancelled eviction?
Whoo Hoo !!!
MELTDOWNS all around !!!


pandoras box or Coup D’etat or dpov?

Simon time for the fake dpov sitting in the back yard pic ha ha


That pic fucked with my mind so much. I missed the joke completely. Thought it was real. lol


Rachel’s camera task will end up being all selfies with 1 minute adjust hair breaks

Persian Princess

That would be really cool if it happened but I doubt it. It probably has something to do with Rachelle’s picture task. If there was some way to save Ika, or anyone for that matter I think Canada would be in on it, and it would involve voting.


as much as i love jon and neds, do they really wonder why the others didnt want them to sleep together?
i mean… ->



she was trying to find out if he had a marsha task and he wouldnt say (they were drunk)

jon and neda are alot of fun, i have really enjoyed watching them

Jon's good friend

Everyone needs to relax with the Jon/Neda accusations… they’re just friends. If Janelle got mad every time Jon got drunk and pecked his friends (girls and guys, lol) they would’ve been broekn up long ago. Everyone who knows Jon knows what he’s like, it means nothing. They have an awesome relationship and they’re both great people. Not sure why so many people are so concerned anyway, it has nothing to do with the game…

little mouse

i watched some of the feeds today but once again it is the Sabrina show. She really does turn my stomach i honestly get a pain in the pit of my stomach when she speaks i have to turn them off. Thank god for this site where i can read a synopsis and not have to listen to her and i am able to watch the feeds of others that i do want to hear. Thanks Guys you do a great job


You honestly deserve a metal or at least a reward of some sort. Not only do you guys maintain this kick-ass site, but to have to listen to that nutcase screech day and night…and I know she is always on a feed so there is never a break…that deserves sainthood. Don’t know how you do it…I would as bat-shit crazy as she is if I couldn’t throw down my headphones in disgust and walk away mumbling angrily to myself now and then. Thank you for enduring it for us all!


I wish production would talk Ika into calling Sabrina out and expose EVERYTHING that she has said about everyone. Especially to Allison about how Sabrina hates her and can’t be trusted. She should also mention to Andrew how Sabrina joked about back-dooring him in a fit of jealousy after Ika won veto. She can swear Sabrina said it without it being a lie. She needs to confront her in front of everyone and make her squirm. Just an eye roll from her sent that cray-cow scurrying to the HOH to complain and hide…can you imagine if Ika actually told her off? TV gold! Ika has nothing to lose at this point. She might not be able to get revenge in the game but she can get it by hurting Sabrina’s game in any way possible. She has to put her disgust for Andrew aside and get in his ear with any insult Sabrina might have said about him and Allison. Even if cray-cray denies it, Andrew’s ego won’t forget the insults and he might already be questioning her absurd lies about Allison. Once he realizes that if Sabrina will lie to his face about that then maybe he can’t trust her anymore. The house turning on her would be the meltdown of the century! They love to tear Heather apart, but if any of those girls…especially cray-cow…had to endure the ostracizing that Heather had to, they would self-evict. Heather is much stronger than them in that way.


I cant wait to see sarah and sabrina up on the block 2 of the biggest (fat asses) fake egotistical people in the house they should both be wearing shirts for a week that say ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!!


OMG, feeds still down…. come on big brother, i really want to see whats happening in the house.


Ok seriously, if I had my time back I wouldn’t have voted daily for Allison to go in the house! She was all about shaking up the house until she actually got in there. Horrible game play for a “super fan”. She’s so dumb to everything going on around her. Scott should’ve been put in, no doubt!!!!!

Persian Princess

GOOD LORD!! Has anyone seen “if they mated” pictures on the slice main BB page?!?! terrifying!! lol


Just went and looked….LMAO !!!


Does anyone know if it’s normal for them to block the feeds for this long?


likely some kind of twist or they are learning their script lines for next week LOL

Pinocchio Obama

Booze is always a good thing in the house.


I could see them doing another “Canada’s Veto” to take off Ika but then Adel Heather or Jon would probably leave


Watching Jon do ANYTHING is absolutely priceless. I thought Andrew (last season) was one of the beast coast’s finest, but this guy surpasses him. Plus he seems like a really decent human being.
If anyone is reading that knows Jon or Janelle I do not personally believe that Jon and Neda have anything past friendship.
He is that way with absolutely everybody he interacts with. People sometimes want to project the romance onto the characters (so-to-speak).
As I’ve said before, Janelle is a very lucky girl because he is a genuinely good human being. I loved his hashtag challenge.


Maybe there’s an eviction tonight and the second on Thursday???


we can only hope 🙂


Sabrina is HOT!!!! Nose picking and all. My kind of girl!


By any chance do you own a double-wide?


maybe its a FAST FORWARD??


Big Brother Canada just tweeted something is going on in the house. Feeds will be back up soon.


I love that Sabrina’s on Slop!


Guess what Sabrina no one LIKES YOU ETHER, I WOULD PAY TO EVICT YOU.


I’ve got the feeling someone lost it on someone.


Insight on what ppl want to see:

Team Adel, Arlie, Jon, Neda & Heather– one of these guys win the next HOH

Team First Five minus Arlie plus Rachelle & Allison–let’s see them sweat and if two of the main alliance is put on the block, I want to know who will OUT the FIRST FIVE, I actually think it may be better for Arlie to tell the house first before core First Five members can say anything.

Unbiased: Until a few days ago, Sabrina was playing the best game in the house, unfortunately her lies are catching up to her, and she has become so obsessed with her lies that she now believes them. When Paul came on TV and said, I can’t believe I got everyone to step off the ice; this game is going to be easier than I thought.

This same thing Paul said, is what Sabrina is thinking now. She thinks she has everyone fooled and has now become overly confident. Best move imo is to take out Sabrina.

Reasoning: Sabrina will freak out when put up on the block, she WILL DEFINITELY OUT THE FIRST FIVE, she won’t think twice, it will be the best to see her panic and will aid Team Outsiders.

What do you guys think of the analysis?


Can’t imagine if sabrina goes on block 🙂 yes she wont keep the f5 secret anymore !! Genius


is sabrina fucking stupid… she is literalllly delusional!!!! she thinks she is fricknnn dan gheesling like noo,,, you are poo! she says how canada doesnt know adel but we have live feeds watching him all the time so we see more than she does. like wth. she honestly believes that she can get adel out but little does she know he has a secret alliance. I CANT WAIT FOR SABRINA TO GO HOME! hah.


Jon is still playing the 1st5 game by keeping Ika he is playing his own game and she is good for him,don’t get me wrong i dislike Ika.Poor Adel, I wish I could enter the house and hug him. I know, I’m very biased and its hard to play the game.
The 1stffive are vile people and I cannot wait for the time when they find out that their are the worst alliance ever.. u don’t need to break someone down to build yourself up. How their playing is not strategical but very personal. As fan of this game I’m sadden by them.
to quote Adel, ” Paul was the worst player ever and he earn 5% in the big brother game”.


I think slobina isnt the bet strategist, she is a bigvmouthed idiot who is only voting out ppl she doent like , strategically u should keep irritants they always have a target on their back. ppl think she’s good because she talks like a mafiosa from Brooklyn but she really is a two faced, arrogant, condescending, idiot. she wouldn’t be running my hoh.