Sabrina – “I don’t want you to be paranoid because I never ever repeat stuff”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 16-49-39-710

7:50pm Storage room Heather and Sabrina

Heather says Sabrina isn’t her target. Sabrina tells her the same thing but Sabrina will understand if Heather puts her up.

They agree to start with a clean slate. Sabrina – “I want to go back to how it was last week” Sabrina asks for a hug. Heather says it makes her really happy that Sabrina wanted to talk .

Sabrina asks her if she’s going to talk about her in the bathroom again. Heather say no of course not.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 17-06-39-846

8:00pm Storage room Jon and Kenny
(I believe these two guys are targeting each other)
talking about who to put up.
Kenny says Adel and heather to flush out his power, “Who would you put up”
Jon says the same for him.
Kenny – “I think it’s the safest bet.. right now anyways”
Jon – “Buy us a coupler of weeks… then we start going from there
Kenny – “Ya”
Jon – “Then we’re in Jury anyways”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 17-17-12-464

8:11pm Bathroom Heather and Jon

Asking her how she feels gamewise.. long term.

Heather says at the moment she thinks it’s going to be pretty good because she can do some coasting but that’s only short term.

Jon wants to know if his name was used.
Heather can only recall Jon’s name being used as a pawn.
Jon – “Who said that”
Heather – “Meatballs” (Deli)
Jon – “I’m not to worried about meatballs.. who he say that to”
Heather – “To me”
he asks what she thinks about Neda. Heather likes Neda but she’s not 100% about her.
Jon wants Heather to get close to Neda and “feel her out” to find out if they can trust her.
Heather is trusting Adel, everything she’s told him has not gone around the house. Jon agrees they can trust ol meat balls.

Jon thinks Andrew is coming after him. Heather says she overheard a conversation today with Kenny, Arlie and Andrew. (They were in the storage room Heres the post from today) Kenny was the one talking he said Rachelle, Neda and Sabrina are just floating right now. The guys can use them to their advantage and pluck them off one by one.. They want to use the girls as pawn. The guys also want to make the girls think they are allies so the girls won’t put them up.

Jon doesn’t see a big move happening this week the next big move is going to be when Deli uses his power.

Heather tells him what Kenny was trying to sell her earlier today. He told her he was going to make sure Heather has the votes to stay and campaign for her. He said after a conversation with IKA he’s decided she can’t be trusted and he’s going to try and flip the house to keep Heather. As long as he has her vote and she won’t put up. Heather knows she is staying but Kenny put her in a position and she said yes to the deal. Heather and Jon agree that Kenny is too smart and has to go soon.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-25 17-31-42-474

8:37pm Bathroom Allison and Sabrina

Sabrina retelling her conversation with Heather, while she does it she mimics Heather’s voice.

Sabrina – “I don’t want you to be paranoid because I never ever repeat stuff”
Allison I know that and I trust you I have no reason not to”
Sabrina – “When you see me talking to someone never ever think I’m talking about what you told me.. Like I’m just not like that”
(LOL just spit out my coffee)
Sabrina says she’s bothered that everyone is coming to her telling her Allison is targeting her. Sabrina says she’s not even close to Andrew anymore doesn’t know he’s even got her back. Allison tells her not to worry Andrew does have her back. Allison says the only people she has in the game is Sabrina and Andrew. Sabrina squeals and they hug.

9:13pm HUSH HUSH
10:03pm HUSH HUSH
11:00pm HUSH HUSH
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Johhny (the European one!)

A little GEM for everyone:
You guys should ALL go back to the “After blocked feeds Sabrina and JOn / Sab and Rachelle ” video from the previous “sabrina-tells-rachelle-fking-hate-ika-adel-giving-dirty-looks-rolling-eyes” post, at the 18:44 mark.

One of my genuinely most enjoyable moments:
Sabrina is laying in bed with Rachelle, telling her “I hate it how Adel talks to me like I’m a dumbass!”
Then THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER HAPPENS: Rachelle, certainly only wanting to reassure Sabrina that she’s 100% right about everything she says, says “you’re right, he DOES talk to you like you’re a dumbass!”
Sabrina does has a nice “oh, you noticed?!?” reflex, but then there’s an awkward silence of hers for a few seconds, and you can just sense how her brain litterally implodes because of this feedback:
She was saying that to make sure Rachelle dislikes Adel, but she never actually thought ANYONE would actually see it that way. Minute after minute, she gets more and more riled up – even with Jon, Allison and then Neda hours later, she can’t let go of how much she hates Adel and how ridiculous it would be for him to feel superior to her in any way.
The actual fact of saying “yes, YOU’RE RIGHT!” to her about one of her self-depreciating lies is actually driving her insane!

So much to anyone saying she’s a mastermind: She’s totally immersed in her own psychotic BS, and it’s not about smart gameplay, it’s about “maintaining her own dream world” in which she’s everyone’s favorite person.

When at 9:15am she told Kenny about her conversation with Jon, she said “he literally took me into the corner yesterday, outside and He’s like why did Ika go up! Why did Ika go up! Why did Ika go up! Why did Ika go up!”, that is so OBVIOUSLY something Jon wouldn’t ask in that way, that Kenny OBVIOUSLY knows she’s exaggerating (or completely lying). It would be good gameplay if she was able to keep it objective and believable, but she’s incapable of that.
And that’s what makes her a stupid player imo. They keep her around, knowing about her obvious mental issues, where she thinks she has everyone fooled.
She sees herself as a Kim Kardashian Wannabe, and treats this whole thing like a girlie girl reality tv show, not a strategic game.

“Do you hate me? Swear you don’t hate me! Oh, I don’t believe you, I know you hate me! I know you’re talking smack behind my back! Why do you love her more than me? Do you hate me?” next day: rinse, repeat. next day: rinse, repeat. next day: rinse, repeat.
Yeah. She’s a mastermind.


this made me laugh


This is one of the funniest/best analysis of Sabrina I’ve seen all season! Everyone listen to Johnny, he knows what’s up!

Johhny (the European one!)

Y’all are making me blush now…
Seriously, I’m so grateful for your video uploads, we don’t miss a thing 🙂
I honestly gave up even trying to find a live streaming, it’s so much better to have the “best of” you serve us 😀
I also really appreciate when I can read your transcript of a convo, even in addition to the video, since sometimes I don’t understand every word they say, be it for mumbling, whispering, strong dialect, or whatever other reason!


you just have to load up the bbca viewer from jokers Johnny!

meseyz (imoho!)

Sabrina = strategery


Let me start off y saying i HATE brina she picks her nose and is crazy. But all personal stuff aside she is playing a good game now she is playing the classic “the hard to fast” but I don’t see anyone putting her up anytime soon. Im team Jeda, and even though oth jon and neda know brina is dangerous, and a liar it’s better to get out Kenny/Andrew out first. At this point I find it almost impossible for Brina to make it to at least final five.


I would like to see Sabrina gone before either Kenny or Andrew just to see how they would actually play. So far they are just riding on her actions. All HG’s think that Kenny is very strategic but it is hard to tell as he is working off of either Sabrina’s info or her paving the way for follow up action by him.
So it is not really clear how well either of these two can or will play while she is around.


* impossible to not make it to final five


Sabrina doesn’t repeat stuff, she make everything up…


I’m going to love the look on the faces of Andrew, Sarah, Arlie and Kenny when Sabrina suggests that they should keep Ika and vote out Heather. It’s coming, It’s going to happen.


Actually, if there is any shred of hope left in Allison redeeming herself, it would be that she betrayed her convo with Heather as a sacrifice to try one last ditch effort to save Ika. This, of course, is just a fantasy thought because as much as I was looking forward to Allison playing the game with some skills, she has been nothing but dissapointing. I wish this was a trap she had set knowing she can’t trust cray-cow and has a better chance working with Ika, but it has to be just another bad move on her part and any other outcome was an accident.


Also, as I watch her spew more lies to Allison in the bathroom, I actually got a twisting knot in the pit of my stomach of anger and frustration that Allison is trusting and believing her. She is a psych nurse, she should know cray-cray when she sees it screeching in her face. Ugh! Damn it, I wish Ika would tell Allison what is really going on. And I hope Ika also exposes everything cray-cow said about everyone so we can watch her have a meltdown if she thought the house hated her. She actually expects people to still like her after the shit she says about them. Frigging delusional!


My last shred of hope that Allison is fooling everyone and is just manipulating both Andrew and Sobrina for now has just about shriveled up and died in cray-cow’s nose to dig for later. She had no reason to rat out Heather or even Ika about her convos with them. She could have worked with them at some point and now she just looks like a weak snitch. It didn’t benefit her to tell Sobrina this info unless she actually thinks she is in an alliance with her. Which is why my hope will be flicked of onto the HOH bed later tonight.


So now that my hope for Allison is being flicked on an unsuspecting dim-witted hot dog, all I can wish for is that Adel, Jon and Neda somehow make it to the end without her. They are who I want in final three, but I don’t think Heather will be much help and I don’t trust Arlie to stick with them since he is up Sarah’s ass.


Allison is a nurse Ratchet wannabe.


So Sabrina is back to bashing Adel since he doesn’t suck up to her. Why don’t these houseguests realise that Sabrina is forever complaining about someone and she is the bearer of all the gossip in the house. Ugh can’t stand her!
We know Sabrina is crazy but I don’t understand why Allison is eating up all her lies ewww.


Two diametrically opposing theories on that one Ayesha; either Allison is extreeeeemely insightful of Sabrina’s behaviour and ‘playing along’ or Allison is extreeeeeemely scared to do anything other than follow the pack and it’s so called ‘pack leader’, Andrew.
Andrew’s title could be Sir Booger.


Two diametrically opposing theories on that one Ayesha; either Allison is extreeeeemely insightful of Sabrina’s behaviour and ‘playing along’ or Allison is extreeeeeemely scared to do anything other than follow the pack and it’s so called ‘pack leader’, Andrew.
Andrew’s title could be Sir Booger.


Sir Booger lol


The next Hoh I hope if is Adel Neda Heather Jon they should put Sab on the block ..can’t imagine what will be her reaction other then exposing all F5 alliance lol


Allison is not believing Sabrina’s lies. She’s sucking up to Sabrina and ….. Sabrina knows it. It the dance of the crazy bitchy suck-ups.


That may be true. Maybe, but Allison should know better than to not be having conversations with others in the house. Or is she? Does anyone know? She’s been pretty weak at his game so far.


Jon is 500x more likable than Kenny


Sabrina “squeals” (like a pig). oh Simon..


Funny, I thought the laughter that comes out of her more and more these days sounds like a Hyena…
Pig, Hyena…
Adel was wrong about the cow thing… wrong animal 😉


I hate how on these forums and live feed comments people say to stop bashing Sabrina.. it would be different if we could only watch the aired shows and they were portraying her as an awful person but with the live feeds we can watch her all day every day and it’s no trouble to tell THAT is the person she is- on or off the show. She is a gross, mean, rude, manipulative person and I can’t wait until she’s out of the house and takes her head out of her ass and realizes Canada hates her.


I don’t have a problem with people hating her/insulting her (I hate her too), but I’m not a fan of the sexist language used: slut, whore, cow, etc.


I don’t think the term “cow” is considered sexist lol it means she’s disgusting


Come on, no one would even think the word “cow” if she weren’t a bit overweight and if she weren’t a woman.


I sincerely doubt she CAN “cut the BS”. She IS her BS.


When did the name “Meat Balls” come into existence? Who gave him that name? Jon, I bet right?


I want to laugh at Adel for trusting Heather.. Ika and Neda told him, don’t tell heather anything.. I like her as person, she is really sweet but her game playing is shyte. Earth to heather!! when you run your mouth, you get in trouble.


Are there no tissues in the bbcan house.? Why is no one blowing their nose?


Apparently it is very dry and some have allergies. 😉

Reality check

So do we know why the feeds were down ?


I don’t know if all of you watch the TV episodes, but Sabrina’s last DR sessions were about her role as ‘puppet master’.
At one point, she even said, As Long As He Realizes He is The Brawn, and I Am The Brains about her boogermance with Andrew.
Too bad we’re finding out those brains are McScrambled.


HELLO, do any of these houseguests know how to play the game. Houseguests take tips from Marsha the moose, and develop a sense of smell and hearing. While, outsiders are constantly watching your every move, houseguests need to constantly keep a close observation on their roommates, to get information, and that requires they ease dropping, hiding behind door with a cup in your ear, hiding in a shower stalk. Duh, it’s about camouflaging and being on a constant look out on behaviours, activities, changes in stories and whose cuddling who on a damn hammock in order to use all your working brain cells to figure whose working with who! Final five us looking secure for now, however it’s never too late for others to start playing and manipulating to secure a further spot. But Allison has got to go, she basically had three weeks of immunity. I suppose they brought her in order to Canada’s player to sabotage stuff in the game, but neglected to use her that way, cuz the houseguests figured Eric number two out. Lastly, houseguests need to stop inserting their finger in their nose in front of people. It is and will always be perceived as repulsive. Save it for the washroom, away from others. So no thank you Andrew and Sabrina, I’m not eating whatever you cook. Although, Andrew is nice to look at. However, big brother needs to hand these people some Botox, cuz everyone looks 10 years older than they say they are.


Great idea about the camouflage; I could certainly see a 5’8″ hot dog blending into the corner plant or Heather in her unitard holding her breath underwater in the pool so no one would see her while she listened in on Sarah and Arlie COOOOOOL
Actually Heather was the first to listen in on a convo today taking place in the storage room (this afternoon)


Sarah hiding behind the open cabinet/door talking to Kenny while he is doing washing , does that count as camouflage?
If so, that scene was very funny 😉


There you go – totally forgot about that one.


“Andrew is nice to look at.” LMAO


Although Jon heart seems to be broken a little after discovering Kenny has duped him, I think its exactly the info he needed to hear to get going and turn it up a few gears game wise. A win for the stragglers this week could get this game back on even keel. Here’s hoping…


Loving this underdog alliance and I have become a complete junkie of this blog. Neda, Jon, Adel, Arlie & Heather for my final five 🙂


You’re Welcome: For The Name You Use
I used it above and am flattered that you loved it so much
Canadians gotta keep up appearances of being polite and this bunch is not helping our reputation with their bad manners, eh?


I don’t want to harp on this: PLEASE TELL ME WHO CALLED HIM MEAT BALLS first?
I just gotta know.
Thanks as always S & D.


When going into the BB house, one of the most important aspects is knowing when you need to lie when it is absolutely, 100 percent necessary. You need a handful of lies and if you have anymore than 5 then you’re f*cked, because you’re not gonna remember what you said to who, where you said it and when.
Sabrina is undoubtedly making that sore mistake. People have already catched on to her and it’s safe to say her highest place will be making it to jury, if she’s lucky. Despite all the personal attacks she’s made to the other females in the house, she thinks that she is some female version of Dr.Will, which is cute that she thinks that but it’s sad how far from the truth that is.
Sabrina sickens me. Not only as a person but as a BB player. I’ve never seen anyone who plays the game with such HATRED and JEALOUSLY. ( Excusing the majority of the cast from BB15 ). I swear her obsession with Alison is disgusting. One of the most unappealing features to me is the craving for male attention that she harbours. I know everyone says this but, PRODUCTION PLEASE MAKE A TWIST THAT INCREASES THE CHANCES OF IKA STAYING. I NEED TO SEE IKA EXPLODE ON SABRINA,


I feel like you read my mind, I could not agree with u more. Deception, lying and backstabbing that is what makes big brother so unique.You get to see people’s true personalities and then choose to either love them or hate them. I can’t watch the live feeds when Sabrina is on, I would rather pour acid in my eyes and ears then look or listen to her. I hate Sabina,wallah she is doing my head in.That is why I give mad props to Dawg and Simon,


Oh Simon, my heart goes out to you. We can’t even have a drinking game based on Sabrina without securing transplant doners first.


Yeah I agree. It was pathetic watching Sobrina get so excited yesterday that her and Andrew have something in common…cold sores! *gags*


BOOGERMANCE I agree with the exception of Heather. I think she is a sweet girl, but lies without reason and as IKA said before, can barely tie her own shoes. If they would approach ALLISON and saved IKA this week, they might have a chance to overturn the house. With competitors like NEDA, ADEL and HEATHER I am afraid they have little or no chance to overthrow the others.


“Gold Diggers Challenge”
current results:
1st Kenny
2cd Sabrinna closing in on kennys leed
3rd Rachelle

“Ass Scratchers Bonus”
current results:
1st Kenny
2cd Andrew
3rd Sabrinna

Looks like Kennys in it to win it.
Who’s dying to go to his restaurant?

Johhny (the European one!)

I think you got Kenny (beard guy) and Andrew (bald guy) confused for the Gold Digging.
Andrew tops both those lists, and I didn’t see Kenny gold digging at all.


Opps … right you are. my bad … I ment Andrew …. 10 minutes of listening to Sabrina and my brain fries


is the show really scripted, i had no idea production actually sways them!! I thought when they go to the diary room the voice just asks them questions so that they can use it when it airs, i didnt think they would tell them what to say and what to do, e.g. telling ika to campaign.

Johhny (the European one!)

I remembered this was even in the Wikipedia entry and just looked it up:
“On Day 42, shortly after Shane made his nominations as Head of Household, he told Danielle that the production crew in the diary room EXPLICITLY TOLD HIM NOT TO PUT UP FRANK AND MIKE FOR NOMINATION THAT WEEK.”


feeds down again….something is really up…..

we haven’t had feeds on much today or tonight; wonder what they will show on “after dark”


Right, getting bored hitting the refresh button every few minutes, going to come back in an hour lol…..


after dark…hope andrew doesnt jack off lol


Where do you guys watch live feed? Don’t wanna watch online because my Data plan sucks . Is ther anyway I can watch on tv/ cable ?


When Sabrina asked Heather if she’s ever going to talk about her in the bathroom anymore, what I would have liked to hear was either a) Well, I’ll have to get back to you on that, or b) If you stop picking your nose in front of me, I wont.


Apparently Ika going home production and hg’s did not try to save her 🙁


Oh My God Jon is Canada’s Finest East Coast Comic – He’s in the hot dog suit right now……


Is there Notting better in the house than boogerrina? BB! please show something fun, enough with this lying sack O boogers,, like every blogger is saying, get a good ol scrap going between IKA and the booger queen


It was always a problem what to do in BB because the most interesting players always go first, I really wish they changed the format like dor the first 4 weeks the fan get to vote out someone so then you can have all the interesting people duke it out. Like I would love to see kyle, paul and ika duke it out with andrew, sabrina and kenny but unfortunately this never happens in bb.