IKA Campaigns to Kenny and Heather Eavesdrops on Andrew, Arlie & Kenny..

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-25 06-22-43-303

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.
In the storage room – Sabrina talks to Kenny about how Jon. She says he’s so bad, he literally took me into the corner yesterday, outside and He’s like why did Ika go up! Why did Ika go up! Why did Ika go up! Why did Ika go up!
Sabrina says I am like what are you talking about? He’s like why did Ika go up! I am like because she needed to. And he’s like why didn’t I know about this! I’m at the bottom of my alliance. I was like what?!
Kenny says yeah Ika says the only reason I went up is because Rachelle made a deal with me that I would be safe for 3 weeks. And he was like why didn’t I know about this deal. And I was like because it’s not real. So I didn’t make that deal.
Sabrina says okay, thank god I said the same thing. Kenny says he said you need to stop listening to f**king IKA! Sabrina says I said relax. She’s probably just saying that because she’s telling her friend I’m putting you up because of this but it’s not really because of that .. it’s because she doesn’t really know what to tell her friend that she’s putting up. So she gave her that excuse that she was safe for a couple of weeks. And why are you listening to IKa, you know that she’s the one that has been spreading things about Andrew. And he was like you lied to my face. Kenny says that’s bullsh*t, all I said was if you don’t go after me, I won’t go after you! That’s all I said! Sabrina says and she probably just told her 3 weeks so that I did’t look bad. Sabrina says he said I should have known about this thing with Ika, everyone knew because of me. I was like no, no Rachelle didn’t know what to do. Sabrina says she said I didn’t know for sure until this morning. Sabrina says he said I don’t know, I just know that there’s something f**ked up and I just realized that I am on the outs of my alliance. Sabrina says she said I didn’t know, I think you’re over analyzing it. Kenny says yeah I know he was freaking out, he was freaking out about it last night.

Kenny talks to Andrew – Kenny tells him that Jon is just being too obvious that he is working with Ika. Andrew says if you and me win, then we put up Jon and Adel. If Sabrina or Sarah wins she puts up Andrew says if we win we put up Allison and Adel. Kenny says yeah. Andrew says I don’t want to put up Allison, I will if I have to but..

BBCAN2-2014-03-25 06-58-12-850
10am Ika campaigns to Kenny – She tells him that she was never after him.

BBCAN2-2014-03-25 07-11-16-497

10:30am – 10:40am Kenny talks to Arlie and Andrew in the storage room about his conversation with IKA. He says that he doesn’t listen to a word she says. He says it was the first time she was real with me. Kenny talks about how they need to lead Jon on for now so that he doesn’t blow up. Kenny is really worried Jon will mess things up. While they have their conversation about Heather is outside the storage room door listening.

BBCAN2- 2014-03-25 07-32-32-848

BBCAN2-2014-03-25 07-34-24-128

10:50am Out in the backyard by the pool Arlie and Sarah are game talking.. Arlie tells Sarah that his alliance with her is above the first five. He talks about thinking about the long term game and how it would be better to be sitting at the end with Jon, Adel… Instead of Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina.

11:25am Up in the HOH room – Kenny talks to Rachelle and tells her the conversation that he had with Ika. He says that he doesn’t believe or listen to a word she says. He says that one thing that I took away from it was that she and Jon are definitely working together. Kenny says that Ika definitely needs to go this week. Rachelle agrees.

11:45am There have been problems with the live feeds freezing and looping along with showing the following screen. You’re not alone if yours have been acting up too.

11:50am – 12:25am In the bathroom – Neda and Jon are talking. She thinks she is going to go before him. Jon says that he thinks he has some pull with the guys. Neda doesn’t think so. Neda wants to wax Jon. Neda asks Jon can I please just wax your n!ps? Jon says no. Jon asks can I wax you? Neda says no I don’t have any hair. Jon says how about a brazilian? Neda laughs. She then gets him to lay down and she starts waxing his stomach.

12:25pm Andrew, Allison, Sarah, Kenny, Sabrina, Adel and Heather are hanging out in the hot tub room talking about random things like music, Talla, and about getting out of the house.
BBCAN2-2014-03-25 09-23-49-676

12:30pm – 12:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return all of the house guests are inside. They talk about how they were told they have 15 minutes till they’re going to be locked down in the bedroom. They comment on how something must be happening since they never get locked down in the bedroom unless something is happening. In the bedroom – Sabrina, Rachelle, and Allison talk about Adel’s power. Sabrina says that she wants to look at it. She starts to get up to look at his stuff and then Adel comes in the room. He says that he needs to go grab stuff before the lock down. Andrew, Arlie and Kenny join them. They talk about how maybe the lock down is for Adel to use his power. Andrew says he thinks Adel already lost his opportunity to do that this week. Jon comments on how he just heard them move the couches.

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poor jon


I was so happy to hear Arlie tell Sarah today that he doesn’t want Sabrina to make it to the end. He said she acts like a mastermind but its not lol. Yes! I love it!
Andrew is dumb as rocks and I’m glad that Sarah and Arlie agree that he is only good for competitions.
So glad to see Ika at least campaigning even if it doesn’t work.


Honestly, my favourite player changes from day to day since these houseguests are so frustrating lol so at this point, Dawg you’ve got my vote!


I agree and feel sorry for JON. ARLIE what the hell are u doing? You are gathering these people together for what? Make a bloody move and keep IKA….she is a shark!!! If you people keep holding off and not make a move, you will end up like HELEN and either be evicted, or have no one left to do anything with. You know that ALLISON is on their list to evict….approach her with this information. Also HEATHER knows from eavesdropping on KENNY and ARLIE this morning that she is a prospect to go. You need strong people on your side. ALLISON and IKA are both able to win for you. I honestly don’t think he has the nerve to go against the FINAL 5. I do hope he does something soon, before its too late. Surely he sees that he won’t make it to the end with KENNY and SARAH. I think they are the most likely to be the final 2.


Will you and the rest of the people here STOP all F*cking ready! How many times does this need to be repeated for Christ sake. Andrew, Kenny Sabrina, Sarah and Allison are VOTING out IKA. The week is OVER! Save Ika, Why is she not competing to stay…………………….. well the tragedy continues as apparently production has convinced her to try and stay for ratings I’m sure. There is a ZERO probability that Ika stays numbers don’t Fing lie!!!

No matter which one goes the numbers are at very best 6-5 in favour of the “cool kids”. 3 days of save Ika I’ve had enough! She screwed her own game over with a sh*tty HOH a lot of smack talk. Good riddance to this trash bag.

Now on the other hand the “Jon thing” is a real problem! He goes before jury this season might be over for all extensive purposes. Arlie has done so little as a mole/double agent I’m not buying his “super fan game” one bit. This is a red flag to me. A real fan would have watched Helen kiss all her potential allies good bye during BB USA 15. How many times did that douche say it wasn’t time yet? Jon better hope they target Allison and Adel or he’s in big trouble. Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and yes Allison will all backdoor Jon and “Bob’s your Uncle” the season winner will be 1 of the 4 not named Arlie in 1/5. The “outcasts” are basically all BB talk and no action period!

pretty trickster



BBCAn 1-Minute Hate !

See Andrew The Meatball, Booger King feared –
when Sab-psycho shows up, watch his balls disappear.
Elsewhere, I see, he is called “Caillou”
but that is an insult to the cartoon
as he’s not innocent, just a maroon,
a snivelling bitch for Sab-psycho-baboon.
Someone please give him a nose-fork and spoon
on his way out of the HoH room
when Allison sends him to forgotten doom.

I feel better.


I wonder if the diary room tries to encourage behavior that the fans want. If so, they will be telling Arlie the fans really want him to flip the house and keep Ika. All he has to do is get Allison, which will be easy if he tells her about the conversation he just had. Come on Production, keep things interesting!


I get people want it interesting but production getting involved defeats the purpose of the game aspect imo they should have cast better for better results







someone please roundhouse kick sabrina down the stairs…seeing jon divebomb in the pool soaking her while she was sleeping was awesome on saturday

i want allison to realise she is one of the next targets and go join adel, jon, neda, heather(and arlie? if that side wins hoh)

then it really will be good v evil

good – adel, jon, neda, heather, allison, arlie (all seem good decent people)

dark side of the force – kendrew(f-cktard gaymance), scumbrina, rachet, crazy eyebrows sarah (all are pieces of crap scumbags)


Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes to all of this.


Yes, but she has to DO something with that information. People have to stop being afraid of becoming targets and make moves.


if these 5 reach the final 5 in a cake walk and virtually unchallenged it will go down as the worst bb season in history…and there will also be big question marks over whether it was staged, starting from the first group going in opening night by themselves first with the luxury of forming the alliance before anyone else even entered and arissa saying will this be the first alliance of the season

for all we know sabrina and sarah are friends of production, just like amanda was last usa season…and they entered with 3 of the strongest male players on opening night, giving those 5 the best chance of success

surely production will not want these 5 as final 5

the house is lacking an andrew monaghan type to consistantly tell sabrina to shut the f-ck up…i want to see people go off on her


No question for me. Production is far more likely to have cooked up 1st 5 than Brina on her own. Maybe or maybe not all 5 were on board with it. Brina appears to be a production plant or has a relationship with them. I actually felt bad for Rachelle being forced to humiliate herself in the DR saying Brina made all her decisions. A mature strong minded person would have told production to shove it up their collective aZZes!! She(Brina) got a golden edit Sunday. They show the front end manipulation but not the trash bag douche mouth and vile nastiness behind her play every week.
I actually think that production clearly has F3/F4 choices lined up in their mind. Gary last season, Kenny and Sabrina this season. The rest signed up and agreed to be used for a daily stipend hope your enjoying the experience.


I don’t think it is staged. All the BBUS seasons they send the HG in by groups. I prefer the way they do it on BBUK, sending the HG in live one at a time. I think if production had been interfering, we wouldn’t be seeing the most boring season ever. If the 5 were great players, I would give them kudos, but so far the only reason why Sabrina’s meddling and rumor mill strategy works is because most of the girls are airheads and the lesser males are in awe of Kenny and Andrew. Andrew is an arrogant douche, not an intellectual powerhouse, and Kenny is smart and fit, but I bet if we ever see him and his gang in trouble, he will be a firecracker. The guys haven’t had to do anything, they sit back and let Sabrina and Sarah set the table for them. They are a stupid cast, so they are easy to manipulate. Rochelle is just so clueless, that she isn’t even embarrassed to admit on camera that Sabrina makes all her decisions for her. IKA is so dumb she still doesn’t realize that Sabrina usurped her HOH and got what she wanted!!!!! She still thinks Sarah is the one that messed it all up for her!!!!!! Heather is a victim of Sabrina. She went on a campaign from the start to discredit Heather with everyone, because contrary to what people think, Heather is young, naive, but not stupid. Unfortunately, now that she has information, nobody will believe her if she tells them, and that’s what Sabrina wanted, and also, since Heather is the most likely to steal “her boys” attention from her, she told so many lies about Heather, and the dummys just believe it, and own it as if it was their own. Heather is toast unless Jon, Neda, Arlie, Adel and Allison get together and go after Sabrina, Andrew and Kenny. I don’t think it will happen, though. If Allison would stop showmancing and get her head in the game, she would notice that her only hope is teaming with Neda and Jon. Last season, at least the “useless” players were entertaining to watch. This year it’s the Sabrina show. She is like a mini Amanda without a showmance. I got bored with it last season, I didn’t need a cheap rerun. I wish they would let Canada pick the next HOH. That would send a message to everyone in the house, because I don’t think Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina or Sarah would get many votes.But we voted Allison, and look how that’s going. 🙁

Something better happen soon, or it could be hard getting a third season off the ground.


i still have a feeling that production wanted those 5 to be an alliance from the outset…thats the part i think was staged


The only thing that keeps me on these feeds is the hope that SABRINA gets caught red-handed in one of her `Whoppers“. Knowing she is a liar is one thing, but catching her in the act would be epic!!! SARAH is another one that lies constantly, and very easily as well. Most people slip up occasionally, but they are both extremely good liars. Too good to not practice it in the real world.


so happy that Arlie is trying to convince Sarah to align with Jon and Adel. Fingers crossed that she’s got some sense in that red head of hers !


i dont want to see sarah in that new alliance

they dont need her and she is with sabrina…if they choose her it will be doomed


True, but it’ll be one less vote for Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina


she will snitch them out in a second

she is one of the biggest rats there

i would go with jon, neda, arlie, adel, heather

if another person needed i would rather allison over sarah, as arlie can tell allison that the evil crew are planning on getting her out, and allison will win comps and would be more trustworthy


Kstar, Name asserting that Arlie’s prospective alliance will be doomed with Sarah in it means the exact opposite of what you are saying.


only hope now is for Ika to be voted back in at some point, but if anyone is to be brought back they better do something not like ms.allison who came in and has done nothing except kiss face with mr. cold sore booger face


If Ika can convince Jon, Adel, Neda , Allison, and Arlie to keep her she’s good. Why do they act like it’s a done deal…….? If I was Ika, after the vote came out and I was good, I’d quietly say Thank you Sabrina! just to ef her over with her Alliance. You could play it off like it was a mistake, but it would give Arlie deniability.


One thing I can’t stand to see is shots of people spying. It’s just creepy. Not a personal attack on Dawg/Simon’s use of it but the houseguest just looks paranoid, weird and just plain CREEPY.

Johhny (the European one!)

Heather eavesdropping was an important information about what is going on in the house, so I’m grateful for Simon and Dawg to let us know about it.
Arlie told Heather to just lay low, and that he’d secure her survival. Her eavesdropping is absolutely understandeable – she was willing to risk getting caught, which might have endangered her survival (probably not!), just to listen to what Arlie tells the boys.
She knows she’ll fare best if she just plays dead, showing everyone that she’s absolutely worthless in every single way, which might possibly earn her 20.000$. Still, she wants to know what’s going on.
Thanks for all the info, Simon and Dawg!


I think my wording was misunderstood. I did not mean that using the picture in this forum was creepy. I am glad to see what her behaviour is. I guess what I was doing is putting myself in that situation and in everyday situations, it is definitely something that appears creepy and out of the ordinary. Sometimes after writing something, I realize my wording may have been misunderstood and CLEARLY it was – by you and a lot of people who thumbs down’d it. It is only an opinion and that is exactly what this site is meant for.


What’s the big deal about leting the hgs nap there allow them on the US BB and they don’t have any of type of punishments either most people like the US BB because they allow the hgs to do whatever there want.


Sabrina has no respect. How dare she try and go through Adel’s stuff. I’m glad Arlie can see through her but I’m worried that Arlie doesn’t want to act now and do anything drastic. Of would be awesome if he got rid of Sabrina and Kenny ASAP in a double eviction. I don’t think there will be a double eviction this week but maybe next week.


they need to give the houseguests lots of booze on wednesday so the morons get loaded and hung over and are terrible in hoh for thursday all except Adel of course cause he doesn`t drink! come on production get it together and create some excitement in this house of duds!


I hope one day this is read by *Sabrina*
“All things no matter how big or small come back to a person ,while now you feel elated on top and in control ,one day you will wake up and see your friends will have left you as your true nature is exposed and that after years of manipulation on others is clearly shown in this game -I believe you are that way on the outside , I’m a very good judge of character for I’ve lived through alot. Anyone can play a game but to speak as you do even in private DR is a true show of your individuality. ”
IA has learnt her lesson after HoH and I hope she makes it but Heather you have been slandered by all as well but you I think is good not cunning let’s just hope you aren’t weak when it comes time for you to be strong and show Canada the meaning of “THE GAME”!

Robbie B

You are so right, I wish worst things for her in the future, I wonder just how proud her parents must be of her??? ps, do you believe she really has any friends? I ask because she was saying how her and her friends all pile into her Disco Jetta, and party down the town, I think that’s when I realized she was a liar, she would fit right into the Toronto City Council, lol,


Mesa and Jon are too cute ??


Neda and john are too cute together !


Did Jon really say all that stuff to Sabrina about IKA going up or is she just making it up as usual?


Sabrina is incapable of giving a true rendition of any conversation. It is always embellished &/or twisted.


I hope Arlie and them realize the importance of getting rid of Sabrina before jury. She is a pathological liar and will taint the weak minded people in the house like Rachelle and her minions Andrew and Kenny. OMG I am beyond disappointed in Allison.

Robbie B

For god’s sake, will someone PLEASE tell Sabrina to SHUT-UP, the broad is one of the yappiest COWs ever,, btw, luv that Andrew has blown her off for Allison, she is a true Canadian lass…